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    FAQ/Walkthrough by bodo_parkour

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/13/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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         |____|__ \____/|__|   \____/|__|  |__|___|  /   __(____  /
                 \/                                \/|__|       \/ 
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                                     Nintendo  Wii
                                     Version  1.00
                             Last Updated: 13th April 2009
                                Written by bodo_parkour
     Table of Contents
      1.  Introduction
      2.  Version History
      3.  Game Basics
      4.  Controls
      5.  Walkthrough
        a.  Park
             - 01  The Very First Stage
             - 02  Road with No Walls
             - 03  Gather and Go
             - 04  Snaky Slope
             - 05  Scissor Cut!
             - 06  Be Brave
             - 07  Get Over There!
             - 08  Whirlpool Wave
             - 09  Up Down Which Way
             - 10  Forward and Back
        b.  Candyland
             - 11  Ups and Downs
             - 12  Round Surface
             - 13  Round and Round
             - 14  Skip to my Lou
             - 15  Cannon Boom!
             - 16  Ring Ring
             - 17  Fly to Tomorrow!
             - 18  Lost in a Maze
             - 19  Surprise Drop
             - 20  Jagged Ice Rink
        c.  Daytown
             - 21  Whirlpool Swirl
             - 22  3D Road
             - 23  Slopy Highway
             - 24  Afraid of Heights
             - 25  Half-eaten Apple
             - 26  Ring Ring Ring
             - 27  Skinny Road
             - 28  Cannon Smash!
             - 29  Up Down Over
             - 30  Run! Solarbeam
        d.  Toyland
             - 31  Smooth Moves
             - 32  The Arch Bridge
             - 33  Long Icy Way
             - 34  Hexagon of Fear
             - 35  Log Rail
             - 36  Zigzag Conveyor
             - 37  Treasure Hunt
             - 38  Sky Walkway
             - 39  The Three Plates
             - 40  Left. Right. Left
        e.  Nighttown
             - 41  Hexagon of Fear 2
             - 42  Just a Bit More?
             - 43  Risky Tightrope
             - 44  Crossroads of Fate
             - 45  Climb to Heaven
      6.  Extra Stages
        a.  Bonus Stages
             - A)  Deep into Space
             - B)  Space Station
             - C)  Amazing Space
             - D)  UFO Invasion!
             - E)  Edge of the Galaxy
        b.  Secret Stages
             - Secret Stage 1
             - Secret Stage 2
             - Secret Stage 3
             - Secret Stage 4
             - Secret Stage 5
             - Secret Stage 6
             - Secret Stage 7
             - Secret Stage 8
             - Secret Stage 9
             - Secret Stage 10
             - Secret Stage 11
             - Secret Stage 12
             - Secret Stage 13
             - Secret Stage 14
             - Secret Stage 15
        c.  Mirror Mode
        d.  Mirrored Bonus Stages
        e.  Mirrored Secret Stages
      7.  Balls
      8.  Background Music
      9.  Conclusion
    To jump to a specific section, type ctrl+f or cmd+f then copy and paste the
    section number and section header exactly as they are in the table of contents
    except for the stage names. For those, do not type in the "-"s. If you miss out
    the full stop or the two spaces, you will not find the section you are looking
     1.  Introduction
    Hi, and welcome to my FAQ for Kororinpa (Wii). It's a puzzle game where you
    tilt a stage around in order to navigate a marble or other circular object to
    the goal. It's quite easy for the first 20 or so stages but then the difficulty
    level rockets, and some later stages can be very hard. The developers added
    replay value in the form of extra stages, so if you buy this title, it should
    keep you playing for quite a length of time.
    I hope you enjoy this walkthrough and find all the information you need. If you
    have any complaints, suggestions, questions, or comments, my contact
    information can be found in the conclusion of this guide. Enjoy!
     2.  Version History
    Version 0.10 - 29th July 2008 - 6kb
    Finished sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and the first stage in the game.
    Version 0.30 - 11th April 2009 - 25kb
    Finished 23 stages.
    Version 0.55 - 12th April 2009 - 39kb
    Finished 37 stages.
    Version 1.00 - 13th April 2009 - 70kb
    All 45 main stages completed as well as all 5 bonus stages and the 15 secret
    stages. Balls, Background Music, Conclusion, and the rest of section 6
    completed. First public release.
     3.  Game Basics
    In Kororinpa, you use the Wii Remote to manipulate a stage, on which there is
    a marble (other balls are available, but for the purpose of this guide, I'll
    just use the marble). Tilting the Wii Remote to the right will make the on-
    screen stage do the same, and as a result, the marble will roll downhill.
    Kororinpa is capable of completely 360 degree tilting, so you have the ability
    to turn stages sideways and upside down. 
    The object of Kororinpa is to get the marble from it's starting point to a
    goal, which will only light up once you collect all of the orange crystals
    strewn throughout the stage. A meter in the corner of the screen tells you
    how many you have left to find before the goal will accept the marble. If you
    touch the goal without collecting all of the orange crystals, you will start
    again (without resetting the timer) at the start. This will also happen any
    time you fall off, and because it takes a moment or two to move your marble
    back to the starting point or checkpoint, you will add valuable seconds to
    your time.
    If you complete a stage quickly enough, you will be awarded either a bronze,
    silver, or gold medal, and these are displayed along with the top five times
    on every stage's high-score board. If you collect enough gold medals, you can
    unlock five (even harder) bonus stages.
    As well as the orange crystals, which you have to collect, each stage has one
    green crystal somewhere difficult to reach. The collecting of these green
    crystals is not mandatory, but if you collect all forty five, you will unlock
    14 secret stages. I will explain the whereabouts of these crystals and how to
    collect them in the walkthrough.
     4.  Controls
    The Wii Remote is held in the remote position, without any peripherals
    attached to it.
     Menu Controls
        Directional Pad - Select menu option
               A Button - Confirm
               B Button - Back
     Game Controls
        Tilt Wii Remote - Stage tilts
               A Button - Send marble to last checkpoint or stage beginning
               B Button - Access pause menu
                             -In the pause menu, you can access a map screen and
                              restart the stage you are on as well as many other
    At any point, you can press the HOME Button to bring up the Home menu.
     5.  Walkthrough
    NOTE: When going for gold medals, don't bother with the green crystals. You can
    do stages more than once, so it's not a problem if you miss them the first
    few times.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       a.  Park
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     01  The Very First Stage
    Tilt the remote forward, collecting the two crystals. Now send the marble to
    the left, to the last crystal, and the stage goal. For a gold medal, tilt the
    stage so that the marble will go through the first two crystals in one go,
    then quickly turn and collect the last crystal. The green crystal in this
    stage is on a sideways platform to the right of the second crystald. If you 
    want to collect it, lean into the edge, and tilt the remote 90 degrees to the
    right, keeping it centered. If you timed it right, you will drop on to the
    small platform with the green crystal. To save some time and effort, simply
    press A to send your marble back to the beginning of the stage, and then 
    complete the stage as you normall would.
