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Reviewed: 12/10/12

Massive fun, very easy.

Kirby Return to Dreamland Review

Kirby; a strange character among video game heroes, but one of the more bright and cheerful ones. The Kirby series is also one of Nintendo’s main as it attracts younger gamers as well as older gamers who have seen the series grow as a whole. It is a popular series and each game has sold many copies. Although the series isn’t as big as Mario or Zelda games, the Kirby games are as enjoyable and just brilliant.

Throughout the series Kirby has been changed in many different ways, he has been turned into a ball and been controlled by rainbows (seriously! I’m not making it up!), he has been split in ten and even been turned into string. But Kirby Return to Dreamland (or Kirby Adventure Wii if you are European, like me!) takes the series back to its roots as a platform game with a few twists!

Story: 8/10

The story in Kirby games are usually quite strange and only sort of make sense. For example, in Kirby Epic Yarn, Kirby eats a Metamato (a tomato) which turns him into string and he has to regain his body by defeating the Evil Sorcerer Yin-Yarn. In Kirby Return to Dreamland, the story is simple but keeps with the strangeness as well.

The basic story of the game is Kirby is carrying a cake along a path with King Dedede and Waddle Dee chasing him. Sitting next to a rock is Meta Knight reading a book. Then, out of nowhere, a ship crashes and Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight and Waddle Dee go to investigate.

They find a person called Magolor who tells them that his ship has crashed and the five parts of the ship have been scattered around Planet Popstar. Kirby and the others decide to help him find the missing pieces. The story sounds simple but as you go along there are many twists to keep you interested!

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics in Kirby games are usually one of the best parts of the game and Kirby Return to Dreamland doesn’t disappoint. Kirby Return to Dreamland has colourful graphics that look great on the Wii. Most levels in the game have a foreground and a background. While the background is inaccessible, it looks amazing. The background is extremely well detailed and looks great.

While the foreground doesn’t look as good as the background, it still looks very good. All the enemies and objects in the game are colourful and nice to look at. It is easy to tell the detail that went into the different things of the game. The colour and detail of each object, enemy and background is extraordinary.

Music: 9/10

There are 122 different music tracks in Kirby Return to Dreamland, all of which don’t disappoint. All of the music in the game is phenomenal and a joy to listen. Along with the graphics, music is one of the best aspects of the game. The designers themselves also knew this and when you beat the game, you unlock a Music Player which allows you to listen to all of the tracks of the game whenever you want!

All the tracks are memorable and match the area that you are in. For example, when you are in the first level of the game, the music is happy and jolly because you are out in the sun and everything is fine. But then when you are fighting a boss or miniboss, the beat of the music is stepped up and matches the mood extremely well.

Gameplay: 8/10

The concept of the game is simple, platform and suck up enemies to gain powers and move on. Along with that basic format, you can also float, you have to fight bosses and collect 120 energy spheres. To beat the game, you must collect the 5 ship parts and kill the evil dragon Landia.

There are over 23 main powers that Kirby can gain with just some of them being Sword, Fire, Ice and Beam. The 23 powers of the game are all very different to each other and they can all be used to help Kirby in different ways. For example, by using the Water power, Kirby is able to run over fire.

While there are 23 main powers, every few levels of the game you get a Mega Power which, while you can only use for a limited amount of time, each power is extremely destructive and allows you to access the dark zone. By destroying certain star block with one of the Mega Powers, you access the dark zone. The dark zone is a race against the wall of darkness which will crush you. Then at the end of the dark zone, there is a door and when you enter, you will have to fight a miniboss and when you beat it, you obtain 2 energy spheres.

Energy spheres are another major aspect of the gameplay. There are 120 energy spheres in the game and if you collect all 120 of them, you will unlock some special minigames. In each stage (level) of the game, you have to collect either 3, 4 or 5 energy spheres. The energy spheres add an extra level of difficulty to the game and also make the game more interesting as it makes you think of how to complete the puzzles to get the energy spheres.

Now to my only complaint about the game, it’s too easy. Compared to other platformers on the Wii, it is by far the easiest. Unlike in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Rayman Origins, even if you do decide to collect all the energy spheres, it’s still too easy! But fortunately, there is a difficult mode to the game which is unlocked when you beat the game.


Overall, Kirby Return to Dreamland is an amazing game and definitely one of the best games on the Wii. It is a joy to play and although it may be too easy, it is exceptionally good. The graphics are brilliant, the music is brilliant and the gameplay is the best. It is definitely a game to pick up if you have a Wii and I’m sure that you will enjoy it if you do get it!

Total Score: 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Kirby's Adventure Wii (EU, 11/25/11)

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