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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jallen9000

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    MMMMMM    $MM  . O.  .:...M  . MMMMMMMMNZ: . .M:M +MM.,MMM, ...  .~ZMMMMMMMMMMMM
    MMMMMM    $MM  . O   .:...M .. MMMMMMMM~MMMMM.,. +M,..8MMM. .....     .. MMMMMMM
    MMMMMM    $MM  . O.  .:...  .. MMMMMMMM~MMMMMMM7 ,... MMMMMD~  .. . . ..=MMMMMMM
    MM$ ..                ..... D ..M........MMMMM+MMMMD ..:MMMMM:MMMMMMMMMM.MMMMMMM
    MM  .................. ..Z. ... I... .  .MMMMM+MM,$,.  :MMMMM:MMMMMMMMMM.MMMMMMM
    MM . .:~????I~M7$$$$ZMMMZ+ID... I...?8M$+???OM?  .+?   ,MMMMM=Z+???IMMMM. M?NMMM
    MM ...~M .  .?.    ...M...    . I.  .Z.      :?.  .I   .. . M.     . 7  .....MMM
    MM ...~M    .~   ..   M.  .   . I....7..    ..?   .I   .. . $.  ...  I  .. . MMM
    MM ...~M.    ~  .8    M.   N  . I...$OIMM8   .?  .$?   ,+   $.  .M.. 7  ..IM~MMM
    MM ...~M.    ~  .8    M. . N. . I.  $MM ..   .?   $?   :I   $.  .$.. 7 ...OMNMMM
    MM ...~M.    ~   8    M. . N. . I.  $$. ..   .?   $?   :I   $.   ...:M ...OMMMMM
    MM ...~M.    ~   8    M. . N. . I.  7:.. N   .?   $?   :I   $.   .:MM7 ...OMMMMM
    MM .. ~M..   ~  .D    M. . N... I.  $, ..N   .?   $?   :I   $.   NMM87 ...OMMMMM
    MM ....M..  .~   8    M. . 7... I.  $,  .M   .?   $?   :I   $.   8MM 7 ...OMMMMM
    MM...  ...  .~. ..    M...    . I.. =:....   .?   $?   :I   $.  . .  7 . .OMMMMM
    MMO.   ......Z . .... M.........I... N ..... .O...+? ..,I... I. .....Z.... MMMMM
    The Godfather: Blackhand Edition, Wii, Walkthrough  
     Intro [IN01]
     Controls General [CT01]
     Controls Driving [CT02]
     Controls Attacking [CT03]
     The Families [FA01]
     Fronts [FR01]
      Extortion [FR02] 
      Rackets [FR03]
      Warehouses [FR04]
      Complexes [FR05]
     Banks [BK01]
     Trucks [TR10}
       Racket Deliveries [TR02]
     Cash Hubs [CU01]
     Mob Curriers [MC01] 
     Heat/Vendetta [HV01]
     Cop Bribes [CB01]
      Police Chief Bribes [CB02]
      FBI Bribes [CB03]
     Respect [RE01]
     Skill Points [SP01]
     Safe Houses [SH01] 
      Phones [SH02]
     Crew Members [CM01]
      Hit Squad [CM02]
     Film Reels [FR01]
     Safes [CS01]
     Weapons [WP01]
     Walkthrough [W001]
      Death of a Father [W002]
      Price of Loyalty [W003]
      The Enforcer [W004]
      A Grave Situation [W005]
      Sleeping With The Fishes [W006]
      The Don Is Dead [W007]
      Tom Is Still Missing [W008]
      Enforcer [W009] 
      Intensive Care [W010]
      Fireworks [W011]
      Associate [W012]
      Death To The Traitor [W013]
      Special Delivery [W014]
      Sollozzo’s fronts [Optional] [W015]
      Horseplay [W016]
      A recipe For Revenge [W017]
      Soldier [W018]
      Now It’s Personal [W019]
      The Silent Witness [W020]
      Sonny’s War [W021]
      Change Of Plans [W022]
      Capo [W023]
      Order To Kill [W024]
      It’s Only Business [W025]
      A Royal Flush [W026]
      Baptism By Fire [W027]
      Underboss [W028]
      Don [W030]
      Don Of NYC [W031]
    Contract Hits [CH01]
     Tattaglia [CHT1]
      Whack Mikey Saleri [CH02]
      Take Down Donnie Marinelli [CH03]
      Rub Out Tony Bianchi [CH04]
      Whack Freddie Nobile [CH10]
      Take Down Johnny Tattaglia [CH14]
     Stracci [CHS1] 
      Assassinate Plinio Ottaviano [CH05]
      Knock Off Leon Grossi [CH13]
      Take Down Oscar Zavarelle [CH21]
      Assassinate Jack Fontana [CH22]
      Assassinate Salvatorre Stracci [CH23]
     Cuneo [CHC1]
      Eliminate Bobby Marcolini [CH06]
      Take Out Ronnie Tosca [CH07]
      Take Out Mario Debellis [CH08]
      Finish Off Michael Costa [CH15]
      Take Out Luciano Fabbri [CH30]
      Eliminate Marco Cuneo [CH31]
     Barzini [CHB1]
      Dispatch Big Bobby Toro [CH17] 
      Eliminate Glovanni Armanno [CH20]
      Execute Pietro Testa [CH24]
      Put Away Domenico Mazza [CH29]
      Execute Emilio Barzini Jr.[CH32]
     Other [CHO1]
      Execute Patrick O-Donnell [CH09]
      Bring Down Luigi Fusco [CH11]
      Put Away Jaggy Jovino [CH12]
      Assassinate Tyrone Bloom [CH16]
      Knock Out Kelly Berry [CH18]
      Knock Off Nicholas Klaus [CH19]
      Eliminate the Scaleri Brothers [CH25]
      Take Out Ronaldo Manning [CH26]
      Bring Down Josef Neikrasz [CH27]
      Whack Sergeant Ferriera [CH28]
    Favours [FV01]
      Pay Off The Don’s Official [FV02]
      Destroy Fredo’s Car [FV03]
      Retrieve The Valuables From The Top Floor [FV03]
      Break Up The Union Strike [FV04]
      Destroy The Midtown Drug Market [FV05]
      Intimidate A Guard Jury Member [FV06]
      Stash The Truck At Paulie’s Apartment [FV07]
      The Lunar Bar [FV08]
      Infiltrate The Bank and Retrieve Don Corleone’s Evidence [FV09]
      Steal The Cuneo Money [FV10]
    Blackmail {BM01]
    Shopkeeper Favours {WS01]
      Trapani’s Bakery [WS02]
      Bowery Hotel [WS03]
      The Full Moon [WS04]
      Arnolds Famous 47 [WS05]
      Sicilian Goods [WS06]
      St Alban’s Hotel [WS07] 
      Palladio Willow [WS08]
      Tyler’s Top Cuts [WS09]
     A Word From the Maker [WFTM]
     Intro [IN01]
    This guide is only going to walk through the set missions of the game, things
    like taking over fronts, warehouses and family complexes are what will take up 
    most of your time however it’ll be too dull and long for me to walk you through 
    each front.
    Controls General [CT01]
    Control Stick: Move.
    Z Button (hold): Lock-on.
    B Button (hold]: Grab opponent (while locked on).
    C Button (tap): Reveal or conceal weapon.
    C Button (hold) + Control Stick: Select weapon.
    + Control Pad: Camera
    B Button: Shoot/Grab/Throw item? Drop TNT or bomb 
    A Button: Talk/Action/Vault over object/Grab bottle.
    A button (hold): Sprint.
    + Button: Toggle: Free Aim mode.
    1 Button: Pause.
    2 Button (hold): Notepad.
    - Button: Crouch/Wall cover.
     Controls Driving [CT02]
    A button: Enter or exit vehicle.
    Control Stick: Steer.
    B Button: Accelerate.
    Z Button: Brake/Reverse.
    C Button: Handbrake
    Flick Nunchuk: Honk horn.
    + Button/- Button: Toggle crew shooting position.
    Control Pad (left/right): Move camera.
    Control Pad (Down]: Rear view.
    Control Pad (Up): Change camera.
     Controls Attacking [CT03]
    Hold Z button for all these attacks
    Flick Nunchuk/Wiimote forward: Jab.
    Flick Nunchuk/Wiimote horizontally: Hook.
    Hold Down on Control Pad the flick Wiimote: Charge attack.
    Flick Nunchuk/Wiimote forward when opponent is on ground: Stomp/Kick.
    Flick Wiimote when holding item: Throw item (bottle/TNT).
    Weapon Attacks
    Flick both Nunchuk and Wiimote down: Overhand Smash.
    Flick Nunchuk/Wiimote horizontally: Blow
    Flick Wiimote down: Downard blow.
    Flick Wiimote across body: Pistol whip.
    Flick Wiimote up: Weapon Butt.
    Flick Nunchuk up: Reload
    - Button: Switch Between Free Aim and Lock On
    Grab Attacks
    Hold both Z and B buttons.
    Flick both Nunchuk and Wiimote Up when opponent is on ground: Lift Up.
    Control Stick: Drag.
    Flick both Nunchuk and Wiimote near a wall: Wall slam.
    Swing both Nunchuk and Wiimote near low object: Table slam.
    Swing both Nunchuk and Wiimote parallel: Swing opponent.
    Swing both Nunchuk and Wiimote parallel then release B: Throw opponent.
    Move Nunchuk and Wiimote towards and away for each other: Strangle.
    Move towards an edge: Hold over ledge.
    When holding over edge move Nunchuk and Wiimote forward: Throw over ledge
    Flick both Nunchuk and Wiimote forward and back: Headbutt.
    Swing both Nunchuk and Wiimote side to side (Garrote equipped): Garrote Choke.
    The Families [FA01]
    There are five major families in New York, each have devolved their own status 
    quo with each other, meaning that they tend to stay out of each others way and 
    give them respect, but that doesn’t mean they won’t jump at the chance to stab 
    you in the back if they think they can get away with it.
    At the start the head of the family is Don Vito Corleone, however its no 
    secret that Michael later becomes the head. The Corleone family traditionally 
    owns Little Italy however the other families have started moving in on their 
    The weakest of the five families and the least respected. They control 
    Brooklyn and are probably the easiest family to wipe out. The rivalry 
    between them that the Corleones are very high. 
    The Stracci operate out of New Jersey, their ambition has grown and they 
    have become volatile. They remain a very rich and powerful family.
    Operating in the appropriately name neighbourhood Hell’s Kitchen the Cuneos
    are a hardened family. They don’t have much financially however they’ve got
    a lot of brute force and won’t give up what little they have without a fight.
