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    FAQ/Walkthrough by effeser

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 05/16/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

              o-o-o-o-o-o-o- Dewy's Adventure FAQ -o-o-o-o-o-o-o
    by: effeser (effeser@yahoo.de)
    Version 1.03 (16th May 2010)
    Copyright 2010 effeser
    Table of contents
    1) Introduction
    2) Legal Information
    3) Version History
    4) Terms used in this FAQ
    5) Story & general information
    6) Controlling Dewy
       6.1) Button and Pad Controls
       6.2) Motion Controls
       6.3) Weather Manipulation
       6.4) Special Notes
    7) General Gameplay related things
       7.1) Items
       7.2) The HUD
       7.3) Ranking System
    8) Game Modes & Menus
       8.1) Title Screen
       8.2) Data Select Screen
       8.3) Select Mode
       8.4) Goody Mode
       8.5) Options
    9) Hotori Village
       9.1) The first visit
       9.2) Character Gallery 
       9.3) Music Gallery
       9.4) Tips and Tricks
       9.5) Photo Gallery
       9.6) Hall of Records
       9.7) Tree of Seven Colors
    10) Worlds of Dewy’s Adventure
       10.1) Common enemies and how to deal with them
       10.2) Groovy Grassland
       10.3) Jolty Jungle
       10.4) Icy Island
       10.5) Clammy Caves
       10.6) Restless Ruins
       10.7) Volatile Volcano
       10.8) Don Hedron's Space
    11) S - Rank times list & 100% S-Rank bonus
    12) Credits
    13) Version differences
    14) Stuff to be added
    15) Special Thanks & Closing Words
    1) Introduction
    Welcome to my Dewy’s Adventure FAQ. This FAQ was created to cover the most
    important aspects of this Wii game and guide the player through the world 
    of Dewy’s Adventure.
    2) Legal Information
    "Dewy’s Adventure" is a Registered Trademark of Konami.
    "Wii" and "Wii Remote” are both Registered Trademarks of Nintendo.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Should I have forgotten to add a trademark, please e-mail me so I can add it.
    Plagiarizing this FAQ, selling it for money, calling it your own work etc.
    is strictly prohibited. While great care has been used while creating 
    this FAQ, it’s entirely possible that it contains errors.
    Currently, the following sites have permission to host this FAQ:
    3) Version History
    Version 1.00 FAQ created
    Version 1.01 some corrections
    Version 1.02 reworded some passages, ToC added
    Version 1.03 added contributions by superstarultra and Bat178, added Trivia
    and a new Dodron strategy
    4) Terms used in this FAQ
    Guiding around players in a 3D world can be tricky, so this FAQ uses a NESW 
    West: Left part of the screen
    East: Right part of the screen
    South: Lower part of the screen
    North: Upper part of the screen
    shake horizontally: shake the Wii remote left and right repeatedly
    shake vertically: shake the Wii remote up and down repeatedly 
    5) Trivia; Story & general information
    Taken from Konami.com:
    "From the same creator of the acclaimed Eledees, Dewy’s Adventure is yet 
    another compelling and unique Wii title from Konami. It’s set in a 
    world where pure water and green forests have flourished and which once 
    enjoyed centuries of peace and prosperity under the careful watch of the 
    Elder Tree.
    However, the evil Don Hedron has seized control of the Elder Tree and 
    transformed the land into a gloomy world smothered by Black Water. Using 
    the last of its remaining power, the Elder Tree created a small droplet 
    of water, Dewy, and granted it the power of the elements with the hope 
    that it could eradicate the Black Water and restore peace to the world."
    Dewy’s Adventure is a platform game with some puzzles and fighting sequences 
    added for more variety. Traditional walking via d-pad has been replaced by 
    tilting the remote to make the protagonist slide.
    It’s the second Wii game produced by Shingo Mukaitoge and his ‘Team Elebits’.
    The game's stunning artwork was created by Tsukushi Akihito
    6) Controlling Dewy
    The game is played by holding the Wii Remote sideways. Dewy is controlled 
    by both button inputs and motions.
    The following part of this FAQ should give an overview of the controls. 
    Most of the controls are also explained in Groovy Grassland Act 1, and the 
    Tips and Tricks short movies after each regular stage.
    6.1) Button and Pad Controls
    D-Pad up: Raises the temperature from cold to normal or from normal to warm.
    D-Pad down: Lowers the temperature from warm to normal or from normal to cold.
    D-Pad left: Not used.
    D-Pad right: Not used.
    A Button: holding this button slows Water Dewy and Ice down, eventually 
    leading to a total stop. 