     02  Road With No Walls
    Tilt the level forwards then right, to collect the crystal. Then tilt the
    stage all the way forward, and left, over the two arches. The third crystal is
    at the end of these arches. Now watch out for the path downwards, which has no
    walls, then go right and down to the goal. If you want to collect the green
    crystal, you can find it down a set of 'steps' just after the last orange
    crystal. As the steps have no walls to protect you, be careful descending. Do
    not tilt too far to the left. Once you get the crystal, you'll find it easier
    to start again at the beginning than to climb back up the stairs so press A
    and roll all the way back round to the goal.
     03  Gather and Go
    Roll forward and left. When you get to a magnetic pole, tilt left and you'll
    be picked up and move in that direction. Follow the pole around and when you
    reach it's end, tilt away from it to drop off and continue. Soon, you'll see
    another magnetic pole. This time, when tilting away from it to get off, don't
    tilt too far forward or you'll fall off the edge, beyond the wall. Roll around
    the semi-circle to complete the level. If you're looking for the green crystal,
    it's back at the start. From the starting position, tilt the remote backwards,
    so it's pointing up like you're holding an umbrella. Collect the crystal, then
    press A to end back up at the start. If you want to get a gold medal, use
    coming off the magnetic poles to your advantage.
     04  Snaky Slope
    From the start, roll left. Avoid the two patches of honey and collect the
    orange crystal. Continue following the circles down the way, until you reach
    a patch of blue ground, which is ice. Ice speeds you up but makes it much
    harder to turn. Roll into it, and get the crystal just beyond it. Next, you
    should watch out for two more honey patches, and after that, two patches of
    ice. Then, avoid one more patch of honey and roll into the goal. To get the
    green crystal, watch the walls just before the first patch of ice. There will
    be a patch of wall missing and if you drop through that you'll pick up the
    green crystal. If you're going for gold, then remember the exact positions of
    the honey patches and avoid them when you speed down.
     05  Scissor Cut!
    From the start, roll up the hill. Don't tilt it too steepily, or you will fly
    over the wall into nothingness. The green crystal can be found by falling off
    towards you just as the wall disappears, if you want. If not, roll to the
    right, then wait until the giant scissors open before continuing. Don't worry
    if you hit the scissors while they're shut though, it'll only knock you back a
    little bit. Then roll left, through another pair of scissors and roll up the
    hill to your right. This'll be the first of many times you'll have to roll the
    marble along a path that's not level. Keep the remote sideways until the path
    turns back to the left. Drop down, and roll left, staying in the centre of the
    wide path. Stray to the edges, and you could fall off. Now simply roll into the
    goal. If you're trying to get the gold medal, you can skip out the first pair
    or scissors by dropping down to get the green crystal then landing on the
    path. Tilt right to pick up the crystal the way you should have come, then roll
    left to continue the level as usual.
     06  Be Brave
    Roll around until you're behind the starting point. Get your balance centred
    then tilt slightly right to drop down whilst not falling off. Just to the left
    is the green crystal so pick that up then go right. When you reach the conveyor
    belt, get on it and tilt moderately to the right. If you timed it right, you'll
    end up on quite a wide platform. Watch out for the small drop then go left,
    turning the path sideways. Tilt back to the right on the path down, but slow
    down once it begins to level out. Make sure the remote is completely centered
    forwards and backwards then roll slightly right. After a couple of drops, roll
    into the goal.
    On this stage, there are many things you can do to get a gold. First off, from
    the start, tilt the remote back sligtly, just enough to send you backwards to
    the first crystal. Then roll forwards onto the conveyor belt and roll off it
    straight into the next crystal. Finally, when you're going downhill, if you go
    fast enough, you can fly off the first, edge, bounce off the second exactly
    where the crystal is and land straight in the goal.
     07  Get Over There!
    Roll quickly down the slope to your right. Slow down eventually and tip the
    marble on to the little ledge. Now tilt the remote left and the marble should
    hop on to the next path. You'll be repeating this a lot throughout the game so
    remember how to do it. Do exactly the same once this path finished, and collect
    the green crystal which is just a bit further to the left, then hop right into
    the goal.
     08  Whirlpool Wave
    Roll to the right, in and out of the little dip, and then turn left to go
    straight ahead. Then go left and downwards. Once you see the starting point
    above you, slow down and go right. Pass two little hills, collect the crytal,
    then go up again. These roads do not have walls but they are slightly semi-
    circle shaped so you should be fine. Follow the path left and down, then roll
    left into the cannon. The cannon will fire you up. Once it fires you, tilt a
    little bit left to land on the platform. Now just roll left to the finish. For
    this stage, a gold medal is quite hard to get. Learn how many hills and dips
    there are in each direction, and where the crystals are. To get the green
    crystal, go to the longest path leftwards. Now tilt 90 degrees left to jump
    over on to a faraway platform. If you aimed correctly, you will hit the green
    crystal. Jump back to the right to return to the main road, and roll south to
    continue the stage.
     09  Up Down Which Way
    From the start, roll slowly up the hill and come back round to the left through
    a pair of scissors. Collect the orange crystal, find the centre of balance,
    then 'leap' to the right, over the road you started at, to a wide road. Wait
    until the moving platform comes back down to the bottom, then get on it. Stay
    on it until it returns to the bottom then roll uphill. Go round 'til the road
    ends and here you can do two things. You can wait for the platform to come up
    and get you, which will waste time if you're trying to get a gold, or you can
    jump, which is quicker, and you can try and get the green crystal on the way
    down. Either way, you'll end up on a road that goes down the way. Follow it,
    through a pair of scissors, and you'll find the goal.
     10  Forward and Back
    This is one of my favourite stages. Start off by rolling up to the right,
    collecting the orange crystal. Roll back down the hill except this time take
    the other path which leads away from the starting point. Now do the same thing
    except the other way round. Once you've done that, use the magnetic pole to
    roll onto the next road. Repeat what you've done two times already, and this
    time, take the right hand path. Go round the circular path and when you reach
    the top, there will be a section with walls missing. Fall off to the north to
    pick up the green crystal and re-climb this road. Now continue along the road
    until you get to a point where you've hit a dead-end. Roll the stage forward
    whild you're on the rectangular bit of road and the road will slide that way.
