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"I am sadly disappointed in this game"

"I am sadly disappointed in this game"

First off, I'd like to say that I love Pokemon. I love pretty much all the Pokemon games that have come out in the past, both console and game boy. But this game disappoints me. Let's break it down, shall we?

Graphics: 8/10

I rather liked the graphics on this game. The Pokemon look good overall, and seem accurate. Pokemon attacks, in particular, seem to be very flashy and graphically pleasing. Many of the battle arenas look good too, providing a decent representation of an arena. My only gripe on the graphics is that they could have been a little more detailed.

Sound: 9/10

When I first heard the game's sounds, I thought to myself, "OH NO!", because I had discovered that the EXTREMELY annoying battle announcer was back, but then I discovered he can be muted. So, therefore, it doesn't bring the score down. The music of this game is very enjoyable and unique, with many of the battle arenas having their own music track. My only real negative complaint is that the actual music can slightly overpower the sound effects in a battle.

Game-play: 2/10

This is the major failing point of the game. This is the main reason that the game disappointed me SO much. Firstly, there is no storyline throughout the game. Therefore, there is no real goal. Therefore, game-play is rendered pointless. Also, game-play is rendered pointless since Pokemon do not gain experience or level up. Even worse, there is virtually no entertainment at all if one does not have Diamond or Pearl. As said, Pokemon in Pokemon Battle Revolution do not gain experience, and that just complicates things. Because of this, all opponents that you face will be the level of the highest Pokemon on your team. This creates an unbalanced sense on the players part, and for me it's an uncomfortable feeling. The ONLY it-ty bitty bit of entertainment is customizing your character, and that isn't much at all. The battles themselves, which make up the very fabric of the game, are arduously and painstakingly tedious. And when you combine repetitive, boring game-play with no story line and a necessity for Diamond/Pearl, then you get a game that really isn't worth your time.


Sadly, this game is a disappointment in the highest sense. Flashy Pokemon attacks do not save this game from its shortcomings. You also don't get even a fraction of your money's worth. 50 dollars for some flashy Pokemon attacks, and all the shortcomings of this game?!?! I do NOT think so. I would rather go down to the crappiest part of town and spend 50 dollars on a hooker than go out and buy this game! I am so saddened by this game that I am shoveling chocolate ice cream straight out of the carton into my mouth as I write this review. I am saddened and disappointed by this game, as it could have been great with a good storyline and user- friendly to those without diamond/pearl, and simply because I love Pokemon so much, that when I see a game like this, it hurts. In conclusion, Pokemon Battle Revolution is hardly what it's name implies, and not worth the money.

Final Score : 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/17/07

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