    The Barzini’s control Midtown. They’re very wealthy and well connected. 
    The Barzini’s act as if they control the other families and perhaps to some 
    extent they do. This is the hardest family to take on.
    Fronts [FR01]
    All over New York there are legitimate businesses, whether they know it 
    or not, they need protection. That just happens to be your speciality which 
    brings me onto extortion. If a front shopkeeper is killed the whole front 
    will shut down for a while losing you money (if you owned the store)
      Extortion [FR02] 
    Sometimes (well most times actually) shopkeepers won’t be too happy with 
    paying your protection money, mostly due to the fact they are already being
    protected by another family. You’ve got to convince them otherwise. 
    Extortion is an art and you’ve got to find out what tactic works best on 
    the shopkeeper, some will hate being beaten up, others will hate their 
    customers being beaten up, breaking up their shop may be a good idea too, 
    or how about throwing them through that window. Grab them and swing them 
    around a little, then pull out a gun and pug one in the knee cap, yes 
    extortion is an art and you better get use to using the tools of the trade.
    Each shopkeeper will have a pressure meter, the first line shows when they’re
    going to give in and pay you, before that line you get nothing, then there 
    is a red area, after you’ve crossed that point they won’t give you anything and 
    will attack you. Your aim is to get the meter filled as close to that red bar 
    as possible to get the largest amount of protection money. The better you 
    do the more reputation points you’ll get. Get a high enough reputation and 
    they might hand it over no fuss.
      Rackets [FR03]
    Behind some of the fronts there are rackets (why they’re call them fronts).
    These are illegal gambling and prostitution businesses. Expect higher 
    resistance from the family that owns the Racket than you did for the Front.
    You can either buy out a racket or you can use the same tactics you use for 
      Warehouses [FR04]
    Warehouses and hubs are were you make all the big money, they’re the places 
    that distribute to all the rackets. These are fortresses and you’ll be heavily
    outgunned however it’s worth it, these make a lot of money for the family.
    Call in a Hit Squad to help you take one out. The racket boss is inside 
    somewhere but to talk to him you’re going to have to go through 
    waves of opponents.
      Complexes [FR05]
    There are 4 complexes in the game (okay five if you could the Corleone’s).
    These are the homes of the families heads. These are the toughest to take 
    over, crawling with the family you have to fight tooth and nail into the 
    weapon vaults under each of the two houses, you then have to set a bomb and
    blow up the house. Each complex has two houses so you need to destroy 
    them both to totally take control over the complex. Don’t attempt to take 
    over a complex too early in the game.
     Banks [BK01]
    Banks are a nice way of making money without paying tribute to the Corleones.
    There are 6 banks over New York with some serious cash in the vault. You have
    to find the vault, blow it up with some TNT and then make a get away to one 
    of your hideouts. Simple enough yes? Well no as you expect there are bank 
    guards, the more money in the bank the more guards there are and the better 
    their weapons, then you’ve got the cops, for the smaller banks you can pay them
    off and you’ll get away quite easily but for the larger heists no amount of 
    ribery is going to make them turn the other way. For an added challenge try 
    robbing all the banks at the same time, do this and you’ll get major respect.
     Trucks [TR10}
    All over New York there are trucks (nicely colour coded so you know whose 
    they are), these are supplying the rackets will all they need, highjack a truck
    and deliver it do a drop off point for some easy money. Well maybe not too easy
    as you’ll be chased by the family you just ripped off and if you’re too far 
    from a drop off point it’ll likely to explode.
       Racket Deliveries [TR02]
    Racket Deliveries are very much like truck runs just with the slight difference
    that you’re now the truck driver. Once you’ve taken control of a warehouse or 
    hub you’ll sometimes be asked to deliver a truck from there to a front or 
    warehouse, these missions are rather risk free and the longer the distance you 
    have to travel the more you’ll get paid, easy money for those that probably 
    don’t need it at that stage.
     Cash Hubs [CU01]
    Wasn’t quite sure what to put this under but a set points on the map (normally 
    hard to reach or seduced parts) family men and the occasional gang of bell hops
    will converge and protect a crate of money, these crates normally only contain 
    a few thousand dollars but it’s something to do. If you’re wondering why bell 
    hops are doing it, well they were often the ones to get drugs/hookers for hotel 
    guests and direct visitors to the illegal gambling rackets, they also would 
    tip off police and gangs alike to the whereabouts of  wanted men so they’re 
    involved in a lot of shady dealings.
     Mob Curriers [MC01] 
    Walking around the neighbourhoods are curriers working for the family. They 
    carry briefcases full of money. They’re easy to recognise they’re fat, wear 
    black coats and have a briefcase. It’s the same model for each currier so 
    once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. Kill him to get his money but he 
    can run fast for a fat guy so be quick about it. Killing these will raise your
    vendetta level significantly though and you’ll be prone to drive-bys.
     Heat/Vendetta [HV01]
    As you cause crimes your heat level goes up and the cops will come after you,
    the higher the heat the more stars you get and the more of a problem you’ll 
    have on your hands. Make sure to keep your heat low by bribing the cops. 
    Also note that heat levels change from region to region so if you’ve got a lot
    of heat in Midtown stay in New Jersey until things die down. To reduce heat
    simply duck in a safe house to lower it to two stars and then you can bribe
    cops or just keep your head down.
    Vendetta is a different matter, the more you damage a family the higher the
    vendetta against you rises. Each family has a Vendetta meter the higher it 
    goes the more that family will hit back at you, you can bribe an FBI agent to
    bring a Vendetta down so make sure you keep an eye on it. If you don’t and it 
    gets too high you’ll start a mob war complete with drive-bys and the bombing 
    of your fronts. To stop a war either bribe the FBI or bomb one of their 
    fronts. Of course if you get iced during a mob war it’ll be over by the time 
    you wake up but don’t expect all your fronts to have made it.
    Cop Bribes [CB01]
    Bribing cops is a sure fire way to reduce your heat, however if the cops 
    are shooting at you they’re not likely to take your money so it only really 
    works when you’ve only got two stars. Aside from lowering heat cop bribes 
    also serve another purpose, each bribe will fill the cop bribe meter. 
    The higher it is the more cops will look the other way when it comes to 
    crimes, hell they might even fight for you. 
      Police Chief Bribes [CB02]
    There are five Police Chiefs, one for each neighbourhood and they’re just 
    as crooked as the street cops, the only difference is they cost more. 
    Once you bribe a police chief it fills the cop bribe meter making things 
    easier for you. You can also blackmail the chiefs for free coverage, more
     on that under Blackmail (see contents).
      FBI Bribes [CB03]
    These are needed for lowering Vendetta levels, they’re rare and tend to 
    hang around churches a lot but are vital in the middle of a mob war. 
    It may not be cheap but it’s easy.
    Respect [RE01]
    R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find out what it means to me, R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
    Sorry couldn’t resist, as you would expect from a Godfather game respect 
    is a very important aspect of the game. To gain respect you take over 
    fronts, kill mobsters that get in the way, complete favours asked by the 
    family and bribe cops. Once you’ve filled your respect meter you can choose
    a new skill. Also the higher your respect level the more pressure you’re 
    exert on shopkeepers so by the end of the game you can just walk into a 
    joint and they’ll practically give you the place.
    Skill Points [SP01]
    Every time you gain a reputation level you’ll be able to choose 1 skill. 
    These skills affect how you play the game to be brute or a businessman, 
    while you should be choosing skills from both the Enforcer and Operator.
    All the skills are useful, the later ones are especially helpful but it’s 
    doubtful you’ll ever be bothered to get enough reputation levels to get 
    them all meaning you’ll have to choose. I myself have never gotten over 
    50 reputation levels whereby I’ve completed everything and there wasn’t
    anything to give me decent reputation points.
    Black Hand
    Muscle: +20% Uppercut and Kick damage.
    Street Fighting: +15% Jab/Hook attack damage.
    Quick Hands: +10% BlackHand attack speed.
    Over Head Smash: Knock opponents to their knees.
    Tough Guy +45% Uppercut and Kick damage.
    Boxing: +30% Jab/Hook attack damage.
    Extremely Quick Hands: +25% BlackHand attack speed.
    Contender: +50% Jab/Hook attack damage.
    Heavy Hitter: Power attack damage increased. Power attack charges faster.
    Disarming Shots: Greatly increases your chance to disarm hostiles by shooting
    them in the shoulder.
    Strong Hands: Grab hold time increased.
    Gravitas: +10% Negotiation pressure.
    Disarming Blows: All your punches have a chance to knock your opponent’s gun a
    Very Heavy Hitter: Power attack damage increased. Power attack charges faster.
    Very Strong Hands: Grab hold time increased.
    Extreme Gravitas: +50% Negotiation pressure.
    Hits Like A Truck: Power attack damage increased. Power attack charges faster.
    Quick: Movement and sprint speed increased. Sprint farther.
    Stealthy: Crouched movement speed increase.
    Thick Skin: Increase how much damage you can recover when hurt.
    Fast: Movement and sprint speed significantly increased. Sprint farther.
    Very Stealthy: Crouched movement speed greatly increased.
    Rapid: Movement and sprint speed greatly increased. Sprint much farther.
    Extremely Stealthy: Crouched movement speed greatly increased.
    Very Thick Skin: Significantly increase how much damage you can recover when 
    Focus: Accuracy increased.
    Quick Reload: Reload speed increased.
    Marksman: Gun accuracy increased.
    Draw: Weapon reveal, conceal and switch speed increased.
    Precision: Gun accuracy increased.
    Rapid Reload: Gun reload speed greatly increased.
    Quick Draw: Weapon handling speed significantly increased.
    Deadeye: Gun accuracy increased.
    Sharpshooter: Gun accuracy increased.
    Enforcer Perks (Each upgrade worth 1 point)
    Executioner (15 points)
    Makes enemies more vulnerable to execution moves
    Unlimited Ammo (30 points)
    Unlimited ammunition for all guns.
    Negotiator: Breaking point revealed 3 seconds longer.
    Business Smarts: +15% Business income.
    Advanced Negotiator: Breaking point revealed 6 seconds longer.
    Racketeer: +10% Racket income.
    Superior Negotiator: Breaking point revealed 9 seconds longer.
    Evaluate: Immediately detect weak spots.
    Business Acumen: +30% business income.
    Savvy Racketeer: +20% Racket income.
    Master Negotiator: Breaking point always revealed.
    Car Bombs: Allows you to plant car bombs.
