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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Angelo Heartilly

    Version: 1.21 | Updated: 06/24/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     | Battalion Wars 2 FAQ/Walkthrough  |
     | Written by Angelo Heartilly       |
     | Version: 1.21 - June 24, 2008     |
                       \                 |                    /
                                  Battalion Wars 2
                   -                                             -
                       /                 |                    \
                                |                  |
                                |                  |
    Killing some time until SSBB comes out, and decided I'd like to help fellow
    gamers on a fun Wii game. Battalion Wars 2 isn't particularly difficult, but
    some people playing it might find themselves frustrated with particular
    missions that put the odds way against them or require them to move faster
    than what they are capable of. This FAQ is here so that someone who is stuck or
    just wants to know the most efficient way to complete a mission can know how to
    do so. Additional information is also available for those looking to obsess
    over the minutia of the game.
    As usual, use the Find function to make your life easier. Ctrl+F either a term
    you want to find or the numbered sections. And my e-mail is:
    I welcome pretty much all e-mails. Questions, suggestions, criticisms, alt-
    ernate strategies, if you have something to offer the guide then you'll get put
    down in the Credits section (oooh, quite an honor!). Just make sure to put
    something about the guide in the subject.
          | Version History |
          |                 |
      -=   June 24, 2008   =-
    1.21 - Long overdue fix-ups of some errors.
      -= December 01, 2007 =-
    1.2 - Fixed a few nutty suggestions in the walkthrough and added sections 3 and
      -= November 24, 2007 =-
    1.1 - Re-organized the missions into sub-sections, improved the headers, made a
          few corrections. Also started the unit appendix, not updated with walk-
      -= November 18, 2007 =-
    1.0 - Finished main walkthrough. Will re-organize missions soon, reducing the
          ugly wall-o-texts into sub-sections for each specific goal like captur-
          ing a Facility or Helipad or liberating a POW Camp. Unit appendices to
          come soon as well, and more content. Trust me, I made myself swear off
          Super Mario Galaxy until I have this FAQ mostly posted so I'm going to
          be hurrying.
      -= November 16, 2007 =-
    0.0 - Started the guide. Waited to start until I had achieved an S Rank on al-
          most all missions, so it took me a while.
         {=== Table of Contents ===}
    1      -   BASICS TO PLAY
    1.1    -   Overview
    1.2    -   Unit Controls
    1.3    -   Commands
    1.4    -   Facilities
    1.5    -   Helipads and POW Camps
    1.6    -   Pause Menu and Map
    1.7    -   Grades
    1.8    -   Tips and Hints
    2      -   CAMPAIGN MODE
    2.1    -   Solar Empire - Campaign I
     2.1.1 -    Mission 1 - Anglo Attack
     2.1.2 -    Mission 2 - Rally the Defenses
     2.1.3 -    Mission 3 - A Matter of Honor
     2.1.4 -    Mission 4 - Showdown at Big Honshu
     2.1.5 -    Mission 5 - Repel the Enemey
    2.2    -   Western Frontier - Flashback I
     2.2.1 -    Mission 6 - Line in the Sand
     2.2.2 -    Mission 7 - Wings of the Gunship
     2.2.3 -    Mission 8 - Enemies Undone
    2.3    -   Anglo Isles - Campaign 2
     2.3.1 -    Mission 9 - Shipyards Ablaze
     2.3.2 -    Mission 10 - Up Periscope
     2.3.3 -    Mission 11 - Operation Reprimand
     2.3.4 -    Mission 12 - Their Finest Hour
    2.4    -   Iron Legion - Flashback II
     2.4.1 -    Mission 13 - Incursion
     2.4.2 -    Mission 14 - Purge
     2.4.3 -    Mission 15 - Apocalypse
    2.5    -   Tundran Territories - Campaign III
     2.5.1 -    Mission 16 - Scorched Earth
     2.5.2 -    Mission 17 - Operation Nautilus
     2.5.3 -    Mission 18 - Ice Station X
     2.5.4 -    Mission 19 - The Reckoning
    3      -   EXTRAS
    3.1    -   Rankings & Unlockables
    3.2    -   Online
    3.3    -   Getting S Ranks
    4      -   UNIT APPENDIX
    4.1    -   Infantry
    4.2    -   Ground Vehicles
    4.3    -   Air Vehicles
    4.4    -   Sea Vessels
    4.5    -   Gun Emplacements
    5      -   Closing
    5.1    -   Credits
                             {=1= BASICS TO PLAY =1=}
    You want to command the worlds of the army into obliterating eachother, eh?
    First you need to learn how to play the game!
                            | 1.1  Overview |
    You are the Commander, some sort of disembodied presence that has to lead the
    Nation's forces into victory. The various soldiers and vehicles that compose
    your forces can be given orders to attack or defend areas, while you yourself
    occupy one of these units and cause some of your own mayhem. Your army can con-
    sist of various infantry, ground vehicles, sea vessels and aircraft.
    No matter what unit is being used, the basic gameplay stays the same. Using the
    Wiimote the pointer controls where the targetting reticule for your weapon goes
    on-screen. Hovering it over another unit, emplacement or facility will list
    their name, their health and their alliance. Moving it closer to any edge of
    the screen will rotate the camera in that direction. The targetting reticule
    also has a bar curved into a half circle on the left side, which is the ammo
    bar. All units have infinite ammo, but also have reload time or overheating
    The bottom left corner shows units under the commanders direct command. The one
    he is specifically controlling is on the left and the rest listed next to him,
    grouped together by type with a number on their icon denoting how many there
    are. Another symbol appears on them to show the commander what they are doing,
    a green dot means they are staying put, a green arrow means they are actively
    following the commander and a yellow arrow means they are seeking to destroy a
    specific enemy target. No symbol means different units in the same group are
    following different commands. Also, in the above right corner a small radar
    shows nearby enemy and ally units,and in the above left corner messages from
    the commanding officers appear.
                            | 1.2  Unit Controls |
       -= General =- (all units except Fighters/Bombers)
    Movement - Nunchuk stick
    Aiming - Wiimote
    Lock-On - Z
    Camera Change - C
    Give Orders - A
    Fire Weapon - B
    Pause Menu - +
    Map Screen - -
       -= Infantry =-
    Combat Roll - Tilt nunchuck left or right while holding stick that direction
    Jump/Man Machinery - Shake nunchuk up and down
    Charge Weapon - Hold B, let go to unleash shot
       -= Submarine =-
    Submerge - Shake nunchuk up and down
       -= Gunship =-
    Ascend/Descend - Point to the top or bottom of the screen
      -= Fighters/Bombers =-
    Acceleration - Up or down on the nunchuk stick
    Aiming/Ascend/Descend/Turning - Wiimote
    Sharper Turns - Twist Wiimote left/right
    DO A BARREL ROLL!! - Tilt nunchuk left or right while holding stick in that
                         direction (Fighter only)
                            | 1.3  Commands |
    Commands are given by a single push of the A button, what kind of command given
    depends on what the Commander is locked on to and what the units being command-
    ed are currently doing. Whatever command is made it is given to the units sele-
    cted at the bottom of the screen. Different unit types are selected with the
    d-pads left and right directions, while specific units within that type are
    selected with up and down.
    Pushing "A" on a unit type will switch them from "Follow" to "Wait" or vice
    versa. If the units are following different orders this will automatically set
    them all to "Follow." This will also cancel any other orders given to them.
    Locking on to something and pushing "A" will order the units to do different
    things depending on what is locked on.
    - Enemy - Attack the enemy and any associated enemies until they are destroyed
    - Enemy Facility - Capture the enemy facility, or secure the area if capturing
                     it isn't possible for that unit
    - Friendly Facility - Guard facility from any attackers, automatically using
                        cover provided by base.
    - Friendly Gun Emplacement - Occupy and operate emplacement (infantry only).
    Command Transfer is switching control to a different unit, it is done by hold-
    ing the "A" button. Switching can be done one of three ways:
    a. Transfer to allied unit locked-on to.
    b. Transfer to nearest unit of the type currently selected.
    c. Transfer to specific unit selected with the up/down arrows.
                            | 1.4  Facilities |
    An important part of the game, much of the missions will have the commander
    capturing and defending facilities. Besides providing cover with buildings and
    the standard sandbag walls, facilities also usually generate one or two units
    depending on the type of facility they are. These units aren't produced infin-
    itely, but rather one or two will be produced and if those are killed then
    replacements will be rapidly produced to take up their place. Some facilities
    also come with automatic emplaced defenses, usually only Factories.
    Your facilities can be taken over by the enemy and vice versa, so given their
    role it is obvious the sort of tactical importance these bases hold. To take
    over a base the enemy's flag has to successfully be taken down from the pole
    and replaced by your own flag. The flagpole is usually near the middle of the
    base and can be locked on to, commanding units to it will have them capture it.
    Only infantry can actually capture a facility however, so if one isn't present
    then capturing a new base is impossible. Infantry can be ordered to capture a
    base using standard orders or the unit currently being controlled can help take
    the flag down by shaking the nunchuk up and down nearby the flagpole. Up to
    four infantry can work on taking the flag down at once, and the more working on
    it the faster the facility will change hands.
    There are five different Facilities in the game:
    HQ - Produces Grunts, capturing/losing the HQ means victory/defeat in a mission
    Barracks - Produce Infantry
    Factory - Produce Ground Vehicles
    Docks - Produce Ships/Submarines
    Airbase - Produce Airships
                            | 1.5  Helipads and POW Camps |
    Besides regular facilities, Helipads and POW Camps offer one-time only re-
    inforcements - either infantry or ground vehicles. They are generally guarded
    by enemy soldiers and receiving the reinforcements usually sparks a counter-
    attack by the enemy.
      -= Helipads =-
    Helipads have to be "captured" like a regular facility, and then an air trans-
    port will show up and drop off your new units.
      -= POW Camps =-
    POW Camps will have units surrounded by barb wire fence and a MG Tower watching
    over them. The units will be freed by breaking the barb wire fence, which is
    done be driving through it with a ground vehicle, hitting it with an explosive
    shell, or shooting a nearby Ammo Dump to blow it up.
                            | 1.6  Pause Menu and Map |
    Besides giving you a breather from the action, these two screens allow the com-
    mander to stay up to date on his mission.
       -= Pause Menu =-
    Accessed with the + key, this offers several sub-screens.
    Mission Log - A list of all of the COs remarks made so far in the mission, in
                  case you need to review the information.
    Objectives List - As it says, lists your objectives. Primary objectives have a
                      gold star, secondary have a silver, completed objectives have
                      an empty star.
    Controls - In case you forget how to play the game.
    Restart/Quit Mission - These two buttons are rather self-explanatory.
       -= Map =-
    The map is much more valuable, it shows you the _entire_ combat area and lets
    you see _any_ of the units, friend or foe, currently deployed. Dots represent
    infantry, tank symbols represent ground vehicles, ships represent boats or
    surfaced subs (and gunships), and planes represent fighters and bombers.
    Zooming in on a map will reveal more detailed icons showing exactly what type
    each unit is, or the unit can be hovered over with the Wiimote for their name
    and health.
                            | 1.7  Grades |
    After completing a mission you are rated based on three categories:
    Power - How many of the enemy destroyed during the mission.
    Speed - How fast the mission was completed.
    Technique - How many of your own units were alive by the end.
    Any of the categories can be highlighted to show more detailed results, and
    under the Speed category the necessary time for 100% is provided to gauge your-
    Achieving all A ranks in a particular Campaign will unlock a Unit Dossier for a
    nation, achieving all S ranks will unlock Concept Art. Specific tips on this
    are forthcoming.
                            | 1.8  Tips and Hints |
    - Green powerups are health for infantry, blue powerups are health for vehicles
      Killing enemy infantry will make them drop infantry health, while enemy
      vehicles will drop both vehicle health and infantry health. Health can also
      be found be destroying buildings/tents that are destructible.
    - Always capture Facilities, POW Camps and Helipads. The reinforcements pretty
      much always outweigh what it cost to capture the position and it is helpful
      for your grade.
    - Practice the few evasion techniques. Combat rolling can make infantry very
      pesky targets. Barrel rolling with fighters is harder but with a little
      practice it can keep them alive that much longer.
    - Tanks can fire further by angling their shots up, letting them hit targets
      they couldn't normally by locking on. It is difficult to aim this way though.
