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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ac_helper

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    0. What is MySims?
    1. Starting a Town/Advice for Beginners
    2. Star Rating-Level 0
    3. Star Rating-Level 1
    4. Star Rating-Level 2
    5. Star Rating-Level 3
    6. Star Rating-Level 4
    7. Star Rating-Level 5
    Specialized Help
    8. Uber Sims FAQ, advice
    9. Interest FAQ/Advice
     A. What are interests?
     B. General tips and advice for maximizing town interests
     C. Listing of building items and their interest relation (% coming soon!)
     D. List of Essences by Interest
    10. Essences
     A. What are essences?
     B. Essence hunting tips and advice
     C. Listing of how to find essences and possible rarity
     D. Essence painting percentages
    11. Blueprints List
    12. ComSim/Townie Sim printable lists of tasks/rewards
    13. Contributor thank you list
    0. What is MySims?
      MySims is one of latest of the Sims franchise games, created by EA Games,
    where you create, then control your Sim. That said, it does not follow most
    of the newer Sims games; there are no need bars to show when your Sim needs to
    use the restroom, no need bars for bathing or sleeping, or even a need to
    change clothes (although you can do all of those things).
     Your basic task is to go in and "rebuild" a falling down, decrepit, town. You
    begin by building your own home, starting with basic blocks, then add doors,
    lights, windows, and other items. Then you can do "tasks" for the other 
    (commercial) Sims to make your star rating higher; these tasks usually require
    you to find "essences" and build furniture using them in some way. The higher
    your rating goes, the more people that will come to visit. You can choose to
    invite them to live in your town; then you get to build their home and their
    furniture too! If you can get your town interests to max out at 100%, you can
    move in an "Uber" Sim in that interest. You can get special blueprints and
    even unlock their outfits for you to wear if you make them your best friend!
    1. Starting a Town/Advice for Beginners
    After choosing a save slot, naming your town and Sim, choosing a look for
    the new Sim, and reading the backstory, it's time to start having
    fun! Or is it? You notice, on your automatic trots through town, dead
    trees and stumps, almost no one there, little life. Dreary, huh? Well, for now.
    That's your job; make your Town come to life again!
    Basic advice and tips for beginners:
    If you want an easy way to 5 stars, finish all the tasks for that
    level before you move on to the next level of Commercial Sims' tasks. I saw in
    both towns I made I had about 3-4 ComSims tasks left to do (when I did tasks
    Sim by Sim, and not multiple tasks for multiple Sims) after I hit 5 Stars.
    You can always kick the ComSims out later, unless you want to unlock their
    outfits too! 
    If you get to "Best Friends" status with a Commercial Sim, you can
    wear what they do! You can even get their hairstyle/color and eyes/eyewear.
    Just make them items and paint or decorate them with their favorite interests,
    as you would with a Townie; instead of more blueprints, they give you their
    looks! The Dresser, Mirror, Costume Chest, & Changing Booth all have different
    clothes, and the Salon Chair unlocks different hairstyles. I have noticed you
    can also get the Townie Sims' clothes and hair, although I'm not sure if you
    can just meet them and unlock them, or if you have to move them in and and
    become their friend first.
     2. Star Rating-Level 0
     This is where you start off, at 0. Well, you won't be here long if you know
    what to do! 
    Deal with the tutorial, and PAY ATTENTION to what the Mayor says!
    The Honorable Mayor Rosalyn, the ever bubbly presence you could
    not well do without (or can you?) gives you your VERY first "task" after you
    happily trot on down to your home-except when you get there, you find YOU have
    to build that home of your dreams!
    Seems they knew you were coming, but never got around to making an
    abode you could find welcoming. Well, FINE then. Ingrates! YOU come all the way
    here and not even a shack to call your own? 
    Wait, you're the builder for the town, so what better way to show them you know
    what to do then by building the best house they've ever seen!
    At this point, you get a few default items to use; later on, certain sims you
    move in will unlock other nifty things for you to redesign your home with. For
    now you get these items to build with (color refers to the default color shown
    when you plaster it onto your house):
    ALL base blocks
    DOORS: white door with slightly rounded top,half shell window on top;
     red wooden with gray awning; black, with 4 pane window inset; green, with
     single pane window inset; hotel revolving door. 
    WINDOWS: almost all neutral (default) white windows; pink, with striped awning
    and flowerboxes (Poppy's).
    ROOFS: 6 sided dome; half wedge; normal peaked; square flat black with edging.
    DORMERS: Rounded black
    ROOF FLAIRS: rectangular edging; larger, odd looking chimney; smaller "normal"
     chimney; cherub weather vane; skylight.
    COLUMNS: skinny, knobbed white; skinny tan(matchstick like)
    GROUND FLAIRS: white picket fence; wooden rail fence; red rabbit; blue rabbit;
     lawn gnome; pink flamingo; mermaid fountain
    WALL FLAIRS: wall vase; trumpeting cherub; oil lantern; curved wall light;
     street fair type lantern
     Well, that's what you get for now. You may not be able to make your home 100%
    in any interest, at least not now. But you can wait a bit to do that. Plenty
    of time deal with other things, like just putting what you like on and around
    your house. You can change base blocks sizes, some have 2, others have 3, a few
    may have 4 sizes! You will get a warning when you have reached the limit of
    items you can use, yuck; but have fun with the space you get.
    After you're done, you get to see your workshop...wait, there's nothing there
    either! Well, you know the drill by now. You get the same stuff you got for
    your house, but not as much lot space. DON'T forget to add the "hammer" icon
    (on the "default" block page) somewhere on the workshop; this is your sign!
    Now all done. Get to work then, shall we? The ever present Mayor has a task,
    a REAL one, for you to do inside your workshop. Build a chair. A CHAIR!? Are
    you kidding? Just a chair? Well, all right.
    What about a blueprint for it though? Well, just go into the shop; you'll find
    (and this is true for all the Commercial Sims), when you are given a task for
    a particular item, you get a blueprint for it. Later, you may have different
    blueprints for the same item, and you will get to choose which to use for the
    task, but for now you get a simple chair blueprint. It's only 9 blocks, not too
    hard. I will stress this as much as I can: 
    You cannot make a block "hang" in midair if it's not attached to anything.
    You must start building from the bottom up. MUST. Clear enough?
    With anything that has "legs" touching the floor, put the legs first. FIRST!
    If you leave the ghost image on, you will find that almost always the block,
    like a Lego, will "snap" into place. In fact, much of what you will be doing
    will remind you of many happy hours spent with those colorful little blocks
    (well, IF you ever did play with Legos, anyway).
    So, build your chair. It shouldn't take long. The pieces you need to use will
    be helpfully shaded in green. Switch screens to get to all the pieces to use.
    It's going into your house, so add a few extra pieces if you like. You
    cannot paint it at the moment, since you have no essences, so don't worry about
    that now. Just build, then go out to see the Mayor again. You will get to see
    inside your house now; wow, how barren it looks! You can fix that later.
    You will see two counters, a table and a chair; and (I think),a bed and dresser
    in the "bedroom" area. 
    Put the chair down, if you don't care where, then next to the table is OK.
    As a reward from the Mayor, and to get you started, you will get a few basic
    blueprints in your book:
    Bed, Counter, Sculpture, Sculpture-Wall, Table
    Now what? Now the getting bothersome Mayor wants something else. After going
    to the Town Orchard area, and listening to the essence tutorial (you DID read
    and pay attention to all that, right?), time to begin getting essences! (Note
    the damaged Red Apple tree; either water it later on, or fertilize it to kill
    it for dead wood. You still have one Red Apple tree in the Orchard if you need
    more Red Apple essences.)
    Well, not so fast, there! No looking for essences yet. Although The Mayor gave
    you 2 Red Apple essences, you will need more. Why? Well.....
    Go on over to the Town Hall and find the busy Mayor; talk to her and get task
    number 2. She wants you to build her a Podium. A what? Well, OK, as long as
    she just gave you the blueprint for it. AND she wants 4 Red Apples in it!
     Go to the Orchard and get a few more Red Apples. Now to build the Podium.
    4 blocks on top of each other, easy as pie! NOW you get to paint with the
    essences you have; click the paint brush, choose the Red Apple, paint the
    Podium. However, you CAN also choose to use 4 Red Apples while building.
    You can use them to replace a board (as long as the other boards will rest on
    top of them), or add them somewhere to the front or sides. (If you try
    to add anything where action will take place, you will see a red Sim
    silhouette and a box where the Sim will perform the action, and not be able to
    place anything there; the top and back, I think, are where you can give a
    speech when standing by the Podium).
    All done! Trot on over to the Town Hall and give the Podium to the
    Mayor. Well, not really. When you give a Sim anything you just choose "give
    stuff" from the option icons at the bottom of the screen. Then it goes into
    "decorate" mode; now you can freely choose where to set it inside
    their house/business. There! All done! You get a blueprint AND a cute
    decorative for your house! Oooooooo!
    Rewards: Chair-Ornate (blueprint); Potted Plant Decorative
    OK. After all that, take a look at your Star Rating meter (top left side of the
    screen); the bar under the Stars should be filled a little. When it's filled
    all the way, you get to the next Star rating. That resets the bar level.
    How to raise it more? Well, not everyone left when the town went downhill.
    There's still a happy little soul named Poppy; she runs the Flower Shop. Run
    over there and introduce yourself if you like!
    If you don't want to start working for a living yet, take a walk around town.
    Find the hotel, go in and meet Buddy the Bellhop if you want. There won't be
    anyone else in there yet, just good ol' Buddy. Go meet Patrick, who lives near
    you. He's a Townie sim, so he will have no actual tasks for you.
    Although if you are feeling nice, build him a bed, maybe get some Red, or Green
    Apples and paint it with those for him; he likes Tasty things (interests and
    related essences are explained fully in the bottom of the guide). Yes, your bar
    goes up a little when you do anything for any Sim, so feel free to make items
    for the Townies too. If you get to "Best Friends" status with a Townie, you get
    a blueprint from them! Well, enough of Patrick for now; he's whining about "no
    restaurants" or some other nonsense. 
    Go meet Violet if you want; she's a Spooky Sim. She's cool; if you see her
    doing a seance stick around. You may get to meet Cassandra, a ghost that will
    give you 3 of THE most wanted blueprints in the game if you can become her best
    Note the boarded up cave on one side of town; you will be able to prospect in
    there once you get to Star Level 1. Also note the log blocking the way to the
    forest; that's for later on too. Awww...the rocks blocking the way to the
    Desert can't be moved for now either.....you can prospect for essences by the
    Train Station, though, if you want. You can get:
    8-Ball, Purple Crayon, and Stone in this area.
    You can also try fishing near your home. You can get:
    Clown Fish, Rainbow Trout, and Tire here.
    Well, not much else to do, sooooooo....back to meet Poppy.
    She's cute; and her shop is too. well, not so much. She needs
    a Flower Stand to make her shop bright and cuter than ever! Well, you know what
    to do. Wait, she wants it painted/decorated with 2 Happy? What's Happy?
    Well, just be nice to her. Wow! Look at that...yellow smiling faces all over
    the place now. Pick them up; that's Happy essence. Make sure you have more than
    2, then off to the Workshop! This Flower Stand has more than 2 pieces, so if
    you have a lot of extra Happy essences, feel free to paint the whole thing.
    Back to Poppy's! Oooooo! Another blueprint as a reward! Buuuuut.....
    now she wants a bed! With 2 Yellow Blossoms, no less. Well, you saw those on a
    tree in the Orchard, right? Go get some if you didn't already, and make a bed.
    Paint it, and give her the bed, get another blueprint reward.
    Around here, you should be close to Star Level 1, or if you did anything for
    the 2 Townies you have, you should have went over by now.
