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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Yojimbo_setsuna

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    *Backtrak- taking you through those classic games you just have to play again*
    TMNT: The Game Walkthrough <Version 0.95> (PS2)
    Written by Daniel Byrne
    ©Copyright Backtrak 2007-2010
    Developer: Mirage studios
    *Please note: This FAQ is owned by Daniel Byrne & Backtrak© any
    unauthorised copying, traces, or taking any other content etc from
    this document is strictly prohibited. Any breach of this on your
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    0-0 Version history 0-0
    V. <0.95>
    #04/12/2010- Ready to upload new version of the walkthrough soon to be
                 Version Final 1.00 Phew!!!
    #03/12/2010- Added final revision info and more to the FAQ and finalized
                 walkthrough content/layout.
    #01/07/2009- Added a new section to summarise the game and give an overall
                 evaluation in comparison to previous TMNT games.
    #02/07/2009- Responded to all e-mails regarding TMNT since the project began,
                 many thanks in your patience on this front, not easy due to not
                 having internet access and a place i can upload the walkthrough.
                 Final parts of the walkthrough completed and now gathering data
                 on all further shell locations.
    #25/06/2009- After an abscence due to no internet connection -_- added new
                 info to extras section and gave the walkthrough a fresher look &
                 produce a more polished and difinitive walkthrough for the PS2
    V. <0.75>
    #07/11/2008- Upgraded walkthrough to V. <0.95>
    #06/11/2008- Played through the game one last time to check problem areas
                 and give more help with the game's bad camera angles -_-.
    #05/11/2008- Included the names of all Max Winter's Generals and all of
                 their specific attack patterns and movements.
    #05/11/2008- Added more refined stratergies to succeed in the final
                 boss battle.
    #01/11/2008- Corrected spelling errors and made the walkthrough more user
    #28/09/2008- Numerous text checked, various elements redesigned for ease of
    #27/09/2008-  Final review of any errors, walkthrough layout and content.
    #25/09/2008-  Finalized full walkthrough and completed it ready for
    V. <0.50>
    #24/09/2008- Upgraded walkthrough to V. <0.75>
    #18/09/2008- Completed main walkthrough and corrected errors and made
                 adjustments to layout.
    #18/09/2008- Added remaining missions to walkthrough beginning work on
                 in game shell locations.
    #16/09/2008- Made a correction to General Mono strategy.
    #15/09/2008- Updated layout and corrected minor errors in walkthrough.
    #15/09/2008- Added 3 more missions to the walkthrough section.
    #15/09/2008- I know, I know, i've been away for over a year and this
                 walkthrough hasn't been finished or updated, however i've
                 ran in to numerous problems, difficulties, questions and
                 queries in regard to other things in my busy life so this
                 walkthrough fell way behind, I'd like to apologise for the
                 long delay but everything is back on track now(Pun intended ^_^)
                 i'm also going to be answering the numerous e-mails i've saved
                 regarding this game so rest assured if you haven't beaten the
                 game yet then let's resume where we left off folks!
    #01/04/2007- Added & updated missions to the walkthrough.
    #30/04/2007- Added 2 more missions to the Walkthrough section.
    #30/04/2007- Added a more user friendly layout.
    #30/04/2007- Added more information to the Extras section.
    #20/04/2007- Upgraded walkthrough to V. <0.50>
    #18/04/2007- Added each turtle's family attack to Super family
                 attacks in the art of ninjitsu section.
    #18/04/2007- Various changes to layout spacing etc.
    #18/04/2007- Added three more new missions/stages to the main
    #13/04/2007- Started TMNT walkthrough.
    ===     + Contents +       ===
    3.The Turtles/Characters
    4.The art of ninjitsu
      A.#Special Abilities (acrobatic moves)
      B.#Special Actions
    5.The walkthrough
      A. Mystical Jungle.
      B. Vigilantism.
      C. Techno Ninjutsu.
      D. Cowabunga Carl Getaway.
      E. Spirit of the Forest.
      F. Ninja Tag time.
      G. The Game Is The Foot.
      H. Foot Trail.
      I. Tower Power.
      J. When the Slime Comes.
      K. O' Brother Where Art Thou...
      L. Bite Me!
      M. All Is Forgiven.
      N. Ninja's in the Crypt.
      O. The Mysterious Leader.
      P. Winter's Secret.
    8.*NEW* Turtle Power! (Game Summary/evaluation)
    Four brothers brought together by fate to do battle with one known as the The
    Shredder......After many adventures through both time, space & reality battling
    this relentless almost immortal foe they finally defeated Shredder & the foot
    New York City was now safe from The Shredder's clutches & life went on in
    the city that never sleeps....
         Sometime after the Four heros that defeated Shredder went their separate
    ways & strayed from the path of the Ninja, they were a family divided.
    After sending Leonardo (Splinter's wisest disciple & leader of the other three
    heroes) on a mission to the jungle to retrive a medallion with ancient powers
    Leonardo returns to his brothers after a long time of absence. However Leo's
    return causes tention to build between Raphael & himself, the family are now
    plunged deep in to a new battle to face adversity & find the answers to the
    strange apperances of monsters. Four Turtles, a sensei, & the ultimate battle
    against evil is about to test them to their limits, they are turtles, they are
    TMNT 1,2,3,4!!!!
    Action                     Button/s (default)
    Move/run                   Left analog stick
    Spin kick                  Triangle button
    Kicking flurry             Triangle button (hold)
    Weapon attack              O button (repeat for combinations)
    Warp slash                 O button (hold)
    Jump/Double jump           X button
                             (press twice consecutivly to double jump)
    Dodge(during combat)       R1,R2,L1  or L2 button 
    Leo's shadow warp          R1,R2,L1, or L2 button
    Mike's Nunchuck helicopter R1,R2,L1, or L2 button (in air)
    Raph's power climb       R1,R2,L1, or L2 button & left analog stick 
                                  (against wall)
    Don's Bo vault             R1,R2,L1 or L2 button
    Ground punch               O button (in air)
    Turtle swap                Square button
    Brother throw              Square button (in air)
    Family attacks             Square button (hold)
    Walling                    Left analog stick 
                              (in air against wall)
    Safety roll                Triangle button & left analog stick
                                     (when landing)
    Evasive roll            Dodge & Left analog stick
                               (during combat)
    Ledge grab & run           Left analog stick
    Ledge drop                 O button
    Pause game                 Start button
    Weapons: Dual katana
    The oldest, the leader,-Disciplined, Serious, & deadly. Leonardo is 
    able to keep a cool head in even the worst scenarios to hit team green.
    Acrobatic move: Shadow warp
    Strength: Balanced
    Weapons: Twin sai
    The reckless rebel, Strongest turtle. The so called "hot head" of the
    team, he burns with a powerful rage when angered & makes sure he puts
    pain in to his foes with a capital P!
    Acrobatic move:Power climb
    Strength: Powerful attacks
    Weapon: Bo staff
    The most introverted & intellegent of the turtles, technology has always
    been a facination of Don's & since the days have past of fighting Shredder
    he has enhanced his trusted Bo staff.
    Acrobatic move:Bo vault
    Strength: Long range attacks
    Weapons: Nunchaku
    The youngest more fun loving turtle, Mikey is the life & soul of any
    party. He always tries to raise the turtles spirits when things get
    rough & as Mikey might tell you he "loves being a turtle!!"
    Acrobatic move: Nunchuck helicopter
    Strength: Agility & flurry attacks
    Milita group
    The Milita are mostly in the jungles of South America, they patrol
    & treat most people as intruders & would attack anyone who resisted
    them. Saying this they are not exactly difficult opponents to the 
    wise & skillful ninja.
    The Purple Dragons
    These guys are your typical thug & common criminal, & much like the
    milita you should be able to overwhelm them quite easily using ninja
    techniques such as dodge, warp slash, & well timed spin kicks. The
    Purple Dragons originate from N.Y city.
    Black Gators
    The Black Gators reside in New York's sewers, they are similar to the
    Purple Dragons however, much more technologically advanced in weaponry &
    tactics. Don first encounters the Gators in the sewers, they can prove a 
    nuscience so try to keep them at arms length with spin kicks & doing a 
    ground punch.
    The Foot Clan
    Originally defeated by the Turtles, this clan is still prone to make the
    same mistakes... but with Shredder gone who is leading them? A once
    honourable clan that can be traced as far back as Feudal Japan (possibly 
    the Sengoku era) The Shredder(Oroku Saki) commanded the entire clan unto
    his will & they followed his orders honourably & loyally until their
    master's demise at the hands of Splinter's ninja.
    /                        \
    In this short chapter i will explain each individual Turtle's special 
    ability (acrobatic) & special actions, you will use them many times 
    throughout the game so it's worth always keeping in mind which situations
    you should use them in.
    A.#Special abilities (Acrobatic moves)
    -Leo: Shadow warp
    Shadow warp allows Leo to meditate & be able to pass through certain 
    objects such as gates & bars. press L1,L2,R1, or R2 to use shadow warp.
    -Raph: Power climb
    Power climb allows raph to go where other turtles cannot, by placing his
    powerful Sai weapons in to the wall & using his great strength to climb 
    the wall. Press left analog towards a climb area & L1,L2,R1, or R2.
    -Don: Bo vault
    Allows don to push himself forward using his Bo staff as a vault, this
    ability will get you across narrow areas with no way to jump across easily.
    Press L1,L2, R1, or R2 to use Bo vault.
    -Mike: Nunchuck helicopter
    Mikey uses his double nunchaku to fly for a short time, this is especially
    useful for avoiding pit falls & travelling to areas through the air that 
    would otherwise pose a difficulty to jump towards.
    -Nightwatcher: Bloodlust/righteous fury
    Nightwatcher is also able to utilize the power climb, however he has the
    unique ability to use bloodlust which increases his attack power, you
    will also notice a gauge when playing as the Nightwatcher. This gauge
    is the rage gauge, should you press the  button you will enter "bloodlust"
    mode. However during bloodlust mode your time is limited to the amount in
    the rage gauge which you fill by defeating enemies, should you fill the
    gauge to it's maximum you can unleash righteous fury upon all enemies
    (a devastating attack which will cause major damage to your foes!!)
    B.#Special actions
    -Super Family Attacks
    Using the square button when a fellow Turtle is avalible you can perform
    unique attacks using the Turtles combined power. After performing this
    co-operative technique you will be temporairly unable to perform it again
    until the cool down HUD is no longer visable. These attacks obviously use
    the combined power of your team & cannot be executed alone in the case of
    the solo story's & Nightwatcher's stages.
    #Leonardo's family attack: 
    Leo's family attack usually will involve Michaelangelo (providing he is
    in the team & hasn't lost respect for you or his cooldown HUD isn't in the
    process of being restored. During this attack which is area based around
    Leo, Mike (or any of the remaining turtles Note: same applies to all turtles)
    throws Leo in to the air lending him his chi (energy) so he can slam it in to
    the ground.
    #Michelangelo's family attack:
    Mikey's family attack will usually involve Don as his partner unless
    of course the conditions mentioned in Leo's are met & he isn't in the
    team in which case the next turtle becomes avalible. In this attack
    Mikey will swing his fellow turtle around rapidly making any enemy
    within range get knocked back a great distance, you can also move
    Mikey somewhat by moving your analog stick toward your target/s.
    #Donatello's family attack:
    The Don's family attack is very impressive indeed, & usually involves
    Raphael, during this attack Don & his cohort perform an amazing acrobatic
    somersualt in to the air & slam down his Bo staff to discharge their chi
    (& Raph's rage) in to the ground, this causes all enemies in the area to
    be shocked with electricity from the Bo staff & also having the additional
    effect to stun them temporarily. The attack range here is wide area based.
    #Raphael's family attack:
    Raph's family attack incorporates his power & strength in to his attack
    his usual partner for this will be Leo, the attack that ensues will be
    an all round mighty swing & throw of a brother in to the enemy causing
    great damage. The attack range for this move is linear.
    -Mega attack-
    To use the mega attack you must fill the star metre at the top of the 
    screen, you will fill one star for every enemy defeated. Once ten enemies
    have been defeated you will be able to use mega attack, during this sate 
    time slows down for your opponents & your abilities are dramatically 
    increased. If you incur damage during the mega state you will lose the 
    ability to use your mega attack powers & revert to normal Turtle state, 
    to use mega state again you must re-fill the gauge.
    This is a very useful ability & also the only way possible to recover
    lost energy, to perform meditation simply stand still & allow your
    turtle to recover using their chi force, obviously it goes without
    saying this technique (while very useful) will leave you vunrable to
    attack so gain some distance from the enemy by spin kicking them down
    or wait until you are in an enemy free zone before you begin meditation.
    During boss encounters you will need to use this technique sparingly &
    tactically. (note: That the Nightwatcher cannot meditate even if standing
    -Detirmination/helping hand (revival)-
    This ability can only be performed & successfully executed providing all
    your energy for the current turtle you are using is at zero, your turtle
    will drop to the floor & start to kneel over, mash the x button as fast as
    you can to make your turtle get up & fight back!! if successful you will
    regain all your health for that turtle, if with other turtles one of the
    turtles will provide a helping hand to help you up but you must still press
    the x button to execute this awesome skill.
    C.#HUDS(heads up display/onscreen information)-
    There are various HUDS in the game, a description of each of the HUDS
    you will encounter while playing the game is avalible below:
    Solo HUD- This Hud displays your current turtle
    Health HUD- this is within the Solo HUD & fades out accordingly with 
    your current health
    Family HUD- This HUD displays the bond between the brotherhood of the
    ninja it is also an indicator of how impressive your moves are to the other
    turtles. Using the Super family attack unwisely could cost you precious
    respect within the HUD & a loss of respect will affect wether or not the
    turtles will aid you & may put a pressure on you to perform better so take
    heed of this HUD (you know what they say, family is important!)
    Cooldown HUD- This HUD shows up like the health HUD within the solo HUD,
    it will display for the period of time you are unable to execute another
    co-operative move.
    There are two types of ranking end of level ranking & combat ranking 
    which will also contribute to your end of stage ranking but is a mark 
    of your progress along your way.
    Combat ranking: 
    This applies after a combat area where your turtle/s have actually fought
    in combat, after defeating the enemy you will be ranked according to
    co-operative moves made, their success, damage taken, & time taken this
    also will contribute to the final ranking of the stage.
    End of stage ranking:
    Your overall performance throughout the entire stage, ranking here is based
    on your combat ranking, coins collected, speed, & successful co-op moves when
    you later reunite the turtles. your ranking can alter depending how many coins
    you got, how fast you were etc & go from rank A+ to D.
    The story of TMNT is retold through the turtles in various FMV's as they
    recollect their adventure & the places they travelled, the FMV's make up
    the games initial story & take place after this adventure & tells the 
    tale of how the brothers stood united once more.
