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"Great exstention, but if you don't have D/P, steer clear."

Pokemon Battle Revolution is an extension of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, and a good one, but not worth 50 dollars without the DS games. The game lacks a real story mode; it's purely about battling. If you're willing to get past that, you will enjoy the 10 colosseums the game can offer, and more!

The game begins with you about to arrive in Poketopia, the island on which the game takes place. There you select the name for your profile. When you arrive on Poketopia, the receptionist explains the different menus of the game. She will first explain Storage. If your DS is within range of your Wii, and you have them connect, every Pokemon you have, in your party and in the PC, will be copied into PBR, and the original stays on Diamond or Pearl! Then, you should get to work on your Battle Pass.

A Battle Pass is required to compete in the Poketopia Colosseums. There are three types of Passes:Custom, Rental, and Friend. With a Custom Pass, you can customize your team, which will be used in battle. You can change the background of it as well, and your character's look, which can be customized. You can even change what your character says when you battle, even! There is even more than that you can do with a Battle Pass, but what? You'll have to find out!

A Rental Pass gives you many of the features that come with a Custom Pass. The one striking thing about Rental Passes are, you cannot choose your Pokemon. You get a set team, and it's not great. The big reason why you should have Diamond or Pearl if you get this. Friend Passes are obtained over Wifi, as explained later. They cannot be edited in any way whatsoever.

Of course, the main aspect of this game is the battling. At first, you can go two places:Gateway Colosseum, where you can only use a Rental Pass, and Main Street Colosseum, a basic Colosseum. The aim is to beat all the trainers and the Colosseum Leader. Winning lets you unlock more Colosseums, and even new gear for your character to wear! That's right, now you can customize the look of your character! You will win Poke Coupons for beating Colosseums. Cash them in for new clothes and gear and the Shop menu, and let the real you shine! You can also buy great items with Poke Coupons, which you can transfer onto Diamond or Pearl via the Mystery Gift option.

Pokemon Battle Revolution also supports Nintendo Wifi Connection. You can randomly battle someone, or you can battle a friend via the friend code system. It works like the DS game; enter the code, and then you two can battle. Of course, you can also battle any random stranger on Wifi. Just select the Colosseum you want to battle in, and pick your team, then wait for someone to pick up and battle you! Once you're done, you can choose to battle more. When you're done, you can exchange your Passes. These are Friend Passes, and can be used in Colosseums! However, they cannot be edited in any way whatsoever.

The great thing about Wifi is that it limits hacking. Hacked Pokemon that have things like abnormal stats/abilities cannot go on Wifi. In fact, when you copy them, Pokemon that don't fit the criteria for legitimacy will be shown as a Bad Egg, though the original is unharmed. Hacked Pokemon can get on only if they have legitimate stats.

Graphics are nice. It's cool to see Pokemon finally actually hitting eachother with physical moves. And some attacks look flat out awesome. The sound is the usual catchy Pokemonish music. There is also an announcer for battles, but he can be turned off.

Pokemon Battle Revolution is a great extension of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The colosseums will keep you entertained for a while, and there's so much you can do. And Wifi always keeps a game alive for longer than expected. However, DO NOT GET THIS GAME WITHOUT POKEMON DIAMOND OR PEARL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Trust me, Rental Passes will not win you battles. If you got the DS game, get this. You will enjoy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/29/07

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