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" that's it?"

Wow! What a great game. It's perfect for people who love monotonous gameplay! Well, I am a core pokemon fan, and I must say, Nintendo really undershot this time. Ok. This is the stuffums:

Graphics: 10/10. These graphics are absolutely nothing short of stunning. They're beautiful, really. I mean. They go in a great depth! You can see the texture on all of the pokemon, and the color is perfectly shaded in. I absolutely LOVE how during sunny day, when you use a fire attack, it's cool how the air waves like actual fire. Same with rain dance. Another thing, the moves! I used my heatran's lava plume move, and it was awesoooome! Anyway, onto the next catagory.

Sound: 5/10. It's not like these things are bad quality, I mean, the sounds! THE SOUNDS! They are awe-inspiring! The sounds coordinate with the move timing, and they are as shiny as ever! It's just that dumb old announcer. You can't even breath without him going off like a siren. "Oooooh! Critical hit!" It's just so ANNOYING! UGHHHHH!

Wi-fi: 8/10. This is really cool. Tranferring your pokemon from Diamond or Pearl to the Wii! And better yet, you're able to battle online with `em! Cool. I also love having a friends list. But the only thing wi-fi fell short of was trading pokemon! I loved doing that! Oh well, though.

Gameplay: 4/10. This sorta sucks. Battling and...ughhhh....customzing gear? Oh please. I remember in Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 there were other gimicks! FUN GIMICKS! Like playing games at the game corner and transferring them to your first and second generation games. Heck! You can even play them! But all you are able to do in PBR is...whoopee! Battle, and accessorize! I got bored battling straight after my second battle at the gateway colluseum. I expected much more from this game, with all this hype. Like many other people say, the colluseum mode is literally a breeze if you transferred all of your D/P pokemon to the game. Plus, unless if you tranfer your Pokemon to the Wii, you're stuck with the same pokemon with the same moves, staying the same level, THE WHOLE GAME!
Ok. Now for our next catagory.

Oh, well...should you buy it? NO! NO! NO! I am very sorry Mom, but that is a wasted 50$.

My overall rating: 3/10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 07/11/07

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