    When you can get off safely to the right, roll up the hill away from you to
    get an orange crystal then roll back down, this time taking the right hand
    road. Follow the path and you'll reach the road. When replaying the stage to
    get a gold medal, watch out you take the correct paths after rolling down the
    hills, and watch out for the bit of road with the missing walls where you
    picked up the green crystal.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       b.  Candyland
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     11  Ups and Downs
    Roll the marble round the little U shaped road, and be careful so you don't
    fall off. Roll round to the left, and wait for the platform with two walls to
    come down to you. Roll onto it, and stay in the corner, so you don't fall. When
    it reaches the higher road, tilt the remote away from you to roll the marble
    forwards. Get your balance centred then carefully roll down the steps, keeping
    the marble in the middle of the road as much a possible. Wait for the pink
    platform to come back up then get on it. Now, if you tilt the remote back here,
    you'll roll towards you, picking up the green crystal, and landing on the
    next orange one. From here, roll round the semi-circle and into the goal. One
    tip for getting a gold medal is: when you start the stage, if you roll quickly
    enough to the first moving platform, you can get on it before it goes up. If
    you don't go really quickly however, you will have to spend valuable seconds
    waiting for it to come back down for you.
     12  Round Surface
    Before you move, tilt the remote forwards to make sure you're definately going
    that way before the timer starts. Keep in the center of the swiss roll or else
    you'll tumble over the edge. Roll pretty much in a straight line until you
    reach an orangle roll. If you look closely, underneath the surface of this is
    a line of oranges. Stay above this line and you are in the centre. Drop to the
    right, collect the orange crystal, and stay on the dark chocolate line in the
    middle, rolling right. Drop once again on to an orange roll, remembering the
    orange line. Be careful with the next drop. Tilt too far and you will miss the
    crystal and drop down too far, in which case you need to start the course 
    again. Drop down straight in the middle on to the orange crystal, then drop
    once again on to another long log. Follow it along then drop off forwards once
    you reach it's end.
    From here, slowly roll backwards and you'll pick up the green crystal right at
    the edge. Now roll forwards towards the next crystal, where the road'll turn
    left. Collect the last crystal which is on the last swiss roll, then roll
    carefully towards you until you find thee short road which leads to the goal.
    This stage is hard to gold with, as you need to calculate the curvy surfaces
    when making larger drops.
     13  Round and Round
    There are two quick paths to completing this stage. One is quicker but more
    dangerous, and should be used only when trying to get a gold medal. The other
    takes a little bit longer but is safer. I will detail both here.
    The first method, which saves you quite a lot of time, is to get the crystal
    in front of you and to the left, and then to tilt the remote to the back to
    jump the gap. Now go slightly to the left and get the next crystal. Now roll
    forwards and up on to the ramp on the left, getting the crystal and dropping
    down to the brown layer. Head back towards the camera and up the ramp to the
    left for another crystal. Now roll back towards the camera and just before the
    path suddenly stops, there is a ramp. Get the crystal on that ramp, and drop
    off again, back on to the brown path. Head right until you reach another ramp
    with a crystal, and use that, drop off, and go right to the next ramp. After
    getting this crystal, if you roll back towards the camera (brown path), you 
    will come to a final ramp. After using this, roll forwards, picking up a final
    orange crystal. The goal is on the far side of this outer path, so roll into
    The longer route merely cuts out the jump at the beginning. Instead, collect
    the first crystal as before, then head back round clockwise round the circle
    to the other side of the bit you jumped. Collect that crystal, then proceed as
    The green crystal is on a section which raises and lowers periodically.
     14  Skip to my Lou
    For this stage, start off by rolling towards the camera and round to the right.
    Now make sure the remote is centered, not tilting forward or backwards, and
    fall off the edge, now you have to make your way down the ledges. This will be
    okay provided you do not tilt the remote forwards or backwards at all. When you
    reach the bottom, make sure you DO tilt the remote slightly sideways, or you'll
    fall into the hole in the centre.
    The path continues towards the camera, and then tilts left. Now to drop off,
    you have to tilt the remote 90 degrees left, so do that, and simply follow the
    path to the goal. There are no sections of the wall missing from here to the
    goal, so feel free to lean against them.
    The green crystal is on a vertical ledge forward of where the start point is.
    To get it, tilt the remote slightly forwards from the start point, and once you
    get the crystal, press the A button to save you the bother of attempting to
    get back on to the main path.
     15  Cannon Boom!
    From the start, roll left into the cannon, then when it fires you, tilt left
    to land on the next platform. Do the same twice more and follow the path
    towards the camera.
    Now repeat what you did for the ledges in the previous stage, and when you
    reach the bottom, tilt the remote forwards to bring the moving platform to
    you. Get on the platform, and roll towards the camera. You can grab the green
    crystal if you so wish, then go right and through the small hole in the middle
    into the goal.
     16  Ring Ring
    Roll left, grabbing the crystal, and fall into the tube. Now roll to the right
    side of the circle, either way, and go underneath the door when it raises up.
    Fall into this tube and repeat for this circle. Now, when you go down the tube,
    one of the walls is missing from the circle, so lean into the outer edge of
    the circle if you need to then drop down into the centre, trying to grab the
    green crystal on the way down.
    The platform you land on has an orange crystal in the centre, so roll into that
    and through the tube to the goal.
     17  Fly to Tomorrow!
    Carefully roll down the steps to your left then round the bend. Tilt the remote
    quite far to the right to jump the gap, then roll round the next bend. Jump
    over this gap too and round yet another bend then over another gap. Roll left
    along the path then drop off and on to the pancake, collecting both an orange
    and the green crystal. Now roll left and into the goal to finish the stage.
     18  Lost in a Maze
    From the start, go to the left and up then as far as you can go , then down,
    to the first crystal. Then go back up to the top and down the next path, then
    take the first right for the second crystal. Now go down and left, sticking to
    the wall to avoid the hole in the floor, then go up and left to the next
    crystal. Now make your way from here up to the top right corner of the maze
    then go left for an orange crystal. Stay to the rightmost paths and go to the
    bottom right corner for the final orange crystal. Make your way back to the
    bottom left corner and drop down on to the path.
    If you want to get the green crystal, use the really thin path in the middle,
    otherwise go the long way round until the paths join up. Go towards the camera
    and roll downhill and into the goal.
     19  Surprise Drop
    Watch you don't fall off the edge and roll left, down on to the platform with
    the orange crystal and the hole in it. The green crystal is off the forward
    edge just before you drop off. After going through the hole, watch out for
    holes in this platform, get the orange crystal, and then roll to the bottom
    left. Now roll off the edge and straight through the tube to the goal.
     20  Jagged Ice Rink
    Tip the controller backwards and roll to the bottom. Now do like you did in
    a previous stage and roll round the bend and over the gap. Now be very careful
    and make only slight movements on the ice. Avoid both of the whole and collect
    the orange crystal in the bottom right corner before going forwards to another
    orange crystal. Go left, avoiding more holes and when you reach the end of the
    ice path. Now follow the linear path until you reach doors which open and shut.