    Neck Snap: Lets you do a instant silent kill while using the garrotte.
    Conceal Explosives: Carry limit increased: +3 Molotovs, +1 Dynamite, +1 bombs.
    Crew Bravery: +20% Crew health.
    Crew Leadership: +10% Crew damage.
    Conceal more Explosives: Carry limit increased: +4 Molotovs, +1 Dynamite.
    Extreme Crew Bravery: +40% Crew health.
    Conceal Lots Of Explosives: Carry limit increased: +3 Molotovs, +2 Dynamite, 
    +1 Bombs
    Superior Crew Leadership: +20% Crew damage.
    Healthy: +20% Health.
    Basic Recuperation: Health regenerates while out of combat, to a maximum of 30%.
    Healthier: +40% Health.
    Very Healthy: +60% Health.
    Basic Recuperation: Health regenerates while out of combat, to a maximum of 45%.
    Extremely Healthy: +80% Health.
    Peak Health: +100% Health.
    Basic Recuperation: Health regenerates while out of combat, to a maximum of 60%.
    The Law
    Hotwire: No Heat for stealing parked cars.
    Friend Of The Law: Police Bribes Cost 20% Less.
    Shady: Take 10% Less Heat.
    Deep Pockets: Police bribes last 20% longer.
    Good Friend Of The Law: Police Chief bribes cost 40% less.
    Very Shady: Generate 10% less Vendetta.
    Connected: FBI bribes cost 20% less.
    Extremely Shady: Take 20% less Heat and Vendetta
    Operator Perks (Each upgrade worth 1 point)
    Pistol Whip (15 points)
    Smack your enemies about with this brutal attack.
    Improved Hit Squad (30 points)
    This Perk allows you to call in the Corleone Hit Squad twice as often.
     Safe Houses [SH01] 
    Safe Houses are where you can go to save and restock on ammo and health.
    Also when cop heat is too high you can duck in and lower it to a more 
    manageable two stars. You’re given a few safe houses as you progress t
    hought the game but most of the time you have to buy them, normally 
    found in hotels.
      Phones [SH02]
    In all your Safe Houses and some fronts and clubs there is a phone, 
    people will ring you up on them to remind you of who you’re meant to be 
    meeting or to direct you to a new meetings. You can also call a driver 
    from the phone who will transport you to any of your safe houses.
    Crew Members [CM01]
    After you join the family you’ll be able to hire a single crewman to come
    along with you, for a price. The better the crew member, the higher the price.
    You also can only hire crew members below or the same rank as you, so if you’re
    an associate to the family you can’t hire a Capo. Crew members will help you 
    wherever you go and provide some extra pressure to shopkeepers, also very handy 
    when taking on other families, but remember they can still die so look after 
      Hit Squad [CM02]
    Once you become an associate to the family (second promotion) you can call 
    the Corleone hit squad. Firstly you need to fill up the hit squad meter, the 
    Corleone crest in the top left hand corner, now you don’t have to do anything
    to fill this up, it fills up as time progresses. The hit squad has four men 
    in it of all the ranks and provide fantastic backup when you’re in a tight 
    spot, I recommend using them when you’re talking out warehouses, hubs and 
    compounds. Just remember each day they stick around costs you money which will 
    be taken out of your payday.
     Film Reels [FR01]
    Hidden throughout the land of New York City film reels are lying in wait.
    There are 100 in total, each one giving you 1000 respect but wait, there’s
    more. After you collect a certain number it’ll unlock film clips from the 
    movie The Godfather. Sadly I won’t be given a complete list of where to 
    find them all.
     Safes [CS01]
    There are 100 safes hidden in the game, most of which you’ll find in fronts,
    compounds, warehouses, hubs and doctor surgeries. Infact they’ll turn up most
    places. To get into a safe you’ll need a stick of TNT. Once you’ve blown the
    door you’ll be treated to 1000 respect, some money and weapon ammo. Most safes
    will give out TNT after they’ve been blown making it harder to run out and need
    to do find a dealer. I won’t be giving a full list of their locations.
    Weapons [WP01]
    Melee Weapons
    Throughout the game you can pick up many different items such as bats, pipes 
    and sticks to use as a club of some sort, I might not include them all because 
    I forgot or missed them but each one has two execution moves so if you want 
    them all you’ll have to find them.
    Baseball Bat
    The Baseball Bat is a strong wooden weapon that is great for intimidation, and
    in the right hands, the bat can be used as a lethal weapon.
    Police Baton
    The Police Baton is a solid wooden rod with a leather wrapped handle that can
    be used to easily dispatch someone.
    Tire Iron
    The Standard Tire Iron is used for removing tires. It is a solid piece of metal
    that deals a good amount of damage.
    The Shovel will bury your enemies with just a few short swings. 
    Attack with the heavy end for greater power.
    Lead Pipe
    A Lead Pipe can be found in many sewage systems. It doesn’t deal as much 
    damage as other items, but it gets the job done.
    Two By Four
    The Two by Four is a block of wood that packs a mean punch, especially when
    it’s on fire. Use it to take out a group of attackers at once.
    Golf Club
    The Golf Club is usually for taking long shots off the tee, but it can also
    be used as a lightweight and lethal weapon.
    Pool Cue 
    The Pool Cue can be used to inflict a lot of damage, It is usually not seen
    outside of a pool hall, but some criminals like to use it as their trademark.
    .38 Snub Nose
    Level: 1
    Clip Size: 6
    The .38 Snub Nose is a standard police issued sidearm. It is the most quiet 
    firearm, but it is also the weakest.
    .38 Special
    Level: 2
    Clip Size: 6
    Found: Little Italy, Broadway.
    Price: $7,500
    The .38 Special is an upgraded revolver with a slightly faster firing rate
    than the base revolver. Your ammo carry limit has increased to 60 bullets.
    Saturday Night Special 
    Level: 3
    Clip Size: 6
    Found: Little Italy, Foley Sq.
    Price: $75,000
    The Saturday Night Special is a modified revolver that has an extremely fast
    firing rate. Your ammo carry limit has increased to 80 bullets.
    Level: 1
    Clip Size: 8
    The Pistol is a semi-automatic sidearm that uses a vertical clip with an 8
    round capacity. The pistol has a fast firing sped with an even faster reload.
    Extended Clip Pistol
    Level: 2
    Clip Size: 10
    Found: Brooklyn, Plymouth ST., under the bridge.
    Price: $12,500
    The Modified Pistol has an upgraded clip that holds 10 rounds and fires faster
    than it’s predecessor. The modified pistol has an ammo carry limit of 80 rounds.
    Assassin’s Pistol
    Level: 3
    Clip Size: 14
    Found: Brooklyn, in the Cargo Yard down by Willow St. Where you offed Paulie.
    Price: $250,000
    The Assassin’s Pistol is an advanced pistol with a blistering firing rate. 
    Its extended clip holds 14 rounds make for very few reload times. The ammo carry
    limit is increased to 140 bullets.
    Level: 1
    Clip Size: 6
    The Magnum is a hand cannon with a swing out cylinder. The magnum is the 
    loudest and most powerful sidearm, and it rivals the shotgun in damage dealt.
    Extender Barrel Magnum
    Level: 2
    Clip Size: 6
    Found: Hell’s Kitchen, Galvin St.
    Price: $25,000
    The Modified Magnum is upgraded to use longer bullets dealing more damage 
    and exiting the cylinder faster than the base magnum.
    Level: 3
    Clip Size: 8
    Found: Hell’s Kitchen, 52 St.
    Price: $250,000
    The Python is one of the most lethal firearms available. Upgraded from the 
    Modified Magnum, its cylinder holds 8 rounds and uses hollow tip bullets,
    dealing an unparalleled amount of damage. Additional, the ammo carry limit
    is increase to 80 bullets.
    Tommy Gun
    Level: 1
    Clip Size: 35
    The Tommy Gun is a compact machine gun that is small and light enough for 
    one man to handle. It cuts enemies down in record time, but it has a slow 
    Modified Tommy Gun
    Level: 2
    Clip Size: 50
    Found: Midtown, on East 79th St.
    Price: $50,000
    The Customized Tommy Gin is augmented to hold 50 bullets, and it has a 
    faster firing rate than the standard Tommy Gun.
    Level: 3
    Clip Size: 75
    Price: $400,000
    The Dillinger is one of the most advanced Tommy Guns available. It has a
    n astounding 75 bullet clip, making for fewer reloads and a blistering 
    firing rate.
    Long Barrel Shotgun
    Level: 1
    Clip Size: 2
    The Long Barrel Shotgun is a pump action rifle that fires effectively 
    over short ranges. Since the shotgun has a pump reload after every 2 shot,
    you better make every shot count.
    Double Barrel Shotgun
    Level: 2
    Clip Size: 2
    Found: New Jersey, Centre park in the band stand off Park Ave.
    Price: $45,000 
    The Double Barrel Shotgun is has a slightly shortened barrel that makes 
    for more damage with each shell. More importantly, your ammo count is 
    increased to 24 bullets 
    Street Sweeper
    Level: 3
    Clip Size: 10
    Found: New Jersey just off Garden Parkway, It’s also found in Little Italy
    just off Sterner Street.
    Price: $350,000
    The Street Sweeper is among the most powerful firearms around. The clip is
    modified to hold 10 shells that are fired like an automatic weapon. 
    The ammo carry limit is increased to 100 shells.
    Garrotte Wire
    The Garrotte is an instrument of execution by strangulation. It is meant to
    seize your enemy from behind, so be patient.
    The Molotov is a glass bottle filled with fuel and topped off with an oily 
    rag. Light it and watch your targets burn. You can only carry a limited 
    number, so use the molotovs wisely.
    Dynamite does tremendous damage to a small area, and it is great to destroying
    vehicles, safes and bank vaults. It can be thrown or planted, but is has a 
    short fuse, so watch your back. You can only carry a limited amount, so use 
    them wisely.
    A Bomb deals tremendous damage to a large area. If thrown or planted inside of
    a building, I will gut it. Since a bomb has a long fuse timing is everything.
    You can only carry a limited number, so use them wisely.
    Walkthrough [W001]
      Death of a Father [W002]
    After the cut scene you’ll have a chance to practice your fighting skills.
    Lock onto the mobster with the Z button and swing the nunchuk and wiimote 
    to take them out, you can’t die so take all the time you need, sadly you’re
    no match for Tommy Guns. 
      Price of Loyalty [W003]
    After you’ve played around with your characters appearance you’ll see a cut
    scene where your mother asks a favour from the Godfather, the favour is to 
    help you out. Luca will come looking for you, good thing too as you were 
    taking a beating. 