    A.[Mystical Jungle]- stage 1
    The game begins with a short fmv about the brotherhood of the turtles, after
    this the game goes to the present time where we find Leonardo begining his
    training in the mystic jungle. Once you assume control of Leo run ahead
    (you will be shown mini tutorials in game from Splinter's words he told Leo
    before he set out for the South American jungle) you may also follow
    Splinter's words as you go along to help you get a feel for TMNT's gameplay.
    keep running ahead to reach a golden turtle coin, grab the coin (these coins
    are scattered through out the stages & can help to improve your overall
    ranking) After collecting your first coin continue on ahead along the jungle
    trail & across the upcoming small wooden raft like bridge, proceed to the
    upcoming ledge & jump up it above the ledge pick up another coin, double jump
    across the waterfall turn the corner & again jump across the next waterfall
    to grab the third coin in this level. Next Jump upwards to the steep ledges
    & find another coin at the top, continue down the path avoiding the drops
    with a jump after jumping over the drops get the next coin & continue ahead to
    reach the game's first check point (if you die, you will resume from the
    checkpoint you last touched unless you touch another checkpoint that is, also
    you can quit the game & resume it at the last checkpoint you arrived at
    by switching the auto save feature on, doing this is a good idea so leave it
    From the checkpoint you just arrived at ascend the series of ledges on the
    right side, once at the top cross the wooden bridge here & grab the coin to add
    to your collection so far. Progress along the Jungle trail & pick up two coins
    jumping up the small ledge & pulling yourself up after of which jumping
    forwards slightly around the corner towards the ledge to grab it make your way
    to the other side of the ledge (not letting go mind you as there is a drop
    below the ledge in the middle) once you have got to the other side of the ledge
    & can go no further press the circle button to drop to ground on the other
    side.(remember this lesson well as many ledges will present themselves as
    obstacles to hinder you during the course of the game, some even with hot air
    coming out of the ledges & if it hits you, you will fall to your death) Leap
    over the small gap on the other side of the ledge you just came across, then
    grab the hard to see ledge on the right go across as far as you can then flip
    across to the opposite ledge (hold the analog stick towards opposite ledge &
    press the x button) now move to the end of the second ledge get the coin here
    & drop from the end of the ledge, next avoid the larger pitfalls by using the
    double jump as Splinter taught you. 
    Across the other side you will reach the next check point grab the coin &
    jump across each wooden platform along the bridge to make your way across
    recieving yet another coin on the other side of the falls once you are
    succesfully across. Move along the upward trail then jump to the ledge on the
    left of the rocky wall moving across it (shell is here on 2nd play) drop at
    the other side grab the coin proceed to the two narrow walls. Next do as
    Splinter instructed, jump from one narrow side of the wall to the other to
    ascend to a greater height, finding two more narrow walls from which to
    "practice" this technique on again & make your way to the top of the narrow
    walls. At the top head along the downward path & get the coin along here
    turning the bend to double jump the four pitfalls before you once over those
    turn the corner to reach the next check point, grab the left ledge & move as
    far to the end as you can then as you previously did before flip to the
    opposite right ledge to get across the gap. Following this tediously long
    jungle trail around to come to more narrow walls, wall jump upwards. Some
    highwalls will be seen next so run towards them & press & hold the x button
    to run up them breifly at the top of the high walls reach your next checkpoint.
    head straight down the jungle trail towards a jungle clearing & encounter your
    first enemies the milita, use the circle button to attack with your weapon
    (in this instance Leo's katana) & spin kick close range enemies with the
    triangle button to knock enemies back & have them fall down to the ground
    gain height by double jumping then press circle whilst in the air to ground
    punch the floor to injure any surrounding enemies close to Leonardo (this move
    inflicts very little damage to the enemy, the higher Leo is the more damage
    this move inflicts) to guard enemy attacks press & hold down the R1,R2,L1,or
    L2 to dodge most physical attacks everytime the enemy strikes (the only
    exceptions are some bosses, & enemies armed with rifles/guns) also try
    charging your weapon by pressing & holing the circle button down then when
    the Leo's weapons are glowing blue release the button to unleash a very fast
    warp slash attack to all enemies within distance (usually most if not all)
    performing the warp slash takes a slight amount of time to charge so use it
    wisely & don't leave yourself vunrable to enemy attacks.
    After defeating the milita group you will notice a gauge fill up this is your
    battle rating on how well you perfomed in this battle, the best rating being
    ninja. Continue upwards on the trail & jump over any obstacles in your path,
    run to the wall with the ledges & ascend by pointing the analog stick up &
    pressing the x button. once at the top grab the coin, next double jump the
    gorge & on the other side jump from wall to wall a total of three times like
    you have previously to reach the top, get the next coin, then proceed along
    double jumping the next gorge & getting another coin afterwoods jump the
    ledges that follow & grab the second ledge to reach a checkpoint (shell is
    here in 2nd play) next jump to the right ledge & grip all the way across the
    ledge grabbing a coin in the process then return to the jungle trail by
    dropping to the next visable ledges you see. Jump all the way to the top then
    cross the falls grabbing the coin at the top to reach a checkpoint.
         Grab the ledge on the left side & flip to the opposite one & descend
    the ledge at the end, climb up the series of steep ledges obtain the coin
    follow the trail on to a second series of steep ledges once over those
    you will reach another checkpoint, it is from here you will wall jump from
    wall to wall until you reach the top collecting the last coin of the stage
    once you do. Now move toward the temple for the last part in this level which
    becomes over run with milita use all your skills you have learned thus far to
    defeat them & if the area becomes overcrowded then use Leo's unique combo
    (attack with the circle button six times to make Leo throw his dual katana
    in a circular motion to destroy the surronding enemies with ease, also a great
    move damage wise too!) after you defeat the milita group you are now free to
    proceed inside the temple, make your way up the steps & to the temple's
    entrance to finish the level.
                                       * * *
    B.[Vigilantism]- stage 2
    For this level the Nightwatcher is up (Raphael's alter ego,) from the start
    run ahead a little & a fight will ensue against the Purple Dragons. use
    effective kicks & combos to defeat them & make use of the Nightwatcher's
    bloodlust ablility by pressing the square button once some rage has
    accumilated in the rage gauge HUD, after dealing with these goons head
    around the corner picking up the coin then jump over the grated fence here.
    avoid the flames & jump over the flaming oil barrel collecting the coin above
    it & reach a checkpoint, proceed around the next corner & then vault over the
    bigger grated fencing to reach a basketball court. The next battle area begins,
    yet more Purple Dragons so utilize the warp slash by pressing & holding the
    circle button do this a few times then gain some distance & hit the next wave
    of oncoming PD's with wave slash, another great move is the charge kick
    press & hold the triangle button then release it to power the spin kick
    this will take practice in relation to timing much like the wave slash so
    be careful. As for the Purple Dragons they are somewhat sluggish docile enemies
    however, still use dodging tactics accordingly & counter attack appropriately.
    After their defeat run to the opposite side of the grating to collect a coin
    running further on to reach a park area collect the other coin here & also
    reach a checkpoint.From the checkpoint jump up the wall with the vines collect
    the coin & grab the above ledge to collect a additional coin at the ledge top.
    run ahead & grab the pole swing across to also grab the ledge then decend the
    ledge to get the coin, while also decending to low ground be prepared for
    another P.D's attack. This time around the area in which you fight is somewhat
    restricted so utilize the evasive roll R1,R2,L1,or L2 & the analog stick in the
    direction you wish to roll to also try using an attack from the air & if
    you feel you need to use the safe roll from the air press triangle while
    landing this prevents the enemy from sneaking attacks in when you land on the
    ground, also try to save on bloodlust for now. 
    After defeating these "stinkin' rookies" move past this area to find a
    checkpoint on the righthand side. Run straight down the street going through
    the door to the left & staight up the stairs, in the green graffiti room a
    fight will begin, use effective evasion & you should have filled that
    bloodlust gauge at a point so press the square button when it fills to use
    righteous fury & give the enemy something to shout about! After whooping the
    Purple Dragons here proceed out of the back door to exit to the balcony
    jumping down & on to the ledge (a shell lies here is 2nd play) jump to the
    top of the ledge & around the electricty conduit there is a check point here,
    jump to the pole & jump again collecting the coin. 
    Double jump to the ledge grip the ledge & go along it jumping up from the
    ledge to reach another checkpoint jump across to the glowing ledge get the
    coin go across to the end of the ledge & flip to the next  directly opposite
    ledge go all the way around the ledge & hop up to the rooftop area to reach
    a checkpoint & to land on the rooftop to fight some Purple dragons, dispatch
    these & continue to the red glowing wall near the vines & power climb with
    R1 & the analog stick. As you climb to the top you have no time to admire the
    view great though it is, at the top another immediate fight with more purple
    dragons commences take them down with spin kicks & warp slashes! after the
    battle move toward the red glowing wall near the vines, after reaching the top
    jump through in to the building reaching as a checkpoint. from the check point
    jump down in to the big area below for another battle then after jump up past
    the blue ladder get the coin. Head forward through the rubble to another
    outside balcony Power climb the wall here which should emit a red glow
    which signifies you can use a special ability here climb to the top of this
    final rooftop & collect the last coin to complete the stage.
                                        * * *
    C.[Techno Ninjitsu]- stage 3
    Don takes centre stage here for his solo story involving the Black Gators,
    from the starting point head straight down then turn right collecting the
    coin (& also a shell here in 2nd play) as you move straight ahead. Turn
    in to the left junction & jump across the platforms above the water(the
    water slows you down) carry on to the next sewer junction jumping to
    each pole here. Next move on to the right & collect the coin, jumping to
    the next junction section via the poles again. In this next junction make
    full use of the wall run which you should have the hang of by now, once
    at the other side there is a big pipe with a coin above it's hole
    drop down the pipe not forgetting the coin. once through the pipe there
    is yet more wall running to do to make it to the other side in the next two
    junctions of the sewer, at the third junction you will find some narrow walls
    so wall jump/wall run these. At the next junction turning reach a check point
    use the Don's Bo vault(L1,L2,R1, or R2. note: it's important you use Bo vault
    wisely but you can cancel the technique at any time to avoid danger, by
    pressing the x button before don vaults) to reach the middle platform then
    again to reach the other side of the checkpoint. In the next junction across
    from the checkpoint leap across the girder then wall run across the left
    wall avoiding the pitfalls to the other side of the junction, once across grab
    the coin while also dropping down the next big pipe to reach yet another check
    point at the pipe's bottom.
    In the next area of the sewer, wall run to either side of the sewer walls
    releasing the x button to drop down on to the middle girder platform thus
    avoiding the pits below. From the girder you landed on once again wallrun but
    this time to the right hand side sewer wall & once again wallrun across the
    wider gap. In the next junction a coin lies here jump over the small chasm
    like gap, from this point wall run to the left & on to the platform then
    immediately after double jump across the other side to come to a third big 
    pipe following the usual pattern a coin is also above it right before you
    drop down it. After you are down the pipe you will enter a toxic sludge area
    (avoid falling in the toxic it can deal considerable damage to Don, should
    you fall in at some point rapidly press the x button to escape & quickly
    return to the nearest point of land or ledge) jump over the toxic pools by
    going from platform to platform, once over these double jump to the ledge
    with the coin obtaining it afterwood & then move along the nearby ledge to
    the coin & avoid falling down! Proceed ahead again to the brown ledge &
    grabbing it get the coin & move to the end of that ledge.
    Now flip to the opposite ledge move towards the end grabbing another coin as
    you go, at the end of this second ledge flip back to the original ledge side
    for the final time & grab the third coin here. As you come to the next
    junction wall run across the left hand wall during the run flip to the right
    ledge with the coin & follow the ledge around to a broken bars gate. Grab the
    coin & head through the bars for the checkpoint, the camera now switches to
    a rather annoying side pan flip across all three platforms & swing across the
    two poles landing on a platform then swinging on a further 3 poles to come
    to the red security light & a checkpoint. Jump to the big iron column move
    around it gathering the coins hop to the next iron column holding the analog
    stick toward the column you are jumping to (don't forget this & DO NOT double
    jump here!!) after the next three iron columns jump to the pole to land on the
    fourth iron column ledge moving around to jump to the fifth iron column. Once
    on the fifth iron column move around it's ledge & descend with the circle
    button grabbing the coins on the way down & pressing the analog stick towards
    the ledges to catch them as you drop. You need to move to the very bottom right
    ledge on a sixth iron column to reach the next section. Follow the ledge of
    the sixth iron column around drop to it's lower ledges again getting the coins
    (Shell among coins here in 2nd play) however there isn't a pitfall at the
    bottom of this one, instead there is the fourth big pipe at the bottom
    navigate to the bottom & drop down the pipe.
    Get ready for combat now as the Black Gators attack you while also reaching
    a checkpoint in the process but be careful in this battle certain Black
    Gators carry Electrified staffs while also having great range cause a
    considerable amount of damage to Don. After defeating this band of Black
    Gators run ahead down the passage & through the small hole on the right wall
    & it's another checkpoint for Don. In the passage to come perform a series of
    jumps while avoiding the electrical beams & collecting each of the coins
    inbetween. After you get to the end of the passage way take the small walkway
    on the left reaching a checkpoint.
    In the next section of this "incredible" sewerage jump over & avoid
    the series of mission impossible style electrical beams & go around
    two more sewer junctions & in to a sewer passage to battle more Black Gators.
    After taking care of them go around the corner to a new junction & a check
    point, jump to the floating platforms from the balcony above & avoid landing
    in the water it's electrified but be my guest if you would like to take a dip.
    Progress upwards with the help of the platforms floating down the sewerage
    like some stray barge (while on your way obtain a shell in this section in
    second play!) at the other side there is a small intersection then jump
    out of it to come to the 2nd "fleet" -_^ of platforms reaching a check point
    along the way, (another shell can be found in the 2nd fleet on second play)
    double jump to pull yourself up to the ledge at the end & go around the
    corner to at last reach the final sewer clearing .... & a boss fight will
    Boss: General Gato
    Ok so it's your first boss, unfortunatly for Don he cannot utilize 
    the full power of all four turtles yet.... still it's not a tough 
    fight at all if you follow these basic stratergies:
    Gato leaps 2 times in a circular motion then throws his spines
    at you dodge this with a double jump slightly before he throws 
    them. He may also lunge at you in which case you should very 
    quickly react with a rolling evade (R1,R2,L1, or L2 & left analog
    stick) don't even bother wasting you time trying to use warp slash
    he will hit you more times than you hit him with even one, make use
    of the ground punch.
    During the battle, Gato will also jump to the centre of the battle
    area & begin charging up before he makes his attack double jump & then
    counter with a ground punch & a quick combo
    Should you take a real beating & have all your life depleted, mash the x
    button to get Don back up to his feet again & resume your assault
    After you reduce his life to 25% the battle will end & Gato retreats.......
