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"A trimmed down Pokemon, but it has WiFi! Is that enough?"

And so the Wii comes out with its first Pokemon Game!!!

This was bound to arise with the release of Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl. The system/turn based Pokemon game began with Pokemon: Stadium. After that came Pokemon: Colosseum. And now, we have Pokemon: Battle Revolution! Well, how did it turn out?

Part one: Story (Or lack there of...)

First, we had Kanto. Then came Johto. Next was Hoehn, and finally Sinnoh.

...Now, you're in "Poketopia." What the hell is that? Well, luckily, it's not the region. It's just a big Pokemon-based city on an island. You're a new trainer, and you're here to face all of the new Colosseums, facing a leader at each. The story isn't very in depth (so far) so if you play Pokemon for the story, look for a different game...

Part Two: Graphics

This is one BIG plus to PBR. The graphics are stellar. The 3D looks incredible, and the attacks are pure beauty.

The animation is smooth, and unlike Colosseum, the Pokemon will actually (sometimes) touch each other in an attack. So if you're getting this game for one thing only, get it for its look.

Part Three: Gameplay

The gameplay on Pokemon: Battle Revolution is limited. But what it does have is very good.

For starters, there is no walking around. You just click on your stadium, and start battling. This takes away a lot of variety from the game.

Next, and this is what killed me...there is no catching Pokemon. That's right. You don't encounter wild Pokemon, you don't get to throw Pokeballs with your Wiimote, and you don't get that fulfilling "CONGRATULATIONS! You caught _____!" And, to the best of my knowledge, you don't even get to level your Pokemon. That means no evolutions will occur.

So how do you get Pokemon? One of two ways.

Number one: If you have Pokemon: Diamond/Pearl, you can copy all of your Pokemon straight to Battle Revolution. Don't be alarmed, this isn't like migration from GBA games. They'll still be on your DS. This was one thing that really made up for the inability to catch Pokemon. My thoughts are that PBR and D/P are sort of a duo of games. You do all of the catching and training in D/P, then transfer to your Wii and enjoy them in sweet 3D.

Number two: If you don't own D/P, you can choose from one of two pre-made trainer cards. My advice: Do NOT buy this if you don't have D/P. You will lose interest within a week.

There is also the new option to customize your trainer. This was a breath of fresh air. They made something to compensate for everything else this game lacks. It's actually pretty fun, too. You get money from winning battles, then buy gear for your trainer. You're also allowed multiple trainer cards, so if you want a new party, you don't have to demolish your current one, just create a new one on a new card. You can only have a Pokemon on one card at a time though, so that does cause a little bit of inconvenience.

Finally, the WiFi. THE FIRST WII GAME WITH WIFI!!! Too bad it's very stripped down. You can do one thing, and one thing only; battle. Luckily, this does not require Friend Codes. You can find a match, or use FC. You can also exchange codes after a battle. It isn't the greatest, but it's a good start.

Pokemon: Battle Revolution is a fun game. If you are a hardcore fan, this will not disappoint. If you're looking for a whole new spin on Pokemon, save your money. This game, in my opinion, was worth the money. The WiFi(while lacking) was worth it, and I ultimately am happy with it. Let's just pray that a sequel to it will have more features, to keep us playing longer.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/26/07

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