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    Konquest Mode Walkthrough by MZielinski

    Version: Final | Updated: 10/17/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        {XIII. Konquest Mode Walkthrough}
                                  Final Version
    > Version 1.0 (10-10-06): I completed the Konquest walkthrough up until 
    the beginning of the Lin Kuei Palace.  Noted throughout is the location 
    of every chest, alternate costume, arena, music note and Relic.  These 
    can be found easily by looking for their name in all caps.  The next 
    update should contain 2-3 more levels from the game.
    > Version 2.0 (10-11-06): I completed the Lin Kuei Palace, Charred 
    Mountain, Red Dragon Caverns, Netherrealm Cliffs, Shinnok’s Spire and 
    Shao Kahn’s Fortress.  Relics 1-47 are listed throughout as well as 
    alternate costumes, music and arenas.  I should have the rest of the 
    walkthrough completed by Thursday or Friday.
    > Final (10-13-06): The entire walkthrough is completed.  The locations 
    of all Relics (1-60) are detailed throughout the walkthrough.  In 
    addition, all the Music Notes, Extra Arenas, Alternate Costumes, Secret 
    Characters and Relic unlockables are listed in caps.  This walkthrough 
    is complete; expect no further updates.
       This walkthrough was written by Mike Zielinski.  My E-Mail address 
    is: globalops21@yahoo.com.  The Internet connection at my new apartment 
    runs at a snails pace, so it might take a couple days to respond to 
    your E-Mails.   
         Mortal Kombat: Armageddon’s Konquest Mode is not all that 
    different than the one offered in Deception (other than the fighting 
    system resembling Shaolin Monks and a different main character).  It is 
    still a single-player adventure that follows Taven on his quest to save 
    the realms from Armageddon.  
         As in Deception’s Konquest, the player will meet all sorts of 
    Mortal Kombat characters from games past; and fight them too!  As you 
    play through Konquest, you will come across chests that can be opened 
    to unlock alternate costumes, extra arenas, and koncept art etc.  Below 
    is a detailed walkthrough of Konquest from beginning to end.  All 
    chests and Relics (special items belonging to certain Mortal Kombat 
    characters strewn about) will be noted in bold where needed.
         When you choose Konquest from the Main Menu you are treated to an 
    opening sequence.  Said sequence starts off with Taven and Daegon’s 
    father (Argus) telling Delia (their mother who can predict the future) 
    that both of them have been hidden.  Orin and Caro, their dragon 
    protectors are watching over them.  Delia is concerned that Shao Kahn 
    might find and eliminate her two sons in Earthrealm.  Argus tells her 
    that Kahn is preoccupied and isn’t concerned with Taven and Daegon.  
    Argus realizes that the pyramid has been awakened and questions it.  
    Delia tells him that she sent Blaze to watch over it. Argus claims that 
    Taven and Daegon will bring honor to Edenia.  Delia says that Blaze 
    will signal the dragons and the quest will begin.  The kombatants that 
    are to do battle at Blaze’s pyramid must be dealt with or Armageddon 
    will occur.
         The camera then shows Taven breaking out a stone pillar.  Orin, 
    his dragon watcher, tells him why he was stuck in the stone (to protect 
    him until Orin awakened him).  Orin then tells Taven that there is a 
    competition between Taven and Daegon.  Orin doesn’t know the details of 
    the quest Taven is about to embark on.  Taven is reluctant to take on 
    this quest and asks where his father is.  Orin tells Taven to find the 
    main chamber and place his hand on the altar to have his father speak 
    to him and arm him with a weapon.  He then walks through a yellow 
    portal and we have control.
    {Botan Jungle}
         Directly to your left is chest; open it to reveal 100 koins.  
    Follow the path down and pick up the floating map.  Press Select to 
    view it.  Continue on to pick up a floating Dragon Token (DT) worth 30 
    koins.  Press one of the 3 attack buttons to break the fallen tree in 
    your way and continue on to another DT worth 40 koins.  Further down 
    the path is RELIC #1 - Kobra’s Glove (collecting certain amounts of 
    these Relics unlock hidden characters).  Break the tree stump to the 
    right of the glove to obtain 120 koins.  Continue down the path and 
    collect another DT worth 50 koins.  Break the fallen tree and pick up 
    two more DT’s worth 40 and 80 koins respectively.  Break the tree stump 
    on the left to obtain RELIC #2 – Kira’s Knife.  Grab the DT worth 150 
    and stomp on the giant spider walking around.  A chest appears in front 
    of you containing ALTERNATE COSTUME - Kira.
         Up ahead, break yet another stump to reveal 120 koins.  Head up 
    and to the left to find a floating MUSIC NOTE that unlocks the “Botan 
    Jungle Track Tune.”  Break the tree stump to get 100 koins and head up 
    and to the right to find a golden chest containing the Elder Gods Male 
    Armor: Glove.  Head up the path toward the green beam of light and pick 
    up the floating bag of 175 koins.  
         As you continue up the path, you will walk up behind Kobra and 
    Kira; a cut scene ensues.  You walk up behind them and Kobra calims no 
    one crosses the bridge ahead.  Kira says that she got the signal from 
    Kabal that the ambush has begun.  Kobra takes offense to Taven because 
    he is not from the Black Dragon and a fight ensues.  Whenever fights 
    like this occur, we are sent into an actual Mortal Kombat fight.
         Kobra is not too tough as he is the first character we fight in 
    this mode.  Take a second to familiarize yourself with Taven’s move 
    set.  Once you are comfortable, engage him in Kombat!  Kobra rarely 
    blocks, so take advantage.  With Kobra defeated a message appears:
       “Humiliated by his defeat, and realizing that Kira had abandoned 
    him, Kobra shouted, ‘Make no mistake, stranger, you will feel the bite 
    of the Black Dragon soon enough!!’ as he escaped into the jungle.
         Once play resumes, break the stump nearest to you to reveal 120 
    more koins.  Run across the bridge to pick up 200 koins along the way.  
    At the end of the bridge, we see what looks like Sektor vanish into 
    thin air.  Pick up the bag of 300 koins and a panel in the rock ahead 
    opens before you.  Head inside two DT’s worth 60 and 90 koins 
    respectively.  To the right in a little alcove is RELIC #3 – Kai’s 
    Wristbands.  Continue on the path until you come to a clearing with a 
    chest and music note.  Grab the MUSIC NOTE to unlock “Bo’Rai Cho’s 
    Brewery Tune.”  Open the chest to receive 300 koins and continue on the 
    path to the right.  Grab the 25 and 50 DT Tokens and walk up to the 
    obelisk to trigger a cut scene.
    {Training Area}
         Taven’s father tells him to raise his hand to the altar.  Taven is 
    then transported to a training area.  Argus’ reflection appears behind 
    Taven.  He explains that he is here to help Taven train.  We start with 
    hand-to-hand kombat.
         Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed through the training 
    quick attack training session.  Below are the button presses:
    1. 1 – 1 - 1    
    2. 2       
    3. 1 – 1 - 2 
    4. 3
    5. 1 – 1 - 3
    You are awarded 200 koins for completing this portion. We now move on 
    to evading attacks.
    6. Block + 1   
    7. Block + 3
    8. 3 (after opponent knocks you down)
    You are awarded 120 koins for completing this portion.  We now move 
    onto grabbing enemies.
    9. 4 
    10. 4 - 1 
    11. 4 – 2
    You are awarded 120 koins fro completing this portion.  We now go into 
    a battle with Jarek.  Unlike Kobra, Jarek uses parries and weapon moves 
    that do lots ‘o damage.  Use some combos and weapon attacks to down 
    him.  After he is defeated a chest appears behind you containing 
    SUPERMOVE – Ground Pound.  More enemies warp in; it is time for us to 
    use our newly acquired Supermove.    
    12. Change Style + 2 
    13. Change Style + 2
    You are awarded 120 koins for completing this portion.  Show no mercy 
    to the next batch of foes.
    14. Any attack button 
    15. Any attack button
    16. Any attack button
    17. Any attack button
    You are awarded 200 koins for completing this portion.  Now it is time 
    to defeat real opponents.  Just kill all the easy guards that spawn and 
    you will earn 50 koins. 
    18. Kill guards
    19. Kill guards
    {Botan Jungle II}
         Taven is then transported back to the Botan Jungle.  He wonders if 
    he was actually inside the monolith and hopes his father can explain.  
    Run behind the monolith to find an invisible treasure chest containing 
    ALTERNATE COSTUME – Kobra.  Once found, backtrack and instead of 
    heading to the open chest, go straight.  Go through the stone “door” 
    and break the stone statues.  The one on the left leaves behind a 
    marker showing you that you should use the Ground Pound on it.  Do that 
    and a chest appears containing 1000 koins.  Break the other statue to 
    receive 100 koins.  Begin navigating the shuriken spitting stone heads 
    collecting all the DT’s along the way.  If you get hit once, you die so 
    be careful!  Along the way, break the stone statue to receive 100 
    koins.  (Nab the magnifying glass to scout out the area you are to be 
    running through and show you where a hidden item is RELIC #4 – Cage’s 
    Picture).  The magnifying glass reveals the area you should stand near 
    to reveal the Relic.
         Once at the end open the chest to reveal 300 koins.  Enter the 
    entranceway and prepare for a fight.  Kill the multitude of baddies and 
    collect the koins, MUSIC NOTE and (Tekunin Warship Tune) RELIC #5 - 
    Jarek’s Vest where the baddies came out.  Break the stone statues to 
    receive koins and step into the green beam to open up the path ahead of 
    you.  Taven acquires what looks to be Shao Kahn’s hammer.  Use your new 
    weapon to wipe out the Black Dragon Thugs. Make sure you grab RELIC #6 
    – Kabal’s Mask on the left hand side of this fighting area.  Also, in 
    the upper left/middle is a hidden chest containing ALTERNATE COSTUME – 
    Kabal (thanks to ViperMask for pointing that out).  With all the thugs 
    dead, Kabal appears and says you fight well.  He tries to recruit Taven 
    and Taven turns him down.  Kombat!
