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    FAQ/Walkthrough by neeker

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             T H E  G A M E -----------------------------------
                       XBOX 360 FAQ/ WALKTHROUGH v. 1.00
                                 By: neeker
                             Gamertag: neeker75
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    If you happen to see anyone other than the above hosting this, please 
    let me know so that I can feed them to the sharks, torture their feet 
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    Also, please note that, as with most gaming guides:
    If you're likely to get offended by spoilers, please don't use a guide.
    1. Contact Information
    2. Introduction
    3. Controls
    4. Getting Started
    5. Autobots Campaign                                       [ TFTG01 ]
       a. The Suburbs                                          [ TFTG02 ]
          - Chapter 1: Uninvited Guests                        [ TFTG03 ]
          - Chapter 2: Guardian Angel                          [ TFTG04 ]
          - Chapter 3: Protect and Serve                       [ TFTG05 ]
          - Chapter 4: Air Traffic Control                     [ TFTG06 ]
       b. More than Meets the Eye                              [ TFTG07 ]
          - Chapter 1: Obstruction of Justice                  [ TFTG08 ]
          - Chapter 2: A Friend in Need                        [ TFTG09 ]
          - Chapter 3: Flight of the Bumblebee                 [ TFTG10 ]
          - Chapter 4: Heavy Weapon                            [ TFTG11 ]
       c. Inside Hoover Dam                                    [ TFTG12 ]
          - Chapter 1: Breakout                                [ TFTG13 ]
          - Chapter 2: Tunnel Vision                           [ TFTG14 ]
          - Chapter 3: Power Drain                             [ TFTG15 ]
          - Chapter 4: Walking Giant                           [ TFTG16 ]
       d. The Last Stand                                       [ TFTG17 ]
          - Chapter 1: Exterminator                            [ TFTG18 ]
          - Chapter 2: Unfriendly Skies                        [ TFTG19 ]
          - Chapter 3: For the Fallen                          [ TFTG20 ]
          - Chapter 4: Keep Away                               [ TFTG21 ]
       e. The Ultimate Doom                                    [ TFTG22 ]
    6. Decepticons Campaign                                    [ TFTG23 ]
       a. SOCCENT Military Base                                [ TFTG24 ]
          - Chapter 1: Sand Storm                              [ TFTG25 ]
          - Chapter 2: Communication Breakdown                 [ TFTG26 ]
          - Chapter 3: Seek and Destroy                        [ TFTG27 ]
          - Chapter 4: Fire in the Sky                         [ TFTG28 ]
       b. The Hunt for Sam Witwicky                            [ TFTG29 ]
          - Chapter 1: Rough Justice                           [ TFTG30 ]
          - Chapter 2: Race for Frenzy                         [ TFTG31 ]
          - Chapter 3: Pursuit                                 [ TFTG32 ]
          - Chapter 4: Plight of the Bumblebee                 [ TFTG33 ]
       c. A Gathering Force                                    [ TFTG34 ]
          - Chapter 1: Clearing the Air                        [ TFTG35 ]
          - Chapter 2: Sinister Saviour                        [ TFTG36 ]
          - Chapter 3: Fireworks                               [ TFTG37 ]
          - Chapter 4: Warpath                                 [ TFTG38 ]
       d. City of Machines                                     [ TFTG39 ]
          - Chapter 1: Nowhere to Run                          [ TFTG40 ]
          - Chapter 2: Energon Overload                        [ TFTG41 ]
          - Chapter 3: The Might will Fall                     [ TFTG42 ]
          - Chapter 4: Devastation                             [ TFTG43 ]
       e. Day of the Machines                                  [ TFTG44 ]
    7. Conclusion
    Appendix 1: Version history
    Appendix 2: Frequently Asked Questions
    Appendix 3: Credits 
    Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on GameFAQ.com/ GameSpot.com by the 
    username "neeker". I also post on various toys websites under the 
    handle "super_convoy", just in case you happen to be a Transformers 
    collector, and happen to know me as well.
    Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong 
    at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other works here:
    Transformers: The Game is the official tie-in of Michael Bay's summer 
    blockbuster, Transformers: The Movie. If you've watched the movie, I 
    can understand why you'd want to play this game, even though it isn't 
    exactly the best out there. If you haven't, let me just say that 
    Michael Bay knows how to do action, and you won't be disappointed with 
    the show despite those ugly bots in them. Yeah, I'm very pro-G1, and  
    I can't accept endo-skeletal Transformers. 
    But that's just me.
    Back to the game, it's a typical "sandbox" action adventure. Meaning 
    you can roam around the maps that you're on, do story missions, engage 
    side quests, as well as drive around town searching for hidden items. 
    Pretty much GTA-style, if you ask me. This walkthrough, however, will 
    touch only on the story missions.
    As with all Xbox 360 games, this game also has achievements. I've 
    decided to include a section on how to get *some* achievements, but 
    not all. This is because I definitely don't intend to drive around 
    looking for energon cubes and/ or faction symbols. As such, I'll never 
    hit 100% completion. I'll, however, describe the easiest way to get 
    some of the achievements available. 
    That's about all I've to say here. Let's begin.
    The following are ripped directly from the game's manual:
    5. AUTOBOTS CAMPAIGN                                        [ TFTG01 ]
    A. THE SUBURBS                                              [ TFTG02 ]
       - CHAPTER 1: UNINVITED GUESTS                            [ TFTG03 ]
    This is a simple, introductory chapter. You take control of Bumblebee, 
    and you'll begin the chapter in robot mode near a background. 
    Transform into car mode, and drive towards the green marker on the 
    mini-map. Once you drive/ walk into this green marker, this mission 
    Your task now is to take out the few Decepticon drones that have 
    landed. Use your melee button to do the simple three-hit combo on 
    them until they expire.
    Cut-scene, and more drones arrive at the scene. Use your map to check 
    their locations, and then go towards them to punch them to their 
    demise. Try your best not to use any weapons if you intend to get a 
    secret achievement ("Weapon System Inactive" - 20G) for this chapter. 
    If you're not concerned with the achievement, feel free to blast the 
    lot of them with you light and heavy weapons.
    Continue to down the drones as they spawn, and once you kill enough, 
    the chapter will end. 
       - CHAPTER 2: GUARDIAN ANGEL                              [ TFTG04 ]
    Head towards the green marker to start the mission. Spike, I mean, Sam 
    makes his appearance. He apparently has something that the Decepticons 
    want, and they've sent drones after him. You'll need to prevent these 
    drones from reaching Bobby Bolivia's, where Sam is buying a car with 
    his father.
    From the onset, chase after (car mode, please) the two drones ahead. 
    You should notice that they've some sort of a health bar over their 
    heads. Press RT to fire some rounds at them, hopefully hurting them in 
    the process. Quickly accelerate and get in front of the first car, and 
    transform into robot mode. 
    Now, attack the car with melee attacks, and it'll transform as well. 
    Do so for the second car to make it transform too. You can now take 
    both of them out with the usual melee combos.
    NOTE: When these cars transform into robots, they stop heading towards 
    the used car garage. 
    More drones to deal with next, as three more drones drive towards 
    Bolivia's. Drive quickly in their general direction, and intercept 
    them from their front. It's difficult to make three cars transform at 
    one go, so pick one (preferably the front car) and hit it until it 
    turns into robot. 