    You get to practice your fighting skills again, do some jabs, hooks and 
    charger punches, now take him out. Pick up the guy on the floor and go to town
    on him using grab attacks and then finish him off. Now all you need to do is 
    kill the last man. Now talk with Luca.
    Respect: +400
    Money: $500
    Head on over to the safe house on the map, you might want to pay a visit to
    the shops nearby and try your hand on extorting businesses but it isn’t 
    needed. Steal a car unless you want a nice long walk.
      The Enforcer [W004]
    Talk to Luca now head over to the shop. Now pressure the butcher into giving
    you protection money by smashing up the shop, beating him up and being a 
    general jerk. Don’t push him too far or you won’t get anything and you’ll have
    to start the mission over again.
    The back door is now open, head-on upstairs and take the few rival family men
    and talk to the racket boss and buy him out. Now head on down and bribe the 
    cop. Now talk to Luca again.
    Respect: +750
    Money: $1,000
    Now go talk to Paulie, in addition to that you can talk to the man with 
    puppeteer hand over his head to perform a favour or head on over to the 
    closest bank, it appears to have had a heist gone wrong and there are 
    money bags littered around. Pick them up and bring them back to your 
    safe house. 
      A Grave Situation [W005]
    Head towards the mark and take out your bat or pick up the bat that’s 
    leaning against the wall and take a few swings on the first guy. Now 
    enter the grave yard, head right and pick up the hidden money bag behind
    the grave stones. Now slam the next guy into the wall a couple of times,
    now drag him over to a crypt and smash his head against that a few times,
    now throw him around a time. Then just finish him off.
    Respect: +2,500
    Money: $1,500
    Talk to Monk and go meet Luca.
      Sleeping With The Fishes [W006]
    Luca is going to teach you how to fire a gun. Odd for me at that point because
    I’ve been going around making Swiss cheese out of rival family members, oh well.
    When you face the first dummy shoot the boxes at its feet repeatedly and pick 
    up the hidden money. Now shoot the dummy in the shoulder and the knee cap, 
    take cover along the wall and take out the two highlighted dummies. Now pug a 
    few rounds into the truck, then reload the weapon and conceal it.
    Now you’ve got to get to the marked part in Midtown under 4mins, easy enough, 
    just check the map every now and again to make sure you don’t take any wrong
    turns. Oh no Luca has been killed. Crouch down and take out the man just in
    front of you and head towards the backdoor and swipe out the guys that appear.
    Work your way through the building until you reach the target, take him out 
    swiftly. Now head back to your Safe House in Little Italy in under 3mins. 
    Watch out for the cops along the way but you should make it without too great 
    a difficulty.
    Respect: +3,000
    Money: $2,000
    After this lie low for a while until your phone starts to ring, meet Monk in
    Little Italy.
      The Don Is Dead [W007]
    Take out the guys hiding behind the cars, now head on out and shoot the guy
    holding Frankie hostage. You’ve got to follow the ambulance and try to protect
    it as you make your way to the hospital, Fredo will be firing from it so 
    all you have to do is keep it on the road and the other cars away from it.
    Once you reach the bridge you’ll stop and have a shoot out. Take out the first 
    three and head over to the guy with the puppeteer logo over his head and 
    interrogate him. Before getting in the ambulance blow up the cream coloured 
    car near by it as there are money bags hidden under it. Now drive it to the 
    hospital, there shouldn’t be any problems with that.
    Respect: +4,000
    Money: $2,000
      Tom Is Still Missing [W008]
    Crouch down and follow Clemenza and Rocco. Strangle the first guard, follow 
    the path around strangling them all before the timer reaches zero, try to do 
    them one at a time to keep things simple. Sneak through the hole in the fence
    and shoot the boxes opposite from where you just come from to find the 
    hidden money. Now head on over to where Tom is being held before it’s too 
    late, stay low and take out all the guards. Now take out the guy holding 
    Tom hostage, be careful not to him Tom, so that’s no shotguns then. 
    Once that’s done head on over to the Corleone compound to end the mission.
    Respect: +4,500
    Money: $2,500
      Enforcer [W009]
    After the last mission go and talk to Tom to become an associate. It’s the first
    rank in the family.
    Respect: +5,000
    Money: $7,500
      Intensive Care [W010]
    Talk to the guard and get all your wonderful weapons removed, and no, killing 
    the guard doesn’t get you a gun. Now go to talk to Frankie, kill the assassin
    that has just appeared, grab his gun also. Head on down to the basement and 
    pick up the shotgun in one of the rooms along the way. Here you come face 
    to face with a gang of Tattaglia family men. They shouldn’t be to big a 
    hassle being only equipped with pistols and bats and get Frankie to the 
    car. Head upstairs but before talking to Michael go into the Don’s room to 
    get the hidden money bag 
    Respect: +6,000
    Money: $5,000
      Fireworks [W011]
    Partay time, talk to Rosa and head on upstairs and talk to Sony, Monk and 
    Paulie, after a couple of moments the fuzz will break in an generally break 
    up the party. The Sergeant takes Rosa for some private “interrogation”.
    Kill the cop upstairs silently by strangling him and make your way downstairs,
    then bribe the cop at the door to let you out. Head on down the alley way 
    and take out the cops either strangling them with your bare hands or using 
    a garrotte wire. Once you’ve killed the last cop but the door, the door 
    magically unlocks.
    Take out the cops inside, you can use your gun as you wish but it’s hardly 
    needed, talk to Rosa and then head on up to the roof using the elevator.
    Don’t kill the SGT just yet, instead break the crates with have a green 
    glow coming out of them, they have hidden money bags inside, there should 
    be four. Now just grab in and throw him off the edge.
    Respect: +7,500
    Money: $7,500
    Talk to Rosa and head towards the Corleone compound.
      Associate [W012]
    Respect: +10,000
    Money: $7,500
    Promotion Benefits: Payday income increased.
    In addition to that you can now call the hit squad. The hit squad is a four
    man group ranging through the ranks, so even at this low level you can get 
    help from Underbosses. Use this wisely, such as when invading warehouses or
    compounds as you can only call them once the meter is full (the Corleone 
    crest in the top left corner)   
      Death To The Traitor [W013]
    You’ll start outside a restaurant, head up stairs and stock up on some 
    weaponry, seems a family has decided to pay the store a visit, coincidentally
    just after you turned up. Make short work of them by shooting from the upstairs
    balcony into the ground floor. Talk to the guy in the over sized hat to 
    get the door upstairs unlocked for more weapons. Now go talk to Clemenza. 
    Follow him to the bar through the alleyway. Take out the guys hiding behind the 
    bar and when you go through the door watch out for the guy hiding in the 
    downstairs office. Head on up and take out the guys up in the pool room. 
    Plant the bomb as close to the door as you can now run, not down the stairs but 
    to the left and grab the money bags in the little room, now run down the stairs.
    You only have 15 seconds so it’s going to be close but it can be done.
    You pull over but for some reason you can pull the trigger fast enough and 
    Paulie gets away. Head through the maze of containers shooting the exploding 
    barrels before you get too close as Paulie does it for you if you don’t. 
    Kill Paulie, should be no problem as he only has a pistol. Now take the car 
    and get to the marked safe house, which will be given to you after you 
    reach it. 
    Respect: +17,000
    Money: $10,000
      Special Delivery [W014]
    First of all you’ll need a Time Bomb so buy one of those from the many 
    dealers scattered about, they have a larger logo than normal Dynamite. 
    Next go meet Clemenza in Midtown outside a warehouse. You need a racket truck,
    they’ll be marked by a blue cross while you’re in the mission, which can be 
    more of a hindrance than a help because it’ll switch trucks while you’ll just
    getting to one, oh well. You should know how to highjack a truck by now but 
    if you ram it at full speed head on or stop in front of the truck and lay 
    a couple of rounds in the front until the driver gets out. Interrogate the 
    driver and take the truck to Clemenza.
    Now the mission is basically the same as taking over a warehouse, just instead
    of working your way through to talk to a racket boss you have to plant bombs in
    each of the buildings, but as all warehouses are set out the same way you should
    be right at home. Grab a bomb but the side of the truck if you don’t already 
    have one and head on to the left building. Enter it taking out those on the 
    causeway and then head across targeting those on the lower floor as you go.
    There should be a blue arrow down the stairs and that’s where you need to place
    the bomb. Now rush out of the building up the stairs and go through the right 
    door (Note I could hold two bombs at this point if you can’t go left and back 
    as you’ll need to get another bomb). Now go down the stairs and into the 
    building at the back, take out the few family members and head upstairs, 
    plant the bomb in one of the rooms and head out. 
    Head Down to the truck (there is an opening in the fence so don’t worry about
    going through any buildings) and grab a couple more bombs. Head on up the right
    stairs and shoot the breakable boxes on the top to get the hidden money bag. 
    Now do the same as you did for the first building. Now if you’re fast you can 
    make it back to the truck and restock on bombs so you don’t have to go looking
    for any in the future. After the mission you’ll also be able to Bomb 
    Sollozzo’s fronts. 
    Respect: +10,000
    Money: $10,000 
      Sollozzo’s fronts [Optional] [W015]
    Not strictly a mission, nor a hit, nor a favour so I didn’t know where to 
    put this, so after it’s unlocked seemed good enough. There are four fronts 
    Sollozzo is selling drugs out of shown on the map by a skull and crossbones.
    One in New Jersey by the Viaduct, one in Hell’s Kitchen’s Industrial Park on
    Peter St, one in Little Italy’s Industrial Park on Franklin St and one in 
    Brooklyn on Main St. You need to bomb each front so obviously you need four 
    time bombs. 
    New Jersey Front – Enter through the open garage taking out the guard at the
    front. Rush to the back of the room avoiding fire from above (watch out for 
    Molotovs) and clear out the ground floor, once you enter the downstairs room 
    they’ll blow a hole in the door and more will come in, take those out as well.
    Don’t bomb the place yet, head upstairs and take out anybody still breathing
    and find the money bags at the end of the causeway. Now bomb the building and
    leave through the door they bombed. Get the hell out before the police turn up.
    Hells Kitchen – Enter through the side alley blocked up by boxes or via the 
    sewer system, the latter often has hotel porters in them so watch out, yeah 
    I know it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but still, watch out. Take out 
    the two guards on the ground floor and head into the basement. Stay low and
    take cover behind the furniture and wipe out the guys in the cellar, now head 
    upstairs, head towards the right and collect the money bags then take out 
    all the guys upstairs. Plant the bomb in the left room and run like crazy 
    out of the building.