     Commercial Sims
      MAYOR ROSALYN (Main Interest: Studious; Secondary: Tasty; hates: Geeky)
    Task 1: Chair = Rewards: Bed, Counter, Sculpture, Sculpture - Wall, Table
    Task 2: Podium w/4 Red Apples = Reward: Chair-Ornate, Potted Plant Decorative
     POPPY (Main Interest: Cute; Secondary: Fun; hates: Spooky)
    Task 1: Flower Stand w/2 Happy = Reward: Table - Designer
    Task 2: Bed w/2 Yellow Blossom = Reward: Flower Stand - Designer
    Task 3: Flower Stand w/8 Yellow Blossom = Reward: Poppy's Fern Decorative
     BUDDY THE BELLHOP (Main Interest: Geeky; Secondary: Tasty; hates: Spooky)
    BF reward: Sculpture - Fireplace (a BIG thank you to gamefaqs user necrocidex
                                      letting me know about this one!)
     Townie Sims
     PATRICK (Main Interest: Tasty; Secondary: Spooky; hates: Geeky)
    Best Friends Reward: Refrigerator - Rounded
     VIOLET (Main Interest: Spooky; Secondary: Fun; hates: Cute)
    Best Friends Reward: Flower Stand - Totem
     3. Star Rating-Level 1
    WELCOME TO STAR LEVEL 1! You can use the Crowbar now!
     Goody! You can get into the boarded up cave now. It may be better to
    finish up Poppy's task(s) before you forget, if you did not already do that.
    Now you can go prospect in the cave if you want. You can get:
    Action Figure and Video Game in here.
    Afterward, go to the hotel. You should have DJ Candy Supergroove, Sir Vincent
    Skullfinder, or Chef Gino Delicioso, all Commercial Sims.
    Ooo! Almost forgot! You also get a few new blueprints for making it to Star
    Level 1! You get: Coffee Table, Couch, Shelf, Wall Cabinet
    Move the Sim in. You have a choice of either working on their tasks now, or
    sleeping on the bench near the hotel until the next day and moving in the other
    ComSims when they show up.
    The fun part of moving them in: you unlock certain building pieces for each
    Sim, which you can then use in redesigning your home later on! The ComSims
    are the ones that give you the extra blocks, so if you want a wider range of
    building items, move in all the ComSims you can! 
    There will be no Townie Sims until the next Star level, so off you go to
    work for the ComSims. Again, most of the time you will not need to finish all
    the tasks for the ComSims of that Star Level before you hit the next one.
    If you are having trouble finding an essence that a ComSim wants in their task,
    go talk to them and they should tell you where it is (or read the "Essences"
    part of this guide). After doing most of these Sims' tasks, you should hit Star
    Level 2!
     Commercial Sims
     CHEF GINO DELICIOSO (Main Interest: Tasty; Secondary: Fun; hates: Geeky)
    Task 1: Pizza Oven w/4 Stone & 8 Red Apple = Reward: Bed - Classic
    Task 2: Chair w/5 Green Apple; Table w/4 Red Apple & 4 Green Apple =
             Reward: Refrigerator - Framed
    Task 3: Sink w/3 Stone & 5 Red Apple; Stove w/3 Stone & 5 Red Apple; and
            Refrigerator w/2 Stone & 5 Red Apple = Reward: Pizza Decorative
    Gino unlocks these building items:
     DOOR: black, with step and arched top edge, half shell window inset
     WINDOW: Single 2 paned, with windowbox and awning
     ROOF: 4 sided with Mini-tower like top
     DORMER: gingerbread house type
     GROUND FLAIRS: island head statue, scarecrow, pink pig lawn ornament
     WALL FLAIRS: climbing lizards(?), metallic conical lights
     DJ CANDY SUPERGROOVE (Main Interest: Fun; Secondary: Geeky; hates: Tasty)
    Task 1: Stereo w/9 Happy = Reward: Couch - Funky
    Task 2: Couch w/4 Clown Fish & 2 8-Ball; Table w/1 8-Ball =
             Reward: Bathtub - Hourglass
    Task 3: Turntable w/6 8-Ball & 14 Clown Fish = Reward: Disco Ball Decorative
    DJ Candy unlocks these building items:
     DOOR: Blue, with red trim, has porthole type window
     WINDOWS: porthole type; tall, skinny, curved inward white
     ROOF FLAIRS: black rounded subwoofer
     GROUND FLAIRS: velvet rope
     WALL FLAIR: black square speaker
     SIR VINCENT SKULLFINDER (Main Interest:Spooky; Secondary:Studious; hates:Cute)
    Task 1: Sculpture w/8 Stone; Sculpture w/8 Dead Wood = Reward: Chair - Modern
    Task 2: Desk w/7 Dead Wood; Chair w/5 Dead Wood = Reward: Desk - Puzzle
    Task 3: Sarcophagus w/20 Scary & 10 Stone = Reward: Museum Aztec Statue
    Sir Vincent unlocks these building items:
     WINDOW: half shell
     ROOF FLAIR: pyramidal with glass
     COLUMN: skinny black
     GROUND FLAIRS: stonelike Martian sentry statue; dinosaur statue
    There are no Townie Sims for this level.
     4. Star Rating-Level 2
    WELCOME TO STAR LEVEL 2! You can use the Saw now!
     NOW you can go into the Forest, if you want to. The saw will take care of that
    pesky log for you! Wow.....it looks empty and run down here. There are 7 more
    house lots; 4 ringed around the huge tree in the beginning of the Forest, and
    3 more waaaayyyy in the back. Saw another log to get into the rear area, and
    note the locked gate leading into a VERY large tree; you won't get into there
    until later. Also note a path leading from prospecting area 1 (right past the
    first tree you cross to get over the river) to another locked gate.
    Prospecting Area 1 gives you:
    Bacon, Cake, Chocolate Cake, Gingerbread Man
    One more prospecting area in the rear (after the last house lot) gives you:
    Organic and Terra Cotta.
    A fishing pier near the locked gate gives you:
    Crab, Octopus, Snake
    A couple of still rock blocked areas are contained here. One near the locked
    gate (turn around at the gate), the other is a cave mouth. The outer Forest
    area has another rock blocked area that contains an Orange tree.
    There's still plenty to do right now if you want, though. Prospect some in
    both areas; fish at the pier, then go back to the outer area to collect Cherry
    Blossom, Plum Blossom, and Rose essences. 
    Done? OK then, back to the hotel to get more Sims! This time
    Commercial Sims and Townie Sims will be together in the hotel lobby and room
    next door; since you don't have enough lots for everyone, this is where you
    need to decide if you want lots of Commercial Sims, Townie Sims, or a mix of
    New blueprints unlocked for this Star level: Dresser, Mirror
     Commercial Sims
     ELMIRA (Main Interest: Studious; Secondary: Spooky; hates: Fun)
    Task 1: Bookshelf w/12 Dark Wood - Reward: None
    Task 2: Desk w/4 Terra Cotta & 4 Dark Wood; Chair w/9 Dark Wood = Reward:
           Bookshelf - Notched 
    Task 3: Small Television w/5 Dark Wood; Couch w/16 Dark Wood = Reward:
           Table - Bamboo
    Task 4: Bookshelf w/20 Scary; Bookshelf w/20 Happy; Bookshelf w/20 Rose =
           Reward: Book Pile Decorative
    Elmira unlocks these building items:
     ROOFS: round, flat black with edging; semi-circular flat black with edging
     COLUMNS: thick stonelike grecian; haphazardly piled bricks
     GROUND FLAIRS: donkey lawn ornament; cow lawn ornament; lion statue
     WALL FLAIR: small wooden eave overhang
     MS. NICOLE VOGUE (Main Interest: Cute; Secondary: Studious; hates: Tasty)
    Task 1: Bed w/8 Rose & 4 Purple Crayon = Reward: None
    Task 2: Mirror w/14 Plum Blossom = Reward: Dresser - Classic
    Task 3: Dresser w/10 Dark wood & 10 Rose; Dresser w/10 Light Wood & 10 Plum
           Blossom = Reward: Couch - Club
    Task 4: Changing Booth w/20 Rose & 20 Plum Blossom = Reward: Pile O' Shirts
    Ms. Nicole unlocks these building items:
     WINDOWS: BOTH single & double multi-colored displays; stick out from building
     ROOF FLAIR: peacock weathervane
     ROXIE ROAD (Main Interest: Tasty; Secondary: Cute; hates: Studious)
    Task 1: Ice Cream Freezer w/14 Happy & 12 Gingerbread Man = Reward: None
    Task 2: Refrigerator w/10 Happy & 10 Gingerbread Man; Sink w/10 Happy &
           4 Chocolate Cake = Reward: Sink - Art Deco
    Task 3: Table w/14 Cherry Blossom & 10 Cake; Chair w/16 Cherry Blossom =
           Stove - Deluxe
    Task 4: Bathtub w/20 Cherry Blossom & 20 Cake; Sink w/20 Cherry Blossom &
           10 Cake = Reward: Ice Cream Column Decorative
    Roxie unlocks these building items:
     DOOR: green with striped awning
     ROOF: pyramid shaped
     WINDOW: small window with awning
     GROUND FLAIR: bee on a wire post lawn ornament
     VIC VECTOR (Main Interest: Geeky; Secondary: Spooky; hates: Cute)
    Task 1: Arcade Game w/10 Video Game = Reward:None
    Task 2: Couch w/10 Action Figure; Television w/10 Action Figure = Reward:
           Arcade Game - Retro
    Task 3: Refrigerator w/10 Bacon = Reward: Chair - Futuristic
    Task 4: Arcade Game w/4 Tire; Arcade Game w/16 Snake; Arcade Game w/6 Octopus
           & 14 Crab = Reward: Wall Rocket Decorative
    Vic unlocks these building items:
     ROOF: Yellow rounded dome 
     ROOF FLAIR: rocket ship nose with knobby tip
     WALL FLAIR: hanging round spaceship type lights; red round half ring; red fin
     Townie Sims
     CLARA (Main Interest: Cute; Secondary: Studious; hates: Spooky)
    Best Friends Reward: Coffe Table - Mouse
     GORDON (Main Interest: Studious; Secondary: Geeky; hates: Tasty)
    Best Friends Reward: Couch - Puzzle
     MARIA (Main Interests: Tasty, Studious; hates: Geeky)
    Best Friends Reward: Small Television - Soda
     RAY (Main Interest: Spooky; Secondary: Studious; hates: Fun)
    Best Friend Reward: Couch - Medusa
     RHONDA (Main Interest: Fun; Secondary: Tasty; hates: Cute)
    Best Friends Reward: Table - Lattice 
     ROGER (Main Interest: Fun; Scondary: Studious; hates: Tasty)
    Best Friend Reward: Chair - Rickshaw
     TRAVIS (Main Interest: Fun; Secondary: Geeky: hates: Cute)
    Best Friend Reward: Couch - Soccer
    5. Star Rating-Level 3
    WELCOME TO STAR LEVEL 3! You can use the pickaxe now!
     NOW you can have some fun exploring the largest area of the game: the Desert.
    You can easily get lost, so put a marker near the entrance to the Desert so you
    can find your way back if you need to. IF you do get lost, follow the wall
    around until you get to the 3 house lots; they are near the entrance.
    New blueprints for you: Bathtub and Toilet
    There are 7 more house lots; 3 in fromt of you as you enter the Desert, one
    more on a plateau in the Southern area, and 3 more you cannot get to right now.
     Well, lots to do! There's a lot of prospecting; the area near the house lots
    has a set of stairs you must break the rocks to get to. This area has two
    separate smaller areas where you can prospect for the 6 transparent essences!
    Area 1: Amber, Amethyst, Sapphire
    Area 2: Garnet, Jade, Topaz
    Beyond them is a Black Rose tree. Collect some of those for replanting later.
     Also collect Sunflowers from the lone tree in the Orchard near the house lots.
    Now choose a direction: North or South. If you head North, you will run into
    another prospecting area near the large Dinosaur fossil. Get these here:
    Dinosaur Fossil, Mega Lizard, Moai, Skeleton
    Keep going north, eventually you will run into the cemetery, which has yet
    another prospecting area. Get these here:
    Spider, Voodoo Doll
    Open the cave at the other end of the cemetery, and you will find two
    spooky Ghost trees. 