    Ignore the robot now, go after the other two cars and do the same. The 
    cars are pretty forgiving (dead slow), and they seem to not know the 
    fastest route to Sam. You'll find them taking detours and all, so you 
    can still try to intercept them by checking their locations on the 
    NOTE: If you fail to stop any one car from reaching Bobby Bolivia's, 
    you'll fail the chapter. 
    Once you manage to make all of them transform into robots, you can 
    take the time to punch them to death. Check their locations on the map 
    if you need. 
    Finishing this party of three will end the chapter.
       - CHAPTER 3: PROTECT AND SERVE                           [ TFTG05 ]
    As usual, hit the green marker near the high school to start.
    Woohoo, boss fight! For those who've watched the movie, you've got to 
    agree with me that the Bumblebee-Barricade car chase was one of the 
    best scenes of the show. This chapter aims to relive that scene, even 
    though it's a lot clumsier.
    Barricade attacks Sam from the onset, so Bumblebee gets them to flee. 
    Controlling Bumblebee (some sort of a hero in the show), you'll have 
    to take down Barricade.
    You'll notice that Barricade isn't your typical run of the mill drone. 
    See his swinging arms? Well, those things will hurt you real hard. To 
    make them stop, however, you'll only need to toss an object towards 
    him. A car, for example, is perfect for this.
    Once he's hit, Barricade will be stunned momentarily. Get close to him 
    now and deliver the pain. Some melee combos later, and you'll hit a 
    Barricade will now move towards Sam's location. It's easy to get 
    caught up with the action, and start chasing Barricade. Instead, ignore 
    him altogether, and start driving to the green marker where Sam is. 
    Barricade will somehow take a weird (and long-winded) route towards 
    Sam, so it should be no problem for you to reach the green marker 
    before him. Use nitros if required.
    Once you reach the marker, another cut-scene plays. Sam flees again, 
    and you'll get to fight Barricade for the second time. He's doing 
    that swinging crap again, so toss a tree or something at him to stop 
    the movement, and then move in for the usual melee punches.
    This time round, he has more health, so you may have to throw objects 
    at him more than once. But you'll manage. 
    Once he's down, he'll drive off and chase Sam again. Will he ever give 
    up? Once again, ignore him, and quickly drive to the next green 
    marker. He does the usual long route thing, so with some checking of 
    the map and swift driving, you should reach the checkpoint in no time.
    More scenes, and the final fight against Barricade. He still does that 
    swinging thing, so do the usual throw-object-close-in-to-punch-him 
    maneuver. He has more health this time, so you may have to throw stuff 
    at him a few times, but nothing too difficult. 
    Take note, however, that since this final battle is done at the power 
    plant, there are some gas cylinders (white) that are oh-so-tempting to 
    use. My suggestion? Don't. These things explode so strongly that you 
    tend to get bounced away as well, sometimes even out of the action 
    zone. If you really need to use them, do so as a last resort. 
    When Barricade is finally defeated, the chapter will end.
       - CHAPTER 4: AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL                         [ TFTG06 ]
    This is a very simple mission. Get your guns ready, and hit to the 
    green marker to the mission. Once you begin, you should see that the 
    map has some icons on it. The red markers are the radio towers, while 
    the yellow markers are the generators. Your task is to simply destroy 
    them all.
    Start by taking out the generators since they're at ground level. It's 
    impossible to miss them, since they're, you know, shiny and in orange.
    Just keep shooting them till they explode. Heavy or light weapons, it 
    doesn't matter. 
    Focus on the radio towers next. Aim high, and lock onto them if you 
    want (not necessary though). Just keep shooting until all the towers 
    It's a race against time now, as you've one minute to reach the next 
    action zone. That's plenty of time, actually. Transform into car mode 
    and drive towards the green marker, and you'll be asked to repeat the 
    process with more radio towers and generators. 
    To speed up the process, you may want to climb up the buildings here 
    for a better aim on the towers. In any case, just shoot them all, take 
    out the generators, and you're done here.
    There are more things to do though, as you're now given another minute 
    to reach the power plant. Optimus Prime and Co. are trying to land 
    here, but some gas cylinders are blocking the way. Hey, didn't you 
    just clear them all while pwning Barricade earlier? These earthlings 
    sure do their repair works fast!
    Anyway, stand at a distance and start shooting those cylinders. Beware 
    of the ricochets, and that's about it. Once all cylinders are gone, 
    the mission ends. 
                                                          THE SUBURBS: END
    B. MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE                                  [ TFTG07 ]
       - CHAPTER 1: OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE                      [ TFTG08 ]
    You control Jazz in this chapter. Your aim is to race through the city 
    to cause a distraction, so that the Autobots can escape from unwanted 
    attention. As usual, head towards the green marker to start.
    This is a rather straightforward mission. You'll need to drive towards 
    several checkpoints (shown on the map) that are depicted by yellow 
    markers on the map. At each checkpoint, you'll find a shining, purple 
    marker. Touch these purple markers at each checkpoint, and proceed to 
    the next one. If your driving isn't perfect, you may consider changing 
    into robot mode to touch these purple markers - I find it easier to 
    control the robots than the cars... especially Jazz in car mode.
    Some time into the mission, you'll see red markers on the map. As you 
    approach these markers, you'll find some objects with a red icon over 
    them. Simply punch these objects till they explode (there might be a 
    few in one given area - you need to destroy them all), and you can 
    start moving to the next checkpoints again. 
    Repeat this process of driving to checkpoints until you can destroy 
    some stuff, and then to checkpoints again. As you hit the final check-
    point, the chapter will end.
       - CHAPTER 2: A FRIEND IN NEED                            [ TFTG09 ]
    You take control of Ironhide here. Jazz is in trouble, and you'll need 
    to save him. Hit the green marker to begin, and then start driving 
    towards the next green marker to Jazz's location. 
    As you're driving towards the marker, you may notice a health bar on 
    the top right corner of your HUD. This depicts Jazz's health. If it 
    falls to zero at any time during the chapter, you'll have to restart. 
    So, this is more or less a timed mission even though no timer is 
    One you reach the green marker, Jazz escapes, and you'll take on his 
    tormentors. There should be about 3-4 drones here for your punching 
    pleasure. Simply punch them all into submission (Ironhide really has 
    some awesome power in his punches). I'm really surprised here. You 
    mean, Jazz can't take out these minions?
    Anyway, while you were punching the drones, Jazz has reached the next 
    green marker, and is promptly attacked by more drones. Race towards 
    that location to get Jazz out of the spot, and then it's clobbering 
    time again. 
    You may notice now that one of the drones here are doing that swinging 
    thing, just like Barricade earlier. Defeat the other "easy" drones 
    first, and then throw an object at that swinging bot to stop whatever 
    he's doing. Move in for the kill as usual.
    Another green marker lights up on the map once you defeat this lot. 
    Once again, drive to the location, free Jazz, and then fight another 
    bunch of enemies. This time round, it's a little tricky. There's one 
    swinging drone and some "easy" drones again. Unlike previous batches, 
    however, these dudes are relentless in chasing you. The "easy" drones 
    stick to you like leeches, and they respawn quickly after you kill 
    some. I'd suggest simply transforming into truck mode if you aren't, 
    and drive to behind that swinging bot. Slide quickly to face him, and 
    then pick up an item to throw at him. 