         Kabal uses his Hookswords a lot, so combat that with your weapons.  
    He blocks and parries, so do some of your own blocking and parrying and 
    he should go down.
    {Temple of Argus}
         With Kabal dead, Taven claims he is a strange looking warrior and 
    says he thinks he arrived at his temple.  We are then transported 
    inside.  Open the two chests to the left and right of the stairs 
    leading up to where we were transported to find ALTERNATE COSTUME – 
    Kung Lao and 500 koins.  Grab the various bags of koins and DT’s and 
    head to the left of the main obelisk to find RELIC #7 – Dairou’s Keys.  
    After collecting the keys, do a 180 and walk to the other wall; when 
    you get there, RELIC #8 – Hotaru’s Flag will appear (thanks to Lost Boy 
    for that addition).  Now walk toward the green beam to trigger another 
    cut scene.  Taven questions the carvings on the walls and he guesses 
    what they might be.  He doesn’t know what all this means and all of a 
    sudden Red Commandos drop from the ceiling; watch out for their bombs 
    and go for the kill.  Kill them and enter the door that opens.
         The fire breathing statues are deadly; you die if you stand in 
    them for more than 2 seconds.  Navigate your ways through these tunnels 
    picking up the coinage along the way.  You will eventually be sealed in 
    a room with spike pillars slamming the ground ahead of you.  Navigate 
    these as best you can.  At the end of this hall pick up the orb that 
    refills your magic meter.  Walk through the door and pick up the koins 
    strewn about before engaging in combat.  Also, pick up RELIC #9 – 
    Stryker’s Radio to the left of the door you entered from and RELIC #10 
    – Moloch’s Ball in the upper right corner.  If you’ve been following 
    this walkthrough from the beginning, you will have unlocked SECRET 
    CHARACTER - Meat.    After the Red Commandos are done for, open the 
    chest to the left of the door you emerged from originally.  Inside you 
    will find ALTERNATE COSTUME – Ermac.  DO NOT open the chest to the 
    right as there is only poison inside.  Run through the door toward the 
    green beam in the next room.  More spiked pillars to navigate through.  
    Be careful and run through this area watching for their patterns.  At 
    the end, pick up RELIC #11 – Hsu Hao’s Watch.  Head left into another 
    big room.  Run down the steps and immediately to your left grab an orb 
    that extends your energy meter.  Near that orb is an invisible chest.  
    Inside it is ALTERNATE COSTUME – Kano.  Walk forward from there to 
    trigger a cut scene.  Taven walks forward while an invisible kombatant 
    lurks in the shadows.  Taven places his hand on the altar and Argus 
    appears.  Argus says he has to choose the successor to this realm.  
    Delia and Argus have left items for Taven and Daegon.  Argus tells 
    Taven that he needs to defeat Blaze with the weapons he has given him.  
    A blast of lightning hits Taven and Sektor appears.  Taven awakens in 
    the Tekunin warship.
    {Tekunin Warship}
         Sektor claims he can get the information he needs now.  Sektor 
    wants to know what Taven learned from the altar in the temple.  Taven 
    says he will regret this and Sektor ups the torture device.  The ship 
    starts rocking as we learn that the Special Forces are attacking the 
    ship.  Sonya comes over the intercom and tells them to surrender.  
    Sektor initiates his defenses while the attack continues on the 
    warship.  The torture device breaks down and Taven is freed.  He must 
    get off the warship before it’s destroyed.
         Once in control, run up the left walkway and break the blue 
    canister for health and magic energy (all these blue canisters contain 
    these) and grab RELIC #12 – Cyrax’s Bomb.  Continue along this walkway 
    and open the chest for 300 koins.  Run up the left side of the walkway 
    and open the chest to get ALTERNATE COSTUME – Hsu Hao.  Open the door 
    via the panel and open the chest to the right to receive Elder Gods 
    Male Armor: Belt.  Search the dead bodies for a key to the next room.  
    Search the body in front of the chest, to make RELIC #13 – Kung Lao’s 
    Hat appear.  Nab the blue orb to extend Taven’s magic meter. And search 
    the body in front of where the orb was to find the Keycard.  Open the 
    chest up ahead to find ALTERNATE COSTUME – Hotaru.  Use the keycard to 
    open the door in front of you.
         In this room, we are instructed to uppercut enemies into the fan.  
    Enter the room and do just that.  Once all the baddies are dead a chest 
    appears.  Open it to find ALTERNATE COSTUME – Cyrax.  Run to the 
    rightmost sealed door and RELIC #14 – Nightwolf’s Axe appears.  Grab it   
    run through the newly opened door toward the green beam.  Once in this 
    room, we learn SUPERMOVE – Fire Ball.  Use your newfound ability to 
    kill the enemies.  Once they are dead, grab RELIC #15 – Sektor’s Rocket 
    to the right of the door.  Once collected, open the door via the wall 
    panel and enter.  Walk up to the glowing sword and begin killing even 
    more enemies.  While fighting, make sure to grab RELIC #16 – Jade’s 
    Bracelet.  When these guys are dead, open the chest that appears to 
    find ALTERNATE COSTUME – Baraka.  Run to the green beam and collect all 
    the koins in this hall.  Kill the Tekunin Patrollers and locate RELIC 
    #17 – Sonya’s I.D. grab it and operate the control panel to open the 
    door.  It is time to fight Sektor.  Sektor claims Taven isn’t leaving 
    until he gets all the information he needs out of him.
         Sektor is a pretty fast character and his Pulse Blades do a lot of 
    damage, so watch out for those.  Use the various stage traps to do 
    extra damage.
    A still picture is displayed of Taven falling out of the sky with the 
    words: Finally, Taven found a way out.  He needs to return to the cave 
    and talk to Orin.  Taven wonders if Daegon is fighting the same ones he 
         A cut scene then occurs where Taven tells Orin what has happened.  
    Red warriors occupy Argus’ temple now.  Orin asks where the weapon is 
    and Taven says it was stolen long ago.  Taven wants to know what it 
    would take to become a “full God.”  Orin doesn’t answer.  Taven then 
    tells Orin that an item was left for him in the north from his mother.  
    Orin transports Taven there.
         Once you have control, run behind you and to the left to uncover 
    an invisible chest that contains ALTERNATE COSUMTE – Jax.  Also, 
    collect the various DT’s scattered about and break the pillars to 
    reveal even more koins, health and magic orbs; the same thing is 
    yielded from the various icicles popping up from the ground.  Walk 
    toward the Tengu Guards and engage them in kombat.  Once they are all 
    defeated, grab the chest that appears to obtain ALTERNATE COSTUME – 
    Johnny Cage.  Behind this chest you can find RELIC #18 – Baraka’s 
    Blade.  Run past the area where the two guards were and collect the 
    koins.  Kill two more guards and break all the icicles if you need 
    health or magic energy.  Continue along this path toward the green 
    beam.  You will encounter the ice beast here.  He is pretty tough, as 
    his moves do lots of damage.  Kill him with your special moves (the 
    Ground Pound does the most damage to him) and grab the chest that 
    appears to obtain ALTERNATE COSTUME – Ashrah.  Proceed through the gate 
    that opened after you felled the ice beast.
         A cut scene plays showing another ice beast on a cliff.  The beast 
    jumps down and begins lumbering toward you but Sonya takes it down.  
    She claims that Taven knows information about the Tekunin.  She says 
    that Sektor put a homing device on Taven and claims she has followed 
    him here to Arctika.  Taven says he doesn’t know anything about Sektor 
    and Sonya insists on him giving her information.  She gets frustrated 
    and kombat begins.
         Sonya seems a little tame compared to the other kombatants you’ve 
    fought up until now.  She doesn’t use her Kali Sticks much and just 
    walks into your attacks.  After she is felled, this message appears:
       “Sonya Blade backed away, wary of Taven’s strength.  ‘Be on guard 
    stranger.  I’ll be watching you.’
         With Sonya dead, grab the MUSIC NOTE to unlock “Subway Fight 
    Tune.”  Grab the 200 koins next to the chest and then open the chest to 
    obtain Elder Gods Female Armor: Cape.  Grab the magic energy if needed 
    and head back to the gate.  Just to the left of it, is an invisible 
    chest containing ALTERNATE COSTUME – Sonya.  Backtrack along the path 
    you came from to the green beam.  Continue along this path until you 
    come upon a Tengu Guards.  Kill them and collect the coinage scattered 
    about (breaking any icicles pending you need health or magic energy).  
    Note that you can throw onto the icicles for instant kills.  Continue 
    on this path toward the green beam.  
         A monk confronts Taven and claims he needs Taven’s help because 
    the Tekunin has captured their abbot.  And, as it turns out, the 
    information Taven seeks is only obtained through the abbot who is being 
    held in the Tengu encampment to the north.  After the cut scene (and if 
    you’re feeling especially mean at the moment, punch the monks to get 
    koins out of them.  Collect the DT’s around and head over to the gate.  
    Ground Pound the symbol on the ground and head through the gate toward 
    the green beam.  Another cut scene occurs with Taven confronting the 
    abbot.  The abbot wants Taven to lead him back to his monks; once there 
    he will reveal the location of the temple Taven seeks.  Grab the orb to 
    increase your health meter and open the chest to reveal 300 koins.  Did 
    you notice the logs near the chest?  What are they missing?  Of course, 
    fire!  Use your fireball on them to obtain RELIC #19 – Blaze’s Essence.  
    Head back to the monk encampment.
         A cut scene plays in which Taven asks for direction to the temple.  
    The abbot claims the temple is “down this path.”  The obelisk behind 
    the abbot begins to spin and so begins another training area.  You are 
    transported to an area with a reflection of Delia.  She is to aid you 
    on your quest.  Taven asks about it and Delia says he will find a gift 
    in the temple.  The training begins.