    - Use the map. Seriously, you can know the gist of every situation before you
      enter it. Running in blind is rather stupid.
    - Play weaknesses/strengths correctly. Rather obvious, but newbs might not get
      that ordering everyone to attack the same unit isn't the best strategy. If
      there are gunships harrassing you make sure you command your anti-air vets to
      take care of them, stuff like that. It really will make your battalion un-
    - Give thought to what unit you control. Being a tank is often a natural
      choice, it'll be the lead unit in your battalion and do a spectacular job of
      smashing through enemy lines and keeping all of your infantry alive. It is
      also very difficult to take down if handled correctly and properly backed up
      by it's fellow units. Gunships are also good for having a clear view of the
      battlefield, quick movement and some impressive firepower. Finally, anti-air
      and bazooka infantry can be used to have a fully charged shot ready to take
      down enemy vehicles very quickly.
      Something like Artillery isn't the best decision to control, since giving
      them targets is often easier to do as another unit assigning them commands.
    - Watch for enemy Air Transports and give them everything you have before they
      land. Not only can you stop enemy reinforcements from bothering you, but the
      Air Transports destroyed are also factored into your grade at the end of a
    - Long distance attacks can usually damage/neutralize enemies without any re-
      taliation. Artillery is particularly good for this, but submarines can some-
      times take down other subs in this manner. Battleships/Dreadnoughts and
      aerial attacks achieve similar results, although in this case the enemy is
      simply incapable of effectively fighting back without the right units.
                             {=2= CAMPAIGN MODE =2=}
    So, you think you're ready to take on the armies of the world? Campaign mode is
    actually made up of five individual campaigns composed of 3-5 missions each,
    each one putting you in control of a different nation. They have to be played
    in order, but at any time you can go back to an old campaign and play an old
    mission just for fun. Either select the nation on the globe or select it's icon
    on the left side of the screen to get started. I numbered the missions one
    through nineteen for simplicity sake, and at the beginning of each the starting
    units are listed. From there it is a straight walkthrough.
    Keep in mind that a lot of controls/functions won't be enabled until the game
    teaches them to you, annoyingly enough.
                            | 2.1  Solar Empire - Campaign I |
    The Solar Empire, based off of the Japanese, are a very futuristic nation with
    all kinds of energy weapons using solar power. Plenty of powerful and useful
    units, but no Battlestation. =( The single side auto-machine gun on the light
    tanks always kind of bothered me too.
          2.1.1 - Mission 1 - Anglo Attack
     | 1 Grunt |
         Gather your Forces
    +4 Grunts
    +5 Flame Vets
    +1 Anti-Air Vehicle
    Yay, our first mission and an easy one at that. Start off by collecting your
    four partner grunts. Just go to the Gold Stars onscreen and on the radar. After
    collecting them all there'll be another Gold Star hovering over some tank
    wreckage nearby, fire at it until it explodes to uncover the path. Proceed for-
    ward and some Flame Vets will appear and clear out the Grunts for you, they're
    now in your battalion! Command the Flame Vets to burn the bamboo gate by lock-
    ing-on to it and hitting A with the Flame Vets selected. Proceed once it falls.
    Five grunts will be dropped off by an Air Transport here, but they'll fall very
    quickly to your superior forces. Burn down the next bamboo gate and proceed.
    At the next Gold Star an enemy Bazooka Vet is assaulting some HelplesS Anti-Air
    Vehicles. You can't save the first one, but have all of your infantry rush him
    to keep the second one intact. It joins your motley crew in thanks.
         Defend the Airbase
    -Mission Complete
    Just ahead a Bomber will attack you, just lock on to it and command the AA Ve-
    hicle to destroy it. Then you'll be taught how to transfer to units, transfer
    to the AA Vehicle and proceed through the door. You're at the airbase! Right
    away you'll need to deal with two Bombers, just lock on with the AA Vehicle and
    fire away, they should fall quickly.
    Next you'll need to order your crew to reraise the flag. Just lock on to it and
    press A with Grunts selected, then I'd suggest heading down the runway the
    other way. A bunch of planes are coming in that way and you want as much time
    as possible to take them out. First'll be two Air Transports. You should be
    able to take them down before they land, if not your infantry can clean things
    up. After that you'll be faced with two more Bombers. Just keep shooting as
    soon as they get in range, and strafe to the side if they try to bomb you.
    After that is over you are faced with two Air Transports and two Bombers at the
    same time. Yikes. The Air Transports will pull ahead of the Bombers so deal
    with them first, if one gets by then let your infantry worry about them. Just
    make sure the enemy isn't dropping your flag and deal with the two Bombers like
    you did the last two. Mission over.
          2.1.2 - Mission 2 - Rally the Defenses
     | 5 Grunts           |
     | 5 Flame Vets       |
     | 1 Anti-Air Vehicle |
         Find the Bazooka Vets
    +5 Bazooka Vets
    Go to the first Gold Star to start off. You'll see there are some Bazooka Vets
    ahead and be advised to leave your AA Vehicle behind, so do so. Your Grunts and
    Flame Vets will decimate the Bazooka Vets, just circle strafe around them while
    firing. Call your AA Vehicle and continue to the next Gold Star.
    Some friendly Bazooka Vets blow up a Light Tank. Booyeah! If you're ready when
    the scene ends your AA Vehicle can take down the Air Transport as it is flying
    away, but you also have another Light Tank to worry about. Just send the
    Bazookas in to take him out fast. They're now part of your team, so go ahead to
    the next Gold Star.
         Defend the Naval Guns
    The Naval Guns are here and mopping up incoming ships. You need to help keep
    the Naval Guns operating though by killing any enemies that come on the beach.
    The Naval Guns will take out one of the ships in each wave, leaving the rest to
    you. Interestingly enough using the Bazooka Vets you can keep more of the ships
    from landing. Just have a fully charged shot ready for them as soon as they get
    in range and have all your Bazookas pelt them as they pull up, they should sink
    right before they get to land. If they do land though you should know what to
    do, have your Bazooka vets take out Light Tanks as fast as possible (charged
    shots!) and have your other infantry clean up the rest. After all the ships are
    cleared out then a Bomber will be incoming, just have your AA Vehicle shoot him
         Rescue the Western Frontier
    Brigadier Betty is in trouble?! Head off the beach to the next Gold Star first.
    From here charge forward and shoot up the enemy Bazookas and Grunts, and a
    Western Frontier Light Tank will help you soon enough (not controllable =( ).
    As soon as the infantry are clear two Light Tanks will approach from ahead as a
    Bomber comes in from the left. Have your Bazookas take the tanks out and be
    ready to assign the AA Vehicle to the Bomber when it gets in range.
         Activate the Helipad
    +1 Anti-Air Vehicle
    Carry on to the next Gold Star. Here there'll be our first Helipad. Clear the
    area of the weak infantry and then have your Grunts raise the flag. It's...!
    Another Anti-Air Vehicle? Oh well, we'll need it soon anyways.
         Capture the Docks
    -Mission Complete
    Carry on a little further and there's a Light Tank and some Grunts, you know
    what to do. Past that is the enemy Docks, which LOOK lightly defended. Looks
    can be deceiving though, and as you approach tons of aircraft come in, Bombers
    and Air Transports. Have your two AA Vehicles take out everything they can, and
    then basically just clean up from there. Make sure your Bazooka Vets are taking
    out the Light Tanks as fast as possible. Expect to have a few losses here un-
    less you are pretty good with your anti-air units. Once all the enemy is dead
    get to the Dock's flag.
          2.1.3 - Mission 3 - Rally the Defenses
     | 7 Grunts      |
     | 2 Light Tanks |
         Activate the Helipad
    +4 Bazooka Vets
    This mission starts hot, so as soon as things begin call your troops into
    action to engage the attacking Grunts. An enemy Light Tank joins the battle in
    just a couple of seconds, so focus on him first and then mop up the rest.
    Battle inside the walls, there is another Light Tank in the back to take out
    and the Grunts prove no threat. Once they're all taken out send your Grunts to
    the Helipad and have your other Light Tank follow you forward. As soon as that
    Air Transport gets called in two separate parties composing of a Light Tank and
    Grunts each will come from this direction, and intersecting them now isn't a
    bad idea. Defeat the Light Tank in either group and then clean up the Grunts.
         Rendezvous with Assault Vets
    +4 Assault Vets
    Carry forward and you'll see three Grunts behind sandbags. As you engage them a
    Light Tank and more enemy infantry will engage, as usual take out the Light
    Tank first and then just mop up. Past that encounter will be 4 Assault Vets.
    Have them attack the Bazooka Vets charging from the gate and turn your atten-
    tion to the LIght Tank coming in on your left, take the dropped vehicle health
    if you need it.
         Save the Palace HQ
    As soon as you proceed through the gateway inside this wall, you'll get a warn-
    ing: enemy Artillery is shelling the Palace! Charge straight forward in your
    tank, taking potshots at any infantry along the way but keep going. Your own
    infantry will mop up what you leave behind. Go straight to the first Artillery
    and blast him apart. Then you need to turn back a little and go to the other
    side with another path to the Palace. Here is another Artillery vehicle with a
    few infantry nearby, take them all out. Continue past the Artillery's remains
    and a few Grunts will be just ahead, decimate them. Up the ramp and you've
    reached the Palace HQ.
         Protect the HQ
    -Mission Complete
    Mission over! Oh wait, no? Guess it is going to get a bit more complicated.
    Have two grunts occupy the MG nests by the flag and get ready. The Anglos will
    send a couple waves at you to start, just use your tanks to shrink their
    numbers before your infantry finish the job. Don't bother trying to take out
    the Air Transports, they land all over and take too much time to destroy. After
    the first couple of waves there'll be a lull, then I'd suggest having all or
    most of your infantry guarding the flag. Then go out with your tank and do what
    you do. The Light Tanks are the biggest threat to the palace, take them out to
    start. They like to come in from both entrances at once, so they might get a
    couple of shots off, just be quick and you'll survive. Your Assault Vets will
    pretty much keep any enemy infantry from messing with your flag, just keep
    those tanks away.
          2.1.4 - Mission 4 - Showdown at Big Honshu
     | 1 Light Tank |
     |10 Grunts     |
         Activate the South Helipad
    +5 Assault Vets
    Oooh, nighttime mission. Tell your Grunts to follow and charge right ahead. Hit
    the two Grunts behind cover with shells and when the Flame Vets charge keep
    them away from your Grunts. Past the Flamers will be a few Bazooka Vets, send
    the Grunts at them and just generally keep them off your tank. The first Heli-
    pad is just ahead, secure the area (heeding the threat of the Flame Vets to
    your Grunts) and have those Grunts work on the Helipad flag. More Grunts will
    arrive by Air Transport, but your tank will be more than a match for them.
         Activate the North Helipad
    -Activate Recon scenario
    Continuing on the path are a few more Bazookas and a few more Flame Vets, you
    can handle them especially with your reinforcements. Past them you'll face a-
    nother Helipad guarded by mostly Bazooka Vets, send in the Assault Vets to wipe
    them out. Once again Grunts will arrive by Air Transport to attempt a suicidal
    assault on you. Once you get your flag up a Recon unit is flown in, and you are
    instantly thrust into a new scenario.
         Destroy the Missile Silos
    As the Recon alone you have to carry forward. Just follow the Gold Stars along
    the path. If you meet any infantry along the way you can avoid them or quickly
    eliminate them for a better grade. Just try running over them at high-speed or
    giving them fully automatic MG fire at point blank range. Eventually you'll hit
    a ramp right into an enemy base, fire at the Ammo Dump just ahead as you fly
    in. Damn Recons rock. The POW Camp will fall to pieces and you can pick up your
    Munitions Expert, then hit the Ammo Dump on the opposite side and charge
    through the opening.
    Follow this path, quite straightforward, you'll hit the first Missile Silo. The
    Munitions Expert will set the charge and then we're on to the next one. Same
    deal, just follow the Gold Stars. When you get to this one however you have to
    clear out the three infantry guarding it. Real easy, your Munitions Expert will
    set the charges then you need to get the hell out of there before it blows. Get
    to the last Missile Silo and it is the same situation as last time, kill the
    infantry, set the charge, hightail it out the exit. Now you just need to get to
    the extraction point, but there are plenty of infantry between you and there.
    Kill them speedily if you want, or just zoom by.