    HA! Loser!!
    After the battle a walkway will decend, go up it to reach a checkpoint.
    Now get your running shoes on! the water will rise rapidly as the sewer floods
    while ascending the girders above jump towards the wall infront of you as
    you run up each girder & flip of the wall to the next upper platform, whatever
    happens don't let the water catch up to you (when you first enter this section
    as you begin to run up the girders collect a shell among the coins in second
    When you finally come to the top of the girder like walkways the water will
    be catching up fast with Don, so jump from wall to wall each time until you
    reach the top & appear above land to find the Black Gators junk ....looks
    like Don has a use for it.....sigh. with this the stage is complete.
                                        * * *
    D.[Cowabunga Carl Getaway]- stage 4
    Mikey starts his solo uh "episode" dressed as Cowabunga Carl & he appears
    to be on the roof, your destination is the turtle's van to meet up with Don.
    From where Mikey starts out grab the first coin on the right ledge, move
    across the rooftop here & keep going across this first rooftop to see the
    set of black stairs running alongside the building, jump over towards
    them landing at a checkpoint & begin to ascend the steps getting each coin on
    each flight of stairs, coming towards the last flight of stairs jump over the
    stairs that have collapsed leaving a hole in it's place. After jumping the gap
    grab the coin & press on ahead as you do so you will "tag" a check point.
    After getting this far in to the stage, turn to your immediate right & go
    up the series of small roofs picking up a single coin as you go, then using
    the nearby narrow wall to flip up & reach another rooftop & coin. Proceed
    across the roof & jump up to the slightly higher roof & find a check point
    at it's edge, jump to the ledging  across from the checkpoint you just hit
    then go around the ledging area flip from one side of the narrow passage wall
    around here to the roof above it. On the roof is another checkpoint will
    present itself. Now to cross the other roofs in front of you, jump up in to
    the air & press & hold either four of the shoulder buttons on your controller
    (L1,L2,R1, or R2) to use the nunchuck helicopter (the best way to use this is
    to see where mikey's shadow appears on the platform/area you are flying to so
    you know you can realease the button & land in relative safety without fear of
    narrowly missing the edge & falling in to pitfalls etc.) Navigate your way
    across the roofing ahead (Take note that in 2nd play a shell is found here, to
    reach it however use the nunchuck helicopter to reach the second roof, then
    use the nunchuck helicopter from the second roof to quickly reach the shell
    & quickly navigate your way back to some footing!) 
    When you reach the third roof which also has a wooden fence on it, face toward
    the left side & double jump towards the other side all the while reaching a
    checkpoint. Run across this entire rooftop & up the wooden ramp, rather than
    risking a double jump & possibly just making it to the other side use the
    nunchuck helicopter yet again to reach the distant building, here wall run up
    to grab the ledge & pull yourself up to the checkpoint. Make your way around
    the buildings coins in tow & reach the narrow walls jumping up against them
    towards the top. Here is another perfect opportunity to use Mikey's acrobatic
    use nunchuck helicopter yet again to reach the other side alternatively run
    toward the wall pressing the left analog stick toward the wall as you jump to
    reach the next building it doesn't matter which method you favour.Grabbing the
    coin proceed to move left also grabbing another coin jump on to the small huts
    to get over the fences in your path. Move toward the next coin ahead & turn
    the corner, move down towards the coin & follow the path around picking up yet
    another coin & hitting the stage's next checkpoint.So the parade is in town
    huh? However little time to celebrate as it's Nunchuck helicopter time!!
    Double jump from the building & towards the pig blimp ahead quickly using the
    Nunchucks to bring you down gently on top of it (remember to watch for the
    shadow under Mikey in areas where steep falls are common & drop only when you
    see that shadow on the surface of the ground.) Repeat the phase to & from the
    superhero blimp, & the turtle blimp NO! not "the" turtle blimp! -_^ Once on
    the building on the opposite side of the blimps, run to the right to reach
    some pipes & a checkpoint, avoid the hot steam jetting out from the pipe &
    continue through the passage you will reach oddly enough another checkpoint...
    Climb towards the near ledge & move across it but remain in position & don't
    move when the steam jets out of the pipes otherwise you will fall to an instant
    death. Once over the ledge hop off a checkpoint is now reached. In the next
    area run around the corner you encounter Purple Dragon's, Mikey's attacks are
    rapid & in a flurry it's easy to use lots of good combos to overwhelm the
    enemy. After dealing with this minor sidetrack go left & jump up on to the
    rooftops up the small iron ramp going around this corner to the checkpoint,
    here deadly fans (of the wind generating variety -_^ ) threaten to force you
    off the building dropping you to your death, literally get a "step" ahead of
    them by wall running above the fans (inbetween both fans is another shell, you
    may need to use the nunchucks ever so slightly to reach up to it.) After that
    ordeal from the ground you are on ro the smaller building up on to a second
    roof now jump across to the third coming right in to a checkpoint.
    Wallrun along the walls to avoid the toxic waste here (the 3rd bend along the
    wall presents you with a shell) once around all three bends run ahead & jump
    to the thin brown pipe to grab on to it. Go around the pipe jumping off at the
    end & over the grated fence at which point you have just crossed a checkpoint,
    jump up at the small ramped roof on to the ledge moving around to a balcony
    jump on to it & drop down through the hole in the balcony to land on the one
    below it, same again after to reach the ground run ahead crossing a
    checkpoint. Jump at the venting grabbing on to each bar & ascending the vent
    at the top leap downward crossing through this roof to reach a checkpoint &
    more blimps, as you did previously execute nunchuck helicopter to make your
    way towards the blimps so you can cross this large city drop. On the last
    turtle blimp fly across to the building within sight across the minor gap
    between a passage to a checkpoint. Go around this upcoming corner & find
    another checkpoint before fighting Purple Dragons, after this take the wooden
    cable lift up. 
    Climb over the fences etc here & eventually come to yet more blimps, oh
    blimping hell!! Another checkpoint awaits you here. Navigate from the blimps
    to the building in sight from the pig blimp once you land upon it you hit a
    checkpoint. Jump above the small hut/utility house to the pipe above grabbing
    it to move around then jumping away from it & up to a checkpoint. Jump up
    to the buildings toward you so you are directly in line with the moving
    ad sign facing right, jump to the idle cable lift now on to the can/tin
    on the ad sign & on to the next building. Run around to some ledges
    & jump between each find your way around to the ramp sliding down it
    to a checkpoint & another flock of the P.D's gang. 
    Assuming you beat them which should have been easy, follow the two ledges
    up & reach a narrow wall jump from wall to wall to the top. Here there are
    electrical wires near puddles electrifying the puddles go over the ramp to a
    checkpoint. (a turtle shell lies in the puddle to the right hand side of this
    area) next run toward the fan area & avoid it to not be blown back in to
    anything. Now you have to reach the abandoned building by using Mikey's
    nunchucks again, once across go around the corner & take the elevator down
    also reaching a checkpoint the lift will decend to the first floor & then
    stops & P.D's will assault you! show them you can kick shell anytime of the
    week, after of which leave the lift & move along the firstfloor corridor & go
    out in to the allyway & to the turtle van to at last complete the stage!
                                        * * *
    E.[Spirit of the forest]- stage 5
    Now we re-join Leonardo at the South American jungle temple, having obtained
    the medallion Splinter instructed him to get last time we saw him, Leo now
    needs to escape this first section of the temple he is in. After gaining
    the medallion Leo gained the ablility to shadow warp. From Leo's starting
    position move towards the bars & shadow warp through them (R1) run down &
    proceed ahead along the path & beware of the flames dodge over these
    accordingly & carry on along the path until you come to two stone blocks
    shifting in & out of the wall once they move toward the wall drop to the path
    below you (Leo says the temple was about to self destruct at this point)
    reaching a checkpoint at the bottom. Go around the turning here dropping to
    a lower platform & immediatly using shadow warp (R1) to make it through the
    bars. After that make your way out of the temple & back out in to the jungle
    through the opening on this side of the bars you just warped through, another
    checkpoint awaits. Move along a stone path,next double jump the gap in the
    stone path quickly moving to the second one & immediatly double jump to the
    next section of the stone path due to the path below you collapsing. After
    making the jump proceed to a small clearing & to a fight against some more
    Milita enemies. After engauging these, use shadow warp again on the bars to
    enter a cave area. In the cave jump on to the rock with some flat ground atop
    of it jump across from the rock & round the corner to a ledge, grab the ledge
    & head straight across that ledge. grab the coin on the other side, move
    upward on the path to a checkpoint. 
    Drop down to the bottom alcove & take a few moments to meditate to restore any
    lost health before going around the corner to enter combat phase with more
    Milita, you should now be cautious of the milita from this point forth as some
    now wield guns! With the guns,make sure as a general rule if they have chance
    to sight you with the laser that you evade with a roll not a standing evade
    (the turtles are fast but not that fast just yet!) Try to always eliminate the
    gunners in this level first otherwise they can inflict some pretty nasty
    damage to Leo. After dispatching this Milita group carry on & jump the gap
    with one single jump & exit this cave to a checkpoint. 
    Move outside & along the side of the cliff face & along the falls path, & on
    to the rocks moving towards another flowing waterfall & then heading to the
    right hand side of the second waterfall. From the waterfall make sure you
    avoid the sensor mines scattered along the path & get to the next clearing for
    another battle, lets go!! After the battle collect the two coins reaching a
    checkpoint, jump the gap & run from the falling trees that fall behind you
    one by one keep moving! Follow the pattern of running & jumping over each gap
    to reach a forest area, go around the trees in the area going through a
    checkpoint to some narrow walls with a single coin inbetween them. After
    jumping up the narrow walls go across the tree branches with the wooden
    supports on them to the other side now wall run across to the lower platform
    & be careful here. jump up after landing, towards the ledge where the green
    gas can be seen avoid the plant producing it & the same with the next plant
    & drop down from the ledge at the end of the plants to a large clearing,
    to do battle once again! 
    After using the tactics you have utilized so far to defeat the Milita group,
    move ahead further in to the jungle avoiding the upcoming sensor mines also
    tagging a checkpoint. Grab the coins, & make your way through the village
    area, collect the coins on the roofs in the village if you desire to but avoid
    the flames. Move around the Jeeps parked in the village, then you will come
    to a small platform with some grass on it in the corner, jump up to it &
    run across to the left landing on the steep wooden barricade that would
    otherwise block your path. On the top of the wooden barricade leap to the
    tree branch swinging down towards the church, you will reach a final
    checkpoint & the last fight of the stage will begin against the many
    Use warp slash from the outset of the battle to quickly deal with the first
    wave of the enemies, your mega attack gauge indicated by the stars should fill
    very quickly & with ease just ensure Leonardo does not take any damage & that
    he rolls or dodges properly. Once the mega attack gauge reaches it's peak use
    mega powered warp slash to dispatch the Milita with ease, during the third
    wave or so you will be surrounded by gun wielding Milita in all four corners
    effectivly use roll & warp slash with timing ( i.e when their laser sight
    isn't locked on Leo & they are still taking aim or not aiming at all!)
    After wiping out all the waves of the Milita by the church the stage is
    complete & Leonardo becomes a hero to the people of South America.
                                        * * *
    F.[Ninja Tag Time]- stage 6
    Ninja tag time now, as all four turtles will finally be re-united one by one,
    to see when they will re-unite with Leo keep an eye (from time to time of
    course!) on the family HUD which will now be displayed on screen.
    Now the turtles will be working together you will be using a combination
    of acrobatics & co-operative moves, all this is very awesome one might say
    but use them at the wrong time or fail to succesfully perform the co-op
    moves you will find that Leo's brothers lose respect for him & leave the team
    high & dry. They can rejoin the team again but you will have to re-fill the
    family HUD again to get the turtle/s in question to re-join the team.
    Now with that in mind lets begin the stage, jump to the upper platform area
    & jump across the two grated fences going around a wooden structure & along a
    thin path & from the small lower platform up to the large ledge. Avoid the hot
    steam jumping up slightly through the hole in the grated fence, now go right &
    across the roofing here to the narrow wall (you know the drill by now!) At the
    top of the narrow wall you should have by now earned enough respect in the
    family HUD after jumping over the vent, to have Mikey re-unite with Leo
    (switch the turtle you want to use with the square button.) After jumping
    over a second vent you will reach a checkpoint, move toward the fencing on
    the left jumping over it to come to a fight, with the foot clan no less!!
    Defeat them by using co-op attacks by pressing & holding the square button
    (best to use mikey's co-op attack here rather than Leo's, unless they group
    together on you) whichever way you choose to battle the foot make sure your
    co-op attacks hit home or as mentioned before your fellow turtles will abandon
    Leo through lack of respect, the family bond is important to overcome the
    various battles & obstacles placed before you. After battle providing you
    performed reletivly well & strang together some co-op attacks, Don should have
    now re-united with Leo & Mikey. 
    It doesn't matter who you decide to use just now, when you are ready move to
    & jump over the vent to a checkpoint & head across to the balcony ledge
    opposite. Work your way up & across the balconies (use Mikey's nunchuck
    helicopter in the centre with the steep wall to get enough air to climb up
    to the steep wall.) You will come to more balconies on the left side go across
    the two balconies then leap across the two poles to more balconies, make your
    way down them (during which Raph may re-unite with Leo) to the building at the
    last balcony. Now jump over the grated fence & face across to the other
    building exactly, now risk a tight wallrun to grab the coin but you must jump
    to the air pressing square as you do so, for another turtle to vault you to
    the other side.
    When this is succesful you reach a checkpoint, leap from two visable poles
    to the ledge & follow it around decending to the roof below when you are
    just above it. Go through the grated fence up to the rooftop which is
    somewhat more luxurious than the others & from it's opposing ledge leap
    in to the air calling a turtle mid flight for support vaulting you across
    & landing you next to or on a checkpoint. Before we continue, you may have
    noticed that everytime you perform a super family attack (co-op) or request
    support from another turtle to vault through the air (also co-op) that the
    cooldown HUD will appear in your turtles health HUD. It goes without saying
    if you read my previous section, but while your turtle "cools down" you cannot
    perform a super family attack nor can you vault with that turtle unless you
    use square to switch to another turtle in the team (provided there is one!)
    Now on with the game, jump over the grated fence head toward the ledge.
    Once you are on the ledge head around it (making sure to avoid the steam again
    jetting from the ledge, as you have seen before.) jump to the next building
    over yet more grated fences up to another roof & vault to the other side
    using a turtle for assistance as you have done so thus far.
