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    Frequently Asked Questions (Found on the internet)
    Guide written by: HunterX57
    Everything written in this guide has been tested by me, and is based on my
    personal experience within the game. If you would like to find out the controls
    for your characters special punches, press the + button on your wiimote to go
    to the pause menu before the boxers touch gloves to see your Special Punch
    commands without interupting your fight.
    Ok I've seen a lot of outdated topics that are locked, and honestly I've
    scoured the net for help when I needed it and found jack -expletive deleted- in
    my searches. So here's all the knowledge I can possibley bestow to those who
    might still be looking.
    First of All: Control Scheme advice:
    Swing Mode 1: Reccomended for Boxers, Athlete's, and Acrobatic people. Movement
    is difficult to control, bobbing, weaving, and swaying need to be performed by
    the player to react ingame.
    Swing Mode 2: My favourite style, as an Athlete, Movement is control via the
    Control stick, and punches are controled via motion sensing your real punches.
    When using either of the Swing Modes, be careful not to shake your steady hand
    punching to hard with your left, may shake your right and cause your character
    to throw punches you didn't want him to. (Rarely does this affect the outcome
    of a fight, but often it will bother you in the back of your head)
    Pointer Mode 1+2: I haven't tried this mode personally, however it sounds
    ridiculous. You must point your curser at the screen, and drag it across your
    opponent while holding down a button of the punch you want to perform. Possibley
    makes Hooks and Uppercuts easier to perform, as well as body blows, but most
    likely very difficult to control.
    Classic Controller/Gamecube Controller: Argueabley the best configuration for
    technical fighters. It gives you the most control over your movement and punches
    as well as the best response time to the controls. Reccomended for anyone who
    gets out of breath after 2 fights that drag on past the first few rounds.
    Question 1: Stage 20: Ryuhei Sawamura vs Ryo Mashiba
    How do you do it?
    Well personally I play on Swing Mode 2, and on Normal. (I haven't finished it
    yet so this is all I can comment on control wise) When you come into this fight
    you have to remember who you are, and who you're fighting, the biggest "FAQ" to
    this game, is the anime itself.
    Mashiba has ridiculous jab range, a powerful right, an illegal Headbutt that is
    hard as hell to predict coming and even harder to dodge (sway back, fully,
    maybe even take a step back before you start your sway)
    The best method to defeat him is to constantly have your guard raised, only
    dropping it to sway, or punch, and to build your special. You can defeat him
    within 3 rounds if you can land your Bullet jab multiple times, and finish him
    with a lightning right cross after you've gotten 2 downs on him. In my
    experience if you are trying to land a Lightning Right Cross, you will be KO'd
    with counterpunches in the process. However just managing to land the Bullet Jab
    multiple times in a single fight will give you the natural timing you need to
    land your Right Counter Special. (aka the Lightning Right Cross)
    It took me over 10 attempts to pass this round on Normal, and I pretty much
    stormed through all of story mode except for Miyata vs Arnie, This match, and
    Date vs Ricardo Martinez.
    Question 2: How do you throw body punches:
    2 Methods
    Method one, using Z, or B, to lean forward (bob/weave) throw your punch before
    your character is upright and it will be to the body. This method is hard to
    pull off, and very prone to Counter Hooks, however it seems to be the only
    method for the button movement control schemes.
    Method Two, throw a punch to the body like you would naturally. Supposedly this
    works, although I have tested it and Swing Mode 1 appears to be the only mode
    it works in, you must lean deep forward or to the side at a forward angle, and
    throw punches.
    Question 3: Tips on Beating Ricardo Martinez
    I am currently stuck against Ricardo Martinez, keep in mind who this person is,
    he has invisible jabs (no pre-punch motion, i.e Unpredictable beyond instinct),
    he has Punching power equivilant, if not beyond the main character of the
    Ippo, and he is faster than Manabu Itagaki (the slow motion fighter).
    To defeat Martinez in the anime, Date had to go the entire first round without
    being punched, and landed only 2 jabs in the process. In the second round, he
    spent the entire round trying not to die. His only advice, to himself, in the
    series, was that he had to prevent Ricardo from getting into his Rythem (a
    boxing phrase for a fighter dominating or controlling the pace of a fight).
