Review by UltraDman

"The Worst Pokemon Game on a Console Ever"

Being a Pokemon fan from way back, I was truly excited about Pokemon Battle Revolution (hereafter PBR). However PBR falls in almost every category.

---------- The Break Down ----------

Accessibility 6/10
Let me tell you this now: if you do not yet own Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl, buy one of them or you will reap almost no enjoyment out of this game. The reason being is that you can download your Pokemon to the game through your DS allowing you to use them in the game. Without Diamond or Pearl you will be forced to use rental Pokemon. Now those who played the Pokemon Stadium games on the N64 wont think that is a big deal but in PBR the rental system works differently. Differently in that instead of choosing from a large pool of pre trained Pokemon you will start out with a choice of two battle passes that contain poorly trained that have not evolved to their final forms. Not only is it hard to win with these Pokemon, but they can't be changed at all. In short: without Diamond or Pearl your enjoyment of this game will be quite limited.

Story 0/10
I wasn't really expecting a real story as most Pokemon games lack a compelling narrative. Its not a problem really.

Gameplay 6/10
Anyone who has played a Pokemon knows what to expect here, Pokemon take turns attacking each other. The battle system is still simple yet deep. The problem is that battling is all you do and it quickly wears thin on fun. The Colosseum mode trys to make battles more interesting by adding new twists but mostly it falls flat due to the fact that many of the colosseums rely more on luck than skill which means you will often have to reply a entire colosseum due to the fact that your opponent got better Pokemon that you (Im looking at you Neon Colosseum). This is especially agrivating since Colosseums are 7 battles long. Multiplayer is fine though more customization would be nice. Gameplay is fine if you just LOVE Pokemon battling.

Online 5/10
Those looking for a robust online experiance should look elsewear as it is yet again more Pokemon battling. That being said it is more fun to play against human opponents who actually put up a real fight rather then the incredible stupid computer opponents. After a fight you can trade ''battle passes'' which lets you use your opponents pokemon is a cool touch. Unfortunetally the online system does not prevent legendary Pokemon, which is annoying as a team of 6 legendarys no matter how poorly trained is more than likely to beat whatever Pokemon you have. At least your edited battle phrases are prevented so you a least don't have to hear a 7 year old with a bunch of Action Replayed Pokemon curse you out.

Controls 10/10
The controls are one of the very few good things about the game, the Wii remote makes menu selection and issuing comands to your pokemon a breeze.

Graphics 9/10
Ah another highlight, the graphics are excellent. Pokemon are well rendered (fire Pokemon look especially nice with the effects). Attacks are spectacular with attacks coming from different angles. In all very nice.

Extras 3/10
There are few extras though no where near what they could of done if you compare it to, say Pokemon Stadium 2. I was expecting mini games in vain of the ones in Pokemon Stadium games which would go great with the Wii remote. You can customize your trainer though it takes many many battles to get a decent amount of customization options and due to the fact that you can't see what the article of clothing you are buying before you buy it lots of money will be wasted on lame items.

Overall 3/10
I felt cheated by Nintendo here, they could of delivered a much better game but decided to give us this instead. Hopefully a sequel is made that was made with effort.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 08/21/07

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