Review by Arcreium

Reviewed: 04/20/11

For something so simple, it is way fun

Battalion Wars 2 is the sequel to a squad command strategy level action game. This game is like the first in terms of broad-spectrum idea, but it is way more.

Story 8/10

The story begins in a flash-back tutorial of the Solar Empire taking down the Iron Legion. After the flash-back tutorial the player takes command as the Solar Empire is trying to reclaim their territory from the invading Anglo Isles. The Anglo Isles are under the belief that the Solar Empire is building a secret weapon. Later it is learned that something is amidst during the second campaign in the game. The mystery only continues as the Solar Empire counter-attacks the Anglo Isles. All in the entire story is a little strange yet kind of funny sometimes. Using flash-backs to help tell the story was really a brilliant idea that is so rarely seen outside of the RPG world. The only problem is it helps to have played the first game in order to understand certain things. Outside of that the story serves its function very well.

Graphics/Sound 7/10

The game looks good. The animation is bright and colorful which maybe a little weird for war, but none the less it is visually appealing. The music is catching to say the less, and well fitted for the kind of combat that this game features. The sound effect in the gameplay are a little weak, but forgivable. The voice acting is nothing grand, but it is well-mannered nevertheless. The cinemas look good, sound good, and capture the attention easily. Not bad.

Gameplay 8/10

The game play is pretty good. You take control of one of you soldiers in your battalion from a third person perspective. You can switch to control another trooper or even things like tanks, planes, or boats if any are in you battalion. Every solider or combat vehicle has there own unique specialty. For example, Bazooka Veterans are best at tank killing, Flame Veterans are experts at taking down infantry, and so on. This is one of those game that having the instruction manual will help, because it tells what every trooper is good for, and whether on not certain armies have certain men or not. On the field you have the ability to command you men as well as play one. You can send the whole battalion to do something or pick certain troops to, while other wait or do something else. This game has more than one campaign, and you get to play a different army in almost every different campaign. There are secrets to unlock. Online multi-player is usually very fun. What can I say; Battalion Wars 2 is a major improvement from the first game.

Play Time/ Replayablity 6/10

The main story can be completed by some rather quickly, but even with that there is still the secrets and online play if you have it. This game is probably good for a play through maybe a second one if you feel up to it, but without the online play it will probably get boring relatively quickly.

Overall Score 7/10

Well, basically it is like electronic toy soldiers with more action and a way better story. Not a bad game, defiantly worth picking up.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Battalion Wars 2 (US, 10/29/07)

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