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"The best multiplayer game on the Wii"

Mario Party 8 is one of the most fun of games on the Wii system, but
Many wii owners hate it. Why? The conclusion is because that Hudson (the company) did not add enough in the game. For example, this game does not have widescreen. Widescreen does not matter, and if so then they should get a next generation console like the PS3 or XBox 360. This game was created for fun, not trying to aim for Halo graphics. Also, the next reason why they do not like it, is because there is no online. Of course everyone wants online, but Nintendo did not quite figure out the online problem... Maybe in the next mario party they will use it, but without it, having friends over to play can beat that anyday. Lastly, there are many complaints about the minigames. People say that they are too easy, or the ideas are awful for each minigame. When having some friends over, or playing by myself, the minigames are exciting and the most creative I have ever played, and I can never get bored with the 70+ minigames. The bad points of this game create many bias reviews, that include many reviews at even a scale around of 5/10, like at IGN.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics of the game is judged by what it really should be like. A Wii game with any minigames, does not have to be judged over the Wii's power. Anyone who plays with me Mario Party 8, everyone says the graphics are aweful. Every video game "has" to have great graphics, or people would bash the game. As long as the graphics are not too bad that the game hurts my eyes, it is fine. Next, who cares about graphics for 70+ minigames? The minigames are not realistic, but the games look more fun with "gamecube like" graphics. Who will like to have Xbox graphics on minigames? Fuzion Frenzy 2, a party game, from the Xbox 360 got an aweful 2/10 scale rating on many places, and that is the worst rating I have ever seen for any kind of video game. My last point, is why I gave it an 8/10. In each minigame, there are many colors, and it is very attractive. Each of the beautiful colors if it comes to the background or characters make it interesting and addictive to play. Having Wii Mario graphics like this, makes it enjoyable to play. Graphics on the Wii is not a good category to persuade someone to buy a game, except for games on the next generation consoles with much power.

Music and Sound: 7/10
The music and sound of a game can try to make a game addictive. In Mario Party 8, or any multiplayer game, addictive sounds and noises can make playing the game so much easier. The theme of the game is the carnival. While browsing of what I want to do on the main menu and browsing inside some options, there are some simple carnival music. While the music does follow the theme, it is sort of boring to hear that music over and over again when I start playing it (music does not matter this much in my review, but I need an equal amount of sentences as the rest). The second part, is that some voices come through the Wii remote. What happens, is your character says, "I'm Ready!" through the Wii remote. Also character voices like, "You're the Superstar!" is voiced through it. The last part of the music and sound are the minigames. These are very addictive sounds that follow the minigames very well. A few I actually hum in my head. When playing the game with multiplayer, it follows very well. Mario Party 8 has some nice music and sounds to contribute to the minigames.

Gameplay: 10/10
The gameplay of this game has many features that contribute to "fun". Hudson made a very nice experience by making game modes from testing how great you are at all the minigames, to playing tic tac toe. The board game is based on some luck, but in all ways, it is like playing an interactive board game. There are dice, special power-ups, and an objective that may have to use strategy and logic skills. One mistake can cost you the whole game, and it is a very exciting. The second reason, is the multiplayer. When friends come over, it comes to, "what multiplayer game should we play?" You two will be rolling on the floor in horror, screaming, "YESS!!!", saying, "You are so lucky!!!", screaming, "Argh!", and crying (no not really). Mario Party 8 gives people a great and fun multiplayer experience with the creative minigames with the fun-luck based game boards. My last statement to say on gameplay, is about the minigames. All of them are creative, and some minigames I can never be bored with. Most of the minigames use motion, pointing at the screen, or turning the wii remote 270 degrees. Mario Party 8 is the best game of my Wii collection, and the game focused straight forward on gameplay.

Presentation/Interface: 10/10
The presentation of Mario Party 8 is not as discussed as the other game categories. Mario Party 8 makes gaming easier, and how to play much easier than some other Wii games. Before each minigame, you can select options, such as Practice, Who's Who (where they are in the minigame... you might not understand it by me telling you), Rules (the rules come with very useful hints also), Controls, and of course, Play Now. There is no better way to introduce a minigame for the first time for someone playing it on this interface. On the controls panel, there is a close up of how you are supposed to hold the wii remote for the game, and it is very simple. The second part about the interface is the structure of the minigames. The minigames are fun, and almost all except a few work. The motion works perfectly and it feels very pleasent and fun with the nice colorful background and background music and sounds from each minigame. The last part that is important is the quality of extra features. Every time I play a minigame, I get "Carnival Cards", which can be used to buy new minigames, staff credits, or anything else. I can play the minigames I bought, replay the ones from the boardgame, or play seperate games like tic tac toe or other game modes. The presentation of Mario Party 8 is very underrated, and should be appreciated.