    You will reach a checkpoint, up the steel platform structures grabbing the
    sign's lower ledge, move across & at the next roof you will see some trip wire
    avoid tripping this as it activates an arrow trap. You will come across to the
    next checkpoint which may be one of the most useful yet, make your way futher
    around the building watching out for traps & come around to the other side.
    Here you face a grueling jump which if failed will leave you dead, avoid being
    too close to the left hand wall on the opposite side then make the jump
    followed by a helping hand from a turtle.
    Hopefully you made that jump with few or no problems & a checkpoint awaits
    climb up to the striped bar, then at the end of the bar jump upwards from
    it to grab the ledge carefully avoiding the jetting steam as you move around
    flip to the right ledge at the end of the left one, avoiding the steam here
    too. Move around to Hotel DKO's wall & jump to the three poles from the ledge
    you just came around. You will reach another small balcony area moving toward
    a checkpoint & then move on towards a fight, now you can fully harness the
    power of all the turtle's unique attacks, combos, & super family attacks
    use these to bring another group of the foot clan down to the ground! When
    you are done with them, co-op vault to the next building. Upon landing reach
    The checkpoint. Run around the building, using Mikey perform nunchuck
    helicopter to reach the other side, once over climb over the bars to reach
    a narrow wall & ascend it. At the top run through the lighthouse like building
    then use a turtle vault to reach the other side, as you run across the window
    paynes they will fall through so stay ahead of that. At the other side of the
    paynes is a checkpoint go up the stairs running down from the building. Once
    you have climed the top of the stairs use Don's Bo vault on the left side
    to get across the gap, use co-op vault to get across & come to another
    Jump over the wood fence to the next ajoining roof, & come across more
    foot (beware there are much more resiliant & are armed with spears!)
    after once again kicking the foot down, co-op vault to the next building
    while as Mikey then during the vault ready nunchuck helicopter to get further
    enough to just grab the ledge. Above this is a checkpoint, move along this
    roof & up a little toward where more steam is blown out. Co-op vault across
    when the smoke is gone reaching another checkpoint, avoid some more trip wire
    & to the next section of the roof. You will come face to face with a large fan
    move forward as far as you can & quickly jump & leap switching your turtle
    as soon as you land then perform the vault again to allow you to get past
    the massive fan! On to another ledge avoid the steam, drop to the nearby
    platform, on to the poles to the next platform then across the ledge &
    flip to the next ledge avoiding any steam threats to your turtle. Go
    to the opposite ledge then jump on to the nearby pole avoiding contact with
    the steam & swinging across to the next pole & off that to the platform, jump
    on to the ledge to roof & tag the checkpoint here automatically. Move around
    & time your moving along to avoid hitting the hot steam. After this go up
    to the higher roof Co-operativly vaulting with another turtle to make the
    jumps. In the next area there will be a timbre like lift, ride on this &
    remain on it & it will stop then leap from the first timbre lift on to the
    second then vault using a turtle to reach the next building & the checkpoint.
    From this checkpoint again Co-operativly vault to a second building & a third
    (on the third building is a shell reach higher air to grab it in second play)
    Go roof, by roof avoiding more trip wire, to the checkpoint at the end. Drop
    down in to the hole which leads in to a building that is on fire, make your
    way through it using double jumps over small flames, running up steep walls
    & jumping off them to gain higher ground, & using poles to avoid falling in
    the big flames.
    When you finally come out you will be on the left hand side, of the building
    & also reach a checkpoint phew! you will need to make your way across some
    more window paynes & again on the other side of those is a checkpoint.
    You will find yourself opposite some large chimney's blowing large amounts
    of smoke out of them, use Mikey to get across them, after you are over these
    on the other side jump over the vent, to a checkpoint. Make the next two
    buildings using a turtle to vault you across but first make sure you leap in
    to the air before each vault giving you some momentum to your jump. From
    the second building vault to the final third one to complete the stage. 
                                        * * *
    G.[The game is the foot]- stage 7
    From the beginning of this stage you are right next to a green house on a
    rooftop, jump over the small fence a few steps ahead of it & slide down
    the ramp to the next roof while making sure you steer clear the electricity
    wire with a single jump, jump over the next two wires that follow below then
    the final more longer third wire to reach the first checkpoint. Grab the coin
    here then proceed down the gangway jump over the hole on the lower gangway
    then wall run across the next wall after the hole landing on another gangway.
    leap over the first pole then to the next & on to a series of platforms
    be careful as some will lower & this can drop you off the edge. After
    navigating yourself over the platforms jump to the roof of a building
    & reach your next checkpoint. From the checkpoint move around the building
    & climb up the rails to a higher building top, avoid the steam near the pipes
    & jump to the ledge on with some pipes running under them, make your way
    across the ledge & jump up to another ledge with the claw marks in the
    appartment block there is another checkpoint accessed here too. Jump
    across the poles with the american flags on them then move around the
    corner of the building to more flags then leap to the ledge with a coin
    just next to it. 
    Move around the ledge getting the coin & encounter more poles with American
    flags attached to them, this time try not to fall to avoid certain death
    navigate across the ledge & down to the next building. Slide along the ramped
    like rooftops of which, there are two then move across the pipes to a coin
    & further to a checkpoint. jump across from the immobile wooden lift to the
    mobile one, repeat the process yet again (A shell lies on the third mobile
    wooden lift in second play!) leap to the last wooden lift but immediately
    press on from it as it will begin to shake & drop. Jump up the rails dead
    ahead & move on to lower ground surrounding by grated fencing, jump up to the
    platform with the "danger keep away" sign below it to reach a checkpoint.
    Jump each of the two poles to the other side moving downwards towards another
    checkpoint straight ahead. Jump on to the roof of the train grabbing the coin
    at the end of it & leaping down on to the train tracks, move along to see a
    Yeti quickly flee smashing through the wall to make it's escape. Follow it
    through the hole & descend to a checkpoint & enter battle with some Foot
    soldiers, there are many so you might want to take advantage of the family
    attacks Mikey's is especially effective & again beware of the one's armed with
    spears the longer range they possess is not a welcoming addition.
    After the battle jump through the torn down fencing, & make your way to
    another checkpoint, jump down not landing on the flames & come toward the
    series of balconies & make your way to the top of them boosting your jumps
    via the wall on each balcony. Jump up to the roof at the top & come towards
    yet another checkpoint, proceed down the rooftops toward the roff the yeti is
    on when you get towards him he again escapes leaving you to fight more of the
    foot clan.
    After once again defeating some more of the foot, proceed through the hole the
    yeti made & in to a building reaching a checkpoint within it. Make your way
    down the gangways & on to the ledge at the bottom move around it & collect
    the turtle shell on the other side. Make your way from one side of the gangway
    to the other using the pole over the gap, on the otherside now jump down to
    the carpark at the end of the gangway. Move in to the door of the building
    in the carpark & jump down to the stone platform floating in the water which
    i might add is electrified so avoid touching the water you will have reached
    another checkpoint continue & leap across platform to platform (A shell lies 
    along the series of platforms & to the left side of the grated fencing running
    all the way down.) narrowly avoiding the swinging electrical cables & in to
    the hole in the wall the yeti has again torn through at the end.
    You are now in a sewer type area, you will reach a checkpoint. Run along
    with the force of the current & jump over each gap to reach the other end
    of the sewer section, jump on the pole on the last jump to make it to the
    other side. Again aided by the flow of the current, make it to the other side
    & in to a clearing to reach a checkpoint. Go down the narrow junction & jump
    to the other side of the sewers (Once on the other side pick up the shell that
    lies here!) proceed down the narrow passage with platforms also scattered
    within it & come out at a waterfall area stockpiled with rubble. Clamber
    up the rubble to the ledge & move along the ledge to another ledge jumping in
    to the upper left narrow passage (it's hard to see with the camera sometimes,
    & that's one bad thing i hate in the game) now navigate your way up, over,
    & across the broken sewer plaforms (having the camera move to a side view
    here) then make your way to the small entrance at the top where you will hear
    a loud roaring noise (obviously the yeti...) drop down to the checkpoint
    & move straight ahead to encounter more foot for which i reccomend you use
    Don's family attack to purge the bolts of lightining in to all of the foot
    attacking you at once then finish them off with another family attack (Mikey's
    would be ideal) while they are stunned.
    After taking care of the last group of foot clan progress onward & along
    the dirt track to at last come to the yeti which yes as you already
    anticipated i'm sure, is a boss fight.
    Boss: Yeti
    Ok he's big....he's also slow, very slow.... most of the time you can
    stay close to him attacking him & just laying in to him to deplete his
    life gauge occasionly rolling out of the way of harm, even throw in one
    or two family attacks at the yeti if you wish. When his health gauge is
    depleted to approximatly 50% he will alter his mode of attack, the once
    slow Yeti will actually now gain a dramatic boost of speed in his attack
    & increased attack power. To effectivly deal with this shortcoming, lure
    the yeti to chase after you & move out of the way & allow it to hit a wall
    this will render it stunned giving you just the window of opportunity you
    need to inflict the final family attacks (Raph's works particularly well)
    or combos to finish this elusive yeti off for good!
    the stage is now complete & you should at the very least have obtained an A
    class ranking.
                                        * * *
    H.[Foot trail]- stage 8
    Back with the Nightwatcher now then for this mission, move around the building
    leap over the scaffolding & on to the lifts to the next building. To come to
    the first checkpoint on the top of the roof, move to the left side of this
    roof to a ledge with a coin aside it. Make your way across to the next
    building using the ledge, avoid going under the large box it drops down on to
    the cover across the roof & will leave you to coin a phrase "shell shocked!"
    leap across to the left of here to a narrow rooftop as the blackvan passes
    by on the road below, jump to the ledge on the right then net the coin jumping
    off the ledge to the rooftop on the right side. Proceed up to the attic on the
    rooftop to reach a checkpoint, jumping next to the roof below it with the
    water towers. Move slightly over to the left on this rooftop & use Raph's
    sai's & power climb to get to the top of the next building at the top you
    will arrive at a checkpoint. Proceed ahea slightly to begin battle with
    some more foot, don't forget to use the rage gauge if you need to unleash
    the extra hurt. After that skirmish, jump down below the cowabunga Carl
    sign go across the rooftop to a checkpoint then the small platform lift.
    Next head across the rooftops, & jump down toward an ally & a checkpoint,
    follow the alley around to come to a adventure park & fight once again with
    the Purple Dragons ( & who said anti socialism was at it's peak?! -_^)
           After their demise, jump on to the wooden structure & to the branches
    of the trees ahead grabbing a turtle shell as you go! jump up toward a fan
    & from the fan take the stairs up & jump to the sign post so that you land
    safley on the ledge below. Move ahead slightly touching in to another
    checkpoint, avoid the jetting steam & mover around to the right of the
    building. Passing through to a checkpoint, make your way around the jets
    of steam & up to the higher roof decending to wall run across the toy store
    billboard. Now enter the toy store through the middle open window.
    Nail the Purple Dragons, then head straight up the middle stairs to the
    toy ferris wheel reaching a checkpoint. jump on the toy ferris jump up
    at the shelf with the large green teddy & jump across to the right over
    the spit fire plane to exit the toy store to it's rooftop, go around the
    corner to a checkpoint. Make your way over the ensuing rooftops to reach
    another checkpoint, continue over the next set of roofing & wallrun along
    the righthand cowabunga Carl sign to a narrow ledge making progress to another
    checkpoint & not falling off the ledge. Climb to the grey ledge & follow it
    all the way across while taking care to avoid the jetting spray of steam.
    At the other side leap to the next upcoming rooftop & reach a checkpoint,
    ascend to the highest rooftop then follow the roofs then after seeing the
    black van shoot by wall run on the next corner's right wall (carefully
    timing it to nab the shell) proceed past the upcoming checkpoint & to the
    wall where the nightwatcher can power climb now reaching the next checkpoint
    at the top. Carry on & drop in to the building through the top, fight the foot
    & make your way out to the parking lot after that. Leap over the fence after
    passing the parking lot & come face to face with more Purple Dragons
    oh whoopie....
    After that move around to another checkpoint & more Purple Dragons, jump on
    to the lorry & upto the next roof & checkpoint make your way down to the
    ground & to the mansion entrance of Max Winters (grab the shell here!) power
    climb the wall then jump down in to the parking lot for a duel with some foot,
    next make your way down in to the main private parking lot where some more
    foot will try to test their meatal against the Nightwatcher....put em in a
    world of pain! Beware of the foot archers that will have a greater chance to
    hit you from long range, try to make them a priority when other threats are
    not present in combat. After wiping the last batch of foot out from the
    parking area the stage is complete!
                                        * * *
    I.[Tower Power]- stage 9
    Nightwatching time in the second part of Max Winter's mansion, you will start
    out in an ascending lift & an ensuing battle with some foot immediately
    commences, for full effect use warp slash. After the lift reaches it's
    destination (immediately after eliminating the foot group) run out of it &
    through to the locker room reaching the first checkpoint. Go through the door
    & in the next corridor avoid the security laser beams by jumping over them,
    carry straight on after the laser beams & keep going entering a circular
    hall where more foot endevour to stop you. Be especilly careful of the spear
    wielding foot as their attacks are more frequant & they have much longer range
    as you well know by this point in the game. Move out of the hall where the
    battle just to place, by heading to the right door reaching another checkpoint.
    Proceed down the right corridor & come out via a door down it to appear
    outside on a stone balcony & reach a checkpoint slightly to the left of it.
    Leap up the wall grabbing the coin, then leap over the next series of
    platforms coming toward two poles swing over these & continue making your way
    across some more platforms turning the corner jumping to some more platforms &
    a checkpoint. From the platforms here leap to each pole swinging to the next
    platform & at the end there will be a much lower platform than the others thus
    far jump down to it & then leap toward the wall on the left hand side to grab
    a lower ledge jump up to the next ledge from the one you are on & to the upper
    balcony entering the door here, proceed ahead to another checkpoint but this
    corridor is laiden with moving laser beams avoid them acorrdingly & proceed to
    the right. Follow the corridor around with some more lasers inbetween & come
    toward another circular room one side of this being blocked by lasers so take
    the background route grabbing the coin & entering the lift on the right hand
    side another checkpoint lies awaiting you here. Ride the lift down & come
    out in to the larger room where more foot will begin to attack.
    Head through in to the lift at the end & another checkpoint is reached. The
    lift will cease to function halfway down so you will need to double jump up
    through the hole that appears in the top of the lift, a conversation between
    Karai & Winters occurs. Navigate to the top of the platforms & exit this area
    at the top, you will be in another circular area move all the way through here
    coming out once again to the outside stone balcony & hitting a checkpoint.
    Make your way up the wall jumping from one to the other & again come to some
    more platforms each with a pole in the centre, jump from each pole to the
    platform as you did before reaching a checkpoint at the end, ascend the red
    railings & then the next lot of railings to come to another checkpoint.
