Review by Dr_Evil_PhD

Reviewed: 07/20/07

PBR could be the greatest home console pokemon game ever, but only if you already have pokemon D/P

Let's face it, who doesn't love Pokemon? They're cute, little, fictional animals that, over time, evolve in to giant Godzilla-like creatures. They have an enormously popular and entertaining, handheld game series dedicated to them. What's not to love?...Oh wait...I forgot about the home console games. Okay, so most of the home console Pokemon games suck. They have brought disappointment to thousands of Pokemon fans and gamers alike, but it looks like Nintendo's 5th try at a good Pokemon game on a home console might turn things around.

Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii is the home-console expansion of the popular Diamond and Pearl games. Not only is this the first Pokemon outing on the Wii, but it's also the first online game for the console. You begin the game flying on a plane heading towards Poketopia, a popular island in the Pokemon universe. Once you reach your destination, you are acquainted with your annoying Poketopia tour guide. At this point of the game, you will make the choice that will determine whether the rest of your game experience is ether fun or the equivalent to pulling your teeth out. You can ether use a "rental pass" through out the whole game, use pre-determined Pokemon set up by the game, and miss out on all of the fun parts in the game, or you can copy Pokemon from your Diamond and Pearl game to PBR, customize your own trainer, and actually have fun playing this game. I chose the latter.

Now if this is the first time you've played a home-console Pokemon game or if you just really enjoy the handheld Pokemon games, prepare for your heart to be broken. This game is nothing like the handheld games. There is no story, no starter Pokemon, no trading, no training, no contests, no gym badges, no rivals, no catching, no elite four, etc. This game is nothing but pure and simple battling, but oh the fun you'll have battling! (unless you're using the rental pass).

Let me give you a little dramatization of what you'll be doing in this game. Think of a stadium where you battle 7 random trainers, times that by 9 and you have PBR. But in reality, it's not that simple. Each stadium has a different rule set. For example, in one stadium, you battle 7 trainers plain and simple, but in another stadium you have to battle using a random set of Pokemon, or better yet, you might have to battle using your opponents Pokemon. This forces you to adapt to different situations and creates plenty of challenge and strategy at every stadium.

Now let's change the topic from gameplay to graphics. The game looks amazing in general. the stadiums are detailed and well-made, as are the trainers. Not to mention that every moved use by the Pokemon create a sight to behold full of explosions, tornadoes, and general havoc. But not everything looks as amazing as the moves. I found myself with a mixed reaction when I saw most of the Pokemon. For example, While Dialga looks amazing, Slowbro looks like something from the N64. This leads me to believe that the folks at Nintendo are getting lazy and recycling some Pokemon from the older Pokemon games. Also, the crowds look like 2D pieces of crap.

Now what kind of review would this be without a little section about the multiplayer. Now this is what the rental pass users will cry about the most. If you don't have a DS and Pokemon D/P, you won't be seeing multiplayer (online and offline) anytime soon. Why? first off, you need a custom pass (which needs Pokemon from a D/P game) to play online and you need a DS (aka, your controller) to play offline. However, if you have both of these things, then congrats, you get to play one of the best online experiences on any Nintendo console (even with the annoying friend codes).

So what's the bottom line? If you have Pokemon D/P you get a fun single player, a great online, and even some unlockables for D/P. If you don't, you get a short and uninteresting single player, no online, and, well, you get the idea

It's as simple as this. If you have a DS, buy this game. But if you don't, stay as far away from it as possible.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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