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"A Revolution for the Wii, but not for Pokemon. Still fun, though."

Pokemon has been in the states for years now. Only in the last year has it gone online. In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the DS, players could get online and battle with people all over the globe; after exchanging their Friend Codes with other forum users, of course. For Pokemon Battle Revolution, people no longer need to use the tedious Friend Code system to play with others. There are now random online battles to be waged over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This game is also special for being the first online Wii game.

Sound: 6/10

Pokemon has never really been about music. Or the cries the Pokemon themselves make. Or sound in general. And this game doesn't really change that. Some of the music from the past games was memorable, but not much of it made it into this game. It is mostly just repeating themes, that get very annoying quickly. The Pokemon sounds aren't as bad, since you only hear them when they are sent out or are K.O.'d, but some are rather strange.

Graphics: 8/10

Possibly the biggest step besides online play, the graphics in this game are wonderful. The Pokemon look like you would expect them to look, but they look great. The arenas are as varied as their 493 combatants. From an island to the main square, to an underground cave filled with glowing crystals, everything is crisp and exciting.

Game Play: 9/10

Ah, the centerpiece of any good game, and Pokemon Battle Revolution delivers. It brings everything from the DS games to your TV screen: almost literally. You can copy your Pokemon from either Pokemon Diamond or Pearl game for use in the many colosseum challenges or, more likely, to battle online. You don't need either game to play Pokemon Battle Revolution, but since this game is not a stand alone game, I would suggest it. The challenges aren't anything special; most consist of standard match-ups against several computer opponent, until you reach the colosseum champion, who you must defeat. A few colosseum challenges have some kind of special feature, though, like choosing your Pokemon from you and your opponent's teams using a roulette wheel, but many are pretty straight forward. Winning gets you Poke Coupons that you can use to buy either items to customize your in game character (shirts, pants, etc.) or items to transfer to your DS game of choice. The Wi-Fi matches are what most people would probably interested in, however. Like I said, you can fight random matches against random people around the world. These matches are locked level 50 matches, meaning all Pokemon, whether above or below the level, will be adjusted to level 50 for the match. This evens out the matches, so you don't have to worry about fighting a level 100 Rayquaza with your level 30 Prinplup. The Prinplup would still probably lose though, as held items, attacks, and abilities all remain the same. The same goes for double battles. The only gripe I have with it is that sometimes the matches move along slowly due to lag and "user error."

All in all, I would say that Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Nintendo Wii is a great compliment to the DS games that adds a great deal to the Pokemon experience. But alone, and without a wireless Internet connection, I wouldn't suggest it, even to a die hard Poke fan.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/03/07

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