    Little Italy – Head around to the side of the building and take out the lone
    guard, now head up the outside stairs. Go on through a kill the guys upstairs
    and pick up the money bags behind the bar, now go back to where you entered 
    and break the boxes blocking the stairs. Head down taking out those in the 
    right room before opening the next set of doors. As you enter the room they’ll
    blow out the windows and more will enter, take them out along with anybody 
    else you can see, taking cover when needed and then plant the bomb, jump out
    the window and lose the cops.
    Brooklyn – With this one go around to the side and through the window, take 
    cover behind the boxes and take out all you can, now get to the back of the 
    shop towards the kitchen and into the toilet to collect the money bags. 
    Now head upstairs and throw a stick of dynamite where the two guys lie in wait
    to make them run right into your path of fire. Plant the bomb and run like 
    crazy, once again lose the cops and congrats.
    Respect: +25,000
      Horseplay [W016]
    Sadly this is one of the most annoying missions of the game, mostly due to
    that fact its stealth based and this isn’t a stealth game, though it’s 
    indicative to the whole plot line so it was either this or leave out the 
    whole Woltz thing.
    Firstly follow Rocco to the stables; it’s a simple case of sticking close 
    to Rocco as you go. Don’t get spotted by any guards as you go if you do 
    get spotting strangle him quickly before he gets off a gun shot and alerts
    the whole villa. Once in the stable kill the guard that comes in and help 
    Rocco deliverer the package to Mr Woltz bed.
    Now don’t kill any innocents, so that’s butlers and maids, oddly guards
    aren’t innocent so kill those when ever you can. Kill the first two guards
    outside and go up the stairs and into the kitchen. Wait for the Butler to go
    into the other room and the guard to go into the stairway, follow the guard
    and kill him, advance up the stairs and kill the next guard waiting. Wait 
    for the maid to go into the hallway and talk to the guard, then when they
    walk off kill the guard. Follow the maid out to the balcony and pick up the
    hidden money bag, don’t kill the guard there as chances are you’ll be spotted
    by somebody lower down. Now head to the blue arrow and wait for the painfully
    slow progress of Rocco.
    Respect: +12,500
    Money: $15,000
      A recipe For Revenge [W017]
    As soon as you go past the Corleone compound gates the timer will start and
    you’ll have les than 4mins to get to the restaurant and plant the gun, plenty
    of time just check the map and don’t get lost. Sneak in through the back and
    silently kill the guards standing by, now talk to guy near the door to unlock
    the joint. Go through the kitchen and to the right into the bathroom, now 
    enjoy your meal with a show.
    Kill the guards that have shown up and head up stairs and get the hidden
    money bags. Now head to the car where Michael is hiding, killing any 
    opposition along the way. You’ve got to head to the docks in Hell’s 
    Kitchen with the Tattaglia family trying to kill you, you can’t lose 
    the car.
    Respect: +15,000
    Money: $20,000
      Soldier [W018]
    Head on over to the Club to become a made man, afterwards talk to the guys
    in the club.
    Respect: +15,000
    Money: $25,000
    Promotion Benefits: Payday Income Increased.
      Now It’s Personal [W019]
    You know I never understood how these two really hooked up, I mean we’ve
    been controlling this guy since the start and we haven’t really had much to
    do with her, oh well. They grab Frankie and try to kill you, take out 
    everybody but the selected guy you have to interrogate. Now call Monk,
    then head over to Monk. 
    Head over to the church in Brooklyn avoiding the attacking cars as you go.
    Go left into the mausoleum and collect the money bags (and film reel if 
    you haven’t already) then get downstairs via the left side entrance 
    and take out all the goons hiding behind the crypt, now get upstairs 
    being careful not to be ambushed on the stairs.
    Respect +17,500
    Money: $30,000
      The Silent Witness [W020]
    Go in the back entrance and talk to Sonny, interrogate the Capo, he 
    won’t talk but his funeral will get Bruno out of hiding. After you’ve 
    parked up at the funeral home turn around, go up the street and to the 
    right their should be a little alcove with a burning barrel in it, 
    behind the barrel is the hidden money bag. Don’t worry about the warning
    that pops up
    Take out all the family men hanging around the bottom floor and once they’re
    all dead go upstairs via the elevator. He’s got quite a right hook, once 
    you get up kill the last two guards, grab Bruno and then throw him in 
    the incinerator.
    Respect: +20,000
    Money: $35,000
      Sonny’s War [W021]
    Before you even start this mission things begin to heat up, when you go and
    meet Sonny at the compound a gang of Cuneos attack, be careful not to get 
    run over and take cover behind the walls of the compound, there are plenty
    of health vials lying around so you shouldn’t be in any real danger unless 
    you get run over.
    After that talk to Sonny, then meet him at his apartments in Midtown. 
    After you talk to him you’ve got under 2mins to get to a club in Hells Kitchen,
    no real worry there you’ll make it easy. Take out the few guys on the ground
    floor now head down to the basement via the stairs by the front, there are 
    quite a few of them down there and in such a cramped environment things could
    get ugly, once you reach the first room downstairs just shoot the 
    flammable boxes for some easy kills, head into the next room and 
    interrogate the guy.
    The Racket boss will now run off and you have to keep up with him, he 
    seems to have some sort of supped up truck cause damn, it’s fast. You’ll 
    also be chased by the Cuneos so things can be a bit hard if they make you 
    crash. Once you get into the train yards take out all the men hanging 
    around with the help of Sonny, now head towards the marked building. 
    Take out the men inside like you would when you take out a racket. Watch 
    the cut scene with Sonny. Before you leave go up to the roof using the 
    elevator and collect the money bags.
    Get into the car with Sonny and head towards the Cuneos warehouse, which 
    oddly enough always seemed like Corleone controlled before now. Talking 
    over warehouses are never completely easy so if you’re having difficulties
    call in the hit squad if you can. It’s just a case of making sure the 
    outside is clear before heading inside, duck behind cover when you need
    to and make use of the explosive items littered all have the place, also 
    use your Molotovs for large groups. Head down to the opposite side you came
    in and go through those doors, crouch behind the barrels and take part 
    in this shooting gallery. Once you’ve taken them out interrogate the Racket 
    boss to end the mission.
    Respect: +30,000
    Money: $40,000
      Change Of Plans [W022]
    As soon as the mission starts Sonny drives off, get in your car quickly and 
    get after him,. Those fans of the movie will remember this scene well. 
    Get out of the car and check inside the toll booths for the hidden money bags
    then chase after the highlighted car, you’ll be chased and shot at. 
    When you reach the warehouse in Hells Kitchen they’ll be the evitable battle,
    however it’s only a few guys and it shouldn’t be no hassle, no need to go 
    through any of the buildings as there is a gap in the fence. 
    Interrogate the security guard and get the need the needed information.
    You now have 5mins to get the club, don’t get lost as Hell’s Kitchen can be
    somewhat confusing with all the different layered roads. Take out all the guys
    on the ground floor in usual style then end downstairs using the back 
    stairway. Once you’ve removed all opposition the door to the Underboss will
    finally be opened. He’ll be tight lipped so talk to his girl, he’ll then crack.
    After that you have 5mins to get to the Corleone compound.
    Respect: +40,000
    Money: $45,000
      Capo [W023]
    Head on over to the Corleone compound and meet your new don, Michael. Is it 
    just me or does it make no sense in the game.
    Respect: +50,000
    Money: $50,000
    Promotion Benfits:
    Payday income increased
      Order To Kill [W024]
    Before you go anywhere turn around and investigate the alley, there are some
    money bags not very well hidden in there. Follow Monk across the road and take
    out the first three guards on the ground floor. Go up the stairs and take out
    the next two hiding the one of the rooms (note you can’t go into your hotel 
    room during the mission, more is the pity). More should come rushing down the
    stairs so don’t waste any time wasting them, head up again and take control
    of the next floor, they’ll be quite a few hiding in the rooms and if you’re 
    not careful they can get the drop on you as they’re hiding behind furniture,
    if you’re having problems Molotovs are good, also there is health in one 
    of the bedrooms. Head up yet another level to get a cut scene, things don’t 
    seem right. Oh and that’s the only time the main missions ever say anything 
    about Vito being dead, how weird is that, I think some of the family men say 
    something about it but I missed it this play through.
    For the family you must kill Monk, this is quite a good mission as it has 
    nothing to do with the movie and just shows the life these guys lead, it wasn’t
    that long ago you were drinking buddies. You’ll have under 3mins to get to Monk
    on West St, which I always thought was a dumb place to hide out as I always own
    that hotel and it’s right next to the Corleone compound, it’s also very close
    and you’ll have no problem getting to him. Now a group of Cuneos will appear,
    you can go upstairs or just jump the barrier either way once you get into the
    main bar hide behind the bar and take out the group of Cuneo’s, they’ll make 
    short work of you if you get caught in the open, after they’re dead kill Monk
    Respect: +75,000
    Money: $50,000
      It’s Only Business [W025]
    You’ll have to kill Tessio in under 3mins but that shouldn’t be too big a 
    problem. After you enter the building Tessio will run off and you can’t 
    kill him or even hurt it right at the start to take out the two family men
    at the end of the hallway, then check out the bar area, enter the lift and 
    get downstairs. After you get downstairs clear out the two rooms but before
    going up the stairwell break the boxes in the second room the one where 
    they’re laundering money to find the hidden money bag. Once you get back 
    into the bar area you’ll be able to kill Tessio.
    Respect: +80,000
    Money: $50,000
      A Royal Flush [W026]
    Fredio, the loser brother, oh-boy. Head downstairs and gently draw out the 
    password for the secret basement casino. After you’ve done that head into 
    the left room and pick up the hidden money bags, now talk to the bouncer 
    outside the basement. In the casino’s lower level you can distract the two
    guards but it isn’t necessary just hop the wall and blow up the safe, then
    fight your way out using the bars for cover. Once you get outside get over
    to the marked safe house. Now talk to Michael and Clemenza.
    Get into the police car out back pay a visit to Moe Green, you have less
    than 5mins, plenty of time but try not to run anybody over or crash into
    any cop cars as you go, okay? Once you reach the flower shop go around back
    and take you the two guards silently, head upstairs and kill Moe, now fight
    your way out and get to the marked location 
    Respect: +100,000
    Money: $50,000
      Baptism By Fire [W027]
    Ah the climax, Michael is being baptised and has order the death of all 
    four major Don’s in NYC, because it’s a computer game and you’re the player
    you’ll be the one to pull the trigger on all of them, if you’ve completed 
    the contract hits for all the families this will complete the set. 
