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    FAQ/Walkthrough by gcl2005

    Version: 0.15 | Updated: 07/24/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    === Nintendo Wii ==============================================================
    Author: Gareth Lang (gcl2005)
    E-mail: See contact section below [End01]
    FIRST POSTED: 23/07/07   LATEST VERSION: 24/07/07
    VERSION 0.15
       I  Update History........................ [For01]
      II  Foreword.............................. [For02]
     III  Controls.............................. [For03]
      IV  Walkthrough........................... [Wal01]
        a  Astro Lab............................ [Wal02]
        b  Bio Lab (Incomplete)................. [Wal03]
        c  Cryo Lab (Incomplete)................ [Wal04]
        d  Electro Lab (Incomplete)............. [Wal05]
        e  Geo Lab (Incomplete)................. [Wal06]
        f  Atom Lab (Incomplete)................ [Wal07]
        g  Aero Lab (Incomplete)................ [Wal08]
        h  Hydro Lab (Incomplete)............... [Wal09]
       V  General Tips.......................... [Wal10]
      VI  Contact Details....................... [End01]
     VII  Credits (Incomplete).................. [End02]
    VIII  Accepted Sites List................... [End03]
      IX  Copyright Info........................ [End04]
       X  Margin Test........................... [End05]
    NOTE: To jump to a section, press CTRL + F then enter the section's code as
    displayed in the boxes on the right. (eg. For01)
             UPDATE HISTORY                     [For01]
    NOTE: The decimels in the version number indicate how complete the main
    walkthrough is (e.g. 0.1 = 10% complete).
    Version 0.15                                  (24/07/07)
    Updated section codes.  Updated accepted sites list to allow
    SuperCheats.com.  Added dates to version history.  
    Fixed some minor spelling errors.
    Version 0.14                                  (23/07/07)    
    First submission, Astro Lab (first 17 levels) completed.
             FOREWORD                           [For02]
    Hi! Welcome to my guide for Mercury Meltdown Revolution on Nintendo Wii.
    In this game you control a small blob of mercury, with the objective of guiding
    it through one of many increasingly fiendishly designed courses.  At first this
    game appears very simple, but after playing you'll soon realise this
    isn't the case - the levels grow very difficult, and in the later stages they
    become filled with obstacles.
    In my opinion this is exactly the kind of game the Wii was designed for -
    simple enough for anyone to play, yet deep and challenging enough to appeal
    to more experianced players.
    Anyhow, a short note about the guide..... When writing this guide I've tried to
    provide the simplest, easiest soloution to the levels.  This guide is nowhere
    near to providing perfect soloutions, however, I've just provided the best 
    solution I can find.  That said, if you have a better solution to one of the 
    levels, please do e-mail me and I can add it to the guide (my e-mail details 
    are at the top; you'll receive full credit for any info you submit).
    Enjoy the guide!
             CONTROLS                           [For03]
    I've provided controls for the Wii-remote method of controlling the game, but
    it's worth noting you can also use the Classic or Gamecube controllers as well.
       |                                                   |
       |                                             []    |
       |                         .....                     |
       |   __|__           +     .....               []    |
       |     |     (A)     O     .....   (1)   (2)         |
       |                   -     .....               []    |
       |                                                   |
       | O                                           []    |
    When controlling the game, Mercury Meltdown Revolution makes use of the Wii 
    Controller's motion sensing feature.  Basically, you control the blobs of 
    mercury by tilting the Wii Remote in the direction you want it to go in.
    This is similar to other Wii titles such as Super Monkey Ball, and makes
    controlling the game seem a lot more smooth and fluid than a traditional 
    controlller does.
    D PAD LEFT & RIGHT: Snaps the camera left or right 90 degrees.
    D PAD UP & DOWN: Moves the camera higher or lower.
    A & B BUTTONS: Focuses on different blobs.
    1 & 2 BUTTONS: Zoom in/out
    - BUTTON: Move Camera
    + BUTTON: Pause game.