    Basically, you'd need to avoid the attacks of the other drones, focus 
    on the swinging one, and you should be fine here. After killing the 
    swinging dude, you may still have to fight a little, but the remaining 
    robots shouldn't be a problem for Ironhide's fists.
    One last green marker appears after this. That means another race to 
    Jazz's location. You'll find the next bunch of enemies at the truck 
    yard. Or rather, enemy. Yes, there's only one of them here, but he's 
    very much different from the others. He's pretty much immuned to most 
    attacks, and it took me a while to find out how to hurt him. I'd say 
    I found out how to beat him purely by luck.
    See those yellow construction vehicles lying around? Pick one up, and 
    hurl it towards this bot. He'll fall to the ground momentarily. Run up 
    to him, and PICK HIM UP, and then throw him forward. The resultant 
    fall will tear down his resistance. 
    Do this a few times, and he's a goner. Chapter completed.
       - CHAPTER 3: FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE                     [ TFTG10 ]
    More trouble for the Autobots, as Bumblebee has now been captured by 
    Sector 7. You control Optimus Prime (cool) in this chapter, and your 
    sole objective is to keep up with the helicopter that's transporting 
    Bumblebee to its base.
    This is a rather easy mission. There's an icon that you can find on 
    the map that depicts the helicopter's location. Around it is a circle 
    that serves as the action zone that you'd need to keep yourself in. 
    The route that the helicopter takes is pretty forgiving as well, as 
    most of them are above roads that you can drive on. 
    So, just drive safely (don't even need to use nitros... most of the 
    time) and keep yourself inside the action zone. At times, the chopper 
    will take a tricky flight past some buildings. To save time, you may 
    want to transform into robot mode, climb these buildings and get to 
    the next available road. That's about it for the entire mission.
    After you follow the helicopter for a bit, you'll be hit by a falling 
    meteor. This interrupts your chase, and subsequently ends the chapter.
       - CHAPTER 4: HEAVY WEAPON                                [ TFTG11 ]
    The meteor from the earlier chapter is none other than Shockwave! Boss 
    fight time. You'll find yourself near the gas station where Shockwave 
    is once you hit the green marker to start this fight. 
    During the initial stages, Shockwave is in weapon mode, sending waves 
    of attacks towards you. It's therefore advisable to simply throw 
    objects at him. If you want a secret achievement, you may want to jump 
    up to the gas station's roof, pick up that large tire there, and throw 
    it at him ("Pit Crew" - 10G).
    After being thrown at for a few times, Shockwave will transform into 
    robot mode, and start smashing the buildings around. Notice that below 
    his health bar is some sort of a health bar for the city. If that 
    falls to zero, you fail the chapter. So, apart from getting to Shock-
    wave and landing the punches, you'd also need to do it quickly before 
    he deals too much damage to the surroundings.
    Shockwave won't simply stand there for your picking. If you punch him 
    a few times, he'll run to another part of town to deal damage. So, 
    make use of the map to check out his location at all times, and then 
    go towards him to deal the pain.
    Do this until his health bar diminshes, and the mission will end.
                                              MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE: END
    C. INSIDE HOOVER DAM                                        [ TFTG12 ]
       - CHAPTER 1: BREAKOUT                                    [ TFTG13 ]
    You're Bumblebee, again. This mission follows after the capture, and 
    you're imprisoned in Sector 7 premises. This chapter in particular 
    requires you to make a prison break.
    You may notice that there are plenty of Energon Cubes lying around. 
    If you're a completist, you may want to start hunting around for some. 
    If you manage to get 20, you can also find plenty of sub-missions to 
    do here. If you haven't done any, try doing one just for the sake of 
    getting an achievement ("What Challenge?" - 10G).
    In any case, to start this mission, hea towards the green marker as 
    usual. Once you activate the mission, you'll find a door straight 
    ahead. Walk towards it and use melee attacks on it until it breaks.
    Cut-scene, as you see a security drone making its way out from where 
    you just broken in. Get your nitros and weapons ready (car mode), and 
    once you resume control, quickly drive towards the drone and fire at 
    it at the same time. Hopefully you can land a few blows on it. You'd 
    need to take it down before it raises an alarm. You should be able to 
    do finish it off before it makes its second turn, but some may need 
    more time.
    Anyway, once it's destroyed, you'll find an explosive red icon on the 
    map. The location of this icon is actually where you just blasted 
    through a door. Race back to that place before the timer (I can't 
    remember how long... 35 seconds, maybe?) expires, and you'll face a 
    second door to blast.
    Repeat the door-punching process. Once the door is gone, another drone 
    appears. Chase after it like before, and finish it off by getting 
    close and shooting it in car mode.
    Another explosive red icon at the same location, so race back again 
    before time expires. You'll see yet another door. Blast it down, and 
    this time, TWO drones will speed away. I'd suggest focusing on the 
    back drone first, as you should aim to take it down before it even 
    makes its first turn. Then, quickly use nitros to chase the front one 
    and fire relentlessly at it till it's gone.
    You'll need to return to where the doors were earlier. Once you reach, 
    the chapter will end.
       - CHAPTER 2: TUNNEL VISION                               [ TFTG14 ]
    I hate this mission. The poor driving mechanics of this game really 
    make this more hard work than it should. There are a total of six 
    cooling fans in the dam. The first one is found near the green marker, 
    and by activating the mission there, you automatically destroy that 
    fan. And here begins a rocky drive out from the tunnel where you're 
    Explosions happen everywhere, so just drive very safely while main-
    taining decent speed so that you don't get caught out. You may want to 
    use your weapons to clear any objects blocking your progress, or even 
    transform into robot mode if you happen to get stuck while driving. 
    And oh, yes, there will be a timer to make things difficult.
    Once you get out of the tunnel, a short scene will play. Time will be 
    added to the timer. Now, look at the map, and you'll find the 
    locations of the other five cooling fans. Their general directions are 
    as follow:
                     | X |                 | X |
                     |   |                 |   |
                     |   |                 |   |
                     |   |                 |   |
                     |   |                 |   ----------------
                     |   |                 |                  X
          -----------    ------------------    ----------------
          X                                    |
          -----------                          |
                    |                          |
                    |                          |
                    |                          |
                    |                          |
          -----------                          ----------------
                      B                                      X
    Apologies for the crude ASCII drawing. It's just about right, I think. 
    "B" is where you're after escaping that dreaded tunnel of death. I 
    find that an easier way here is to do a counter-clockwise sweep of the 
    fans, so I'd suggest hitting the gas forward to hit the southeast fan 
    first, followed by the two at the northeast, then the two at the 
    northwest. It's entirely up to you how you want to do this, but I 
    manage to do this at one go with quite some time left on the clock, so 
    you may want to use my suggestion.
    Whichever way you approach, you'd need to take note of the following:
    1. The cooling fans can only be destroyed by melee attacks.
    2. After you destroy one fan, it's the tunnel of death again.
    3. Each time you successfully escape a tunnel, time will be added.
    4. While escaping the tunnels, it's inevitable that you'll be hurt. 
    As you enter a tunnel to destroy a fan, you should find health icons  
    midway through. Also, whenever you escape a tunnel, you should also 
    find a health icon near the exit. Use them to keep your health up.
    So, I guess that's it. Just head to each fan's location while picking 
    up health along the way, destroy the fan, and escape the tunnel. Do 
    so until all five fans are gone.