    Ricardo is easier to deal with if you can sway well, keep solid movement around
    the ring (moving to Ricardo's left, not to his right where his power fist can
    connect more solidly) and avoid bobbing/ducking forward as much as possible, as
    leaning into a hook can mean an instant 9 count for you, if not KO, even in the
    first round.
    Always maintain a guard as his Jabs alone are lethal and KO'd the main character
    of the series in under a round in the anime. I have managed to almost survive
    the first 2 rounds, and knocked down Ricardo twice using the Corkscrew Punch. I
    have never landed a heartbreak shot on him, although I have heard that this
    punch can be very effective. For those with a more realistic outlook on the
    I would aim only for Corkscrew punches, as they are much less complicated to KO
    Hopefully this can help anyone who is still searching for answers like I was not
    to long ago.
    Question 4: Can someone explain the Pro's and Con's of the Various characters?
    Well I won't go into extreme Detail (i.e all 8 forms of Ippo Makanouchi), but I
    can give you the basic rundown you're missing from not watching the Anime, or
    reading the Manga.
    Ippo Makunochi - Main Character - Featherweight Champion of Japan
    Specialty: In Fighting, Body Blows: stay in close, raise your guard, bob and
    weave, hook and uppercut for power, Jab to build your special. All of his
    special punches are powerful and devastating. Be careful which variation you
    pick as some have the Cross Guard as a special, which is used to block, not to
    Ichiro Miyata - Main Character - Featherweight Champion of the Oriental Pacific
    Boxing Federation (OPBF Title)
    Specialty: Outboxing, Counter Punching, his Jolt Counter uses his entire body
    weight, and if timed right can devastate any opponent. Practice swaying
    backwards before throwing jabs or crosses at close range to improve their
    and timing your punches to land while an opponents punch is still in the middle
    of it's "miss" animation for maximum potential. Avoid in fighting due to low
    Yusuke Oda - Nobody Character - Featherweight
    Specialty: Right Cross (has no specials) : Slow, but decently powerful, focus on
    Defense, and opportunities to land Right Crosses or Right Straights. Cannon
    Fodder character for Ippo's Plot.
    Ryuichi Hayami - Side Character - Featherweight
    Specialty: Shotgun Jab: An all around boxer, can be used to In Fight to build
    special, and Outbox preferably to Land special. Generally outclassed by Ryuhei
    Sawamura, is a decent choice if you want to handicap yourself against a friend.
    Ryo Mashiba - Main character - Featherweight Contender, Jr. Lightweight Champion
    Specialty: Flicker Jabs, Chopping Right, Headbutt: Fend opponents back with long
    reach jabs to build special, if they get to mid-range, or if you're about to go
    down headbutt, and Chopping Right if they try to take it to an infight. This
    chopping right special is usually only effective against opponents leaning
    forward. All-around boxer, very deadly.
    Takeshi Sendo - Rival Character - Featherweight Interim Champion of Japan
    Specialty: Uppercuts (Variations of the Smash): Great Mid-range boxer,
    specializes in Uppercuts. Overall power fighter, take control of the pace, and
    when your opponent retreats nail them with your favourite variation of the Smash
    punch for great damage. All of Sendo's specials are a deep uppercut, so make
    you're not to close and unleash them on your opponent.
    Takuma Saeki - Side Character - Featherweight Ranker aka The Speed Star
    Specialty: Out Boxing: Extremely Fast movement and punching speed, designed to
    dodge all and land many in the process. Keep a good fix on your position and
    your opponents footwork, and land as many punches as you can inbetween theres,
    if you can't avoid and punch, avoid until you get used to the timing.
    Volg Zangief - Side Character - Featherweight Russian Amatuer Champion
    Specialty : The White Fang, an Uppercut to overhand combination punch that rocks
    the brain from both ends of the skull. Decent at both Outboxing and Infighting,
    Volg is a balanced choice for any veteran player. Lure your opponent in deep
    with lax outboxing, then unleash a heavy combo followed with the White Fang to
    finish them off. Be wary of bone damaging counter-punches.
