Review by Aqlex239

Reviewed: 09/26/07

My my my...what did EA do to my Sims?

EA, you've totally screwed up my Sims game!

MySims looked like a great game. I was waiting for it for at least a month. The quirky graphics and Sims name made the game very appealing. My sister made us buy it almost right away, and I was hugely dissappointed. The whole game focuses on building, and collecting some essences, which is really easy.

Story 3/10- The story of the game isn't terrible, but it's nothing new. I wasn't expecting any story at all actually. The town was once great, but then some builder guy moved and the town stopped being great. Now you're the person to fix all that, since you can build too! Nothing new here, but this isn't a very important part of the game.

Graphics 8/10- The graphics are very cartoony. They're like a very improved animal crossing mix with some harvest moon. They're meant to be this way though, and they were one of the reasons I wanted to get the game. The character modeling is okay, but it doesn't seem to care whether you're a boy or a girl. You could play the whole game being a guy with a dress on, and nobody would care! Eugh! The graphics looked like a fresh twist on Sims. Man was I wrong.... Anyway, nothing to complain about with the graphics.

Controls 9/10- I think the controls worked pretty well. The nunchuck does it's job, and so does the controller. The few motion-controls there are in the game work well, and seem like a little fun at first. I liked fishing for about 3 minutes, then I realised there was no point to it. But the controls themselves work well.

Sound 6/10- The music isn't bad. Some decent background tunes and a couple funny sound effects. I love the new "change your voice" feature which allows you to change your sim's voice. There is nothing bad about the sounds.

Gameplay 3/10- The meat of the game, the most important part. Also the worst part of this game in my opinion. The whole freakin' game is based on building and collecting a few essences (which is just a fancy word for PAINT!). You build a guy a house, then build him many items. Your reward is that you get to make MORE items and get MORE people move into town so you get to build MORE houses and MORE items like chairs and beds. The essences are really easy to find and collect, just takes about 5 extra minutes to get some. There are NO health meters or anything. No sleeping or eating required. The other big problem is that there is NOTHING ELSE TO DO except build stuff and collect essences! Not even a little minigame! The building doesn't even work too well. Although it says you can build "out of the blueprint", there really is no reason to. The designs are usually very good, and theres not much you can change without the object looking totally jacked up. Also, there is no multiplayer or WiFi stuff, just to add to the stupidness.

Replay Value 1/10- Okay, you spend the whole game building stuff right? Now why would you want to go back and build the same objects over again? You wouldn't! That's why the replay value is so low. I think I should have put -15.

Overall 3/10- EA, what have you done to Sims? I was looking forward to playing a cool looking Sims game with the wiimote, and instead I got some low quality mix of animal crossing, harvest moon, and sims with no good qualities of any of them The game is pretty crappy overall. To many people, this game is going to suck some monkey butts! There will be people who like this though. The only reason I still own the game is because my sister is totally addicted to it. Try before you buy it. Rent it or borrow it from a friend first.

Rent or Buy?- Rent first! I guarentee you that not many people will like it. If you do somehow like this game, buy it. I don't care what you do with your money.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: MySims (US, 09/18/07)

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