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    Shell Locations by misterteapot

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                                  Shell Location Walkthrough
    Table of Contents
    I.     Introduction
    II.    Copyright Notice
    III.   Notes and Miscellaneous Information
    IV.    Shell Location Walkthrough
    V.     Credits
    VI.    Contact Information
    I.     Introduction
    01/04/2007 – Initial release of the Shell Location Walkthrough
    02/04/2007 - Locations added for levels 6 and 16
                 Miscelaneous information added
    03/04/2007 - Locations added for levels 8, 11 and 14
                 General tips on how to get an A+
                 Locations added for level 15
    04/04/2007 - Locations added for level 13
                 The FAQ is now complete. I don't think I will need to update it
                 anymore. I will call it "Final" and hope all of you who are 
                 readind this FAQ enjoy the game and complete it (100%), like I 
    First of all, I have to say that I am a big TMNT fan. I grew up watching them 
    on TV, in comic books and on the big screen. My favourite turtle is Leonardo.
    I didn’t like the 2003 TV series and I sure didn’t enjoyed that much the recent
    games, based on those TV series.
    Thankfully, this game give the fans a new look at the franchise and present us 
    with a much better gameplay than the Konami games.
    Anyway, I read in many places that this game is easy. And I couldn't help to
    laugh as loud and as long as I could. Easy? Ok, I admit that this is an easy 
    game to finish... but I have to say that this is a tough game to complete and
    that if you want to 100% complete it (so you can have all Artwork, Movies and
    Goodies) it will take you a lot of time. Many hours of joy and/or frustration.
    To make it be more joy than frustration, I've decided to write this FAQ.
    Maybe it'll save you some tome (or patience) in finding those precious shells.
    II.    Copyright Notice
    This may be not be reproduced or changed under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
    and a violation of copyright.
    If you find it anywhere else, please report it to me.
    III.   Notes and Miscellaneous Information
    -   You can only get the shells after you've completed the level at least
        one time.
    -   The directions I give you in this walkthrough all refer to the position 
        of the camera, not the position of the turtle, i.e., 
        if I say “Go up” it may mean “to the right side of the turtle”.
    -   If you find any spelling or grammar errors that you think will affect the
        understanding of this walkthrough, just contact me.
    -   This FAQ refers to the PC version of the game. Since I do not own any 
        console version of the game, I don’t know if the elements are the same or 
        if there is a difference between the PC version and the console versions.
    -   I may change/improve this FAQ with other suggestions or if people find 
        some critical errors.
    -   This FAQ is not final. I'm still missing a couple of shells, so if you
        find some shells that are not included in this FAQ, just e-mail me. Any
        help will be appreciated and, of course, you'll be given credit for it on
        the Credits section.
    IV.    Shell Location Walkthrough
    Level 1: Mystical Jungle
    1. Right after you learn the double-jump stunt. You'll get almost without
       noticing it.
    2. After you learn how to jump from one edge to another. Once again, it will be
       on an obvious location.
    3. After Splinter tells Leonardo to claim the medallion,you'll have to shimmy 
       along, to reach the other side. You'll get the third shell in the process.
    4. Right after you learn how to climb using the ability to jump from wall to 
    5. After your first fight, just go ahead and collect the final shell.
    Level 2: Vigilantism (Credit to WestheCrayon)
    1. Just before you jump into the basketball court where the second fight 
       occurs, move right while clinging to the top of the fence. You should see
       the first shell above (just jump over the gate on that side to get it).
    2. Right after that fight, towards the entrance of the park, there is a shell
       suspended in mid-air. Double-jump to get it.
    3. After the fight in the dojo, when you grab onto the ledge and shimmy over 
       onto the brick wall, look left before you jump into the area with the 
       sparking generator. You should see a shell over there. Double-jump (once 
       left to pick it up; once right to return to the platform) to grab it 
       without falling to your death.