    B Button: not used
    +  Button: Opens the pause menu
    -  Button: Not used
    1 Button: 
    > As Mist Dewy: This charges a lightning attack. Hold it down and tilt the 
    remote to move the big shadow cast by Dewy. Enemies touched by the shadow 
    will get hit by a lightning bolt after releasing the 1 Button.
    > As Water Dewy: Performs a hip attack while Dewy is jumping. This works 
    anytime during a jump.
    > As Ice Dewy: Performs a triple combo while Dewy is jumping. Push 1 three 
    times (mashing the button also works) for all three hits. This is Dewy's 
    best attack (for the most part). When Dewy is on the ground, pressing the 
    1 Button makes Dewy perform his spinning attack. 
    You can move Dewy around with the remote to attack. Dewy is almost 
    completely invincible to enemy attacks during the spinning attack. This 
    doesn't count for enemies that swallow him or knock him into pits/lava/etc. 
    To cancel the spinning attack, press 1 again.
    2 Button:
    > As Mist Dewy: Not used.
    > As Water Dewy: Makes Dewy jump. Longer button pushes lead to higher jumps.
    > As Ice Dewy: Makes Dewy jump, longer button pushes lead to higher jumps. 
    Ice Dewy jumps considerably lower than Water Dewy.
    6.2) Motion Controls
    Tilting the remote: 
    > As Mist Dewy: Moves the shadow used for aiming lightning attacks.
    > As Water Dewy: Dewy will slide into the direction you title the remote.
    > As Ice Dewy: Dewy will slide into the direction you title the remote. 
    Ice Dewy is considerably faster than Water Dewy, but he is harder to control. 
    Sliding into walls and obstacles makes him bounce off.
    Shaking the remote horizontally (left and right): Earthquake
    Shaking the remote vertically (up and down): Wind
    6.3) Weather Manipulation
    The game allows the player to change the temperature and weather in each Act. 
    Dewy’s appearance changes with the temperature/weather.
    > Warm: Dewy will change into Mist Dewy.
    > Normal: Dewy will change into Water Dewy.
    > Cold: Dewy will change into Ice Dewy.
    The only exceptions are Icy Island (Dewy can’t change into Mist Dewy) and 
    Volatile Volcano (Dewy can’t change into Ice Dewy).
    The temperature can be controlled independent of Dewy's current state. As 
    long as Dewy is not falling down a hole, you can manipulate the temperature. 
    This means you can also change into Mist Dewy while jumping. This gives him 
    some extra height, which is useful when avoiding boss and mid-boss attacks.
    6.4) Special Notes
    > Dewy's movement needs to be compared to that of a real drop of water or 
    a marble on a tiltable surface. This means Dewy can't instantly change 
    > Holding the A button slows Dewy down more than regularly. Turning into the 
    opposite direction while doing so makes Dewy slow down even faster. Dewy 
    can slow down and stand on all even surfaces. Use this to your advantage 
    when shaking the remote to cause wind or an earthquake. Also use it when 
    navigating on narrow surfaces when Dewy starts moving too fast. 
    When aiming for an S-Rank, performing a total stop is better than falling 
    into a bottomless pit, so have no hesitation to make use of the A Button. 
    > When jumping, use Dewy's shadow to approximate where he will be landing. 
    You can cancel a jump any time by pressing the 1 Button.
    > Combining both techniques above, you can make an instant stop by jumping, 
    cancelling the jump and slowing down/stopping right as you land. 
    The button inputs for this are: tap 2, tap 1, hold A
    I find these notes are most important for the platforming parts of this game. 
    Utilizing the techniques above takes care of most, even all control 
    related problems that might occur.
    Think of Dewy's Adventure as on old game, like Ice Climbers, old Mario games 
    or old Castlevania games, where learning how to control the character was 
    just or even more important than knowing the stages.
    7) General Gameplay related things
    Learn more about other aspects of the gameplay here.
    7.1) Items
    > Health Drops: Drops of blue water, they restore a single drop of Dewy’s 
    life meter.
    > Rainbow Drops: Rainbow-colored water drops, they Dewy’s life meter to max.
    > Extra Life: Dewy can carry this with him. It fully restores his health 
    after Dewy loses his last drop of life. Should Dewy already carry an extra 
    life and pick up another one, it acts like a rainbow drop.
    > Health Shard: Collect 4 of them, and Dewy’s life will rise by one drop.
    > Invincibility: looks like a white apple and makes Dewy invincible as long 
    the special music is playing.
    > Trapped Eau: Not an item per se. Dewy’s Eau friends, surrounded by 
    black water. Slide into them to free them. 
    > Cages: Also not really an item. Cages that hold predefined numbers of Eau. 
    Slide into them to open them.
