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"Worth the 50 bucks?"

Now, I'm sure most of you will agree with me here. Most home console Pokemon games don't live up to the handheld ones. Ever since the original Pokemon Stadium (which I happened to love), the console Pokemon games have plummeted downhill. Pokemon Battle Revolution goes all the way back to the original formula, sheer battling. It doesn't have any weak plot lines with shadow Pokemon or anything, it's basically just a unique way to battle your Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl on the big screen. Speaking of Diamond and Pearl, if you don't have either of them, refrain from buying this game. Pokemon Battle Revolution is essentially Pokemon Stadium with online, minus the mini-games and gym leaders. (which is a shame unfortunately) Now for the actual review...

Presentation: 7

Hmm...let's, well done visuals for the most part, trainer's got all the necessities, but doesn't go beyond that at all. The online is fairly bland, though gets the job done. Hopefully future Wii titles will take advantage of online. The single player is VERY bland. I want the gyms from Pokemon Stadium back, badly.

Graphics: 9

Easily one of the prettiest Wii titles. The attacks look absolutely stunning, but unfortunately, blurring and a few blocky Pokemon prevent this score from getting a 10. The effects such as rain and hail look great as well. It's eye-candy, no doubt.

Audio: 7

Somewhat weak for a Pokemon title. Some of the music sounds great, while others sound unfitting and are quite unmemorable. The announcer gets very annoying sometimes, and often repeats the same phrases every few battles. The only time I felt the announcer actually added to the overall feel was during online battles, seeing as any Pokemon can show up, and a wider variety of moves are used. Thank goodness they gave the option to turn the announcers voice off. You'll get a few good laughs in though...such as when the move "trick room" is used.

"It's twisting the dimensions in the colosseum! What's this? Distortion! Ah! Uhh...the...THE COLOSSEUM!"

"DOH! It was confuuuuuuuuuuused!"

"It's slowly losing it's health! This could get DANGEROUS!"

Needless to say, the announcer from Pokemon Stadium owns this one by a longshot. I'm done picking on the announcer now, moving on to gameplay...

Gameplay: 9

You may or may not agree with me here, but Pokemon is truly a deep strategy game - not just a turn based RPG. It's all about coordinating your party to work together, and giving them good movesets and strategies. For those of you that are stuck in the mindset of "All you do is spam powerful moves back and forth until one eventually dies", you don't know what you're missing out on.

Lasting Appeal: 7

Well...the single player will take a while. You'll probably want to unlock all of the colosseums and outfits and stuff...but what really will keep you coming back for more is the online. That's basically the whole reason to purchase this game, the online saves it completely.

Overall score: 7.5 (rounded up to an 8)

Overall, it's a solid game. It lacks many important things, though it makes up for them for the most part with the online and attractive graphics. The final verdict is...if you have Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and you're itching to fight more trainers (you'll get your ass handed to you a lot, trust me) then pick up this game. If you don't own Diamond or Pearl, and don't even have online to begin with, stay away from this game. FAR away. Pokemon Battle Revolution rightfully deserves a score somewhere in the 7.5-8.0 range.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/06/07

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