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"This wasn't what I was expecting, Ed Boon"

First off, before I start this review, let me just tell you this is the FINAL game to the series, and this is a remake of the Xbox/PS2 version. Just a heads up.

Now I am a HUGE Mortal Kombat fan. I love Ermac personally, my favorite character. I have all the theme songs, all the games, posters... you get it. So when I heard it was coming out for the Wii, I pretty much screamed and was forcing myself to get this game. So promising! Using the Wii-Remote to do special moves, a whole new Konquest mode, Over 60 characters!

But what little did I know what I was going to expect.

Gameplay: 4/10

So we have 60+ fighters to choose from, and thats right off the bat! Thats right, unlike Deception, you have almost every character at your disposal at the start of the game! Thats a big plus, because we all know finding some crazy random chest and being forced into a mode is not fun. (Well we have to do it too, sorta, we got four characters to unlock but it really is not painful at all) Too bad most of the characters have similar moves, and that some are cheap or can be easily played, destroying good players with some simple movements. (Does anybody remember Onaga? *Headache*) This isn't bad, in fact, this isn't what makes me give Gameplay a 4/10. Read on.

We also have some more modes: Konquest, which is pretty much an adventure/action, where you play as Taven and go on your little adventure; Arcade, which is where you battle your way to the top of an obelisk, and at the end you must fight Blaze; and one last mode: Endurance. This is pretty much an endless wave of You versing anybody, and every three rounds you get a small portion of your Health back. Chess Kombat and Puzzle Kombat have been taken out, and replaced with Motor Kombat. (I really do miss Chess and Puzzle Kombat and I don't know why they took them out) Motor Kombat is pretty fun, that is, if you are with friends. Otherwise, don't bother looking into it, as there is literally no point of playing it, or simply put, it is not very fun at all.

Konquest mode has also been changed drastically: you are no longer in a huge world to explore, but one path which you are forced to take. This is pretty much a copy of Shaolin Monks, however this gameplay falls flat on its face for being repetitive and very easy to complete. You might enjoy it, you might not. But after you beat it, don't expect to play it again, because theres no point.

Fatalities have also been replaced. You no longer do a button combination and watch your character do something. Instead, you do a string of commands to do anything you want. A quick example of a small one (On the gamecube controller, read below why I used one)

>, <, B = Gut Punch

^, V, Y = Rip both arms off

>, <, X = Rip Torso off and throw behind you.

Honestly, I love this system. It gives you a variety. I do miss the old system, but I greet this one with new looks and there is nothing wrong with it. Alot of people complain, but I don't see why.

The Krypt got a makeover, and now is a huge wall with pannels. There is only one kind of Koin now, not several colors, and you can already tell what you are going to unlock, because it tells you. I guess it is nice, theres alot to unlock so it will keep you playing.

After you are done using your Koins in the Krypt, you can go to Kreate a Fighter and literally make anyone you want with any moves you want! I was highly suprised how great this was! (I made the Barbarian from Diablo 2, hehehe)

In summary: They took out two of the best minigames, a good Konquest mode, and gave us a small racing game with a replacement to the fatality system. Not a very smart move, but meh, this deserves a 4/10 because it is simply slightly below average gameplay. Nothing more to say.

Controls: 2/10

This seriously made me want to cry and throw my game out of the window. The Wii remote WILL NOT RESPOND TO YOUR SPECIAL ATTACK COMMANDS. The first thing I did when I got this game was to go into Wii training with Ermac, and it said to do his Chi Energy, to do a half circle forward to the enemy.

Thirty tries later, I accidently used my levitate and still haven't used a Chi Energy. This game will not listen to you, and most of the moves will be hard to do, if not very aggrivating. The one good thing is that they let you play this game with Gamecube Controllers and the Classic Controllers... But I don't want to be forced to play a Wii game with my Gamecube Controllers! You said that the moves would be so simple even your grandmother could do them! What gives Midway?

The other attack responses work fine. You use your nunchuck to move around, your direction pad to do attacks (Strange, but you get used to it) and A to throw. C changes your stance, and Z defends. The layout is a little scewey but you get used to it as time goes on.

Graphics: 8/10

There quite nice, but if you get too close to your TV screen, they can look a little bit worse. The blood is still here and looks great. The Fatalities also are nice, the stages have their feel, and the characters look like they always did.

Sound: 6/10

Meh. Some of the yells from the females and other characters sound very badly done, which brings down this score sharply. The music is nice, I personally loved it and downloaded it. The sound effects of swords clashing against swords, the attacks, the crashing against pillars when your thrown into them, are all nicely done.

Replay Value Singleplayer: 4/10

After you go through this a few times, there isn't much to do. You can keep learning your character or finish Konquest mode again, but Motor Kombat leaves alot to be desired.

Replay Value Multiplayer: 8/10

Woohooooooo! Seriously, this is a great game with friends. Motor Kombat actually becomes fun, and fighting actually has a purpose now. Watch your friends marvel at the 60+ characters and find his favorite, while you duke it out. This is honestly a ton of fun, just don't hurt each other in real life!

Overall Score:

Gameplay: 4/10
Controls: 2/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sounds: 6/10
Replay Total: 12/20

Grand Total: 32/60

This gets a little over 5/10, but the controls bite the game harshly, and you will be forced to use Gamecube Controllers. (Maybe the game just hates me >_>) but I will bring this down to a 4/10 Overall, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon was less than I was expecting, but still fun.


Even though I am giving this a 4/10, I reccomend buying this. The Multiplayer is great and it is fun overall, if you can use Gamecube Controllers. Otherwise go for the PS2/Xbox version if you have one.

Ed Boon, you big liar.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/09/07

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