Review by Jaylikespie

Reviewed: 03/17/08

This game is incredibley fun!!

This game is pricy but for good reason. The gameplay is awesome, there are no glitches, The controls are simple and responsive; it is pure awesomeness!

Gameplay 10/10 The story is enjoyable, the episodes are fun with just the right difficulty, the fights are realistic and are rather often real fights from the show which makes this game unbelievably awesome.

Story 9/10 The story certainly is fun and this game does follow it closely if you think about it. There are no stupid cliche that screw it up. I personally love this game and I have only watched 1/2 of the episodes in Japanese. I feel that if you watch the show it will help the game be even more enjoyable.

Difficulty 10/10 This game is not too hard or too easy. It has parts where it gets hard and there are easier parts. The fights are hard and easy depending on who you are facing. If you are facing Orihime you beat her easier because she was always one of the weaker people. Against Kenpachi it is VERY difficult but that makes sense because Kenpachi is one of the strongest people from the show. Against Yoruichi it is kind of hard and kind of easy because she isnt a very weak character but she sure is not strong.

Controls 10/10 The controls are quite amazing in this game. They are realistic as to the way that the character moves. for example when you want to stab you thrust the wii-mote forward and back and forward and back an forward and back and so on and so on. Slash: swing wii-mote side to side. Vertical slice: swing the Wii-mote up and down. The controls are also very responsive. I have had this game for several months and I am yet to have something go wrong with attacking.

Bankai 10 out of freaking 10 The Bankai in this game are incredible! They are Really strong, they are fast to attack, and it is not too difficult to get them which I find to be a good point of the game among numerous other things. Something that is not too amazing abouyt the bankai but not enough to make me change my review is that the true final releasing of the Zanpaku-to is that it is rather easy to dodge which can be good or bad (depending on which side you are on).

Multiplayer 10/10 The multiplayer in this game among many other things is amazing. It is fun, it lets you share the awesomeness with a friend or brother or sister.

Replayability 10/10 This game is so fun that no matter how many times you play through the episodes or against friends IT WILL NEVER GET OLD. My friend got it the day it came out and hasnt gotten another game since because hes still playing Bleach: Shattered Blade.

Overall 10/10 This game combines the best things of any game that we could ever hope for. It has pretty good graphics for the junkies out there, it is fun so you wont feel you wasted your money and personally I feel that anybody who gets this will be VERY pleased wheather or not you watch the show. I think people will enjoy it but I am not telling you to go buy it merely stating my opinion.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Bleach: Shattered Blade (US, 10/09/07)

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