    4. After the fight on the terrace and before you do your first wall climb,
       look between the hedges towards the rear of the area. You should see another
    5. At the very end, before you move towards the last coin and complete the 
       level, check the right side of the rooftop. Voila! The fifth shell.
    Level 3: Techno Ninjutsu
    1. In the second are of the level, when Donatello taks about doing some 
       exercise, jump to the pipe on the left and wall-run the left wall to get the
       first shell.
    2. After you reach the "secret clan head-quarters", you'll have to jump some 
       edges and some poles. While you're making your way down, you'll see another
       shell (before you drop to the sewer and have your first fight).
    3. After the second fight, you'll reach an area with some electrified water
       that you won't want to touch. Use the platforms to keep going and get the
       shell on your way through.
    4. Right after that, you'll reach another area just like the one before. 
       Collect the shell on your way through.
    5. You'll find the last shell right after the boss fight. The shell will be on
       the second platform you jump to (the long one, on the right). You'll have 
       to be fast, since the water will start rising and you won't want to die
       completely electrified, would you?
    Level 4: Cowabunga Carl Getaway
    1. Righ after Michaelangelo learns how to use his weapons to "fly", you'll 
       have to use that abilitie to reach a platform. The shell will be on the
       wall on the right, between that platform and another platform.
    2. Eventually, you'll reach the first series of balloons of the Parade. Jump 
       from the turtle balloon and fly to get the shell (it's not as easy to get 
       as it looks). 
    3. Soon after the first fight, will will reach a part with a couple of vanes.
       You'll see a shell right in that area.
    4. The fourth is located above the third pool of toxic waste. It's easier to 
       spot if you cross the waste first and go back (the camera shifts slightly to
       provide a better view), but you can grab it by staying close to the right 
       wall, jumping directly forward, and using the helicopter move. After you get
       it, you should be able to helicopter into the wall ahead, which you can use
       to wall-run and safely avoid the slime. - (Credit to WestheCrayon)
    5. A long way after, you'll reach another area with a couple of vanes. You'll
       see the shell right in front of you.
    Level 5: Spirit of the Forest (Credit to WestheCrayon)
    1. In the area where the pillar chases you, there's a shell in the corner. 
       Perform wall-runs to stay ahead of the pillar and have enough time to grab 
       it. If you're not high enough to snag it during the wall-runs, double-jump 
       underneath it and then get the heck out of the way!
    2. Just after the collapsing area of the stone bridge, there's a shell hidden 
       on a small cliff on the side facing the camera. Tiptoe off to get it, then 
       jump back up.
    3. After the first fight, when you enter the cave, stay low instead of taking 
       the high ground and shimmying along the wall. The third shell is hidden in
       the tunnel-like area below.
    4. Just afterwards, wall-run on the left side of the cave wall, then jump to the
       right side and continue wall-running to reach a new platform. From there,
       double-jump to the leftmost wall to grab the crevice, shimmy to the end, and
       then jump onto the poles. Swinging along them will let you reach a platform
       above the enemy camp, which houses another shiny shell.
    5. This last one is located just after the falling tree sequence. Before you
       reach the nook with the coin (where you can wall-jump upwards to reach the 
       wooden platforms), check behind the tree farthest from the camera. Your fifth
       shell awaits!
    Level 6: Ninja Tag Time
    1. After your first fight you'll have to perform some jumps from balcony to
       balcony and even use a flag pole to reach other balconies. Anyway, soon 
       after that, you'll have to wall-run to get to another rooftop. The shell
       will be along the wall you'll have to wall-run.
    2. The second shell comes after you first encounter the steam and have to do a
       brother toss to reach the area with the billboard. You should see it
       suspended in the air - I recommend doing a double-jump followed by a
       team throw to grab it. - (Credit to WestheCrayon)
    3. In the lightouse.
    4. After the lighthouse, you'll have a fight. A little after that fight, 
       you'll have to use a team-throw to jump rooftops, across the smoke. You 
       should get the shell along the way, by doing that.