    {Training Area II}
         The training begins with a message: 
       “The Snow Ninja are a mysterious clan of warriors who prey upon the 
    weakened souls of travelers.  It is said that some of them fell from 
    the ranks of the powerful Tengu clan.  Defeat the deadly ninja.”
    1.    With that many ninjas drop down.  Defeat all of them so that the 
    blood in the skull meter on the right side of the screen fills up.  
    With them dead, a chest appears containing 1000 koins.  A message asks 
    if you wish to continue your trials.  You should continue the trials if 
    you wish to unlock the Arctika Arena that comes at the end of these 
    trials.  If you select yes, Delia appears once again with another 
       “The Snow Ninja are weakening, so they have called upon the Tengu 
    for assistance in defeating you.  Destroy them quickly.”
    2.    With that many more ninjas drop down.  Some are Tengu Grunts and 
    others are a bit harder.  Use you Special Moves and take them all out, 
    trying to get them in bunches and using the Ground Pound.  Open the 
    chest to get 1500 koins.  Delia appears and says:
       “Show the ninja no mercy.  Unleash your fury on them – you now have 
    unlimited energy until they are all demolished!  Use your special 
    powers to eliminate the Tengu and Snow Ninja clans.”
    3.    Ninjas drop down and you have unlimited energy.  Use the Ground 
    Pound to get yourself some room and pick the rest off one by one using 
    the Fire Ball.  The Fire Ball kills them in one hit pretty much making 
    this rather easy.  Pick up the chest to receive 2000 koins.  Delia 
    appears and says:
       “The Snow Ninja have poisoned you!  It is up to you to defeated them 
    all and find the cure.”
    4.    You are armed with a weapon, but you are poisoned, meaning your 
    health will gradually decrease.  Use the powerful hammer to take out 
    foes and regain lost health.  Continuously use the spin move (Attack 1) 
    to take out multiple enemies at once.  Once they are dead, pick up the 
    chest for 2500 koins.  Delia says:
       “It is said that the Snow Ninja have the power to tame deadly yetis 
    and turn them into powerful allies.”
    5.    Two yetis then appear.  You are granted the use of a sword 
    however, so make use of it.  Just continue slashing away and they 
    should fall rather easily.  Grab the chest for 2500 more koins.  Delia 
    appears and says:
       “Defeat the Snow Ninja clan before they defeat you.  Only then will 
    you find the cure for their poison.”
    6.    This time you are poisoned, but are without the aid of a weapon.  
    Use your Special Moves to weaken them, and kill them off to regain your 
    energy meter.  Once in a while, full regens for both health and energy 
    drop, so be on the lookout for those.  Rinse and repeat.  Grab the 3200 
    koins and continue training.  Delia says:
       “This is the final battle you will encounter in this obelisk.  
    Defeat the remaining ninjas and wipe out their clan forever.”
    7.     This is a straight up fight.  Use Special Moves (gather a bunch 
    of them near you and Ground Pound, this should reduce their health so 
    low that a couple punches should do them in) to give you the advantage 
    and take out all the baddies and open the chest to earn ARENA – 
    Arctika.  Delia appears and says she is done teaching for today.  She 
    says take what you’ve learned and seek your destiny.
    {Arctika II}
         Another cut scene plays showing Taven “fall out of” the obelisk.  
    Once in control of Taven, go to the right of the gated area where you 
    had to Ground Pound.  Collect the koins along this path and break any 
    pillars or icicles where needed.  Right before the smashers, you may 
    notice that the wall is discolored.  Attack it to find 150 koins.  
    Approach the smashers and remember their pattern.  When you think it’s 
    safe, navigate through them.  After the second crusher be sure to pick 
    up the MUSIC NOTE that unlocks “Lumbermill Fight Tune.”  Once you pass 
    the first crusher, look to your left for RELIC #20 – Havik’s Mask.  If 
    you’ve been collecting the Relics up to this point you should have been 
    awarded 20,000 koins.
      Proceed through to the other side and prepare to do battle with 
    Tekunin Gate Watchers and Grunts.  Killing them opens the doors to the 
    temple.  Run through the gated area on your right first.  In here, you 
    will find Elder Gods Female Armor: Belt in the chest to your right.  
    Continue to the back left of this area and a hidden chest will appear 
    containing 300 koins.  Exit this area and run to the right of the 
    temple entrance.  RELIC #21 – Ermac’s Gem will appear, nab it and enter 
    the temple.
         A cut scene occurs showing Taven pick up a floating sword and 
    performs some sort of kata.  Legions of baddies drop down; continually 
    press Attack 3 to decapitate them in one fell swoop.  Once they are 
    dead pick up the chest that appears to get ALTERNATE COSTUME – Kenshi.  
    Proceed through the open doorway.  Once again, break the discolored 
    piece of wall to receive RELIC #22 – Jax’s Beret.  Run around the 
    stationary spinning blade and grab the DT’s and the chest to get 300 
    koins.  The next set of spinning blades move around.  Do your best to 
    remember their pattern and navigate through them.  Pick up the 
    magnifying glass to have the camera zoom in on Cage’s sunglasses near a 
         Approach the giant hammer and wait for a clicking sound.  Once you 
    hear it, run the other way, the hammer will swing and remain in that 
    position so you can safely get through.  Do that with the second and 
    third hammers as well.  Once through proceed to the green beam where 
    you will need to kill more bad guys.  Once you defeat their leader, it 
    says “Finish Him.”  If you perform a Fatality on him, a chest appears 
    containing ALTERNATE COSTUME – Kitana (thanks to Michael “Carnage” 
    Padro and Corey Wallace for this addition).  The leader claims that he 
    thought Taven was inhuman and a member of the Lin Kuei.  Taven 
    questions the Lin Kuei and the leader says that their temple is up 
    ahead.  Before heading up there grab RELIC #23 – Darrius’ Shades.
         Continue on to another area full of deadly spinning blades.  
    Remember their pattern and walk through them careful enough to pick up 
    the koins along the way.  If you’re daring, run along the right side of 
    the trap toward the discolored wall.  Break it to reveal a chest that 
    contains Elder Gods Male Armor: Torso.  At the end of the blade trap, 
    open the chest for 2000 koins.  Make sure the blades are far away from 
    you when you open it, or your legs will be cut off!  After getting the 
    chest break the other discolored wall to reveal 80 koins.  Continue 
    forward toward the icicles and bad guys will drop down.  Continue 
    killing them all the way down this path; be wary as they break out of 
    the walls and can ambush you quickly.  At the end of this area grab the 
    chest for ALTERNATE COSTUME – Rain.  Continue forward to the green 
         Here, a cut scene occurs with Rain.  Rain claims that once he has 
    killed Taven, he will find and kill Daegon too, to claim his prize.  
    Taven takes offense to these statements and prepares for kombat.       
         Rain likes to dodge quickly and attack.  He also uses parries 
    which can frustrate.  Watch out for those and counterattack with weapon 
    combos.  Once he is dead a message appears:
       “Rain’s body vanished into a watery portal.  ‘This fight is not 
    over, Taven,’ his voice echoed.  ‘The prize will be mine and I will 
    have my revenge!’
         With Rain dead, continue forward to another spinning blade trap.  
    There is chest in the middle with a small spinning blade circling it.  
    Wait until the blade is on the other side of you and go for the chest 
    that contains 2000 koins.  There are three more blades between the exit 
    and us.  Stay to the left and dodge the quick spinning blade easily.  
    Run to the far right safe from the medium-moving blade.  Wait until 
    that one is all the way to the left and run in between the medium-
    moving blade and the small fast one.  Wait for the small blade to be 
    all the way on the right and run past it to the bag of 175 koins.
         Enter the doors and open the next set.  You are treated to archers 
    firing fiery arrows at you.  Hurl your Fire Ball at them to dispatch 
    them quickly.  There is a never-ending supply of energy filler orbs 
    near the beginning of this part.  They are pretty easy to dodge though.  
    Break the discolored wall to the right to obtain 60 koins.  Continue on 
    and Lin Kuei warriors will ambush you.  Kill them, collect the DT’s and 
    break the discolored wall to reveal a chest with 100 koins inside.  
    Continue dodging the fire arrows and break the wall on the left to get 
    80 koins.  A little further up is another breakable wall with a chest 
    inside containing ALTERNATE COSTUME – Darrius.  Grab the DT and open 
    the doors to even more spinning blades.
         Immediately to your left is a breakable wall.  Wait for the blade 
    to run its course far from you and break the wall to get the MUSIC NOTE 
    that unlocks “Arctika Tune.”  Grab the magnifying glass so the camera 
    zooms in on a breakable wall up ahead.  First navigate your way past 
    the stationary spinning blades and grab the bag of koins.  Break the 
    wall to your left for 60 more koins.  The breakable walls on the right 
    contain 50 koins and 30 koins respectively.  Break open the last wall 
    on the left to find RELIC #24 – Rain’s Mask.  Open the chest to the 
    right of the doorway to get ALTERNATE COSTUME – Dairou.  Enter the 
    doors ahead and open the two shut ones.
         Break the wall immediately to your right to find an invisible 
    chest.  Open it to find ALTERNATE COSTUME – Kai.  Continue forward and 
    break the next wall on the right to find a chest with 300 koins inside.  
    As you move ahead spinning blades break out of the walls and archers 
    start firing at you again.  Take them out with your Fire Ball and 
    navigate the blades.  They stop momentarily in the middle giving you 
    time to grab the koin bags in the alcoves.  Break the wall on the left 
    to receive RELIC #25 – Ashrah’s Doll.  Grab the DT’s and open the doors 
    to the next area.
         This next area is full of bad guys.  There are archers galore and 
    plenty of guys on the ground to keep you busy.  Stay to the right or 
    left sides of this area, so the archers have a harder time hitting you.  