             WALKTHROUGH - ASTRO LAB            [Wal01]
    Time: 55 seconds
    Bonuses: 1
    Score Required: 52,100
    Difficulty: *
    First of all, go straight forward into the spiked wall to split your blob into
    two pieces.  Now, make the left blob move into the red paintshop, and make the
    right blob move into the blue paintshop.  Now, make the two seperate blobs
    touch each other to form a single purple blob.  Now activate the purple
    switch and move through the newly opened door on the left.  In the new room,
    split your blob on the spiked wall then move the two pieces into the two
    paintshops.  Mix the colours to create a yellow blob, which you can use to
    activate the yellow switch in the room.  Move through the opened door on the
    left.  In the new room, split your blob and enter the two paint shops, then
    mix the two pieces to form a light blue blob.  To collect the level bonus, move
    the light blue blob back through the rooms until you reach the original 
    starting room, where you will find it through a light blue door.
    Time: 35 seconds
    Bonuses: 2
    Score Required: 54,100
    Difficulty: *
    Simply cross the see-saw to enter the yellow paint shop, then cross back over
    to complete the level.  To collect the bonuses, go up the yellow ledges to the
    left and right of the see-saw.
    Time: 45 seconds
    Bonuses: 1
    Score Required: 52,100
    Difficulty: *
    Firstly, split your blob then enter the red and green paintshops.  Move the
    resultant yellow blob onto the switch to open the gate.  Now, split the yellow
    blob into two pieces. Move one piece into the blue paintshop, and keep the
    other yellow.  You can now mix them to create a grey blob, which you can use
    to enter the finish pad and complete the level.
    The level bonus is located behind the finish pad. It's easier to collect when 
    you're any colour but grey, so you don't complete the level by mistake.
    Time: 40 seconds
    Bonuses: 1
    Score Required: 52,100
    Difficulty: *
    Pretty self explanatory, just needs patience and timing.  There's plenty of 
    time to complete the level though, so don't rush this one!  The bonus for this
    level is behind the finish pad.
    Time: 50 seconds
    Bonuses: 1
    Score Required: 52,100
    Difficulty: *
    This level is pretty self explanatory too.  Simply follow the path around to
    the paintshop then back again.  Make sure to avoid the Jacob's ladder when it's
    red.  The level's bonus is on the green ledge to the left of the Jacob's 
    ladder, go up the yellow ramp to collect it.
    Time: 40 seconds
    Bonuses: 1
    Score Required: 52,100
    Difficulty: *
    Another pretty easy level.  Just cross the see-saw, then head down to the
    paintshop which you can use to open the gate and then complete the level.
    In comparison, collecting the bonus on this level is pretty tricky.  To collect
    it, you need to take a run up and then cross the see-saw diagonally to carry
    your mercury to the platform, then get off the crumble block quicly to avoid
    falling into the abyss.
    Time: 40 seconds
    Bonuses: 1
    Score Required: 52,100
    Difficulty: *
    First up, have the blue and green blobs enter their respective coloured doors,
    and then activate the two coloured switches inside.  After this, mix the two
    colours together then exit through the light blue door; the finish pad is in
    between the two paintshops.  To collect the bonus, find the launchpad in the
    bottom left of the room through the green door, and then use it to lauch you
    to the green platform above.  Move along it to collect the bonus.
    Time: 40 seconds
    Bonuses: 2
    Score Required: 54,100
    Difficulty: *
    Make your way along the path, taking care when crossing the slippery ice -
    the finish pad is at the end.  The first bonus is along the icy path leading
    left near the start, and the second bonus is on a crumble block
    to the left of the finish pad, along another icy path.
    Time: 50 seconds
    Bonuses: 3
    Score Required: 56,100
    Difficulty: **
    Firstly, activate the switch to the left of the bridge, which causes it to
    start moving up and down.  Wait until the bridge comes down and then cross it,
    keeping the controller tilted down so you are pushing against the wall on the
    other side.  This way, when the bridge raises you will drop off it, onto the
    platform in front.  When you've done this, enter the yellow paint shop and then
    run back accross the bridge, using the yellow ramp to reach the finish pad.