    When they open, roll through and be careful of the bit where the wall
    disappears. Follow the path towards you and down the steps then left into the
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       c.  Daytown
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     21  Whirlpool Swirl
    From the start of the stage, roll around the circle to the orange crystal in
    the middle then drop through the hole and roll towards the camera. Now go left
    and use the magnet to reach the next circle (tilt 90 degrees to the left).
    After getting to the edge of the circle, use the next magnet which leads you
    to another one. The green crystal is here if you want it. After the magnets, 
    roll right until you reach an orange crystal, at which point you should tilt
    the remote backwards to continue. Follow this path, then return the remote to
    the normal position to get the final crystal. Roll backwards into the goal to
    complete the level.
     22  3D Road
    Roll forwards and collect the crystal. Then go clockwise round the square,
    collecting crystals as you go, until you reach the bottom right corner. Roll on
    to the little box thingey, then tilt the remote to get on to the next main
    Roll left and into the small cutaway. In here, roll right to bring the moving
    section of the path to you. Move on to that, and if you want the green crystal,
    roll to the left on it. Anyway, roll off the other end. When the small moving
    platform gets to your side, move on to it and use it to reach the next
    crystal. Now roll right, forward, and left to the final crystal and the goal.
     23  Slopy Highway
    I think this is the trickiest stage yet. The road tips in different directions
    so you have to be careful as thinking a road is straight will knock you off
    the edge really quickly. From the start, head forward along the path until you
    reach a conveyor belt. Now, use it to reach the next platform and from here,
    continue along the path. Watch out, as it isn't always straight, but tilts 
    quite a bit to the right.
    Anyway, continue along it until it becomes much narrower. There's a horrible
    tile at the bend where it goes right, so watch out for that. If you want, the
    green crystal can be picked up by dropping off to the left at the right point.
    Once you get the final crystal, the road goes right in a straight line with no
    tilts so you don't have to worry anymore.
     24  Afraid of Heights
    Centre the remote using the compass in the corner then go towards the camera.
    As soon as there is a wall, lean into it on whichever side you wish, and look
    underneath the path. there is a small moving block, and when it directly under-
    neath the orange crystal, collect it and drop through the hole, to land on the
    moving platform.
    When the moving platform gets to the left, drop off precisely on to the next
    stretch of road. Roll along the road to the next hole, except this time, you
    can just drop through it as the road beneath just stays where it is.
    Unfortunately though, the third hole does have a moving platform beneath. So,
    simply lean into the wall and look over the side then drop through at the
    correct time. Now follow the roud and drop through the next hole to a platform
    with two holes in it. The one one the left leads to a green crystal but is much
    harder, and the one on the right is the easier path to take.
    Whichever you choose to take, just follow it to the goal.
     25  Half-eaten Apple
    First off, why this stage is a giant apple shaped path, I do not know. Anyway,
    follow the road, round the circle and through the tubes, until you end up on
    top of a giant leaf. Now roll towards the camera and off the leaf, into the
    hollowed out path. Follow it round to the orange crystal an onwards. When you
    reach a section which raises and lowers, ride it up on to the surface of the
    apple if you want the green crystal (it's over to the right). Continue along
    the hollowed pathway, past another raising section, an orange crystal, and a
    second raising section. Once you pick up the final orange crystal, use the road
    you can see near the end of the hollowed section, drop on to it and roll along
    it to the goal.
     26  Ring Ring Ring
    To start, tilt left and drop off down to the circular road. Now follow it round
    the side closest to you, and drop off the end of that to the next ring. Again
    use the side closest to you and this time, use the two curved sections of road
    to reach the third ring. Watch out for the little truck obstacle and again make
    your way round to the other side of the ring and drop off the end. On this
    level, the green crystal can be obtained by dropping off the end as before.
    Unless you want that green crystal, use the steps in front of you to get to the
    next ring. Go anticlockwise round the circle this time and when you reach the
    end, make sure the remote is centred exactly, as the final circle does not
    have any walls at all. Collect the final crystal and take the only path off
    to the goal.
     27  Skinny Road
    As the title of this stage may suggest, this stage comprises of very thin roads
    so practice keeping the remote very straight before attempting this.
    Go forward and up the small slope, collect the crystal, then wait for the
    moving platform to your right. Use that to reach the next section of road and
    follow it until you reach a sideways section. Here, to get back on to the
    straight bit of road, lean into the wall/floor and tilt the remote back to its
    straight position. Now do the opposite for the sideways section up ahead. Now
    use the magnet, and at the other end of that, just before the wall starts, you
    can drop off the edge closest to the camera to get the green crystal. Go
    through the hole, nabbing the orange crystal on the way and go through the
    checkpoint. Now if you fall off, you will end up back here.
    Now roll through the covered tubing, taking your time, and when you reach the
    end, watch where you land because there are four hole on the road you don't
    want to fall into. Continue along the path towards you, dropping off where
    needed, go through the funnels, and land in the goal to finish the stage.
     28  Cannon Smash!
    Roll left and straight into the cannon. Tilt left when it fires you to land
    neatly on the road. Follow it round, being careful not to go too quickly on
    the big drop required, then roll into the next cannon. This time, tilt to the
    right when it fires you. Once you land, tilt the remote 90 degrees to the right
    and wait for the moving section of the wall to move all the way in before
    proceeding past it. It will try and knock you off. After you get past it,
    return the remote to the upright position and continue.
    When you get to the cannon, tilt right after being fired to collect the green
    crystal otherwise tilt left. Not too far left though, or else you'll simply
    roll off the edge of the next platform, as there are no walls to protect you.
    Now use the alternating platforms to make your way down to the final section of
    the road where you'll see a small hole. Just through that is the goal.
    Now just a quick reminder that this guide is coyprighted and if it's found
    anywhere that's not gaemfaqs or gaemspot, then please email me to let me know.
    The three misspellings there are intentional. Now, back to the guide.
     29  Up Down Over 
    Roll to the right and drop off on to the next platform. Tilt 90 degrees to the
    right and roll along that path. Repeat this quite a few times until you reach
    a section where the path splits in two. Take the right hand fork and again,
    tilt 90 degrees to the right to continue forwards. Now take the right fork
    again in order to return to the upright roads. At the next fork in the path,
    take the left option and hop down the steps all the way to the goal.
     30  Run! Solarbeam
    Roll round the curve to the left and each time you drop down, continue. Roll
    over the zigzag section, then along a pretty self-explanatory path to the first
    solarbeam you'll see going round in a circle on the next section of road.
    Stick close behind it so it doesn't sneak up on you and grab the orange crystal
    before continuing. I'd recommend pausing the game (B button) then using the
    'map' option to get a better look of the layout of all the solarbeams. For the
    next one, follow it round to get the crystal and then go to the right.
