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"The lack of story destroyed this game..."

When I saw this game, I thought it was going to be one of the best pokemon games ever! I saw some videos and tips, so I thought: it's a game like Colosseum and XD, but with the Wii Motion, compatibility with Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and outstanding graphics... I was wrong, this game is like a Battle Frontier. It has some colosseums, you earn Pokecoupons and can buy things for your DS game.

If you don't have a DS, nor a Diamond/Pearl/Platinum game, I sugger you to forgot the possibility of buy this game. Because it only serves to help the DS pokemon games.

"Story: 0/10"

-Ok, this game's weakest point is the lack of a Story Mode. If it had both the Colosseum Mode and a Story Mode it would be great. Not necessarily needed Shadow Pokemon or "Team -- wants to revive a legendary pokemon and dominate the world". But some new things wouldn't hurt. Without a story, this game becomes slowly boring, until you give up.

"Sound: 3/10"

-Its decent, but not awesome like some other pokemon games. It has an announcer/narrator, that, differently from the Stadium games, you can't turn off. So you will be hearing this announcer until you lose your patience and mute your TV. The pokemon's cries, moves sounds and the colosseum musics are something that you maybe like.

"Graphics: 10/10"

-Here is this game's strongest point, the graphics are simply perfect! It looks very real in almost all points, the trainers sometimes move themselves, and the pokemon's physical moves makes them go to the opponent's front and unleash their powers. Sadly, these graphics were thrown off in this game.

And the graphics alone aren't going to save this game... because its really the only good point on it.

"Gameplay: 3/10"

-Inside of the battles, its simply like a DS pokemon game. There's nothing "new", except the Give In option, which makes you surrender. Outside the battles, you can't walk or do any kind of movement. Differently from Colosseum/XD where you could trade pokemon with the portable versions, you can just copy them from your DS to use in this game. There are no mini-games like Stadium had, so there is really no fun in this game.

You can only create Custom Passes or use the Rental ones, which come with horrible pokemon in all aspects (nature, species and moves), different from Stadium which had a huge selection with great moves.

The only thing that makes the gameplay worth is the ability of passing TMs, Items, and 3 pokemon that you normally would obtain by a very hard way, or never obtain.

"Replay Value: 0/10"

-OK, why would you replay a colosseum? Just to get the items for the DS games. There's no other answer. If you ask this, anyone will answer the same thing. I'm only playing this game to get the Soul Dew and the stat-boosting berries, when I end this "quest", I will forget this game.

"Wi-fi: 5/10"

-For those who have the WPA encryption on their internet, that don't let they play wi-fi in their DS pokemon games, this game resolves it since Wii can connect through any encryption (if you know the password).

This game's excelent graphics make the wi-fi play much more interesting than the Colosseum Mode. But since 98% of the people who play wi-fi will be playing on their DS, don't expect to find many people playing. But is kinda fun.

~Buy or Rent: If you're a pokemon fan, you should rent it first. If you like it AND has a DS pokemon game, you should buy it.

~Ending Words: The title is a fact. If this game had a story mode and the colosseum mode, I'm certain it would be a game that almost everyone would say: "It worths buy it and waste your time on it". I hope Nintendo don't fail with a 5th generation console game...

Total Score - 21/60
Overall Score - 3,5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 01/24/11

Game Release: Pokemon Battle Revolution (US, 06/25/07)

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