    If you go South, you will run into some interesting places as well. There is
    a plateau with a lonely house lot on it; the plateau also contains 3 trees-
    Lemon, Lime, and Orange. Walk around on it, and you will notice a boarded up
    cave mouth under you. Get off the plateau, and walk around it until you find
    the cave again, and open it up. MORE prospecting! This cave holds only cute
    essences, and even the butterflies in it seem to be super cute. You get:
    Red Crayon, Tim Doll, Tina Doll, Yellow Crayon
    After going back outside, you will run into, yep, you guessed it, ANOTHER
    prospecting area! This one is larger, and a bit more annoying, than most of the
    other areas. (I once had DJ Candy park herself in the area for 10 minutes,
    doing a dance off. Right when I wanted to prospect, too! I finally had to join
    in and that seemed to get her to leave.) Get these here:
    Elephant, Hopi Doll, Puppy, Tiger
    Keep exploring the area, and you'll notice another locked gate. Behind it you
    may be able to see 3 more house lots, and the ocean. Awww....oh well. You'll
    get there later. Keep on exploring, and yep, there's one more locked gate!
    How annoying! Then another boarded up cave (southern map wall, hug wall to get
    there) with 4 more essence trees. You get:
    Club, Diamond, Heart, Spade
    If you still don't want to start more tasks, you can now go back to the Forest
    to open up the cave (near the last house lot that was blocked). In the cave you
    can prospect for:
    Magic Carpet, Musical Note, Soccer Ball
    Open the way to that Orange tree you saw earlier, the rock blocked one
    on a small plateau. Also, there is another blocked area by the large gate; this
    area can hold 3 trees, then you should go across the 2 bridges and the small
    river to the spooky cave and get the essences on the trees in there:
    Black Apple, Eyeball, Jack O'Lantern
    Well, the way to get the tools to open those locked gates is to keep
    moving up the levels, so it's time to start moving in more Sims and building
    stuff to make them happy.
     Commercial Sims
     CHEF WATANABE (Main Interest: Tasty; Secondary: Studious; hates: Cute)
    Task 1: Sink w/20 Rainbow Trout = Reward: None
    Task 2: Bathtub w/30 Crab = Reward: Counter - Island
    Task 3: Hot Tub w/20 Octopus & 30 Rainbow Trout = Reward: Flower Stand -
    Task 4: Karaoke Machine w/10 Stone & 20 Organic = Reward: Sushi Lantern
    Chef Watanabe unlocks these building items:
     DOOR: red square with black symbol inset
     WINDOW: red square 12 paned
     ROOF: teahouse type, 4 sided with red trim
     DORMER: teahouse type, matches teahouse roof
     WALL FLAIR: paper lantern lights; red door with cafe deck
     DOLLY DEARHEART (Main Interest: Cute; Secondary: Fun; hates Spooky)
    Task 1: Costume Chest w/30 Sunflower = Reward: None
    Task 2: Mirror w/15 Purple Crayon & 20 Sunflower = Reward: Refrigerator-Deluxe
    Task 3: Bed w/14 Yellow Crayon & 14 Red Crayon = Reward: Bed - Canopy
    Task 4: Table w/15 Puppy; Chair w/15 Tim Doll; Chair w/15 Tina Doll = Reward:
           Costume Shop Carpet Decorative
    Dolly unlocks these building items:
     DOOR: slightly slanted, looks hand drawn, gingerbread house type edging
     WINDOW: slightly slanted, looks hand drawn, gingerbread house type edging
     GROUND FLAIR: butterfly on a wire post lawn ornament
     WALL FLAIR: 3 butterflies wall decal
     GOTH BOY (Main Interest: Spooky; Secondary: Studious; hates: Fun)
    Task 1: Couch w/16 Sad; Chair w/10 Sad = Reward: None
    Task 2: Bed w/20 Thorn & 20 Spider = Reward: Mirror - Elegant
    Task 3: Bathtub w/30 Black Rose = Reward: Dresser - Colonial
    Task 4: Organ w/30 Jack O' Lantern & 30 Thron = Reward: Haunted House Armor
    Goth Boy unlocks these building items:
     DOOR: dark, gothic type
     WINDOW: single, dark, gothic type
     ROOF: 4 sided flat, no tower
     ROOF FLAIR: gargoyle type statue
     GROUND FLAIRS: winged gargoyle type statue; wrought iron fence w/pointed top
     WALL FLAIRS: dark, gothic type hanging lights
     MASTER ARAN (Main Interest: Fun; Secondary: Studious; hates: Cute)
    Task 1: Training Dummy w/12 Tiger & 10 Elephant = Reward: None
    Task 2: Training Dummy w/15 Angry & 15 Spider = Reward: Training Dummy - Doll
    Task 3: Training Dummy w/15 Octopus & 15 Crab = Reward: Bathtub - Bamboo
    Task 4: Training Dummy w/15 Mega Lizard & 30 Tiny Shark = Reward: Kickboxing
           Gloves Decorative
    Master Aran unlocks these building items:
     DOOR: red, rounded wooden with black trim
     WINDOW: BOTH, black lopsided 9 pane
     COLUMN: 2 part, thick square bottom, skinny top, woodlike
     GROUND FLAIRS: garden lanterns
     WALL FLAIRS: red, rectangular hanging light
     SHIRLEY (Main Interest: Cute; Secondary: Tasty; hates: Spooky)
    Task 1: Salon Chair w/20 Red Crayon = Reward: None
    Task 2: Flower Stand w/20 Yellow Blossom & 20 Rose = Reward: Bed - Designer
    Task 3: Stove w/20 Lime; Refrigerator w/20 Orange; Counter w/20 Lemon =
           Reward: Sink - Vanity
    Task 4: Salon Chair w/20 Gold; Salon Chair w/40 Kissing Fish = Reward: Salon
           Screen Decorative
    Shirley unlocks these building items:
     DOOR: green with single pane inset, top window
     WINDOW: double 1 pane
     GROUND FLAIRS: rocking horse; rainbow palm tree; waving cat statue
     Townie Sims
     BEAN BRADLEY (Main Interest: Cute; Secondary: Fun; hates: Studious)
    Best Friends Reward: Television - Wavy
     Jenny (Main Interest: Geeky; Secondary: Studious; hates: Spooky)
    Best Friends Reward: Bed - Jenny's, Television - Spaceship
     MATT (Main Interest: Studious; Secondary: Geeky; hates: Tasty)
    Best Friends Reward: Television - Lightning Round
     RAVEN (Main Interest: Spooky; Secondary: Studious; hates: Geeky)
    Best Friends Reward: Hot Tub - Raven
     SANDRA (Main Interest: Fun; Secondary: Studious: hates: Geeky)
    Best Friends Reward: Small Television - Framed
     STEPHEN (Main Interest: Geeky; Secondary: Fun; hates: Cute)
    Best Friends Reward: Desk - Bridge
     6. Star Rating-Level 4
    WELCOME TO STAR LEVEL 4! You can use the blowtorch now!
     All those locked gates don't stand a chance now! There's those in the Forest,
    one that leads inside a tree to get a couple of essences:
    Pawn, Rook
    then it's off to the one above prospecting area 1 to get one more essence:
    Now off to the Desert, blow the fence off to the last 3 house lots you'll get,
    plus the two piers (yes, TWO piers!) inside the area:
    Pier 1 (South): Beach Ball, Gold
    Pier 2 (East): Fish Bones, Kissing Fish, Tiny Shark
    This area is near the ocean; a very pleasant area, at least to me.
    (I wish they would've been able to let us choose where to put our house, like
    you get to in Animal Crossing: Wild World. In that game you can answer
    questions that determine where your house will be; oh well, here's hoping if we
    get a sequel to this, we'll be able to choose where to live. I would've loved
    to have a home near the ocean. 
    To the game designers: hint, hint!)
    Now for that final gate in the Desert's southern area; it leads to the Junkyard.
    There are 2 separate prospecting areas in here: 
    Area 1: Globe, Pencil
    Area 2: Alien, Rocket, Star
    There is a boarded up cave in the back with 3 trees inside. Very ODD trees:
    Gear, Robot, Spring
    Finally it's time to meet and greet more Sims, and you'll meet the last of the
    ComSims now.
     Commercial Sims
     CAP'N GINNY (Main Interest: Fun; Secondary: Cute; hates; Studious)
    Task 1: Jukebox w/16 Angry & 20 Musical Note = Reward: None
    Task 2: Dresser w/20 Hearts & 20 Spades; Costume Chest w/15 Diamonds & 15
           Clubs = Reward: Television - Club
    Task 3: Hot Tub w/30 Beach Ball = Reward: Mirror - Origami
    Task 4: Pirate Ship w/20 Magic Carpet & 30 Angry = Reward: Ship in a Bottle
    Cap'n Ginny unlocks these building items:
     ROOF FLAIRS: crow's nest; stovepipe chimney
     GROUND FLAIR: rope & wooden post fence
     WALL FLAIR: ship's wheel
     DR. F (Main Interest: Geeky; Secondary: Tasty; hates: Cute)
    Task 1: Stereo w/20 Springs& 20 Gears = Reward: None
    Task 2: Turntable w/30 Robot; Refrigerator w/10 Tire = Reward: Costume Chest -
    Task 3: Karaoke Machine w/20 Soccer Ball; Toilet w/15 Tiny Shark = Reward:
           Table - Atom
    Task 4: Zap-O-Tron w/25 Gear & 25 Robot = Reward: Mad Robot Decorative
      (Special note about this one: in the blueprints book, this is NOT called
       a "Zap-O-Tron"; it is called a "Tesla Coil".)
    Dr. F unlocks these building items:
     DORMER: gray metallic grating
     GROUND FLAIRS: little pink robot; red and yellow Martian
     MADAME ZOE (Main Interest: Spooky; Secondary: Geeky; hates: Tasty)
    Task 1: Chair w/20 Snake; Table w/10 Voodoo Doll & 5 Eyeball = Reward: None
    Task 2: Mirror w/16 Skeleton & 14 Fish Bones = Reward: Stove - Hourglass
    Task 3: Sarcophagus w/20 Ghost & 20 Black Apple = Reward: Bookshelf - Hearts
    Task 4: Fortune Crystal w/30 Eyeball & 25 Ghost = Reward: Floor Candle
    Madame Zoe unlocks these building items:
     WINDOW: single gothic type with windowbox
     PROFESSOR NOVA (Main Interest: Geeky; Secondary: Studious; hates: Fun)
    Task 1: Bookshelf w/20 Pencil & 15 Light Wood = Reward: None
    Task 2: Couch w/10 Star & 10 Metal; Small Television w/10 Alien & 10 Metal =
           Desk - Galactic
    Task 3: Telescope w/20 Star & 25 Metal = Reward: None
    Task 4: Arcade Game w/15 Alien & 20 Rocket = Reward: Observatory Chart
    Professor Nova unlocks these building items:
     WINDOW: double multi pane; rounded, broken stained glass
     DORMER: mini telescope
     GROUND FLAIR: green alien lawn ornament
     WALL FLAIRS: Moon with clouds & stars wall decal; ship's anchor
     TREVOR VERILY (Main Interest: Studious; Secondary: Fun; hates: Geeky)
    Task 1: Changing Booth w/20 Pawn & 20 Knight; Costume Chest w/30 Rook =
           Reward: None
    Task 2: Salon Chair w/30 Hopi Doll & 10 Moai = Reward: Stereo - Trevor's
    Task 3: Counter w/15 Pawn & 15 Rook = Reward: Arcade Game - Antennae
    Task 4: Stage w/30 Globe & 20 Dinosaur Fossil = Reward: Mardi Gras Mask
    Trevor unlocks these building items:
     DOOR: theater type, rounded with top arch
     WINDOW: small 1 pane, square window
     ROOF FLAIR: triangular golden roof edging, theater type
     WALL FLAIRS: golden theater wall arch; framed poster
     Townie Sims
     AMELIA (Main Interest: Studious; Secondary: Tasty; hates: Geeky)
    Best Friends Reward: Bookshelf - Art Deco
     ANNIE RADD (Main Interest: Fun; Secondary: Geeky; hates: Studious)
    Best Friends Reward: Karaoke Machine - Guitar
     CRYSTAL (Main Interest: Spooky; Secondary: Fun; hates: Cute)
    Best Friends Reward: Bookshelf - Ornate
     EDWIN (Main Interest: Tasty; Secondary: Geeky; hates: Spooky)
    Best Friends Reward: Ice Cream Freezer - Pagoda
     GERTRUDE SPACKLE (Main Interest: Geeky; Secondary: Spooky; hates: Fun)
    Best Friends Reward: Chair - Science
     GRANDMA RUTHIE (Main Interest: Tasty; Secondary: Studious; hates: Spooky)
    Best Friends Reward: Chair - Rocker
     IAN ARNESON (Main Interest: Geeky; Secondary: Tasty; hates: Fun)
    Best Friends Reward: Bookshelf - Magnetic
     JEREMY SNOARS (Main Interest: Cute; Secondary: Tasty; hates: Fun)
    Best Friends Reward: Bed - Cradle
     LIBERTY (Main Interest: Geeky; Secondary: Cute; hates: Studious)
    Best Friends Reward: Changing Booth - Cobra
     LINDA (Main Interest: Studious; Secondary: Tasty; hates: Geeky
    Best Friends Reward: Bathtub - Naval
     MAKOTO (Main Interest: Studious; Secondary: Spooky; hates: Fun)
    Best Friends Reward: Chair - Recharger
     ODIN REVOLUTION (Main Interest: Fun; Secondary: Spooky; hates: Studious)
    Best Friends Reward: Stereo - Drum Set
     PINKY (Main Interest: Cute; Secondary: Geeky; hates: Studious)
    Best Friends Reward: Bathtub - Palatial
     SASHA (Main Interest: Tasty; Secondary: Cute; hates: Geeky)
    Best Friends Reward: Stove - Apple
     YUKI (Main Interest: Spooky; Secondary: Cute; hates: Fun)
    Best Friends Reward: Television - Giant Claw
     7. Star Rating-Level 5
     WELCOME TO STAR LEVEL 5! The big time! You've made it now! But no more tools.