    5. Soon you'll reach an area with some platforms that will move when you reach
       them. You'll see the Statue of Liberty too. Right after that, you'll have to
       perform another team-throw. You'll should get the shell by performing the
    Level 7: The Game is the Foot
    1. Right at the start of the level, there will be a billboard (keep your eyes
       opened or you'll miss it). Run along that billboard to take the shell home.
    2. There will be an area with moving platforms. While you jump those platforms,
       you see a shell (you can reach it while you're standing in the last moving
    3. After Leo says that the Yeti has got to be stopped, you'll have to shimmy 
       along an edge. You'll get the shell in the process.
    4. In the area with the electrified water, You'll find a shell along the fence
       on the left.
    5. Right after the area mentioned before, you'll reach an area with running 
       water. Keep going until you reach an area with a lot of platforms hang on 
       the walls. On top of one of those platforms you'll find the last shell.
    Level 8: Foot Trail
    1. Soon after the block that breaks a rooftop, you'll reach a rooftop with 3 
       silos (before you climb the wall using Raphael's sais). The shell will be 
       on top of the second one.
    2. After the second fight (the one that occurs in the park), climb up some 
       platforms and swing from tree to tree, to get the secong shell.
    3. There is an area where you have to run a billboard on the right to reach a
       HUGE billboard of Cowabanga Carl. You can find the shell under the "A" of
       "c-o-w-a...", in Cowabanga Carl's billboard.
    4. On a brick wall that you'll have to run along to reach a rooftop.
    5. Right after Raphael says something about going higher so he could see the 
       truck, you should see a small fountain. The shell will be in it (right 
       before you climb the wall using Raph sais).
    Level 9: Tower Power
    1. Once you go outside for the first time, you'll get to a point where you can
       use the poles of two flags to reach a platform. If you wall-run instead, 
       you can get a shell.
    2. Soon after you get in the building again, you'll have another fight. Raph
       will say something like "Good news, gays! The waiting is over!". After that
       fight, you can collect the shell in that room (to the right of the swords).
    3. After you go out again, and after some climbing, you'll reach some platforms
       with some electric beams. Between the second and the third platform with 
       the electric beams you can find a shell.
    4. Once you go back into the building, after a fight and some climbing, you'll
       see three poles (with flags) that you can use to reach another platform. 
       Above the second pole there is a shell. The easisest way to get it is to
       do some more climbing and when you reach a platform right above that pole, 
       just drop down.
    5. You'll find the last shell right when you get to the jungle part. The shell
       is right above the door you're coming from.
    Level 10: When the Slime Comes
    1. Right before the first fight of the level, in a room full of slime that you
       have to cross by jumping the platforms (seconf room of the level. If you 
       look to the pipes on the right, you'll find the shell (above them).
    2. After Raph makes a comment about roaches, you'll be on a room with falling
       platforms. You'll find a shell while you're jumping from platform to
       platform, but will need a team throw to get it.
    3. "Time to work together, guys!" That said, you'll reach a room full of slime.
       Jump to a cube platform and then to the other platform. The second platform
       will start turning. Let it turn a little and then run to the right, 
       performing a team-throw in the end, to reach another shell. You can also 
       use Mickey's abilitie to fly to reach it.
    4. Soon after Raph says that his shell stinks, you'll reach a room with a lot 
       of bats. To leave that room you just have to go left, but be my guest to 
       take the shell on the right, before you exit.
    5. The final shell is directly after leaving the underground church in a very
       tall room in which you have to jump up.
    Level 11: O Brother Where Art Thou
    1. There is an area where you'll have to jump some platforms (that will lean 
       down when you're standing on them), around a building. Instead of jumping
       from the first one to the second, double jump and wall-run the wall on the
       right, to get the shell.