    And, if you want a special achievement ("Turbo? We don’t need no 
    turbo!" - 30G), you can do this entire chapter without using nitros. 
    I didn't bother with it though. 
       - CHAPTER 3: POWER DRAIN                                 [ TFTG15 ]
    This mission is a cakewalk as compared to the previous one. There are 
    some power generators scattered all over this place. You need to find 
    them, and throw them away before they explode. Whatever.
    Hit the green spot to begin. The locations of the generators are shown 
    on the map as green icons. Sorry, no ugly ASCII pic here. Just follow 
    the green dots, man! When you head towards any one of them, however, 
    you'll find no generators around. Well, they're actually above you. 
    Climb the walls where the green icon is shown, and go all the way to 
    the top. You should now find the generators - one at each location, of 
    course. Pick it up and throw it away, as far as possible. You don't 
    want to be there when these generators explode.
    Proceed to the remaining generators and do the same, and the chapter 
    will end.
    Point to note though. Out of the five generators, only one is isolated. 
    The other four are in pairs. When climbing the walls, try to climb at 
    the side that's in between two generators, example:
                           ------       ------
                          |      *     *      |
                          | (  ) *     * (  ) |
                          |      *     *      |
                           ------       ------
    Climb the walls where the "*"s are. I tried climbing from the other 
    side once, and somehow fell into a hole (?) and got stuck. Needless to 
    say, I failed the mission because of this stupidity. I'm not sure 
    whether this is a glitch or something, but take my advice just in case 
    you encounter this frustration.
    Also, you can also get an easy achievement ("We Don't Need Roads" - 
    15G) here. From the top where you threw a generator, walk to the edge 
    of the structure, and press "Y" to transform. You'll go into a freefall
    down to the bottom, and achieve full jump skills for the achievement.
       - CHAPTER 4: WAKING GIANT                                [ TFTG16 ]
    Bumblebee vs Megatron! You know this is a mismatch from the onset. I 
    think the developers know it too, so this is more like a survival 
    mission. You need to stay alive for three minutes while the AllSpark 
    shrinks. It's not an easy feat, this one. Not when the enemies are so. 
    damn. cheap.
    The first part of the game is easy. The AllSpark is held by six 
    supports. Simply blast them all (see their "health bar" dimish when 
    you shoot) with your heavy weapon, and they should be gone in no time.
    Just make sure you avoid the back attacks from the lot of insect 
    (Spiders? Scorpions? Who cares?) drones.
    Next up, the AllSpark begins shrink, while the insect drones and some 
    vehicle drones start attacking you. This is still easy to do. Simply 
    melee them for easy kills. After about 40 seconds, however, Megatron 
    will be revived. Still in half-frozen state, he'll start shooting at 
    you while you attempt to take on those dreaded insects and vehicles.
    My advice? Don't even fight. On some occasions, while fighting the 
    drones, I got hit by cheap shots from Megatron. It hurts. Also, if you 
    really need to fight, don't do so at any point on the right side of 
    Megatron. This is because there's a large open area to the right, and 
    if you get hit by Megatron, chances are you'll fly out of the action 
    zone. And then, when trying to get up to return to the zone, you'll 
    find those insects shooting at you like their lives depend on it. 
    You'll never make it back in time.
    In any case, the only time you need to fight these creatures is when 
    you're really down on health. They regularly give health icons, so 
    you may want to kill a few to replenish health. 
    Other than that, just run and jump in circles around the structure 
    where the AllSpark is at. Most of the creatures will stupidly follow 
    you, but won't fire. And Megatron's attacks will most likely miss due 
    to your constant movement.
    So, that's it. Just run and jump around like a mad man for the 
    remaining time, and you should be alright. It took me a few attempts 
    of trying to fight and avoid Megatron's attacks to realise that the 
    best policy when Bumblebee faces Megatron is to simply run.
                                                    INSIDE HOOVER DAM: END
    D. THE LAST STAND                                           [ TFTG17 ]
       - CHAPTER 1: EXTERMINATOR                                [ TFTG18 ]
    Time to take revenge of those pesky insect drones. This time round, 
    you're Ironhide again. You need to keep Bumblebee alive (check his 
    health bar at the top right of the HUD), as well as destroy 100 of 
    those creepy crawlies. Simply use the map to find their locations, 
    and use melee attacks to kill them all.
    Wow, that's fast.
       - CHAPTER 2: UNFRIENDLY SKIES                            [ TFTG19 ]
    In my opinion, this is the most difficult mission of the entire 
    Autobots Campaign. Playing as Jazz, you'd need to first take out 
    Starscream, then Blackout, then Starscream again, and then both of 
    them together. Talk about pain!
    Anyway, Starscream first. He's doing a fly-by attack on you, and 
    Optimus Prime's asking you to ground him first before fighting him. 
    Check his location on the map, and then stand in front of him while 
    aiming above. Aim and shoot at him (locking-on does help here) a few 
    time until he transforms into robot and land.
    Strangely, while replaying this chapter, I found that Starscream may 
    just transform and land even without me shooting at him. I'm not sure 
    whether this happens all the time. Better just aim and shoot him.
    Starscream is a pansy in robot mode. Just get close and use melee 
    attacks on him, and his health will wear down quickly. When he's close 
    to death, he'll go into an alternate attack that sees him blasting 
    streams of fire in front and around him. Run away when he does this, 
    and find an object to throw at him. 
    Once he gets hit, he stops that fire nonsense. Get close and punch 
    him again. Repeat a few times until you can totally blast him to 
    shreds. Note that Jazz uses some sort of a sword here, which looks 
    pretty cool.
    Next up, Blackout. He also does fly-by attacks, but he's so much 
    easier to aim and shoot at. Shoot him a few times, and he'll transform 
    and land. 
    Unlike Starscream, however, Blackout is quite difficult to handle in 
    robot mode. For one, he chases after you relentlessly, so you might 
    as well give all you can in punching him. After some rounds of hurt, 
    you may find him doing a downward movement, almost as if he's going 
    to transform into helicopter mode. This is when he uses his helicopter 
    blades to deal a really devastating attack on you. When he does this, 
    quickly run away. 
    Repeat the attacks and avoiding his blades attacks, and you should 
    finish him off easily. There are plenty of health icons within the 
    action zone, and they respawn indefinitely. So, at any time should you 
    need health, do not hesitate to run away to find these icons. Just 
    make sure you remain in the action zone.
    Once Blackout is down, Starscream returns to attack you with his fire 
    streams again. Repeat the throw-object-get-close-to-melee process, and 
    he should be a goner soon. 
    Now, the hardest part. Both Starscream and Blackout join forces to 
    hunt you down. They begin with fly-by attacks, together. Thereafter, 
    they'll transform and attempt to sandwich you. After dying so many 
    times here because Blackout just doesn't stop chasing me, I found an 
    easy way to get out of this situation.
    Firstly, when both of them are doing the fly-bys, run away to a "safe" 
    area within the action zone. Replenish health as much as possible 
    during this period as well.
    Soon, they will transform, and you can keep track of their movement on 
    the map. Run around the buildings (while staying in the action zone - 
    I won't say this again, ok) until you launch a surprise attack on 
    them. Sure, they won't exactly be surprised since the enemy A.I. in 
    this game is such that the enemy always faces you, but this gives you 
    time to shoot one of them with your light weapon, and they won't be 
    exactly so near to you yet that aiming and shooting is impossible.
