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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CptAwsum

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    Shrek the Third Walkthrough
    Invisible Assassin
    Thanks to Laya Maheshwari aka Lazy Garfield for the easy navigation.
    Index of Contents
    01. Introduction						[INT]
    02. Contact							[CTC]
    03. Default Controls						[DCL]
    04. Walkthrough
        a) The Royal Tutorial					[L01]
        b) The Docks						[L02]   
        c) The Pirate Ship						[L03]
        d) Ye olde Ruins						[L04]
        e) Ye Olde Road						[L05]
        f) Academy Grounds						[L06]
        g) Prison Cell Block					[L07]
        h) Lancelot's Castle Capture				[L08]
        i) High High Peak						[L09]
        j) Ice Lake							[L10]
        k) Ice Cave							[L11]
        l) Prison Detention Centre					[L12]
        m) Forest Ambush						[L13]
        n) Merlin's Shore						[L14]
        o) Evil Queen's Castle					[L15]
        p) Stromboli's Workshop					[L16]
        q) Prison Castle Capture					[L17]
        r) Catacombs						[L18]
        s) Rundown Streets						[L19]
        t) The Grand Finale						[L20]
    05. Legal  							[LGL]
    Introduction							[INT]
    Hello, welcome to my Shrek the Third Walkthrough. The game is incredibly
    simplistic, so I'm guessing it was made for little children. The levels are
    incredibly linear, the action is easy and uneventful and the puzzles are of 
    little challenge. If you're looking to buy this game for your child or a child
    you know, don't. Unless you dislike them. The game does have tons of unlockables
    though and the Castle Capture minigame is pretty fun. Not the worst kids game,
    but far from a good present. Try Viva Pinata instead. Or Gears of War.
    The puppet show cut scenes are great, though. Very well done.
    Contact								[CTC]
    invisibleassassin (AT) gmail (DOT) com
    Do not email me asking for help finding any collectable items. Only quest items.
    Do not email me asking how to jump over the damn platforms in this game. The 
    	game was not meant for jumping and it was a stupid idea to include it,
    	but we have to suffer through it.
    If you're going to send hate mail, at least make it funny/creative. Mom jokes
    	are stupid.
    Default Controls						[DCL]
    Movement: WASD
    Light Attack (Hand on Lever): Left Arrow
    Heavy Attack (Open Hand): Right Arrow (hold for extra damage)
    Special Attack (Hand): Up Arrow
    Fairy Dust Power (Arrow in Circle): Q
    Block (Shield): Tab
    Ogre Power: Tab+Q
    Jump: Space
    Jump Attack: Space, Right Arrow in midair
    Always try and do Finishing Moves (the Special Attack) as they complete quests
    and get you more bonus coins. The Special Attack can also be used to pick up
    items and enemies.
    The Royal Tutorial						[L01]
    As the interactive part opens, smash everything and everyone and collect the 
    fairy dust (the blue stuff) and any other shiny collectable you see. Donkey
    guides you through this tutorial of sorts, so you'll be fine. Remember to 
    collect the gold coins as well.
    The Docks							[L02]
    As you go down the stairs, jump and collect the items, then proceed down and 
    beat up the two pirates. Jump over the gap and keep going. Beat up more of the
    baddies and break the boxes. Keep going and collect the coins on the cliff wall.
    It's all a downward path to the left, so you can't get lost. At the bottom will
    be more guys and you will see gold coins forming an arrow. Collect them, break
    the box and activate the lever. Now you're playing as Puss in Boots. Go along
    the catwalk and beat up the pirates. Hit the lever at the end. Now, back to
    Shrek. Go in, beat up the pirate, destroy Hook's statue and collect the mug.
    Break all the crates and open the gold chest by tapping the Light Attack button
    repeatedly. Keep going onwards breaking crates and beating up pirates. Break the
    piano for another mug. You will see another gold coin arrow, so collect them 
    and break open the box next to the gate to free the prisoners. Then break the
    gate by tapping the Light Attack button. Go on through. Jump down the cliff,
    and beat up the pirates. Break the box at the far right for another mug. 