    Collecting the bonuses is relatively self explanatory.  The first is to the
    left of the paintshop; the second is right and up from it; the third is below
    the second bonus.
    Time: 45 seconds
    Bonuses: 4
    Score Required: 58,100
    Difficulty: **
    Reaching the finish pad on this one is relatively simple.  Just follow the path
    round until you reach the edge, at which point you need to drop off onto the
    ramp below. Next, enter the paintshop and then drop off the edge of the ramp,
    landing on the path below.  Now just follow the path round until you reach the
    finish pad.   Collecting the bonuses on this level is a real pain, though.  
    To collect the first, you need to slowly ease yourself around the edge of the
    green block at the start; you'll find the bonus on the other side.  The second
    is at the top left of the ramp; collecting it should be quite simple.  To
    collect the third, you need to fall of the ramp so that you land on the green
    block below - the bonus is at the end.  The final bonus is behind the finish
    pad, I find that snapping the camera around 180 degrees makes it a lot easier
    to collect.
    Time: 55 seconds
    Bonuses: 1
    Score Required: 52,100
    Difficulty: *
    The first thing I thought when I entered this level is that my camera was
    messed up - but of course this isn't the case.  
    Other than this, the level's pretty straight forward.  You just
    need to go up the escalators in order to become the right colour to progress
    through the doors.  The single bonus for the level is at the top of the second
    escalator, on the right.
    Time: 45 seconds
    Bonuses: 3
    Score Required: 56,100
    Difficulty: *
    Another easy one, this. You just need to enter the paintshop in each room that
    will turn you into the right colour to enter the next room.
    The first bonus of the level is behind you at the start, and may seem
    impossible to get at first, but if you look closely there is actually a
    semi-invisible platform leading to it that you can move on.
    The other two bonuses are on the left and right as you exit from the first
    blue door in the level.
    Time: 35 seconds
    Bonuses: 3
    Score Required: 56,100
    Difficulty: *
    To complete this level you need to move along the slanted yellow platform,
    which leads to the finish.  It's fairly easy - just keep close to the green
    wall and you should be fine.
    The first of the level's bonuses is to the left at the start, the second is on
    the yellow path, and the third is by the finish pad.
    Time: 35 seconds
    Bonuses: 1
    Score Required: 52,100
    Difficulty: *
    First of all, move the green blob down to the bottom platform, where you can
    mix it with the red blob.  Now you just need to activate the yellow switch,
    which will force your blob up onto the top platform allowing you to complete
    the level.
    The bonus is on the lower platform in the bottom corner, it's easiest if you
    collect this after mixing the blobs, but before activating the switch.
    Time: 35 seconds
    Bonuses: 1
    Score Required: 52,100
    Difficulty: *
    A very easy level.  You just need to make sure that both blobs are on their
    right coloured finish pads at the same time, in order to complete it - you may
    find it easier to zoom out a bit if one of the blobs isn't visible on the
    The level's bonuses are in the bottom two corners of the screen.
    Time: 85 seconds
    Bonuses: 2
    Score Required: 54,100
    Difficulty: *
    This level looks a lot harder than it actually is.  Firstly, activate the red
    switch on the left then dash through the timed door before it closes.  From
    here, turn left then follow the path all the way round until you reach the
    paintshop.  Enter it, then make your way back to the red door where you can
    activate the blue switch in front, allowing you to reach the finish pad.
    The bonuses can't be missed, they're by the pushers at the bottom of the level.
    Time: 120 seconds
    Bonuses: 2
    Score Required: 54,100
    Difficulty: ***
    This level is very difficult, perhaps the first truly difficult level in the 
    game so far.  Due to the magnetic field emitted from the central platform 
    below you, you'll find yourself being thrown all over the place as you try to
    complete this level.  Also, you don't necessarily have to complete the level 
    in the order I've given here, as there's several different methods of 
    completing this.  Anyway, the first thing you need to do is tilt forward to 
    land on the flatform with the red paintshop, which you need to enter.