    Eiji Date - Main Character - Featherweight Ex-Champion of Japan, World Ranker
    Specialty: The Corkscrew Punch and the Heartbreak shot. Overall a slower
    character, make use of Date's punching power and technical power. A good series
    of punches can quickly raise his special and his Corkscrew punch can down even
    the toughest opponents. The Heartbreak shot can also create openings by
    temporarily paralyzing it's victims.
    Kazuki Sanada - Side Character - Featherweight Japanese Ranker
    Specialty: Outboxing, The Flying Swallow, a fast unpredictable jab from
    multiple harsh angles, followed up by the Reverse Swallow, a guard breaking
    Uppercut. Pick away at your opponent until you can build a special outboxing,
    then trap them in a corner and unload a combo with both of your specials to
    Hammer Nao - Side Character - Featherweight Japanese Ranker
    Specialty: In Fighting, Solar Plexus Blow: Keep a tight guard, get way on the
    inside, unload with body blows and Solar Plexus Blows when you have a special.
    Don't allow your opponent to escape. Use the jab to disrupt their rythem if you
    can't get in close.
    Iwao Shimabukuro - Featherweight Japanese Ranker
    Specialty : In Fighting, Gazelle Punch, Stay in close, and go for dual exchanges
    Iwao's specialty is his stamina, and short size giving him poor reach, but
    excellent footing. Fight head on, build a special, and use your Gazelle Punch to
    jump forward and connect with a killer uppercut.
    Ryuhei Sawamura - Featherweight Japanese Ranker, Jr. Lightweight Japanese
    Champion (through disqualification of Ryo Mashiba)
    Specialty : Outboxing, Bullet Jab, Lightning Right Cross: Stay on the outside
    with a tight guard, bob and weave to get in close and land hooks, or jab
    constantly from the outside to build your special. Utilize your Bullet Jab to
    get used to your range and angle control, then unload with the Lightning Right
    Cross when you are sure of your punching range. Ryuhei also has a Taunt special
    where he walks to the side, and hangs his head staring at his opponent. Use this
    if your opponents are running away from you and you have a few seconds of free
    time, otherwise you will take a vicious beating while you perform your taunt.
    Jimmy Sisphar - Rival Character - Featherweight Oriental Champion: Thailand
    Specialty: Punching Power, Tornado Jolt Punch: Not much to say, he's an insane
    in-fighter who can throw his entire body weight behind a punch. Unload
    recklessly with 1-2's until you get your special, then line up your huge-range
    Tornado Jolt punch and tear their jaw off.
    Ricardo Martinez - Rival Character - Featherweight WBA Champion: Mexico
    Specialty: Motionless Jab, Punching Power, Speed, Outboxing, In Fighting,
    Stamina: This character is a legendary super-champion. Undefeated in over 60
    matches, he has defended the WBA title 17 times, reknowned for having no-motion
    jabs that have extra long reach, punching power to dominate any opponent, speed
    to out-manuever any opponent, and a ridiculous tendency to counter-punch. If you
    can beat him, you can play as him, good luck with that.
    Manabu Itagaki - Main Character - Featherweight Japanese Ranker
    Specialty: Outboxing, Counter Punching, "Momentary Battle" : His only special is
    an intense "Focus" type of mode that enters until he is punched, or a few
    seconds pass by, allowing time to slow for more easier counter-punches and
    dodges. Control the pace with jabs and fast circling of your opponent, then slow
    time and go in deep, sway or bob to dodge the first oncoming punch and unload
    with a 3-6 punch combo as the opponents attack follows through. Rinse, wash
    repeat until victory.
    Kyosuke Imai - Side Character - Featherweight Rookie Finalist
    Specialty: Punching Power, In Fighting: Imai has no special punches, rely on
    boxing instinct and punching power. In Fight.
    Hiroyuki Hoshi - Side Character - Featherweight Eastern Rookie Champion
    Specialty: Forefist Punch (Karate knuckle punch) He's so slow and sluggish
    you're better off even with the special-less Imai than him, he's a karateka
    who relies solely on Punching power. He can take a lot of dmg, so get in close
    and use the Forefist punch when your special is up.