    Preferably, you should shoot Starscream. This doesn't hurt him, but 
    it freezes him temporarily. Use this few seconds break to rain punches 
    on Blackout. Once Starscream moves again, run away and shoot at him 
    again to freeze him, and then whack Blackout again. If you're feeling 
    gung-ho, you can even continue hitting Blackout with the aim of 
    killing him as quickly as possible. 
    Once you kill Blackout, Starscream should be easy meat, simply because 
    he doesn't chase you as quickly as Blackout. Take your time, go find 
    some health icons if you want, etc. Starscream may even transform and 
    attempt a fly-by again, but soon he'll return to bot mode, and you can 
    take him out again. Just keeping punching him until he's dead.
    Phew. That was tough.
    NOTE: Jason Murray wrote that after the flamethrower bot that attacks 
    you after you first defeated Starscream and Blackout (respectively)
    isn't Starscream, but a Decepticon drone. He mentioned something about 
    the drone having a thinner body and longer legs than Starscream, and 
    that it's is purple and black in color while Starscream is all sliver.
    Ok, thanks for pointing that out!
       - CHAPTER 3: FOR THE FALLEN                              [ TFTG20 ]
    You're Ironhide again. Apparently, after Jazz's heroics against 
    Starscream and Blackout, he has been taken out by Brawl. Optimus Prime 
    wants you to destroy Brawl as a result.
    Brawl, despite his reputation, is useless. Just get close and melee 
    him. He'll try to erect a barrier, but if you simply button-smash 
    through, he'll be defeated in no time. Once his health reaches zero, 
    he'll escape.
    You can't go after him yet though, because some drones appear to halt 
    your progress. Short and sharp - kill them all.
    Once they're disposed, you'll have 40+ seconds to reach Brawl's next 
    location. Transform into truck mode, and speed towards the green 
    marker. Along the way, you may be attacked by Brawl's tank blasts. 
    Avoid them if you can. Or, if you've time and are clever, approach 
    from a side road to avoid the blast altogether. You'd probably just 
    drive straight towards him anyway.
    Repeat the melee attacks on Brawl until he runs again. A lot more 
    drones attack you now. I don't know, maybe 8? 10? I lost count after 
    button-smashing through them.
    Another 40+ seconds timer appears next as you race towards Brawl's 
    next location. Do the same, and then two drones appear to fight you. 
    Now, these two are a little tougher to fight. One of them is doing 
    the ball-and-chain-swinging thing, and the other uses a bulldozer 
    approach of running straight at you to knock you down.
    For the swinging dude, throw something at him as usual to stop him, 
    and then punch him. Repeat a few times and he's gone. 
    For the bulldozer dude, as he runs towards you, run away so that he 
    misses. He'll stop after a while, and this is your chance to stun him. 
    Shoot at him (any weapon will do), and he'll freeze momentarily. 
    Quickly get close and punch him. Repeat a few times and he's gone 
    as well. Do take note that he only freezes when you shoot when he's 
    standing still, not when he's bulldozing.
    One final drive towards Brawl next. This time, you can kill him for 
       - CHAPTER 4: KEEP AWAY                                   [ TFTG21 ]
    This is a repeat of the Bumblebee vs Barricade mission earlier. He 
    still does that swinging thing, but he's much faster and powerful than 
    before. From the onset, just do the same throwing-and-punching 
    sequence till he runs.
    Now, it's a race to the next location. Take note that Barricade is 
    also more direct in his approach here. You may have to race side-by-
    side with him, hopefully using your nitros to gain an advantage to 
    reach the green marker before him.
    Fight him again, and then race him again to the next direction. As I 
    mentioned, it's just a reprise of the earlier fight. During the final
    fight with him, you can find a health icon near one of the buildings 
    at the north of the map. It respawns regularly as well, so use it if 
    you need health.
    And then it's the same throwing-and-punching till Barricade dies.
                                                       THE LAST STAND: END
    E. THE ULTIMATE DOOM                                        [ TFTG22 ]
    "Megatron must be stopped, at all costs."
    Megatron had earlier destroyed Bumblebee. You need to fight him in 
    this final battle. This is a multiple-phase fight, but it isn't the 
    most difficult in the game. In fact, I'd rate this 2/5 in terms of 
    He'll first do some fly-by attacks. Take note of his flying pattern, 
    and just hide in one of the streets not covered by his flight path, 
    and you won't be hurt at all. While doing this, you may want to pick 
    an object up in preparation to throw at Megatron. I'd recommend a 
    lamp post since you can hold it in one hand, so it won't affect your 
    Soon, he transforms and lands. He'll then do a bulldozer attack on 
    you. Like the previous bulldozer drone, run away as he does that to 
    avoid being hit. Then, turn and face Megatron. Once his attack stops, 
    he'll stand still and look around. 
    Throw the lamp post at him, and his bulldozing attacks end. You can 
    now see his health bar on the right of the HUD. Get close and use 
    melee attacks on him. Check out that sword! I'm impressed, but I'd 
    prefer Prime to use that G1 axe thing, you know.
    After you tear down all his health, Megatron will transform and fly 
    off again. Again, hide in a street that's not covered by his flight 
    patterns. He'll soon transform and return to ground level. 
    This time, he does a swinging attack with his G1 ball-and-chain! Wow! 
    Looks awesome! Too bad it's easily countered with a toss of a tree 
    or something. Get close next and melee him again until he transforms 
    and flies off.
    More fly-bys, more hiding in streets, and then he returns. This time, 
    he does that Starscream fire streams thing. Yawn. Lamp post/ car/ tree 
    him, and then melee him again.
    Yet more fly-bys and hiding, and he returns for a final time. This 
    time round, he does all his previous three attacks. Firstly, the bull-
    doze. Secondly, the ball-and-chain swing. Thirdly, the fire streams. 
    Each time you throw something at him, he switches to the next attack. 
    Once you stop his fire streams, he's up for the kill. Do your final 
    melee attacks on him until he expires.
    One point to note though. While I was replaying this battle, Megatron 
    found himself stuck while landing onto a statue in town. I had to jump 
    and punch him out from his embarrassment. I should've youtube that one. 
    It was quite hilarious, but if you happen to get it, just know what to 
    At the end of the day, one has stood, and one has fallen. All hail 
    Optimus Prime!
                                                    THE ULTIMATE DOOM: END
    6. DECEPTICONS CAMPAIGN                                     [ TFTG23 ]
    A. SOCCENT MILITARY BASE                                    [ TFTG24 ]
       - CHAPTER 1: SAND STORM                                  [ TFTG25 ]
    This is like, a no-brainer mission. As Blackout, you'll need to 
    achieve 100% destruction at the military base in slightly more than 
    three minutes. There're buildings, planes, hangars, etc. for you to 
    shoot at. Use heavy weapons for maximum damage. You may even afford 
    some time to do melee attacks on a row of buildings - this should help 
    unlock the "Pride of Brawl" achievement for 15G.
    But seriously, just use heavy weapons and see the percentage rise 
    quickly. Shouldn't take you more than two minutes to finish this.
       - CHAPTER 2: COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN                     [ TFTG26 ]
    You play as Scorponok here. He's a really cool character to use. You 
    can't transform, but by pressing "Y" when you're "walking" above sand, 
    you can actually dive into the sand and move around very quickly. 
