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"The Tamagotchi Party On! game is fun and enjoyable if you're a longtime Tamagotchi fan."

If you were a fan of Tamagotchi way back when the first virtual pets came out and you still are, then this game is for you. I, myself, can't get enough of the adorable inhabitants of the Tamagotchi planet. I've played Corner Shop 1 & 2, plus I get the latest virtual pets, so I know what I'm talking about when it comes to this game.

The gameplay is fun, although the minigames may not be multiplayer. My brother and I often find ourselves yelling things like "Oh, let's see what the computer gets this time?" You'll be doing things like shaking peoples hands or driving a car that picks up litter from the road. They're simple, but pretty enjoyable. There are also virtual pet-styled minigames as well, that feature you using the Wii Remote's d-pad as the "A", "B", and "C" that are present on the virtual pet. While these games are simplistic, like opening umbrellas and catching "blobtchis", they earn you Gotchi (the Tamagotchi currency) and are fun to see if you can beat all 5 rounds of the minigame. It's also fun just to roll the die! Hold in "A" and swing down to hit the see-saw with a hammer that flings the die in the air. Just watching it is funny, because it bounces all over the play. I think the gameplay is fun and, unlike the Gamespot review, I find that it registers the movements very well.

I rated the graphics a 10 because it fits the style perfectly. Tamagotchi is meant to be a cartoon-like, fantasy setting, which it is. It looks just like the characters on the boxart, virtual pet, and past Nintendo DS games. There are no frame-rate drops, and the graphics look very smooth with little-to-no rough edges.

The music isn't that impressive, but it's pleasent and make for a good mood to play the game. For instance, one of the boards is a ninja-board and the style is somewhat similar to the anime "Naruto". You know, ninja-styled. Another board is underground, and the music is kinda sleazy-sounding. Stylistically, it's good, but not fantastic.

The value is pretty good for $40, but it would've been a little better priced at $30, just because of content. There aren't near as many minigames as there are in Mario Party 8, though enjoyable.

Overall, I recommend this game for anyone that has been into Tamagotchis for a while, or for parents that have children into Tamagotchi, because they will simply love this game. There are plenty of unlockable characters, 15 in all, and you get one every time you finish a full round of the game (all the days you selected). For Tamagotchi fans, this is a must-buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/01/07

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