         Capture the HQ
    -Mission Complete
    Once you get to the extraction point you'll go back to your main force as
    friendly Battleships start shelling the enemy base. Go forward through the door
    and follow the path. Couple of grunts here, and two MG towers and a Light Tank
    guarding the short bridge. Take the MG Towers out first and then charge across.
    All that is left is a lightly guarded enemy HQ. Take care of the two Light
    Tanks with your own tank, getting the first strike on them to get an easy vic-
    tory. Then just mop up with the Assault Vets and capture the base.
          2.1.5 - Mission 5 - Repel the Enemy
     | 1 Battleship |
     | 2 Frigates   |
         Escort the Ally Infantry
    There are a few islands between you and the mainland. Shell the artillery and
    RPG Towers on these islands. Your Frigates are useless for anything but shoot-
    ing down Bombers so whenever one gets in range send them after it. Soon you'll
    be at the coast, which you need to clear out for your Naval Transports. Take
    out the Artillery first, those are more dangerous to you. Then hit the RPG
    As the infantry swarm onto the beach two Light Tanks will attack, shell them
    into submission. Now you need to follow along the coast and take out the MG
    Towers and the Artillery that are trying to stop your infantry, which is rather
    straightforward and simple.
         Destroy the Anti-Air Defenses
    -Activate ground-based segment of mission
    Continue along the coast to see some giant Anti-Air turrets, start shelling
    them. Keep your Frigates nearby too, Bombers are in the area. Once the AA
    Towers fall you'll be back on land.
         Capture the Airbase
    -Mission Complete
    In control of a Light Tank head into the entrance to the east, where an enemy
    tank and two MG towers await. Your own tank and Bazooka Vets should take them
    out easily. You'll have to take a narrow tunnel sloping upwards. First, three
    Flame Vets will assalut you here. Use the tank. You'll also come to two more MG
    Towers, so shell those before they can get your infantry as well. Past that are
    two more Flamers and at the end of the tunnel is an enemy Light Tank. Either
    engage it with your own tank or the Bazookas, if you want to give the tank a
    Once outside you should know the drill, assign your AA Vehicle to take care of
    the Bomber in the area (it's only use this entire mission >_<) and take out the
    Light Tank, then kill everything else that moves that isn't you and capture the
                            | 2.2  Western Frontier - Flashback I |
    Based off of the USA primarily, the Western Frontier has the closest look to a
    "standard" military. According to the instruction booklet they are the only
    nation with access to all of the regular units as well. Whoo-hoo! Wut in
          2.2.1 - Mission 6 - Line in the Sand
     | 6 Grunts   |
     | 4 Bazookas |
         Defend the HQ
    +1 Recon
    +4 Assault Vets
    To start our small squad has to defend their last remaining base. Put two
    Grunts in the MG Nests here and then charge north as a Bazooka Vet charging a
    shot. You'll see two Light Tanks coming, a single Bazooka Vet should be able to
    take them out before any damage is done. Then turn around and return to the
    flag and head east towards another Light Tank. Take him out the same, use a
    fully charged shot to make quick work of him. Now you just have to fend off a
    ton of Grunts, so switch to one of the MG Nests and just let the enemy have it.
         Capture the Barracks
    +3 Anti-Air Vets
    Once all the Grunts are down you'll get reinforcements. From here you'll have a
    14 minute timer to complete the mission, which is plenty of time. Take control
    of the Recon and zoom off to the north, you'll encounter a few infantry that
    it'll make short work of. By the time you're done with them your own infantry
    should catch up. The Barracks ahead are defended by just a few Grunts and a
    Light Tank. Bazookas can take out the Light Tank, mop up the Grunts and start
    capturing the base. Once captured three Anti-Air Vets are added to your crew,
    and will immediately have to be used to take down two attacking Gunships.
         Capture the Factory
    +2 Artillery
    To the west is a path between two ciffs, guarded by two Light Tanks. Clear the
    way as a Bazooka Vet and carry on, as you approach the next Facility another
    Light Tank accompanied by Grunts will be ready just outside. Take the tank out
    and the grunts will fall quickly. Charge in the Factory with a fully charged
    shot ready and blast away the tanks as fast as possible. Eliminate the infantry
    and begin capturing the base - it is a good idea to stay in control of a Baz-
    ooka Vet with a shot fully charged, tanks will continue to respawn.
         Capture the Airbase
    -Mission Complete
    Head north as an Artillery unit and shell the MG Towers as they come in range.
    Before crossingthe river you can destroy four more MG Towers, which is advise-
    able. Gunships will undoubtedly attack, so have those AA Vets ready. Once
    across the river have your Bazookas attack the two MG Nests to the south, and
    concentrate your Artillery on clearing the path to the north. A Light Tank with
    infantry accompaniment will be coming, try to destroy it before it gets in
    range to attack. Then just clear out the rest of the MG Towers and mop up the
    Infantry with the Assault Vets and Recon. Another Light Tank will be coming to
    fight you but if you're fast enough you can meet him at the top at the Airbase.
    Regardless, have your Bazooka Vets or Artillery destroy him. A few measly
    Grunts and Flame Vets guard the Airbase, wipe them out and the last Facility is
          2.2.2 - Mission 7 - Wings of the Gunship
     | 9 Grunts        |
     | 4 Anti-Air Vets |
     | 3 Artillery     |
         Destroy the Frigates
    +2 Gunships
    Switch to an Artillery unit and have everyone fall in behind you. Ahead shell
    the MG Towers and mop up the Grunts. Two Gunships will attack at this time,
    have your AA Vets retaliate. A short ways further down the path are the Fri-
    gates, but they're helpless so don't worry about them just yet. First have your
    Artillery shell the incoming Bazooka vets from the northeast while your Grunts
    go to finish them off. Two more Gunships will also attack at this time, so have
    your AA Vets ready for them again. Once those annoyances are aside simply have
    your Artillery shell the helpless Frigates.
         Bring Down the Barricade
    After the cutscene you now have two Gunships at your command! Switch to one and
    get used to the controls a bit, then fly it over the water to the next enemy
    party. Be sure to set your ground vehicles on wait so they don't get mixed in.
    On the outside of the barricade is a Tank, Bazooka Vets and RPG Towers, none of
    which have a chance of hitting you if you keep moving. Blast them all away.
    Then fly over and go after the MG Tower immediately, as it is the only unit
    here that can threaten you. Once it is down just mop up the Bazookas on the
    ground, then target the four generators marked on your map with Gold Stars.
         Liberate the POW Camp
    +2 Anti-Air Vets
    +2 Assault Vets
    Another cutscene and then your Gunships are being harrassed by the enemy's own
    Gunships. Keep them busy while your AA Vets come in to finish them off, then
    there'll be a couple of Flame Vets to take care of on the ground and 4 enemy
    Assault Vets attack from the north. Don't go too far north or your Gunship will
    be shot out of the sky by the AA Turrets, just wait for the Assault Vets and
    destroy them as they approach.
    Now from the site of the generators head weast, to a POW camp. Destroy the
    rockfall in your way and clean house with the gunships and liberate your com-
         Capture the Airbase / Liberate the POWs Inside
    +2 Anti-Air Vets
    +2 Assault Vets
    Head back, switch to Artillery, and destro the Anti-Air Turrets and Infantry to
    the north so your Gunship can come along. More enemy Gunships come at you, so
    fire away with those AA vets. Just past that is the Airbase, practically un-
    guarded. Free the POWs and then capture the Facility. The enemy will launch a
    counter attack from the north so take to the skies again in a gunship. Take out
    the two RPG Towers just to the north first, then target the Heavy Tanks, your
    ground units can handle the Grunts.
         Destroy the Enemy Air Transports
    -Mission Complete
    Follow this path to get to two more Anti-Air Turrets that have to be taken down
    for your Gunship. A little further and you get a cutscene warning of the enemy
    Air Transports taking off. Plow through the Assault Vets as an Artillery and
    get inside the base. The first Air Transport trying to leave is direclty on
    your left and from there it proceeds clockwise. Shell them with your Artillery
    if you want, but you should have 8 Anti-Air Vets right now which means as soon
    as they lift off they are as good as dead. Your Artillery is better tasked fir-
    ing on the two Heavy Tanks approaching from the North and East. Bring in your
    Gunships if you want, but if you don't take out the enemy's AA Vets first they
    will die rather quickly.
    Whatever you do, don't let the Air Transports get away. Which is pretty easy to
    keep from happening. Once the fourth one falls it is mission complete.
          2.2.3 - Mission 8 - Enemies Undone
     | 1 Recon |
         Capture the Barracks
    +8 Grunts
    +4 Anti-Air Vets
    +4 Mortar Vets
    Follow the path to start and murder the Grunts in the first area. Hitting the
    first tent in the area reveals more. After they're all gone hit the big jump to
    land in your own HQ, being attacked by enemy Grunts. Wipe out this first attack
    squad and defend against the next two waves, your Recon makes short work of the
    Grunts. Once that is done you and your 8 new Grunts have to take the Barracks
    to the north. Use the Ammo Dumps to obliterate the Grunts standing guard and
    have your Recon take care of the nearby Flame Vets while your Grunts capture
    the Facility. Enemy infantry will keep respawning, so just keep killing them.
    The enemy immediately counterattacks once it is captured, so have your AA Vets
    attack the Gunships and everyone else pick off the Grunts. An enemy Recon
    vehicle will also attack from the north, keep it busy with your own Recon unit
    so it doesn't murder your infantry.
         Capture the Factory
    +1 Heavy Tank
    The Factory is just north of here and very lightly guarded. Smash into the
    infantry stationed at the flag with your Recon and just clean up. As you're
    capturing it another Recon will probably spawn, keep it off of your Infantry.
    Once captured you have a brand new Heavy Tank! Enemy Infantry attack from the
    northwest bridge, plow into them with the Recon to stop that assault dead in
    it's tracks.
         Capture the Airbase
    +2 Gunships
    Now backtrack back to the Barracks and head across the bridge here. Switch con-
    trol to an AA Vet and have a fully charged shot ready for the Gunships hovering
    idle in the distance. As soon as they get in range let loose and shoot them all
    down as fast as possible. Now charge to the flagpole and have your other units
    clear the area, while your AA Vets stand guard with charged shots ready to down
    more enemy Gunships. As soon as the Airbase is captured enemy AA Vets and
    Grunts will attack, eliminate them quickly to minimize damage to your new Gun-
         Capture the North Barracks
    The second Barracks to the north is mostly defended by gun emplacements, so
    primarily you'll need your Heavy Tank. First take a Gunship and fly to the
    southeastern edge of the barracks and eliminate the two RPG towers over there.
    Now pull the Gunships out and put them on wait, there are two AA Towers in the
    back that'll destroy them. Now switch to your Heavy Tank and head out. First
    take out the two MG Nests, then start working on the line of Auto Guns past
    them. If you didn't take out the two MG Nests to the east with your Gunships
    then you'll need to handle them too. Your other units probably mopped up the
    infantry, finish off anything left and then have your infantry capture the base
    while you eliminate the Anti-Air Towers. No new units, but a faster respawn
    rate for your infantry and only the HQ left.
        Capture the HQ
    -Mission COmplete
    Hopefully your Gunships and your Heavy Tank are both in good health, they'll be
    your key units. Switch to a Gunship and leave all of your other units behind.
    Proceed north and eliminate the two RPG Towers posted here. Proceed a little
    further to have the enemy call in a Battleship. This is why you left your
    ground units behind, this ship would simply obliterate them. Fly in with the
    two Gunships and just give it all you've got. Keep circle strafing around it to
    minimize damage, and just ignore the attacking Gunships. You'll probably lose
    at least one Gunship but it is an acceptable lost.
    Once the Battleship is sunk pull out back to your units and switch to your Hea-
    vy Tank. If you are just completing the mission then you can go at your own
    pace and be systematic. If you want an S rank you're going to have to plow
    through the enemy to the flag without stopping. Have your AA Vets blow the Gun-
    ships out of the sky while your Heavy Tank goes through several lines of in-
    fantry, just keep shelling them as you go by and your other units will clean
    up. Make sure to put your Gunships on wait before you get too close to the HQ
    as there are two more AA Towers up here. When you get to the top blast through
    the four Auto Guns, take out the few infantry and have your own capture the HQ.
    While they do so destroy the two AA Towers to boost your rank.