    Jump to the see-saw like platforms & beware as they move every step you take
    along them leap to the poles & from the poles to the next see-saw platforms,
    once across these you will arrive at more railings ascend them to reach
    another checkpoint at the top.
    Jump to & from the following platforms that have electrical bolts running
    across them, (Inbetween one of them there is a large gap, wall run across this
    but take note of the shell below it!) Once over all these climb up on to the
    railings at the end & proceed to the upper door on the balcony at the top.
    Head up the stairs & turning in the middle passageway to come to a fountain
    & the next checkpoint area, move toward the fountain to face more foot (some
    are using bows, be aware of this) After taking care of the ninja head up the
    stairs on the left jumping to the centre platform at the top, then jump from 
    the platform with the waterfall feature to the right upper balcony. Move
    around to the checkpoint & hop across to the two narrow walls ascending
    to the top reaching a checkpoint then leap over the poles to the next sub
    balcony from this sub balcony jump toward the white brightly lit railings
    climing up to a checkpoint on the above balcony.
    Make a huge leap using the double jump to reach the other side of the
    checkpoint you just touched, jump up to the higher platform & across to the
    statue head protruding out of the wall to a checkpoint, now jump across each
    of the lights to another checkpoint taking considerable care to not fall down
    in the process. Make your way across a pole & down the glass water induced
    corridor as you pass through it you will tag another checkpoint. Come towards
    the door at the end to enter a chamber with ascending & decending platforms,
    jump to the first one as it ascends taking you up to a ledge where you will
    fight some foot again. After the battle head forward slightly to touch a
    checkpoint, the lifts will ascend & descend now so make sure to ascend with
    them beware of the poisonous plants upon each lift ascending to the top, at 
    the top enter the passageway & follow it up to come to a dome area where yes
    one of Winter's General's awaits you....
    Boss: General Mono
    As soon as battle begins avoid the wave that comes from the swing of Mono's
    hammer, if you are hit by the waves he creates they will knock you back &
    on the circular arena where you fight General Mono that is not a good thing
    ...as you may have guessed a pitfall surrounds the area you do battle.
    Now to do some damage! Attack Mono by his feet taking great care to avoid his
    hammer smashing you in to the ground, after taking a few hits & with you
    being within Mono's radius he will leap in to the air. During this phase
    keep moving & roll immediately out of the way the second Mono is about to
    crash down on the Nightwatcher. This can be an annoying fight because not
    only is Mono strong his defence is somewhat superior too, you may even need
    to use revival to fully rejuvanate the Nightwatcher (don't forget to hammer
    X!) After taking approximatly 25% off Mono's health gauge he will alter his
    apperance slightly & his attacks with it! Mono will charge during this phase
    & knock Raph off the edge of the circular arena & the battle will end...
    You didn't defeat Mono but the mission is complete.
                                        									                            * * *
    J.[When the slime comes]- stage 10
    Now all the turtles are back together, move across the right ledge, & avoid
    the toxic waste in & throughout this area & the stage, navigate your way to
    the pipe opening & jump from one side of the pipe to the other coming out
    of the hole atop it. Follow the train tracks down past the checkpoint, to
    fight & defeat some foot. You should be filling up the family HUD quickly
    enough for one or even two turtles namely Mikey & Don to join up with you
    & finish the remainder of foot with super family attacks. Enter down the
    passage to the left where the wooden gate has fallen, the floor will collapse
    & you will be in the old subway lines. Going from the checkpoint as & when you
    come to it move over to some poles jump on & from each to the platform below
    & further on from them. Using the co-operative vault of a turtle make it
    across the large gap & head around the corner, leap from the floating rafts
    to the poles & to the next floating raft avoiding the electricy then on
    to the next checkpoint, make your way across the wooden platforms but as you
    go keep a calm steady pace as the platforms shake & drop down. Decend the
    drop & jump across the two poles at the bottom of it, move further toward
    a checkpoint & clamber over the waterwheel not getting caught against the
    planks of wood that will carry you down in to the abyss below...
    Another waterwheel awaits as before avoid the planks that try to hinder you
    on this obstacle. Jump to each of the lifts further ahead operated by the big
    cog & go up the ramped passage to yet another checkpoint, cross the series
    of pipes & platforms to reach the next checkpoint, jump over the rotating
    wooden board & come around to yes....another checkpoint, now enter futher on
    in to the clearing to do battle with a hoard of foot again.
    After beating them (hopefully senseless!) run ahead & vault of the two walls
    opposite each other & up to the platform at the top grab the coin & come
    towards the next checkpoint. From the checkpoint use the ledges to navigate
    around the tunnel & DO NOT TOUCH THE SLIME.... Don's words not mine -_^
    At the other side lies a checkpoint, from the checkpoint go straight ahead
    & be careful towards the narrow wooden area move toward the wooden ledges
    jump over to grab them & double jump your way atop of them. Make your way
    across the piping & to the wooden ledge at the very top near the ceiling,
    Move around to the checkpoint. From the checkpoint leap to the platform
    then carefuly leap to the see-saw platform avoiding falling in to the slime.
    On the other side use the left ledge to get close enough to another ledge
    & then from the ledge up to the next area, jump up the large ledge to come to
    a platform from which you can see a waterwheel to reach a checkpoint.
    From the checkpoint co-op vault to the waterwheel then move to the left
    passage & it's opening. Simply move & Bo Vault with Don across the slime
    to the other side & hit a checkpoint. From the checkpoint drop down to a 
    clearing to face another fight. I reccomend using Mikey here as his flurry of
    attacks comes in very handy when he spins on his shell knocking in to the
    enemies around him while maintaining great offensive ability.
    Jump down the hole & go around the passage & up the rampart to a checkpoint,
    co-op vault across to the other side proceeding ahead & watching out for &
    evading the swinging spiked objects. Reach the checkpoint & use the poles here
    to leap to the other side. Jump up to & across the wooden platforms & proceed
    to the checkpoint on the right at the end of them. Enter the ruins of a church
    only to be confronted by the foot again, head up the small series of steps
    to the checkpoint & jump up at the ledge on the right make your way across
    the platforms that await you here & move across to the left side of platforms
    jumping to the tiny gap on the left with a co-op vault.
    Climb the stairs quite literally as pieces are broken off up to the checkpoint
    & come around to an area bearing a narrow wall, hop to the top of it, then
    to the above ledges using the walls you will come to the next checkpoint just
    above. Go over the rotating platforms & up the sloped path & follow the last
    section of the sewer out on to the roof of a moving train! The foot will
    try to avenge their losses so far & attack you on top of the train, you
    should eaisly be able to fill up the mega attack gauge to unleash some
    major damage to the enemies swarming on to the roof of the train they will
    attack from both sides of the train, finish this last group of foot off to
    finish the stage to it's entirity.
                                        * * *
    K.[O brother where art thou]- stage 11
    Leo is back on a solo mission to find Raphael & keep the turtles 
    family bond intact.
    From the starting postion shadow warp through the fence to encounter
    Purple Dragons, making quick work of them go behind the rear of the truck
    to have it conveniently move out of the way. Now shadow warp through to the
    backally & make your way across to the electified fence, jump from the orange
    box with a double jump to get over the fence succesfully. Navigate your way to
    the next checkpoint along & avoid the steam jets, make your way across the
    minor rooftops & rubble up to a ledge.
    Next up, you will need to swing over the pipes in order to avoid taking damage
    from the very hot steam being produced here. On the other side decend the ramp
    so you can jump across to the narrow brown roof, jump across & down on to the
    orange balcony here also reaching a checkpoint. Decend down in to the alley
    to come to more Purple Dragons, having dealt with these jump to the roofing
    of the hut just infront of the sewer cover to reach your next checkpoint.
    Proceed across the roof you just jumped on to past the checkpoint, and be
    careful of the gaping void and double jump across to the other rooftop at the
    other side. Ascend to the platform and it will begin to lower, quickly hop from
    wall to wall to climb up to the next rooftop and reach the next checkpoint.
    Head right a little from the checkpoint and jump on to the two platforms that
    will begin to lower the moment you touch them so be sure to jump immediately to
    the next one and to the next rooftop inbetween. Jump across the next two loose
    platforms and to the lower rooftop at the bottom. Jump over to the ledge ahead
    so you can jump across to the rooftop on the left, a checkpoint awaits. Proceed
    across the rooftop once more and avoid the jets of steam that are spraying out
    of the air vents, navigating carefuly around the rooftop and turning a corner
    to come to another checkpoint a short distance away.
    Jump to the first pipe and swing across the remaining pipes to reach another
    rooftop, proceed along the rooftop to come to the next checkpoint, from the
    checkpoint head right and be prepared to jump across to the other small rooftop
    also on the right when required. Jump over to the next narrow rooftop and then
    again to a small ledge facing north to reach your next checkpoint. You now need
    to head right and to do so you will need to double jump up to the descending
    platform you have encountered previously then from there across to the other
    two identical platforms and to the rooftop once more to reach a checkpoint,
    head across the narrow walkway to come to two more platforms, the first is
    easy to jump to, be wary that when you jump to the second that you aren't too
    close to the wall incase you run against the wall and fail to make it. You can
    run against the wall to reach the small platform after reaching the second of
    the descending platforms but this can be tricky to master, the much safer
    option and less frustrating is to double jump from the second decending
    platform. Once on the small platform after the two that descended jump
    over to a single descending platform and from it to a rooftop.
    Jump up the ledges when required to proceed across the rooftop and come to
    another checkpoint, after you reach the checkpoint avoid the jets of steam and
    the electified area of the roof to come towards another combat zone. Beware of
    the Purple Dragons carrying bombs as they cannot be evaded by means of the R1
    button. After dispatching all Purple Dragons you are free to proceed. Move down
    from the roof and back down in to an alley which leads you to a checkpoint on
    the way, look at all that traffic! only one thing to do then, jump across the
    traffic across to the alley on the opposite side, proceed down the alley to
    come to a checkpoint at the end, enter the secluded area to be attacked once
    again. After dealing with the goons, head straight ahead to another checkpoint
    and in to a japanese style garden zone complete with lighting, Navigate
    through it and you will come toward a shrine, Leo will say he senses something
    so proceed through the open doors and another fight will ensue.
    After the battle head straight ahead past the checkpoint & in to a zone filled
    with water lillys, cross the lillies and avoid the poison plants and head
    toward the passage with the coin at the end. Head around the corner to come to
    yet another alley, make your way through it and you will reach another battle
    to test your skills, after the battle a short cut scene occurs and you will
    encounter Raph atop one of the roofs, after a humourous scene you assume
    control of Rapheal. Now control of the turtle has shifted,head up on to a small
    roof and reach a checkpoint, cross the smaller rooftops that follow being
    careful not to fall to certain death below, you will also reach a pole that you
    must swing across to proceed, continue across the roof and avoid the chimneys
    bellowing smoke, you will come across a large banner, you need to run across
    the banner and run along it jumping off to reach the lower roof and yet
    another checkpoint. Proceed ahead and switch to Leo and Shadow warp through the
    gate, then continue and switch to Raph to climb the indicated glowing red wall,
    reaching another checkpoint at the top.
    You will see a dragon like parade ballon, you can collect a shell here but to
    proceed jump on to the dragon and then double jump across to the tail due south
    and then you can make it to the next roof. Hop across the series of small roofs
    to reach a checkpoint then go further across the roof to reach another banner
    and use raph's sai's to climb it, at the top a short scene will occur and the
    two brothers see the Shredder's cloak, a flashback then occurs from when the
    turtles last fought The Shredder, you now have to fight Shredder in this
    Boss: The Shredder
    Shredder will summon soldiers frequantly which can be dealt with, with the
    minimum of hassle by using warp slash, mega family attacks will also work 
    well namely Mikey's and Don's, Shredder himself will throw Kunai as the 
    battle progresses avoid these accordingly and don't get too close to Shredder
    unless it is to unleash a mega family attack, in which case let him have it!
    A safe tactic is to use Don's mega family attack to effectively paralyse
    Shredder then quickly switch to another turtle to unleash their family
    attack while the other turtle charges thier's back up, it's not a taxing
    battle at all really if you use the mega family attacks effectively. 
    Remember the key is using the family attacks!!
    After the battle, Raph and Leo realise it was because they worked together
    to beat Shredder that they won that final battle against him. which concludes
    & completes this mission!
                                        * * *
    L.[Bite Me!]- Stage 12
    For this level you will assume control once again of Raph in his nightwatcher
    guise. From your starting position, move ahead jumping over the immediate
    ravine just after the first coin, you should find it much safer to proceed
    along the sides of the sewer rather than risk falling down near the platforms
    that rotate the moment you step on them. Continue ahead and avoid another set
    of platforms by manouvering along the sides of the sewer once more.
    Proceed ahead and jump up to the pipe which can be hard to see due to the
    running water, there are five pipes to swing past in total after which you will
    reach the first checkpoint. Just beyond the checkpoint and a battle will
    commence with the Black Gators, to make quick work of them utilize evasion
    techniques in order to fill the bloodlust gauge and let rip some warp slashes.
    After taking care of them, run to the end of the passage to find a big hole
    directly above you, yes you guessed it, jump from wall to wall to reach the
    top and get through the hole.
    Once you have made it to the top you will reach a checkpoint, from there head
    dead ahead until you come to the large drop where the water is draining off,
    you will need to head quickly to your immediate right to the ledge with the
    coin to avoid the current that can pull you over the edge and thus ending your
    game. Hop down and follow the path around to come to a back street with some
    burning oil drums, another fight will ensue here so attack the Gators in the
    same way you did previously but don't forget to use evade (R1) effectively.
    Further down the back streets you will arrive at a checkpoint and see a door
    which you must enter to proceed, it has a coin right in front of it. After
    getting inside you are immediately attacked, there are more enemies than
    previously so don't hesitate to use bloodlust with the square button to create
    some carnage among the Black Gator goons. After knocking them all down head up
    the walkway and to the top where you need to jump over the pit of lava to the
    other side, you can use the crane while it is not mobile to make the jump
    easier, but if you do fall you will have to fight the previous battle with the
    Black Gators again so be forewarned.
    At the other side grab the coin and jump from wall to wall in the narrow
    passage to reach the rooftop. You will reach a checkpoint, after this jump up
    to the first roof and then from there down below to the next, climb the wall
    to the top to reach a higher rooftop and another checkpoint, head along the
    roof until you come to another narrow wall that you can jump from wall to wall
    to reach another section of the roof, follow the roof around to a checkpoint
    and jump to the first smaller window ledge do the same until you reach a ledge
    that has a pole you can swing from, swing the series of poles to drop off at
    the next window ledge proceed to the next and again use the pole to reach
    another rooftop and jump down to the lower rooftop and another confrontation
    After clearing the scene up, proceed down to a checkpoint and a large drop to
    another section of the roof, use the narrow wall and a series of jumps to reach
    the top and proceed past the satalite dish and enter the hole by the blazing
    inferno, go ahead and leap over the second blaze of flames to find another hole
    and enter it coming to another checkpoint, leap over the flames here and move
    to the poles above you on the ceiling and swing over the flames blocking your
    path entering the door on the right. head down the ramps and out in to an alley
    and a checkpoint. follow the path around then leap over the grated fence with a
    double jump.