    Take out the ground guys and while you are waiting for the next batch 
    to respawn, hurl Fire Balls at the archers.  After a couple waves of 
    bad guys, they will start hurling flaming boulders at you.  Keep moving 
    and doing the same thing as before; killing the guys on the ground and 
    taking aim at the archers when the ground guys are respawning).  Once 
    they are all dead, head back to the doors you came in from to get a 
    MUSIC NOTE that unlocks “Lin Kuei Raceway Tune.”  Also, in the far 
    right corner of this area is hidden RELIC #26 – Kano’s Mask.  Walk 
    towards the doors and your game saves. 
         A picture shows Taven standing before the frozen temple. He 
    narrates saying that the Lin Kuei occupy his mother’s temple.  He says 
    that the item she promised him should be in there and that he’ll have 
    to fight his way inside.  A cut scene plays showing Taven cautiously 
    walking inside the Lin Kuei temple while all sorts of warriors come out 
    of the walls.  A fight begins.
    {Lin Kuei Palace}
         These Lin Kuei warriors can be pretty tough as they have a lot of 
    health.  Manage your energy meter and kill them off using Power Moves 
    whenever possible.  Be on the lookout for full health and energy items 
    that drop from bad guys.  Also, you can break the blue vases for health 
    and energy orbs.  After taking out the bad guys a chest spawns 
    containing ALTERNATE COSTUME – Jade.  Grab it and continue into the 
    next hall.  The blue vase in front of you contains RELIC #27 – Shang’s 
    Stone.  The chest to your left as on continue down the hall has poison 
    in it so don’t bother.  Open the next two sets of doors until you come 
    into a large room with an Ice Scepter (Sub-Zero’s weapon from Mortal 
    Kombat 4) floating in the middle.
         Grab the weapon and kombat begins.  Use the scepter to freeze and 
    shatter the enemies that appear to “gain enough power to break open the 
    door.”  Your kill gauge constantly depletes as you do this so be quick.  
    The easiest way is to use Attack 4 to freeze everyone around you and 
    the kick them or use Attack 1 to shatter them.   Once the kill gauge 
    has been filled, grab the koins scattered about and the two chests.  
    One contains ALTERNATE COSTUME – Jarek and the other one has 300 koins 
    inside.  Head the through the now open passageway and open the chest; 
    it contains 500 koins.  Continue down the hall and grab the orb to 
    increase your magic meter.  The next room has a door completely sealed 
    in ice.  Attack it until it breaks allowing you access.  Once it is 
    broken a chest appears behind you containing 500 koins.  Proceed 
    through the doorway.
         Directly to your left in the next room is a MUSIC NOTE that 
    unlocks “Lin Kuei Palace Tune.”  As you walk forward, a cut scene 
    triggers showing Taven break open Frost who was lying on a table 
    encased in ice.  Frost has no idea what happened and Taven question who 
    she is.  Frost thinks that Taven is Sub-Zero for a split second and 
    demands the medallion.  She then challenges him to kombat.
         Frost is a very quick and agile character with great Special 
    Moves, especially her Ice Puddle.  As per always, use Style Branch 
    combos and weapon combos to wipe her out.  After she is defeated a 
    message appears saying:
       “Taven’s final blow knocked Frost from her delirium.  ‘You are not 
    the one I seek,’ she muttered with embarrassment as she fled the 
         After defeating Frost, Taven learns a new SUPERMOVE – Escape Move.  
    Grab the magnifying glass floating in the room to have the camera pan 
    to the “ice tombs” lining the walls.  Break all of these tombs to make 
    a chest appear containing ALTERNATE COSTUME – Frost.  Also, behind the 
    altar Frost was encased in is RELIC #28 – Frost’s Mask.  Grab that and 
    head out of the frozen door room and take a left at the next fork.  
    Grab the DT and head into this room.  A cut scene triggers showing Sub-
    Zero appear behind Taven and claims that Taven has bested his Lin Kuei 
    warriors.  Sub-Zero says Taven is trespassing and challenges him to 
         Sub-Zero likes to use his Kori Blade with fancy combos.  Sidestep 
    these attempts and counterattack with Special Moves or weapon combos.
         After the fight, Sub-Zero says that the tattoo on Taven’s face 
    resembles the carving on the door behind them.  Taven says he came here 
    to retrieve a gift from his mother that is locked behind that door.  
    Sub-Zero says that this door has remained locked while the other 
    similar door has been opened.  Taven surmises that Daegon has already 
    been here and opened the other door.  Taven then plants his hand on a 
    switch and a door opens revealing new armor for Taven.  Taven is still 
    unsure what his purpose is and asks Sub-Zero if he knows what the 
    dragon symbol Taven has been seeing is; Sub-Zero might.  A fellow Lin 
    Kuei warrior appears and says more intruders are afoot.  He gets 
    stabbed and Sub-Zero freezes the new intruders and instructs Taven to 
    “smash these new intruders.”
         Once we have control, do as Sub-Zero asks and break the frozen 
    intruders.  Grab the koins they yield as well as the numerous DT’s near 
    the two chests.  Note that the DT koins are forming an arrow pointing 
    toward the statue on the wall.  Shoot a Fire Ball at this statue to 
    reveal RELIC #29 Sub-Zero’s Medallion.  Open the left chest for 300 
    koins and the right one for ALTERNATE COSTUME – Sub-Zero.  Proceed 
    through the doorway and grab RELIC #30 – Kitana’s Fan.  If you’ve been 
    following this walkthrough from the beginning you will have unlocked 
    SECRET CHARACTER – Daegon.  Open the doors and a cut scene plays out 
    showing Taven witness Lin Kuei warriors being slaughtered.  Time for 
    more kombat!  Take out the Shadow Stalkers and a chest appears 
    containing ALATERNATE COSTUME – Noob.  Grab the rest of the koins and 
    search the dead guard 3 times to have RELIC #31 – Liu Kang’s Armband 
    pop out.  Proceed through the open doors.
         This room has four breakable wall sections indicated by cracks.  
    Break the wall to the left first and proceed down it.  As you are 
    approaching the face in the back, it will begin shooting fireballs at 
    you.  Use your Escape Move in order to dodge them.  Continue down the 
    hall (grabbing the koins in the alcoves; these can also be used for 
    shelter from the fire balls).  At the end of this hall, RELIC #32 – 
    Onaga’s Helmet can be found.  On the right end of the hall is a chest 
    containing Elder Gods Female Armor: Boots.  Run back down the hall 
    avoiding the fireballs and break the first breakable wall to your 
    right.  Head down this one, again, avoiding the fireballs.  At the end 
    of this hall to the left is a chest containing ALTERNATE COSTUME – 
    Stryker.  To the right is a power-up that increases your maximum 
    health.  Run back down this hall and break the second wall on the left.
         Proceed down it, same as before, and pull the lever to the left at 
    the end.  To the right are blue vases that can be broken to reveal 
    health and magic energy.  The one in the middle yields RELIC #33 – 
    Noob’s Stars.  Run back down this hall and break the second wall on the 
    right.  Run down it and open the chest on the left at the end to 
    receive Elder Gods Male Armor: Boots.  To the right is the second 
    switch needed to open the door that leads outta here.  Pull it and head 
    through the now opened door in the main room with the breakable walls.
         Enter this new room and follow the path to two doors that swing 
    open revealing a green beam; approach it and a cut scene triggers.  
    Taven witnesses Smoke choke the life out of a Lin Kuei warrior and then 
    disappear.  The warrior then gets up, eyes glowing blue, and kombat is 
    on!  If you kill the warrior with the blue eyes, he drops the Ice 
    Scepter that you can then use to dispatch these foes.  It will 
    eventually break, but more blue-eyed guys appear.  Once they are all 
    dead, Smoke appears and it is time for more kombat!  
         Smoke seems a little tame in this battle.  Use Special Moves and 
    weapon combos as usual to defeat him.  He does like to use his Stinky 
    Cloud, so don’t engage him up close.  With him defeated, a message 
       “Defeated, Smoke teleported away.  He may have lost, but Smoke’s 
    master would know of this interloper who had ruined their plans against 
    the Lin Kuei.”
         With Smoke defeated, a chest appears containing ALTERNATE COSTUME 
    – Smoke.  Proceed through the open doorway and grab RELIC #34 – Smoke’s 
    Mask.  Enter the room with the green beam and spikes jutting out from 
    the ceiling.  The door closes behind you and it’s time for more kombat.  
    Knock the baddies into the spikes for easy kills.  A cut scene then 
    triggers showing Taven getting shurikens thrown into his chest.  Noob 
    appears and says, “You will join me or you will die!”
         Noob can be pretty tough.  Do not try to engage him close up or he 
    will just break up your attacks mid-combo which is extremely 
    frustrating.  I just stood back and shot him with Fire Balls and while 
    he was reeling from that, hit him up with weapon combos.
         Once defeated, Sub-Zero thanks Taven for saving his life.  Taven 
    asks who it is and Sub-Zero says that it is Noob Saibot and that he is 
    his brother.  Sub-Zero says he will help Taven find the Red Dragon.  He 
    then tells Taven that they reside in the charred mountain.
        Taven then narrates saying he wish he could help Noob remove the 
    corruption in his soul.  He at least knows where they reside though.  
    He then says Orin will transport him to the Charred Mountain.
         Orin comments on Taven’s suit of armor and Taven tells his dragon 
    that he met Sub-Zero.  He says that Sub-Zero told him that the Red 
    Dragon is in the Charred Mountain.  And asks Orin to send him there.  
    The dragon obliges and we’re off to the Charred Mountain.
    {Charred Mountain}
         Once in control, enemies confront us immediately.  The Red Dragon 
    Ops have grenades they like to toss, so be on the lookout for those.  
    Also, one of the bad guys carries around a scepter that can hurl 
    fireballs and cause circular rings of fire to radiate from it.  Kill 
    this guy and grab his scepter to use against the bad guys.  Once they 
    are all dead, grab RELIC #35 – Sindel’s Brush near the entrance to the 
    next area.  Also, grab the chest that appears to obtain ALTERNATE 
    COSTUME – Fujin.  Proceed to the next area and a cut scene triggers 
    showing Fujin confronting Taven.  He suggests that Taven return to 
    Edenia and Taven questions the Black Dragon’s intentions.  Fujin 
    threatens force if Taven does not leave.  That leaves Fujin no choice, 
    but kombat!  