    > Camera Film: Found in the first act. Let’s you take pictures via the pause 
    > Parts: Secrets found in various locations, they have no meaning in the 
    main game. Use them in the Goody Mode.
    > Picture Frames: Secrets found in various locations, they have no meaning 
    in the main game. Use them in to add a frame to the photos you can take 
    in pause mode.
    > Exit Book: A huge book. Use it to exit the stage.
    7.2) The HUD
    > Eau counter: Located near the bottom left, it shows you how many Eau you 
    saved so far.
    > Thermometer: Located left, it shows you the current temperature. When 
    the temperature is set to warm or cold, the temperature will slowly return 
    to the normal level.
    > Dewy’s life: Located on the top right. The water drops show how much life 
    Dewy has left. When starting the game, Dewy will have 3 drops of health. 
    Normal enemy attacks usually change a big drop into a small drop before it 
    disappears. This does not count for strong boss attacks, which can cost 
    Dewy multiple drops.
    7.3) Ranking System
    The game gives you a rank every time after completing a stage. The order 
    goes from S (best) to A to B to C (worst). By collecting 100 Eau and 
    clearing the stages fast (keeping time consuming mistakes to a minimum 
    is required in most stages) you can earn an S-Rank for each stage. To get 
    an A-Rank you also have to save 100 Eau, but the timing is less strict. 
    You receive B- and C-Ranks for either clearing stages slow and/or without 
    saving all 100 Eau. 
    If you simply want to clear the game, ignore the S-Rank comments and don’t 
    got for the 100 Eau. The ranks have no influence on the game’s ending, so 
    don’t let them ruin the fun for you. They only serve as an additional 
    Keep the following things in mind when playing for S-Ranks
    > To receive an S-Rank, clear the stage as fast as you can and rescue all 
    100 Eau. The rank depends solely on the time required to complete the stage
    and the number of Eau rescued. Health doesn't count. In stages with no Eau,
    only the time required to clear a stage counts.
    > Dewy will be brought back to the last  "broad" surface he was standing 
    on before falling into a pit, water, or lava. The game will never take him
    to very narrow spaces. You can use this to move back to the main path 
    through the stages faster, e.g. by collecting all Eau located on a frozen 
    lake in Icy Island, then raising the temperature to melt the ice and let 
    Dewy drown. Dewy will be brought back to the last island he was on. This 
    is much faster than using platforms to get back.
    > You can always revisit stages and play for a better rank. Especially 
    worlds like Icy Island are easier to S-Rank after collecting several 
    health shards.
    > Easy Extra life: Start Jolty Jungle Act 3. Defeat the first few Chompies 
    and grab the extra life. Leave the stage through the pause menu. This allows
    you to fight most bosses more aggressively, saving some time.
    8) Game Modes & Menus
    The game contains many menus, this part of the FAQ tells you what they are 
    used for.
    8.1) Title Screen
    You can move Dewy around by pointing at him and holding the A button. 
    Change him into his other forms by clickling on the elements in the 
    background. Press 2 to go to the Data Select Screen.
    8.2) Data Select Screen
    Choose the slot you want to use for saving. The Minus Button starts a game
    in 'Quick Start' mode. In this mode, you can skip cut-scenes without
    previously viewing them by pressing the 1 Button. Saving is disabled. 
    This mode seems to serve no special purpose; all other things remain 
    After selecting a slot, you can go to Select Mode or delete the data.
    8.3) Select Mode
    Her you can choose from Story Mode, Options and Goody Mode. If you play the 
    story mode for the first time, a short intro sequence will play. 
    Then you will start in Hotori village.
    8.4) Goody Mode
    Edit: Here you can build your own stages.
    Single Player: Play your own stages, stages built by friends, or some 
    preset stages by the Dewy’s Adventure staff in Single Player mode. Playing 
    stages unlocks hints how to get more parts. The last 5 preset stages serve 
    as single player stages.
    Each level can be played in three ways:
    > Enemy challenge: Defeat all enemies before time runs out.
    > Star challenge: Collect all the stars before time runs out.
    > Time attack: Race to collect all Stars as fast as possible.
    Multiplayer: Play your own stages, stages built by friends, or some preset 
    stages by the Dewy’s Adventure staff in multiplayer mode. Playing stages 
    unlocks hints how to get more parts. The first 5 preset stages serve as 
    multiplayer stages. You can set the rules before each match.
    Parts List: View all the parts you collected or check for hints how to 
    find them.
    Photo Gallery: The same as in Hotori Village.
    8.5) Options
    SFX Volume: Change the volume of the sound effects.
    BGM Volume: Change the volume of the background music.
    Auto Save: Enable/Disable
    Tilt Setting: Choose from low, medium or high; the higher the setting, 
    the less you have to tilt  the remote. (I recommend the default setting)
    Save Game: Manually save the game.