    Use this ability to race towards the five different communication 
    trucks that you need to destroy. Once at the locations, jump up and 
    shoot at the trucks (one at each location - it's the shiny, orange 
    one) until they explode.
    At certain point in time, you may have to "cross the road" to the 
    other side of the sand. There's also a timer, but even with the 
    relative far distance between the trucks, you should've no problems 
    finishing them off. Just make sure you dive under the sand and move 
    when you can, since Scorponok moves really fast in this mode of 
    After the mission, you may want to dive into the sand and stay there 
    for two minutes to unlock the "Land Shark" achievement for 10G.
       - CHAPTER 3: SEEK AND DESTROY                            [ TFTG27 ]
    This is another generic search-and-destroy mission. Damn, it even said 
    so in the title. There are five communication areas in the action 
    zone, and each has a data that Blackout needs to download. To do so, 
    follow the yellow icons on the map to reach one communication area. 
    See those buildings around the area? Simply bash them all until a 
    green icon appears on the map. This is where the data can be stolen.
    Go to where this green icon is, and look for a green container. Pick 
    it up, and the data will be automatically downloaded. Aim far and 
    throw the container away, and then head for the next yellow icon area 
    to repeat the process until all five containers are picked up.
    At any time if you need health, simply shoot the helicopters flying 
    over you, and they should drop some health icons. 
    That's about it. Easy mission.
       - CHAPTER 4: FIRE IN THE SKY                             [ TFTG28 ]
    I'd say that this is a frustrating mission to do. I hate this sort of 
    shooting action while controlling a flying vehicle. You're given six 
    minutes+ to destroy 20 human jets. Yes, that's 20. Damn!
    From where you begin, use nitros to speed forward. Soon, you'll find 
    some red dots on the map, somewhere to the northeast. These are the 
    jets that you need to shoot down. Use LB to lock-on to one, and then 
    use HEAVY WEAPONS on them. Two shots of the heavy gun will down one 
    During this initial stage, you should easily hit 5-6 jets without any 
    problems. However, take note that if a jet come towards you head-on, 
    it'll usually send some shots towards you as well. Be prepared to lose 
    some health as you pursue them. 
    If you really need health, there should be helicopters and non-target 
    planes flying around. Blast them, wait for the health icons to appear 
    (not all give health boosts this time round), and then fly towards the 
    icons to pick them up. If this is really too hard to perform, make 
    sure that there are no red dots on the map, transform into robot mode, 
    land, and then shoot the helicopters above for health boosts. This 
    obviously takes more time than simply shooting in the air, but the 
    health icons are guaranteed when you shoot the choppers from ground 
    Thereafter, it's just flying around looking for red dots on the map. 
    If you happen to be behind one jet, speed forward and then lock-on 
    for an easy kill. When you're at about 10-12, you'll find that it's 
    more difficult to find the red dots. There's nothing else you can do 
    except to continue flying around, searching for them. 
    The game is quite forgiving in a sense that, if you've hit about 16 
    with about 30 seconds to go, the jets will appear in pairs for you to 
    hit. Whether you can hit them all before the time expires is entirely 
    up to you though. I could never do it when time is running out, scoring 
    19 on a few occasions, and then eventually getting all 20 with more 
    than a minute to go. I guess it's just hit and miss.
    Once you down all 20, the mission will end.
    NOTE: On a sidenote, "Fire in the Sky" is the title for the G1 
    episode that introduces Skyfire (Jetfire). 
                                                SOCCENT MILITARY BASE: END
    B. THE HUNT FOR SAM WITWICKY                                [ TFTG29 ]
       - CHAPTER 1: ROUGH JUSTICE                               [ TFTG30 ]
    This chapter is so straightforward that I initially intended to skip 
    explaining it altogether. Basically, just hit the green marker to 
    start the mission, and then start whacking Autobots when they appear.
    Kill all of them (I think they come in groups of four or something), 
    and then race to another action zone when you have to. These Autobots 
    are all easy meat. Some may use the swinging trick, but you shouldn't 
    have problem with a swinging robot at this stage.
    Basically, just kill all the Autobots and the chapter will end.
       - CHAPTER 2: RACE FOR FRENZY                             [ TFTG31 ]
    You're still Barricade. Your task here is to find Frenzy. It seems 
    that he has been held captive by some goons, but his exact location is 
    unknown. Instead, a yellow icon on the screen gives a vague location 
    of him. 
    When you reach the area, you'll find some buildings with health bar 
    above them. Simply destroy a few buildings, and you'll hit a cut-scene 
    showing the Frenzy's captor speeding off to the next location. 
    Chase after them, but there's really no need to win the race because 
    they'll eventually stop. This location will be shown as another yellow 
    icon on the map. Same concept here. Just drive there and bash the 
    buildings until they escape with Frenzy again. 
    From here on, you'll need to repeat the chasing-and-destroying sequence 
    until the mission ends. Take note that at the initial few locations, 
    destroying a couple of buildings will do. But at the later locations, 
    you'll have to tear down more buildings.
       - CHAPTER 3: PURSUIT                                     [ TFTG32 ]
    Barricade finally gets to take on Bumblebee here. The Autobot is going 
    to the police station, and you'll need to stop him from doing so. 
    Race after him, and make sure to fire a few rounds at him when doing 
    so. As you continue to wear down his health, he'll transform, and a 
    boss fight will ensue.
    Bumblebee's most powerful attack is some sort of a radial attack. This 
    sends a shockwave towards you that knocks you away, as well as take 
    out a significant amount of health. In the early stages of the fight, 
    the game will tell you to "press LT to block" whenever Bumblebee uses 
    this attack. As you block, you'll find yourself standing firm in the 
    midst of the radial blast. 
    Bumblebee needs some time to charge up another attack, so use this 
    opportunity to get closer to him. Get ready to block again when he's 
    about to unleash the attack. Repeat this a few times until you're 
    close enough to melee him. 
    Some time after you reduce his health, he'll repeat the blast attack. 
    Simply recycle the block-and-get-close sequence, and you should be ok. 
    It's easy to tell when he's about to do that attack - there'll be a 
    blue barrier around him. 
    Once you've defeated Bumblebee, he'll escape. There's a time limit 
    to the next location, so quickly hit the gas and reach there. Here, 
    you'll have to fight tons of Autobots. Although they're easy meat, 
    the sheer numbers may just wear you down a little. Just make sure you 
    pick up the health icons that a dead robot leaves behind when you've 
    the chance. Once you take down all of them, the chapter ends.
       - CHAPTER 4: PLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE                     [ TFTG33 ]
    This battle is similar to the Bumblebee vs Barricade ones from the 
    Autobots campaign. Bumblebee still uses that radial attack of his, 
    so you know what to do here. He also has more health here, so the 
    battle may take some time to complete.
    Once you reduce his health to a certain point, he'll escape. Transform 
    into car mode and give chase, bearing in mind that you don't really 
    need to chase him. Instead, just ensure that you reach the next green 
    marker first.
    Another fight against Bumblebee occurs after you hit the marker. Fight 
    him, and then race to yet another green marker. Repeat this until the 
    last checkpoint, which happens to be the power plant again. 
    Note that there'll be some Autobot minions here to distract you. You 
    can conveniently ignore them unless they piss you off too much. Also,
    try your best not to get hit by the gas cylinders here. Other than that, 
    it's just another simple fight against Bumblebee until his demise.