         Fujin is pretty easy and doesn’t attack much.  Stay on the 
    offensive and he should go down easily.
         With Fujin downed, Taven says that he has been an ally for many 
    ages.  He then approaches the Red Dragon Caverns.
    {Red Dragon Caverns}
         Immediately to your left, (to the left of the chest) is RELIC #36 
    – Fujin’s Cape.  The chest to the right of the Cape contains 300 koins.  
    Continue running down this linear path picking up all the coinage.  You 
    will eventually come to a fork.  The chest in the middle of this fork 
    has poison inside; so don’t bother with it.  Take the left path first; 
    break the blue hazard barrels and grab the power-up to increase your 
    maximum life.  Head to the left of the big A1 door to find a hidden 
    Relic, RELIC #37 – Tanya’s Choker.  Also, there is a hidden chest to 
    the right of the door containing 300 koins.  Return to the fork and 
    take the right path now.  The chest along this path contains another 
    300 koins.  Continue on down and run toward the green beam.  We have 
    learned another SUPERMOVE – Time Stop.  This also means more kombat!  
    These guys can be tough because of the red explosive barrels littered 
    around that hurt you if you throw a guy into it (pending you’re close 
    enough).  They also have poison grenades that will poison you and take 
    health off gradually for a short period of time.  
         During the battle, grab RELIC #38 – Mavado’s Hooks on the right 
    side of the room near a red barrel and RELIC #39 – Daegon’s Belt on the 
    left side of the room near computer monitors.  After the battle, we 
    finally meet Daegon.  We learn that this is his stronghold; Daegon 
    formed the Red Dragon many ages ago.  Taven is confused because his 
    henchmen want to kill him.  Taven says there is no confusion, and 
    Daegon wants Taven dead.  Daegon wants the “prize.”  Mavado interrupts 
    saying that Blaze has been found.  Daegon doesn’t want Taven to leave 
    this stronghold alive.  Time to battle Mavado.    
         Mavado is a quick character this time around.  His grappling hooks 
    are tricky to predict and his Hook Swords to a lot of damage.  Try to 
    stay back and pepper him with Fire Balls.  If he gets close try to 
    parry his attack and follow up with a powerful weapon attack.  With 
    Mavado defeated, this message appears:
       “Where is he?  Where is Blaze?’ demanded Taven.  Mavado’s only 
    response was a sly smile.  As Taven reached for his foe to make his 
    point more strenuously, Mavado snapped away on a concealed elastic 
    cord.  He disappeared through a hatch, which sealed behind him.”
         Once you regain control of Taven, grab the two Relics if you 
    missed them the first time around.  Also, head over to the leftmost 
    fire pit to unveil a hidden chest containing ALTERNATE COSTUME – 
    Mavado.  Grab the golden chest to the left of it to obtain Elder Gods 
    Female Armor: Torso.  To the left of this chest is a MUSIC NOTE that 
    unlocks “The Lost Pyramid Tune.”  Once all the goodies have been 
    collected, head over to the green beam and activate the lever causing 
    the huge A1 door from before to open.  Head back to that area now.  On 
    your way back a cut scene starts in which we meet Kano.  Taven asks 
    what the Red Dragon are doing here.  Kano says they are trying to 
    create REAL red dragons with real test subjects.  Kano begins to run 
    away leaving Taven frustrated because he has more questions.
         Anyway, head through the A1 door to enter another kombat zone with 
    new reptilian foes.  They are pretty fast and block a lot.  They also 
    have a real annoying acid spit move.  The easiest way to kill them is 
    to throw ‘em off the side of the bridge killing them instantly.  With 
    all of them dead, grab the chest that appears to obtain ALTERNATE 
    COSTUME – Reptile.  The tunnel leading to the next area contains RELIC 
    #40 – Kenshi’s Blindfold.  If you’ve been following this walkthrough 
    from the beginning, you will have unlocked ARENA – Pyramid of Argus.  
    Continue through this tunnel and when you reach the fork, you should 
    see a rat crawling around on the ground.  Step on it to make a chest 
    appear to the right of you containing ALTERNATE COSTUME- Quan Chi. 
    Continue on down the left path and a cut scene will play introducing 
    Quan Chi.  
         Quan Chi demands records from one of his lackeys.  The lackey 
    claims that all the records are in his head.  Quan proceeds to rip off 
    his follower’s head and instructs his henchmen to kill Taven who has 
    wandered up behind them.  These guys can be pretty tough as they are 
    sub-bosses with a lot of health.  Sareena stands back and shoots blue 
    arrows that can damage you quite a lot.  Kia is just quick with her 
    attacks and deals massive damage in short amounts of time; she also has 
    the power to heal her allies if given enough time.  She usually lets 
    out a war cry letting you know she is about to heal.  Attack her before 
    this happens.  Jataaka is pretty much a pushover and dies quickly.  
    Make sure you use the red flame barrels as they do massive damage.  
    Take out Kia first to prevent healing, then Jataaka and finally 
    Sareena.  With these three broads dead, open the chest that appears to 
    obtain ALTERNATE COSTUME – Sareena.  
         Head through the now open passageway and break the blue barrels to 
    the left.  One of them contains RELIC #41 – Sareena’s Sash.  Continue 
    on down this path and open the chest on the left to get 300 koins.  To 
    the left of the entranceway leading to the next room are three barrels 
    and a MUSIC NOTE that unlocks “Reptile’s Lair Fight Tune.”  Enter this 
    new room and head up the small ramp to find more blue barrels.  Break 
    the left one to reveal RELIC #42 – Reptile’s Medal.  Continue forward 
    and a cut scene triggers.  Reptile commands Daegon’s dragon to close a 
    portal.  Taven tells him to leave the dragon alone and Reptile begins 
         Like Noob, Reptile can be pretty frustrating, as he likes to parry 
    any close attacks into high hitting combos.  So stay back and use 
    Taven’s Fire Ball and Up – Down – 3 move to keep him at bay.  If you 
    manage to side step one of his attacks, attack him with a powerful 
         When Reptile is defeated, Taven kicks a bunch of computers.  Taven 
    notes that Caro (Daegon’s dragon watcher) is injured.  Caro claims that 
    Daegon has enslaved him here; Caro accidentally released Daegon too 
    soon and Daegon now fails to realize the true purpose of this quest 
    because of it.  Caro then claims that Daegon has killed Taven’s mother 
    and father.  Caro believes he is to blame and wishes to atone for his 
    mistake.  Caro has opened a portal that he wishes Taven to go through.  
    Caro is to stay there and blow up this place.
         Taven does not like that he has left Caro in the stronghold 
    because Orin and him have been great friends.  He believes he can 
    handle the Red Dragon even in his wounded state however.  The portal 
    leads us to the Netherrealm Cliffs.
    {Netherrealm Cliffs}
         Once we regain control, grab the koin bags and open the chest to 
    reveal 300 koins.  Open the gate to the right of the chest and jump 
    down.  When you land, zombie-like enemies pop out of the ground.  These 
    enemies can get annoying quick as they like to projectile vomit at you.  
    The best ways to kill them is to Ground Pound and throw them over the 
    cliff.  After they are dead, don’t forget to pick up RELIC #43 – 
    Shinnok’s Crown to the far right near the lava flow.  Open the far left 
    gate and jump down (the far right one leads to the same area, but you 
    miss goodies).  Once down here open the chest to receive ALTERNATE 
    COSTUME – Nitara and grab the MUSIC NOTE that unlocks “Meteor Strom 
    Fight Tune.”  Grab the koins and drop down to the next platform.
         Drahmin appears behind you and welcomes you to hell.  With that, 
    kombat begins. 
         Drahmin is pretty easy because of his slow speed.  Just stay away 
    from him and attack when he misses with one of his slow moves.  After 
    he is defeated a message appears saying:
       “Drahmin ignored the ichor dripping from his fresh wounds as he 
    leapt over the edge. ‘You fight well, young godling,’ he sneered, ‘but 
    your skills will not save you from the evils that await below.” 
         With Drahmin defeated, you unlock ARENA – Netherrealm Cliffs.  Run 
    behind you to find a MUSIC NOTE that unlocks “Outworld Refinery Tune.”  
    Proceed forward and grab the magnifying glass that highlights a flying 
    beast in the distance.  Shoot a Fire Ball at it and a chest appears 
    containing ALTERNATE COSTUME – Drahmin.  Continue toward the boulders 
    blocking your path and a fiery rock will slam into them allowing you 
    access.  Jump down and grab the gauntlets to your right.  Doing so 
    triggers multiple zombies to rise from the ground.  Use Attack 4 to 
    perform a charging punch to kill them in one hit.  With these baddies 
    dead, a cut scene triggers showing another boulder flying in and 
    clearing the path to a cave.  Enter this cave to find Elder Gods Female 
    Armor: Legs.  Exit the cave and jump off the far right platform.
         Once down here grab the koins and the chest that contains 1000 
    koins.  Jump down to the next platform and be prepared to dodge fiery 
    boulders.  Notice the markers on the ground indicating that you need to 
    Ground Pound them.  Do so all the while dodging the boulders.  Be on 
    the lookout for their shadows, and make sure you are not standing in 
    the middle of one.  If you run out of magic energy, there is a power-up 
    nearby to replenish it.  Grab the chest all the way to the right to 
    obtain ALTERNATE COSTUME – Shinnok.  After getting the costume run into 
    the cave that burst out of the wall to find RELIC #44 – Li Mei’s 
    Sandals.  There is also a training obelisk inside.
    {Training Area III}
         Argus welcomes you back and says your training has only just 
    begun.  He instructs Taven to stop the undead legion from feeding on 
    1. The easiest way to do this is to Stop Time and then Ground Pound the 
    enemies away.  Power-ups appear throughout to replenish lost energy.  