    2. Right when you reach the area where Leo has to swing across three
       flagpoles, instead of swinging on them, walk up to the left corner of
       the rooftop and look ahead (you should see the shell suspended in
       mid-air off the edge of the building). To get it, double-jump off of
       the roof - you should be able to grab onto the next building, where,
       if you're not already far enough over, you can shimmy to the side and
       collect the shell. Conversely, if you use the flagpoles to get across,
       you can position yourself above the shell, tiptoe off of the edge,
       quickly press forward to grab onto the building. You can still get the
       shell if you fall, but nobody likes an undeserving leader! - (Credit to 
    3. Shortly after you meet up with Raph,you'll have to cross some rooftops with 
       chimneys (one of which has steam issuing from it). Just after that, there's 
       a shell hovering in the air in front of the billboard. Either wall-run on 
       the  billboard or jump and do a team throw to get it.- (Credit to 
    4. After you get to control Raphael you'll eventually reach an area with a 
       dragon. There will be a shell right on the dragon's head.
    5. After the turtles see the billboard of the zoo, just jump from the building
       you're on to the building with the billboard and use a team-throw while in 
       the air (jump up and right at the same time), instead of using Raph's 
       ability to climb the wall. This way you will get the shell in the process.
    Level 12: Bite Me!
    1. After the first fight and just before you leave the sewer, you can find a 
       shell along the left wall.
    2. Soon after the fight in the "lava pit", the will be a rooftop with a lot of
       pipes. On top of some pipes you will see the shell.
    3. After leaving the building that is on fire, jump the first fence and, before
       you jump the second fence, take the shell that you find along the wall
       on the right (before the fight in the parking lot).
    4. After climbing the wall and using a pole to jump from one rooftop to another
       you'll find another shell.
    5. Eventually, you'll get to an area where you have some poles and smoke 
       between them. If you drop down there (or get hit by some smoke), you'll be
       on an area with a shell. Just collect it and use the ability to jump from 
       wall to wall to climb again.
    Level 13: All is Forgiven
    1. When you reach an area with 3 vanes, instead of going against the wind, just
       use one a plattform on the left of the turtle to jump and wall-run up so
       Leo grabs the edge. He will grab a shell, too. 
    2. After you jump over a billboard, you'll reach another area with vanes. This
       time, the wind will help you reach a shell. Just take advantage of the wind
       to reach a first platform and from that platform, jump to another platform
       (with broken glass). Then, just wall-run the wall on the right.
    3. Just after you navigate the construction site and finish the first
       battle, you enter a room with waterwheels and pipes. The third shell
       is actually located high above the second waterwheel (that is, the one
       without the horizontal pipes that allow you to swing through it). To
       reach it, you have to stand on the leftmost edge of the platform just
       after the first large vertical pipe, double-jump, and run for a while
       along the wall. If you're high enough, you should be able to grab it.
       (Credit to WestheCrayon)
    4. After the first fight of the level with the Nighwatcher/Raphael, you'll 
       soon reach an are where you have to use your ability to jump from wall to
       wall to climb some platforms. On top of one of those platforms you can 
       find a shell.
    5. After climbing a couple of walls usind Raphael's sais, you'll jump over a
       billboard. Then, you'll have to jump from one rooftop to another. In the 
       second rooftop you will see a balcony. The shell is on that balcony.
    Level 14: Ninja's in the Crypt
    1. After the first fight (in the elevator), you'll reach an area where you'll
       have to perform a team-throw to reach the opposite platform.You should get
       the shell while doing so.
    2. After going past some serious fire trap, you'll have to grab a ledge on the
       left. just don't let go before grabing a shell (around the corner).
    3. Soon after going past the swinging axes, you'll reach an area with a lot of 
       wooden platforms. Use some jumps to reach the top and, before going down
       to the wooden elevator-platform, jump right to grab a shell.
    4. Not very far from the previous shell, you'll have to use Raphael's sais to
       clim a wall. On top of that wall you'll collect another shell.
    5. In the cave/mine, you'll have to use Don's bo to jump to another platform.
       You'll get the shell in the process.