    Follow the path again and jump over the next grated fence to reach a carpark
    and a battle, this time the foot are your opponents. Climb the large wall using
    Raph's sai's to reach a checkpoint at the top. Head across the rooftops that
    follow taking mind of and avoiding the air vents, and jump across the small
    platforms while avoiding the steam to reach a pole and use it to swing to the
    other side. You will reach another checkpoint and futher ahead see a banner
    like you did in the previous level, you need to run against it jumping toward
    the wall and then making it to the lower roof below.
    Double jump up toward the grey ledge to grab it, then shimmy across the ledge
    taking care not to run in to the steam, then jump from your current ledge over
    to the next one to grab it, if you slip you can jump from wall to wall to save
    yourself on account of the passage being so narrow but do it before you fall
    too far! From the second ledge, make your way to the end until you can't move
    anymore then jump across to a third ledge, moving across it then jumping off to
    the right when you are in reach of the lower roof. A checkpoint lies here,
    navigate across the other rooftops arriving at two poles, swing from them while
    being cautious of the steam jetting out to reach the next rooftop, jump below
    down to a checkpoint then further down and in to the street in front of a pizza
    resturant to fight your next battle of this level.
    After the fight, enter the pizza resturant to reach a checkpoint, head in to
    the back door in the resturant to enter the kitchen where another battle will
    ensue, after taking care of the last wave of foot that marks the end of this
    mission, congrats!
                                        * * *
    M.[All Is Forgiven]- Stage 13
    Leo takes centre stage for this level and your job is to find and locate Raph.
    I should also forewarn you that the jumps and camera angles from this point
    forward in the game can often be ridiculous, pay close attention to this
    walkthrough as you have until now and you will finish the game with minimum
    frustration, that said though there are still three levels to go not including
    this current one so let's get to it!
    From the roof you begin from double jump over to the next roof on the opposite
    side, jump up to the next roof grabbing the ledge and pulling Leo up to the
    roof and grab a coin, reaching a checkpoint in the process. From the checkpoint
    proceed ahead and  jump on to the small scaffold underneath the large banner,
    from here jump over to the second ledge on the opposite wall then shimmy along
    it and jump up to a third higher ledge to navigate around the building.
    You will reach the giant air fans that you have encountered before, they can
    once again be overcome by running against the wall on the left side, remember
    running at them won't do you any good and it will give you a worse clear time.
    After passing the fans jump down on to a rooftop and then proceed towards the
    building frame, double jump to reach the first solid chrome gerder then simply
    and carefuly normal jump on to each wooden platform that will begin to collapse
    the moment you touch it, to come to the centre most solid gerder. Repaet the
    series of jumps you did to the wooden platfroms but this time double jump
    towards each one to make it across to the other side that has a coin and a
    From the checkpoint make a large double jump downward to land on the lower roof
    below, jump up and stand on top of the smaller roof here and jump to the ledge
    facing the grill with the pipes, jump up to grab a ledge and follow it around
    so you can jump off safely to the roof. You will reach another area with the
    large fans, this area also contains a shell and in order to reach it you will
    need to run against the wall to reach a platform and from there run against the
    wall on the right to reach the shell, after getting past the fans once more
    you will need to jump over to another scaffold beneath the banner and you will
    reach a checkpoint once you have done so.
    Run across the wooden board and along to reach a pole, swing from it to reach
    the other side and then jump up to grab the edge of the next wooden board,
    proceed and beware of the platforms that will fall as you do so, don't stop
    moving and continue ahead, once you have made yourself up to a grill above you
    double jump to run against it slightly and Leo will grab the ledge of the grill
    then pull him up with the analog stick, it's a very long way down now so
    carefully jump over to the long chrome gerder with the coin on it and walk
    along it until part of the gerder collapses, you will be in a warehouse where
    a fight will begin with the foot. Be sure to spot and take out the archers
    first as the only way to avoid their attacks is to use an evasive roll.
    After dealing with the foot soldiers, shadow warp through the gate to the other
    side. You will reach a checkpoint and hear some screaming, from the checkpoint
    you just activated, jump toward the large rotating wheel to grab on to a pole
    swing to the next pole and then to a platform, move to the second half of the
    platform and it will collapse, before it takes you with it leap toward the
    nearby ledge which is annoyingly hard to see but it is actually part of a large
    pipe, move around it to the rear and double jump to the next lower platform,
    nothing you can do about the camera angle so just try to grin and bear it,
    from the platfrom jump down below to the lower platform which has a coin on it.
    Carefully jump through the large wheel on to a another big pipe that has a
    ledge you can grab, move around to the rear of the pipe and jump down to
    the lowest level which has a coin also.
    Go through the small alley to grab a coin and continue toward the streets
    through the small snicket to come face to face with the Nightwatcher who
    reveals himself as Raph to Leo, after the scene Raph will run away, quickly
    run after him and follow him down the alley. You will reach a checkpoint on the
    way, jump on to the car and grab the coin atop it and jump up toward the green
    stack of boxes, from there grab the ledge and follow it right to reach a
    rooftop, from the rooftop jump on top of the small vent and up towards a higher
    ledge to grab it, follow it around to a roof and then make a double jump to
    grab a coin and reach the next lower roof and a checkpoint.
    Proceed ahead and jump down in to the park, head across to the red box jump
    from it up to the small roof ledge then to the roof. jump on to the grey
    crates and to the pipe to swing to the left then from the platfrom jump to
    the pipe again and swing to reach the right platform and the coin. jump to
    the upper roof and Raph will pass by again, follow him and jump over the wooden
    fence then double jump the large gap to reach the bulding at the other side.
    Follow the ramp up and swing from the pole at the top, to come down on to
    another roof, a checkpoint lies ahead continue across the roofing and jump
    over the wooden platfroms to reach a roof and a checkpoint, jump on to the
    ledge along the side of the building to pursue Raph and follow it jumping off
    at the next roof you come to. Make a tight double jump across to a gangway that
    is partly destroyed then shadow warp through the gate.
    Head up the stairs and in to the large empty room to come to another fight,
    after defeating the foot, you will come to a checkpoint then proceed to the
    bottom of the building and shadow warp again through the gate, make a double
    jump across to the other lower roof then jump down in to a large clearing,
    where Leo will be captured and surrounded by the foot, unable to take them all
    Leo is taken away by the foot.
    You will assume the role of Raph to finish this misson who puts aside his
    differences with his fellow brother to save him. Move ahead to a checkpoint,
    then around the corner and in to an immediate fight. Head out on to the walkway
    to reach a checkpoint, jump over to the next walkway and from there down to
    the lower roof, double jump across to the next roof around the corner and grab
    the coin, move along to a checkpoint and a narrow passage, in the narrow
    passage jump from wall to wall to reach the top jump across the smaller ledges
    and you can find a shell here in second play! Swing across the pole and slide
    down the ramp quickly jumping off to grab the wooden ledges on the right,
    descend the ledges with the circle button until you reach the last one, then
    move around the ledge to the other side of the building, jump over to the
    small platform with the coin then climb the wall using Raph's power climb.
    Grab the ledge on the right going across so you can jump on to the next roof,
    and reach a checkpoint, proceed ahead jumping carefully and quickly across the
    wooden platforms to reach another wall and climb it, jump down to the lower
    roof then once again make a large double jump over to the next roof and leap
    over the wooden fencing atop of it to reach the next checkpoint. jump over to
    the next roof and carefully jump over the single wooden fence, from here jump
    over to the single platform with the coin then jump to the ledge on the left,
    carefully move around it and jump off to one of the platforms jump to the pole
    and swing to the next and then leap to the next roof that has another
    Move across the roof to the two narrow walls and jump from wall to wall to
    reach the roof at the top, move around this roof to find a lower ledge, jump
    down past the ramp to come to a carpark where Raph encounters Serpientei and so
    a boss fight ensues.
    Boss: Serpientei
    Serpientei spits poison frequantly, this can be evaded by using rolling evade
    her physical attacks are rapid and very fast however evading with R1 will
    allow you to create an opening to attack her, if you do not evade you will
    recieve heavy damage and Serpientei will rapidly move away again, warp slash
    can be effective but more often than not you won't get a chance to use it
    due to her amazing speed, your best bet to utilize this is when she spits her
    poison at you. 
    After you reduce her health gauge by a quater Serpentia will come in close
    range and spew poison on Raph, which marks a brief scene before Don and Mikey
    come to the rescue to help Raph, the fight then continues and the backup from
    the brothers means you can now use Mega family attacks against Serpentia to
    inflict massive damage, Raph's and Mikey's are more effective due to the fact
    that Don can miss because she is temporarly invincible when she dashes towards
    and from your turtle and so his isn't the best choice unfortunately. 
    When Mikey and Don appear hammer the x button to regain Raph's health then
    tag to Don or Mikey to resume the fight. Serpentia will now also gain one 
    new attack in which she charges up, and then moves extremly fast while also
    creating poison on the ground, to avoid this use warp slash to interrupt her
    charge and avoid the attack, alternatively this gives you a great opening 
    for a mega family attack so choose wisely. The most annoying attack is when
    Sepientei is whithin close range she can spew a stream of poison at you, in
    order to stop this hammer the x button to break free and counter attack. 
    After you have reduced her health gauge to 25% she will dissapear and then
    the mission is complete.
                                         * * *
    N.[Ninja's in the Crypt]- Stage 14
    This misson begins without the aid or assistance of Leo due to him being
    captured by the foot in the previous level. You do however have Mikey and Don
    back so you can utilize family attacks and the co-op vault as well as each
    turtles unique abilities.
    Proceed straight ahead, two iron gates will open, you will then find yourself
    inside a lift which will begin to descend, as it is descending however the
    foot make an apperance which prompts a fight, make use of Don's family
    attack to stun a crowd of foot should things get too difficult, after
    dispatching the foot in the lift you will mark a checkpoint. Once the lift
    stops head outside of it and run against the left hand wall (note that a shell
    exists here) to make it across the huge crevice.
    Once past the crevice, jump over to the first stone platform with the coin,
    from here use the co-op vault (square while airborne) with the assistance
    of another turtle to clear the larger gap and land safely on the second stone
    platform, from the second stone platform perform the co-op vault again to
    reach the third and final platform and a checkpoint. From the checkpoint
    jump over to the left and head towards the long narrow passage, use the
    co-op vault immediately after a double jump to clear the passage and make
    it through to the other side.
    Grab the coin and walk on to the wooden floor which is actually a lift, at
    the top jump across carefully avoiding the flamethrowers then jump to
    the ledge with the coin above it to grab it, follow the ledge around as far
    as you can then jump to the ledge on the left following that around too where
    you can find a shell at the end drop from the ledge then use co-op vault
    to clear the large drop allowing you to proceed down the passage.
    At the end of the passage you will come to your next fight with the foot,
    take care of them then a large pillar will collapse, making a path to proceed.
    Go up the pillar and down the passage to reach a checkpoint, avoid the flames
    and make your way across to the platform on the left, from here swing on the
    three poles then jump across to your right and use the co-op vault once more
    to leap past the massive crevice which will lead you to another checkpoint.
    proceed ahead and to the rocks which will collapse leading you to the next
    section, don't worry you won't die. Jump from wall to wall in the narrow
    passage to reach the top where you will see a series of swinging axes, it
    goes without saying to avoid them, after passing the axes head down the
    passage and use the co-op vault over the crevice or you can use Don's
    Bo vault to make it across, you will reach the next checkpoint just after.
    Hop across the platform and to the other side and you will reach another
    checkpoint, jump up and across the 4 wooden platforms, and use the other
    wooden platforms to head upwards, at the top move right and jump towards
    the right where you will grab a series of ledges (a shell can be found above
    the ledges) descend the ledges then use the lift and jump to the horizontal
    platform which is moving jumping up to the right platform, jump up past the
    other platforms to reach another checkpoint then jump to the right wall and
    grab the ledges again, descend them and move across the wooden planks and
    jump up past the platforms on the right, use the ledge on the left and
    carefully descend it to the bottom then jump on to the horizontal platform
    when it arrives to be carried across to the other side, jump from wall
    to wall in the narrow passage to emerge at the top.
    Another checkpoint awaits, from here go across the wooden bridge then jump
    over to the wooden platforms which begin to tilt when you land on each of
    them reaching the ledges on the far right, descend them and at the bottom
    jump across to the right side and jump at the wall then from the wall
    off to the left hand side where you will need to use Raph's power climb
    (at the top of the wall is a shell) move across to the ascending/descending
    lifts and carefully move across to the top right platform, jump across to
    the right once more and in to the passage to reach a checkpoint.
    Head around the corner and co-op vault across the gap then head around the
    passage to come to another gap, in order to cross it use Don and his Bo
    vault to make the very narrow pass inbetween the narrow pass is a shell
    which can be claimed in second play of this level. Move around in to another
    passage and another checkpoint and jump over the series of flamethrowers, enter
    the large clearing at the end to at last find Leo!
    A fight intterupts the reunion of the brothers, so deal with the foot using
    family attacks and if you gain enough stars use the mega attack in combination
    with warp slash to speed up the butt kicking of the foot, after the battle
    walk over to Leo then he rejoins the team, the crypt begins to collapse so
    quickly head to the right, use Leo to shadow warp through the gate, then
    head in to the lava filled passage using skillfull co-op vaults when required
    to make the series of huge jumps, go beyond the grating and shadow warp
    again once more at the other side, next use one big co-op vault to reach the
    other side then perform it again once more to reach the other side of this
    area, you will reach another checkpoint, run straight ahead and on to a wooden
    bridge it will begin to collapse but as long as you keep moving you will be
    fine halfway you will reach another checkpoint, keep moving and the camera will
    zoom out, after this you will reach the final checkpoint, just beyond this
    you will see daylight which is the exit to this cave, keep moving and avoid
    falling on the collasing platforms to reach the exit and complete this misson
    at last phew!!
                                       * * *
    O.[The Mysterious Leader]- Stage 15
    You now have all four turtles back together and united, but the battle isn't
    over yet it's time to hunt down Max Winters and put an end to his plans once 
    and for all!