    Hurl a Fire Ball or two at an undead legion if he gets too close to 
    your father and you can’t get there in time.  Throwing the undead into 
    one another cause them to hit other bad guys and fly further away.  
    Once that is completed, a chest appears containing 3200 koins.  Grab it 
    and continue the trials.  Argus appears saying: 
       “Contact with the undead has exposed you to their deadly plague.  As 
    its effects grow stronger your flesh will burn and peel from your 
    bones!  Maybe one of these abominations carries a cure…”
    2. This battle is pretty tough.  You are poisoned and constantly losing 
    health.  This is where the almighty Fire Ball comes in.  Since it can 
    kill more than one baddie per shot, makes sure you run around and shoot 
    it at a group of bad guys.  Energy replenishments drop randomly for 
    when you run out.  MAKE SURE you hit more than one guy at a time or you 
    will die from the poison.  Grab the chest that appears to receive 2500 
    koins.  Argus comes back saying:
       “The spilling of blood and the stench of death have attracted the 
    attention of a terrible beast!  Stand your ground and fight!”
    3. With that, Motaro enters the fray!  You face Motaro in an actual 
    fight.  He is really tough!  His moves do much more damage than regular 
    moves and the fight takes place on a multi-tiered arena.  Most of his 
    moves are powerful enough to knock you off the starting platform and 
    down to the second one.  Down here, if you are knocked off, it’s 
    instant death.  Make sure you stay back and use Special Moves to 
    cripple him and dodge his slow moves; follow up with Drakesword combos.  
    When he is defeated, grab the chest that contains 2500 koins.  Argus 
    appears once again saying:
       “Past evils have been reborn!  Do not let up until their souls have 
    been sent back to the abyss!”
    4. This trial is difficult as hell too.  Many bad guys spawn and you 
    have fill up your kill gauge to pass.  It’s not as easy as it sounds 
    though as these guys RUN after you relentlessly attacking.  Use the 
    same strategy as in trial 2.  Also, make sure you take out the 
    reptilian guys first, because they spit that acid and it dazes you for 
    a moment.  One last thing, if you knock a guy into the walls, you 
    regain some lost magic energy.  Have some patience it just takes time.  
    Once they are dead, grab the chest that contains 3200 koins.  Argus 
    appears again saying:
       “From the abyss rises a powerful creature!  Taven, send it back from 
    whence it came!”
    5. We now have to battle Moloch in a regular fighting arena.  He can be 
    pretty tough as well because his moves do more damage than usual and he 
    takes less damage per hit.  He is slow though, so repeat strategies 
    from trial 3.  With Moloch dead open the chest that appears for 3200 
    more koins.  Argus appears for the final time saying:
       “Finally, the end is near and the rage burns in your soul!  Use the 
    flaming sword and unlimited firepower to clear the remaining undead 
    from this realm!”
    6. Finally, an easy trial!  With unlimited magic energy and this 
    powerful flaming sword, go to work on these bad guys.  Overuse your 
    Special Moves to end this trial quickly.  One completed, open the chest 
    that appears to receive ALTERNATE COSTUME – Sindel.  
    {Netherrealm Cliffs II}
         We are then transported back to the cave where we started.  Exit 
    it and jump down to the next platform.  Here, you need to collect power 
    crystals (AKA health and energy power-ups) to raise you kill gauge.  
    There are bad guys walking around, but you don’t need to kill them (it 
    does make it faster if you shoot them with your fireball because they 
    drop crystals).  Before you grab enough crystals, make sure you grab 
    the chest on the left side of this area containing ALTERNATE COSTUME – 
    Motaro.  Once you’ve filled your kill gauge you will be teleported to 
    the platform in the distance.  The platform has Shinnok and Li Mei 
    battling it out.  Li Mei claims this day is ours and Shinnok asks him 
    to protect him from Li Mei.  Li Mei says he will pay.  Prepare for 
    -->Li Mei
         Li Mei is pretty easy, as she seems hesitant to attack you.  She 
    is fast, but her moves are easily dodgeable and they aren’t very 
    powerful.  Weapon combo her to death.  With her defeated        
         A cut scene proceeds to play with Shinnok telling him he is 
    forever grateful for Taven’s help.  Shinnok claims he is not an Elder 
    God anymore because he angered the Elder Gods.  Shinnok remembers 
    Shinnok and he says that Taven won most of their “games.”  Shinnok will 
    help Taven find Daegon but he wants the demons to leave his throne.
         A picture is displayed with Taven saying that he is baffled 
    because he needs his help.  His own demons have cast him out of his own 
    spire, and Taven vows to defeat them floor-by-floor if need be. 
    {Shinnok’s Spire}
         To begin this stage, we are confronted with tough demons.  Ignore 
    them for now though and run around the edges of this area and destroy 
    the glowing rock statues.  Only one glows at a time so break one and 
    seek out the next one.  If you get cornered, use the Ground Pound or 
    Escape Move and continue breaking the rock statues.  Also, don’t miss 
    the MUSIC NOTE that unlocks “Outworld Spire Fight Tune.”  With all 
    these statues broken, a chest appears containing ALTERNATE COSTUME – 
    Bo’Rai Cho.  A swirling blue beam appears in the middle of the room; 
    step into it to be transported to the next area.
         This time, we have to fight a multiplying monster.  What I mean by 
    this is that this monster breaks up into smaller monsters after being 
    hit a couple times.  Once it breaks into smaller demons, a hammer 
    appears in your hands that you use to smash the smaller demons.  After 
    you kill all the small demons, the main one reappears.  Repeat the 
    process above two more times before the main demon finally perishes.  
    Open the chest that appears to obtain ALTERNATE COSTUME – Havik.  
    Before leaving this area, open the chest in the upper right corner to 
    obtain Elder Gods Male Armor: Legs.  Also, run to the top left corner 
    to make RELIC #45 – Bo’Rai Cho’s Jug appear.  Grab these treasures and 
    step into the teleporter.
         In this room, you must face Havik in a regular fighting match.  A 
    cut scene plays where Havik asks Taven if he is looking for trouble.  
    He downplays Shinnok and prepares to fight you.
         Havik’s move set is especially unorthodox, so try to keep your 
    distance and peg him with projectiles.  When he makes a mistake take 
    him out with weapon combos.  Watch out for his Morning Star weapon as 
    it does a lot of damage if you are caught in a combo.  
         With Havik defeated, Shinnok claims that there will be more like 
    him.  Shinnok says that they must make their way to the next chamber.  
    This next area starts off with three demons rising from the ground.  
    Notice that the walls of this area are lined with spikes.  That should 
    give you an idea…throw these pesky scoundrels into the spikes for quick 
    kills.  Notice the blood rising around the platform you are standing on 
    as the blood spills from the impaled demons.  Open the chest that 
    appears to get 500 koins and step into the portal.
         This next area has a flaming sword floating in front of you.  
    Before you grab it however, nab RELIC #46 – Nitara’s Orb directly to 
    your left.  Also, behind you is a MUSIC NOTE that unlocks “Soul Chamber 
    Fight Tune.”  Grab the DT in the corner and open the golden chest to 
    receive Elder Gods Female Armor: Glove.  With all that done, grab the 
    flaming sword and prepare for more kombat.  With these demons dead, 
    enter the portal to be taken up another level.
         A cut scene plays showing Taven and Shinnok reaching the top of 
    the chamber.  Sheeva then claims that the spire is “ours.”  We are then 
    thrust into kombat with her.
         Like Goro, Motaro and Kintaro, Sheeva is pretty slow.  Her Special 
    Moves (Teleport Stomp namely) do good amounts of damage, so move around 
         With Sheeva defeated, Kintaro appears and says that if you fight 
    with Shinnok, you die with Shinnok.  We now have to kombat Kintaro.       
         Kintaro is slow, but his Special Moves can get him around quickly.  
    Be on the lookout for the move where he rushes toward you and pummels 
    you.  It takes massive damage and is pretty fast.  Stay back and use 
    projectiles as best you can.
         With Kintaro defeated, a cut scene plays showing Shinnok sitting 
    on his throne.  Shinnok then thanks Taven and says he appreciates his 
    loyalty and respect.  Shinnok says Daegon is not in the Netherrealm any 
    longer; he might be in Earthrealm.  Shinnok then sends Taven there.  
    Shinnok says Taven is strong; Daegon then appears behind his throne.  
    Shinnok questions his alliances and blasts Daegon.  Daegon needs 
    Shinnok’s help through thick and thin.  Shinnok has tricked other 
    kombatants into kombat atop Blaze’s pyramid.
         A picture displays with Taven saying that he is a little worried 
    about what Shinnok said.  He wonders if Orin knows anything about 
    Shinnok’s change of heart.
         We are back in Orin’s chamber.  Orin says that he was mortally 
    wounded by Quan Chi. Taven thinks he has seen him before, but Orin is 
    growing weaker.  Orin says that Taven has to enter the portal before it 
    closes forever.
    {Shao Kahn’s Fortress}
          Once you gain control, run behind you to find an invisible chest 
    containing ALTERNATE COSTUME – Liu Kang.  As you run forward archers 
    begin shooting fiery arrows at you.  Shoot the two on your left with a 
    Fire Ball to make RELIC #47 – Shao Kahn’s Helmet appear.  If you run 
    out of magic energy, grab the power-up near the spinning blades paying 
    careful attention to them at all times of course.  Next, take out the 
    archers to the right and when the spinning blade is far away from you, 
    run along the right path and into the room here.  Directly to your left 
    is a MUSIC NOTE that unlocks “Konquest Final Battle Tune.”  To the 
    right of the music note is an invisible chest containing ALTERNATE 
    COSTUME – Goro.  
         Turn your attention to the ramp leading up.  You will notice 
    spiked balls rolling at you.  This can be tricky, as you have BARELY 
    enough time to make it to the top.  The balls come down in sets of two 
    and three and five.  Stand as close as you can to the left edge of the 
    ramp, and when you see a break between the five set of balls, make a 
    run to the top and to the left.  Note that your Special Moves won’t 
    help you here.  At the top of this area are two bad guys.  Kill them 
    and find the Ground Pound marker.  Ground Pound it to reveal a chest 
    that contains ALTERNATE COSTUME – Shang Tsung.  To the left of the 
    marker is a lever; pull it to open half of the exit of this place.  