                                            THE HUNT FOR SAM WITWICKY: END
    C. A GATHERING FORCE                                        [ TFTG34 ]
       - CHAPTER 1: CLEARING THE AIR                            [ TFTG35 ]
    You're Starscream here. You need to destroy several radio towers at 
    five different locations. Each location has, like, 5-6 towers for you 
    to shoot at. It should be a rather straightforward mission, but it 
    isn't. This is because the radio towers are transmitting signals that 
    are interfering with yours. As a result, your map is now disabled. It 
    now looks like a broken down TV screen.
    To do this, you'll need to fly around the military area to search for 
    the towers. As you approach an area that has the towers, your map will 
    show an action zone and some red icons. Land within the zone and 
    destroy all the towers with whatever means you see fit. The towers all 
    have health bars over them, so they're hard to miss.
    Repeat this for four more times, and you're good to go. The main issue 
    here is finding the areas with towers. Note that you'll have a time 
    limit (me thinks 45+ seconds) to find them as well, but once you land 
    within an action zone, you can take your time with destroying the 
    Good luck!
       - CHAPTER 2: SINISTER SAVIOUR                            [ TFTG36 ]
    This is a typical escort mission, in which you (still Starscream) have 
    to help Bonecrusher escape the base. From where you begin, you should 
    see Bonecrusher (in robot mode) being attacked by electrical, er, 
    stuff. Take aim on each of them, and use your light weapon (it's 
    faster) to destroy them. As usual, all these electrical weapons have 
    health bars over them.
    Once you destroy every weapon in this area (all the red icons on the 
    map will disappear), Bonecrusher will transform and drive off. Follow 
    close to him until the next action zone, and repeat the attacks on 
    those weapons. As with before, once they're gone, Bonecrusher drives 
    off. Follow close to him until the next zone again to shoot the next 
    set of weapons.
    You'll have to repeat this a few times. In some areas, some tougher 
    Autobots may greet you. If they get too close to you, kill them by 
    using the throwing-and-melee technique. But I'd suggest to simply 
    ignore them. Bonecrusher's health deterioriates very quickly, and any 
    time you have should be used to destroy those damn weapons. 
    When you finish the last set, Bonecrusher escapes, and you're done 
       - CHAPTER 3: FIREWORKS                                   [ TFTG37 ]
    This chapter is like the previous "Fire in the Sky" mission. There are 
    10 jets to destroy here, and each has a data for your retrieval. After 
    you shoot down a jet, it'll crash and its remains will land somewhere 
    on the map, depicted by a green dot. You need to get to this green dot 
    and pick up the remains to download the data. 
    Sounds like tough.
    My advice here is to avoid flying around aimlessly while trying to 
    find a jet to shoot at. Instead, once you begin, transform and land. 
    Then, toggle your camera to look around the skies. Once you see traces 
    of a jet, quickly transform, fly towards it, lock-on, and unleash one 
    heavy weapon shot at it. The jets here only take one heavy shot to go 
    Once a jet is down, transform and land, then download the data. Repeat 
    the process of looking around for jets, and then fly towards them for 
    the kill. If you get the chance to shoot more than one jet, do so, 
    and then download the respective data as well. If you're lucky, you 
    can even try to shoot a jet down from ground level if it's flying low.
    That's about it here. The reason I choose to land and look around for 
    jets is that, when flying, it's difficult to see where the jets are, 
    even though you may see a red dot near you. This is because sometimes, 
    the jets could fly above you, and sometimes they could fly below you. 
    Just steering around in midair is nausea-inducing enough, and this 
    makes aiming difficult. 
    As usual, if you're hurt, shoot some choppers for health icons. I also 
    notice that the jets here give out a fair amount of health boosts as 
    well, so by shooting down a jet, you may just replenish some health 
    as well.
    Also, if you manage to do this chapter with more than 2:30 remaining, 
    you'll unlock the "Sharp Shooter" achievement for 40G. I think it's 
    tough to do so, but using my method, I finished the chapter with 
    slightly more than two minutes remaining, so with some perseverance 
    and luck, you may just get it.
       - CHAPTER 4: WARPATH                                     [ TFTG38 ]
    This chapter is similar to "Sinister Saviour". It seems that Bone-
    crusher is in trouble again, and this time round, Brawl also joins in 
    the distress party. Your objective is the same - destroy the weapons 
    that are attacking both of them. Instead of weird electrical weapons, 
    the object to shoot at is more conventional - tanks.
    The only difference here is that both Bonecrusher and Brawl are 
    escaping the base at different areas. Once you begin, take out all 
    the tanks, and Brawl will transform and drive off. You'll then be told 
    to reach the next action area within a time limit (can't remember how 
    long), which is where Bonecrusher is. Fly towards there and destroy 
    the tanks there. 
    As expected, once you down all the tanks, Bonecrusher will drive off. 
    You'll then need to race to where Brawl is, and so and so forth. Just 
    alternate between Bonecrusher's and Brawl's location while destroying 
    tanks, until you reach the final checkpoint 
                                                    A GATHERING FORCE: END
    D. CITY OF MACHINES                                         [ TFTG39 ]
       - CHAPTER 1: NOWHERE TO RUN                              [ TFTG40 ]
    You're Barricade, and you've a boss fight against Jazz here. He's easy 
    to beat. No fancy radial attacks here. Simply get close and rain melee 
    attacks on him. When's he down, you may even want to pick him up and 
    throw him against the building or something for some serious damage.
    When you deplete his health bar, he'll transform and drive off. You'll 
    need to chase after him now from checkpoint to checkpoint. There's a 
    time limit here as well, so just do your best to stick close to him.
    While chasing him, you must also keep shooting at him. Relentless 
    light weapon shots should wear down his health quickly. Once you've 
    hurt him enough, he'll transform into robot mode again.
    You can then kick his ass once more until he's dead.
       - CHAPTER 2: ENERGON OVERLOAD                            [ TFTG41 ]
    Scorponok appears now for a final flourish. YOu need to go around 
    destroying insect drones (similar to those found in the Hoover Dam). 
    There's no fixed amount to kill here, but if you take note of the top 
    left side of the screen, you may notice a counter. 
    Unlike typical counters, this counter actually depletes as you kill 
    the drones. However, once you get idle, the counter will rise again. 
    So, the trick here is to quickly kill off as many drones as possible. 
    It's only when you constantly keep the pressure up, that the counter 
    will decrease to zero eventually.
    And when the counter reaches zero, the chapter is completed. 
    If you're having problems keeping up with the pressure, remember that 
    Scorponok can dive underground to move quicker. Use the maps to find 
    the locations of the drones (red dots), and then head towards those 
    areas for quick kills. 
       - CHAPTER 3: THE MIGHTY WILL FALL                        [ TFTG42 ]
    You're Blackout, and you need to kill the mighty Ironhide. Many people 
    tell me that this is the hardest boss fight in the entire game. I tend 
    to agree, but as with all the boss fights in this game, there's also 
    a pattern that Ironhide uses. Once you get used to it, you should 
    have no problems defeating him... even though it may still take some 
    Once the battle begins, avoid Ironhide at all costs. If you check the 
    map, he should be that one blue Autobot icon that stays still all the 
    time. During this moment, if you get close to him, he'll unleash a 
    powerful radial blast that will take out a large portion of your 
    On the map, you'll also see plenty of moving blue Autobot icons. These 
    are drones that you'll need to take out. The first wave is easy, just 
    do the usual melee attack and they should be gone. It's when these 
    drones are destroyed that Ironhide will start bulldozing towards you. 