    When you reach the third solarbeam, you will see that it moves much, much
    quicker than the others. Be extremely quick and follow it round to get the
    orange crystal and the green crystal if you want it, then go right alont the
    curved path straight into the goal.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       d.  Toyland
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     31  Smooth Moves
    From now on, I'm not going to explain EVERY SINGLE detail of each stage as if
    you have come this far, you know how to convert to 90 degrees either way and
    all about being being cautious.
    From the start, follow the path until you reach some ice with holes in it.
    Remember to only make very slight movements on the ice. Once you've collected
    the orange crystal, roll along the path. There's a really massive jump so tilt
    quite far for that, but when you land, quickly tilt the other way as there is
    a gap in the wall.
    Now continue along the path, collecting crystals as you see them. When you
    reach the end of the path, the goal is on a small path to the left, and the
    green crystal is right at the end of the path you're on currently.
     32  The Arch Bridge
    Go right and over the two archways, collecting the orange crystal as you go.
    You'll see two conveyor belts, each one going in the opposite direction. Tilt
    the opposite direction from the direction each belt is moving in to avoid being
    thrown off.
    Go right and on to a platform with angled edges. You'll have to tilt slightly
    to combat the angles of the path. Take the right hand path, bearing in mind
    that that tilts the other way. Continue along this path, taking the left option
    when needed. Follow the path and when you see a hole, enter it, and while in
    it, revert the remote to the upright position to emerge from the tube and go
    straight into the goal. If you don't you'll come out and go flying into
     33  Long Icy Way
    Roll along the path, balancing carefully until you reach a section with a
    moving platform. Go into the little walled zone and tilt to the left to bring
    the platform over. Get on it and tilt to the right then follow the path.
    Now be sure to balance extremely carefully as this section of road is rather
    narrow. Once you reach the end of it you'll enter a maze. Head over to the
    orange crystal then go down to a hole in the road. Enter that. At the other
    end, follow the path once again to another checkpoint.
    Now tilt the remote forward to call over a moving platform and when it arrives,
    get on it and tilt backwards. Now roll along the path, balancing carefully at
    the very thin section of road just after you return to the upright position.
    Go through a couple of funnels, all of them upright, to reach the goal.
     34  Hexagon of Fear
    Go forward and on to the mound for the first crystal, then go down the steps
    to enter the hexagons of 'fear'. As you probably noticed, the hexagons are all
    angled and have holes in them so beware and remember to counter-tilt to avoid
    falling through. Make your way to the lower left hexagon for the green crystal
    then go to the left one to continue along the path. Keep your balance on the
    two moving platforms then roll off them and into the goal.
     35  Log Rail
    Go right and roll between the two logs to the next section of road. Now watch
    out for one of those fast solar beams then drop on to a smaller set of logs.
    Follow the sets of logs to a hexagon where you'll find an orange crystal.
    Now, the green crystal is along a very thin path to the right but if this is
    your first time doing this stage, I'd ignore it for now. Instead, follow the
    alternate path to the goal.
     36  Zigzag Conveyor
    From the start, drop down to the first orange crystal then go right, dropping
    to a sideways road like you've done before. When you reach the second crystal,
    do exactly the same, then go right and through the wooden rings to the next
    path and a;
    Roll through 4 alternating conveyor belts (there's a green crystal at the edge
    of the final one if you want to get it) then continue. Go right to a hexagon
    then go up a slope and await the moving platform. After that, nab the orange
    crystal then wait for another moving platform to your left. Drop through the
    centre of the hexagon you come to for the goal.
     37  Treasure Hunt
    From the start, take the first left for the first orange crystal, and then
    return to the centre for the second. Now take the second right and second left
    for two more, then finally, take the first right to continue along the path.
    Use the magnet when you get to it, then continue as before. After you return to
    an upright position, stop where you see the path go upwards directly in front
    of you and drop off towards the camera to get the green crystal if you want it.
    Otherwise, take the route you just saw in front of you after getting an orange
    crystal to the right first.
    Use the two moving platforms then follow the curved path round, but be careful
    as the wall will eventually disappear here. At the end of the path, drop
    forwards and on to the path that'll lead you straight to the goal.
     38  Sky Walkway
    Follow the path until it splits in two where you should just roll off the edge
    in between the two paths. The green crystal can be collected by going along
    either of the paths instead, then dropping down afterwards. Roll along, and
    when the path ends, wait for the moving platform to come to your right side.
    At the other end, roll into the:
    Get on the next moving platform which will come from the left. Now, this next
    section of pathway has no walls and changes from the right way up to angled
    a few times to be sure to keep a steady hand. When you reach the end, drop off
    on to the path with the wall at one end and roll in the opposite direction.
    You will reach a:
    Now repeat what you just did. When you reach a platform with two holes in it,
    move to the wall nearest the camera and peer over the edge. When the funnel
    tube thing is directly underneath the bottom right hole, roll into it but watch
    out for coming out the other end because there's a hole almost directly in
    front of you. At this point, you do exactly the same you just did for the
    bottom right hole but for the top left hole. When you come out of this one,
    lean into one of the walls on the left hand side and look down the two holes
    on the left. A tube alternates between them. It doesn't matter which one you
    fall into, but make sure the tube's in the right place first. Roll along the
    final bit of path to complete the stage.
     39  The Three Plates
    From the start, remember to counter-tilt the angle of the path, and when this
    path ends, tilt the remote 90 degrees to the right to fall on to the next
    section. It's pretty linear so follow it to it's end, then where the final
    orange crystal here is, turn the side of the small block into a ledge then tilt
    to the left to get on to the continuing path.
    Drop on to the plate, but be careful as it's all on an angle. Drop into the
    middle to continue, and grab the green crystal if you wish. Roll along the
    slide, ignoring the two false turnings, until you land on the next plate. Now
    keep the remote dead centred and only tilt forward or back. Follow the path
    Continue rolling straight for the camera and you'll drop into the next slide.
    As always, ignore the obvious wrong paths to nowhere and keep on the correct
    one. Tilt backwards as soon as you land, or else you'll just fall off, then
    follow the path round to get the orange crystals. Be careful, it's angled.
    When you reach the end, drop on to the walled path then roll straight into the
     40  Left. Right. Left
    Roll down to the hexagon, watching out for massive hole in it, and collect the
    orange crystal before continuing. When you drop down the curved slope, tilt to
    the right immediately and then position yourself so you can traverse the very
    thin stretch of path. Continue, converting to the right way up when you need
    Drop through the hole the crystal covers and when you reach the gap, tilt
    quite far to avoid falling through. Fall through the next hole then tilt to
    the left when you go down the curved slope to line yourself up properly.
