Review by XxOblivion77

Reviewed: 06/29/07

It really is a Pokemon Battle Revolution, but only if you have D/P.

Pokemon Battle Revolution is the first Pokemon for the Wii, and man is it a great start. If you're a Pokemon fan, buy this game, but only if you have a DS and a DS Pokemon game, otherwise it's a dull game. From the sharp graphics to the catchy music, it's gonna be a big revolution. PBR also had many new things such as character customization, a long awaited option and something very exciting, on-line! I'm going to divide this review into 5 parts: Single Player, Multi Player, Sound, Graphics and Re-playability.

Single Player 7/10

Personally, I found the single player to be somewhat lacking, it was way to easy but it was still fun and certain coliseums were more creative then others. The rental Pokemon suck but if you have a DS, you can use your own Pokemon, which is much more fun. Sometimes the coliseums would require skill, sometimes it would be luck, but no matter what, it was still fun. What saved single player was the catchy music, the graphics and the new types of battling.

Multi Player: 10/10

The heart of PBR, putting Wi-Fi into this game was the smartest move Nintendo could have made. There is a whole bunch of coliseums, all different types of trainers and showing your in-game character to the world! The Wi-Fi is very fun and exciting, but there are a few people who use a few overpowered and unfair Pokemon, known as "ubers" on the message boards, but as ESRB says, "Game experience may change during on-line play". Also, if you have friends or family around, you can play the standard multi player via DS Battle Mode.

Sound: 8/10

The sound and music in this game is very catchy and has an interesting beat, some being remixes of certain songs. I enjoy hearing the "ching" noise when Ice Beam is used, the "fwooh" noise when Flamethrower is being used and many other moves, they all sound so good and clear.
I find myself humming or whistling the music when I'm not playing to myself, it's that catchy. The only problems with the whole sound is the slightly annoying announcer who gets repetitive very fast and some of the music seeming dull.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics in this game are very beautiful and epic looking, it will make your spin. The scenery is beautiful, the Pokemon are vibrant, the attacks are a work of art, the graphics are absolutely flawless, except certain things not being as good-looking as other things.

Re-playability: 10/10

I could play this game for a very long time, the Wi-Fi is so good and easy to use with endless possibilities, the sound is catchy, the graphics are sharp and the single player is pretty fun. This game will last you a long time.

Overall: 8/10

I think this game was a little to rushed but still had some great things about it.

Rent or Buy? Rent if you don't have a DS Pokemon game or never played Pokemon, buy if you have a DS Pokemon game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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