Review by sephiroth068

Reviewed: 01/08/08

If only the game was as great as the disc

The next console Pokemon game to hit the next generation system is here...
but is it worth getting? The short answer, no. The long answer...well read on...

Graphics: 10/10

In short, the graphics are superb. The Pokemon look great and the attacks, stadiums, and trainers are excellent as well. If only the game were of the same quality.

Story: 1/10

You are a novice trainer who must counquer every stadium on Poketopia Island to become the Poketopia master. In short, there is no story. Sure I make it sound kinda cool, but its very generic, even for a Pokemon game. But at least the other Pokemon games, both the handheld and the Gamecube versions had some kind of story to keep you entertained.

Controls: 5/10

Seriously, point and click? The Wii was made for more than that. But then again, this is a Pokemon game and there isnt much you can do. There isnt any free roam, meaning that you cant control your character directly. So, no use for the nunchuk. You point the Wii remote at the screen to navigate through menus. In battle, you select your attacks and watch the animation.That's it. It works, but its not that great.

Gameplay: 7/10

The gameplay is exactly like the other Pokemon games, though it is more similar to Pokemon Stadium. But, instead of choosing your own Pokemon, you choose rental passes, which come with their own set of six Pokemon. You can also create custom passes from which you make by importing Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond or Pearl.

You have your three options: Fight, Pokemon, and Give In.

Fight is obvious, you select this option and it brings you to your moves list, where you choose from four different moves. Your moves range from attacks to damage your opponent, putting status effects such as poison, paralysis, etc. raising or lowering stats such as accuracy, evasion, attack, defense, etc.

Selecting Pokemon will send you to the Pokemon menu. In here, you choose your Pokemon whether to send them in and send the one currently in battle out onto the bench. You can also check their status such as HP, status ailments, items being held, and moves. Just like the stadium games, your Pokemon do not level up. They will stay the same level throughout the entire game.

Give In is obvious. You give up the current battle.

Multiplayer: 8/10

Well, the game did this right. You can battle with anyone who has Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. You can even play online with friends or randomly selecting a player. I can't go into details as I didnt play the multiplayer, but by the sound of it, it sounds really good.

Replay Value: 4/10

If anything, the only reason you'll probably come back to this game is for the multiplayer. There really is nothing to do after beating the story mode.

Graphics: 10
Story: 1
Controls: 4
Gameplay: 7
Multiplayer: 7
Replay Value: 3
Overall: 5

The game has potential, but lacks in so many areas that could have possibly saved this game, or at least made it more enjoyable and worthwhile. I really regret buying it at the $50 price tag and not being able to return it thanks to Best Buys crappy return policy. This has taught me to rent before I buy. If youre a die-hard fan of Pokemon, or are only interested in multiplayer, then this game may be for you. I would wait until the price lowers a bit before you buy it though.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Pokemon Battle Revolution (US, 06/25/07)

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