    Continue left and jump over the gap where the gold coins are. Beat up more
    pirates and keep going. Jump over the gaps onto the ledges, where a mug is, 
    until you hit solid ground again, and then just keep going. You'll come to
    a scene where you see Captain Hook. Run after him while beating up more pirates.
    The Pirate Ship							[L03]
    Collect the gold coins and beat up the two pirates. Jump on the cage and then
    jump in the air to get the red coin. Push the cage against the crates near the
    start point and use it to jump on top of the pile and get onto the catwalks.
    Get the mug and head left. Break the crates to get a hook. Keep moving. After
    you drop down from the ramp, head underneath it for crates and a mug. You'll
    even see a familiar face from Madagascar. Anyways, keep going left while beating
    up pirates then hit the lever. Now, you are Puss again. Beat up the pirates and
    collect the fish. Before you follow Hook, though, fight your way back to Shrek.
    Puss has a double jump so he can get those coins up there, so get them then
    continue onwards chasing Hook while fending off pirates. You'll see another
    cut scene. Go under the ledge where Hook is and break the crates for a mug and
    a hook. Go through the doorway on the right and fight your way onwards. In the
    big room, break the crates for a hook and a mug. There are three big crates in
    the room. The first one has pirates, the one on the platform has gold coins and 
    third hides a path to a lever. Break them, fight/collect whatever comes out and
    then hit the lever. Go through the open gate and then use the lever at the other
    end of the room. A platform will come down. Double jump onto it, then proceed
    through the chain of platforms, collecting the coins, until the last one. Go 
    onto the ramp and proceed onwards. Break the boxes on the other side of the fish
    for another hook. Run along the fish, fight the pirates and activate the lever.
    Go through the door. Now comes a boss battle of sorts. The game says to use the
    Strong Attack to break his shield, but the Fairy Dust Attack works better. After
    it's gone, just slap him until he surrenders.
    Ye Olde Ruins							[L04]
    Go along this path destroying everything. The sign next to Shrek at the start
    has a mug. Up ahead the path turns right, as the arrow points out. Behind the 
    arrow is barrel. Destroy it for another mug. Go onwards, meet donkey, beat up
    peasants. The crates next to them have another mug. Ahead of them, the path 
    branches into two. Go right, jump over the gap, collect the mug, drop down and
    keep going. Open the gate ahead by tapping the Light Attack button. There will
    be a lot of enemies here, so just keep hitting. Break everything in the back
    for lots of goodies, including a trophy. The vending machine gives out an 
    infinite amount of barrels which leads to an infinite amount of fairy dust. Up
    the stairs, hit all the lockers and you should find the geek and another trophy.
    Open the gold chest too. Once you're done, go left. Destroy the second statue
    along the way for the last trophy and the last statue, next to the lever, for
    the last mug. Activate the lever. As you make your way to the gate, you will be
    attacked by a witch. Use the vending machine to get barrels and toss them at 
    her. Two more witches will come, but you can easily just hit them until death.
    Once she's finished, go through the gate.
    Ye Olde Road							[L05]
    Now you play as Donkey. Go down the path, destroying everything. One crate near
    the end has a mug, on the left before the two on crates. Go onwards destroying
    things. One crate behind a rock on the left where three peasants attack you 
    carries a mug. If you see a trophy on top of crates, you've just passed it.
    Go onwards, collecting that trophy and still destroying everything until the 
    carriage starts throwing hay at you. Go up the rocks to the left of the path
    and beat up the two peasants and crates. One of them has a mug. Keep chasing the
    carriage. The best way to dodge the hay bales is to jump in a zig zag pattern.
    After the bridge, beat up more peasants, get the trophy and go on. Destroy more
    crates for another mug and keep going after the carriage. Once you're inside the
    building, beat up all the peasants, go onto the stone platform on the left, 
    collect the trophy then break all the crates. Then meet Shrek.