    Copyrights: View the Copyrights.
    9) Hotori Village
    Hotori Village serves as an interactive menu. 
    9.1) The first visit
    When playing for the first time, slide to the bridge located northeast, 
    were Dewy will automatically talk to two Eau. Watch the conversation and 
    slide to the next Eau, under the Tree of Seven Colors. Talk to him using 
    the 2 Button and pick the only available world act,Groovy Grassland Act1.
    When returning to Hotori Village, things will have changed. You can access 
    many galleries and statistics from there. Slide to the according Eau and 
    talk to them using the 2 button. More content is unlocked as you play 
    the game.
    9.2) Character Gallery
    View the 3D models used in the game. Use left and right on the D-Pad to 
    scroll through the gallery, use up and down to select another set of 
    character models.
    9.3) Music Gallery
     Listen to the game's music here, the tracks are:
    > Strawberry Date
    > Hello Heart
    > An Instrument Called Wind
    > Thrill of Magic
    > Soda Jungle
    > Hasty Panic
    > Frozen Frequency
    > A Pure White Dark Sound
    > Ancient Scream
    > Crazy Poison
    > An Ancient Sensation
    > Deformation Machine
    > Bye Bye Volcano
    > Hit It While It's Hot
    > Heavenly Lullaby
    > Whispering Prelude 
    > Juicy Here
    > For a Better Tomorrow
    > The Blackhearts
    > Something Like Friendship*
    > A Letter from the Stars*
    > Washing Machine Mama*
    > Milky Memory
    > Minty Postcard
    > Surreal Cream Puff
    > Dynamite Bacon
    > Twilight Pilaf
    > Fateful Encounter
    > We're Number One
    > Rainbow Smile
    After completing the game, all songs but the three marked with a * should 
    be unlocked. To get the remaining songs, go to the Goody Mode, enter 
    each menu there once and play a Goody Mode stage.
    9.4) Tips and Tricks
    Watch the Tips and Tricks short movies again. After completing the game, 
    all Tips and Tricks should be unlocked.
    9.5) Photo Gallery
    Manage the Photos you have taken while playing.
    9.6) Hall of Records
    View detailed statistics for every stage you played.
    9.7) Tree of Seven Colors
    Talk to the Eau there to select a stage. 
    10) Worlds of Dewy’s Adventure
    Each world but the last one has four normal acts and a boss act. The 
    descriptions bellow show you how to clear each stage fast while saving 
    all 100 Eau. 
    10.1) Common enemies and how to deal with them
    How to deal with mid-bosses and bosses is described under “Worlds of Dewy’s 
    > Droncos: Tall enemies with cartoony eyes and a helmet. Their Helmet and 
    body colors show how strong they are. Red Helmet Droncos can only take a 
    single hip attack or Lightning attack, Purple Helemt Droncos are a tad 
    stronger. Blue Helmet Droncos can take a full triple combo.
    > Dronco Leader: A Pink Dronco, can summon other Droncos and attack with 
    a slide. Depending on how many Droncos are around him, you can either 
    weaken him with a Lightning Attack and then attack with a triple combo, 
    or use a triple combo right away.
    > Flame Dronco. Has a strong punch attack. A single hip attack from 
    Water Dewy can take him out.
    > Snow Dronco: Can slide and take a lot of hip attacks. Use a triple 
    combo against him.
    All Droncos described above can grab Dewy. Cause an earthquake to shake 
    them off. Earthquakes also scare the above Droncos and immobilize them.
    > Lemming Dronco: A completely invincible type of Dronco. They don’t 
    attack and keep following their path.
    > Spin Dronco: Spins around and attacks with his arms. Freeze him by 
    lowering the temperature while he is not spinning, then defeat him 
    with a triple combo.
    > Smash Dronco: Looks like a variation of the Spin Dronco. They attack 
    by jumping. Use the same tactics against him.
    > Gebotz: Huge creatures resembling man eating plants. They come in brown 
    and green. Both spit out Droncos. Usually they aren't alone, so it's 
    a good idea to first stun them with a lightning attack, then attack with 
    a triple combo. The brown ones leave puddles of black water behind. Jumping 
    into them gives Dewy a health shard.
    > Gulpy: A flying enemy, can spit out Chompies. Use a triple combo to take 
    him out. It's possible to stun them with a lightning attack, but you must 
    float higher than them.
    > Gulpoo: A Gulpy that can drop Droncos onto Dewy. Fight him the same way 
    you fight a Gulpy.
    > Chompie: A doglike enemy. Put them to sleep by calling some wind, then 
    either use a hip attack, or a spinning attack, should more than two 
    Chompies attack.