    Make your down the ramp with the spiked balls (making sure you run 
    after a set of two, three or five).
         Once back in the main courtyard take the left path (paying 
    attention to the direction of the blades and only running once they 
    start moving away from you).  Once in this room, grab the orb on the 
    right to extend your maximum energy meter.  Open the chest in the 
    corner to get ALTERNATE COSTUME – Reiko.  Now it’s time to head up the 
    ramp.  These balls roll down in a set of three and five.  Once again, 
    after the set of five, start running up.  At the top are more Kahn 
    Guards.  Throw them off the edge and grab RELIC #48 – Mileena’s Veil 
    floating near the left edge of the platform.  At the far end of the 
    tower platform is a green orb that extends your maximum health.  After 
    getting these goodies, pull the switch to the right of where the orb 
    was to unlock the other side of the main door.  Run down to the main 
    courtyard dodging the spiked balls and spinning blades.  Head through 
    the now open door and open the second set of doors to find yourself in 
    a room full of guards.  Sometime during your stay in this room, grab 
    RELIC #49 – Meat’s Steak on the left side of the arena and pick up the 
    MUSIC NOTE (in the upper left area) to unlock “Tekunin Prison Fight 
    Tune.”  In order to do damage to these Kahn Impaler’s break their 
    shields first with a powerful attack (Ground Pound).  They are now 
    susceptible to damage.  You cannot throw the baddies into the rotating 
    gears lining the walls, but you can punch or kick them into ‘em.  Do 
    just that to make this battle that much easier.  Walk through the two 
    sets of doors and a cut scene plays.
         Taven thinks that this area looks like a dungeon and questions 
    where Quan Chi is.  Unbeknownst to him, Mileena is behind him and lets 
    Taven know that Quan Chi hasn’t been here “in ages.”  She then looks 
    Taven over in satisfaction and asks him to “dance.”  Prepare for 
         Mileena is very quick, especially with her Teleport Kick.  So, if 
    there is any distance between you and her, hold the Block button as 
    she’ll eventually Teleport Kick you.  Also, the Background hammer 
    weapon can deal massive damage if used properly.  The various Death 
    Traps are useful too if you’re having trouble.  When Mileena is 
    defeated this message appears:
       “Her pride wounded, Mileena escaped into the bowels of the fortress.  
    This left Taven to wonder, ‘Who was that strange creature?’
         When you regain control, Ground Pound the marker on the ground to 
    make a chest appear containing ALTERNATE COSTUME – Mileena.  Now, open 
    the doors ahead of you to enter Shao Kahn’s Fortress Dungeon.
    {Shao Kahn’s Dungeon}
         Upon entering the dungeon, a message appears saying:
       “Shao Kahn’s vicious dungeon dwellers have sounded the dungeon alarm 
    which will not only bring more dungeon dwellers but also a fiery death 
    upon you in two minutes.  Send them to their own fiery grave before 
    time runs out.”
       First, run toward the upper left corner upon entering to reveal 
    RELIC #50 – Quan Chi’s Amulet.  With that collected, prepare to battle 
    several Dungeon Dwellers.  You have two minutes to fill your kill 
    gauge, but these guys are pretty easy as they have minimal health.  One 
    Ground Pound kills them.  Also, you can kick or punch them onto the 
    conveyor belt in the background to kill them automatically.  With them 
    dead, collect the DT’s and head through the newly opened doors.
         Proceed through the gate that opens before you to enter the prison 
    cell area.  Ignore the cells for now and run toward the green beam.  
    The beam disappears revealing a Ground Pound icon.  Ground Pound it to 
    open the prison cell doors.  The first cell on the left has a chest 
    containing the Elder Gods Female Armor: Shoulders.  The cell across 
    from this one has RELIC #51 – MoKap’s Sensors.  The second cell on the 
    right has koins and a MUSIC NOTE that unlocks “Hell Fight Tune.”  The 
    cell across from this one contains an orb that increases your maximum 
    energy meter and a poisonous chest; don’t open it!  The third cell on 
    the left has a koin bag, and to your immediate left, RELIC #52 – 
    Drahmin’s Mask.  The last cell contains a chest with ALTERNATE COSTUME 
    – Tanya inside.  With all this treasure collected, run around the 
    corner to the next room.
         A cut secene plays showing an executioner lop off a poor soul’s 
    head.  Time for kombat.  This is no ordinary fight though as regular 
    moves do VERY little damage.  We need to use our Super Moves in order 
    to defeat him efficiently.  All throughout this room are Ground Pound 
    markers.  Also, look for a vent in the middle of the room.  The trick 
    here is to use the Stop Time Super Move while the executioner is 
    standing above this vent.  With him stuck in time, head to a Ground 
    Pound marker and pound it to send flames shooting up front the vent 
    damaging the baddie.  Repeat this process until he is dead.  A cut 
    scene then plays showing Shujinko informing Taven that the key he found 
    will open his cell door.  Shujinko claims that he will eliminate Shao 
    Kahn alone and Taven wants to see this so he opens the door.  Shujinko 
    claims Kahn is in his chamber now and that he allowed himself to be 
    captured because he can get to his chamber from this dungeon.  Shujinko 
    warns Taven that it is not safe and suggests he leaves.    
         With this opponent defeated, pick up RELIC #53 – Shujinko’s Medal 
    in his cell room.  Also, grab a MUSIC NOTE that unlocks “Goro’s Lair 
    Fight Tune.”  In one of the cells is a Ground Pound marker.  Activate 
    it to reveal a chest containing ALTERNATE COSTUME – Shujinko.  The 
    chest behind the locked gate can only be opened by lighting the torch 
    to the right of said cell.  Stand in the middle of the room and shoot a 
    Fire Ball at the torch to get the chest containing Elder Gods Male 
    Armor: Shoulders.  With all these goodies collected head to the green 
    beam and choose to be transported back to the elevator.  Walk onto the 
    elevator and grab the MUSIC NOTE that unlocks “Wastelands Fight Tune” 
    on the left side.  With that collected grab the Cleaver floating in the 
    middle and kill the enemies that morph in.  With them defeated get off 
    the elevator once it stops and open the doors ahead for a nice 
    {Boss: Shao Kahn Statue} 
         Time for a boss encounter; this is by far the hardest fight yet.  
    When you step forward the camera will pan around the area highlighting 
    the colored glowing circles, a red circle and the Ground Pound marker 
    in the middle of the arena.  The trick is to shoot all four of the 
    glowing circles with a Fire Ball and lure the Shao Kahn statue onto the 
    now glowing red circle in front of the Ground Pound marker.  When he is 
    standing on the red circle (freezing time when he is standing on the 
    circle helps tremendously), Ground Pound.  This will cause all four 
    glowing circles to shoot beams at him taking away 50% of his life.  Do 
    this a second time and he is done for.  Also, always keep the camera 
    aimed at the statue.  This way, you can see the actual red projectiles 
    he shoots at you making it much easier to avoid them.  There are 
    various items scattered about that replenish your health and energy 
    meters; the pillars also shield you from Kahn’s beams so take advantage 
    of those as well.  
         With the statue defeated a chest appears containing ALTERNATE 
    COSTUME – Shao Kahn.  With that collected, run directly to your left 
    under the glowing circle to find a chest containing Elder Gods Female 
    Armor: Helmet.  On the opposite under that glowing circle, you will 
    find RELIC #54 – Kintaro’s Armor and a chest containing Elder Gods Male 
    Armor: Cape.  Run up ahead to the second glowing circle area to find a 
    chest containing ALTERNATE COSTUME – Raiden and RELIC #55 – Goro’s 
    Gauntlets.  The glowing circle area contains RELIC #56 – Sheeva’s 
    Earrings.  With all that collected head toward the green beam to 
    trigger a cut scene where Taven approaches Goro and surprises him.  
    Taven tells Goro he is looking for Quan Chi and Goro says he is not to 
    let anyone pass under order of death.  With that, kombat begins. 
         Goro’s move don’t do as much damage as Kintaro’s or Moloch’s from 
    the training earlier, but he likes to use juggle combos to take off 
    massive health at once.  His weapons are especially deadly, so make 
    sure you block a lot and follow up with the Up – Down – 3 move to take 
    off bits and pieces of health.  With Goro dead, a message appears 
       “As Goro skulked away he shouted, ‘You have bested me this time, son 
    of Argus.  But should we meet again on the field of battle, you will 
    not be so lucky!’”
         When you regain control run up the ramp and open the chest 
    containing 500 koins.  Open the doors and grab the item that increases 
    your maximum health.  Open the next set of doors and kill the enemies 
    walking around.  Be on the lookout for little electric bolts on the 
    ground, as lightning bolts will shock you if you stand there too long.  
    With them defeated, run around to the right of this room to find RELIC 
    #57 – Raiden’s Hat.  Before you leave, notice that there is an unlit 
    torch.  Shoot a Fire Ball at it to reveal RELIC #58 – Reiko’s Chest 
    Plate.  Run toward the green beam to trigger a cut scene in which Reiko 
    congratulates you on your victory.  Reiko alerts Taven that Quan Chi is 
    in the next room and he is to protect Chi at all costs.  Reiko tries to 
    recruit Taven but he refuses prompting kombat.
         Reiko is pretty tough as he is one of the fastest characters in 
    the game and his fighting style has some pretty high hitting combos 
    associated with it.  Try to stay back and let him fire his shurikens; 
    while he is doing that, go in for the attack.  Once again, block often, 
    rinse and repeat.  With Reiko defeated, a message appears saying:
       “Limping off in great pain, Reiko remarked, ‘If I must finally fail 
    in my duty, it is a great irony that it will allow the death of Quan 
         When you regain control, run toward the green beam to encounter 
    another training obelisk.  