    Academy Grounds							[L06]
    Go forward and destroy everything. This is the first actual open place in the
    game so explore it while destroying everything. Break all the statues around the
    dragon hedge for a little secret picture of Shrek. Explore around and you'll
    find the nerd in the top right corner of the map. There's a trophy in the top
    right and a mug in one of the statues. After the nerd runs away again, he moves
    to the bottom left. Go get him. He runs to the gate now. Go meet him, collect
    the key, then go through the gate. Run ahead while beating up the witches. Soon
    you will play as Puss. Go into the water, then climb the ledges. The platforming
    in this game is TERRIBLE, so it will be a bit difficult. Anyways, once you're
    at the top, jump over the barricade and break the crates to the left for a mug.
    Then activate the lever. Now you're Shrek. Go into the gate, then after you
    talk to the kid, take an immediate left, run down the pathway and enter the 
    empty door. Go down here, fighting the jocks and breaking the lockers. The last
    set, next to the witches has a mug. Fight the witches then keep going into the
    gymnasium. Fight the jocks here. Go onto through the open door and there will
    be a boss battle, like the last one. This time, don't use the soccer balls 
    Donkey and Puss give you. Run to the back and use the barrels, then once you
    hit the red witches with them, run up and whack them. Once they're done,
    cut scene.
    Prison Cell Block						[L07]
    Now you play as... Sleeping Beauty? Whatever, break everything in the cell then
    use your Fairy Dust Attack on the prisoner. Before you go straight ahead, go
    right and take out the crates for a tiara. Fight the prisoners in the prison
    cell then take that path that goes straight ahead. Fight your way onwards. Once
    you're outside, you will fight trees and prisoners. There's no real difference,
    so just fight onwards. It's a linear path anyways. Up ahead is the first real
    puzzle of the game. Stomp on the center one, then stomp on the left one twice.
    All three are yellow diamonds and the gate is open. Beat up the guard and press
    on. Destroy that wooden thing at the end for another tiara, then go into the
    cell on the right and float down the hole. Break the barrel at the bottom for
    a mug and then go all the way to the back for another mug. Then go forwards up
    the stairs and fight onwards. Break the barrel next to the column in the room
    with foot columns for another tiara. Keep going. Up ahead is a room with gaps
    that Sleeping Beauty can float down and platforms with coins on it. Just fall
    down and try and float near the top right of the hole so that you can get the
    mug. At the bottom, stomp on the switch and hit the locker to free the geek.
    Then head right and go down the path. You can jump down again in case you 
    missed the mug. There's also a coloring page too in the bottom left. Otherwise,
    jump across the platforms and through the gate. The wooden thing to the left
    of the gate holds another mug. Up ahead is another boss battle of sorts. Only
    Strong Attacks work on him, so use them. Destroy the crates for more goodies,
    including the last tiara. Get the key, then go back to the locked door which had
    a silver mug behind it.
    Lancelot's Castle Capture					[L08]
    Okay... now you play a sort of minigame, called Castle Capture. You basically
    have to knock down the enemy's towers. Basically, just aim with WASD and hold
    Space to control the power. Tab and Q change weapons. That's about it. Really
    High High Peak							[L09]
    There's nothing to do here but run forwards and beat up gnomes and snowmen. The
    first and third snowmen have hats for you to collect. There will be some whelps
    too, but they're nothing different. The snowman across the first bridge has
    a hat. After you cross the second bridge and are ambushed by whelps, go down
    towards the camera. You will see a red coin. Go to where it is and jump to the
    bottom right of the screen. There will be a mug on a platform. After you get it,
    go back and continue going right. On the platform where two gnomes hide behind
    snowmen, the one to the left has a hat. After you're done with them, jump to the
    right onto the platforms and head into the cave. In the cave, the gnomes will
    set up three fights between you, a knight, whelps and a flying whelp. It's not
    hard. Once you're done, go through the door. Fight the knights and chase the
    gnome down into more knights. Once they're all gone, go through the doorway on
    the right at the end of the tunnel and go along the ledge. Before jumping onto
    the platforms with coins, turn left and get the mug. Then go onto those 
    platforms. Hit the lever at the top then run all the way back to that gateway
    you just opened. Head on down the path. You will come across a bunch of knights,
    so beat them up. The leader has a shield, so just charge up your Strong Attack
    to break it. Once you're done, ice comes out. Use it to jump up onto the mine
    tracks. If the ice melts, hit the snow pile for more. Go along these tracks to
    the left. Hit the lever and the snowman for an opened gate and the last hat.
