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"Great control, great music & sounds. Awesomely cute, but it's rather short."

Kororinpa, so what does it feature?

65 stages.

45 stages you'll easily encounter in your quest to roll the ball. 5 "bonus stages" which will require some skills from you to unlock. And 15 "secret stages" that will require some collecting to unlock.

When you've finished the 45 regular stages, you unlock the mirror mode. If you want to have a 100% completion on your profile you'll need to play through mirror mode. There's 20 balls for you to use, but almost all of them you'll need to unlock by advancing in the game.

Kororinpa throws unlock-ables at you, there's lots! But it doesn't take long to get them all. But there's definitely some kind of replay value here.

In each stage you control a ball (which you're able to choose when selecting the stage), these balls includes a pig, a dog, a panda, a penguin, a soccer ball etc... and they are very cute. When you roll them they make cute sounds using the wiimote speaker. If you're like me you would already have went to the store and bought the game after hearing that.

But I'll continue the review if that didn't satisfy your needs of cuteness.

In each stage you'll have to collect sparkling red crystals, you must collect these to be able to finish the stage. This is a Nice tactic from Hudson, which makes it almost impossible to cheat on the stages. it will also makes several stages more challenging, having to roll near the edges or falling to collect the crystals.

On each of the regular 45 stages there's also a green crystal, these are hidden and requires you to look around the map. Collecting these crystals will unlock certain things in the game. So just try to grab them all, ok?

When it comes to controls, this is one great game to show the potential of the wiimote. Could this game possible be done on any other console? In this game you have full control of the board. if you turn your wiimote around, the board turn around. You're not limited to any kind of control scheme. You can do whatever you want with the board, which means that you have 360degress of control. An analog stick only has 180degress of movement, with this game you can turn the stage in a 360degree motion. Which means that you'll get confused at first, because holding the wiimote flat and face-up is something you're used to.

But in this game you get to make it face-down, pint straight up, point straight downwards, tilting it etc.. You'll move the wiimote in all kinds of positions while you struggle on your rolling adventure. You'll make walls become platforms by tilting the whole board 90degress, tilting it ever more and you've made yourself a slope. This will take some time to get used to, because this isn't something we're used to do. We're playing 360degress now.

This game features a great soundtrack, they did a really nice job here. On your way to roll the balls, you'll unlock several music tracks to listen too. Some of them are remade music of older Hudson games, such as 'Super Star Soldier'.

Kororinpa has a multiplayer option, 2-players can play at the same time. Using split-screen you can roll through the stages together. This is very enjoyable, because you can either race against each other, or just roll through the track next to each other. Kororinpa is a great game, but it doesn't last very long. it will probably take somewhere around 5-10 hours to unlock all features and get a 100% completion.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/26/07

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