    Now use the ledges to go up the slope, avoiding the three holes in the ground
    first. Tilt backwards at the second top right ledge if you want the green
    crystal and don't worry if you miss it. The checkpoint is nearby so you don't
    need to do a whole massice section again. Roll into the cannon and tilt right
    once fired. Now keep your balance on the steps, collect the last crystal,
    and drop into the goal.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       e.  Nighttown
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
     41  Hexagon of Fear 2
    Roll along the path and up and on to the mound for the first orange crystal.
    Continue down the steps to the first hexagon. Immediately counter-tilt the
    angle of the hexagon, it's steeper than you'd think from looking at it. Anyway,
    Roll round the edge of it and into the next hexagon, with steep angles like
    before, so remember to balance against it. Repeat for a third and fourth
    Drop into the hole and straight away, return the remote to an upright
    position. This means you won't fall out the holes in the tunnel. Once you
    reach a section with three holes like the one shown on the diagram, take the
    upper left hole and immediately tilt back upright. Now follow the slide to the
                                   | O O   |
                                   |       |
                                   | O   YOU
                                   |       |
     42  Just a Bit More?
    The path here is pretty simple to begin with. Follow it all way way to a
    checkpoint, watching out for the occasional 90 degree tilt and section with no
    When you reach two conveyor belts, tilt to overcome their powers and then
    follow the path, converting back upright at the bit with the ledge. Move very
    slowly and carefully at the section with the very narrow road and no walls
    until you reach the next:
    Here there are two ways to revert to an upright position, but the one closest
    to the camera is the one you want. Follow the path round to a red metal
    structure, at which point you should drop down the middle and the same once
    again. Now, be careful, because at this third metal structure, the section that
    isn't red it all missing, so don't roll into any of it, except the middle
    missing section which leads you to the goal.
     43  Risky Tightrope 
    As the title perhaps suggests, this stage is full of thin, narrow roads. From
    the start, follow the path round to the:
    Now, use the magnet like you've done before to reach the next section of road.
    Here's where it gets complicated. First of all, remember that EVERY TIME the
    direction of the road changes slightly, there will be some kind of angle change
    as well. Secondly, proceed EXTREMELY slowly and carefully as any kind of
    rushing will almost guarantee you falling to your imminent death. Once you've
    reached the end of that section, roll into the checkpoint.
    Wait for the block to have retracted completely, then carefully roll just past
    it, keeping your balance. Wait for the second block to just clear the path (do
    not rush this section or try and fit two blocks of movement into one time of
    the blocks retracting, it probably won't work). Repeat once more for the third
    block then continue.
    the left just before the checkpoint. Continue along the path, taking the narrow
    sections very slowly and carefully, until you reach the goal. Phew!
     44  Crossroads of Fate
    This stage has two possible paths, but I will only detail one of them here.
    From the start, go left and drop into the funnel. Try and tilt slightly left
    while doing this, so you land in the left hole. Continue dropping until you
    end up on a platform with many holes. Go through none of them and instead,
    roll to the bottom left and then continue along the path. When the path goes
    to the right, slow down, as there are sections that are missing from the road
    and will knock you off if you lean on them. Finally, drop into the funnel
    to land in the goal.
     45  Climb to Heaven
    You really need amazing balance for this stage so practice first. From the
    start roll forwards along the thinnest road yet. When you get near the end,
    drop down to the right and immediately tilt left before you fall off the edge.
    Get your sights lined up, so to speak, then continue. You do the same thing,
    except the other way round, next, but this time, watch out, because after the
    curved drop, the path is narrower, so you need to counter-tilt in time.
    Now do the same thing once again, and if you want the green crystal from this
    stage, just before you make a small hop to the next platform, drop down between
    the two to get it. Otherwise, continue. Now you do the same yet again, but at
    the bottom, there is a:
    Go right then use the left to get to the next path. Repeat this a couple of
    times, then use the ledge to make your way to the goal.
    Now, you deserve congratulations! You have completed all the main Kororinpa
    stages! Now you can attempt to unlock all of the bonus stages, secret stages,
    and mirrored stages. ^_^
     6.  Extra Stages
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       a.  Bonus Stages
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    To unlock all 5 bonus stages, you need 25 gold medals from any of the 45 main
    stages of the game.
     A)  Deep into Space
    From the start, go forwards and tilt the remote forwards to continue. When this
    path ends, return the remote to the normal position and the marble will fall
    on to a platform. Now do exactly the same for the next section then continue
    along the path. When you get to a section with holes in it, they're quite
    easy to avoid. Drop off at the end and roll into the cannon which you have to
    make fire you up and left into the checkpoint.
    Now follow the path as before, avoiding the holes (which is easy) and also
    the lava later on (which isn't as easy). Try and keep rolling in a straight
    line and you will be fine. Follow the path right and down a helter skelter.
    Tilt to the right when you get to the end of the path, and continue to the
    From here, fall down the tube then roll along to the magnet. Watch out landing
    after the magnet as there are no walls to protect you. Continue along the
    path all the way to the goal.
     B)  Space Station
    Get your balance then roll forwards and down the steps to your right then left
    into the first checkpoint. This section may take a few tries.
    When you reach the moving platform, tilt backwards to call it to you then
    use it to reach the next one. Now tilt forwards so it carries you to the next
    path. Now be wary of the sections missing from the path like an earlier stage.
    Once you've navigated that, follow the path left, avoiding the big hole in the
    middle to another:
    When you reach a small gap, tilt far left to roll over it, then immediately
    right so you don't go too far. Each small bit of the path here is angled
    differently, so proceed with caution, past a conveyor belt, a small section
    of platform, and finally, jump left into the goal.
     C)  Amazing Space
    Proceed with caution, for it is narrow with no walls. When you finall reach
    a curved slope, watch out for holes and the like, then fall off the end in the
    middle to continue. Now roll slowly along this next section, avoiding the
    holes in the middle until you reach a:
    The path from here until the next checkpoint contains nothing I haven't
    explained many times before, so simply make your way along to the next
    Like once before, here there are three moving blocks. When the path is clear,
    make your way past each of them, but not too quickly; trying to squeeze passing
    all three in one go is an easy way to get yourself knocked off the edge.
    Anyway, once you've passed these, continue along the path, balancing carefully
    at the sections with no walls present, to the next:
    Now roll along the path to a section with moving platforms. Here, wait until
    one of them is in a good positon for getting on to, then continue using the
    moving platforms to pass through an orange crystal and yet another checkpoint.
    From here, just follow the path and through some tubes to the goal.
     D)  UFO Invasion!
    From the start, roll left and on to the poles which will drop you down on to
    the first 'UFO'. Follow the path round until the wall ends and you can get on
    to a series of platforms which go up and down constantly. When the one you are
    on is higher than the next one, roll off and on to that one, then proceed until
    you reach the outer rim of the UFO. Now go clockwise to a cannon, which will
    fire you right and into a:
    Roll into the next cannon which shoots you through a series of cannons with
    different sized landings. Be very precise at the one with the narrow landing.