    You likely will not be finished with all the ComSims' tasks yet, but will still
    have a party anyway. After you place the item for theComSim's task, or whatever
    you made for a Townie, you will get a message that you've hit 5 stars!
    There will also be a message that you've unlocked a special blueprint just for
    the occasion! It's the "Town Monument" blueprint.
    Now you will find yourself in front of the Town Hall; the townies and ComSims
    that have been there from the start of the game will be clapping, celebrating,
    and confetti will rain down. You also get to see the credits to roll by. Take a
    break, or watch them roll by, if you don't get bored by stuff like that.
    After the credits are done, you find yourself in control of your Sim again.
    Now, if you like, you can finish up all those ComSim tasks still sitting there.
    There are also quite a LOT of new faces in the hotel; all of these are Townies
    looking for a place to stay.
    This is also a great time to try for 99 of every essence. Some of the Townies
    seem to be quite picky as to things they really enjoy being given, and having
    the max of every essence ensures you have the best variety to choose from. 
    All areas are open to you now; you can choose to boot Sims you're done doing
    things for over to the Forest or Desert if you want. Or just boot them.
    The great thing about this game is the freedom it gives you; you choose who
    you want, where you want them, and how to decorate their house.
    I certainly hope during moving up the Star rating ladder, you did not do what
    I did, and neglect your own house. Your home is a reflection of your talents
    for building; it can also be a showcase for the best of the blueprints, and a
    lab for what works together and what doesn't.
    Have fun with your town, and remember: your town is what you make of it!
     Townie Sims
     ABIGAIL (Main Interest: Studious; Secondary: Cute; hates: Fun)
    Best Friends Reward: Bed - Book
     BEEBEE (Main Interest: Cute; Secondary: Geeky; hates: Tasty)
    Best Friends Reward: Chair - Bunny
     BILLY (Main Interest: Cute; Secondary: Tasty; hates: Geeky)
    Best Friends Reward: Telescope - Octopus
     BLAINE (Main Interest: Spooky; Secondary: Fun; hates: Tasty)
    Best Friends Reward: Stove - Claw
     BRANDI (Main Interest: Spooky; Secondary: Geeky; hates: Cute)
    Best Friends Reward: Bathtub - Spider
     BRENDAN (Main Interest: Geeky; Secondary: Studious; hates: Spooky)
    Best Friends Reward: Couch - Checkers
     CHAZ MCFREELY (Main Interest: Fun; Secondary: Spooky; hates: Geeky)
    Best Friends Reward: Chair - Racecar
     CLAYTON DANDER (Main Interest: Geeky; Secondary: Cute; hates: Spooky)
    Best Friends Reward: Hot Tub - Robohead
     ELIZA (Main Interest: Studious; Secondary: Tasty; hates: Cute)
    Best Friends Reward: Small Television - Question
     ESMA (Main Interest: Spooky; Secondary: Cute; hates: Fun)
    Best Friends Reward: Bed - Nails
     IGGY (Main Interest: Tasty; Secondary: Spooky; hates: Studious)
    Best Friends Reward: Bathtub - Sammich
     JIMMY (Main Interest: Tasty; Secondary: Fun; hates: Studious)
    Best Friends Reward: Changing Booth - Aquarium
     KARINE (Main Interest: Tasty; Secondary: Cute; hates: Spooky)
    Best Friends Reward: Bed - Burger
     LUIS (Main Interest: Studious; Secondary: Cute; hates: Spooky)
    Best Friends Reward: Stereo - Funky
     MORCUBUS (Main Interest: Spooky; Secondary: Tasty; hates: Cute)
    Best Friends Reward: Toilet - Insidious
     NOELLE (Main Interest: Tasty; Secondary: Cute; hates: Studious)
    Best Friends Reward: Pizza Oven - Pizza
     PABLO (Main Interest: Fun; Secondary: Geeky; hates: Spooky)
    Best Friends Reward: Hot Tub - Naval
     PENELOPE (Main Interest: Cute; Secondary: Fun; hates: Studious)
    Best Friends Rewards: Bed - Princess; Sink - Floral
     RENEE (Main Interest: Cute; Secondary: Tasty; hates: Geeky)
    Best Friends Reward: Ice Cream Freezer - Piggy
     ROB (Main Interest: Geeky; Secondary: Spooky; hates: Cute)
    Best Friends Reward: Arcade Game - Spiked
     SPENCER (Main Interest: Geeky; Secondary: Tasty; hates: Fun)
    Best Friends Reward: Table - Castle
     SUMMER (Main Interest: Fun; Secondary: Cute; hates: Tasty)
    Best Friends Reward: Bed - Rainclouds
     TAYLOR (Main Interest: Cute; Secondary: Studious; hates: Geeky)
    Best Friends Reward: Karaoke Machine - Lovely
     YVETTE (Main Interest: Studious; Secondary: Spooky; hates: Tasty)
    Best Friends Reward: Karaoke Machine - Mime
    Specialized Help
     8. Uber Sim FAQ/advice
       Q: What are Uber Sims?
     A: Uber Sims are special Sims; they only appear when you reach 100% in any
        interest in your town. To see your interest percentage at any time, open
        the town map and click on the color wheel. You can have multiple interests
        at 100% at the same time, although it's not easy to do. For tips, please
        see the Interest FAQ in the next section.
       Q: How many Ubers are there?
     A: There are 6 Ubers, one for each Interest.
       Q: When can I first get them?
     A: Probably around Star Rating Level 2. That's when you get more Townie Sims,
        and start to unlock more building items from the ComSims that connect to
       Q: Are they Townie or Comsims, and what do they give you if you become their
          best friend?
     A: They are considered to be Townies, as they have no specific tasks for you
        to do for them. If you get to "Best Friend" status with them, you get not
        only a very special item blueprint, you can unlock their clothing to wear!
    List of Uber Sims (in alphabetical order by name)
    (Tasty Uber, dressed like a pastry chef)
     CHANCELLOR IKARA (Main Interest: Tasty; Secondary: Geeky; hates: Fun)
    Best Friends Rewards: Television - Daikon; his outfit
    (Cute Uber; dressed in a frog suit)
     HOPPER (Main Interest: Cute; Secondary: Fun; hates; Tasty)
    Best Friends Rewards: Bed - Froggy; Couch - Froggy; various animal costumes
    (Spooky Uber; dressed like a mummy)
     MEL (Main Interest: spooky; Secondary: Fun; hates: Tasty)
    Best Friends Rewards: Sarcophagus - Mel's; his outfit
    (Studious Uber; dressed like a samurai)
     SAMURAI BOB (Main Interest: Studious; Secondary: Fun; hates: Cute)
    Best Friends Rewards: Desk - Torii; his outfit
    (Geeky Uber; dressed like a ninja)
     STAR (Main Interest: Geeky; Secondary: Spooky; hates: Fun)
    Best Friends Rewards: Bed - Tree; her costume
    (Fun Uber; dressed like a magician)
     THE AMAZING DARYL (Main Interest: Fun; Secondary: Spooky; hates: Studious)
    Best Friends Rewards: Stage - Fancy; his outfit
           9. Interest FAQ
     A. What are interests?
    There are six different interests, and they help you determine what type of
    town you want to have. All essences are part of one of the interest groups.
    All sims, whether Commercial or Townie, have 2 interests they like (a main then
    a secondary one), and one they hate. It goes without saying when painting or 
    using essences in their furniture, and building their homes, use what they 
    like, and stay away from what they hate!
    The six interests are: Cute, Fun, Geeky, Spooky, Studious, and Tasty. The color
    wheel on the town map is split into six parts; a certain color is used to 
    represent each interest in the color wheel.
    If you notice on your town map, the houses of the townie Sims are represented
    by a house icon; their color on the map represents what type of Sim they are.
    Just by glancing at your map, you can see how many of each Townie Sim reside
    in the area (Main, Desert, Forest) you are in.
    Cute: icon - pink cutesy bear type face; represented by the pink slice.
    Fun: icon - yellow face with a party hat and blower; 
                represented by the yellow slice
    Geeky: icon - blue round robotic face, torso, and arms; 
                  represented by the blue slice
    Spooky: icon - purple ghost; represented by the purple color wheel slice
    Studious: icon - green face with graduation cap, wears glasses; 
                     represented by the green slice
    Tasty: icon - orange chicken type leg; represented by the orange slice
     B. General tips and advice for maximizing town interests
     So have you decided on who you want in town, or are you just taking them as
    they come? Since you only have a certain number of lots available, you will
    find a need to kick out some Sims to move others in. It helps to know each
    Sims' interests, what they like and dislike, especially  if you are going for
    100% in a certain interest to get that Uber Sim. Yes, you can max out all
    your interests at once; the interest percentages are not calculated as part of
    a whole. Meaning you can have, say, 90% in geeky, 65% in fun, and 80% in tasty.
    Tips: Outside decoration counts for a large part of the town percentage in an
    interest; perhaps more than the inside of a house. Your house does count
    towards the interest percentage; I also believe the workshop does too, but
    probably not as much as the house. In the next section I will list most of
    the outside building items and their interest connection, if they have one.
    It helps if going for a couple of interests at once, move in Sims with
    that top interest as a main one, then the next as a secondary. Then reverse
    it after you get to 100% in your most wanted interest: For instance: Say you
    want spooky to get to 100% first, then studious. Move in mainly sims with a
    main interest of spooky, then studious as a secondary interest. Then you get
    to 100% in spooky. Now move in Sims with a main interest of studious,
    secondary in anything else.
    When building a house to get to 100% interest: Only use building items that are
    connected to the main interest first. Then, when that interest reaches 100% for
    the house, use secondary interest related items to finish. When dealing with 
    studious houses, use lots of columns, as all but one kind are studious related.
    The other kind of columns, the skinny black ones, are spooky.
    If you run out of house space, litter the ground area with interest related 
    items. Tacky, gaudy, and sure to be as ugly as possible, only use this if you
    can stomach a lot full of pink flamingos or dinosaur statues.
    (DON'T block the door area though!)