    You begin outside the gates to Winter's tower, proceed over to the wall which
    you can then climb with Raph to make the top and leap up to the grating and
    enter the carpark where you will reach the first checkpoint and over by the
    crates be ambushed by the foot, after taking them all out head over by the
    crates and leap up in to the gap between the crates, leap to the top of the
    crates to reach another checkpoint then move across to the right and jump
    toward the chained crate which will begin to swing and from it to the
    platforms below being careful to avoid a fall, after getting past them jump
    up to the balcony and jump through the arched window to come to yet another
    battle with you guessed it... the foot.
    After the battle you will reach another checkpoint then slide down the ramp
    to quickly descend and reach the lower area below. Move ahead and in to a maze,
    around the corner the foot attack you yet again, after defeating them proceed
    ahead to a checkpoint, here you will also reach a stream, so cross the first
    bridge then the second and make your way over the stepping stones in the
    stream. You will reach another checkpoint along the way, from the checkpoint
    continue across the stepping stones and jump toward the ledge at the dead
    Follow the ledge along and jump off over to the other side of the stream
    from the ledge, follow the stepping stones again then head over to the
    entrance on the right hand side of the screen. Once inside the storage
    area another fight will commence, after head over to the upper left corner
    and climb up to the ledge and follow the passage down to a door and a
    checkpoint. Make a normal jump to the pole and swing from it to the next
    and from that pole to the platform below, next make a double jump from
    the platform on to the ledge that happens to be on a large pipe, move
    to the rear and jump down to the next larger platform, from here double jump
    to the next ledge on the large pipe and move again to the rear and jump safely
    from the ledge to the lower platform to tag a checkpoint.
    Head through the door for another skirmish with the foot, put those family
    attacks to good use now, namely Don's and Mikey's and watch out for Kunai
    foot troops and archer foot. Follow the door through to a warehouse and around
    back in to the maze and thus reaching the next checkpoint in the process.
    Avoid the laser and move in to the maze again, you will reach a fountain which
    has a shell atop it, in order to reach it stand on the relief of the snake head
    and co-op vault to the top to grab the shell here in second play. Jump down
    from the fountain or go around it, and avoid the next series of lasers jumping
    over the hedge at the end to come to another wave of lasers, avoid these and
    jump the next hedge at the end, follow the path around the maze to reach the
    next checkpoint.
    Carefully proceed from the checkpoint using double jumps and even co-op
    vaults if you prefer to avoid the lasers and reach the fountain at the end,
    move around the base of the fountain to find the stairs and head up them
    to come to the last confrontation with the foot in this level, after
    defeating the foot make your way in to the tower to complete this mission,
    Possibly the shortest misson you've ventured through yet i might add.
                                       * * *
    P.[Winter's Secret]- Stage 16
    This level will ultimately test all you have learned in the game and will
    require the use of all turtles in order to complete it, i should also
    stress that family attacks are key to completing this final stage especially
    when you reach the final bosses of the game, yes there are more than one.
    Proceed ahead and you will notice all is quiet, a little too quiet that is
    until the foot attack you just a few paces away from your starting position.
    Upon entering battle with the foot you will activate a checkpoint, head up
    the stairs to the left after the battle of course to come to two large
    platforms which you need to jump to, during the process you will trigger a
    checkpoint, at the top of the largest platform the camera angle switches, you
    need to jump to one of the two shadeliers then jump a series of shadeliers
    to reach a walkway (do not fall or you will die!) once you have crossed the
    shadeliers and touched down on the walkway you reach a checkpoint, follow the
    walkway straight ahead to come to the elevators oh and a battle with the
    annoying foot.
    Enter the elevator that remains open to head up to the next floor, avoid the
    lasers that run across the floor and follow the corridor around to a checkpoint
    where a large noise can be heard, after it stops you can enter the door, I'll
    point out here that this is a tricky section, in order to proceed you must be
    quick and avoid stalling at all costs or your turtles will be zapped by a red
    gamma ray which engulfs the entire room and will instantly kill you, the most
    annoying thing is the length of the room but there are checkpoints in between
    so it's not too tricky as long as you keep moving!
    Enter the door and co-op vault to the platform at the other side, walk
    inbetween the two narrow pipes and jump off them both to head up to the
    next small platform, now carefully jump (ordinary jump not double jump as you
    can trigger a wall run which can result in falling down and ending your game)
    from each platform to the next quickly and carefully to reach a larger platform
    with to narrow pipes, jump up from pipe to pipe then across another series of
    platforms and up toward a door hatch that begins to close (that is why i
    mentioned you must be quick and not stall in this room) if you are too slow
    the hatch will close and you will fail and have to start over from the last
    checkpoint, if you made it in to the door the gamma rays will occur but you
    will remain unaffected thanks to the hatch. After it clears you tag a
    From the checkpoint, jump the next series of platforms quickly and carefully
    to come to two longer narrow pipes, jump off them both to reach the top and
    then come to the next series of platforms to jump towards, you will reach a
    larger grill and a wall that you must power climb using Raph, do so quickly
    to reach a ledge at the top then quickly enter the next hatch before it closes.
    You tag another checkpoint then from the checkpoint, proceed to some more
    platforms and jump to each one while proceeding as before, you will come to
    some red pipes scattered along the wall, jump up to the first to grab it then
    to the second and make your way across jumping off towards the two pipes and
    swing on them to make the other side quickly leap over the platforms and to
    some more red pipes,follow them to the two narrow pipes and ascend the narrow
    pipes, from the top platform after you ascend the pipes double jump towards
    the single large platform (which is a little disorientating due to the camera
    angle) once on the platform quickly co-op vault across to the right hatch and
    enter it before it closes!
    You will trigger the next checkpoint (I'm sick of this!!) use Don's
    Bo vault to pass over the narrow drop and make it on to the red piping,
    next jump from pipe to pipe and again from pipe to pipe to reach a wall
    (a shell is found next to the pipe on the right which you will need to
    jump off the left pipe then towards the right to reach it) climb the
    wall with Raph then quickly enter the final hatch before it closes to reach
    another checkpoint! Allelujah!!!
    Proceed down the corridor and out on to a balconey overlooking New York City,
    and also trigger the next checkpoint... proceed ahead and jump to and swing
    on the two pipes to reach a ledge, follow the ledge around to trigger a
    checkpoint then jump down to the lower platform with the coin, make your
    way across several stone platforms to reach a checkpoint and then leap up to
    a ledge from the checkpoint, follow the ledge around to a series of poles and
    ledges, you must swing from pole to ledge to ledge to pole etc once you reach
    the top you will trigger another checkpoint, from the checkpoint head right
    and jump on to the stone platform that will begin to tilt, and jump over
    to the next, these platforms will vary in distance so use Mikey's nunchuck
    helicopter for easier reach, reach a checkpoint at the end and use the ledge
    just after to come to more poles and ledges that you need to grab/swing from
    at the top you will reach a checkpoint.
    Avoid the electricity moving across the ground and proceed to some poles which
    also have electricity surging through them, time it so you swing only when each
    surge of electricity has cleared so you don't fall off and can swing safely.
    repeat this process again but with more poles to come to a checkpoint and
    some narrow ledges, climb up the narrow ledges and jump up to a checkpoint.
    Proceed directly ahead and very quickly double jump on to the passing lift as
    it goes up, once you have landed on the lift a very long fight against the foot
    will take place, this gives you an opportunity to use Don's stunning family
    attack as well as build up the mega attack gauge, just don't fall off the
    lift... After that skirmish wait for the lift to stop then jump over to the
    right to the next section of the tower where you will trigger a much deserved
    checkpoint. Head along the balconey through the door then be prepared to run
    while avoiding the numerous lasers of course, don't stop otherwise you will
    have to start again due to the giant robot that is chasing you with it's gamma
    rays. On the way there is a large gap that you shuld co-op vault over and take
    note a shell exists above it in second play but don't risk it if you fail to
    claim it in the co-op vault across the gap. you will come to a dead end and a
    vent so jump down to the vent and reach a checkpoint.
    Continue moving ahead avoiding the lasers and the robot and head up some stairs
    and in to the main chamber of the tower which is now trashed due to the
    nightwatcher's previous visit, avoid the stepping in the electrified water
    and reacha checkpoint, then jump over to the stairs and head up to a platform
    where the water is surrounding it, double jump to it then from there double
    jump over to the other side to reach a checkpoint. leap over to the next
    platform and the one after to go wall to wall in the narrow passage to reach
    the top.
    Another checkpoint exists here, leap to the pole and swing, then whilst in
    mid air use co-op vault to make the jump and emerge safely on the other side,
    next climb the ledges that aren't electrified to the top to reach a checkpoint
    then co-op vault over to the opposite side then you must leap up to the
    platform and from there jump to the platform in the centre of the falling
    water. Next make a double jump to the shadelier and co-op vault carefully to
    the next, from there it's a simple case of jumping over to the opposite side
    and then reaching a checkpoint.
    leap over from the checkpoint to the other side, leap to the next section
    and reach a new checkpoint and avoid the electricity and proceed down the
    corridor, follow it in to a room and reach a checkpoint, jump up to one of
    the moving platforms and grab the thin blue pipe running along the wall
    then jump up to each pipe above it, follow the pipes to a small entrance
    and you will find none other than Max Winters, a scene occurs then an FMV
    follows, after Winter's explains his secret to you, proceed and leave Winters
    behind and brace yourself, because a boss encounter awaits or rather four...
    Follow the passage to the very top to find the circular arena that Raph
    previously fought with General Mono and to encounter your first of four
    bosses, the final bosses of the game, but you've already encountered three
    of Winter's generals in previous battles during the course of this game,
    this time it's time to finish them off for good!!
    Boss: General Gato
    This fight is exactly like in the stage Techno Ninjitsu with Don, the
    moment the battle starts a checkpoint is tagged. Gato will lunge around
    as he did before and again throw spines after he has leaped twice in a
    circular motion, the advantage you have however is family attacks this
    time, use Mikey and Raph's family attacks to wear him down, and use
    evasive roll to avoid his spines when he throws them at you.
    He will land next to you and attempt to slash you, it is at this point he
    is suceptible to attack and you should unleash a family attack, any other
    attempt is practically useless on account of Gato leaping around so often.
    After his health drops by a quater, Gato will charge up, the only way to
    stop this attack is to use a family attack, for speed i find Mikey's works
    especially well, if you fail to stop him before he charges up he will
    throw a number of spines in all directions causing much damage and it
    is especially annoying to dodge, another factor is the edges of the arena
    get too close and Gato can easily knock you off or throw his spines to
    snipe at you from a distance. After Gato's health falls to 50% his
    appearance will change and his attack power will increase and Gato will begin
    to lunge at you, before he does this he will stand still then quickly rush
    towards you, dodge this with a swift roll then strike back with a family
    attack or a combo then go back to evasive action until you get your next
    opportunity to finish him off, Gato isn't too hard and compared to the
    other generals he's reletively harmless. 
    After you defeat Gato the head General Augila will launch lightining in a
    circular motion on the arena you are standing in, move inbetween the gaps
    to avoid being hit and then General Mono appears which plunges you in to
    the next boss battle,this also marks a new checkpoint so if you die you
    can restart from General Mono.
    Boss: General Mono
    Once again avoid the annoying waves that fall from Mono's hammer or they will
    push you back towards the edge of the arena, after avoiding the waves 7 times
    (a simple jump will suffice) Mono will dive in to the air, at this point be
    ready to roll out of the way the moment you see Mono's shadow is about to
    crash down on you. This is your chance to attack Mono so throw your best family
    attacks at him and use your combos to chip away at his health, this will be
    a long battle as Mono's defense is extremely high and most attacks cannot
    penetrate his armour. 
    After he has jumped down and crashed in to the ground he will leap in to the
    air a further 2 times, remember to roll out of the way then use a combo after
    Mono misses you. After he has done this a total of three times, Mono will
    return to crashing his hammer in to the arena again, you can use this
    opportunity to attack him beside his feet but avoid the waves when they get
    close to you and don't get too close to his hammer, After you take away a
    quater of Mono's health he will change his apperance.
    Mono then begins charging up, Whenever you see him do this it is vital you
    interrupt his attack and cancel it by using a family attack, fail to do so
    and Mono will slam his hammer in to the ground and a huge surge of energy
    will send your turtle flying from the arena to an instant death and you can't
    survive this attack so you must stop Mono whenever he begins charging, a
    prompt will also appear on screen suggesting you should use a family attack,
    the best one to use is Raph's family attack because it is linear and
    thankfully Mono is a huge target which is a big plus for you because the
    family attack will hit it's mark.
    After you sucessfully launch a family attack to cancel Mono's power up
    he will fall to the ground, this is your chance to inflict serious damage
    to him before he gets back up, don't let up with attacks until he gets
    back on his feet!
    Keep up the above tactics and use family attacks whenever he charges to slowly
    wear him down, and eventually General Mono will fall, after you defeat Mono
    more bolts of lightning rain down on the arena, once again keep moving through
    the gaps to avoid damage to ensure you are ready for the next battle against
    Serpientei, you will have triggered a checkpoint after Mono is defeated.
    Boss: General Serpientei
    Once the battle against Serpientei begins, as with the last time you fought
    her, she will spit poison which can be avoided with a roll or two, her attacks
    still favour speed, however you will find her health is depleted very quickly
    as she doesn't have such a high defense against your attacks, a Family attack
    from Mikey can deal some incredible damage but first lets assess the battle
    Dodge the poison she spits at you from the outset and gain some distance
    from Serpientei so you can have some room to roll out of the way from her
    next attack as she will rush toward your turtle then quickly rush away from
    you again, ideally this is not a good time to attempt an attack as she will 
    be invulnerable and counter your attack then rapidly move to another spot
    from which to spit poison at you again. Serpientei will spew a cloud of poison
    at close quaters so it's wise not to stay too close, if you are hit by the
    cloud of poison she releases then rapidly hit the x button to escape.
    Serpientei will be susceptiable to attacks when she rushes rapidly at you
    after spitting her poison, first carefully evade with a roll or quick jump
    then attack her until she backs off again. After a quater of her health has
    been depleted, Serpientei will chance her appearance and one mode of her
    attack pattern, like the previous generals she will begin to charge up,
    this is your que to launch a family attack while she is immobile and unable
    to harm you, be sure to use a family attack when she is in this state
    otherwise should she complete her charge she will unleash a flurry of attacks
    and gain massive speed spewing poison across the surrounding area which is
    small and will leave you wide open to a phyisical assault from her claws.
    As previously mentioned Serpientei's health will quickly being to drop even
    more so should you launch successful family attacks, however you should be
    especially cautious as her health gets lower as she will try to charge up
    more frequantly. When you defeat her, more bolts of lightning will rain down
    upon the arena. adopt evasive action once more and run through the gaps in
    the lightning to avoid being hit, after the lightning storm ends the final
    of Max Winter's generals will descend to do battle with you. This marks a
    final checkpoint.