                            | 2.3  Anglo Isles - Campaign II |
    AKA Battalion War's version of Great Britain. It's a wonder this country keeps
    from burning itself down with Colonel Windsor around. Being an island nation
    they have a thick mixture of ground, naval and air armies though, making for
    some interesting battles.
          2.3.1 - Mission 9 - Shipyards Ablaze
     | 7 Grunt       |
     | 4 Mortar      |
     | 2 Light Tanks |
         Capture the West Airbase
    +2 Fighters
    Right at the start a Heavy Tank is advancing towards you, so have your two
    tanks go out to meet him. Strafe around it to avoid it's shots while pelting it
    with yours. After destroying the tank shell the two MG Towers just ahead into
    rubble. This sparks the enemy to send four Bazooka Vets at you, send your In-
    fantry at them and take a couple of potshots. When they're gone head into the
    Airbase and wipe out the doomed Grunts around the flag and have your own Grunts
    begin to capture the base. While they do this head north with your tanks, as
    that is where the next attack is coming.
    Once the Airbase is yours you'll spawn two Fighter planes, which'll be needed
    for some incoming Gunships. The game suggests actually piloting the Fighters,
    but just commanding them to shoot down Gunships is more efficient. If you want
    some air experience though by my guest. At the same time on the ground another
    Heavy Tank will be attacking from the north with Grunts trying to recapture the
    Airbase. Circle strafe the Heavy Tank until it is destroyed and mop up the
         Liberate the North POW Camp
    +1 Light Tank
    Further along this path will be another defensive line with Grunts and Bazookas
    turtling behind some sandbags. Let them have it with your Tanks and Mortar
    Vets. Once you reach the long bridge two Anglo Battleships appear and destroy
    some enemies. Another Heavy Tank approaches, have the Battleships destroy it
    too. Leave your Fighters behind and advance across the bridge, wiping out the
    few infantry to the right. Now switch to a Battleship and set all other units
    on "wait." Move further along the coast and shell the Artillery, the RPG Towers
    and the Anti-Air Towers further east. Gunships will arrive around this time so
    call in your Fighters if the coast is clear for them. Before switching back to
    your ground units you might want to head further east and shell some AA and
    Bazooka Vets, to make sure they don't cause trouble for your Fighters a bit
    Regardless, switch back to a Light Tank and head straight east into the trees
    on a semi-secret path. Ahead is a POW Camp with another Light Tank, guarded
    only by an MG Tower and a few Grunts.
         Liberate the South POW Camp
    +2 Grunts
    +3 Flame Vets
    Head south from here and eliminate the AA and Bazooka Vets if necessary. More
    enemy Gunships will attack so you'll need those AA Vets dead. Keep your dist-
    ance from the POW Camp to the east now, and switch to a Battleship. Have him
    head east and eliminate the Artillery there, then send in your land troops to
    finish off the Grunts.
         Capture the East Airbase
    Leave behind your Fighters and head north to clear out the enemy Grunts and AA
    Vets. Have your Battleships worry about the Towers ahead, especially the RPG
    Towers. A Heavy Tank will also attack, destroy it either with your Battleships
    or your own tanks. More Gunships attack so call in those Fighters. Once you
    reach the large bridge going to the east another Artillery unit will be waiting
    so have your Battleships take care of him. Across the bridge is a line of Ba-
    zooka Vets and a Heavy Tank, once they're defeated hole up here and switch to a
    Battleship. Leave behind your Fighters and go further East to take out the two
    RPG Towers guarding the Airbase.
    When those are down send in your land troops. Mop up the few AA Vets and then
    call in your Fighters (you'll need them). As you raise the flag more Gunships
    will be sent to attack, have Fighters cover you.
         Destroy the Sea Fort
    -Mission Complete
    After the flag is raised _another_ quick segment starts. You'll only have your
    Battleships and Fighters and have only three minutes to destroy the Sea Fort.
    Start by destroying the three Artillery units on these outer islands, and if
    any Gunships attack have your Fighters deal with them as usual. Then just let
    that Sea Fort have it.
          2.3.2 - Mission 10 - Up Periscope
     | 2 Submarines |
         Gather Your Forces
    +2 Frigates
    +1 Battleship
    Start by simply diving and going north past the RPG Towers. When you reach your
    Frigates go right past them and start launching torpedoes at the approaching
    Battleship. He should only get off one salvo of shots. Immediately after a
    large wave of Gunships attack, your Frigates will tear through them. At the
    same time another Battleship attacks, sink it with your Subs. Head Northeast to
    your Docks where you'll add a Battleship to your fleet.
         Defend the Docks
    We have to keep the enemy away from our flag as they come in by droves in
    transports. If any get past your naval defenses you need to quickly switch to
    an MG Tower and eliminate the invading Grunts. Two enemy Naval Transports will
    come in first, go out to meet them as your Subs and sink them before they land.
    Once the Transports and/or Grunts are dead switch to a Frigate and let the
    enemy Gunships have it. First wave down.
    Submarines escort the Naval Transports now. Have your Frigates attack the Subs
    while you worry about sinking the Transports. The third wave will be accomp-
    anied by Battleships. Charge out with your Subs and sink the lead Battleship,
    then target the two Naval Transports. Three Air Transports will also fly in,
    command the Frigates to take as many down as possible (one will probably get
    through). One more Battleship trails behind, once it is sunk switch to an MG
    Tower if necessary. Once all Grunts are destroyed you have successfully defend-
    ed the Docks.
         Capture the HQ
    -Mission Complete
    At this point you have to escort your own Naval Transports across the sea. Two
    Subs attack first, have your own Subs and Frigates wipe them out. Switch to a
    Frigate to deal with the next wave of incoming Gunships. Finally you'll have
    another Battleship to deal with, submerge as a Sub and torpedo him to hell.
    Once your Naval Transports land you'll have two Light Tanks and ten Grunts to
    work with on the ground (half those numbers if you lost a Naval Transport).
    Clear out the small resistance on the beach and then have your Frigates down
    more attacking Gunships. From here you can either advance by sea around the
    coast or by land on the path. Either method works, the path is only guarded by
    a few MG Towers and Light Tanks spaced well apart, and a whole crapload of
    cannon fodder Grunts. The only real concern is the enemy Battleship on the
    Northwest part of the island. Have Subs/own Battleship take him down and the
    path to the flag is easy.
          2.3.3 - Mission 11 - Operation Reprimand
     | 4 Grunts       |
     | 3 Assault Vets |
     | 1 Light Tank   |
         Liberate the South POW Camp
    +4 Bazooka Vets
    Take out the two MG Nests ahead with the Light Tank. Three Bazooka Vets will
    charge forward, so send the Assault Vets to deal with them while you shell from
    afar. Move up the ramp and forward to spot some Flame Vets. Have the Light Tank
    wipe them out to protect your infantry, Bazooka Vets will attack again so have
    your Assault Vets ready. Now a Recon will zoom into the battle and two enemy
    Light Tanks will slowly join in too. Destroy the Recon first, then use it's
    health power-up to keep you alive against the two Tanks. One more Recon will
    attack from the left path, destroy it before it gets any of your infantry.
    You can take either path here, both are about the same difficulty. The right
    path is much faster if you plan on hitting both POW Camps though, so I'll
    follow that path in this guide. Head along the path and send Assault Vets ahead
    to deal with the enemy Bazookas. While they battle proceed past and eliminate
    the two MG Nests. Two more sit at the other end of the camp, then you can free
    your four Bazooka Vets from their prison. Two enemy Bazookas attack from fur-
    ther in the camp, mow them down with Assault Vets. There's vehicle health in-
    side the two nearby tents if you need it for your tank.
         Liberate the North POW Camp
    +1 Light Tank
    Two enemy Light Tanks will be attacking from the north, use your Tank and/or
    Bazookas to destroy them. Head north to confront a few Infantry and an MG
    Tower. Another Light Tank approaches from further North too, so shell him be-
    fore he knows what is happening. Head west then south to the other POW Camp.
    Avoid the nearby satellites as they are guarded by several Light Tanks. Inside
    this POW Camp are Grunts and Bazookas, go in as an Assault Vet and clear them
    out before freeing another Light Tank. You can clear the enemy further south if
    you want but it isn't necessary.
         Destroy the Anti-Air Array
    -Activates Bomber scenario
    Go back to the satellites and engage the Light Tanks. Use the Ammo Dumps to do
    some quick damage to them, then clean up and refill the health for your Tanks.
    Another Light Tank with some Grunts approaches from the west, charge the tank
    while shelling it and continue past after it is destroyed. Two RPG Towers guard
    the entrance to the Anti-Air Array and have to be eliminated quickly so they
    can't decimate your forces. Just charge forward and start firing at one of them
    when you get in range. Two shots downs one, then turn your attention to the
    other. If your tank is left in bad shape then go ahead and let him wait outside
    as you take control of the other one. Charge in through the doorway and start
    shelling the wide defensive Infantry line. An enemy Light Tank will approach,
    so deal with him as soon as necessary. Then just mop up with all of your units
    and destroy the array.
         Protect the Clean-Up Crew
    Now you are in what can be a frustrating scenario for your first time. You have
    two Bombers that must clear the way for the Clean-Up Squad which REFUSES TO
    JUST SIT BACK FOR A MOMENT TO LET YOU WORK. So you have to work fast or they'll
    be eliminated. First, some tips:
    1. Approach enemies fast but then slow down as you begin to bomb them to do
       more damage. Ground vehicles and towers take a couple bombs, while ships
       take a whole lot more.
    2. After doing a bomb run fly out a little ways before turning around for a-
       nother run. Don't just try to turn immediately, you won't be able to line up
       for a good shot and just waste time.
    3. If you don't have a full "clip" of bombs and don't fire any for a few sec-
       onds you will automatically reload, which takes several seconds. Be careful
       not to let this fudge up a bomb run and waste valuable time.
    4. Assign your fellow Bomber to a target while you are taking out another.
       Don't target the same enemy unless it is a ship which takes a lot of damage.
    5. Don't fly too low while bombing enemy ships, you can actually damage your-
       self with the bombs since they explode rather high.
    6. Don't waste time bombing Grunts, they aren't a threat.
    Keeping these things in mind, start on the six Artillery units ahead. Have the
    other Bomber work on one side while you work on the other. Hopefully you can
    take them down in two or three runs. Next up is the MG Tower just to the east,
    which you should be able to take down your first try. Four Light Tanks need to
    be bombed further east, which can be a bit tricky. Try and do it in 2 or 3 runs
    as well, then take out the MG Tower further east.
    If you did all of this quickly you might be able to bomb the Battleships before
    they even leave dock, which is awesome. Just tag-team them with your Bombers
    and eliminate them one-by-one, there're four total. They can do minor damage to
    you with their guns but don't worry about it, just worry about dropping those
         Save Windsor's Column
    -Mission Complete
    Once the Battleships are sunk a Dreadnought appears to the far east and
    starts shelling the statue. Great. Order the other Bomber to attack it as you
    do as well. Just fly in fast and slow down right before reaching him and launch
    everything you have. It'll probably take about three runs to take the bastard
    down, but the statue should still have around half it's health left.
          2.3.4 - Mission 12 - Their Finest Hour
     | 3 Grunts (MG Towers) |
     | 1 Fighter            |
     | 1 Bomber             |
         Defend the Airbase
    +2 Grunts
    +4 Flame Vets
    +1 Fighter
    +1 Bomber
    Practice with the Fighter a bit if you need to, you'll need at least a little
    competence with it to survive this mission. Enemy AA units will give you hell
    if you fly too far east, so just hang around your Airbase until the first Air
    Transport gets near. Shoot it down with two barrages of missiles. Now a Fighter
    will come in fast, if you aren't confident you can take it on then switch to
    another unit and command the Fighter to engage it. After the Fighter is ground-
    ed two more Air Transports will come in with a Gunship. Fire on whatever first,
    they're all about equally dangerous. If enemy Grunts land your MG Towers can
    handle them, but if a Light Tank lands your Bomber has to intervene. After that
    wave another Fighter comes in, deal with him as you did the first. Finally
    three Gunships and an Air Transport come in, take care of the Gunships first.
    If the Air Transport lands it is only Grunts, they'll fall quickly.