    When your town hits 100% in that interest, if you really hate that ugly lot
    full of rocking horses or lion statues, find the other interest your Sim likes
    and replace everything with things relating to that interest instead.
    ("But doesn't that mean instead of butt ugly flamingos, I get to see really
    ugly robots or tacky cows or pigs?" Yep. Only until you max out that secondary
    interest; then you should go ahead and chuck it all if you want.)
    There IS a limit on how much you can put on each building lot; the game will
    tell you when you've reached it.
    I have experimented with some of the different blocks, in various sizes, and
    the easiest way to build a home and not have to use the tacky Ground Flairs
    scattered all over the ground is this (you can use this if you don't care
    about the size or shape of homes):
     Use the normal rectangular shape, at largest size (it should hold 4 items per
    side). 2 stacked on top of each other is best. NO ROOF. 1 door, 3 windows
    (or other Interest connected items) in front. 4 more items per side per block.
    8 Interest connected items on housetop, in pattern of your liking, that should
    put you close to 100% if all items are from the same Interest category. For
    some reason, the ground flairs don't look quite as tacky on the housetop area.
    There is a limit on how much furniture you can add inside each home, as well.
     (UPDATE: thanks to Gamefaqs user Taziki, who says each house can hold up to
    30 constructed items and 10 Decoratives.)
    It helps greatly for you to plan out what you should make, and know how large
    each piece will be, for your Townie Sims beforehand. Again, to bump your
    interest percentage in that area, paint/decorate each piece
    of furniture with as many essences related to the main interest as possible!
     C. Listing of building items and their interest relation
    Base blocks and roofs are not listed; they are all neutral.
     Doors, those that have one of the six interests (Cute, Fun, Geeky, Spooky,
    Studious, and Tasty), and then neutral, will be listed. As you move in a
    Sim you will notice you are given a default screen that has recommended items
    to use to build their home (or in a ComSim's case, business), and after
    you are done these items are now unlocked for you to use in your home, or 
    other Sims' homes. However, if you use a guide with Sims' favorite 2 interests
    listed, you can freely use unlocked items that are connected to one of the sims
    2 main interests to bump your town's percentage in that (or those) interest(s).
     These are all the doors you can unlock. When you unlock them all, there
    is only 1 screen, shown in a semi-circular pattern around the bottom of the
    building area. I have listed these in order from left to right, those with
    interest connections listed first, then neutral doors listed after.
    If colors are mentioned, these are the defaults; you can choose, in "Paint"
    mode, one of several color options for the door.
     Top "circle"
    Interest Connected
    Brown, with plain white half window on top - Studious
    Theater type, rounded, with top arch - Fun
    Neutral Doors
    White, with small divided window
    Red, with small gray awning
    Black, with small inset window
    Green, with blue inset window
    Hotel type revolving
     Bottom "circle"
    Interest Connected
    Rounded, with small round inset window - fun
    Dark, Gothic type - spooky
    Slightly slanted, looks hand drawn, gingerbread house type edging - cute
    Green, with blue inset window; striped awning - tasty
    Blue, with red trim porthole type window - geeky
    Neutral doors
    Black, with white rimmed half window on top
    Green, with white trim, rectangular inset window on top
    Rounded red wood, with black trim (no window)
    Red wood, black symbol inset near top
    After all windows are unlocked, you have 2 full screens of options! These too
    are shown in a semi-circular pattern around the bottom of the building area.
    I have also listed these in order of interest connection, then neutral ones.
    Colors mentioned are the defaults. "Single" and "Double" refer to its size.
    Screen 1
    ROW 1
    Interest Connected
    Single 2 paned; has windowbox, striped awning - tasty
    Double white, 2 pane; green shutters and flowerbox - cute
    Single white 1 pane; rectangular, curved inward, very slim - geeky
    Double pink 4 pane; pink & white striped awning with pink flowerbox - cute
    Neutral Windows
    Single white 6 pane; curved inward, plain border
    Single white 6 pane; straight, rectangular
    Single white 8 pane; fancy edged, rectangular
    Single white 4 pane; rectangular with rounded top, has windowbox
    ROW 2
    Interest Connected
    Single white 12 pane; tall and skinny, curved - studious
    Single pane wooden porthole - fun
    Single pink 2 pane; pink & white striped awning, pink flowerbox - cute
    Neutral Windows
    Single white 1 pane; tall and rounded on top with round plantbox
    Single white 8 pane; shell shaped "half" window
    Single white 1 pane; half shell top with 4 panes, balcony
    Single white 1 pane; half shell top with 4 panes, NO balcony
    Screen 2
    ROW 1
    Interest Connected
    Single black 1 pane; covered, with windowbox - spooky
    Single white 1 pane; small & rounded, with yellow & black striped awning-tasty
    Single wooden 1 pane; curtains, has yellow awning - fun
    Neutral Windows
    Single white 1 pane; tall, rectangular, with black shutters
    Single multi-colored display window; sticks out from building
    Double white 1 pane; rectangular
    Single black 9 pane; crooked
    Double black 9 pane; crooked
    ROW 2
    Interest Connected
    Single white 1 pane; slightly slanted, gingerbread house type edging - cute
    Single multi pane; Dark, Gothic type - spooky
    Double multi pane; rounded, broken stained glass - spooky
    Neutral Windows
    Single white 1 pane; recangular, mid inset
    Double multi-colored display window; sticks out from building
    Single red 12 pane; rectangular, "teahouse" style
    Dormers, Roof Flairs, and Columns
    These are simply listed in order of how they appear beneath the building area.
    There are only a few of these. Again, colors listed are the defaults. Dormers
    usually go on the sides of the peaked roofs.
    Square, metallic type with grating (cannot change its color) - geeky
    Brown, gingerbread house type - neutral 
    Black, small & rounded - neutral
    Teahouse type - neutral
    Black mini telescope (this is what it looks like to me, anyway) - geeky
    Roof Flairs
    A few of these can go on the sides of the peaked roofs, but mostly fit on the
    rooftops. Some can also fit on the flat black rooftop areas as well.
    Rocket ship nose with knobby tip - geeky
    Large chimney - neutral
    Smaller chimney - neutral
    Peaked skylight - geeky
    Round black subwoofer (again, this is what it looks like to me) - fun
    Glassy, with golden edging, pyramid shaped top - studious
    Triangular golden roof edging, theater type - fun
    Roof edging, rectangular, bricklike - neutral
    Crow's Nest - fun
    Trumpeting cherub weathervane - studious
    Black stovepipe - neutral
    Peacock weathervane - cute
    Gargoyle type statue - spooky
    There are few choices, but can quickly max out an interest if used all around
    the building.
    Heavy, stonelike, round Grecian type - studious
    Skinny, black - spooky
    Haphazardly piled gray bricks - studious
    2 part, thick square bottom, skinny top, woodlike - studious
    White, round, skinny type - studious
    Woodlike, divided, straight - studious
    Ground Flairs and Wall Flairs
    Ground Flairs
    The ever tacky ground littering, gaudy, and space eating ground flairs!
    Screen 1
    Row 1
    Stonelike Martian sentry statue - spooky
    Pink pig lawn ornament - tasty
    The proverbial white picket fence - neutral
    Scarecrow - tasty
    Wooden rail fence - neutral
    Mermaid Fountain - studious
    Row 2
    Dinosaur statue - geeky
    Velvet rope - fun
    Pink rabbit lawn ornament - cute
    Lawn gnome - fun
    The always popular Pink flamingo - fun
    Blue rabbit lawn ornament - cute
    Island head statue - studious
    Screen 2
    Small, green Martian lawn ornament - geeky
    Small pink robot lawn ornamant - geeky
    Stonelike winged gargoyle statue - spooky
    Donkey lawn ornament - fun
    Bee on a wire post lawn ornament - tasty
    Garden Lantern - studious
    Butterfly on a wire post lawn ornament - cute
    Red and yellow robot lawn ornament - geeky
    Rope fence with wooden posts - neutral
    Rocking horse lawn ornament - fun
    Wrought iron fence with pointed top - neutral
    Cow lawn ornament - tasty
    Stonelike lion statue - studious
    Waving cat statue - cute
    Rainbow colored palm tree lawn ornament - fun
    Wall Flairs
    Pretty lights, cute decals, or just plain wierdness, make the outside stand
    out with these cool wall flairs!
    Screen 1
    Row 1
    3 colorful butterflies decal - cute
    3 climbing lizards decal? - fun
    (I stared at this thing for 5 minutes straight and STILL can't tell quite what
    it is)
    Wall vase with flowers - cute
    Cherub with harp wall statue - studious
    Old fashioned oil (hurricane type) lantern; straight mount - fun
    Hanging lamp with rounded wall mount - studious
    Hanging old fashioned lamp, street fair type - fun
    Hanging round spaceship type - geeky
    Row 2
    Moon with clouds & stars wall decal - geeky
    Ship's wheel - fun
    Ship's Anchor - fun
    Gothic style hanging lights - spooky
    Red, rectangular hanging light - studious
    Hanging light; rounded teahouse type (paper lantern?) - fun
    Conical, metallic light, straight mount - tasty
    Hanging, double ringed lighted planet - geeky
    Screen 2
    Red half ring (goes around round base blocks only!) - neutral
    Small wooden eave overhang - neutral
    Red spaceship "fin" - geeky
    Big, black speaker - fun
    Large red door with cafe style balcony - fun
    Golden theater wall arch - fun
    Framed theater poster 
    (if you" paint" this, it simply changes the poster displayed) - fun
      Notes on painting percentages and pattern:
     All building items, EXCEPT for two of the Studious columns, are 2% of their
    With every other item used, there is a 1% bonus. The pattern is 2-3, 2,3, etc.
     The heavy, stonelike, round Grecian type, AND haphazardly piled gray brick
    columns are only .25% Studious. This means you will have to place 4 of them
    before you can see a 1% change in Interest percentage.
     D. List of Essences by Interest
     This sub-section actually leads into the the next part of the guide, the
    essences. However, I have put it here because it deals with Interest relations.
    I'm not going to put the percentage of interest they are in this area because
    I will turn that into another full sub-section, concerning painting and
    decorating furniture with essences.
    They are listed in the order they appear in your backpack essence list.
    The number after the name indicates at which star rating level they are
    unlocked on.
    Garnet (transparent) (3)
    Gold (4)
    Happy (0)
    Kissing Fish (4)
    Plum Blossom (2)
    Puppy (3)
    Purple Crayon (0)
    Red Crayon (3)
    Rose (2)
    Sunflower (3)
    Tim Doll (3)
    Tina Doll (0, can be gotten from a sim's tea party, normal is level 3)
    Yellow Blossom (0)
    Yellow Crayon (3)
    8-Ball (0)
    Angry (0)
    Beach Ball (4)
    Clown Fish (0)
    Clubs (3)
    Diamonds (3)
    Hearts (3)
    Hopi Doll (3)
    Magic Carpet (3)
    Musical Note (3)
    Soccer Ball (3)
    Spades (3)
    Tiger (3)
    Topaz (transparent) (3)
    Action Figure (1)
    Alien (4)
    Gears (4)
    Mega Lizard (3)
    Metal (4)
    Robot (4)
    Rocket (4)
    Sapphire (transparent) (3)
    Snake (2)
    Spring (4)
    Star (4)
    Tiny Shark (4)
    Tire (0)
    Video Game (1)
    Amethyst (transparent) (3)
    Black Apple (3)
    Black Rose (3)
    Dead Wood (0)
    Eyeball (3)
    Fish Bones (4)
    Ghost (0, rarely can be gotten from Cassandra the Ghost; normal is level 3)
    Jack O'Lantern (3)
    Sad (0)
    Scary (0)
    Skeleton (3)
    Spider (3)
    Thorn (0)
    Voodoo Doll (3)
    Dark Wood (0)
    Dinosaur Fossil (3)
    Elephant (3)
    Globe (4)
    Jade (transparent) (3)
    Knight (4)
    Light Wood (0)
    Moai (3)
    Organic (2)
    Pawn (4)
    Pencil (0, can be gotten from a sim's book party, normal is level 4)
    Rook (4)
    Stone (0)
    Terra Cotta (2)
    Amber (transparent) (3)
    Bacon (0, can be gotten from Patrick or a sim's picnic, normal is level 2)
    Cake (2)
    Cherry Blossom (2)
    Chocolate Cake (2)
    Crab (2)
    Gingerbread Man (2)
    Green Apple (0)
    Lemon (3)
    Lime (3)
    Octopus (0, can be gotten from sink mishap, normal is level 2)
    Orange (2, can be grabbed w/hand early on in forest, normal is level 3)
    Rainbow Trout (0)
    Red Apple (0)
     10. Essences
     A. What are essences?
    Essences are the "currency" of the game, if you will. There are 84 different
    kinds, 14 of them per interest. Please read the section above for which essence
    is part of what interest; this part deals with how and where to get essences.
