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"If you're a die hard fan, and it's under 25 bucks, you might go for it. Otherwise, stay away."

Pokemon Battle Revolution - Wait till they take the price down.

Paying fifty dollars for the latest game in the Pokemon series is a bad idea. Paying twenty dollars for Pokemon Battle Revolution would probably still be too much. The reason I don't tell you to outright not buy it is because, if you're a major Pokemon fan, there's probably no way around it. Those who want to complete their collections will clamor for it, as well as anyone wanting to go wi-fi and test out the skills of their party against people all around the world.

That's all fine and dandy, but you aren't likely to find this game exciting, even playing online, for more than a couple of days.

Graphics - 7/10.
I am fully aware that the Wii does not have the sort of graphical quality of the other next-gen consoles, but this game wouldn't even be all that great on the Gamecube. The Pokemon themselves are the most fun part of the graphics simply because they are in 3D. The developers didn't bother going into detail on them or anything, though. It's just a 3D look-alike of the sprites. What would be really interesting is if they buffed-up the Pokemon visuals to make them realistic, but then that's not too big of a complaint.

There are only so many characters you fight, all of which are of about 10 designs rinsed and reused for other tournaments. There are 5 battle arenas and 5 unlockable arenas, none of which are anything special to look at. The worst part about the graphics, though, is the attacks. The only area stepped up is that the Pokemon actually move forward to strike their opponents. Otherwise, the attacks are nothing but appropriately colored and shaped generic graphics like a giant ball of darkness or some moving leaves. While they did an okay job of staying to the way the attacks look in the game boy games, it still feels like they could have stepped it up a notch. Plus, any four-legged Pokemon using a slash attack variant looks completely silly.

Sound - 5/10.
I could listen to the music on the old Pokemon Stadium games simply because the tunes were the same ones grained into my brain from countless hours of playing Red and Silver and watching the Pokemon anime. The old battle theme was recognizable and catchy, and I still hear it in my sleep sometimes. Unfortunately, that song has abandoned the Pokemon series, and has left behind some highly annoying soundtrack of very high-pitched and faced-paced sounds. There are only a handful of tunes to take you through the game and they play over and over, constantly. I can't stand to listen to the music for more than a couple minutes at most.

Story… wait, this is Pokemon. That's be mean.

Gameplay - 5/10
Wow. It's been 2 console generations since Pokemon Stadium and the sequel were released, and rather than improving on the series with the long-awaited sequel, Pokemon Battle Revolution confirms that no console Pokemon game will ever be great again. In the old days, Pokemon Stadium 2 allowed you a plethora of options. You could play through all the gym battles, go to the training facility to learn more about battles, play on multiplayer and choose any one of the 251 Pokemon that were around at the time, have up to four players on the mini-games, and more.

So why is it that around 8 years later, we have about half of these options? The game does supply a single-player adventure, but it consists of nothing but countless tournament battles one after another until you unlock all of the extra stadiums. Vets will be annoyed by the lack of difficulty in earlier levels as they wade their way to the harder modes, but at the point where you actually get to the stronger opponents, the game has already taken on a coat of monotony. My single biggest issue with this game, though, is that you don't get to play as any Pokemon you want.

Aside from 10 preset teams of 6 and the Pokemon you can upload from your Diamond of Pearl DS games, you don't get to choose your Pokemon. If you can get 251 Pokemon on an N64 game, why can't you get a couple hundred more on the Wii? In fact, you get far less! If you don't have Diamond or Pearl, you're basically screwed as far as getting Pokemon goes. The only way to get more is to catch them in D/P, or trade from older games onto D/P then onto Battle Rev. This is an obvious marketing scheme by Nintendo to force you to own every Pokemon game for maximum enjoyment.

The other modes of play in Diamond and Pearl include a 2-player mode where you can battle Pokemon against each other, or use your DS to battle your teams against each other in 3D. Perhaps the biggest draw of Pokemon Battle Revolution is the ability to go Wi-fi and combat your team against others around the world. My advice is to do this and never play the main game, since doing so will get you bored before you ever get online.

Replay Ability - 3/10.
This game gets very boring very fast. The only reason to play it at all is to have your D/P team in 3D. The redundancy sinks in soon, though, when you realize that you're using the same team you've used all this time in D/P again and again. If that weren't enough, it's not like your Pokemon gain experience from doing battle in Battle Rev., nor do you get any gym badges. In the end, you're just doing endless battles for no reason. It gets very boring very fast.

Pokemon Battle Revolution is a major disappointment, and you should only pick this up if you find it cheap and you're a seriously huge fan and you really don't think you can live without it. Otherwise, have fun with Diamond and Pearl and never bother wasting your money.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 07/11/07

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