    Now, move forward into the teleporter so that you arrive back on the central 
    platform.  This time, tilt right so that you land on the platform with the
    green paintshop - but DO NOT enter it yet.  Instead, split your blob on the
    spiked wall and have one of the pieces enter the green paintshop.  Now mix the
    pieces together to make a yellow blob, then head right into the teleporter.
    When you arrive back on the central platform, tilt right so that you land on
    the platform with the green paintshop.  Activate the yellow switch then enter
    the blue paintshop.  Now enter the teleporter and return to the centre platform
    one again.  Now you need to tilt forward to arrive back on the red paintshop
    platform, but again DO NOT enter it yet.  Instead split your blob and have one
    piece enter the paintshop.  You can now mix the pieces to create a pink blob,
    which you can use to activate the switch.  Once again, enter the teleporter
    then tilt left to reach the blue teleport platform, which you need to enter
    Return to the centre platform then tilt down to reach the green paintshop
    platform, but do not enter it.  Split the blobs, have one enter the paintshop
    then mix them to create a light blue blob that can activate the switch.  The
    magnetic field should now have been deactivated.  Now, return to the centre
    platform then head forward to the green paintshop - don't enter it yet.  Split
    the blob then mix green and light blue, before entering the teleporter.
    Now simply drop down and reach the finish pad.  The bonuses are on the centre
    platform and can be collected once the magnetic field has been deactivated.
    *More levels coming soon*
             GENERAL TIPS                       [Wal10]
    * If you're aiming for a high score, a quicker time is usually more important
    than collecting bonus items.  Only collect bonus items if doing so is likely to
    take only two seconds or less out of your final level time.
    * On most levels you CANNOT beat the high-score if you fail to complete the
    level within the level's time limit, even if you have 100% mercury and all
    * It helps if you complete the level's objectives one by one, instead of doing
    them all in one go.  For instance, don't try to acheive the award for 
    collecting all bonuses at the same time as trying to beat the high score.
    * Although the Wii-remote's motion sensing can take some getting used to, I 
    find it is by far the easiest wasy of controlling the game.
             CONTACT DETAILS                    [End01]
    If you have a question, recommendation, or contribution (however small), please
    contact me using the below address:
    E-MAIL ADDRESS: g_lang@btinternet.com
    IM ADDRESS: g_lang@btinternet.com
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the large amount of SPAM I receive to my e-mail 
    address, please can you enter one of the following titles into the subject 
    field to ensure your e-mail doesn't get put into my SPAM folder accidentally:
    . Mercury Meltdown Revolution
    . MMR
    . GameFAQs
    . Walkthrough
    . FAQ
    . Guide
    Generally, I try to respond to most of the e-mails I receive, especially if a 
    response is requested. If you do not receive a response however, this is usally
    either because your e-mail has been filtered as SPAM (for this reason make sure
    you're using one of the above subject titles), or because I just haven't got
    round to responding yet.
    Lastly, I would be grateful if you could indicate in the e-mail whether you 
    want your e-mail address to be included in the credits page of my FAQ, or 
    whether you wish to remain annonymous.  Also, if you are a member of GameFAQs, 
    you can have your username listed on the credits page instead of (or in
    addition to) your e-mail address, if you prefer.
             ACCEPTED SITES LIST              [End03]
    Currently, the following sites may host (or link to) my guide:
    If you would like to host this guide on your own site, please e-mail me.
             COPYRIGHT INFO                     [End04]
    Guide Copyright (c) 2007 Gareth Lang.  All rights reserved.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display without authorisation
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright owners.
             MARGIN TEST                        [End05]
    You should be able to see all 79 numbers.
           10^       20^       30^       40^       50^       60^       70^      79^

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