         Activate the North Helipad
    +5 Bazooka Vets
    For holding the Airbase you get two more Grunts, four Flame Vets and another
    Fighter and Bomber. Now you can go to the northern or southern Helipad first,
    but south is a little trickier so we'll take the north path. Before heading off
    though take a sole Fighter and skirt the west edge of the southern Helipad and
    destroy the two Gunships dawdling there. This'll make your life a bit easier a
    bit further in the mission. Also bear in mind that periodically throughout this
    mission enemy Fighters will attack you, and it seems to run on a timed basis.
    It might not be a bad idea to hold still for a second if you know one is com-
    Now that's out of the way, follow the northeast path and eliminate the Grunts
    along the way. Before getting too near the Helipad have all air units go on
    "wait". A few Grunts guard the outer entrance to the Helipad and inside are
    four AA Vets. The Gunships further in shouldn't bother you but just in case be
    ready to call in your Fighters. Eliminate the four AA Vets quickly and then
    order your Fighters to destroy the Gunships and your Bombers to assault the MG
    Towers. A few Grunts might come through the entrance to harrass you, just mow
    them down. Move in and get the Helipad.
    The enemy quickly counterattacks with two Air Transports and a Gunship. Shoot
    down the ATs first and then have your Fighters take care of the Gunship. If an
    Air Transport lands it'll drop off a Light Tank, just have your Bazookas take
    them out.
         Activate the South Helipad
    +1 Light Tank
    Leave behind your planes and head south, clearing out any Grunts along the way.
    Take the east path real quick to eliminate a Light Tank and two AA Vets, just
    to make sure they don't cause a problem. Another enemy Fighter will probably
    arrive around this time so call in your own Fighters to destroy him and then
    put them back on "Wait". Continue south, you'll have to destroy a Light Tank a-
    long the way.
    Hopefully you destroyed the two Gunships at this Helipad already or else you'll
    be a bit frantic. There are two AA Vets at both entrances that need to be elim-
    inated before your planes can fly in freely. If you didn't take the Gunships
    out they'll fly out to attack you, so call in your Fighters as soon as the AA
    Vets are under control. Have the Bombers destroy the MG Towers inside and then
    call the Air Transport for a Light Tank. Two enemy ATs fly in then, you should
    be able to shoot down one or both of them. Also to the east is two MG Nests,
    two Grunts and two Light Tanks which are optional. Bombers work best there.
         Liberate the POW Camp
    +8 Grunts
    Now head back north to the bridge to the next land mass. Have your tank clear
    out the MG Nests and a Gunship attacks on the bridge. Once it is down pull your
    Fighters (and Bombers) back to make sure they aren't destroyed. Across the
    bridge take care of the Grunts then take the right path. More Grunts along this
    path and a Fighter appears overhead. Ignore him for the moment as he can't do
    much to your ground forces. Take out the enemy Light Tank ahead, then destroy
    the AA Tower so your Fighters can come in and deal with the annoyance above.
    Three Grunts are to the south if you care.
         Capture the Airbase
    -Mission Complete
    Once again leave behind your planes and go back west to the enemy Airbase.
    Quickly destroy the two AA Towers with your tank and then switch to a Fighter
    and have the other follow you to the Airbase. A fleet of Gunships are about to
    hit hard and fast so you need to shoot them down quickly to keep your grond
    forces alive. Have your Bombers deal with the Auto-Guns and Light Tanks guard-
    ing the flag, and then go to capture it. Two enemy Air Transports fly in, but
    keep them from landing. Enemy Gunships also continue to respawn so capture that
    Airbase as fast as possible.
                            | 2.4  Iron Legion - Flashback II |
    Why is it always so much fun to be the bad guys? As the detestable Iron Legion
    you'll have three explosive missions, almost all of which occurs on the ground
    with little air or naval-based battles. Let the murdering begin!
          2.4.1 - Mission 13 - Incursion
     | 6 Grunts        |
     | 5 Assault Vets  |
     | 2 Anti-Air Vets |
     | 1 Gunship       |
         Defend the Battlestation
    +1 Battlestation
    Switch to the Gunship right away and order Grunts into all of the towers. You
    can't let the enemy destroy that Battlestation, it'll be mission over. The
    first wave sends Assault Vets and Grunts in through the left entrance. Pound on
    the Assault Vets with the Gunship first and let your infantry help clean up.
    Next up will be four enemy Gunships, order your AA Vets and AA Towers (select
    Grunts) to attack them and do what you can with your own Gunship. As soon as
    they are down you will see two Light Tanks coming in on the right entrance.
    Pound on them with the Gunship until they fall. Following them will be two Ba-
    zooka Vets and some Grunts at the left entrance, let them have it. Soon after
    there are five more enemy Gunships, have your AA units take them down. The
    final wave is two Artilery, one at each entrance. Pound them with your Gunship
    and your Battlestation will survive.
         Liberate the East POW Camp
    +4 Anti-Air Vets
    Take control of the Battlestation now. Oooohhh yeeeeaaaah. Refill it's health
    and then head north and east to the first POW Camp. Shell all of the towers as
    soon as they are in range. The AA Towers in this area shouldn't even be able to
    bother your Gunship as you'll destroy them before it gets in range. Take out
    the MG Towers in back and then free the POWs.
    Gunships and Air Transports will be launched in counterattack. Have your new AA
    Vets take down Gunships and mow down whatever pitiful infantry are dropped.
         Liberate the West POW Camp
    +3 Gunships
    Head due west to the other POW Camp, shelling anything that looks at you the
    wrong way while you're headed there. The main entrance is blocked by a wall of
    five towers, carefully pick off the outer ones and move in from there to avoid
    damage. Another tower waits just inside, pound it with your Battlestation. The
    Bazooka and Mortar Vets inside aren't much of a threat, whatever damage they do
    can be recovered with power-ups inside. Take down the two AA Towers inside,
    then release the three Gunship POWs.
    Air Transports will drop Bazooka Vets and Light Tanks outside. Bwahaha. Pick up
    health for your Battlestation if you need it then go out to meet them. Focus on
    shelling Light Tanks and let your secondary weapons and other units take down
    the Bazooka Vets. Refill on the Light Tank's dropped health.
         Destroy the Solar Panels
    -Mission Complete
    Now, if you want to take the left path north you need to inch forward with the
    Battlestation and destroy the two AA Towers. Then back off and fly your four
    Gunships in to eliminate the Artillery and Siege Guns. If you want to take the
    right path then stick with your Battlestation and systematically blow away each
    enemy tower as soon as it is in range. Lots of groups of Gunships will attack,
    but just order your AA Vets to attack them and they will be shredded.
    Either way you'll reach the last part of this mission - destroying the Solar
    Panels. Each Solar Panel has five Heavy Tanks around it and usually one or two
    will break away to fight you. Focus on the Solar Panel first then mop up the
    Heavy Tanks that remain from it. Vehicle health is plentiful so don't worry
    about that. Gunships are the only real units that can help, just make sure
    there aren't AA Towers nearby. There are two sets to destroy, and once taken
    down your Gunships can help join in the massacre.
          2.4.2 - Mission 14 - Purge
     | 5 Grunts       |
     | 3 Bazooka Vets |
     | 3 Mortar Vets  |
     | 1 Heavy Tank   |
         Reach the Siege Guns
    +2 Flame Vets
    Have a time limit of mild importance here. Smash through the Grunt and Bazooka
    defenses as the Heavy Tank with your infantry along, then target the MG Nest
    just ahead. Take either path from here, I'd suggest right as it is a bit faster
    and easier. Shoot both Gate Chains above the gate with a shell to open up the
    path. If you took the right path then focus on the enemy Heavy Tank first and
    then eliminate the two MG Nests in both enemy parties. Open this gate as well
    to come out to some Iron Legion Siege Guns facing down a huge Solar Empire
    battalion.You need to protect these Siege Guns from getting destroyed overrun
    by the enemy, and you get two Flame Vets added to help you achieve that.
         Protect the Siege Guns
    Start off by putting Grunts in all four AA towers and leave your Heavy Tank
    behind the Siege Guns. I know that sounds like madness but it attracts way too
    much fire and will just get destroyed in the tank battle. I'd also ignore the
    MG Nests, they have very little use. And whatever you do don't move too close
    to the enemy forces, those RPG Towers will shred you.
    The first enemy wave is just Bazooka Vets. Have your infantry pick them off,
    they can't do much damage. The next wave is a pack of Gunships, order all of
    your AA Towers to attack. Easy so far, right? Now the enemy launches ALL of
    their tanks at you. Two Heavys and four or five Lights. Christ. The Siege Guns
    will help a bit, but you'll need to be out there with your Bazooka and Mortar
    Vets taking them down one-by-one. Once a couple are gone you can call in your
    Heavy Tank, but it isn't really needed. Once the tanks are gone friendly Bomb-
    ers come in and destroy everything that is left.
         Capture the Barracks
    +3 Anti-Air Vets
    Proceed forward to the Barracks, which are just guarded by four Assault Vets.
    Wipe them out and then capture it for 3 Anti-Air Vets. A few Grunts attack from
    the NE, two Light Tanks attack from NW and Gunships fly in for an attack as
    well. Worry about the Light Tanks with your own tank first, and while battling
    them command your AA Vets to take down the Gunships. Mop up the Grunts from
         Liberate the POW Camp
    +2 Heavy Tanks
    Now take the western path to the POW Camp. Smash through the Grunts hiding be-
    hind sandbags and have your Heavy Tank and Bazooka Vets take care of the enemy
    tanks guarded the POWs. Once destroyed free your allies... two more Heavy Tanks
    HECK YEAH! From here you can head straight east to kill off some more optional
    enemies or just go north to end the mission.
         Protect the Mining Equipment
    -Mission Complete
    Blast both generators to bring a wall down and charge in and start killing
    everything. Not much strategy here, just hit them with everything you have.
    Have AA Vets focus on Gunships if possible and focus your tanks on taking out
    the bigger enemies on the ground. Once all your units are into the battle the
    enemy will fall quickly. If they destroy the mining equipment it is mission
    fail but that shouldn't happen unless you screw around.
          2.4.3 - Mission 15 - Apocalypse
     |10 Grunts        |
     | 5 Mortar Vets   |
     | 3 Anti-Air Vets |
         Liberate the East POW Camp
    +2 Artillery
    Go forward and kill off any Grunts in range. Then switch to an AA Vet and have
    a fully charge shot ready while you inch forward. Two Gunships will fly in, so
    hit them with the charged shot and order the other two AA Vets to fire on them
    too. When those are down have your Mortar Vets destroy the two MG Nests and mop
    up what remains of the Grunts. Go through the narrow pass ahead as an AA Vet
    with a fully charged shot. An Air Transport will try to land just in front of
    you, launch your salvo of missiles at it while commanding everyone else to open
    fire, it shouldn't be able to drop it's infantry.
    Switch to a Mortar Vet and start to cross the bridge ahead, clearing out the
    Grunts. Have a fully charged shot ready as you approach the end of the bridge
    as a Light Tank will appear. Hit it with the charged shot and then have your
    other Mortar Vets join you in finishing it off. Only two more Grunts defend the
    first POW Camp, kill them then hit the Ammo Dump to release two Artillery
    units. As soon as the cutscene is over you'll be being attacked by two Gunships
    so have your AA Vets take them down. Health up if necessary and head southwest.
         Capture the Airbase
    +1 Fighter
    +1 Bomber
    Have your Artillery clear out the MG Nests and an approaching Light Tank, but
    have a fully charged AA shot ready as an Air Transport will fly into this area.
    Drop it before it can land, otherwise you'll have more enemies to deal with. At
    your end of the bridge hold off a few Assault and Mortar Vets with your own
    Mortar Vets, also have your AA Vets ready for more Gunships attacking. Before
    crossing the bridge have your Artillery neutralize the four MG Towers guarding
    the Airbase. Across the bridge a Light Tank is waiting on the right side, hit
    him hard with Mortar and Artillery. Only Grunts are left now so eliminate them
    quickly and capture the Airbase, as Gunships will continue to spawn. When cap-
    tured two Air Transports will try to fly in, let them have it with your AA Vets
    and Fighter.
         Liberate the West POW Camp
    +5 Grunts
    Bring down the two AA Towers with Artillery fire so your planes can come
    in freely. Take out the Light Tank next and clear out nearby infantry. Then
    take down the enemy MG Towers and then work on the Mortar Vets. Those obnoxious
    Mortar Vets will probably get some good hits in but don't worry about it, there
    is health all over and your ground troops are all but done with this battle. To
    the north is an unguarded POW Camp, bust it open for some more Grunts. To the
    south is the Quad Cannons.
