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"Waste of a disc"

Pokemon Battle Revolution is the first Pokemon game to hit the Nintendo Wii. Should Pokemon fans run out and buy this game? Is it a must own title for the Wii? Does it at least use the Wiimote correctly? Read on!

The plot is... Oh yeah there isn't a plot. You're a random trainer on Pokemon Island or something and you're there for the battles. God forbid we get some sort of plot. The game doesn't even have any type of adventure mode like the Gamecube title.

Graphic wise this game is pleasing, for the most part any way. Character models look really good. Problem is that the second trainer I was fighting was my carbon copy but had a darker skin tone. That is just pathetic. The locations look flat out amazing. Older Pokemon look really good too. The new Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl on the other hand look rather bland and under detailed.

Sound in the game is pretty good. The announcer from the TV show does the battle commentary stuff which was kind of nice to hear. Pokemon makes their random little noises which are still kind of annoying. The music has a very nice jazz feel to it. I found it very pleasing to my ears.

This being a Wii game and all I was curious about the controls. Well, it couldn't be any easier. Move the cursor with the Wiimote and hit A to select a command or option... Yeah, that's all there is to it.

Like any of the other console stadium based Pokemon games you can pick from either a generic male or female trainer. They have their own default level 50 Pokemon.

After that you can go to the different stadiums to fight, use money to buy stuff or coupons to send gifts or whatever. There is a fair amount of collecting going on here, it just isn't actual Pokemon.

Now, within the stadiums the battles kind of differ but you pick the Pokemon you want to use from your team and well you fight. It's one on one. You select an attack. You both attack. Wash and repeat. Of course with the addition of the new Pokemon from the D/S games it becomes a bit uneven because those new Pokemon have multiple strengths that also go against their weakness so it becomes way too easy to win.

The enemy Ai does kind of think out its moves but to be honest it never really mattered as my Pokemon was so strong.

The real draw to this game comes if you own some extra equipment. If you have a wifi connector or the USB adaptor then you can battle friends on-line. Cool feature but I don't own that $30-$40 add on. If you own a DS and a copy of either Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Silver then you can upload these Pokemon to this game and get items and stuff into your Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Its great features but none of which are there for those who just own a Wii but no special equipment. You can do battle with friends on one system I believe but I never got to do it and I really don't see it working all that well if both people can see what the other is picking.

It's not that Pokemon Battle Revolution is a terrible game. It isn't. It just lacks any and all content that makes it worth picking up. Maybe a decent rental or a good bargain bin title but with a $50 price and the need of so many different things to get the most from this title it really isn't worth it.

Story - 0/10
Graphics - 7/10
Sound - 8/10
Control - 10/10
Game Play - 6/10
Replay Value - 5/10

Final Score - 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/27/07

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