Review by Maple13

Reviewed: 08/07/07

Not exactly a "Revolution"

I love Pokemon. Pokemon is my favorite past-time. I have owned every version of the first and second generation of Pokemon, and have owned at least one version of the third and fourth generation. I owned Stadium and Stadium 2. I am a huge fan, not die-hard, but pretty huge. I was so excited when my friends pre-ordered Battle Revolution for my birthday. I was happy, and I couldn't wait to get it. However, my joy led to a huge disappointment.

The story in this game is non-existent. Stadium and Stadium 2 never really had a storyline, but it was more similar to the handheld games. Battle Revolution has no story even relatively close to the handheld games. All there is to do is battle in tournaments and customize your character and battle online. Not much of a story.

Story- 1/10

The graphics in this game are the only redeeming point in it. Extremely beautiful and very bright and cheerful. It adds a huge deal to the mood, and makes the game much more loveable to look at. It's too bad that the graphics are the only good part.

Graphics- 8/10

The sound is horrendous. There are the typical Pokemon crys and a few others, but that's about it. The announcer will repeat every word over and over and over again. There really is no music that's good; the music will probably annoy you more than the announcer. Nothing. It's terrible, but the voice acting for the announcer gives it self a bit of a score.

Sound- 2/10

The's terrible. In Stadium 1 and 2, they offered a rental shop. You could rent Pokemon with your friends all at the same level and have a lot of fun. Battle Revolution removes the rental shop and gives you "battle passes." Battle passes are preset passes filled with weak, terrible Pokemon. You can make your own, custom passes, however. As long as you and your friend have a DS and a copy of Diamond or Pearl. Even if you do have Diamond or Pearl, the passes aren't really as good as the rental shop. There is no motion control in this game at all. Honestly, the Wii was made for motion control. This game would be better suited on the Gamecube with the controls it has now. All you do is point and click. Where's the fun in that? Not even pretend to throw a Pokeball by flicking the Wiimote? That would take no time at all in production, yet they leave something as SIMPLE as that out. It's a dissapointment.

Gameplay- 1/10

There is no replay. You won't go back to play any of the tournaments, nor will you really want to customize your character that much. Maybe come back for some multiplayer, but that's bad too.

Replay Value- 1/10

I was extremely excited for this game. I really was. When I popped in the disc to the Wii, I hoped I was in for the time of my life, just like Stadium provided. I was dead wrong. I played the game for two hours, and I felt sick. I didn't even want to experience online mode; it was that bad. I returned it to GameStop the next day. My advice: unless you REALLY BADLY want to play online with some person, buy this. Otherwise, don't even look at it twice used. At $50 US, it's a ripoff.

Average Score- 2.6/10
Overall- 3/10

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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