    You will come to a section with more raising and lowering platforms, and moving
    blocks as well. Proceed as before and don't try and make it all the way across
    in one go. At the end, drop through the tube.
    This is the second UFO. Go anti-clockwise round it, avoiding the hole and
    roll along the path. Make your way to the right of it then take the left
    path, avoiding the lava strips as you go. From here, roll downhill to the
    right, picking up an orange crystal, and through the spinning loop things. Do
    not let them distract you, and roll into the goal.
     E)  Edge of the Galaxy
    Follow the winding path to the first:
    Now make a jump to the left and roll into the cannon, which you should get
    fired left from. Roll on to the block with the arrows on it, and it will start
    to move. Stay on it until it stops moving then drop off in the direction the
    arrow points on the block to an orange crystal and the next section of the
    path. Use the magnet then continue to another checkpoint.
    Use the two moving platforms to continue, then make use of another magnet.
    After this, continue along the path forward and right to a:
    Continue along the path, but watch out as some of the angles are slightly off
    straight so you'll need to balance out to correct this. You will reach yet
    another (!) :
    Fall through the small hole when you get to it and make your way left. Wait for
    the moving platform to come to you, then roll on top of that. Then use the next
    moving platform to take you to a magnet so use that as soon as the platform
    gets underneath it. After this, there are two moving platforms then one that
    raises and lowers. All three should be used to help you get to the other side
    and to the rest of the path.
    You'll now come to two obtrusice blocks to pass when you can and continue on
    your way. Get on the moving platform then tilt to the right to make it move.
    Go over the conveyor belt to a checkpoint.
    Now just roll along the path avoiding the small strips of lava, which should be
    rather easy by now.
    The next section is icy, so remember to only make very slight movements to
    control the marble as you will slide all over the place. Watch out for sections
    where it gets thinner and eventually you'll come to a checkpoint.
    Make your way along the path to a section with purple goo on it. This is
    sticky and will hinder your movement, making it extremely slow. There's a
    patch of this, then a patch of ice straight after it. Then some more goo, and
    finally, some more ice.
    Here, there are steps but with ice on them. So roll left and when you reach
    the final one, try and aim the marble into the cannon. If you miss, don't worry
    as the checkpoint wasn't far away. After you get fired left, drop into the
    tube and to the goal.
    Congratulations, you've completed the bonus stages of Kororinpa!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       b.  Secret Stages
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    To unlock all 15 secret stages, find and collect all 45 green crystals in the
    ordinary stages, for 14 of the secret stages, and the 15th one is unlocked once
    you complete all of the other 14.
    Hold the 2 button down on the Wii Remote at the stage selection screen to
    access the secret stages. To go back to the normal stages, hold down the 2
    button again.
     Secret Stage 1
    Go left and collect all of the orange crystals. When you reach the end, drop
    down to the next path and repeat. Do this for all of the platforms, do not
    miss any crystals, then roll into the goal. If you miss any, you will have
    to press the A button to get back up to the top then go back down one by one
    as there is no other way back up.
     Secret Stage 2
    For this stage, I'd go all the way round the edge first, collecting all the
    orange crystals there are, then make two or three runs round the inner circle
    to collect the remaining crystals, then roll forwards into the goal.
     Secret Stage 3
    This stage is set out like a skiing slalom. The snow acts like ice, so you
    shouldn't exxagerate your movements. Simply slide down from side to side,
    collecting all the crystals then into the goal. If you miss any, you can slide
    back up the hill by tilting the remote far enough backwards.
     Secret Stage 4
    Roll right and up on to the mound for the first crystal. Then use the ramps
    to jump through the three hoops for three more crystals. After this, roll
    through the tunnel then up and along the thin path for two more. Finally, roll
    in between the poles for the last set of orange crystals then into the goal.
     Secret Stage 5
    This stage is shaped like a hand. To start off, roll up on to the thumb,
    collect the three crystals on that, then return to the palm of the hand and
    collect the three crystals there. Now collect the crystals at the tips of the
    index finger, the middle finger, the ring finger, and the pinky before
    returning to the base of the pinky and dropping to the right into the goal.
     Secret Stage 6
    Here, don't worry about the path disappearing, it's just invisible. Follow
    the long line of orange crystals round the circle a few times, collecting them
    all, then drop through the middle and roll into the goal. Simple as that.
     Secret Stage 7
    First of all, watch out for all of the holes in the ice.
    Slide forwards on to the ice and follow the long line of crystals, then return
    to the start of the stage. Now go left and along the left hand side of the
    stage for two crystals. Once you have found two, yet again, return to the
    starting point of the stage and go along the right edge. Circle around the
    right iceberg for some more, then over to the left iceberg, round that, then
    along to the middle ledge (there's a crystal in front of that. The map is
    helpful here for finding ones you've missed. Once you've got them all, roll
    into the goal at the far side of the stage.
     Secret Stage 8
    Tilt the remote 90 degrees forward then enter the hollowed out section and make
    your way uphill. When you reach the top, Go along to the right and roll back
    downhill again, collecting crystals as you go. You will fall straight into the
     Secret Stage 9
    This stage is a maze so I will provide directions from the start.
    Left, forward, left, crystal.
    Back to start, right to the end, forward, crystal.
    Left, down, left, crystal.
    Across moving platform, crystal.
    Forward, forward, crystal.
    Back to start, all the way to the left, forward, right, forward, left, crystal.
    Tilt all the way left to jump the gap to the next crystal and to end up at the
    extreme left again. Forward, right, down, crystal.
    Forward, left, crystal.
    Right, right, down, crystal.
    Forward, left, crystal.
    Right, forward, left corner, crystal.
    Back to start, left corner, forward, right, forward, crystal.
    Backwards, right, forward, right, across moving platform forward, left,
    Right, forwards, left, two crystals.
    Forward, right, backwards, left, crystal.
    Right, backwards, left, crystal.
    Backwards, crystal.
    Forward, right, backwards, final crystal.
    Forward and right to the goal in the forward righthand corner.
    Alternately, make your own route round, using the map to figure out the best
    ways for you to go.
     Secret Stage 10
    From the start, take the forward and left path then take the path
    backwards along the castle wall, being careful of the angled bits. Now take
    the path along the bottom castle wall to the bottom right corner. Collect all
    the crystals here then go back to the start with the A button. Tilt the remote
    backwards to land on the inside of the lower wall of the castle then collect
    the three crystals there. Now use the castle wall as a ledge to get back up on
    to the lower wall of the castle and go to the bottom right corner again. This
    time, take the left path back up to the middle of the castle and take the lower
    left path.