    > Chompie Leader: A purple Chompie, use the same tactics as used against 
    a regular Chompie.
    > Hot Chompie: Can't be put to sleep by wind, but a single hip attack 
    defeats them.
    > Giant Chompie and Snow White Chompie: Huge Chompies that are invincible 
    to regular attacks. You can defeat them by using an invincibility item, 
    though its not required and doesn't give you any bonus.
    > Ponco: Yellow and Orange creature with long legs. Use a triple combo 
    to defeat it.
    > Poponco: a female Ponco, behaves the same as the male counterpart.
    10.2) Groovy Grassland
    Act 1
    The first act of the game also serves as a tutorial. Several messages will 
    pop up while playing the stage. They do not add to the time for playing the 
    stage though. For the sake of simplicity, the messages were ignored for 
    this FAQ.
    Collect the first 8 Eau and move further east. Collect 4 more Eau and open 
    the cage by sliding into it. You should now have rescued 22 Eau. Now slide 
    down the plateau to the east. Open the appearing chest with a hip attack 
    for a camera film. Then lower the temperature and defeat the Dronco using 
    a triple combo. Defeat the next 3 Droncos using Ice Dewy's spin attack. 
    Next transform into Mist Dewy and take out 3 more Droncos. Next stun the 
    appearing Chompie with a lightning attack. Transform into Water Dewy and 
    take him out with a hip attack. A water switch will activate. Use a hip 
    attack to operate it. Now slide towards the blue plant and it will engulf 
    Dewy. Shake the remote to free Dewy and he will be catapulted far away.
    Free all Eau, you should have 38 by now, and keep moving until you find a 
    small tree with red fruits and a hole. Jump over it or right into the hole, 
    the tree acts as a acceleration device. Collect 8 more Eau and take out 
    the Droncos. Jump up the first step, then jump to the west, to a small 
    platform with a few Eau and a cage. Rescue them for a total of 59 saved Eau. 
    Then return to the steps and follow them. Save 3 more Eau, then use the 
    blue plant. Dewy will land right in front of a Gebotz. Take him out with 
    Ice Dewy's triple combo and get the health shard he leaves behind. Save 
    the trapped Eau (you should have 78 by now) and move west, to a pond. 
    Cross it by lowering the temperature and collect the Eau around the Exit 
    Book. North of the Exit Book you’ll find the last trapped Eau. With 
    100 Eau rescued, enter the exit book to complete the stage.
    Act 2
    Save the first few Eau you see as the stage starts and open the cage west 
    of Dewy’s staring position. Defeat two Droncos and move west to collect 
    more Eau. You should have 19 Eau before you slide down the slope with the 
    wavey textured grass. After sliding down, you'll see 5 Droncos and a Gebotz. 
    First use a lightning attack against them, then take out the remaining 
    enemies with Ice Dewy’s triple combos. Free the 3 Eau on the tree trunk, 
    and the Eau counter should reach 25. Follow the path of trapped Eau to a 
    box, which contains an item that grants invincibility. Use it to take out 
    the two Spin Droncos near your position and a platform will appear. 
    Rescue the single Eau you see and jump onto the platform. More platforms 
    will appear, paving the way to a plateau with more Eau. Rescue them for 
    a total of 43 Eau and use the blue plant. It will catapult Dewy to 
    an otherwise unreachable area, right into a cage full of Eau. Rescue all 
    Eau on your way to a box that contains another invincibility item and 
    use the blue plant you find nearby to return to the place where you fought 
    the Spin Droncos. Now slide down the slope and take out all enemies, 
    preferably by touching them while still invincible to conserve time. 
    The Gebotz will leave a health shard behind. Now save the circularly 
    positioned Eau and open the next cage south of them for a total of 82 saved 
    Eau. Slide down the slope and save three more Eau sitting on a tree trunk. 
    You can use the mushroom next to the trunk as a spring to reach them. 
    Now move west, collect the remaining Eau and complete the stage with 100 
    Eau rescued.
    Act 3 
    Collect the all Eau you see and freeze the pond. Follow the arrow which 
    leads to a blue plant. Don’t forget to take out the two Droncos on your 
    way there. As you arrive at the blue plant, you should have 11 Eau. The 
    plant catapults Dewy to another section with 4 more Eau, a huge tree 
    trunk, and a cage on top of it. Free the Eau and slide to the next blue 
    plant. It shoots you to a plateau with a pond. Around the pond are 
    enemies and Eau. After rescuing your friends and taking out the enemies, go 
    to the east side of the pond and jump up, you'll see a red arrow. Slide in 
    the opposite direction, where you'll find a Dronco and three more Eau. You 
    should have 38 Eau by now. Now go in the direction the red arrow is 
    pointing, move higher and higher by jumping from ledge to ledge. You'll 
    discover a white mushroom and a Dronco. Take him out to free another Eau. 
