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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent(DA) is a stealth based First Person Shooter(FPS). The game focuses on slowly and silently removing all enemies and traces of them, from sight. This is not a casual game and if you are not familiar with the Splinter Cell series, or not a serious gamer you may want to look elsewhere. Assuming you are a serious gamer, let's continue.

Why get this on the Wii?

Simple. The controls. Ubisoft did a good job of using the wii-mote, especially considering how early on the game was released for the Wii. If graphics are your thing, look elsewhere, but if you do not mind, the wii-mote makes the game.

Gameplay? awesome

Nothing out of the ordinary, wii-mote is used for: looking around, primary fire, start/select/, and action button while nunchuck has: moving around, secondary fire, and crouch/stand, jump. Other minigames uses various movements from the wii-mote which are fun and spread out well as not to get boring. You can shoot your way through the game, but good luck, you have little ammo and the guards will pull the alarm before shooting back. You could also go the entire game and not shoot a single round however, that too would involve a lot unnecessary work. The game however promotes a balance, which admittingly prefers sneaky around. You will never play a single level the same, the guards will change up their routes and react intelligently too your actions.

Sound? great

Do not take sound for granted every, great graphics and great controls will crumble without good sound, however good sound can not save a game with bad graphics and bad controls. The game in keeping with the stealth nature has no background noise, however when things get violent or the alarms are pulled dramatic music comes up. Voice acting is great, there is no question that Sam Fisher is not a secret agent. The real winner is the ambient noise, guards have conversations and talk to themselves when they are alone and different tools and objects make noises, for example you can hear the humming of hard-drives in near by computers.

Story? good

The game is played as a flashback. To be fair the story is somewhat interesting, but I am in it for the stealth not the lives of billions of fictional people.

Level Design? killer

The team who makes these games left plenty of options for replayability, disregarding the fantastic AI, the levels, are expansive and offer several ways to go through the level. The realistic types of lighting and differences in objects for each location is astounding. I know this sounds silly but having different looking creates in each level, is really impressive.

Replayability? Second to none

This game is what a Next-gen game should be. I find myself dying frequently and when I do the gaurds always change up their patterns, which is annoying, but fun.

last comments: I have not played other Splinter Cell games and can not compare this to the others, however I think that is a departure from the true nature of the series which consistently pushed the graphical barrier of the previous generation. At the end of the day, a kill feels extremely satisfying in this game, and if are looking for a departure from the usual run and gun game, I recommend this game. I say rent. The game too far from most games to flat-out buy it and a lot of people will struggle with the controls, but I like knowing that after a long day, I have the option to load-up the game and take things slow.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/10/07

Game Release: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent (US, 11/28/06)

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