Introduction to the Game
Mario Party 8 has extreme replay value, so 4 people play in a board game. The board game contains imaginative levels such a train level, Shy Guy's Train (I do not have the exact names of everything). The goal is from the caboose, to try to roll high dices and make it to the head of the train, where you can pay 20 coins to get a star. That level goes only one way, which means in the board game you have no options to turn right or left, just straight through. Very similar to that, is Goomba's Pirate board. It goes one way also, and whoever gets to the end, gets a free star. It is a very simple board, and like every other board in Mario Party, the game ends with whoever has the most stars at the end of all the turns that you set at the beginning. Unlike the above boards, DK's board is a two dimensional type board where you try to get high roll dices to the star. After getting a star, it randomly goes to another space on the board. These boards are very different from other Mario Parties, in my experience.

The next three boards are somewhat similar, but they are completely different. Koopa's Tycoon Town is similar to Monopoly. Every time someone passes a hotel, he can invest money into the hotel and might get a star if he is the highest bidder that current time. If he upgrades the hotel, he gets even more stars. The next one, is Boo's Haunted Mansion. When going through the board game, there are places that are secret rooms, which may contain a pitfall or King Boo, who is hiding and will give a star to someone who will find him. If someone meets a pitfall instead in the secret room, then that character will have to start all the way back to the beginning. Some of it is luck. The last, board that I am discussing is Bowser's Warped Orbit. In this round shaped board, you can steal stars... which is the luckiest board in the game. Those three boards are very unique and mysterious for those who want to play it.

Another part of the board game, is the power-ups. Power-ups are important to the board, because it is a major role of winning. Unlike any board game, using these power-ups (they are called candy in the game) can create short one turn super powers that can affect the game greatly. It does fall in the category of luck, because you need to have clutch play to roll into someone to take their coins or be bowser for a turn and steal 2 stars (this candy is only available at Bowser's Orbit Board). For example, if I had 20 coins, and a star costed 20 coins, but then someone can eat vampire candy and disable me from getting a star on the board. These candies are in little shops over the board. Sometimes you may run over some free candies, but with shops (all carry 3 candies of random) you have to pay. Sometimes I can desperately need a shop, and sometimes I do not. Lastly, candies and even shopping can be bonus stars. Bonus stars are 3 stars that add to your boardgame total in categories that you won during the game and did not get credit for (like a minigame star). Buying, or eating the most candy out of the four players can sometimes win you an extra star to add your game total. But still, everything that about candy relates to winning the board game.

In Mario Party 8, there is a purpose to play, and that is to beat the game. The game is very easy to beat, but buying some unlockables is the fun part. Firstly, there are something called, "Carnival Cards". Carnival cards can be exchanged for goodies at the "Fun Bizarre". To get carnival cards, play many minigames, and if you play at the "Party Tent" (The 4 player board games) you will get more carnival cards. The Fun Bizarre is a place where you can shop, and try to buy the most unlockables as you want. I can buy figurines, minigames that I have not locked, character voices, and some more. To beat the game, you also have to play in the "Star Battle Arena". That is a 1 vs 1 duel throughout the boardgame. Party Tent is much better, but if you beat Star Battle Arena, you get a lot of carnival cards. Not only that, but if you have not unlocked everything, you can unlock Bowser's board or unlock the two characters that is not default in the game (Hammer Bro., Blooper). The game is very easy to beat, but the fun parts make it have replayability.

The minigames features in Mario Party is one of the best features I have ever played. Hudson (the company) made game features for minigames that are actually fun. One game is called "Test the Best". It is solo, and you take 10 minigames, and be graded like school on the performance you did. This, in my opinion, is the best minigame to show of my skills. There is also tic-tac-toe. These are duels, and whoever wins the minigame duel, get to place an X or O on the board. Everyone knows how to play... Anyway, every other game feature is somewhat identical and fun. Each minigame is also very fun to the game features. Also, it is possible to play the games you unlocked in the Free Play Arcade, which I use everytime when I play Mario Party 8. Hudson made great features, and could not have done better for the imaginative minigames they have created.

Mario Party 8 gives a fantastic experience through fun and gaming. Hudson did great on all the features they included in this game. The minigames, are the most convivial minigames I have ever played. Not only that, using multiplayer for such great Wii remote techniques makes it entertaining to play. Not only did they make these creative minigames, the multiplayer is simply amazing. Another good part is the board game. Even though every Mario Party has a board game, compared to other games like Rayman Raving Rabbids, it is a great add-on to all of its great mini-games. The objectives are fun on the boards and getting stars to win. The multiplayer on this game is incredible. If you have no friends, you will not like Mario Party 8 at all. When a friend comes over, Mario Party is probably the best game in collection. Anyhow, this game is very underrated, and deserves to be one of the best games on the Wii.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/28/07

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