    Some seem to be more rare than others; it requires patience (and a 4 star
    rating!) to get them all!
    There are 4 ways to get essences:
    Prospecting - There are certain areas you can "prospect", some inside caves,
    others outside. They are located near the small "crystals" that stick out of
    the ground; the crystals mark the prospecting area's boundaries.
    Trees - Ever heard the saying "Money doesn't grow on trees"; well, some 
    essences DO grow on them, though! There are even areas where you can grow
    several trees at once to keep you well stocked up on essences.
    Fishing - There are several piers located around the town for your fishing
    pleasure. They even give you unlimited bait to catch those wily essences!
    Interaction - This can be with other Sims by talking to them or joining their
    parties, or even with some furniture items!
     B. Essence hunting tips and advice
    If you decide to do all of the Commercials Sims' tasks to get their rewards,
    list how many of each essence for ALL the tasks combined you will need, so you
    can interact/fish/harvest/prospect as many as you need, without having to go
    back to that area constantly and get more of that essence later on.
    Wait until you reach star level 5 to go for 99 of each essence. Essence hunting
    gets really boring, FAST. Take a break when you feel your rear getting numb.
    Numb rear = numb mind.
    If you find you aren't getting ANY of a rarer essence when prospecting, stop,
    leave the area, and then go back and try again.
    If you really hate going to get more essences after using up most of the ones
    you have, and decide to kick out the Sims you're building furniture for later
    on, feel free to take the items you've made for them (AFTER you get their item
    blueprint as a reward!). It does decrease your friendship level somewhat, but
    if you are best friends with the Sim and got their blueprint for an item, go
    ahead and strip their house before you boot them out.
    NOTE: If you try and take an item they had when they moved in, and you do not
    yet have the basic blueprint for it, you will NOT be allowed to take it.
    If you pay attention to your star level rating, you may notice the Townie Sims
    you unlock on the lower levels seem to be "easier" to get to best friends 
    status with. The higher rated Sims (as well as the Ubers) seem to require more
    complicated furniture to before they will become best friends with you.
    I like to make about 2-3 pieces of furniture per Sim, no matter what rating
    they are. Make sure all the furniture will FIT into their home! The higher
    rated sims may have near full homes already. 2-3 slim, small pieces may fit
    better than one huge piece.
    Advice: Use more basic blueprints, and more common essences to paint them with,
    for the 0-2 star rated Sims.
    Use slightly more complicated blueprints and a mix of rarer/common essences to
    paint with for 3-4 star rating Sims.
    Use the most complicated blueprints you have, along with the rarest and finest
    of the essences for the 5 star rated and the Uber Sims.
    This way you may find you will have to go essence hunting a lot less if you
    plan things out first; this makes it less of a pain when you DO have to go
    looking for more essences again.
     C. Listing of how to find essences and possible rarity
    There are 13 different areas, some grouped close together; others are off the
    beaten paths and more hidden.
    Note: These essences are NOT listed in alphabetical order. They are listed in
    a general order of rarity as I found them, from most to least. Although
    supposed to be random, I did notice a basic pattern in which essences seemed
    to take less time to get up to 99 (the max you can have).
    Whether or not star rating affects how fast you can get the rarer essences, I
    do not know, as I only began to get 99 of each essence after reaching star
    rating 5. The rarities MAY vary slightly for you, however.
    Each chest you dig up gives you about 3-4 essences at a time.
    1. Outside, near train station (star level 0)- Stone, 8-Ball, Purple Crayon
    2. Inside boarded up cave (star level 1, use crowbar)- Action Figure,Video Game
    1. Outside Area 1 (star level 2, use saw): Gingerbread Man, Cake, Bacon,
     Chocolate Cake
    2. Outside Area 2 (star level 2, use saw): Organic, Terra Cotta
    3.Inside, rock blocked cave (star level 3, need pickaxe): Musical Note, Soccer
     Ball, Magic Carpet
    1. Outside, near first 3 house lots, Area 1 (star level 3): Amethyst, Sapphire,
     Amber (clear)
    2. Outside, near first 3 house lots, Area 2 (star level 3): Garnet, Topaz, Jade
    3. Outside, near BIG Dino Fossil (star level 3): Dinosaur Fossil, Skeleton,
     Moai, Mega Lizard
    4. Outside, past area 3, Cemetery (star level 3): Spider, Voodoo Doll
    5. Outside, southern desert area (star level 3): Puppy, Elephant, Tiger,
     Hopi Doll
    6. Inside, cave near area 5 (star level 3): Yellow Crayon, Red Crayon,
     Tina Doll, Tim Doll
    7. Outside, Junkyard area 1 (star level 4, need blowtorch): Pencil, Globe
    8. Outside, Junkyard area 2 (star level 4): Star, Alien, Rocket
    A large part of your essence hunting requires you to plant, water, and even
    chop down trees in your quest to create the perfect town with the best houses
    for the Sims you choose to move in. In the beginning of the game, you will
    notice round orange ringed bare spots in several locations around your main
    town area (in fact, there is one in front of your house). They can hold one
    tree each.
    Most of these start off empty; it is up to you to decide which trees you wish
    to place there. There are also several "orchard" areas, where you can plant
    several trees in one area.
    Tree planting:
    Planting a tree is easy! But how long to wait for it? Normally, it takes about
    5-6 minutes real time for it to mature. You can speed it up somewhat by
    watering as it grows. In an orchard, if you choose to plant and it's full, it
    will tell you to cut a tree down before trying to plant another.
    I noticed after majorly watering a growing tree, it will produce when not quite
    fully grown. If you wait a bit, or leave the general area then come back, the
    tree will be the size it should be.
    You can choose to water or fertilize a tree to get more essences to appear.
    Watering can give you about 3-5 essences per can. It's best to shake all the
    current essences off, then water for more. 
    If you want them faster, fertilize! You can get around 7 essences from doing
    this. But be warned, this WILL damage the tree! Damaged trees turn brown and
    look droopy to indicate they are near death. If you fertilize a tree again
    when it is damaged, it will die (if you need dead wood essences fast, you can
    do this, then just replant what was there). No need to fertilize a spooky type
    tree to kill it, if you chop it down it gives you dead wood.
    Watering a damaged tree three times will bring it back to healthy status again.
    You will know when it becomes healthy again, it will be surrounded by purpleish
    "smoke" and turn back to its normal color. 
    Cutting/melting down trees
    Some essences you must get by chopping or melting down a tree. Dark wood, Light
    wood, and Metal essences are all collected in this way. Chopping/melting down
    a tree usually gives you around 10 of the required essences.
    Tree planting areas
     Single Tree areas
    1. In front of own home.
    2. Near Violet's home, close to town orchard (default-dead tree).
    3. Near park bench, in park area below and to left of Town Hall.
    4. Near pathway start, leading to desert (left side) (default-stump).
    5. Near pathway start, leading to desert (right side).
    6. Other side of path to desert, slightly further down than 4 and 5 
       (default-dead tree).
    Orchard areas
     Main Town Area
    1. Near train station. Can hold up to 5 trees.
       (default-2 red apple, 1 green apple, 1 yellow blossom)
    2. Behind your home; can hold up to 3 trees. (default-Thorn, stump)
    1. In main area, on a small hill between the two left hand house lots. Can hold
       3 trees (default-Cherry Blossom).
    2. Further back in, left side off forest path, up on small ridge. Can hold 3
       trees (default-Plum Blossom, stump, Rose).
    3. Off right side of path, break boulders (pickaxe needed). Can hold 2 trees.
    4. Go to locked gate leading to large tree in the pond area; turn hard right.
       Break rocks. Can hold 3 trees (default-damaged Cherry Blossom, dead tree).
    5. Going up path to Spooky cave, past 2nd bridge (default-stump).
    6. Blowtorch locked gate above first prospecting area; 2 Knight trees. Can hold
       2 other trees if you decide to replant.
    1. Near first 3 house lots. Can hold 5 trees. (default-Sunflower)
    2. 1 tree space after clear essence prospecting areas. (default-Black Rose)
    3. Southern area, near lonely house lot on ridge. Can hold 5 trees. (default-
       Orange, Lemon, Lime)
    4. Southern area, near (puppy, ect.) prospecting area. Can hold 4 trees
       (default-Sunflower, stump).
    Please note these are only outside areas. Inside of caves with trees are not
    listed at this time. Perhaps on a later update I will list them.
    Tree types/size
    Here are the 26 tree essences you can plant, their size, and the type of wood
    essence they give you. They are not listed in alphabetical order, but in a
    general grouping of their listing in the tree essence list (the list that
    pops up when you choose to plant).
     Dark Wood with short trunks
    Plum Blossom; Rose; Sunflower; Yellow Blossom
     Dark Wood with mid size trunks
    Knight, Pawn, Rook
     Light Wood with tall trunks
    Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, Cherry Blossom, Green Apple, Lemon, Lime,
    Orange, Red Apple
     Metal Trees (tall, metallic trunks)
    Gears, Robot, Springs
     Spooky Trees (mid size trunks, spooky face, look skeletal; give Dead Wood)
    Black Apple, Black Rose, Eyeball, Ghost, Jack O'Lantern, Thorn
    General Advice
    Although it tells you how to fish, it can be a pain to wait for those tiny
    bubbles to show up, and get your timing just right to get the essences. Not
    only that, but getting what you want if it's the rarest of the items available
    in the area can be a headache. Be patient! Watch for patterns in the frequency
    of the bubbles, and note where they seem to pop up more, and leave your bobber
    near those areas; it's not entirely random.
    Cheater's method: toss the line out; HOLD DOWN the "B" button at all times. As
    long as you hit the bubbles at the right time, you will almost never miss a
    catch! You CAN pull up essences right after each other. The line does not have
    to be out, the bobber seems to always stay in the water, so if you're fast
    enough you can get a lot of essences in no time.
    I seem to see, on the piers with 3 items to get, a pattern of A-B-A-C, A-B-C.
    Patterns with only 2 items seem to be A-B, A-A, A-B, A-A, etc. 
    There are several fishing areas and lots of essences to get. Here are the
    areas, and the essences available, once again listed by my rarity of getting
    them to 99, from most to least.
    There's a pond near your own home. 
    Rainbow Trout, Clown Fish, Tire
    There's a pier near the locked gate to the large tree in the stream.
    Crab, Snake, Octopus
    Locked area with house lots near the ocean has 2 piers for your fishing needs.
    Pier 1 (South): Beach Balls, Gold
    Pier 2 (East): Kissing Fish, Fish Bones, Tiny Sharks
    Perhaps the most frustrating of the different types of essences to get are the
    4 main "social" essences.
    They are: Happy, Sad, Angry, Scary
    Perhaps the easiest of the four kinds to get. Simply be nice to any Sim (except
    spooky types) continuously and when they become very happy, they may scatter
    Happy essences around for you to pick up. The higher the friendship level, the
    more essences they may scatter at one time.
    Mostly come from spooky Sims when you are continuously mean to them. 
    Can also come from some studious types if mean to them as well.
     Note: Vic Vector seems to be a great fountain of these if you are NICE to him;
    you don't even have to move him in, just make sure you have him in your
    relationship book and invite him back to the hotel when your stock of these
    gets low!
