I Can't plant my Milkweed!?

  1. At the begining of the game, i got a milkweed. I forget who gave it to me... i think it was Otis but thats not the point... He said to plant it beside the water tower and when i went to go plant it, i didn't see the patch of dirt that i was suppost to plant it in. I didn't think it was really important but now i need that mikweed because i have to climb it because Otis gave me a mission that i have to squirt as far as i can from the top of the watertower. I looked once more and i still can't find the patch of dirt to plant my milkweed. Please help me...i was on a roll :(

    User Info: GamerBabe24

    GamerBabe24 - 6 years ago


  1. The first milkweed that you receive in the game, which is from Root after you go and buy the Pool Table from the Gopher Underground, was told to be planted beside the water tower in Dandelion Meadow not in the Barnyard (you will not find one in that area). To do the Otis Super-Squirt Challenge mission you need you jump up on the tires and other items near Otis until you reach the top of that barn, then you must walk carefully across the wooden planks which lead to another barn top and more planks to walk across which leads you to the water tower to complete his challenge.

    User Info: stepheng82

    stepheng82 - 2 years ago 0 0

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