    Every hit is timed so you’ve got to act quick.
    Don Stracci – You’ll have to get to Midtown and Clemenza, go to the marked
    hotel and head upstairs, talk to the two marked guards and when you meet the 
    Don kill him and fight your way out, talk to Clemenza once you’ve cleared 
    the area.
    Don Cuneo – Hell over to Willi in Hells Kitchen, now get back to Midtown.
    Don’t listen to Willi and just go in and kill all of them inside, Cuneo will 
    be in the stairwell somewhere hiding now talk to Willi.
    Don Tattaglia – You now have to get over to Brooklyn and talk to Rocco,
    the Cuneo’s however will be chasing you until you get to one of the bridges.
    After you talk to Rocco you have to find the Don, he’s in the hotel you can
    buy a room in, on Plymouth St. Head up the stairs taking out all the guards 
    on the second floor he should be hiding, he’ll be holding some girl hostage,
    you don’t care about her kill them both if you want, talk to Rocco after 
    clearing out the place of bodyguards.
    Don Barzini – You’ve now got to go meet Al Neri at the police station in 
    Little Italy, he’s dressed like a cop, Barzini has an appointment at the 
    justice building that’s were the hit is going down. Park where he says and 
    don’t move, you’ll have to play this one cool. Wait until Al starts shooting
    then move in, chase Barzini around and revenge your father (remember him, 
    at the start he killed him).
    You’ll now need to outrun the cops but before you go anywhere head up the steps
    on the justice building and collect the money bags. Get in a car and stay around
    Little Italy or even better hide in the Little Italy church until the time runs 
    out. Either way at the end of the time you’ll need to get back to the Little 
    Italy church to talk to Michael.
    Respect +175,000
    Money: $150,000
      Underboss [W028]
    After all that fun head over to the compound to receiver the highest rank 
    you should receive, of course it isn’t the highest rank you get in the game 
    but that’s were it all gets weird.
    Respect: +200,000
    Money: $150,000
    Promotion Benefits:
    Payday Income Increased
    Oh and you get a room in the Corleone compound.
    Respect: +400,000
    Money: $250,000
    Promotion Benefits
    Payday Income Increased.
      Don [W030]
    To become Don all you have to do is take out the four families, easy enough,
    well that’s a lie. To be honest you don’t have to wipe out the families 
    (take over all their fronts, rackets a destroy their compound) all you have to 
    do is take out their compounds. This is no easy task in itself but I have the
    feeling that some of you reading this would have taken down at least one 
    compound already, I know I have every time I’ve reached this point so I’m not
    going to tell you how to do it, because that ship has sailed already, maybe 
    if I ever 
    update eh?
      Don Of NYC [W031]
    Now there has been some speculation about how exactly you become Don of NYC 
    but practically everybody now knows it’s when you reach 90% completion of the 
    game. You need to have completed all missions however and become just a normal
    Don (by destroying the compounds) before it’ll open up. You don’t need to have
    completed all favours, execution styles, found hidden film clips, extorted all
    businesses or completed all contract hits the only thing you need to do is have
    90% Overall Game Progress, the percentage includes taking over fronts, contract
    hits, merchant favours, favours, bombing the drug fronts and of course missions,
    everything under the Criminal Progress menu.
    Respect: +600,000
    Money: $1,000,000
    Contract Hits [CH01]
    After your first promotion you’ll be able to take on Contract hits given out 
    by the family. You’ll be taking out key heads in the other families so it’s 
    good fun to see their family tree’s be pruned. Each hit has a special condition,
    sure it’s all well and good killing the guy but we want to send a message as 
    well. Full-filling bonus conditions give you extra money and respect so 
    they’re well worth doing. These appear as yellow dots.
    Tattaglia [CHT1]
     Whack Mikey Saleri [CH02]
    He’s causing problems outside a Butcher Shop in Little Italy, get on over 
    there and sort him out, rush up to him and beat him up.
    Respect: +500
    Money: $500
    Vendetta: +100
    Bonus Condition: Use hand-to-hand combat
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +2,500
    Money: $2,500
      Take Down Donnie Marinelli [CH03]
    Donnie has some dirt on a police chief who happens to be on the take, 
    infact that’s the dirt. Take out Donnie before things get out of hand. 
    Head on over to the Brooklyn social club
    Respect: +1,000
    Money: $500
    Vendetta: +200
    Bonus Condition: Use a Baseball bat
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +5,000
    Money: $2,500
      Rub Out Tony Bianchi [CH04]
    Head on over to the marked hotel and up to the top floor, equip the 
    garrotte and take out the two guards from behind. Now enter the room 
    and use the garrotte on Tony.
    Respect: +1,500
    Money: $500
    Vendetta: +200
    Bonus Condition: Use a garrotte
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +7,500
    Money: $2,500
      Whack Freddie Nobile [CH10]
    Freddie Nobile is the Tattaglia’s Consigliere, he knows how to keep 
    out of sight, but he also has a weak spot for the ladies, We don’t 
    want any witnesses around when you off him so be careful. When you 
    reach the hotel go down to the basement via the stairway, run up to 
    Freddie, grab him then slam him into the power conduit in the wall,
    then talk to the maid and leave.
    Respect: +3,500
    Money: $4,000
    Vendetta: N/A
    Bonus Condition: Electrocute Freddie when he is alone.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +18,000
    Money: $20,000
      Take Down Johnny Tattaglia [CH14]
    Johnny Tattaglia is the family’s Underboss and the son of Don Tattaglia,
    with their Consigliere dead Johnny has been ecertnig more influence and 
    he’s ready to start a war with the Corleones (funny I thought we were at 
    war). Stop him before it turns into a blood bath. Well you find him take
    wall cover and take out all his body guards, rush up to him and beat him
    up until he reaches the red then throw some of the many scattered bottles
    at him.
    Respect: +4,000
    Money: $4,000
    Vendetta: +400
    Bonus Condition: Kill Johnny by throwing a bottle
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +20,000
    Money: $20,000
    Stracci [CHS1] 
      Assassinate Plinio Ottaviano [CH05]
    Plinto is turning local gangs against the Corleones, he has a penchant
    for explosives but oddly enough you’re going to make him burn, rather than 
    blow him up. You’ll be up on a ledge while him and a couple of guards will
    be down on the rail tracks, this can make things rather tricky, Toss a 
    couple of Molotovs at him (though I doubt they’ll be spot on, aim above 
    him) and if he gets close to the crates with explosion signs on them shoot
    them, remember the aim is to kill him with fire so don’t use your guns on 
    anybody but his bodyguards.
    Respect: +2,000
    Money: $1,500
    Vendetta: +100
    Bonus Condition: Make Plinio Burn
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +10,000
    Money: $7,500
      Knock Off Leon Grossi [CH13]
    Leon seems intent on starting a mob war, take him out before it comes to that.
    Once you get to bakery be care as there will be a couple of guys hiding 
    behind the counter with Tommy Guns which can case a bit of a problem, 
    he’ll also have another couple in the back room with him, once they’re 
    disposed of grab him and toss him into the fire.
    Respect: +2,500
    Money: $1,500
    Vendetta: +200
    Bonus Condition: Throw Leon into a furnace.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +12,500
    Money: $7,000
      Take Down Oscar Zavarelle [CH21]
    Seems he did something to this guys sister, as such he’s got to pay. Once 
    you’ve found the hideout (the sewers, classy) follow him in and take out 
    the first two bodyguards that are in the alcoves, crouch and move a little
    bit forward until two oil cans fall from the sky, shoot the flaming barrel
    in the next section now take out the two (hopefully) dazed guards. Now you
    meet Oscar, switch to your Snub based weapon (the weakest) shoot him in the
    knee, then the shoulder and finally in the head.
    Respect: +6,500
    Money: $5,000
    Vendetta: +200
    Bonus Condition: Shoot Oscar in the knee, then shoulder, then the head.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +32,000
    Money: $25,000
      Assassinate Jack Fontana [CH22]
    Jack is trading out of Hell’s Kitchen’s Docks, unfortunately for him he’s 
    disrupted Michaels plans. He’s found were you can normally buy TNT, talk out 
    his many guards which are well armed and once the close is clear head up and
    strangle him. In you’ve having problems you could always use a car with a 
    henchman in the back.
    Respect: +15,000
    Money: $7,500
    Vendetta: +300
    Bonus Condition: Strangle Him.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +75,000
    Money: $37,000
      Assassinate Salvatorre Stracci [CH23]
    Salvatorre is the Don Stracci’s son, he’s planning to blow up a Corleone 
    warehouse in Hells Kitchen, kill him before that happens. This can be quite
    a hard hit to complete with the bonus condition. Once you enter the warehouse
    (on foot) look up at the balcony connecting the two buildings either side 
    and he should be there, a couple of hits he’ll fall down and die however 
    if you miss your chance he’ll blow up the first building (note he needs to
    blow up all three). He’ll then appear in the building to the right, head 
    up the stairs enter the building just through the door way. Then double 
    back and chase him through the courtyard into the other building and up 
    the stairs, on this balcony is the last chance you’ll have to kill him 
    before you fail the bonus condition and if you target you’ll almost always
    target somebody on the ground floor so use free aim.
    Respect: +6,500
    Money: $5,000
    Vendetta: +400
    Bonus Condition: Kill Salvatorre before he blows up the warehouse
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +32,000
    Money: $25,000
    Cuneo [CHC1]
      Eliminate Bobby Marcolini [CH06]
    He killed one of Clemenza’s friends, this isn’t business it’s personal and 
    isn’t sanctioned by the Corleones, so make it look like an accident. 
    Simply kill his bodyguards and throw him off the edge of the causeway.
    Respect: +4,500
    Money: $1,500
    Vendetta: N/A
    Bonus Condition: Throw Bobby of a bridge or roof.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +22,000
    Money: $7,500
      Take Out Ronnie Tosca [CH07]
    Probably the smartest Cuneo Capo, he’s been making deals with black market
    sellers behind our backs to weaker our influence. Take him out and give 
    him a close cut between the ears, you know, shoot him in the head. Kill 
    the three guys in the front of the shop then take out the last bodyguard
    in the back room then just shoot him(the target) in the head.
    Respect: +5,500
    Money: $4,000
    Vendetta: +200
    Bonus Condition: Kill him with a head shot.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +28,000
    Money: $20,000
      Take Out Mario Debellis [CH08]
    Debellis is an old school Capo, he’s challenged the Corleone’s to a duel,
    have over to the industrial park without drawing any weapons and beat him
    up, then toss him over the ledge. You don’t have to worry about his guards
    they won’t touch you.