    I found this to be the hardest to get. I like to stay friendly with my Sims,
    and being mean to the Fun, Tasty, and Cute Sims just to get angry essences I
    found I had to balance afterwards with lots of being nice to them,
    just to bring my friendship level back up to where it was before I turned into
    a mean prankster.
     Note: see note for "Sad" essence. It works for this essence too.
    Vic Vector is one confused geek!
    Perhaps the 2nd easiest of the social essences to get. Be continuously nice to
    spooky Sims. After you are continuously mean to a studious Sim, after awhile
    if you are nice to them afterwards, they may begin to give you this essence.
    Also if you go into the hotel when there are Sims there that are not moved in,
    and one of them scares the others with a trick that involves popping
    a bag, you will get quite a few more Scary essences at once then from just
    being nice to one Spooky Sim.
    A few other essences can be gotten from joining in other Sims' parties. Any
    place you see a blanket with one or more Sims there reading, playing, or
    eating, feel free to join in! 
    Some furniture items you can interact with may give you certain kinds of
    essences at times.
    Example: if you choose to use an oven to bake a cake, you may get a couple of
    Cake essences.
    Wash your hands in a sink and if you get sprayed by the water intead, you may
    get a couple of Octopus essences.
    Relax in a hottub, you may get a couple of Tiny Sharks after getting out of
    the tub (I have only managed to get this to happen in Cap'n Ginny's place,
    Choose to eat a snack from a refrigerator, you may get a couple of apples
    (I've seen both Green and Red).
    Keep Madame Zoe around, and use her Fortune Crystal for a chance at getting a
    Voodoo Doll or two! (Or you could build one for yourself, but it's just so BIG
    and takes up a lot of space, so I personally prefer to use hers.)
    Zap yourself with a Tesla Coil, you may get a Gear or two.
    Use a telescope and you could see a Star pop out.
    Eat on a chair (either by itself or near a table/desk), you could get a
    Happy essence.
    Play an arcade game for a bit, and there's a chance of getting a Video Game
    essence or two!
    Making stew or frying fish (the "pot" option when interacting with a stove),
    on the stove could net you a Rainbow Trout!
    Watch TV, and you could get a Mega Lizard or two! (Note: the person who sent
    this in only used a small TV, but I tried it with a Daikon TV and got two
    Mega Lizards as well).
    That's all I know of for now; if I get any more I will update this list later.
     D. Essence Painting Percentages
     Did you notice that painting with an essence makes an item a certain
    percentage of that essence's Interest category? But you've likely asked
    yourself, "why is each item a different percentage?" The reason is that each
    essence is either 1% or 2% of its Interest. It also seems that with the 1%
    essences, there is a certain pattern, and every few blocks or so it gives you
    a bonus 1%. I conducted experiments to figure out what these percentages were
    and will conduct more for whether each of the 1% essences had the same bonus
     Experiment 1: Questions to answer: 1. Is every essence 1%?
      2. As each block is painted, if it's 1%, is it always a 1% pattern?
      3. Does block size matter?
    Blueprint used: Sculpture (the "freeform" blueprint, it is neutral)
    1st block on the very first screen was laid on the star to make a "sculpture".
    Painted it with Garnet (Cute), the very first of the essences. The interest
    wheel said "1% Cute" when I looked at it.
    Then added 2 more blocks to make a 3 block sculpture. Painted #2 block
    Garnet. Looked at wheel; it said "3% Cute". THREE?! It should have been 2%!
    Must have a bonus then. Painted block #3 Garnet; wheel said "4% Cute". Hmm.
    Added 2 more blocks to make a 5 block sculpture. Painted block #4 Garnet.
    "6% Cute", the wheel said. Another bonus. OK. Painted block #5 Garnet.
    "8% Cute". Eight! Another bonus. OK. Pattern becoming clearer. 2 more blocks
    added for a 7 block sculpture. Painted block #6 Garnet. "9% Cute". OK.....
    Painted block #7 Garnet. "11% Cute". NOW we have the pattern.
    1st block is always 1%, then pattern goes "2-1-2, 2-1-2,", etc.
    Then unpainted every block; left all 7 blocks in place. Painted middle
    block (#1) Gold (another Cute essence). "2% Cute". OK. This one is not 1%.
    Block #2 painted Gold. "4% Cute". Block #3 painted Gold. "6% Cute". Block #4
    painted Gold. "8% Cute". Painted rest of blocks Gold. Pattern established,
    no bonuses for 2% essences.
    Unpainted blocks; then painted with.....Fun essence? Notes do not include
    which one. 1% Fun...oops....pattern was different. Will have to do more
    experiments to establish if different Interest categories have different
    patterns, or if each 1% essence has its own pattern.
    Block size- removed all blocks; used 7 blocks, like before. Some very thick
    ones were used; all same size. Same painting patterns.
    Removed blocks; replaced with 7 blocks of varying sizes. Same paint pattern.
    Answer to question 1 - No, some essences are 1% of their Interest category,
      some are 2%.
    Answer to question 2 - No, seems different 1% essences have different patterns,
       bonus 1% boost every few painted blocks.
    Answer to question 3 - Block size does not seem to matter.
     Experiment 2: Question to answer: Do neutral furniture items alter the pattern
      of the percentages?
    Blueprint used: Bed (8 blocks in default)
    Part 1: Make bed, follow blueprint exactly. Painted each block Garnet (Cute).
    Following established pattern above, should be 13% Cute.
    Block #1 was 1%. Block #4 was 6%, as established above. Block #8 was 13%.
    No pattern change for 1% essence was recorded.
    Answer to question: No, neutral furniture items do not seem to alter painting
     Essence List with Interest Percentages (and pattern, if 1% - coming soon)
    Garnet - 1% (pattern: start at 1, then 2-1-2)
    Gold - 2%
    Happy - 1%
    Kissing Fish - 1%
    Plum Blossom - 1%
    Puppy - 1%
    Purple Crayon - 1%
    Red Crayon - 2%
    Rose - 1%
    Sunflower - 1%
    Tim Doll - 1%
    Tina Doll - 1%
    Yellow Blossom - 1%
    Yellow Crayon - 2%
    8-Ball - 1%
    Angry - 1%
    Beach Ball - 1%
    Clown Fish - 1%
    Clubs - 1%
    Diamonds - 1%
    Hearts - 1%
    Hopi Doll - 1%
    Magic Carpet - 2%
    Musical Note - 2%
    Soccer Ball - 1%
    Spades - 1%
    Tiger - 2%
    Topaz - 1%
    Action Figure - 1%
    Alien - 2%
    Gears - 2%
    Mega Lizard - 2%
    Metal - 2%
    Robot - 2%
    Rocket - 1%
    Sapphire - 1%
    Snake - 1%
    Springs - 2%
    Star - 2%
    Tiny Shark - 2%
    Tire - 1%
    Video Game - 1%
    Amethyst - 1%
    Black Apple - 1%
    Black Rose - 1%
    Dead Wood - 1%
    Eyeball - 1%
    Fish Bones - 2%
    Ghost - 1%
    Jack O' Lantern - 1%
    Sad - 1%
    Scary - 1%
    Skeleton - 2%
    Spider - 1%
    Thorn - 1%
    Voodoo Doll - 2%
    Dark Wood - 1%
    Dinosaur Fossil - 2%
    Elephant - 1%
    Globe - 2%
    Jade - 1%
    Knight - 2%
    Light Wood - 1%
    Moai - 2%
    Organic - 1%
    Pawn - 2%
    Pencil - 2%
    Rook - 2%
    Stone - 1%
    Terra Cotta - 1%
    Amber - 1%
    Bacon - 1%
    Cake - 1%
    Cherry Blossom - 1%
    Chocolate Cake - 2%
    Crab - 1%
    Gingerbread Man - 1%
    Green Apple - 1%
    Lemon - 2%
    Lime - 2%
    Octopus - 2%
    Orange - 2%
    Rainbow Trout - 1%
    Red Apple - 1%
     11. Blueprints List
     This is a listing of the blueprints as they appear in your Blueprints Book.
    (Please note at this time the 3 you get from Cassandra the Ghost AREN'T listed,
    I haven't had the time, with all the running around and FAQ writing, to go out
    and actively chase her down and become her best friend. When I do, I will add
    those blueprints to the list).
    Note: There are several known special blueprints you can only get from a
    secret password feature.
    These are listed first in the book, and I will add more if any are found.
    (Thanks to the Gamefaqs messages boards, and their Cheats Section for listing
    the passwords required to get the items.)
    I have divided the list according to category; although the blueprint book does
    too, it does not have any kind of division between the categories; I have done
    this to keep things neat and orderly.