    Go through the opened gate back where you got onto the tracks and collect the
    key. Proceed on this path and you'll drop down onto a familiar place. Jump on
    the platforms and go back to Arthur and use the key on the door.
    Ice Lake							[L10]
    Go down the path and beat up the knights. Destroy the last snowman on the left
    for a hat. To get the floating mug, hit the ice pile to let loose a cube for
    you to stand on and jump to the mug. Then go to Arthur. Now the Lady wants
    shoes. Go the to the right of the area and collect all the shoes. To get the 
    first one, which is in midair, hit the ice pile for a cube and push it within
    range. Do it quick before it melts. There's another one near it, so get it too.
    Then go back to where you came. You'll see another shoe in midair where the 
    snowman with the mug was. Use the ice pile to get another cube to get it then
    go back to where you started the game. There's another shoe in the alcove there.
    Keep going left for more shoes. Jump off the ledge to get the shoe in midair,
    use the ice pile to get a cube for the mug, then head right to get another shoe.
    Jump on the platforms there to get the last shoe. Once you've got it, head back
    to the Lady. Now you will play as Arthur, who is by far the best fighter yet.
    Follow the tracks and go into the door that was closed before. Follow the tracks
    and fight whatever comes in your way. At the end of the tracks, the camera will
    shift and focus on a button. Go towards the camera for a coloring page, then
    go stomp on the button. Go back to that now-opened door and ride the elevator 
    down. Fight the gnomes on the way. At the bottom, just go and activate the well.
    Now you have to go to the left and fight your way along the platforms. Just do
    it. Once you get to the top, follow Shrek through the platforms. Collect the 
    mug on the way. Just after the knights, you'll see a hat. Go get it and continue
    on into the cave.
    Ice Cave							[L11]
    Go down the path and fight everything along the way. The second snowmen has a
    coloring page. After you see the dragon, you will play as Arthur. Fight down
    his path too. No extra goodies. Okay, now comes the first real boss battle of
    the game and to be honest, it's relatively hard. The dragon has an assortment of
    physical attacks from a simple punch to a bite. They're easily avoided by
    moving around. Sometimes it breathes or shoots ice at you. You can avoid it
    easily. The thing to watch for it when it jumps. If it lands while you’re still
    on the ground you will be stunned, so jump up too. When it calls down icicles,
    run around to its tail and start hitting it. There's no way to do massive damage
    to this thing. What you have to do are get in hits here and there. The best 
    strategy is to run around in circles as far from the dragon as possible, then
    occasionally jump in, hit it once or twice, then land back where you jumped
    from, all while going in that far circle. Once the dragon knocks you up, go to
    Prison Detention Center						[L12]
    Go back and crack open the big crate for a coloring page. Then head down the
    path. Break the first stump outside for a mug, then keep going down the stone
    path. Break the barrels opposite to the building entrance for a tiara, then 
    keep going through the path in the building. Now, you'll have to avoid some
    traps. Easily done, as it's just some columns going up and down. They stay up
    for quite a while so you can easily run through. Break the stuff on the way for
    a tiara. The last column has a hole under it, so float down and proceed along
    this path. You'll come to another cyclops and his minions, beat them all up. For
    the cyclops, block his attack and Strong Attack him. Once you're done, break all
    the crates for food and then use the cage to jump up to the ledge where the 
    cyclops was. Break the boxes there to get a mug, then stomp on the switch to
    open the gate. Go through it. Once you go through, a prisoner in a cage will