         Defend the Quad Cannons
    -Mission Complete
    Put Grunts in the two MG Nests in the back. You can put them in the front ones
    too but if they actually see some action they'll be dead pretty fast. Now
    switch to your Bomber and hang out, waiting for the Naval Transports. Don't
    wait for them to arrive at the beach though, keep checking the map until they
    show up. Now fly out to them quickly and bomb them straight to hell. You should
    be able to sink one with each pass, and the Quad Cannons will help too. Follow-
    ing behind the Naval Transports is a Battleship, hit him hard with bombs before
    he can do damage. Check to make sure nothing got on the beach, if they did have
    your ground forces eliminate them.
    The next wave is just two sets of two Gunships. Switch to your Fighter and
    check your map to see when they arrive, then just fly out and take them down.
    They shouldn't even get a shot off on your Quad Cannons. After the Gunships is
    just another wave of four Naval Transports and a Battleship, do as you did be-
    fore. Engage them further out for a better chance to keep them off the beach.
    Another two Gunships will fly in after that, have your Fighter easily take them
    down. When those fall several Battleships will be on their way, just do several
    bomb runs on them to take them down swiftly with the Quad Cannon's help. A-
    nother Gunship also flies in around this time, command your Fighter to take it
    down. Fairly simple defensive mission, as long as you know your flight con-
                            | 2.5 Tundran Territories - Campaign III |
    Erm... Russia? The Tundran Territories are partially covered with snow, making
    for another interesting setting for combat. All of their units are red because
    they are in love with radishes I guess... kinda weird.
          2.5.1 - Mission 16 - Scorched Earth
     | 5 Grunts        |
     | 4 Flame Vets    |
     | 4 Anti-Air Vets |
     | 2 Artillery     |
         Capture the Airbase
    +2 Gunships
    Let the Bazookas come to you, as they approach command the Artillery to fire at
    the center one. Mop them up from there. Switch to an Anti-Air Vet and charge a
    shot. Take down the two Gunships when they attack and advance. First have the
    Artillery obliterate Grunts sandbagged just ahead of you. Two more Bazooka Vets
    will attack from the SE soon, so either shell them from afar or let your in-
    fantry handle them.
    From here you can shell pretty much the rest of the battlefield, command your
    Artillery to destroy the three MG Towers and weaken up the Mortar Vets. You can
    also take out the Assault Vets and Grunts if you want, but that isn't nec-
    essary. While you are shelling keep a charged shot on your AA Vet ready, enemy
    Gunships will periodically attack. After clearing the area you might want to
    take the northeast path to get Private Hazard in the mine fields. I'm not sure
    what the purpose of this is, I heard it was required for a good ranking but I
    am 99% sure you can still easily get an S rank without him. Regardless, if you
    want him then going through this entrance is the best way. Take an infantry in
    and there is a clear path through the mines to the bridge he is on. Get him to
    follow you and take the path back.
    With or without Private Ryan (oops, Hazard, lol) take the central east path in
    to the Airbase. Command your Artillery to eliminate the Auto Guns and inch for-
    ward as an AA Vet with a fully charged shot ready. Take down enemy Gunships as
    soon as they come in range. An Air Transport will also try to land in the
    middle of the base, give it everything you've got to keep it from landing. Com-
    mand your Artillery to the flag, they'll automatically shell all the infantry
    around it. Then command your Grunts to capture it. As an AA Vet stay guard with
    a charged shot, Gunships will continue to respawn.
         Liberate the POW Camp
    +6 Bazooka Vets
    Once captured you'll have two Gunships, use them to stop the enemy counter-
    attack. Target the two Light Tanks first and then mop up the rest, as usual.
    Your next target is the POW Camp just south of here, and the fastest, most
    efficient way of handling it is having your Artillery fire through the trees to
    destroy the two AA Towers and then taking everything out with your Gunships.
    Get a lock-on to one of the towers and command the Artillery to fire. If they
    are hitting trees then you just need to reposition and try again. Once both are
    down put all units but your other Gunship on "Wait" and fly in. Gun down all
    the Bazookas first, they can't touch you as long as you keep flying around.
    Take the two Light Tanks out before entering the camp as well. Just inside are
    four Assault Vets, a mild threat to Gunships. Gun them down quickly. Then take
    care of the two MG Towers and finish off the Bazooka Vets, and then free the
    POWs, which happen to be six Bazooka vets. If you decide to take the POW Camp
    the usual way you should know what to do, just expect to take some damage.
         Capture the Factory
    Northeast of here is the Factory, another target helpless against air attack.
    While heading towards it you'll fly over two MG Nests, destroy them for your
    ground units. At the Factory take care of the Assault Vets first, then take out
    the Auto Cannons and destroy the (regenerating) Light Tank. As your ground
    units arrive go ahead and fly north and eliminate the infantry stationed there,
    they are actually meant to be the counterattack party. Command your Grunts to
    raise that flag and it is yours.
         Activate the Helipad
    +2 Grunts
    +2 Flame Vets
    +2 Anti-Air Vets
    Have your Artillery shell the Towers around the Helipad to the northwest. Once
    all four are down move in, the enemy will fly in two Air Transports to stop
    you. Have your AA Vets whale on them to keep them from landing. Activate the
    Helipad and make your battalion even bigger.
         Defend the Western Frontier Battalion
    +Western Frontier sub-battalion
    Now head further Northwest to where the Western Frontier soldiers are, they'll
    be attacked by the enemy. Use a Gunship to waste everything, the Western Fron-
    tier infantry will now help you as well.
         Save the Masoleum
    -Mission Complete
    From here cross the bridge, this will activate a 3 minute timer to defuse the
    four bombs. Start off by finding the two Artillery and quickly eliminating them
    with your Gunships. Lock on to the two AA Towers and have your own Artillery
    eliminate them, to allow your Gunships in that area. Enemy Gunships will also
    be attacking you, but your AA Vets should be automatically taking care of them.
    Destroy the MG Nest guarding the entrance to this inner area and then start
    whaling on the infantry in here while your other units slowly arrive inside.
    Murder everything, then defuse the bombs. If you are really short on time com-
    mand each of your four infantry groups to defuse a different bomb, and hope for
    the best.
          2.5.2 - Mission 17 - Operation Nautilus
     | 2 Submarines  |
     | 3 Frigates    |
     | 1 Dreadnought |
         Sink the Enemy's Fleet
    -Activate ground scenario
    Start off by shelling the two nearby RPG Towers with your Dreadnought. Two en-
    emy Subs will approach from the east first, order your Frigates to attack them
    while sending a couple more shots in their direction. Once that situation is
    under control turn to the west and command your two Subs to attack another en-
    emy Sub when it comes in view. When those are down shell the rest of the RPG
    Towers on this island and proceed up the eastern side of it. You might get a-
    ttacked by Gunships patrolling through this area, just have the Frigates ground
    Have your other units hold by the first island and have both Subs submerge and
    proceed forward. Torpedo the two Battleships just ahead until they sink, then
    retreat back to the island. Surface for a bit of air and then go forward sub-
    merged again, and launch torpedoes on the newly arrived enemy Subs as soon as
    you can lock on to them. They shouldn't be given much of a chance to retaliate.
    Now have your Dreadnought destroy the two RPG towers on the tiny island nearby
    so you can surface again.
    Take control of the Dreadnought and seek out those obnoxious Frigates, they'll
    fall fast to a salvo of cannon blasts. Before you enter a new area make sure it
    has been cleared of RPG Towers, you don't want to be caught off-guard. Two
    Battleships will also come from the North, attack them with both your Subs and
    Dreadnought to sink them quickly.
    Leave behind your other units and take your two Submarines further north where
    the last two Battleships and Subs are. Dive and get the drop on the Submarines,
    and when those are sunk destroy the helpless Battleships. Now you'll have to
    take out a Dreadnought, which with a submerged Submarine is very easy.
         Liberate the South POW Camp
    +5 Mortar Vets
    Now the fight will be taken to the land with 5 Grunts, 3 Anti-Air Vets and a
    Light Tank. Proceed forward as the Light Tank with the infantry in tow. You'll
    probably get attacked by two Gunships, have the AA Vets take them down. Enemy
    Acid Gas (Flame) Vets will also attack from ahead, keep them away from your in-
    fantry and destroy them with your tank. Shell the MG Nests just ahead and free
    five Mortar Vets.
         Liberate the North POW Camp
    +2 Anti-Air Vets
    +3 Grunts
    +1 Light Tank
    Clear out any more enemies then look on your map. In the top-left corner of the
    map is a POW Camp. Head generally North so that you can take the eastern path
    into the camp. Lure out what infantry you can first, then go in and quickly de-
    stroy the MG Towers and keep those damn Acid Gas infantry off of your own. Fur-
    ther in shell the MG Nests, then mop up the Grunts and release the POWs.
         Activate the Helipad
    -Mission Complete
    Now follow the path you took in here to the east. There are four Grunts on the
    right if you didn't kill them earlier. At the perimeter of the town are two MG
    Towers, destroy them with your tank as you plow through measly Grunt defenses.
    At the entrance two waves of Acid Gas vets will attack, destroy them with your
    tank. Further east three Bazooka Vets will set up, just shell them as you
    charge on their position and have Mortar Vets join in.
    Follow the path north now, you'll meet four more Acid Gas Vets. Keep your tanks
    between them and your infantry. Follow path east then south, where three more
    Bazookas will halt your progress. You have the height advantage though, so
    shell them straight to hell. The side-path to the right here leads to two more
    Acid Gas Vets if you care, otherwise continue south to an enemy encampment.
    Destroy the MG Tower first, then take care of the Acid Gas Vet and then you can
    mop up the Grunts. Head around and then back north on the path to get to the
    last enemies. Just Bazookas and Grunts on the ground, nothing to fear. Have
    your AA Vets ready for the two Gunships guarding the area however. Also be sure
    to destroy the AA Towers before calling in the Air Transport at the Helipad.
          2.5.3 - Mission 18 - Ice Station X
     | 5 Grunts       |
     | 3 Bazooka Vets |
     | 3 Flame Vets   |
     | 1 Light Tank   |
         Liberate the East POW Camp
    +3 Flame Vets
    +1 Light Tank
    Take the east path as a Flame Vet or Light Tank and break through the Grunt and
    Bazooka defenses. Have your Light Tank focus on the enemy Light Tank guarding
    the first AA Tower and once it is destroyed mop up the Grunts and destroy the
    tower. Continue east across the bridge and have your Bazooka Vets and Light
    Tank attack the enemy tank on the other side. A bit further is a POW Camp, de-
    stroy the MG Tower above it to destroy the whole place.
         Liberate the West POW Camp
    +3 Grunts
    +3 Bazooka Vets
    Now take the southwest passage from here through some trees. You'll catch the
    infantry by surprise on their backsides and easily smash through them. As you
    exit the trees your first target should be the Heavy Tank approaching. Shell it
    with your own Light Tank and strafe out of the way of it's fire. To the south
    are a bunch of Gun Towers, destroy the two nearest MG Towers if you want but do
    not proceed past that. Destroy the second AA Tower to the southwest as well.
    Now go into the next POW camp and liberate three more Grunts and Bazooka Vets.
         Finish Off the Anti-Air Towers
    +2 Bombers
    Behind the camp are three enemy Bazookas, take them out. Outside the wall is
    another MG Tower, take it out with a tank before continuing across the bridge
    going straight west.
    On the other side is a Light Tank, overwhelm it with your own tank and some Ba-
    zooka Vet fire. Take out the two Assault Vets guarding the AA Tower, then the
    tower itself. I wouldn't bother with the infantry to the north, instead head
    south. Take out the two Assault Vets defending this area, then a Heavy Tank
    approaches from the southwest. Charge him with your Bazooka Vets and hit him
    with a charged shot to shorten the battle. From here take either path south.
    The final AA Tower is guarded by five Bazooka Vets, so send in your Flame Vets
    and play defensively with your tanks. When the last tower falls it is time for
    some more bombing.
