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"Not quite a Revolution, but stiill fun for die-hard fans."

Pokemon Battle Revolution: the debut Pokemon game for the Nintendo Wii, and also the first Wii game to have the word "Revolution" in the title. This, of course, is an allusion to the codename for the Nintendo Wii project: Revolution. However, there is truly nothing revolutionary at all about the game. It's a bunch of the same, really. For fans, that's just what was needed. For non-fans, I don't recommend the game.

I love the graphics in this game. Being a fan of the Pokemon games, it's always exciting to see your favorite monsters in 3D for some battling action, and this game delivers. Everything I wanted in the visual upgrade department is present and fully-functional in PBR. Beautifully done.

The textures of the Pokemon themselves are, above all, smooth and round, as opposed to the rough and rigid edginess of the GCN Pokemon games. Attacks look marvelous in real-time.

Just as excellent is the detail put into the backgrounds and various Colosseums. I love playing in the countless arenas and just enjoying the backgrounds and textures. Truly a great job.

I'll tackle this in two sections: sound first, then music.

The sound in this game is nothing special, but nothing sticks out as being really bad either. One thing I really have a problem with is that when a Pokemon is sent out, you can barely hear their respective Cry over the loud, obnoxious announcer. This brings me to my second point: the announcer. He's very annoying. Luckily, there is an option to turn him off, so I can't deduct from the score. Not much else to say...sounds are decent. Water sounds like water. Fire sounds like fire.

Music-wise, I find the game somewhat lacking. Each Colosseum has a respective battle theme, however upon closer listening inspection, one will discover that they are all simply remixes of one another to match the Colosseums' environment better. This, to me, is laziness. A single Colosseum Leader battle theme is shared by all the Colosseums, and I do enjoy it very much. Also, the theme played when making selections at the Reception Desk is nice and cheerful, completely reeking of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl's soundtrack.

GAMEPLAY: 6.5/10
Pokemon Battle Revolution differs from Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness in a few ways. First of all, this game does not include an RPG. That's right. It's strictly battling, just like in the older Pokemon Stadium games. Also like in Stadium and Stadium 2, you can either transfer your Pokemon from your handheld game to the console game or use a rental team. Now then, here's the bottom line: if you do not own Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, you have no reason to get this game.. The game is simply not worth it unless you have a well-raised team from a DS cartridge.

Even if you have a DS cartridge, the $49.99 value of the game is still questionable. You battle over and over again, earning new unlockables and new places to battle. You can earn costumes and accessories to customize your character. You don't catch any Pokemon nor do you walk around as a character.

Perhaps the most fun aspect of the game is the random battles on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You have the option of battling with people you know (via Friend Codes) or by battling a random person over Wi-Fi. It's an excellent source of endless replay value, which I'll discuss later.

REPLAY: 10/10
Wi-Fi makes the replay value endless. Plus, you can always update your team from your DS version, or make new teams using new Battle Passes.

FINAL WORD: 7.5/10
If you like Pokemon and own a copy of Diamond/Pearl: try it.
If you like Pokemon and don't have a copy of Diamond/Pearl: buy D/P first.
If you don't like Pokemon, I don't know why you're reading this.

Bottom line: rent it first, unless you know you'll love it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/02/07

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