    come rolling down. Thanks to the Havok engine, it will probably be slowed down,
    stopped or deflected so it shouldn't be of any real concern. Just go along the
    path. A guard will lock you in and an infinite amount of prisoners will come at
    you. Break the stuff in this room for a tiara and mug. Use the Fairy Dust Attack
    on the guard to get him to open the gate so you can proceed along the path. Up
    ahead are more traps. Then comes more platforms like last time you played as
    Sleeping Beauty, but this time you can't fall down. Break the barrel on the left
    for a mug, then get across to the other side and head left. You'll see a hole
    you can float down. Ignore the stairs and jump across, floating down the far
    wall. There, you can get gold coins and another tiara. Meet with Fiona at the 
    bottom. Use you Fairy Dust Attack on the guard to get him to open the gate. Now,
    you're Fiona. Use her Fairy Dust Attack on the door to open it. Hit the statue
    of the fairy godmother for more fairy dust. The next room will have a respawning
    guards. To stop them, use Fiona's Fairy Dust Attack to move the big stone blocks
    over the switches. Up ahead, there are three switches. See the door? The 
    corresponding switches must have the same icons. Hit the left on twice and the
    right one once. Problem solved. Go on.
    Forest Ambush							[L13]
    Just beat the hell out of everything. Seriously. Collect everything that drops.
    Once pirates stop coming at you, jump on the cannon then jump up to Hook.
    Merlin's Shore							[L14]
    Go down the path and break everything. Collect the peg leg too. To get the mug
    on the rock, jump on the crates first. Destroy the crates by the other rock for
    a peg leg. When you go and attack the ranged guys, a cannon will start to fire
    at you. Destroy it for a coloring page, then proceed along the path. Once you
    get to the big tree at the waterfall, go down the waterfall, beat up the pirates
    and then break the crates at the back for a mug. Explore the waterfall for three
    red coins. Then go up to the big tree and push it over. Go across it and proceed
    along. Break the barrels behind Merlin for a peg leg, then keep going right. 
    Collect the first magical horseshoe from behind the living tree. Get the mug and
    try to avoid the rolling rocks ahead. Otherwise, just keep moving. Beat up the 
    pirates near the purple barrier and get the second horseshoe. Break the barrel
    near the rock barricade for another peg leg. Then knock the barricade down and
    keep going. Up ahead, RUN. If you stand too long in front of a tree, you will
    take massive amount of damage. Go get the third horseshoe, then destroy the big
    wooden beaver, then destroy the trunk for a mug. Then make your way up the path.
    Right as you get to the top, you'll see a coin on the left, run there and you
    will find a mug. Destroy the first cannon for the last peg leg, then the second
    cannon for a way up to the last horseshoe. Once that's done, go through the 
    barricade. There's this massive Viking dude on the other side. I recommend 
    blocking his attacks and then striking him until he's down. Head on down the 
    path and meet up with your friends.
    Evil Queen's Castle						[L15]
    Destroy the statue and go up the path. Break the first barrel for an apple.
    Break the knights' shields, then beat them up. Destroy the statue, kill the
    witches and use the rocks to jump up to the lever and activate it. Now, as Puss,
    jump on the platform and ride it up. Run up the chains and hit the barrel
    between the witches for an apple. Run to the right, beat up everyone, jump on
    the bed and get the mug, then hit the switch. Ignore the enemies and run up. 
    Stomp on the switch and then go up some more. Jump in the green portal then go
    along this path. Jump on the platforms. The ones that branch to the left lead to
    a mug. Otherwise, just get across to the other side. In the big room are four
    spaces with switches on them. Hitting one raises the platform clockwise to it.
