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"Basically Pokemon Stadium for the Wii. Now with Wi-Fi!"

Pokemon Battle Revolution. A great game in my eyes. Really, it is. But that's only because I have both D/P and a high-speed wireless internet connection. Without either of these things, this game is horrible. But let's assume that you do have this while reading this review, OK? Let's begin.

Story: 7/10

The story goes like this: you're a kid/teen/adult who goes to a theme park-type place called Poketopia. When you reach Poketopia, you meet the receptionist who leads you through the basics. After that, you go out and try to become the best trainer in Poketopia. A very standard story for a Pokemon game, but I have come to get used to the story. The game isn't really meant to have a deep story so its rating isn't very high. If you get a game based onn its story, Pokemon really isn't for you.

Gameplay: 9/10

Wow! 3-D pocket monsters! Great, eh? Sure... but it's been done before. That doesn't really matter, does it? Anyways... in Poketopia there are several colosseums that your can challenge and each have a special set of rules. The special rules are mostly available after you beat the game. Some special rules include baby Pokemon only (Lvl. 5 and under, first evolution), total 1 on 1 (1 Pokemon against each other, if one goes down we move onto the next pair of Pokemon), and the ever-horrible 100-battle survival challenge. Unfortunately, unlike Stadium, there is no Elite Four for you to slaughter. That doesn't matter, for there are a bunch of Pokemon skin-wearing pansies for you to destroy instead.

Sound: 8/10

This game has great music, as I believe every 3-D game has had (lawl @ XD's wild Pokemon battle music). It will, however, get annoying when almost every leader battle (IIRC) has the same battle music. The leader battle music isn't half bad, on the bright side. The menu music gets a little repetitive but thank God that you don't have to be on it all the time staring at Anna's smiling face. The battle music is alright, in general. Each colosseum even has its own battle music so you don't get stuck listening to the same thing over and over again.

Wi-Fi: 10/10

Remember how you loved that Wi-Fi in Diamond and Pearl? Well, this time you get to duke it out in 3-D! While online battling you can pick between two choices. Friend Battle allows you to battle a person who know using a friend code that you can exchange with each other. You can pick level 50 or 100 as the level cap (or even pick Anything Goes for the exact levels) and you can pick double and singles battles. You can also pick 6 vs. 6 or 3 vs. 3. Nothing new there. The new part added in is the ability to find a random opponent somewhere in the world. Now, be warned: when you first start out you'll be facing a lot of legendaries owned by people who have no idea what they're doing with them. But, after a while you'll notice that you'll get some people who EV train their Pokemon and Japanese people who'll whoop your ass.

Graphics: 9/10

Many, many of the Pokemon got an update in this generation from the last generations. Umbreon looks kind of stupid now, IMO. Some Pokemon that desperately needed updates got them this time. The trainers look crystal clear and the buildings look pretty decent as well. The terrain looks like it could jump off your screen!

...Wait, what?

Replay value: 8/10

After you've completely killed the game (which will take you quite a long time itself), you can proceed to go pwn random n00bs on Wi-Fi if you're bored and need to show off to your friends. Just make sure that when you're showing off to your friends, remember this one, solid piece of advice: DON'T LOSE! If you lose they'll beat you up. >.>

Overall: 8/10

A standard game that's like Stadium with Wi-Fi. Rent or buy? I'd say buy it if you're a Pokemon fan with Diamond or Pearl and you have a wireless router. If you buy this game without those... well, I can't imagine why you'd even consider this game without D/P. If you're even a Pokemon fan, you SHOULD have D/P. If you don't have a DS, I'd suggest getting one now. Anyway, I think I'll end this before it gets out of hand.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/05/07

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