    Key: Blueprint Name: about how many blocks it takes to build using the default
         blocks; interest connection, if any; how to get it
    Bunk Bed: 81 blocks; neutral; password only
    Hourglass Couch: 82 blocks; neutral; password only
    Modern Couch: 59 blocks; neutral; password only
    Racecar Bed: 26 blocks; neutral; password only
    Rickshaw Bed: 64 blocks; neutral; password only
     ARCADE GAMES (25% Geeky)
    Arcade Game: 8 blocks; 25% Geeky; Vic Vector, task 1
    Arcade Game - Antennae: 43 blocks; 25% Geeky; Trevor Verily, task 3 (reward)
    Arcade Game - Retro: 20 blocks, 25% Geeky; Vic Vector, task 2 (reward)
    Arcade Game - Spiked: 96 blocks, 25% Geeky; Rob, Best Friend reward
    Bathtub; 20 blocks; neutral; reward for reaching star rating level 3 
    Bathtub - Bamboo; 52 blocks; neutral; Master Aran, task 3 (reward)
    Bathtub - Hourglass; 37 blocks; neutral; DJ Candy, task 2 (reward)
    Bathtub - Naval; about 95 blocks; neutral; Linda, BF reward
    Bathtub - Palatial; 56 blocks; neutral; Pinky, BF reward
    Bathtub - Sammich; 82 blocks; neutral; Iggy, BF reward
    Bathtub - Spider; 77 blocks; neutral; Brandi, BF reward
    Bed; 8 blocks; neutral; Mayor Rosalyn, task 1 (reward)
    Bed - Book; 58 blocks; neutral; Abigail, BF reward
    Bed - Burger; 13 blocks; neutral; Karine, BF reward
    Bed - Canopy; 54 blocks; neutral; Dolly Dearheart, task 3 (reward)
    Bed - Classic; 20 blocks; neutral; Chef Gino, task 1 (reward)
    Bed - Cradle; 88 blocks; neutral; Jeremy Snoars, BF reward
    Bed - Designer; 43 blocks; neutral; Shirley, task 2 (reward)
    Bed - Froggy; 100 blocks; neutral; Hopper (Uber), BF reward
    Bed - Jenny's; 36 blocks; neutral; Jenny, BF reward
    Bed - Nails; 69 blocks; neutral; Esma, BF reward
    Bed - Princess; 79 blocks, 3% Cute w/2 Sunflowers; or 77 blocks, neutral w/out;
                     Penelope, BF reward
    Bed - Rainclouds; 28 blocks; neutral; Summer, BF reward
    Bed - Tree; 100 blocks; neutral; Star (Uber), BF reward
     BOOKSHELVES (25% Studious)
    Bookshelf; 12 blocks; 25% Studious; Elmira, task 1
    Bookshelf - Art Deco; 28 blocks; 25% Studious; Amelia, BF reward
    Bookshelf - Hearts; 35 blocks; 25% Studious; Madame Zoe, task 3 (reward)
    Bookshelf - Magnetic; 55 blocks; 25% Studious; Ian Arneson, BF reward
    Bookshelf - Notched; 34 blocks; 25% Studious; Elmira, task 2 (reward)
    Bookshelf - Ornate; 40 blocks; 25% Studious; Crystal, BF reward
    Chair; 9 blocks; neutral; Mayor Rosalyn, task 1
    Chair - Bunny; 9 blocks; neutral; Beebee, BF reward
    Chair - Futuristic; 15 blocks; neutral; Vic Vector, task 3 (reward)
    Chair - Modern; 21 blocks; neutral; Sir Vincent, task 1 (reward)
    Chair - Ornate; 22 blocks; neutral; Mayor Rosalyn, task 2 (reward)
    Chair - Racecar; 31 blocks; neutral; Chaz McFreely, BF reward
    Chair - Recharger; 62 blocks; neutral; Makoto, BF reward
    Chair - Rickshaw; 71 blocks; neutral; Roger, BF reward
    Chair - Rocker; 23 blocks; neutral; Grandma Ruthie, BF reward
    Chair - Science; 34 blocks; neutral; Gertrude Spackle, BF reward
     CHANGING BOOTHES (25% Cute)
    Changing Booth; 27 blocks; 25% Cute; Ms. Nicole, task 4
    Changing Booth - Aquarium; 80 blocks; 26% Cute, 2% Geeky, 12% Tasty, 1% Fun,
                    (w/1 Clown Fish, 1 Kissing Fish, 1 Tiny Shark, 9 Rainbow Trout)
                    Jimmy, BF reward
    Changing Booth - Cobra; 52 blocks; 25% Cute; Liberty, BF reward
    Coffee Table; 5 blocks; neutral; reaching Star rating level 1 reward
    Coffee Table - Mouse; 9 blocks; neutral; Clara, BF reward
     COSTUME CHESTS (33% Cute)
    Costume Chest; 24 blocks, 33% Cute; Dolly Dearheart, task 1
    Costume Chest - Capsule; 34 blocks, 33% Cute; Dr. F, task 2 (reward)
    Couch; 12 blocks; neutral; reaching Star rating level 1 reward
    Couch - Checkers; 84 blocks; neutral; Brendan, BF reward
    Couch - Club; 36 blocks; neutral; Ms. Nicole, task 3 (reward)
    Couch - Froggy; 78 blocks; neutral; Hopper (Uber), BF reward
    Couch - Funky; 15 blocks; neutral; DJ Candy, task 1 (reward)
    Couch - Medusa; 84 blocks; neutral; Ray, BF reward
    Couch - Puzzle; 99 blocks; neutral; Gordon, BF reward
    Couch - Soccer; 48 blocks, 1% Fun w/1 Soccer Ball; 47 blocks, neutral w/out;
                    Travis, BF reward
    Counter; 3 blocks; neutral; Mayor Rosalyn, task 1 (reward)
    Counter - Island; 15 blocks; neutral; Chef Watanabe, task 2 (reward)
    Desk; 7 blocks; neutral; Sir Vincent, task 2
    Desk - Bridge; 69 blocks; neutral; Stephen, BF reward
    Desk - Galactic; 45 blocks; neutral; Professor Nova, task 2 (reward)
    Desk - Puzzle; 23 blocks; neutral; Sir Vincent, task 2 (reward)
    Desk - Torii; 41 blocks; neutral; Samurai Bob (Uber), BF reward
    Dresser; 6 blocks; neutral; reaching star rating level 2 reward
    Dresser - Classic; 22 blocks; neutral; Ms. Nicole, task 2 (reward)
    Dresser - Colonial; 33 blocks; neutral; Goth Boy, task 3 (reward)
     FLOWER STANDS (25% Cute)
    Flower Stand; 6 blocks, 25% Cute; Poppy, task 1
    Flower Stand - Watanabe's; 55 blocks; 25% Cute; Chef Watanabe, task 3 (reward)
    Flower Stand - Designer; 12 blocks; 25% Cute; Poppy, task 3 (reward)
    Flower Stand - Totem; 47 blocks; 25% Cute; Violet, BF reward
     FORTUNE CRYSTAL (33% Spooky)
    Fortune Crystal; 53 blocks, 33% Spooky; Madame Zoe, task 4
     HOT TUBS (33% Fun)
    Hot Tub; 60 blocks; 33% Fun; Chef Watanabe, task 3
    Hot Tub - Naval; 67 blocks, 33% Fun; Pablo, BF reward
    Hot Tub - Raven; 88 blocks; 33% Fun; Raven, BF reward
    Hot Tub - Robohead; 64 blocks; 33% Fun; Clayon Dander, BF reward
     ICE CREAM FREEZERS (33% Tasty)
    Ice Cream Freezer; 22 blocks; 33% Tasty; Roxie Road, task 1
    Ice Cream Freezer - Piggy; 73 blocks; 33% Tasty; Renee, BF reward
    Ice Cream Freezer - Pagoda; 77 blocks; 33% Tasty; Edwin, BF reward
     JUKEBOX (25% Fun)
    Jukebox; 36 blocks; 25% Fun; Cap'n Ginny, task 1
    Karaoke Machine; 30 blocks; 25% Fun; Chef Watanabe, task 4
    Karaoke Machine - Guitar; 35 blocks; 25% Fun; Annie Radd, BF reward
    Karaoke Machine - Mime; 20 blocks; 25% Fun; Yvette, BF reward
    Karaoke Machine - Lovely; 32 blocks; 25% Fun; Taylor, BF reward
    Mirror; 4 blocks; neutral; reaching star rating level 4 reward
    Mirror - Elegant; 24 blocks; neutral; Goth Boy, task 2 (reward)
    Mirror - Origami; 51 blocks; neutral; Cap'n Ginny, task 3 (reward)
    Organ; 45 blocks; neutral; Goth Boy; task 4
     PIRATE SHIP (33% Fun)
    Pirate Ship; 52 blocks; 33% Fun
     PIZZA OVENS (25% Tasty)
    Pizza Oven; 12 blocks; 25% Tasty; Chef Gino, task 1
    Pizza Oven - Pizza; 36 blocks; 25% Tasty; Noelle, BF reward
     PODIUM (25% Studious)
    Podium; 4 blocks; 25% Studious; Mayor Rosalyn, task 2
     REFRIGERATORS (10% Tasty)
    Refrigerator; 2 blocks; 10% Tasty; Chef Gino, task 3
    Refrigerator - Deluxe; 24 blocks; 10% Tasty; Dolly Dearheart, task 2 (reward)
    Refrigerator - Framed; 12 blocks; 10% Tasty; Chef Gino, task 2 (reward)
    Refrigerator - Rounded; 32 blocks; 10% Tasty; Patrick, BF reward
     SALON CHAIRS (25% Cute)
    Salon Chair; 20 blocks; 25% Cute; Shirley, task 1
    Salon Chair - Bubbles; 30 blocks; 25% Cute; Professor Nova, task 4 (reward)
     SARCOPHAGUS (25% Spooky)
    Sarcophagus; 18 blocks; 25% Spooky; Sir Vincent, task 3
    Sarcophagus - Mel's; 46 blocks; 25% Spooky; Mel (Uber), BF reward
    Sculpture - Fireplace; 94 blocks, neutral (w/out essences)- or 96 blocks, 2%
                   Tasty (with 2 Gingerbread Men); Buddy the Bellhop BF reward
    Shelf; 4 blocks; neutral; reaching star rating level 1 reward
    Sink; 3 blocks; neutral; Chef Gino, task 3
    Sink - Art Deco; 15 blocks; neutral; Roxie Road, task 2 (reward)
    Sink - Floral; 12 blocks; neutral; Penelope, BF reward
    Sink - Vanity; 38 blocks; neutral; Shirley, task 3 (reward)
    Small Television; 7 blocks; neutral; Elmira; task 3
    Small Television - Soda; 7 blocks; neutral; Maria, BF reward
    Small Television - Framed; 27 blocks; neutral; Sandra, BF reward
    Small Television - Question; 59 blocks; neutral; Eliza, BF reward
     STAGES (33% Studious)
    Stage; 21 blocks; 33% Studious; Trevor Verily, task 4
    Stage - Fancy; 100 blocks; 33% Studious; The Amazing Daryl (Uber), BF reward
    Stereo; 7 blocks; neutral; DJ Candy, task 1
    Stereo - Drum Set; 46 blocks; neutral; Odin Revolution, BF reward
    Stereo - Funky; 32 blocks; neutral; Luis, BF reward
    Stereo - Trevor's; 22 blocks; neutral; Trevor, BF reward
     STOVES (10% Tasty)
    Stove; 3 blocks, 10% Tasty; Chef Gino, task 3
    Stove - Apple; 20 blocks; 10% Tasty; Sasha, BF reward
    Stove - Claw; 26 blocks; 10% Tasty; Blaine, BF reward
    Stove - Deluxe; 30 blocks; 10% Tasty; Roxie Road, task 3 (reward)
    Stove - Hourglass; 23 blocks; 10% Tasty; Madame Zoe, task 2 (reward)
     SCULPTURES (these are the "freeform" blueprints you can use to make anything)
    Sculpture - Wall; limit is 100 blocks; neutral; Mayor Rosalyn, task 1 (reward)
    Sculpture; limit is 100 blocks; neutral; Mayor Rosalyn, task 1 (reward)
    Table; 5 blocks; neutral; Mayor Rosalyn, task 1 (reward)
    Table - Atom; 55 blocks; neutral; Dr. F, task 3 (reward)
    Table - Bamboo; 22 blocks; neutral; Elmira, task 3 (reward)
    Table - Castle; 90 blocks; neutral; Spencer, BF reward
    Table - Designer; 17 blocks; neutral; Poppy, task 1 (reward)
    Table - Lattice; 38 blocks; neutral; Rhonda, BF reward
     TELESCOPES (33% Geeky)
    Telescope; 41 blocks; 33% Geeky; Professor Nova, task 3
    Telescope - Octopus; 30 blocks; 33% Geeky; Billy, BF reward
     TELEVISIONS (10% Geeky; except Club, which is neutral)
    Television; 16 blocks; 10% Geeky; Vic Vector, task 2
    Television - Club; 32 blocks; neutral; Cap'n Ginny, task 2 (reward)
    Television - Daikon; 12 blocks; 10% Geeky; Chancellor Ikara (Uber), BF reward
    Television - Giant Claw; 25 blocks; 10% Geeky; Yuki, BF reward
    Television - Lightning Round; 79 blocks; 10% Geeky; Matt, BF reward
    Television - Spaceship; 42 blocks; 10% Geeky; Jenny, BF reward
    Television - Wavy; 29 blocks; 10% Geeky; Bean Bradley, BF reward
     TESLA COIL (33% Geeky) (this is the blueprint name for the the Zap-O-Tron)
    Tesla Coil; 44 blocks; 33% Geeky; Dr. F, task 4
    Toilet; 12 blocks; neutral; reaching star rating level 3 reward
    Toilet - Insidious; 19 blocks; neutral; Morcubus, BF reward
    Town Monument; 73 blocks; 1% Cute, 2% Fun, 1% Geeky, 1% Spooky, 2% Studious,
                   1% Tasty; reaching star rating level 5 reward
    Training Dummy; 20 blocks; 25% Fun; Master Aran, task 1
    Training Dummy - Doll; 46 blocks; 25% Fun; Master Aran, task 2 (reward)
     TURNTABLE (25% Fun)
    Turntable; 18 blocks; 25% Fun; DJ Candy, task 3
    Wall Cabinet; 10 blocks; neutral; reaching star rating level 1 reward
    13. Contributor thank you list
     From the Gamefaqs message boards, a big thanks to these people for pointing
    things out for me to add to this guide!
    Thank you to: necrocidex - for the info about Buddy the Bellhop giving you the
    Fireplace blueprint as a BF reward; and also informed me about how easily
    Vic Vector gives you Sad and Angry essences.
    Thank you to: Taziki - for the info about getting Gears, Stars, Happy, Arcade
    Game, Rainbow Trout, and Mega Lizard essences from object interactions.
    Things to finish:
    Find Interest percentages for building items that are Interest connected.(DONE)
    Work on experiments with 1% essence Interest percentage patterns.
    Things to add:
     Full list of Decoratives for each home, their interest relation, pecentage of
    interest, and experiments with them.
    Listing of house lots, where they are, and their sizes.
    This is:
    version 1.0
    By: ac_helper
    Begun: October 26th, 2007
    Updated: Thursday, November 29th
    I won't list an email address right now. My current one is flooded with spam,
    and I'll make one for this guide later on.
    I am sorry; if you have anything to add, just try to get ahold of me on the
    Gamefaqs boards if you have an account there.

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