    Do not use the white mushroom to get to the next ledge. Instead, jump on 
    the tree trunk and slide east, you'll hear some trapped Eau screaming. Fall 
    down to rescue them, this leads to a total of 55 rescued Eau. Now continue 
    following the marked path, back to the white mushroom you didn't use before. 
    Higher up we go, we see a pond, a locked gate, a blue plant and 2 Droncos, 
    Take out the Droncos and use the blue plant. It brings you to another one, 
    from were it catapults you to more Eau. Ignore the blue plant the red 
    arrow is pointing to and free your Eau friends. Near the top of the hill, 
    a Dronco Leader with a few helpers and a Gebotz await. Take them out via 
    lightning attacks and triple combos, get the health shard dropped by the 
    Gebotz and open the box to your left; it contains a key. Do not go back to 
    the locked door now, move to the top of the hill first and get the Eau there.
     To reach the very top, you have to use a white mushroom as a spring. Make 
    sure to attack it with Water Dewy's hip attack for maximum spring-jump 
    height. After opening the cage on top of the hill, you should have 83 Eau. 
    Now return to the locked gate. Simply keep jumping down east of the hill 
    to get there. Slide towards the lock and the key will automatically appear 
    and open the gate. (You can also jump around the gate without the key, but 
    the following event won't happen without the key) A path will appear. 
    Follow it and get ready for a mid-stage boss battle.
    Dodron has two attack.
    > Shockwave jump: Dodron will jump and cause a shockwave upon landing. 
    Keep out of the shockwave's reach or avoid it by jumping. After landing, 
    Dodron is vulnerable. 
    > Inhalation: Dodron will inhale Dewy if he stays in cloud form for
    too long.
    Shake the remote horizontally while holding A to cause an Earthquake.
    This will mess with Dodron's balance, Dewy can now attack him. Or wait 
    until he completes his SHockwave jump.
    Use Ice Dewy's triple combo on him, after which he will fall down. Keep 
    attacking until it stops damaging him. Dodron will soon stand up and 
    and try to perform a Shockwave jump. Either wait or make another Earthquake.
    Keep fighting until you got him. 
    After your victory, the boss will dissolve and a path will appear. 
    Follow it, collect the last remaining Eau and enter the Exit Book.
    Act 4
    You will start in front of a broken bridge. To the west are 3 Eau, get them 
    and then move east to rescue some more Eau, thereafter follow the red 
    arrows. 4 Droncos await on a small island, guarding an inactive switch. 
    Use Mist Dewy to take them out quickly. You should now have rescued 19 Eau. 
    Now you can activate the switch with Water Dewy's hip attack, which in 
    return activates a blue plant near the switch. The blue plant brings Dewy 
    to a plateau with 8 Eau, a pond and a blue plant. Move ahead, the blue 
    plant will bring you higher up, where a Dronco Leader and his minions await.
    Take them all out, and don’t forget to free the single Eau near the inactive
    blue plant. Now you can operate the Ice Switch with Ice Dewy's triple combo 
    to activate the blue plant. Before using it, move west and take note of some
    white mushrooms. Use them to get to more trapped Eau. Rescue all of them, 
    and you should have a total of 34 saved Eau. Now on to the blue plant. 
    It will bring you higher up. The red arrow will guide you to 2 Eau and a 
    Spin Dronco. Take care of them, then follow the path and you will encounter 
    Droncos, a Gebotz (containing a health shard). Defeat them, then activate 
    the switch by sliding onto it and causing a storm (shake the remote 
    horizontally while holding A). 3 pillars previously blocking your way will 
    sink into the ground. Use the floating platform to move on and rescue all 
    Eau on your way. Droncos will ambush you near a water slide, use Mist Dewy 
    to defeat them. Lower the temperature and slide down, then notice an 
    inactive switch, 2 Droncos and a red arrow sign, which we will ignore for 
    now. Defeating the Droncos allows you to operate the switch with a 
    lightning attack. Both blue plants will activate. Each one takes you to a 
    set of platforms with a cage on top and another blue plant that brings 
    you back.  Get all hidden Eau this way, then follow the red sign you 
    ignored before. It leads to another water slide. Freeze the water and slide 
    down; a Dronco and a cage is to the west of the slide, three single Eau 
    and a floating platform are east of it. You should now have 68 Eau rescued. 
    Use the platform to get to a Spin Dronco and a blue plant. This one takes 
    you to another Gebots and quite a few trapped Eau. Make sure to defeat the 
    Gebotz, it holds 3 Eau captured. To your right is a pond, a broken bridge 
    and a blue plant. Slide around the pond, you'll find more Eau and a cage. 