    Avoid his movement, and then quickly pick up an object. When he stops 
    and look around (just like Megatron in the Autobot Campaign), throw 
    the item at him. This will stop his bulldozing action.
    Now, you can get close to melee him. A few punches and he'll fall to 
    the ground. Quickly pick him up, and throw him away. This throwing 
    action will damage him more than mere melee attacks. 
    When he gets up, he'll charge up a blue barrier. If you're quick, 
    you'll also notice that the moving blue Autobot icons have reappear 
    again. Run, I repeat, run away from Ironhide as if your life depends 
    on it. If you're too slow, he'll do that powerful radial blast again. 
    From here, it's just the matter of killing all the drones, avoiding 
    Ironhide's bulldoze action, melee-attacking him, and picking-and-
    throwing him for damages. 
    You'll have to do this for about five times (I think). Take note that 
    the later waves of drones are tougher to beat. They include the 
    typical spinners, bulldozers and fire-streamers. You've beaten them 
    before, so just repeat the tricks to get them out off the radar. 
    The challenge here is obviously keeping alive when under severe 
    pressure from the drones. At times, you may also find that some drones 
    will be sort of "stuck" near Ironhide. When this happens, do not ever 
    try to approach them head-on. Ironhide will see you, and will do that 
    attack on you.
    Instead, take the risk and leave the action zone by the sides, and 
    then fly (nitros) quickly to the side/ back of that drone. Re-enter 
    the action zone to "lure" the drone away from Ironhide, and then do 
    your attack on it.
    Also, take note that if you're punching a drone near the edge of the 
    action zone, and if you happen to punch it out of the zone, it may 
    simply respawn at the other side of the "circle". It's a really stupid 
    glitch, and this kind of things are exactly what make this game 
    frustrating to play.
    Anyway, once you survive the ordeal and take down Ironhide, you'll 
    finally get to control Megatron... in the next chapter.
       - CHAPTER 4: DEVASTATION                                 [ TFTG43 ]
    Meatron (that is, you!) has decided to go on a rampage in the city so 
    as to lure Optimus Prime out from his shell. You've 1:30 to raise the 
    destruction meter to 100%. This is similar to the very first mission 
    of the campaign. Just use heavy weapons to shoot all the buildings 
    here, and you'll achieve this target in no time.
    Now, you'll need to get to an action zone before a time limit (40+ 
    seconds, I think). Get into jet plane and fly towards there quickly. 
    Here, you'll find a truckload of Autobot drones to kill. I lost count 
    of how many, really, but it's really a cheap way to lengthen the game 
    in my opinion. You'll get the run-of-the-mill drones, as well as the 
    usual spinners and bulldozers. Just kill them all, and make sure that 
    you stay alive.
    Once done, you'll have 1:15 to destroy more buildings. You need to 
    reach 100% destruction here, but there's a problem. Since you've been 
    killing drones here, chances are the buildings here would have already 
    been destroyed. Shooting them will not net you a high percentage, if 
    any at all. 
    Therefore, you should quickly transform and fly to another area with 
    undamaged buildings, and then start the rampage again until you reach 
    Another action zone awaits you, so quickly fly there before the time 
    limit. Here, you'll find more drones to kill. Gosh, how many drones 
    did the Autobots bring to Earth? Anyway, you'll need to kill them all 
    before you can go on your destruction again. The same enemies greet 
    you, so just ensure that you can stay alive amidst the mayhem.
    When they're gone, you'll have 1:00 to achieve another 100% damage 
    rating. As with before, fly off to an area with undamaged buildings, 
    and do your thing. You should have enough time to make it.
    Once you get this last 100%, you'll notice a stationary logo on the 
    map. Fly towards there (at the middle of Central Park), and you'll 
    find an extremely tall tower. You'll need to "do a King Kong" and 
    climb to the top of this tower. 
    Once you reach the top (pretty cool), the chapter will finally end. 
    NOTE: The game froze on me, twice, when I was playing this chapter. 
    It was extremely frustrating, to say the least.
                                                     CITY OF MACHINES: END
    E. DAY OF THE MACHINES                                      [ TFTG44 ]
    Finally, the final battle against Optimus Prime. Compared to Ironhide, 
    Optimus is a much easier fight. Once the battle begins, close in and 
    spam melee attacks on him. Once his health bar is depleted, he'll run 
    away. Take note of the direction that he runs to, since your map is 
    once again down, and you'll need to chase him later.
    Before you can do so, however, you'll need to take down a few Autobot 
    drones. They're the easier ones, so just dispose them, transform, and 
    fly towards Optimus' direction. If you're unsure, just head towards 
    the north a little (based on the map - you've got to have some faith 
    in your directional sense for this one), and then east, and you should 
    arrive at the Central Park. Once you're near, you should see a green 
    dot on the map. Head towards the green dot to start another cut-scene.
    Take note that there's a time limit here, so you if you fail to reach 
    the green dot in time, it's game over.
    Fight Optimus again as per usual. Once his health is gone, he runs 
    again. This time round, you've an armored bot to deal with. This bot 
    can be defeated like the one in the "A Friend in Need". Basically, 
    you'll throw something at him to get him down, and then pick him up 
    and throw him again. Do this three times and he's gone.
    Take out the other drones, and then quickly beat the timer to reach 
    the southeast portion of the city. You'll find Optimus here again, so 
    fight him as usual, and take out the drones when he runs. This time 
    round, you'll face one armored bot and one spinner. Kill them, and 
    Take note of Optimus' escape route as usual.
    From where Optimus escaped to, fly left, and then right to reach an 
    area with tables and umbrellas. Take out Optimus again to make him 
    run. You'll have to fight a spinner and a fire-streamer/ flamthrower/ 
    whatever you call him. Note that the umbrellas here are good, light 
    weapons to pick up for throwing at the two of them.
    Once done, fly back to somewhere near the Central Park to find Optimus 
    again. It's the end of flying around now. Just defeat him one more 
    time, and you'll emerge victorious.
                                                 DAY OF THE MACHINES: END
    I apologize for taking so long to complete this guide. I suffered an
    accident while playing Street Soccer last Thursday, and have been 
    hospitalized for concussion afterwards. I've been discharged now, but 
    I still suffer from post-concussion symptoms. I'll continue the rest 
    of this guide when I feel better. Meanwhile, at least the walkthrough 
    section of it is completed.
    As a result, any feedback/ pointers/ tips that you sent to me from now 
    till the day I return, they may not be updated. Please be patient with 
    me as I embark thihs journey to recovery. 
    Last but not least, thanks for using my guide. I hope it's of use to 
    Version 0.70: Autobots Campaign completed. 50% of Decepticons Campaign 
    complete (7/11).
    Version 0.90: Decepticons Campaign almost done (7/12).
    Version 1.00: Some minor updates on my concussion situation. Guide 
    completed (7/15).
    Activision/ Traveller's Tales
    Hasbro/ Takara
    Jason Murray
    ASCII Generator (@ http://www.network-science.de/ascii/): For the 
    banner above.
    Copyright Lestor Wong 2007.

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