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"Worth the Money? If You Have Pokemon Diamond or Pearl!"

Just like with all the previous Nintendo Home Consoles, Pokemon has made its way onto the Wii. Is it really worth the whopping 50 Us Dollars? Well, it really depends on a few things.
If you do not have Pokemon Diamond or Pearl, this game is not worth it. You will be severely disappointed and will probably feel that you wasted your money. If you do have Diamond or Pearl and have put together a good, well-balanced team, then I do believe that this game is worth the money.

Gameplay: 10/10
This game is all about battling those little (or giant) creatures you call Pokemon, hence the name Pokemon Battle Revolution. If you have a copy of Pokemon Diamond or Pearl, you can transfer your raised Pokemon onto the big screen and battle it out with them. You have a series of Battle Passes which can be custom or rental. Rental Passes give you a select Pokemon team to battle out with while Custom Passes allow you to fight with your Diamond and Pearl Pokemon. You can enter these passes into one of many colosseum challenges or over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. All of the colosseums are imaginative and creative and the rules can be just as complicated. One colosseum relies only on luck, while in one you have to pick random Pokemon that your opponent can pick as well! You may end up fighting the same Pokemon that you picked! All of the colosseums are fun and immensely enjoyable. Nintendo Wi-Fi makes the game fantastic for one reason, random battles all over the world! All you do is choose your Battle Pass, choose your conditions such as single battle or double battle, and let Wi-Fi match you up. I really enjoy testing my team against both Japanese and North American teams and soon to be European and Australian teams. Of course, if you want to battle somebody specific, you can enter Friend Codes to match the two challengers up specifically. I really enjoy the whole aspect of the Gameplay and many others do also.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are just plain beautiful. The arenas all look unique and well designed and the Pokemon look amazing. You can see that the artists took their time making all the Pokemon look as wonderful as they could, and it shows off.

Music: 5/10
The music sounds great and well thought out. Even though all of the music sounds great, some of it has just been brought back from a previous game. For example, a tune from Pokemon Colosseum has been brought back for this game. You're listening to something you've already heard before often so I'll give Music 5/10.

Replay Value: 6/10
You can really spend quite some time just battling randomly on Nintendo Wi-Fi, quite some time indeed, however that's about it. The colosseums are great, but once you've mastered them, you really only go back for special challenges or to get Pokecoupons, which are the currency in Pokemon Battle Revolution. Some colosseums, which have a fun atmosphere, such as the Neon Colosseum, will have you playing them again trying to master that random wheel. The colosseums start to get old after awhile.

Control: 10/10
The control is perfect, that is all I can say. It feels natural just clicking away, picking moves for your Pokemon, and a lot better than the previous Home Console Pokemon Installments.

For those who are wondering, there basically is NO PLOT. Nope, there is no plot at all. You're just trying to get Pokecoupons and beat all the challenges. This game at heart is basically an extension from Diamond and Pearl since you can transfer items and Pokemon to it. You will not have fun with the Rental Pokemon and will get slaughtered on Nintendo Wi-Fi if you even attempt to use them. If you have Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and like battling, you really will have a good time with this game. I've been playing it constantly everyday since I've gotten it trying to improve my team and I really believe it's worth the money if you have Diamond and Pearl. If you don't, stay away from the game.

Final Score: 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/06/07, Updated 08/07/07

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