    Now go back to the bottom right corner and take the path along the right wall.
    When you reach the top right corner, go left along the top castle wall. At the
    end, drop off for a crystal. Back at the start point, take the right forward
    path for the final crystal then go forward at the centre of the castle to the
     Secret Stage 11
    Here' I'd start by going for the lower left orange crystal, then tilting 
    directly to the left to get on to the left platform, picking up the crystal
    in mid air as you do so. You should now go backwards and forwards between the
    left, middle, and right platforms, collecting all of the crystals, then roll to
    the goal in the centre of the middle platform.
     Secret Stage 12
    Roll to the right and on to the christmas tree. Roll round clockwise to the
    first crystal, then anticlockwise to the second. Now drop through the section
    with no ledge, collect the two on this level, and repeat. The third level has
    four crystals to collect. Do the same for the final two levels, then drop on to
    the snowman's hat, and from there, forward and slightly to the left to the
    goal platform, where you'll find the goal.
     Secret Stage 13
    Collect the first crystal on top of the mound, then use the ramps like a
    previous secret stage to jump through the rings three times. Then go through
    the tunnel as before. Roll up the ramp and along the windy path collecting more
    crystals, then slalom through the poles. Roll round the bend then through
    another tunnel. Now, go up the huge ramp and down the steps before rolling 
    along the path into the goal.
     Secret Stage 14
    Go forward then up the ramp. Continue forward, collect the crystal at the end,
    then go down the ramp at the top left. Go round the ring of crystals then go
    back to the start point with A. Now go right and tilt to make the jump over
    the big gap. Go round the ring as before then go back to the start. Now go
    right again, but this time, take the path forward and follow it round. When you
    get to a gap, go back to the start and go forward. After going up the ramp,
    roll to the right this time. There's a ramp to the right which takes you to
    a solitary crystal at the furthermost right corner. Go back up the ramp and
    forwards. Collect the only crystal then go to the southern wall of this part
    of the castle (you're on the east wall now). Roll up the side of the wall to
    the roof.
    Collect all of the crystal then go to the forward right side and go down the
    steps. Go back to the southern wall of the castle (where you climbed up), then
    tilt backwards to go to a ledge you've not been to yet. Follow it to the goal.
     Secret Stage 15
    Go along the path and drop off the end into the maze. Drop down to the lower
    section of the maze as soon as you can then collect all the crystals. At the
    lower right hand side of this is a ramp to the upper level. Go up that then
    collect all the upper crystals. Make your way to the left corner and drop down
    to the ledge there (you'll see an orange crystal which is where you should
    Go to the right and follow the path all the way to the bottom of the cube, then
    go round to the right hand face of the cube. Take the first right path possible
    and follow it as far as it goes. When it joins back on to the right face of the
    cube, go left then take the first right path. Roll through the tube, which goes
    uphill, then to finish, roll into the goal at the end of this path.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       c.  Mirror Mode
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    To unlock mirror mode, go through all 45 main stages of Kororinpa. In mirror
    mode, all the stages are exactly the same except that they have been flipped,
    so that what once was at the left side is now at the right side. The controls
    are still exactly the same (you don't have to tilt left to go right).
    To access mirror mode once unlocked, just tap the 2 button once. Press the 2
    button again to go back to the ordinary stages.
    As all the stages are the same, if you need help with any of them, go to the
    stage in the walkthrough and swap 'go left's for 'go right's.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       d.  Mirrored Bonus Stages
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    These are unlocked once you have completed the main 45 stages as well as the
    main bonus stages. For information on these, see the previous section of this
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
       e.  Mirrored Secret Stages
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    These can be accessed by completing all 45 main stages as well as all 15
    secret stages. To access them, press the 2 button once, then hold it down.
    To get back to the ordinary stages, not mirrored, do the same again.
     7.  Balls
    Response, speed, slide, and bounce statistics are all marks out of ten
             Ball Name  | Difficulty | Response | Speed | Slide | Bounce
            Marble      | Easy       | 8        | 2     | 5     | 7
            Ladybug     | Easy       | 8        | 2     | 4     | 7
            Cat         | Easy       | 6        | 2     | 1     | 6
            Candy       | Easy       | 8        | 6     | 6     | 7
            Dog         | Easy       | 5        | 2     | 1     | 7
            Pig         | Easy       | 5        | 2     | 1     | 7
            Penguin     | Easy       | 6        | 2     | 3     | 7
            Frog        | Easy       | 6        | 2     | 1     | 9
            Soccer Ball | Normal     | 9        | 6     | 7     | 9
            Basket Ball | Normal     | 9        | 6     | 7     | 10
            Rugby Ball  | Normal     | 8        | 6     | 7     | 7
            Watermelon  | Normal     | 9        | 6     | 9     | 7
            Car-Crunch  | Normal     | 3        | 8     | 9     | 8
            Gas Tank    | Normal     | 2        | 6     | 9     | 3
            UFO         | Hard       | 9        | 9     | 9     | 6
            Saturn      | Hard       | 1        | 10    | 9     | 1
            Galaxy      | Hard       | 1        | 10    | 9     | 1
            Charlie     | Hard       | 10       | 9     | 9     | 6
            Panda       | Super-Easy | 4        | 2     | 1     | 5
            Flash Ball  | ???        | 10       | 10    | 10    | 5
     8.  Background Music
    At the stage selection screen, change the background music by pressing the 1
     Heaven's Park
     Geometric Nature
     Sunny Smile
     The Land Of Sweets
     Sweet Tango
     A Meanie Chef
     Paradise City
     Latin Kororinpa
     Walking On The Clouds
     My Favorite Time
     Let's Have Fun
     Come To My Room
     Soaring Skyscrapers
     Rock N' Roll Tonight
     One Hot Night
     Poco A Poco
     Space Dancing
     Black Hole Adventure
     Star Soldier
     Load Runner
     Hector 87
     Melkyuu Kamikyoku
     Bomber Man
     Original (main music)
     9.  Conclusion
    This guide is Copyright (c) 2009 Bodo_parkour.
    Only the following sites can use this guide as of now. To add your name to this
    list, you must be an honest website, email me for permission, and uphold any
    agreement between us that we make.
    The latest version of this guide will always be found on www.gamefaqs.com.
    Any other site hosting this FAQ may not have the latest version and some
    information may have beena added in more recent updates.
    My email address is bodo_parkour [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk
    Only email for permission to host this guide, with suggestions, or general
    comments. Please title emails sensibly, or they will be unopened and deleted
    without hesitation.
    I will try my hardest to answer all legitimate emails within a week but
    sometimes I am too busy so your email may remain unanswered for a longer
    period of time.
    ---------------------------------END OF GUIDE----------------------------------

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