    Raise all four in turn, collecting the mug on the way up, until you reach the 
    top where you can hit the switch. The witch will teleport you to the left tower,
    so go in, collect the stuff, hit the switch, ignore the enemies, go up. From the
    top, you can jump down and get the mug you saw on the way up. Otherwise go into
    the green. Get across the platforms, go into the tower, go up the moving
    platforms and hit the switch. Now, Shrek again. Run forward, beat up everyone,
    hit the switch and go across the moving platforms, until you get to the gate.
    Hit it a few times to destroy it. Don't go into it or you have to start all
    over again.
    Stromboli's Workshop						[L16]
    Make your way down and throw the barrels at the targets. Jump on the ledge and
    beat up the enemies. Then go down into the opened area and beat up all the
    puppets. Proceed through the open door. Make your way down the pathway, beating
    up things as you go. Near the end is a mug. Get it. Beat up the enemies, then
    stomp on the switch. Collect the whale there and then push the box down so that
    you can use it to jump up to the ramp where the balls are coming down. Run all
    the way up. Get the mug at the top, then pick up the balls and hit the targets
    to open the door. In the next room, jump up the teeth, go left, knock the
    present down, push it to the side of the room where the ramps are, go up the
    ramps, collect the whale and coloring page, go back up the teeth then go right.
    Ride the platform up and beat up the enemies so the puppet can move the present
    out of the way. Jump on the platform and it will lower. Beat up the puppets. Go
    along the path, avoiding the traps. Beat up the enemies in the room at the end
    to free Pinocchio. Now, go along the path way and avoid the traps as best you
    can. It's not hard. Go meet Merlin.
    Prison Castle Capture						[L17]
    Another game of Castle Capture. Fun.
    Catacombs							[L18]
    Follow the path through the gate. Jump across the pipes and platforms until the
    end. Jump back on the lower set for a mug. Then head right and follow the path
    there. Avoid the spikes, go along the path, get the tiara, run past the door
    for a mug, then go through the door and follow the path. Now, hit the switches
    in the order you saw them depressed. Then do it again. In the last room, jump
    in the last hole and get the mug. Then jump in the middle hole and go along the
    path. Push the large stone with your Fairy Dust Attack three times and then use
    it to jump up to the next area. Use the crates to jump up to the moving platform
    and then get the coloring page. Then go back down and use your Fairy Dust
    Attack to open the door. There are two more rooms where you have to open the
    door and proceed the same way. After that, you have to run like hell from some
    boulder. Beat up all the whelps, then the knights to proceed. In the next room,
    break the crates for a mug, then proceed through to the right. Beat up all the
    enemies and the big viking guy. I recommend spamming jump kicks.
    Rundown Streets							[L19]
    Run up ahead and activate the first and third switches. Collect the gold ticket
    under the third awning. Run all the way left, go up the platform then jump
    across the awnings to get to the other side. Run along the path here. Break the
    barrels as you go up the ramp here for another ticket, then go through the door.
    Break the barrel in the bottom left of the next area for a ticket then go 
    through the door at the top. Collect the key there, break the barrels for a mug
    then go back to where the ramps were and go through the door on the left. Run
    along the pathway here and collect the ticket up the stairs next to the trees.
    Activate the well for a gold chest as well. Break the cannon Shrek uses at the
    end of the pathway for the last mug. Run to the open door up ahead.
    The Grand Finale						[L20]
    Just beat up everything. Yeah, again. Go down from the stage and hit the barrels
    for good and the only mug. When Charming comes down, attack the ropes at the
    end of the stage to free Shrek. Now, as Shrek, give Charming a firm beating.
    Congratulations! You've beaten the game.
    Legal								[LGL]
    This guide is Copyright (2007) to Invisible Assassin
    You have permission to print this guide as long as credit is given to me. 
    Do not plagiarize please. I have worked hard on this guide and I would not 
    Like it to be passed off as somebody else's.

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