    Respect: +4,500
    Money: $1,500
    Bonus Condition: Accept the Duel, throw him off a ledge.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +22,000
    Money: $7,500
      Finish Off Michael Costa [CH15]
    Costa is smuggling in weapons via the Canadian border, these guns are killing
    Corleones, Kill Costa in the train yards.  Sadly once you catch up to Costa
    he’s on a platform with only one ramp up, if recommend getting out of your car,
    killing all those around you then finding the ramp and driving up it killing 
    him,or you could go up and then throw him down.
    Respect:  +5,000
    Money: $1,500
    Bonus Condition: Run him over, with a car.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +25,000
    Money: $7,500
      Take Out Luciano Fabbri [CH30]
    Luciano is the Cuneos’ Consigliere, while there is meant to be a peace 
    between the two families (really?) he his longing for a war. Head over 
    to the marked location, there you’ll meet a load of Cuneos hanging around 
    a street corner, if you haven’t taken over the opposite front then you’ve 
    got more of a problem, take out all his body guards, rush up to him and 
    talk to him a couple of times with the A button while you have him grabbed
    and kill him.
    Respect: +10,000
    Money: $7,500
    Vendetta: +300
    Bonus Condition: Taunt Luciano before he dies.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +50,000
    Money: $37,500
      Eliminate Marco Cuneo [CH31]
    Marco is the son of Don Cuneo, publicly he’s clean and well respected, even 
    by the cops, privately however he’s a brutal commander and responsible for 
    the deaths of many Corleones’. Take him out but make it look like an accident.
    This can be quite a tough one as you’ve got to take out the large number of 
    guards armed with Tommy Guns on the corner then grab Marco who is armed with
    a magnum then drag him across the road and throw him off the edge. I 
    recommend doing a drive by with a crewmember first to soften them all up, 
    then take out the rest of the guards when weaken Marco with a few choice 
    shots so it makes him easier to grab, hopefully your crewmember will still 
    be alive to keep any remaining guards or any cops that show up off your back
    while you drag him.
    Respect: +15,000
    Money: $7,500
    Vendetta: +400
    Bonus Condition: Throw Marco into a ditch or rail yard
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +75,000
    Money: $37,500
     Barzini [CHB1]
      Dispatch Big Bobby Toro [CH17] 
    Big Bobby Toro is wanted by the Corleones (who isn’t these days) there is only
    one place the Barzini’s know he can’t be got at, in jail. Stop Bobby from 
    getting to jail before its too later. Simply run past the police and shoot 
    Bobby, then run out again, remember not to kill any of the cops.
    Respect: +7,500
    Money: $7,500
    Vendetta: +200
    Bonus Condition: Don’t kill any cops.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +37,000
    Money: $37,000
      Eliminate Glovanni Armanno [CH20]
    Glovanni runs Barzini’s business in Sicily, he’ in town and has kidnapped a 
    FBI agent, kill Glovanni but save the fed. Take out the guards on the ground 
    floor, there shouldn’t be too many but everybody is well armed. Go down to the
    basement and use cover until you get to the last corner. Now use wall cover 
    aim at his head and shoot him dead.
    Respect:  +6,000
    Money: $5,000
    Vendetta: +400
    Bonus Condition: Don’t kill the fed.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +30,000
    Money: $25,000
      Execute Pietro Testa [CH24]
    Pietro is weakening the Corleones influence on Police Chiefs, he’s the reason 
    why, kill him while he’s shacking hands with the Police Chief. Head all the 
    way down to Chambers St Little Italy and once you reach the arch they’re 
    meeting under, sneak up to the car and wait for Pietro and the Police 
    Chief to shake hands, after that they’ll try to kill each other and you 
    can either get away or kill them all.
    Respect: +8,000
    Money: $5,000
    Vendetta: +200
    Bonus Condition: Kill Pietro while he’s shaking hands with the Police Chief
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +40,000
    Money: $25,000
      Put Away Domenico Mazza [CH29]
    Mazza is the Barzini Consigliore, he’s wealth and very paranoid and hires 
    numerous body guards. With good reason to it seems. It’ll be tough so hire a 
    crew member to help you out. Make sure you have a crew member at this point,
    you’ll find places to hire them all over, just look for the head icon. Get a
    nice car, you know something sporty not too damaged and head over to the 
    marked location. Make your crew-member hang out of the car and shoot anybody
    but pressing the – and + buttons head over to the target and just let you 
    crew do the job for you, be careful you don’t catch on fire and blow up though.
    Respect: +9,000
    Money: $10,000
    Vendetta: +300
    Bonus Condition: Let a crew member kill Mazza in a drive-by.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +45,000
    Money: $50,000
      Execute Emilio Barzini Jr.[CH32]
    Emilio is the son of Don Barzini and the new underboss to the family; he’ll be
    attending the funeral of the late Mr Mazza their Consigliere. This can be an
    annoying mission and despite what the bonus condition says you don’t have to
    use a car bomb, all you need to do is take him out by making a car explode,
    I tried planting a car bomb but all that happened was he ran away into the
    church yard I took a load of rounds in my chest and he didn’t get killed, I
    then had to drag him out of the church yard, place him next to a car, then
    blow up the car. The alternative method is without going across the road to
    were they are just blow up the line of cars, that should take him out in
    the desired method, maybe ploughing your car right in the centre of the
    group and that exploding would be a good idea.
    Respect: +9,500
    Money: $10,000
    Vendetta: +400
    Bonus Condition: Take out Emilio with a car bomb.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +47,000
    Money: $50,000
     Other [CHO1]
      Execute Patrick O-Donnell [CH09]
    Unlocked after the Silent Witness mission. O-Donnell is an Underboss for a 
    powerful Chicago based syndicate, his family wants to move in on New York, 
    send him a message that they aren’t welcome.
    I really like this hit, head over to the marked hotel in Midtown and use the
    elevator, go through the racket and up to the roof. Go across to the other 
    building by a plank of wood and take out the family men in purple, go around
    the top of the building until you come to a breakable window, kill the guy
    inside and jump in. Now kill the women, one of them will shoot you, grab Paddy
    and toss him off the pent balcony just through the window.
    Respect: +4,000
    Money: $4,000
    Bonus Condition: Throw Patrick off the balcony of his penthouse
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +40,000
    Money: $20,000
      Bring Down Luigi Fusco [CH11]
    Luigi has been using local girls to smuggle drugs, stop him. He’ll be in an
    alley going after a girl, he’ll have loads of body guards armed to the teeth
    so watch yourself and remember you have to use the lead pipe on him if you
    want all the extras so don’t get carried away.
    Respect: +3,000
    Money: $1,500
    Bonus Condition: Use a lead pipe
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +15,000
    Money: $7,500
      Put Away Jaggy Jovino [CH12]
    Jovino has turned against the Corleones and has hooked up with the Barzinis.
    Send a message on how the Corleones lead with traitors.It’s a simple case of
    killing the few bodyguards then shooting him in the head while he’s holding
    one of the girls hostage.
    Respect: +7,000
    Money: $7,500
    Vendetta: N/A
    Bonus Condition: Don’t hurt the escort girls.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +35,000
    Money: $37,500
      Assassinate Tyrone Bloom [CH16]
    Judge Tyrone is presiding over Ferriera’s police brutality case (this guy
    is a barrel of fun). He’s in hospital at the moment so he’s your chance,
    ake it look “natural” though. Enter the hospital and go downstairs, kill
    the guards and search the rooms for a package.
    Respect: +5,000
    Money:  $6,000
    Bonus Condition: Give Tyrone a lethal injection.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +60,000
    Money: $25,000
      Knock Out Kelly Berry [CH18]
    Kelly “KO” Barry was meant to take a dive in a fight, of course he didn’t
    and won the fight and everybody lost their bets, teach him how to go down
    in a fair fight. When you get up to the roof of the building marked kill
    all the spectators with your fists as they’ll throw bottles at you, now
    turn your attention to Kelly, he can be a pain so if you’re having problems
    pistol whip him, then kill him when he’s down.
    Respect: +1,000
    Money: $50
    Vendetta: N/A
    Bonus Condition: KO Kelly in a fair fight
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +50,000
    Money: $10,000
      Knock Off Nicholas Klaus [CH19]
    Nicholas is a business associate of the Cuneos and can spot weapons a mile
    off so .keep them hidden. There are two methods for this hit, either walk
    past the guards and strangle him but that doesn’t work often as the guards
    will be shooting at you and hitting you often interrupting the strangle or
    even killing him in the progress but it can be done. The second is more
    practical, kill the guards first then rush up to him avoiding his shotgun
    fire and strangle him without any interruptions, he also seems to go down
    Respect: +6,000
    Money: $5,000
    Vendetta: N/A
    Bonus Condition: Strangle him
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +30,000
    Money: $25,000
      Eliminate the Scaleri Brothers [CH25]
    Ray and James Scaleri are hitmen from the Chicago crime syndicate, take them
    out before they get a foothold in New York. This one can be a pain as you
    have to kill them at the same time, or near enough, head over to Columbus
    Circle and head up to the lorry (on foot) Take out a powerful weapon and
    start plugging bullets into the grill until it blows up, now this may kill
    them but more than likely they’re going to get out and it’s just going to
    knock them to their feet in which case you can kill them in quick succession
    anyway. Oh the other hand you could chase them with a car until they get out
    or it blows up but then they’ll be driving all over the place and shooting
    at you and it can be messy but it’s the same principle. Just remember you
    don’t have to kill them exactly at the same time, just very close to each
    others death.
    Respect: +7,500
    Money: $6,000
    Vendetta: N/A
    Bonus Condition: Kill them at the same time.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +75,000
    Money: $30,000
      Take Out Ronaldo Manning [CH26]
    Manning is with Internal Affairs investigating Ferriera, odd has he seems
    squeaky clean. Send Internal Affairs a message by drowning him. Head over
    to the marked location, bribe the cops at the top and go down the stairs,
    he’ll be with three heavily armed FBI agents. Either talk to him to start
    off the fighting or start it off the old fashion way, that’s shooting first
    asking questions while you’re killing them. Once you’ve taken out his guards
    grab Manning and hold him over the ledge where the water is coming out of a
    pipe, hold him there until he drowns.
    Respect: +10,000
    Money: $7,000
    Bonus Condition: Down Him
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +100,000
    Money: $37,500
      Bring Down Josef Neikrasz [CH27]
    Josef is an international crime boss, he’s in New York on business, find him
    and bring him back to Ferriera and spilt the bounty on his head. Talk to the
    broad at the marked point, it’s a set up! Take out the car that comes driving
    up the path and head down to street level clearing the road of everybody you
    can. Get in a car and drive away, infact you don’t get anything so ignore the
    stats below.
