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"Pokemon Battle Revolution, very good game could have been better."

Very good game overall well worth the money. The game may lack much appeal if you do not own Diamond or Pearl.

Graphics: (9.5/10)
I like the anime style graphics, very smooth. Your character will somewhat jump back or move to the side during certain attacks by the enemies pokemon so it adds to the realism. I never judge a game based on graphics but if I had to rate it I would say about a 9.5 just because I like the anime style so much, but thats just me.

Gameplay: (8/10)
Simple turn based strategy, over 400 pokemon and countless moves, many possibilities. You get to see the pokemon pretty much play out all their moves this time around, a lot more movement compared to Pokemon Stadium. It's very easy to choose your tasks using the wiimote as a pointer. I have never tried playing with the DS so I can't comment on that.

Character Customization: (8/10)
Basically you get to pick from 6 different trainers (each 3 different skin tones, 3 male 3 female). It's a cool feature but lacks variety, only some characters get to wear certain items you buy not to mention the overall lack of options given. I think it was an amazing feature you get to make your own customized text for battle, it is something you don't see often in a turn based strategy game.

Stages: (8/10)
The stages are only for looks, there are no advantages of picking one over the other. I thought artistically they are very nice but some looked a bit "kiddy" which is not being meant in a negative way considering Pokemon has a large focus on the young audience.

Items/Unlockables: (7/10)
As you progress through this game you will be able to buy more clothing for your character as well as unlock additional items/pokemon usable on D/P. The unlockables are nothing highly useful or really what I consider worth the time getting. As well as a "surfing Pikachu" there are two so called "hidden unlockable pokemon" people claim to be somewhere in this game(I can't remember their names). All holdable items from D/P can be used in this game as well.

Sound: (5/10)
The music is alright it is not all that rememberable. It can be annoying at times, nothing all that great.

Single Player: (6/10)
Very poor single player compared to Pokemon Stadium, very short and difficult because many matches you can not use your own pokemon. The pokemon you have to choose from are very weak and if you lose you have to start the colloseum back from the beginning.

Replay Value: (8/10)
Single player has to be beaten twice to unlock everything, after that there is no replay value at all for the single player mode. As for online play there is infinite replay value, it never gets old.

Wi-fi: (9.5/10)
This is where the game truly shines, very fun with only a couple flaws. There is slight lag but nothing too major. The only real problem I have is fighting trainers who use OU pokemon including Ubers and Legendary pokemon. I feel it would have been better if you could turn off Legendaries but oh well. It does take a bit of time to connect but not enough to ruin the experience. Unless you are in a friend code battle you can not see your custom phrases and you can not adjust the rules(except single or double battle). If in a friend battle you can set a lv 50, 100, or free battle and adjust the rules to however they best fit. Thankfully hacked pokemon are blocked, that adds much to the game.

No Diamond/Pearl: (6/10)
If you do not own Diamond or Pearl I still suggest the game, even though the pokemon are weak you choose from it doesn't completely kill the experience but only if you are not highly competitive. Not all players online use powerful pokemon so you wont find yourself losing every match. It truly sucks that you can't make your own custom character if you do not have D/P, so yeah I thought I would point that out... I don't understand why they would do that but still you'll find fun playing the game anyway. Trust me if you don't have D/P but do have this game I suggest buying one or the other, they are very good RPG titles. I suggest a rent before buying to decide for yourself non D/P owners.

Overall Impression [not an average]: (9/10)
Good game, a must buy if you own D/P. If you don't the game is still fun but might not be a definite buy (rent and give judgement). The online is the only reason this game gets such a high score, it never gets boring.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/05/07, Updated 09/14/07

Game Release: Pokemon Battle Revolution (US, 06/25/07)

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