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Reviewed: 11/07/11

The best Kirby game ever made

Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Review

Kirby’s Return to Dreamland is the first standard console Kirby game in a decade. After racing , being turned into a ball, being split into four, split into 10, and turned into yarn… after a while, you just want to go back to the basics. And that’s exactly what Kirby’s Return to Dreamland does. And it’s expresses itself to be the best game in the Kirby series, and the best platformer this year. Why? Well you’re about to find out.

Gameplay: Even though this is generally your average Kirby game; You suck up stuff, you copy abilities, you fight mini bosses etc. This biggest innovation is the multiplayer. Similar to New Super Mario Bros. Wii, you and up to three friends can all play on the same screen at the same time. The multiplayer is fun, but there’s never a time where you feel “left out” when you’re playing the single player. There’s also Super Abilities, which are powered up Kirby abilities which you can only get from certain enemies at certain times. Super Abilities are really fun to use and they’re creatively implemented. They add a whole new “pop” to the game that wouldn’t have been there without them. They added new copy abilities, and there’s lots of things you can do with them, which is a plus.

Graphics/Presentation: Let me just say that this is one freaking beautiful game. It’s like they re-mastered Kirby’s Adventure in HD on a non-HD system. There are really no problems with the visuals at all. The environments are colorful and vibrant, and the backgrounds are very detailed. Did I mention that this game is colorful? It really just shows off what that little white box is capable of. And I give huge props to HAL Laboratory for making Kirby look more beautiful than he’s ever looked before.

Story: Some guy named Magolor from another dimension crashes his ship on Planet Popstar and his ship separates into 5 parts and fall all over the planet (yeah, this doesn’t remind anyone of Pikmin at all). Kirby, King Dedede, Waddle Dee, and Meta Knight decide to help Magolor get his ship parts back so he can go back to his home planet.. Okay seriously… the developers had to be at least THINKING of Pikmin when they made the story for this game, sheesh. The cool part of the story to this game is the throwback to Kirby 64. The cutscenes are expressed in a storybook manner with no dialogue. It works perfectly for the game and it probably has the best story telling seen in the series yet.

Music/Sound: What can I say? It’s a Kirby game, the music and sound is always perfect.

Playtime/Replayablity: This game has A LOT of content. There are plenty of worlds and levels to explore. There are fun mini games to play. There’s 120 Energy Spheres to collect altogether in the levels. There are challenge levels, and there’s even an extra mode to play after you complete the main story of the game. Oh yeah, and did I mention the arena mode for the people who want to conquer the bosses of the game? You’ll be playing this game for a while, so don’t be scared of the usual “shortness” that is usually prevalent in the Kirby series.

Kirby’s Return to Dreamland is a fantastic game and it’s pretty much the pinnacle of Kirby and platformers in general. The level design is on point, the graphics are amazing, the music is catchy, multiplayer and Super Abilities are awesome. Actually, the only flaw I can really think of is that there are a few copy abilities from past Kirby games that are missing from this game (like bubble, UFO, and laser Kirby aren’t there for I don’t know what reason). Yep, this game is just that good. If you were on the fence about buying this game, buy it now. If you have the game, then you’re awesome. If you weren’t even considering buying the game, then you have serious problems.

Gameplay: 9.75/10
Graphics: 10/10
Music/Sound: 10/10
Story: 10/10
Playtime: 10/10

Overall Score: 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Kirby's Return to Dream Land (US, 10/24/11)

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