    Now use the blue plant, then instantly turn into Ice Dewy, to prevent the 
    next plant from sucking Dewy. Open the box (contains a rainbow drop) and 
    rescue the single Eau next to the blue plant. You should have 93 Eau by now. 
    Now transform back into Water Dewy and use the plant. It will bring you 
    to a Dronco Leader and his minions. Defeat him and rescue the remaining 
    Eau around the gate to the boss. Now enter the gate with 100 Eau rescued.
    A purple villain in an oddly shaped pot. The fight against him is a 
    two-phase fight.
    Phased one:
    Gasdron has the following attacks.
    > Gas Trail: Gasdron moves around and leaves a trail of purple gas behind. 
    Dewy's starting position is a safe spot. You can stay there for this 
    whole attack.
    > Circular Gas Cloud: Gasdron will stomp with the pot, and small water 
    drops will fall down. He then shoots out a circular gas cloud (watch out, 
    it can hurt Dewy) that turns the water drops into Droncos. The Droncos 
    will self destruct after a few seconds, while Gasdron isn't doing anything.
    There is another variation of this attack, but without the drops. 
    We’ll refer to the second variation as Circular Gas Cloud 2.
    Order: (Gas Trail, Circular Gas Cloud1) x n
    Gasdron is vulnerable while he is peeking out of his pot. Use Ice Dewy and 
    the triple combo to attack him (the first two attacks will move Dewy in 
    position, the third attack will hit Gasdron)After scoring a hit, Gasdron 
    will become dizzy, and two big drops of water appear. 2 plants south of the 
    area will start sucking them in. Slide into one of the drops (works as Ice 
    Dewy and Water Dewy) and wait till Dewy gets sucked into the plant. 
    Now shake the Wii remote vertically until the plant spits Dewy out, 
    right onto Gasdron's pot. I got better results doing this one-handed.
    Now Gasdron will recover and attack again. Keep waiting for a chance to 
    triple combo and attack him using the big water drops/plants until you have 
    defeated him.When he has less than 50% of his life left, he will start using
    the Phase two pattern.
    Phase two:
    Geldron changes his tactics.
    > Circular Gas Cloud 2: See Circular Gas Cloud
    > Bombs: Bombs drop from the ceiling
    Order: (Gas Trail, Circular Gas Cloud 2, Bombs, Circular Gas Cloud 2, 
    Gas Trail, Circular Gas Cloud 2, Circular Gas Cloud 2) x n
    Keep using the same tactics as before until you win this fight.
    S-Rank notes:
    You need to take Gasdron out with three water attacks from the plants. 
    Gasdron's attack patterns reset when he is hit. This means, the first two 
    times you attack, he will do a gas trail, the third time he will do a gas 
    trail directly followed by a Circular Gas Cloud. Do not get hit by this one;
    it will cost you too much time.
    Always slide into the big water drop that is the closer to the plants 
    to save some time.
    10.3) Jolty Jungle
    Act 1
    Move east, over the Bridge and collect 8 Eau. Enter the hollow tree (it's 
    actually an elevator). Operate it by shaking the remote vertically. Now 
    move east, through a hollow three and take out the two Spin Droncos as Ice 
    Dewy, and open the cage. You should now have 26 Eau. The path splits at 
    this point. Remember this spot. Operate the water switch and a huge wooden 
    hammer to your right will start swinging. Slide east, avoid the hammer and 
    collect 2 more Eau. Do not push the next water switch. Instead return to the
    branching paths and take the path we previously ignored; it’s to the south. 
    A short cut-scene will show you a locked gate. Move towards it and collect 
    all Eau. A Spin Dronco will appear. Take him out and a box containing the 
    key to the gate will appear. Get the key and unlock the gate. Now open the 
    cage on the huge tree trunk for a total of 47 rescued Eau. Move east, then 
    jump to the next big tree trunk to the north and open another cage. Some 
    Droncos will appear. Mist Dewy can take them all out with one attack. Now 
    operate the wind switch by shaking the remote vertically. A cut-scene will 
    show you some pillars sinking into the ground. This is were you must go 
    next. Slide carefully along the thin wooden road until you run into a Dronco
    ambush. Use Mist Dewy to take care of them. You should now have 73 Eau. 
    Now don’t move further to the east, move west instead. You can now collect 
    the Eau that we omitted by taking the lower route. To your west, you will 
    see a huge wooden hammer blocking Dewy's way. Use Mist Dewy to operate 
    the Lightning switch. Quickly move west, or the hammer will hit Dewy. 
    You will run into a Gebotz, use Ice Dewy and the triple combo to defeat it.