    Respect: +15,000
    Money: $10,000
    Vendetta: N/A
    Bonus Condition: Stuff him in a car trunk and bring him back to Ferriera.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +150,000
    Money: $50,000
      Whack Sergeant Ferriera [CH28]
    Ferriera set you up, now it’s time for him to pay, to tarnish his reputation
    as well as extinguish his life make it a public execution. Head over to
    Little Italy Police station, kill his two cop buddies and drag him out to
    the street, you’ll know when you go far enough as he’ll drop to his knees,
    now kill him. 
    Respect: +15,000
    Money: $10,000
    Vendetta: N/A
    Bonus Condition: Drag him into the street and then execute him.
    Bonus Reward;
    Respect: +150,000
    Money: $50,000
    Favours [FV01]
    People we occasionally ask you for favours, it helps you gain respect.
    These appear as purple dots.
      Pay Off The Don’s Official [FV02]
    This favour is so easy, it’s an insult really. Just go over to the club and
    talk to the guy who is talking to the girl and is in a blue suit.
    Respect: +2,500
      Destroy Fredo’s Car [FV03]
    *Sigh* Fredo, the weak link in the Corleone family. Seems his car has a dead
    body in it and what’s worse the cops have it impounded, thankful they haven’t 
    looked in the trunk yet so get over to the New Jersey police station and blow
    it up. Just rush into the police station ignoring the police and plant some
    TNT and rush on out again. You’ll have quite a few stars after this though so
    have a car waiting.
    Respect: +2,500
      Retrieve The Valuables From The Top Floor [FV03
    You can only do this favour after you’ve exploited the shop in Brooklyn on
    Tillary Lane. Don Stracci has hidden something on the top floor, despite
    being on fire it’s surprisingly easy to reach. Climb through the front window
    and head on out to the back. I suggest crouching while you’re going because
    explosions will be going off and you’ll get knocked off your feet each time
    so it just becomes annoying. Head down the steps and around the strangely
    linear fire line and up the stairs on the other side, then through the window
    and pick up the key on the office floor. Go downstairs and out through the
    side door. You don’t give the key back so head towards the bank in Little
    Italy (the lower one on Worth St) to pick up the key to those armoured cars
    you see parked outside banks.
    Respect: +2,500
      Break Up The Union Strike [FV04]
    Now you’re meant to do this quietly but I’ve never figured out how to do that
    so head over to the warehouse in question and just kill them all, they can’t
    strike when they’re dead, right?
    Respect: +5,000
      Destroy The Midtown Drug Market [FV05]
    After you’ve destroyed all of the drug fronts this favour will be open to you.
    Head over to the market and shoot up/blown up/ destroy all the market stalls.
    This should draw some attention from the rival families so wipe out the few
    guys that turn up. Get over to the truck in the alley across the street and
    blow that up too.
    Respect: +5,000
      Intimidate A Guard Jury Member [FV06]
    Seems there were witnesses from your last favour and they’re bringing the case
    to court, odd I’ve killed thousands of people in front of thousands of witnesses
    and that’s never happen before. Oh well, head down to city hall, bribe the cops
    standing guard and talk to the Juror, beat him up a little and get him to change
    his mind. 
    Respect: +5000
      Stash The Truck At Paulie’s Apartment [FV07]
    Seems Clemenza has a lot of stuff he doesn’t want the cops to find. Get in the
    truck and head down to Paulie’s apartment, the cops will be after you so it can
    be a pain in the arse. They have set up some serious roadblocks to try and make
    you take the long way around but you can still just drive right through them if
    you want.
    Respect: +5,000
      Infiltrate The Bank and Retrieve Don Corleone’s Evidence [FV09]
    The Don has blackmail evidence on a number of judges which he keeps in a vault
    in Manhattan Trust. The Cuneos are planning to heist the bank, get the evidence
    before it falls into the wrong hands or is destroyed. When you reach the bank
    head around to the side door, inside you’ll notice the building is on fire, 
    great. Take the long way around via the main room, through the side office and
    around the back of the cashier desks killing anybody you see along the way. 
    Now the fire will magically disappear and cops will rush downstairs. 
    They’re not much cop (get it cop, cops, so funny) and it’s up to you to save 
    the bank, kinda. They’ll blow the vault leaving it wide open so take the
    money, kill the guys left in the office at the end and pick up the papers
    on the desk to complete
    the favour.
    Respect: +7,500
      Steal The Cuneo Money [FV10]
    After their successful (debatable) heist of Manhattan Trust the Cuneos have too
    much money to launder through their businesses. The Corleones however have no
    such problem so let’s relieve them of this unnecessary burden. You can hire
    the crewmember downstairs if you wish but I preferred my man, get over to the
    train yards in Hell’s Kitchen and kill all the guards hanging around the train
    carriage. There are explosive boxes all over the place and a guy on the roof
    so watch yourself. The money is inside the carriage so collect that to complete
    the favour.
    Repect: +7,500
    Blackmail {BM01]
    Little Italy Police Chief
    Talk to one of the dancers on the upper floor of Sammy’s located in Bowery St.,
    Little Italy. Now go head to the church on the corner of Prince and Mott St.
    Rough up the gravedigger then go visit the Little Italy Chief in Harry’s Bar
    on Allen St. You can now go back and talk to the Police Chief anytime to get
    some free police coverage.
    Brooklyn Police Chief 
    Flirt with the Singer in the Valentino’s Club, located in Fleet Alley in 
    Brooklyn. Now go talk to the good Doctor on Nassau ST, Brooklyn. Talk to him
    first then plant some TNT on his miniature safe out back, grab the 
    prescriptions and head over to Church St, Brooklyn and confront the Brooklyn
    Police chief. You can now go back and talk to the Police Chief anytime to 
    get some free police coverage.
    New Jersey Police Chief
    Flirt with the girl upstairs in the Crane club located on River Rd. Seems the
    Chief has been swiping evidence and what’s more he’s the chief suspect in 
    several unsolved murder cases. He keeps the evidence in a room in The George
    Hotel, located on 14th St. Infact it’s just by your room. Bribe the cops 
    standing guard outside the room now head over to Garden St. and blackmail 
    the Chief. You can now go back and talk to the Police Chief anytime to get 
    some free police coverage.
    Hells Kitchen Police Chief
    Flirt with the girl in the Providence Hotel in the room next to yours, it’s 
    located on 48th St. Seems the Police Chiefs son is in witness protection, 
    head to the church on 42nd St. go around the left side of the church and go 
    down the stairs, kill the family man he’s talking to and interrogate him 
    for info, now go confront the Police Chief. You can now go back and talk to 
    the Police Chief anytime to get some free police coverage.
    Midtown Police Chief
    Flirt with the Girl in the Flowers of Scotland florist on 37th St. Seems the 
    Police Chief is a regular and not only that some photographer has been taking
    pictures, head down to Midtown hospital and convince him to part with these 
    photos. Pay the guy off with $10,000 now go confront the Police Chief on 40th 
    St. You can now go back and talk to the Police Chief anytime to get some free
    police coverage.
    Shopkeeper Favours {WS01]
    Simple missions really, where shopkeepers ask you to help them with something,
    complete it and you’ll get protection money.
      Trapani’s Bakery [WS02]
    This Bakery is in Little Italy on Mulberry St. She has a problem with a drug
    dealer doing drugs behind her shop. Simply kill the drug dealer and go talk 
    to the Baker.
      Bowery Hotel [WS03]
    Located in Litter Italy on the corner of Pitt St. The owner has a problem 
    with tenants, or rather squatters. Go upstairs and kill them all, it’s an
    easy affair as they’re only armed with melee weapons, but try not to let 
    them get the drop on you. After that go talk to the owner.
      The Full Moon [WS04]
    Found in Brooklyn on Front St. All you have to do is destroy the car behind the
    club, your shotgun will make short work of it. Now go talk to the owner.
      Arnolds Famous 47 [WS05]
    Located in New Jersey, Garden St. it appears that next door is blocking the
    back door with all his stock, take out a gun and blow up all the crates outside.
      Sicilian Goods [WS06]
    Found in Brooklyn on Tillary Lane there is some arsonist around back and kill
    him,watch out you don’t get set on fire. After that just go talk to the 
      St Alban’s Hotel [WS07] 
    Found in Midtown it’s the first place you can buy a safe house coming from 
    Little Italy. Seems the Stracci’s are attempting to set you a casino on the
    upper level, get up there and sort them out. It shouldn’t be too hard there
    is round five of them, don’t forget there is a safe up there as well, now go
    talk to the manager.
      Palladio Willow [WS08]
    Found in Midtown on Fifth St. After you talk to the shopkeeper she’ll talk 
    about Jimmy, her boxer friend, thankfully he’s rather old and past it so he
    shouldn’t be too much of a problem, even if you can’t handle yourself in a
    boxing match yet. Just keep up the punches and he won’t know what hit him.
    If you can’t however remember you can use melee weapons or pistol whips.
      The Lunar Bar [FV08]
    Found in Midtown on the 40th St the shopkeeper has a problem with some goons
    setting of fireworks. Head out the front door and down the alley, shoot the
    explosive barrels and then blow up the van, the ensuing explosions should
    take them all out without you breaking a sweat.
      Tyler’s Top Cuts [WS09]
    Found in Hells Kitchen on 44th St. talk to the barber, he’ll tell you about 
    how these guys are going to rough him up because he can’t pay on time (do we 
    really want to extort him as he doesn’t pay up?) and before he finishes a couple
    of Cuneos turn up. Stay inside the shop and kill the three guys that appear the
    other side of the window, magnum is good around here or a shotgun. Make sure 
    the shopkeeper doesn’t die and after you finish them off talk to him.
    A Word From the Maker [WFTM]
    Godfather the game was fantastic, not having played the other version of the
    game I’m not sure how well it’s been ported however the Wii controls make
    pounding a guy much more fun than it would be just hitting a button. Anyway
    the game made me go out and buy the movie, the movie then caused me to get 
    the box set. See the movies if you haven’t already and watch all three, each
    one is a good as the last. Oh and finally rumours of Godfather II the game
    are going around at the time of writing this so here’s hoping.
    You may use this guide however you see fit, I wrote everything so credit 
    wouldn’t go amiss. Everything apart from the ASCII artwork which was
    generated by http://www.glassgiant.com/ .

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