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"Great Extension to Diamond and Pearl. A good game by itself"

Nintendo and Genius Sonority is giving us another Pokemon game for us to enjoy. Pokemon battle Revolution might be a Pokemon fan dream but what about everyone else?

Pokemon games were not know much for there sound and this game disappoints compare to the portable games. Each Colosseum loops the same music over again each match with each Pokemon having there old cries from the portable games which seem outdated when put on the wii. If you missed him in Pokemon Colosseum and XD then you will glad to know that the announcer makes a return but he can get repetitive very fast and you might see yourself turning him off once in a while. The music pass but not by much.
score: 6

The graphics are ok for Pokemon battle revolution. Some of the Pokemon look really good while other look like they were copy and paste from Pokemon Colosseum. The backgrounds look different and great and that trainer look good, some of the Pokemon still look bad.
Score: 6

Game play:
The Pokemon games has almost ot never change with each of the new games and it does not change in Battle Revolution ether. Your main goal is make a team of Pokemon, go around battling people and catching all the Pokemon so you can become the master. You have all your Pokemon and types in this game. Pokemon battle revolution bring the fighting side of Pokemon to 3D but many thing are lacking that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl had. You will make your own trainer, give him his clothes and then battle with your team of Pokemon. There are two major things added to battle revolution. First is the trainer shop where you can buy items(shirt,pants,shoes and many others) for your trainer and make him look different. The second new thing which is not really new but improved on Diamond and Pearl is Wi fi mode thanks to Nintendo wi fi connection set up and for the first time, you can battle random people. The problem with this is that there are no ladder and the game does not keep track of wins or loses which makes wi fi seem kind of pointless other than bragging rights. On the single player side of the game, battle revolution offer Colosseum to battle in. You will start with only a couple of Colosseum and then you will earn your way though out all of them. Depending on how much you play on wi fi, all the game main hours can all be counted on your two hands but for Pokemon fans, this game can last over 35 hours at the least.
score : 8

Overall: People, you have to remember, this is not a game but more or less an extension to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. If you are looking to milk Diamond and Pearl out until it end, then Pokemon battle revolution does get it job done but for normal gamer without diamond and pearl. Stay away from this game at all cost with alright looking graphics, no story, and music being the same thing every time. Next time Nintendo, give the Pokemon system games to game freak instead of Genius Sonority.
Over all score: 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/10/07, Updated 07/12/07

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