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"Good for those wanting CO-OP action NOW! (Diablo-isc)"

This game would have been great if it was less then $50 lets say more like $30. The game as of so far has been fun enough to keep my friends and I's attention. But it reminds me of diablo not the second one but the first. Good formula you have the cool weapons and armors with names in different colors. Plus you have hordes of baddies and weapons to handle them.

On terms of the graphics, who cares you but a Wii for fun! on par with Xbox

Its very enviromental based it brings you into the enviroment, but in all honesty I don't think you will really pay attention to the music while playing co-op. The sound fx on the other hand arn't anything special either. But the music does work better then most other games where it blares out stopping you from hearing other things (like baddies comming out to attack).

Game Play:
Well lets see if you could imagine playing diablo on the Wii this is it. You move with the nunchuk, along with controlling the camera.(Annoying camera stuff, though if it wasn't there people would complain.) The aiming is perfectly arcadish as is the action. The RPG aspects remind my friends of KOTOR (YES I ALMOST SMACKED THEM) it is as previously mentioned diablo like minus there being seperate skills in a skill tree each skill unlocks other weapons armors and abilities. Still fun with friends, havn't played it much single player. Though the minigames are kind of fun, clearing infection from items, boxes , etc. Then there is battling the alien cells to alter your genetics (IE: raising your stats through genetic manipulation). Using the Scarab (your robot companion that fights along with you) you can create armor, weapons, ammo, med-kits, recharge-kits (for your shields). You can also scrap any of your items for resource points or RP which you used to build all the forementioned items. This does add depth to this game but dosn't really allow the depth that you would look for in an RPG. It becomes a light RPG/Arcade Action game, it would have been amazing if they would have given the item creation more of minigame.

Rent before you buy if you don't like playing it for about an hour then you won't like it at all. I bought it for $50 and well I'm going to get my money's worth out of it sooner or later. If you truley enjoyed the original version of this game your not too far off with this version. Enjoy! SEGA wasn't horrible with this but they could have cleaned it up some more.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/27/07

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