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"I Didn't Listen To The Reviews, and Look At Me!"

I bought this game on Monday, and now it's Friday, and I'm on my way to return my copy. Today, I'm going to explain why.

The graphics were one of this games redeeming points. The battle animations look great, the environments look great, and the Pokemon look great. I don't usually care about graphics, but this is new for the series, and deserves some recognition.

The songs in this game are pretty good, although they can get repetitive after a while. The announcer from Stadium is back, but you can turn him off. One of my few qualms is that Pokemon cries are so quiet, and using DS quality sound, which doesn't come through your TV speakers that well.

Character Customization-8
This was pretty good, you can do a lot of things with your character, although some of the accessories are locked to one of the specific 6 models. Despite this, each character has a wide variety of styles they can portray, and you can also edit what your trainer says during the battle, pretty nice.

And THIS is why I'm returning this game. You play through this, and there's something that jumps out at you. Practically every trainer in this entire game is the same. You'll notice that almost everyone has, and uses, Butterfree, Beautifly, Luxio, and Skiploom. Aside from that, though, there's the difficulty. If you don't have Diamond or Pearl (if you don't, there is literally no reason to buy the game), you're stuck using the games crappy Pokemon, and you'll be frustrated at the games unbeatability, but if you copy your own Pokemon to the game, you'll find yourself breezing through this game. That's how I managed to beat the game in 3 days. There are 2 places you should have trouble, where you have to use a set of random Pokemon and where your opponents can use your own trump cards against you. After the game is over, 4 of the colosseums change, but for the most part the change isn't that noticeable.

This is the best part of the game, but to be honest, they only put it in because people missed it in D/P. You can battle somebody at anytime, a la Mario Kart DS. This is fun, unless you like Legendaries, as the ban on legendaries has just been put into effect. There's some level of doubt as to whether or not it's permanent (at this point), so that might not be very relevant later. However, as great as the wi-fi battles are, they aren't entertaining enough for the whole cost of the game.

I think this is a very generous review. I'm a die-hard Pokemon fan, and I still wasn't satisfied with this game. I hope they refund it now that I've played it, because it definitely wasn't worth it.

Final Verdict:
If you don't have Diamond or Pearl, GET ONE. Then, Definitely rent this game. Rent it for about a week, that should be more than enough time to get bored with the game and find the "special gift" at the end.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/06/07

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