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"A game worth getting if you have a DS Pokémon game"

The first Pokemon game to come out on the Wii and in the name Pokemon Battle Revolution

Controls 10/10
The controls are really easy as it all you use is the remote like you would with a TV remote just select which move or option you want to do and then press A and involves no skill and it also doesn't require a nunchuk so no extras to buy.

Sound & Music 8/10
The music goes well with the stadiums but there will be one things you will either love or hate which is the announcer as sometimes the announcer says some funny things such as “ouch that was rather self destructive” and other times boring and can sometimes be repetitive.

Graphics 8/10
The stadiums look really good and it shows that a lot of time as been taken in creating the stadiums to make them as good as they are and when moves are made it does a graphical version of the move such as seismic toss when it throws the Pokemon in the air into space and then back down with a boom.

Game play 10/10
With Pokemon battle revolution you create battle passes with you own Pokemon to try and conquer Poketopia by beating various stadiums with various rules depending on which stadium you pick , rules such as unevolved level 5 Pokemon or try your luck and pick Pokemon from a wheel and on winning each you earn Poke coupons which you can then use to kit your trainer up on use to buy items to transfer to you Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum game such as TM's

Online play 8/10
Online you can test your Pokemon against other Pokemon trainers around the world by battling randomly on WIFI against trainers around the world and on WIFI it's a bit of pot luck as you can get some trainers who fight fairly by not use hacked moves sets of Pokemon to try and cheat to victory whilst they are some who just do that and make your online experience not as good it could be and also there's no customisation of rules such as a sleep clause.

Rent or Buy?
I suggest a rent if you don't a Pokemon DS game as you will be stuck with weak rental passes and with not much to do but if you have a Pokemon DS game the I suggest a buy for this game.

Final Score 7/10
My final score is seven out of 10 because it's overall a good game but with a few flaws stopped it been 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/14/09

Game Release: Pokemon Battle Revolution (EU, 12/07/07)

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