    Boss : General Augila
    This is the final general and the only one you haven't faced in a battle
    Augila will begin the fight by reducing the size of the arena you are fighting
    on, this is especially disasterous, as one of his attacks can push you
    towards the edge of the arena very quickly, Augila's first attack will be a
    series of blasts which are best avoided by jumping before a wave of blasts
    hits you.
    After his barrage of blasts, Augila ascends to another section of the arena
    away from your turtle on a stone platform and begins crashing meteors down
    on the arena, simply look for the large shadows and avoid going anywhere near
    them to avoid the meteor shower, now to actually damage Augila (this in itself
    is a real nuscience due to the fact Augila has the unique ability to heal
    After the meteor shower has occured and passed, Augila will begin to charge
    up, the only way to stop it is to use a family attack, Mikey's and Raph's
    are the best ones to utilize against him. The family attack will cancel
    Augila's charging and inflict damage to him however do not be suprised if he
    heals himself to full health shortly after. If you do not stop Augila from
    charging he will begin to spin his dual bladed weapon in a circular motion
    and launch a flurry of red birds which will push you away from the arena and
    over the edge to an instant death, the birds can be jumped over but you
    should use double jump to gain extra height in your jumps.
    Augila also has a purple eye laser attack that rotates in a
    circular motion both clockwise and anti clockwise, in order to avoid them
    quickly move to the outer rim being careful not to fall off the arena and
    jump over the lasers from there, this ensures you are at the correct height
    to dodge the eye lasers and should come out of this attack unscathed, to win
    this final battle you must utilize family attacks, if you do not this will be
    a very very very long battle, add to that Augila's healing ability and it
    will be even longer so you should discount normal attacks completely and use
    the family attacks only when he charges, as before a prompt will appear on
    screen to use the square button, this is your chance to cause damage to
    Augila. Patiance is a must, Augila will repeat the attack pattern outlined
    above for the duration of the battle, if you keep harrasing him with family
    attacks like Mikey's (which hits multiple times!)
    You will deplete his health faster than using Raph's family attack, also
    be aware that you must begin to charge your family attack the moment Augila
    is about to charge in order to cancel his attack before he executes it. When
    Augila's health reaches 25%, he will kneel down briefly, use this opportunity
    to finish him off and waste no time executing a family attack to destroy
    It's been said throughout this walkthrough many times, family attacks are
    the key, without them you won't win these final battles!!
    You should find victory in around 6 minutes or so if this is your first time
    through the game, less if you favour Mikey's family attack, use the above
    stratergies and Augila will eventually bite the dust and that leaves the
    ending all to you Congrats and enjoy!! ^_^
                                       * * *
    Well folks there we have it the you've finished the game! Now all you need to
    do is collect every single shell, but of course i'll be providing a full
    list of where to find each and every single shell soon so you can get the most
    out of TMNT's extra's and unlock additional content. For futher information on
    the extra's menu see the chapter below for more details, don't forget that if
    you have any questions regarding this game or generally anything TMNT related
    don't hesitate to e-mail me your queries/questions to dbs_darkstar@hotmail.co.
    uk. Once again allow me to apologise for the long haiatus period between the
    starting and completion of this walkthrough thank you all for your support,
    understanding and patiance in this project.
    Notice on the main menu for TMNT, you have a menu option entitled extras...
    Extras include clips of TMNT from the film additional movies & artwork
    & can also be used to purchase a various variety of other items. In this
    walkthrough so far i have mentioned where to find every shell for Leo,
    Nightwatcher, & Don coming soon will be where the team shells are, this will
    happen after you unite the Turtles.
    The following extra categories exist in this menu:-
    Artwork & video: 
    This contains videos & concept art for TMNT, the videos are of clips from the
    film among some other humourous pieces of media made for your own personal
    Challenge maps: 
    Challenge maps present you with a chance to earn shells by completing the
    courses in the fastest possible time, each one varies in difficulty,
    conditions & the turtles avalible for each challenge map.
    This has various "cheats/bonus features" you can unlock with the shells
    you collected in the main game, once bought you can toggle the various 
    cheats on or off by unchecking the box next to the activated/purchased 
    cheat. Here is list of the "Goodies" on offer for you to purchase:
    7.FREQUANTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (contains some spoilers!!)
    Q. How do i recover my energy! where is that pizza?!!
    A. Ah yeah about the usual pizza power ups, you won't be seeing them this
       adventure. In order for the turtles to recover their health, they must
       meditate. To see how to do this see the art of ninjitsu chapter above.
    Q. Is the Shredder gone for good?
    A. Your guess is as good as mine, in the movie we see that Shredder aka Oroku
       Saki had been defeated, however Shredder's daughter Karai hinted at the
       return of someone from the turtle's past. Most will automatically assume
       Shred head himself but without more to go on we can't be certain just yet.
       Additonal Info as of 2009: Shredder has recenlty returned "re-born" in a
       cybernetic form on TMNT: Back to the sewers, like i said it wouldn't be 
       long before we saw the tin can again ^_^
    Q. How is it that Konami didn't release this title under their belt?
    A. Well that is quite a story in itself, back in the day of the first
       TMNT game, Konami recieved the rights to make a game (Teenage Mutant Ninja
       Turtles.) Due to the overwhelming popularity of the turtles during the late
       80's the game was a massive success in the arcades & eventually lead to the
       massive TMNT:Turtles in time IV for the SNES console,of which TMNT: The
       hyperstone hiest existed for the Megadrive/Genisis. The turtles series
       dissapeared with the dawn of new shows like power rangers in the mid 90's
       however in 2003 the turtles came back to kick shell with a new series,
       marking this konami also was granted their licence to make four games
       involving the new series. Then in 2007 TMNT hit cinemas nationwide
       bringing with it a awesome new game, however one thing in the game's
       release was different the publisher/developer was now no longer Konami as
       they lost the rights/thereby licence to make the turtle games & Ubisoft
       gained them. It's kinda marked a new change to the history of TMNT's games
       but the standard of gameplay & shell kickin' action hasn't been lost & this
       will ring utterly true to all TMNT fans alike! There might be a possibility
       in the future Konami gets the licence back, i do hope like many other TMNT
       fans that becomes the case.
    Q. How do i defeat general Mono?! he always knocks me off the edge!! 
       (original question contributed by Joe B.)
    A. I got this one quite alot, & more than i had anticipated to infact. To
       defeat Mono for the second time in the series of final boss battles, you
       must evade his deadly hammer attack that will send your turtle to their
       death if you don't stop it before Mono charges up. To stop & prevent this
       devestating attack, immediately use a family attack (square button) Raph's
       will help as its linear and executed pretty fast this will cease and prevent
       Mono's deadly hammer attack. Following the steps outlined in the walkthrough
       you also notice Mono has an incredibly high defense which is where the
       family attack comes in again, once it is successful and you have cancelled
       Mono's charged hammer attack, it will knock Mono down on to his back, while
       he is laying down you can attack him to inflict larger damage to him with
       a combo or a family attack from Mikey or Raph, these two family attacks
       work best during the final boss fights. Be especially vigilant for the
       shockwaves Mono emits after crashing his hammer into the ground, these
       waves not only damage you but push you back towards the edge of the arena
       you are fighting in, that's where evasive action comes in by means of a
       jump, there are also small gaps in areas of the shockwaves but it's far
       safer to simply jump over the waves. The only real threat is the charge
       attack as previously mentoned, Mono begins using this after a quater of his
       health gauge has been depleted, another way to identify when he will begin
       using this is his appearance, it will alter slightly and he will let out a
       roar before he begins the attack. Following these steps and this walkthrough
       Mono should pose little threat to you. I would also like to note on my
       experience playing the game, during the final battle against Mono after
       reducing his health to zero he fell down and got up, shortly after he fell
       down again and got back up and begun to charge with his hammer, i had to use
       a final family attack to stop him even though his health was entirely
       depleted, i have noted this as a bug in the game and would be interested to
       know if anyone else has encountered this bug during thier games.
    Q. Why has it taken you literally years to finish this walkthrough?!!
    A. Yeah I have to admit that was unfortunate, I've always been tied down with
       other things and rarley had the chance to finish/begin walkthroughs but you
       see here's the thing, I do this for free at no charge to you or any of the
       associated websites at the moment (Psst not that I'd ever charge you the
       player anyway!) so I have to make a choice, work with money or work with no
       money, I'm sure you know which is the better outlook. It's finally
       completed now This TMNT walkthrough (given the fact more shell locations
       are due to be added & they will be!) but since there hasn't been another
       TMNT movie to this CGI adaption I've had time to choose when and where I
       could (if at all!)finish the project and make alot of TMNT fans (including
       myself!) very happy bunnies umm Turtles ahem... I do sincerly apologise for
       the massive delay here and it won't happen again unless of course there is
       a real emergency, (Yes running out of tea counts as that!) but in all
       seriousness I just hope you haven't thrown away the game yet and can forgive
       my ineptitude at finishing this, next time I will kick shell!!!
    Q. That's just an lame excuse isn't it?!!
    A. Yeah but no... but oh hey you put "an" instead of "a" and you have
       the guile (SONNNNNNNNNNNIC BOOOOOM!!!) to lecture me about the way I
       do things oh boy!
    Any other questions you would like to ask or see added to this walkthrough?
    if so e-mail me, there is still time to submit any further questions!
    8. *NEW* Turtle Power (Overall game summary and evaluation)
    Alright, i decided to write this section in due to the game still being very
    popular on the PS2 despite the release of Next-Gen consoles that have been
    avalible for some time now. TMNT as a game is basically a way to extend the
    franchise and events depicted in the TMNT film, it remained very loyal to
    the film and as such gave you better insight in to the film's overall story
    while adding some interesting levels and unfolding the story from the film
    this is where i found the game did best on. While the game wasn't as explosive
    as previous games under Konami it did inject a fresh sense of gameplay and
    allowed the player to use Ninja like moves such as wall running etc, however
    I found the camera angles to be somewhat appauling and in the worst possible
    scenarios too, such as platform jumping to name but one.
    I did at one stage encounter a glitch on stage 7: The game is the foot, in
    which after you chase the Yeti to the bill board i found myself suspended
    in mid air with no ground or surrondings, i only encountered this once
    however and didn't find it to be problamatic enough to ruin the gaming
    There was some pretty good voice acting regarding the voice talent from the
    original voice talent was changed for the movie, something I'm still sure
    alot of TMNT fans out there still aren't that happy with but what's done is
    done as they say.
    Overall this was a good TMNT title and one that should be played at least
    once even if you aren't a fan of the series or film, I've given my final
    evaluation of the game's most important factors below, please do not e-mail
    me if you disagree as this is only my opinion to which I am rightfully
    entitled. I hope you have enjoyed this walkthrough and will join me soon
    for further walkthroughs with Backtrak.
    Final Evaluation
    Game Plot:  8/10 Ok because this game was based entirely on the movie with a
                     few new levels thrown in I gave this an 8/10 but my heart
                     said seven due to the game feeling rather short at times
                     & hurrying along parts of the game's plot to interwine with
                     the plot of the film which it is supposed to be based upon.
                     Most interesting was the break up and reuniting of the 
                     turtles something which as a fan i wouldn't have guessed
                     or seen it coming given the fact the turtles are always
                     around each other and rarley have serious fights to the
                     scale it tears them entirley apart.
    Graphics :  8/10 I really can't argue here, in this department a perfect
                     conversion of silver screen to console, however what gave
                     this game an eight was those terrible camera angles!
                     At times I wanted to cry! At times I wanted to die! Failing
                     this I wanted to just tear my hair out!! Lessons need to
                     be learned here and shoot whom ever designed/programed the
                     camera with a very very big gun...no really!! ^_^ If it 
                     wasn't for that camera from hell I could have appreciated
                     this element of the game that much more, a real shame!
    Music:      6/10  I liked the music, however it just didn't have those classic
                      Konami sounds and songs that made you want to buy the game's
                      soundtrack, Still remember this is a game of a movie...hmm
                      (thinks of street fighter movie) OMG!!! i really can't
                      compare it to that discrace, however i may be tempted to
                      buy the soundtrack someday (money permitting of course,
                      =checks wallet= oh... empty........)
    Gameplay:    7/10 This was good, but as much as I like fighting and kickin'
                      some serious shell, why is it there are so many enemies
                      vacant in certain locations? Then when at last you do
                      find some they appear in massive droves not even letting
                      you catch your breath from the death drops and hellish 
                      camera angles. This isn't the absolute best they could do
                      and i'm being nice but then i felt this game was somewhat 
                      rushed oh yeah, that's right so it can please all the 
                      kiddies when the movie comes out (KERRRRCHINGGGG £££/$$$)
    Controls:    7/10  The controls were ok, a little tricky what with all the
                       actions etc you can perform but sometimes simple is better
                       I get the feeling Mirage wanted to use every button possible
                       "hey look Raph went for a crap!!" or even "Watch Mikey pick
                        his own nose!!" and that's all for that heh.
    Voice acting: 6/10 I've heard worse... Alright alot worse, but then I thought
                       one Mr. James Arnold Taylor (Leonardo) sounded less
                       enthusiastic about this role, also the next time they
                       cast Sarah Michelle Geller as April O' Neil I'll cut my
                       ears off with a very rusty knife. Thankfully she was
                       hardly in the game ("work commitments" you understand)
                       It was an almost refreshing change of voice talent but
                       this can & will change come the next major game/movie
                       whichever comes first.
    OVERALL:     7/10 Play it at least once, if you're a fan play it twice,
                      three times etc You won't have missed a great deal if you
                      don't play though, perhaps watch the film instead if that's
                      more your cup of tea.
    >> First of all to all the TMNT staff through the years & Konami for always
       keeping TMNT alive in the gaming world.
    >> You as ever for reading/following this guide, thank you kindly!
    >> Myself, for keeping to this project (it isn't easy writing a walkthrough
    >> Joe B for his question contribution to the FAQ section of the walkthrough.
    >> Cory Southard also for his question regarding level 10 in TMNT.
    >> Last but certainly by no means least thank you to Alexander Davidson 
       creator of Metapad, which indefinatly makes life easier when writing 
       these walkthroughs, big thumbs up!!
    >> Nikku Kazama for his support in this project and giving me the confidence
       to finish this project and feeding me up with the occasional ramen along 
       the way!! (You can have the pizza, i'm sure team green will understand!!)
    >> Anyone I may have forgotten in the space of three long years writing and
       re-writing this walkthrough! Let me know and I'll add you to the credits
       for <version Final 1.00>.
    Any problems you might have or questions you wish to ask e-mail me at
    <dbs_darkstar@hotmail.co.uk> thanks for reading & or taking part &
    all the best!!
    ©Copyright 2007-2010 Daniel Byrne/Backtrak all rights reserved.

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