    {Training Area IV}
         Delia welcomes us back and says that, “Blaze is too powerful to 
    destroy in this form.  May he can be weakened.  Perhaps the essences 
    are the key.”
    1.     This first session is pretty easy as all you have to do is avoid 
    the fiery boulders crashing all around you and pick up the items.  Like 
    before, watch out for their shadows, and make sure you aren’t standing 
    in them too long.  Try and position the camera so you have as wide a 
    view as possible of the entire room to help avoiding the boulders.  
    Also, when you pick up a red orb (essence) a noise signifies that.  
    When a new essence spawns another noise alerts you to that fact.  With 
    that completed, open the chest for 2500 koins.  Delia appears and says:
       “Blaze has been weakened!  Strike him down with the fury of the 
    2.     We must now fight a dumbed down version of Blaze.  He is very 
    quick and relentless in his attacks.  Make sure you initiate the attack 
    first or he will land a devastating combo on you.  Note, that Super 
    Moves have no effect on him.  With Blaze defeated, grab the chest 
    containing 2500 koins.  Delia appears once again saying:
       “The sounds of battle have attracted the attention of this domain’s 
    master, and he does not seem pleased!”
    3.     This next training exercise has you fighting Shao Kahn in a 
    regular battle.  He can be pretty difficult as his Special Moves do 
    more damage than usual.  As before, wait for him to make the mistake 
    and capitalize on them.  Thankfully, your moves do about average 
    damage, so that shouldn’t be a problem.  With Kahn dead, grab the chest 
    containing 1500 koins.  Delia says:
       “You have done well to make it this far, but can you defeat one that 
    is your equal?”
    4.     This time we have to battle Daegon in the Konquest Mode (not in 
    regular kombat.  Like Blaze, he is relentless so use your combos 
    wisely, and if you feel threatened don’t be afraid to throw him to get 
    some breathing room.  Like with Blaze, Super Moves don’t do anything.  
    When you knock him down, make sure you follow up on that and proceed to 
    beat him down right when he gets up.  Kill him and open the chest 
    containing 3200 koins.  Delia appears saying:
       “Taven, you have grown powerful but have yet to reach your full 
    potential.  This is your final test.  Come, let your parents show you 
    the power that burns in your soul!”
    5.     This time, we must battle multiple Daegon clones.  Only one of 
    them is the “real” one however.  The rest are clones and can be killed 
    easily.  You must kill the “real” Daegon to complete this exercise.  
    Also, Argus and Delia are shooting annoying ass lightning bolts from 
    the sidelines.  The real Daegon is much stronger and faster than the 
    one we fought previously.  So try and isolate him as much as possible 
    in this fight.  Don’t be afraid to use the Stop Time move to give you 
    an advantage.  With this final exercise complete, grab the chest to 
    receive 5000 koins.  Delia appears once again saying that she is done 
    teaching you today and that you should “Take what you have learned and 
    seek your destiny.”
         With this final training exercise complete, head out of the 
    obelisk room, and find the green beam coming from a room on the right.  
    Open the chest on the left of the green beam room to receive 1000 koins 
    and head toward the beam.  A cut scene plays in which we see Quan Chi, 
    Shang Tsung, Onaga and Shao Kahn trying to settle their differences.  
    Chi wants them all to align or the end of Darkness will occur.  Onaga 
    wants to go out on his own; Shao Kahn takes exception to this and says 
    that they MUST unite.  The four of them then travel through a portal to 
    Edenia.  Raiden appears and says to not go through the portal.  Taven 
    needs his help and Raiden says it doesn’t concern him.  Taven is 
    confused; Raiden goes on to say that he has struck a deal with Shao 
    Kahn that will see him spare Earthrealm.  The reason Kahn will do this 
    is because Raiden will stop Taven from completing his quest, and so 
    kombat begins.  
         Raiden is actually pretty easy.  He doesn’t go on the offense much 
    and when he does, his combo strings are easily dodgeable.  So make sure 
    to follow up with combos once dodged. 
         With Raiden defeated a picture shows Taven walking through a 
    portal to Edenia while he narrates, saying that he is surprised Raiden 
    has sided with the enemy.  Taven contemplates abandoning the quest, but 
    he has come too far.  He needs to do something in order to stop the 
    forces from invading Edenia.
    {Edenian Ruins}
         Right as we teleport into the Ruins, Scorpion appears saying that 
    it is his job to stop Daegon and Taven from becoming ruler after Argus 
    dies(d).  He then morphs in ninjas for us to kombat.  When fighting 
    these Hellspawn, don’t stay in one place too long, because they have 
    Scorpion’s Hellfire move where he erupts fire underneath you.  When 
    these goons are dead, a chest appears containing 100 koins.  Run up the 
    path to grab RELIC # 59 – Scorpion’s Spear.  As you continue forward, 
    the camera pulls back letting you know something is amiss. We are about 
    to encounter boulders again.  Make sure you don’t stand in their shadow 
    for too long or you will die.  The easiest way to dodge them is to hug 
    the right wall and run past.  The koin bags are useless right now, so 
    don’t even bother with them.  Continue running along this path picking 
    up the items along the way making sure to avoid the rocks falling.  
    Once the camera reverts back to its normal position, you are clear of 
    the boulders.
         As you continue forward, more Hellspawn morph out of the ground.  
    Throwing them off the ledge is the easiest way of beating this part.  
    After you kill the first wave however, a fiery skull rises up near the 
    mountainside.  Shoot your Fire Ball at the skull to knock it backwards.  
    The only way to raise your kill gauge is to attack this skull.  After 
    the first Fire Ball connects it will begin to shoot boulders at you so 
    be on the lookout for the black spots on the ground; don’t stand near 
    the cliff’s edge either or you will be set on fire.  You can throw the 
    Hellspawn into the skull knocking it back as well.  After a couple hits 
    to the original skull, three more pop up that breathe fire.  Continue 
    throwing baddies at them and shooting them with your Fire Ball to build 
    your kill gauge.  Try to stay on the right side as much as possible, as 
    the fire doesn’t really hit you over there and it is easier to aim you 
    Fire Balls at the skulls.  With these annoying asses dead, continue up 
    the path to find goodies galore!
         The first chest that appears contains ALTERNATE COSTUME – 
    Nightwolf.  The next one on the left has 2000 koins.  The next one has 
    ARENA – Edenia Ruins and the second one on the right has 100 koins. 
    Third on the left has ALTERNATE COSTUME – Taven; third on the right has 
    100 more koins.  To the left of the golden chest is Relic #60 – 
    Motaro’s Horn.  If you’ve been following this guide from the beginning, 
    you will have unlocked every item in the Krypt after collecting the 60th 
    Relic!  The chest contains Elder Gods Male Armor: Helmet; the MUSIC 
    NOTE to the right of the golden chest unlocks “Pyramid of Argus Tune.”  
    Run up to the doors to initiate another cut scene.
         Scorpion appears and says he will not let you pass.  “Prepare to 
    face me in Hell” he screams as we enter kombat with him.
         Scorpion is pretty fast and likes to use hand-to-hand combos.  
    Also be on the lookout for his teleport punch move as it comes at you 
    fast and hits hard.  Don’t stand still or Scorpion will use his 
    Hellfire move.
         With Scorpion downed, Daegon appears behind you congratulating you 
    on your victory.  Daegon says he wishes Scorpion would have killed him.  
    Taven and Daegon prepare for kombat, but Blaze interrupts the 
    proceedings.  Blaze then says that he will transport them to his 
    pyramid; whoever kills Blaze will win this journey.  Taven doesn’t like 
    that idea, but Blaze insists.  Daegon is more than ready; Taven says 
    that when this is over, he will finish him.  Daegon brings back old 
    memories between the two brothers and explains how he has grown much 
    stronger and faster.  It is revealed that Daegon killed their parents 
    with the very weapons he gave them to destroy Blaze.  With that kombat 
    with Daegon begins.  
         Daegon is pretty generic in that his moves are easy to predict.  
    You should watch out for his Drakeswords those as they are 
    unpredictable and can do good amount of damage.  Daegon doesn’t seem to 
    inflict more than a regular amount of damage either, so he should go 
    down pretty easily as you’ve been honing your skills up to this point.
         When Daegon is dead, a cut scene shows Taven standing over his 
    brother’s fallen body.  Blaze then says that he must fulfill his 
    obligation and Taven says that the quest has destroyed his family.  
    Blaze goes on to explain all the warriors are engaged in Mortal Kombat 
    at the foot of the pyramid.  The interesting back story of the entire 
    game is revealed through Blaze at this point.  Taven walks through a 
    gateway and witnesses Blaze’s pyramid rise from the ground.  Blaze is 
    standing atop it and demands that Taven faces him in Mortal Kombat!
         Blaze is the hardest kombatant we’ve fought up to this point.  His 
    moves do more than regular damage and his defenses are boosted.  He 
    also has an annoying ground fire pound than can only be “blocked” by 
    jumping over it.  Also, keep an eye out for his roll that is pretty 
    fast.  His reach is also long, so try to keep your distance.  Using 
    projectiles from a distance seems to help, but it takes extremely long 
    to kill him that way.  Keep your distance and hack at his health bar 
    until he goes down.
         With Blaze dead, (he explodes in a pretty cool manner) you unlock 
    Taven for play in the Arcade/Vs. modes.  A cut scene then plays showing 
    Taven performing a kata and explaining his plans after defeating Blaze.  
    Enjoy the story!
    Kongratulations!  You have completed Konquest.
         This FAQ is copyright Mike Zielinski.  You cannot steal or borrow 
    this FAQ without written consent from me.  This FAQ is exclusive to 
    gamefaqs.com.  If you wish to post this Move List, you must E-Mail 
    me at globalops21@yahoo.com with a link to your website before you post 
    my FAQ, as well as another link after you post the FAQ, fully credited 
    to me. I hope you all enjoyed this, and I hope it taught you something 
    about Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.

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