    Arnie Gregory - Rival Character - Featherweight, Former Oriental Pacific Boxing
    Federation champion (OPBF Title)
    Specialty: In fighting, Deadly punching Power on Hooks, Utilize his superior
    stats and fight mid-range, go in deep for body hooks, and head hooks to KO, sway
    back on the outside and use straights to the body and head to set a pace and
    soften up your opponent. With a good set of combinations, Arnie can knock down
    most Featherweights within the first round, and TKO by the second despite having
    no special punches.
    Tatsuya Kimura - Side Character - Jr. Lightweight Japanese Ranker
    Specialty: Outboxing, Dragonfish Blow: Utilize his speed and reach to control
    the rythem with jabs and crosses, go in deep with body blow to drop your
    opponents guard before unleashing 1 or 2 DragonFish blows for maximum landing
    chance. Against Mashiba this strategy is vital to success.
    Masaru Aoki - Side character - Lightweight Japanese Ranker
    Specialty: Unpredictable Fighting, Mid Range Fighting : Utilize his Corkscrew
    Double Punch for KO counter-punching, use the Look away after Round 3 (and only
    after round 3) for a decent chance of causing your opponent to look away as
    well. (Must be in close for this to work at all) If you can get a succesful look
    away follow up with the Corkscrew or Frog punch for a decent chance at a
    If your opponent is controlling the pace, block and sway a lot to avoid taking
    damage, and back off and use the fake staggering special to make them relax and
    create openings in their attack patterns. This may seem like a psychological
    battle that would only work on real players, but it is designed to affect CPU
    players as well and works wonders.
    Eleki Battery - Jr. Lightweight Phillipines Champion
    Specialty: Outboxing, Body Conditoning: Don't worry to much about swaying to
    avoid punches, between blocking and counter-punching you should be fine, Eleki
    has an overly trained body to deal with his in-show weakeness of a weak body.
    Papaya Dachiu - Lightweight Indonesia Champion
    Specialty: In Fighting, Rush Fighting, Coconut Punch: Papaya has extremely weak
    stamina, try to end the fight within 3 rounds by consistantly pressuring your
    opponent with jabs and 1-2 combinations. Throw the right Straight special:
    Coconut punch whenever you get an opening as this attack is by far the strongest
    in Papaya's arsenal.
    Mamoru Takamura - Japanese Middleweight Champion, World Junior Middleweight
    Specialty: Overall stats, Beetle Uppercut, Lookaway: Takamura's Lookaway is a
    joke, that isn't supposed to work. I've never gotten it to work, so I don't
    reccomend you try to. Lead with speed, and use Kamogawa's boxing teachings to
    take control of the pace. Throw jabs but step forward inbetween every punch or
    two to increase your punching range, bob and weave into hooks for more power,
    and use your beetle Uppercut at the end of a 1-2 for decent damage and landing
    chance. Keep good ring movement, circling towards your opponents left and
    counterpunch uppercuts and jabs as the opportunities present themselves.
    Bryan Hawk - The WBC junior middleweight champion
    Specialty: Body Conditioning, Sways, Taunts: Utilize Bryan Hawks flexibility and
    sway back to dodge almost every punch in the game, use his tough physique to
    control the pace through infighting, and taunt if your opponent is running away
    from you. Brian Hawk has 2 specials, one where he drops his guard and taunts,
    and a second where he does a windmill spin with one arm. Neither of these can
    hurt your opponent, but if they are running away, it's a fun way to get them to
    come back at you.
    Feel free to e-mail or msn message me at sand_man64@hotmail.com if you have any
    more questions about Victorious Boxers Revolution, my most favourite game on the
    Wii. Also if you have anything to add. ^_^
    Although I have no plans to make an in-depth FAQ, I may do a breakdown of Story
    Mode, with Reccomendations on how to progress through each match. First I need
    to actually Beat Ricardo Martinez so I can update his special punches and start
    trying to beat the game on hard though.
    Written by: HunterX57 - sand_man64@hotmail.com

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