         Destroy the Concrete Barricade
    Switch to one of the two Bombers and put your ground units on wait. Now fly to
    the east where the Concrete Barricade is and start bombing everything. Nothing
    is particularly dangerous to you here so just have some fun. If you're going
    for speed try and hit multiple targets in single runs, and assign the other
    Bomber non-moving targets (they often suck trying to hit tanks on the move). Be
    sure you take out all the Gun Towers, the Battlestation and the three other
    tanks before your ground forces arrive and then bomb away at the Concrete Barr-
         Destroy Ice Station X
    -Mission Complete
    After the cutscene pull your Bombers away from the area still held by the enemy
    and send in the ground forces south through the destroyed barricade. A small
    squad of Grunts and a Bazooka Vet are your first cannon fodder here. Path that
    is two MG Towers, shell them with your tank before continuing. Head south then
    west, you'll be confronted by some light resistance from Grunts and a couple
    Assault and Bazooka Vets. Kill them all then turn your attention to Ice Station
    If you're just trying to complete this mission ignore the AA Vehicles and
    attack the station until it blows. If you're going for an A or S rank you'll
    need to eliminate them with your Tanks/Bazookas though. When you do two Battle-
    ships will appear out in the ocean, take cover on the northeast side of the
    Ice Station and switch to a bomber. You've done this before, zoom in on them
    and then slow down as you get close and just let them have it. After the two
    Battleships are down you can resume blowing up Ice Station X.
          2.5.4 - Mission 19 - The Reckoning
     | 1 Battlestation (herein called the BS) |
     | 6 Anti-Air Vets                        |
         Defend the South Radar Array
    +3 Gunships
    Start off in your spiffy Battlestation by moving forward and shelling the Heavy
    Tanks straight to hell. Gunships will also attack, let your AA Vets handle
    those by themselves. After all the enemy forces are destroyed, head north a bit
    as your BS but leave your AA Vets behind. Two enemy Battlestations will come
    out and attack you! Luckily three Gunships arrive, order them to attack the BS
    you are currently attacking, and when it is gone destroy the other one. Pick up
    the health and have all units head north.
         Defend the North Radar Array
    +2 Gunships
    +2 Heavy Tanks
    At the next Radar Array a single enemy BS will attack, send your Gunships at it
    and keep firing on it until it goes down. You'll get two more Gunships and two
    Heavy Tanks.
         Liberate the East POW Camp
    +2 Anti-Air Vehicles
    Now head east to find... Grunts. Are you freaking serious? Plow through them
    and then have your AA Vets attack two incoming Gunships. After the Gunships are
    destroyed have your AA Vets wait back here, as they won't be needed in the next
    As you enter the first POW Camp destroy the single AA Tower to start. Next get
    rid of the Heavy Tank on your right. An enemy BS will be shelling you from the
    left, so send your Gunships at him while you fire at him. Once he is destroyed
    another BS will still be attacking from the NE, pick up the Heavy Tanks health
    power-up to keep you going and spot that BS and take him out like the previous.
    From there just clear out the MG Towers and destroy the other Heavy Tank on the
    other side of the camp. Free the POWs to get two AA Vehicles.
         Liberate the West POW Camp
    +2 Heavy Tanks
    Refill your BS's health and then get heading through the western path. Watch
    for the RPG Tower ahead, and beware the Grunts sprinkled throughout this path
    for absolutely no reason. Once you near the next POW Camp two Gunships will
    attack. Have your AA Vets attack one while your AA Vehicles attack the other.
    As you enter the next POW Camp destroy the AA Tower first and assign your own
    AA units to take care of the enemy Gunships. Now, charge the western enemy BS
    first, sending Gunships at him while you shell away. Then do the same to the
    northern one. Your BS will probably get hit hard during this segment, try and
    find some vehicle health in the middle of the battle or consider leaving your
    BS behind altogether - though that endangers your other ground-based units.
    Once the enemy BSs are down rip through whatever Gun Towers remain and free two
    more Heavy Tanks. Now on to the Mining Spider!
         Destroy the Shield Generators
    Go Northeast and blast through all of the Heavy Tanks. Check your other ve-
    hicle's health bars to see if any of them could use some health, because the
    last area is going to be pretty ugly. As you head in focus on the two BSs first
    one is straight ahead and the other is off to the right a bit. As usual, send
    in your Gunships as you fire from afar. Your AA units will have their hands
    full with Gunships and enemy Fighters too, command them if you can spare a sec-
    ond otherwise just let them run on their own. Once the two BSs are gone clear
    out the rest of this side of the Mining Spider and then start working on those
    Generators. Once all three blow things go absolutely crazy.
         Destroy the Mining Spider
    -Campaign Mode Complete
    First of all, the Mining Spider will be firing hundreds of weak green lasers
    everywhere so you have to act fast or you could lose the mission. Enemy bombers
    will also be flying and trying to make a quick end for your BS. I suggest
    simply staying in control of the BS and strafing around the Mining Spider,
    continually firing at it along the way. Let your other units do whatever they
    feel like doing to help you, they are rather inconsequential (even for a rank-
    ing, you can lose a ton of them and have awesome Technique). By strafing around
    you will make the bombers jobs harder. Watch as they fly in and try to min-
    imize the damage they do by moving in the appropriate direction. As you strafe
    around the spider you'll see tents with vehicle health in them, which is quite
    a godsend in this battle. To the back of the Mining Spider there will probably
    still be two Heavy Tanks, destroy them for more health if you're desperate.
    Just keep blasting the spider though and soon the battle will be over. Congrats
    on beating Battalion Wars 2!
                                 {=3= EXTRAS =3=}
    Looking to extend your play time with the game? BWii doesn't offer an amazing
    amount of unlockables and replay value, but there is some stuff to get into
    after the credits roll.
                            | 3.1  Rankings & Unlockables |
    As mentioned before, your grade or ranking at the end of a mission is mostly
    for bragging rights but there are a couple of bonuses attached. Get all A ranks
    (85%) or higher in a specific campaign and you unlock a Unit Dossier. Get all S
    Ranks (95%) and you get Concept Art.
    Either bonus material is accessed from the "EXTRAS" menu from the main menu.
    You start with the Solar Empire's Unit Dossier and Concept Art. Beat all of the
    Solar Empire's missions with S ranks and you'll unlock the next nation's ma-
    terial from this menu (that'd be Western Frontier in this case). All of the ex-
    tra content is unlocked in this manner. Besides the Prologue Mission of course,
    but that is automatically unlocked after beating it the first time.
                            | 3.2  Online |
    To be quite blunt, I'm probably not getting in-depth with this. Not only do I
    have some serious problems with my connection that makes starting a game a pain
    in the butt, but gathering detailed information on online missions is a pain.
    I'd need a partner who'd be willing to give up a lot of time as I gathered in-
    formation and experimented, which just isn't fair to them. This is a project
    much better suited for a double-author FAQ, where the two writers could work
    together on each online mission. We'll cover the basics here though.
    If you've got a WiFi connection then this mode can be accessed off of the main
    menu. There are three modes of play available:
    Co-Op - Take control of units from one nation while the other player uses a
            different set of units from another nation.
    Assault - One player attempts to complete objectives while the other attempts
              to stop him. The final objective is for the first player to capture
              the other's HQ, which has to be done in a certain time limit. Basic-
              ally the two player version of a typical Campaign mission.
    Skirmisih - An all-out battle between two armies to score the most points kill-
                ing eachother. The bigger the enemy destroyed the more points you
    Each mode starts with a few missions unlocked, and by playing a mode more you
    can unlock more missions in it. Players wins/losses are tracked, and stars will
    be awarded to players that excel and have good win/loss ratios. That's the gist
    of it, happy warring!
                            | 3.3  Getting S Ranks |
    Typically, most gamers have a problem with mostly speed, though all categories
    can potentially be troublesome. The walkthrough was set up with the most effic-
    ient method for getting through a mission in mind, so generally follow those
    with these tips in mind:
    - Get good at multi-tasking. Have one group of units be doing some light work
      for you while you tackle the main problem. This is good for cutting time.
    - Worry about the correct units. If you lose an infantry it probably won't even
      budge your Technique rating. Lose a Battleship and your score is going to
      suffer though.
    - Additionally, worry about the correct enemy units. Don't go out of your way
      to kill a couple of Grunts, you'll suffer more in speed than what you make up
      in Power. Vehicles and towers should all be hunted down, but only mop up in-
      fantry at your convenience.
    - Get good with Fighters and Bombers. They're the hardest to control and gett-
      ing through their segments fast will definitely help your rank. But addition-
      ally, using them cleverly and efficiently can also help your progress in
      other parts of missions.
    - Naval and Air Transports that fly in enemy forces count in your Power ranking
      and if you destroy them before they land you don't even have to face the for-
      ces they carry. If you see one coming in take it out if at all possible.
    - Make sure you are hitting all secondary objectives.
                               {=4= UNIT APPENDIX =4=}
                                  | 4.1  Infantry |
         <  Grunt  >
    Weapons: Rifle - Clip-based
    The lowly Grunt, weakest unit in the game. While easily over-powered, they oft-
    en form the backbone of your battalion and are usually the ones to be charged
    with changing flags.
    Strategies: Just the basic stuff, keep combat rolling to be a pesky target. Use
                gun emplacements when possible to bolster the Grunts power.
         <  Flame Vet  >
    Weapons: Flamethrower - Heat gauge
    AKA: Acid Gas Vets (Xylvania)
    An anti-infantry unit, if he gets close he can roast big groups of enemy in-
    fantry. Attack range is very short however, and is essentially useless against
    Strategies: Charge or sneak up on groups of enemy infantry and let them have
                it. Let off of the trigger if it gets close to overheating, it has
                a "recharge" period then. When enemies are hit they will take dam-
                age even after you let off the attack, use that to kill more effic-
         <  Anti-Air Vet  >
    Weapons: Anti-air missiles - Single shot (chargeable)
    As the name implies, useful for keeping the enemy out of the air. Outside of
    clearing the sky of enemies though they are ineffective. Their charged shot
    preps more missiles, to a total of four or more.
    Strategies: Keep a charged shot ready when you know you are in hostile air
                space. AA Vets can be used to slight effect if stuck in a desperate
                ground battle too, a missile can knock enemy infantry over and a
                barrage can put a dent in vehicles. Closer range is better.
         <  Bazooka Vet  >
    Weapons: Bazooka - Single shot (chargeable)
    The tank killers. They pose too small a target for a tank to destroy efficient-
    ly and also boast weapons that'll put the hurt on it. They have difficulty en-
    gaging other infanty unfortunately. Their charged shots gain much more power
    and can reach more distant targets.
    Strategies: Like the AA Vet, keep a charged shot ready in the appropriate sit-
                uation, it'll absolutely destroy a tank's health with one blow.
                When battling a tank stay to the front while strafing and rolling,
                it's main cannon can't track you well enough but it's side machine
                guns can still do some damage. Other infantry are hard to hit, but
                stationary AI units sometimes make an easy target. Good luck trying
                to hit an airborne target.
         <  Assault Vet  >
    Weapons: Assault Rifle - Heat gauge
    Primarily effective against Bazooka Vets, but altogether just sort of an uber
    Grunt. Their rapid-fire rifles do a good job shredding other infantry and in
    groups can prove a hazard for lightly armored vehicles.
    Strategies: Like the Flame Vet, don't overheat your gun. Besides the Mortar
                Vet, other enemy infantry don't stand much of a chance. A group of
                Assault Vets focusing on a Recon or Gunship can also whittle it's
                health down fairly quickly too.
         <  Mortar Vet  >
    Weapons: Mortar Cannon - Single shot (chargeable)
    Sort of a Bazooka Vet with less damage but more range, Mortar Vets can be
    effective against ground vehicles or infantry. Primarily they are meant for
    flushing infantry out from behind sandbags as their cannon shoots vertically
    and falls down on enemy positions. Their weapon is useful for any kind of
    ground encounter however, as it does good damage and will knock down infantry.
    Like the Bazooka Vet charging will increase damage and range.
    Strategies: Flush out infantry hiding behind sandbags for your other units to
                mop them up. Use charged shots to dent approaching enemy vehicles.
                               | 4.2  Ground Vehicles |
         <  Light Tank  >
    Weapons: Turret - Single shot
               Machine Guns - Clip-based (automatic)
    A staple in most ground forces, the Light Tank's solid balance of mobility, ar-
    mor and power makes it a good header for most assault parties. Damaging single
    infantry soldiers can be difficult for it's main cannon though, and it is a
    prime target for air attack.