    Level 15: The Mysterious Leader
    1. Right after the first fight, go to the top of the cranes and then perform a
       jump and a team-throw to the cranes ahead. Luckily you'll get one more 
       shell to add to your collection. 
    2. When you reach the lake area, instead of taking the bridge on the left side,
       perform a jump and a team-throw near the wall on the right, to grab one
       more shell.
    3. Not far from the previous shell, there is another shell. Once again, 
       instead of taking going through the platform on the left, double-jump and
       do a team-thow near the wall on the right to reach another shell.
    4. Just after you fight the Foot soldiers in the room after the lake area, 
       you'll come to a room with large vertical pipes. Look closely. The fourth 
       shell is located slightly behind and to the right of the large first pipe. 
       Double-jump and use a team throw to go behind the column and get it.
       Be careful, though. You'll still get the shell if you're not far enough 
       against the wall, but you'll also collide with the pipe and fall to your 
       death. - (Credit to WestheCrayon)
    5. In the maze, you'll see a stone serpent. Jump on top of the lower head and 
       perform a team-throw to reach a shell, above the statue.
    Level 16: Winter's Secret
    1. On the area where you have to climb to the top using the platforms and 
       protecting yourself from the laser attack, you'll eventually have to use 
       Raph to climb a wall for a second time. You go past a shell. Just go up 
       and then drop down right on the shell.
    2. The first time you go outside, you'll be able to find a shell. Just take 
       the turn and then, on the third platform, wall-run up to reach the shell.
    3. While you're being followed by the laser robot, you'll have to jump over a 
       pit, using a team-throw and getting a shell on your way.
    4. In the room with all
       of the electrified water and cables, there's a part where you have to
       grab onto some partly-electrified ledges on the wall (after you use a pole 
       with a flag and a team-throw to reach a platform). If you drop down
       (or get shocked by one), you should see the fourth shell. - (Credit to 
    5. On the jungle part of the level, on the last elevated platform before 
       finding Winters.
    Beat Challenge Maps:
    - Beat the challenge Maps in record times (see my Challenge Maps Walkthrough)
      to obtain a maximum of 3 shells per map and a total of 48 shells.
    Beat The Levels with A+:
    - If you beat a Level with an A+ grade, you'll get a bonus shell. If you want
      to unlock everythink and complete the game 100%, you'll have to get an A+
      grade in all 16 levels (and have the corresponding 16 bonus shells).
      Beating most of the levels with A+ is not that hard. Just try to follow these
      . Do not fall or get hit by environment menaces to often
      . Don't bother getting the shells on the way
      . Take each and every coin possible. In the levels where you can use more 
        than one turtle, beat some enemies with a team-attack to gain some extra
      . Use the charge attack often (hold the attack button for a while). It's the
        easiest way to defeat your enemies without being it. Once you get ten stars
        or once you use the rage of Raphael, it is also the fastest way to defeat
        all the enemies in the area. Believe me: it will save you a lot of time
        Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThEMkXrPnl4  - (Credit to 
    V.     Credits
    Credit to http://www.sliderhome.nl/ascii.html for the ascii art.
    Credit to WestheCrayon for helping me find some shells and for giving the 
    description to find the shells of levels 2 and 5, and for finding the last
    shell I was missing in Levels 4, 13 and 16 and for replaying some levels in 
    order to add some descriptions that I was missing in this FAQ (levels 11 
    and 15). 
    Really, it was a huge help in completing this FAQ and you should all be 
    thankful for it... if you give any use to this FAQ, anyway!  
    VI.    Contact Information
    If you find any errors or would like to help improve this FAQ in any way, just 
    contact me: tiagosaramago@yahoo.com.br
    If you wold like to contact Wes, you can find him at:
                     ,,  // \\
                    (_,\/ \_/ \
                       /_/  /_/
        Copyright 2007 Timmyni a.k.a. Mister Teapot

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