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"It's Pokemon in 3-D Greatness! Wait...No Storyline? What the Heck is this!?"

Pokemon Battle Revolution was supposed to be a great add-on to the Pokemon Series. Problem is, when it came out, players considered it to be more of a Battle-Only type thing as apposed to the new Pokemon XD with the 4th Gen. Pokemon in it. Well, they were wrong. Nintendo has went and taken out all of the storyline In-game, adventure feel to the game, and instead turned it in-side-out. Pokemon Battle Revolution is battles, battles, and more battles (hence the name) and with battling being such a huge aspect of Pokemon, every part of battling has been graphically enhanced and given a whole new feel to it.

Gameplay: 8/10
The Game play is great. Battling, as I said, has been given a whole new feel and graphic design. Seeing Flamethrower be 3-D and life-like instead of this weird line of fire (on Diamond/Pearl) is just awesome. Plus, when using an attack on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, the attack can sometimes come out of seemingly nowhere on the Pokemon (Ponyta's Flamethrower comes out of the sky for crying out loud!) But in Battle Revolution the moves look perfect and awesome. There is also a Custom Character feature, here you can buy clothes for your character using battle points earned from battling in the storyline Colosseum's. Now, to battle, you are given a Battle Pass, these are what you use to go into battles. Battle Passes consist of 6 Pokemon and a trainer icon. Now there are 2 main types of passes: Rental Passes are what you get at the beginning of the game. You choose from 1 of 2 passes and can get 5 more throughout the game. Now the most important type of pass is the Custom Pass. These passes are created with Pokemon from your Diamond or Pearl games. You simply have to go to Copy Pokemon, turn on your DS, and your Pokemon will be copied into Revolution in all their 3-D goodness. Then you simply pick the Pokemon for your pass, and put them in. You will then be able to use these passes in the game, or on Wi-Fi. Now Wi-Fi is great, you no longer have to register Friend Codes (FC's) and Wait for someone to be on for you to battle, now, they've added a "Battle with Someone" feature in which it will search for an opponent who also chooses battle with someone, and you'll be instantly matched up. Now this does have it's ups and downs, for one, your trainers custom catchphrase (which you can make in the battle passes trainer profile section) is reset to the default catchphrase when you enter the battle, switch out, win, lose etc. So that kind of stinks. Also, your Pokemon's nicknames are not shown, but it's still fun since you are able to test your skills against real people.

Uhhh, does this game even have a story? You go to about 8 Colosseum's battling 7 trainers (usually) including a leader. Well.... that's it. The only cool thing about it is that each Colosseum has a certain battle style, like Sunset Colosseum has 12 Random Pokemon for you to Pick, and for your opponent to pick. And one you beat the game, the rules for all the Colosseum's change. But overall, this is where Nintendo screwed up.

Controls: 10/10
Unless your a... wait, no, anyone and mean ANYONE can do this: Point, press a, that's all, its is so simple a newborn baby could do this. If you can't figure out the controls for this game, I suggest you don't play your Wii

The graphics are awesome in this game as I said. The Pokemon are fully remade in 3-D perfection and the graphics in the Colosseum's are clear and pure, you can even see the sun's reflection on your Pokemon when using Sunny Day! And Rain Dance Animation looks like a real thunderstorm. HOWEVER the thing that makes this game fall is the Sounds, now I'm not going to talk about the announcer because that has mixed feelings on everyone, and you can turn it off if you want, so skip that. But the Noises of the Pokemon when they come out of their pokeball is ear-pinching! I mean really! They basically took the DS noise and remixed it to sound even worse! I think this would get a 10/10 if you played with your TV on mute. However the music that plays at the Menu is very nice, and very catchy. But the thing that makes this fall is the noises the Pokemon make.

You'll come back to this game every so often if you want to update you Pokemon, or even if your just tired of the DS and want to do some battling on the big screen. Some will find it fun to just customize your trainer with the outfits you buy, I personally like buying thing for mystery gift t transfer to my DS Pokemon game (which I consider to be part of Pokemon D/P so I didn't mention it here) and get cool items or restock on on TM's to buy. But overall, you'll be hooked on this for about a week tops.

Overall: 6/10
Nintendo could have made a great game here, sadly they took one too many strikes at the plate here. They over-thought a lot of things without seeing what else Pokemon is besides battling. They could have at least put in mini games besides just battling. However I do admit, this game is great to play with a friend or even organize tournaments with, either with DS battle (where you use your DS to battle on the big screen) or just normal Multi player, this game is great to pick up if you have the following: A friend or two, A DS with Pokemon D/P.
If you don't have a Diamond or Pearl then rent is the most you should ever do with this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/03/08

Game Release: Pokemon Battle Revolution (US, 06/25/07)

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