    Strategies: Just be a tank. Absorb damage for your vulnerable infantry while
                shelling the hell out of the enemy to keep them off-balance. Avoid
                firing at point-blank range infantry as it can damage you too, in-
                stead let your secondary weapons take care of them and run them
                over if possible. Also experiment with angling shots to fire fur-
                ther, it gives you a big edge against a charging enemy.
         <  Heavy Tank  >
    Weapons: Turret - Single shot
               Machine Guns - Clip-based (automatic)
    A stronger, more impenetrable Light Tank, but at the sacrifice of mobility. Not
    quite as versatile as it's brother but there is no better unit to have smashing
    into an enemy base.
    Strategies: Same as above. However, the Light Tanks can achieve some close e-
                vasive maneuvers that the Heavy Tank can't usually copy. If you're
                going into a dangerous area make sure you can survive the damage
         <  Recon  >
    Weapons: Machine Gun - Clip-based
               Rear-Mounted Machine Gun - Clip-based (automatic)
    The coolest unit in the game, the Recon is a speedy vehicle that can run cir-
    cles around all other ground units. It is nearly untouchable, but this comes at
    the price of firepower. With only a machine gun on the front and back it can't
    scratch bigger vehicles, but it absolutely destroys infantry.
    Strategies: Plow into infantry groups with abandon. Hitting an infantry at top
                speed does massive damage, and ripping into them with machine gun
                fire from within their own ranks very quickly disrupts them and
                makes them easy targets for your other units coming in after you.
                Against Bazooka Vets and other vehicles, just stay on the move to
                avoid damage and hopefully draw their fire. And remember - have
                some fun! You can ramp MG Nests and do lots of other cool stuff,
                just enjoy yourself.
         <  Artillery  >
    Weapons: Cannon - Single shot
               Side-Mounted Machine Guns - Clip-based (auomatic)
    Incredible range and some deadly firepower, the Artillery is only hurt by it's
    poor mobility and awkward performance in a close-range battle. It can easily
    be destroyed if the wrong units get too close.
    Strategies: Shell everything from afar and make sure dangerous enemies are e-
                liminated before they get close. Tanks particularly, take them out.
                Bazooka Vets are also a bit dangerous, but your other units can get
                rid of them. It's machine guns are only good for emergencies, don't
                count on them to have much effect at all in defending the vehicle.
                It can with some consistency be able to hit Gunships with a shot
                too, keep that in mind if a battle is going sour.
         <  Anti-Air Vehicle  >
    Weapons: Anti-Air Missiles - Clip-based
               Mounted Machine Gun - Clip-based (automatic)
    Better than it's infantry counter-part, the AA Vehicle can fire a stream of
    surface-to-air missiles at the enemy that will quickly ground most airborne
    targets. But like the AA Vets, it has little use outside of aerial encounters.
    Strategies: Don't let anything get close enough to hurt your battalion. Like
                the Artillery unit, don't count on your machine gun to contribute
                much to a ground engagement.
         <  Battlestation  >
    Weapons: Cannon - Single shot
               Turrets - Single shot (automatic)
               Mounted Machine Gun - Clip-based (automatic)
    Mother of gawd. Literally unstoppable against other land forces. Infantry will
    literally be incinerated by it and vehicles will only restore it's health. It's
    main cannon is comparable to that of an Artillery's, only about twice as power-
    ful. It's mounted automatic turrets are comparable to a tank's. And it's ma-
    chine gun- hell, it won't even have a chance to be used. The Battlestation's
    main weakness is air attack, that or maybe a Battleship/Dreadnought going head-
    to-head with it.
    Strategies: Serious? Just annihilate everything, show no mercy. It is more or
                less defenseless against Gunships and Bombers though, so make sure
                you have Anti-Air units along for the ride. Against another Battle-
                station try to fake out his shots, circle strafe around him one way
                but as soon as he fires throw it in reverse.
                                | 4.3  Air Vehicles |
         <  Air Transport  >
    Weapons:   Mounted Machine Gun - Clip-based (automatic)
    Not controllable, but it appears enough to be covered here. It's essentially
    just for carrying troops in, it has a single machine gun for defense that isn't
    going to do much to stop more than just Grunts.
    Strategies: Surface-to-air missiles will punch through it's armor quickly, so
                it needs to be flown into safe areas. Make sure your own ATs have a
                clear path, and do what you can to take down enemy transports.
         <  Gunship  >
    Weapons: Cannon - Clip-based
               Mounted Machine Gun - Clip-based (automatic)
    Another great unit, the Gunship is an easily controlled, highly mobile, power-
    ful unit that many other units have a hard time hitting. Of all the air ve-
    hicles it is most vulnerable to anti-air attack though, as it doesn't have the
    speed to get away from an attacker.
    Strategies: The Gunship is a great unit to control, both for it's advantages
                and the good view of the battlefield it offers. It is good for
                softening attacking enemy parties, quickly eliminating dangerous
                enemy units, and just generally kicking the enemy's ass wherever
                they don't have air defenses. Just make sure you avoid Anti-Air
                units, and if you get caught in their fire fly as low as possible.
                The Gunships cannon has plenty of power behind it, but the machine
                gun might as well not be there.
         <  Bomber  >
    Weapons: Bombs - Clip-based
               Dual Mounted Machine Guns - Clip-based (automatic)
    Sports some huge destructive power against land and sea and very mobile, it
    just takes some practice not to suck at it.
    Strategies: Some general tips: Try and hit multiple opponents in one bomb run,
                be wary of your clip of bombs "recharging" if you have a partial
                clip left and don't drop bombs for a bit, and don't fly too low
                that bombs damage you. The Bomber can actually attempt to eliminate
                AA Infantry and Vehicles if the need arises, fly in fast and low
                and let them have it as you go overhead. I've also heard of Bombers
                being able to take out other planes, I just wouldn't try it unless
                the opportunity really presented itself.
         <  Fighter  >
    Weapons: Air-to-Air Missiles - Single salvo
               Rear-Mounted Machine Gun - Clip-based (automatic)
    The anti-air air unit, Fighters clear the skies for ground forces and get in
    their own little dogfights. They fly _very_ fast so like the Bomber they take
    some practice.
    Strategies: Accelerate and decelerate as the situation changes, normally you
                can get away with just cruising along but if an enemy Fighter a-
                ppears or you have to get past AA units hit the gas. Enemy fighters
                can be a pain, just keep firing missiles at them and zoom the cam-
                era out to try and see their missiles coming so you can barrel
                roll. As usual, you can retool it's weapons for unconventional use
                against ground units if desperate, but they aren't very effective.
         <  Strato Destroyer  >
    Weapons: Bombs - Clip-based
               Air-to-Air Missiles - Single Salvo
               Mounted Machine Gun - Clip-based (automatic)
    A Fighter and Bomber put together = bad news. Not much to say here, just treat
    it like a Bomber that can also shoot down Fighters.
    Strategies: Locking on to an aerial target will use missiles. It is still sus-
                ceptible to Anti-Air ground units.
                                | 4.3  Sea Vessels |
         <  Naval Transport  >
    Weapons:   Mounted Machine Gun - Clip-based (automatic)
    Just like it's aerial brother, it can deliver life-saving ground troops but it
    is all but defenseless against attack.
    Strategies: Make protecting and destroying them a top priority.
         <  Battleship  >
    Weapons: Cannon - Single salvo
               Mounted Machine Guns - Clip-based (automatic)
    The standard sea unit, the Battleship is heavily armed but can't do much out-
    side of naval battles and shelling coasts. It is quite a powerhouse when used,
    but it is also easily dwarfed by it's bigger brother the Dreadnought.
    Strategies: Against an opposing Battleship try the old fake-out trick, strafe
                in one direction right until the enemy fires and then go the other
                way. Otherwise, just blow everything up.
         <  Frigate  >
    Weapons: Anti-Air Missiles - Clip-based
               Depth Charges - Single soht
    Probably the most efficient AA unit in the game, Frigates easily gun down any
    planes and choppers that stray too near. They are also equipped to deal with
    submerged Submarines. Besides these two specialties though they don't have use
    in a ground or naval encounter. They are very speedy craft but also lightly ar-
    Strategies: Keep on the lookout for Gunships and Submarines. Depth Charges are
                used by locking onto a Submarine and firing, I find it easier to
                assign the AI to do it though. Their Anti-Air missiles can be fired
                in fairly large barrages which means they can do some minor damage
                to other targets if they need to, I've used them to finish off RPG
                Towers before.
         <  Submarine  >
    Weapons: Torpedo - Clip-based
               Mounted Machine Gun - Clip-based (automatic)
    Battleship and Dreadnought killers, and not much else use besides fighting a-
    mongst themselves. They can submerge at any time to avoid detection by an enemy
    but if they submerge after being spotted they can still be attacked.
    Strategies: Submerge as you approach a Battleship or Dreadnought and let that
                helpless bastard have it. Submerging against a Submarine doesn't
                matter, what is important is getting the drop on them as soon as
                they are in torpedo range. Going in reverse as the enemy approaches
                is one way to avoid damage as you destroy them, circle strafing can
                work too. Air supply shouldn't be an issue, but if you do run out
                be sure to surface.
         <  Dreadnought  >
    Weapons: Cannon - Single salvo
               Mounted Machine Gun - Clip-based (automatic)
    A bit disappointing, it just has more MG turrets and a three shot blast instead
    of the Battleship's two. It's still clearly the superior unit, just easy to
    forget whether you're using a Dreadnought or a Battleship.
    Strategies: Like the Battleship, just blow everything up. Watch out for Subs
                and air units, and do what you can to minimize damage from other
                Battleships and Dreadnoughts.
                              | 4.4  Gun Emplacements |
         <  MG Nest  >
    Weapons: Machine Gun - Clip-based
    A solid anti-infantry emplacement, unless it is trying to handle a stampede by
    itself a pair of these can usually defend against enemy troops.
    Strategies: Mow down infantry as they get in range, give priority to Bazooka
                and Mortar Vets as they are a danger. If you see a tank coming just
                bail out, if one destroys an occupied MG Nest the infantry is lost
         <  MG Tower  >
    Weapons: Machine Gun - Clip-based
    Longer range than the MG Nest, but also a much bigger target and more vulner-
    able. Often positioned guarding POW Camps, but really all over.
    Strategies: Like the MG Nest. Mop up infantry but flee from tanks 'n Artillery.
         <  RPG Tower  >
    Weapons: Cannon - Single shot
    A step up from the MG Tower, it can exchange blows with a tank and can punch
    holes in big groups of infantry. All but useless against air attack though.
    Strategies: Prioritize targets, as usual.
         <  Anti-Air Tower  >
    Weapons: Anti-Air Missiles - Clip-based
    Pain in the ass for air units, absolutely no use against ground units. As long
    as they are secure on the ground they should keep the skies clear, their armor
    is extra resistant to Bombers and Gunships. Has trouble taking down air units
    flying low however.
    Strategies: Defend (or eliminate) it from the ground and it should serve it's
                purpose. Flying low and fast when faced against one also makes it's
                job difficult.
         <  Siege Gun  >
    Weapons: Cannon - Single Shot
               Mounted Machine Gun - Clip-based (automatic)
    AKA: Stolen Gun, Naval Gun, Quad Cannon
    Not occupiable, but a participant in many battles. They have a ferocious cannon
    but a long reload time, so they'll usually down one big enemy in an attacking
    wave and be useless as the rest make it within their range. Some models also
    have a machine gun to help defend against infantry.
    Strategies: Try and stall the enemy away from it to keep them in it's range.
                Otherwise just protect it with all you've got, it is usually a
                mission objective.
                                {=5= CLOSING =5=}
                              "CONGRATULATION !!
                               ALL BASES OF XYLVANIA WERE
                               IT SEEMS TO BE PEACEFUL.
                               BUT IT IS INCORRECT.
                               XYLVANIA IS STILL ALIVE.
                               BRIGADIER BETTY MUST FIGHT
                               AGAINST XYLVANIA AGAIN.
                               AND DOWN WITH THEM
                               COMPLETELY!  GOOD LUCK."
                            | 5.1  Credits |
    GameFAQs, CjayC, Sailor Bacon, thanks for eating up so much of my time
        pointlessly discussing video games.
    Nintendo, thanks for another great game. I love you, in a heterosexual way.
      ~ thEnd ~

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