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"Terrible, Awful, Disgusting. I'm Running out of adjectives."

Being a Bleach fan, I decided to give this game a rent at my local Blockbuster. My choices were this or Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. What a mistake.

Story: 1/10
Haha. Wait, you're serious? Oh. Well, the characters you play as want these shards. Then they get into fights with other people because they want them to. Seriously? These specific shards are THIS popular? After you gather all the shards you fight against the big boss and the story ends. Yeah. Even for a fighter the story is awful and you have to trudge through it multiple times to unlock characters.

Graphics: 3/10
Now, I'm not very concerned with graphics at all. But these were pretty bad, even by Wii standards. Everybody looks ugly, and seems to have the same facial expressions throughout the entire battle. The only people who look decent are Rangiku and Orihime, whose breasts seem to have been enlarged, and made very bouncy.

Sound/Music: 6/10
This is really the only part of the game that seems to be above par, but not good enough to actually warrant any listening to. The music is fine, though pretty bland. Nothing really that screams “epic fight”. The sound is basically just the sound of slashes. Pretty basic. The voice acting is really the only thing that made the score above 5. The voice acting for Bleach is fantastic.

Gameplay: 1/10
Oh. My. God. The engine is the worst excuse for fighting ever. Basically, the steps to win are: 1. Wave your Wiimote around like a madman. 2. Hold A and B a couple times for Critical and Special Attacks. 3. Shake the Nunchuck for your Bankai/Super Mode/Whatever. 4. Wave your Wiimote some more. 5. VICTORY! This game has little to no depth. Even for a game based off an anime. There is no real difference between the characters. (except for Uryuu, who fires arrows off.) There are no combos to speak off, just the frantic slashing of the sword.

RENT OR BUY: Neither
Seriously, just ignore the game in its entirety. Unless of course, you're masochistic and WANT to trudge through a game with terrible gameplay. Honestly, I wanted to like this game, as I only know of the DS Bleach fighters. (Which I cannot find.) But, even for an anime fighter, I want at least a little depth. I just simply cannot recommend this game for anyone, even the most die hard Bleach fans.

Final Score: 2.75/10

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 06/22/10

Game Release: Bleach: Shattered Blade (US, 10/09/07)

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