    Get the health shard afterwards. To your west, in front of an inactive 
    hammer, collect one more Eau. Now return to the east, where we came from, 
    and go further east. Notice a strange wooden face with a purple tongue and 
    a cage of Eau. Open the cage (the counter should have reached 86 Eau now) 
    and raise the temperature, the tongue will enlarge. Simply taping up and 
    then down is sufficient, you don't have to wait for Dewy to change into 
    his Mist form. As Water Dewy hop from tongue to tongue until you reach 
    the Exit Book. Ignore it and move to the east, were we can see another 
    wooden face. Enlarge the tongue and move to the right again, were we 
    will find the last cage, containing the remaining 10 Eau. Rescue them, 
    and go to the Exit Book.
    Act 2
    As the act starts, you can see some Eau, a cage and spinning platforms. 
    Move east and rescue all Eau. You will reach a platform with a few Eau and 
    Chompies. Make some wind, as this will put the Chompies to sleep, then 
    take them out as either Water Dewy or Ice Dewy. You should now have 19 Eau. 
    Now keep going until you reach a platform with a Gebotz. Defeating him opens
    the gate east of him and gives Dewy another health shard. 
    Now keep moving east and enter a hollow tree. Dewy will fall down. 
    Notice the giant Chompies and the holes in the wall. Use the first hole in 
    the wall to get past the first huge Chompy and operate the water switch. 
    Now use the spring to jump up. Push the next water switch, but do not move 
    past the Chompie. Instead, move to the west, behind the wall (Dewy’s 
    silhouette will shine through). Now slide down the slope, were you will 
    reach a tree trunk with Lemming Droncos and a cage. Open it and check the 
    Eau count, you should now have 44.A spring is to your right. It takes you 
    to more spinning platforms. Move along and reach a ledge with a box and a 
    Chompy. The box contains an invincibility item. Take it, and use the small 
    tree, the one we also saw in Groovy Grassland Act1. It will shoot Dewy 
    forward, but navigating at his speed is tricky, so you might want to slow 
    down a bit. Take out all the small Chompies, they contain some Eau. 
    Follow the path until you see a cage, which we will open. Ignore the blue 
    plant next to the cage. Instead, follow the path, rescue more Eau and go to 
    a platform with some Chompies, a cage and a spring. Defeat the Chompies and 
    open the cage. You will now have 77 Eau. Next use the spring, it takes us 
    to an elevator. It works the same way the one in Act 1 did. Arriving on the 
    top, you will find 2 Eau and a box to the west. The box contains an Extra 
    Life. Move to the west, evade some Lemming Droncos and keep going until you 
    find another cage, an inactive blue plant, and a few Droncos. (This is where
    we would have arrived if we had not used the secret path) Now quickly go 
    back the elevator, with 95 Eau rescued. To the right of the Elevator, 
    we will find the remaining 5 Eau and the Exit Book.
    Act 3
    To the east, you'll find a rope. Water Dewy can hang onto it by jumping 
    straight up, but before doing so, defeat all Chompies under the rope and 
    get the Extra Life that appears after doing so (this is a great place to 
    grab Extra Lives for boss battles). Now use the ropes to move to the east. 
    Pressing 1 makes Dewy let go of the rope. Pressing 2 makes Dewy jump over 
    obstacles. On our way you will find a cage, some Eau and Chompies. 
    Do what you always do and continue following the ropes and evade the spike 
    ball. You will discover a tree with 2 ropes attached to it. Use them to 
    move further east, where a cage can be found. Open it, so you have a total 
    of 38 Eau rescued. Now move back where you came from and drop off the rope. 
    A Dronco Leader and his minions await. Just use Ice Dewy to take care of 
    him. Now follow the red arrow to a wooden face with a purple tongue. Make it
    grow, or jump straight over the gap, both ways work. A cut-scene shows 
    us some ropes. After the cut-scene move ahead. A Dronco Leader and his 
    underlings will attack. You can ignore them, as they don't contain any Eau. 
    Hang on to the next rope, then jump up to the top rope and slide to the left.
     Watch out for spiked balls and open the cage, the Eau counter should be 
    at 51. Move back to the west, go one rope down and slide to the east, were 
    you will find another cage. Now move to the bottom rope, and head for a 
    platform with a cage and a blue plant. Move further to the east and notice 
    a wooden face with a tongue. Drop off the rope at the red point, make the 
    tongue grow and use it to reach the cage on the platform with the blue plant.
    Quickly turn into Ice Dewy to collect the other Eau on the platform, this 
    will prevent the blue plant from sucking you in. Now change back into 
    Water Dewy and use the blue plant. It shoots you to a Gebotz and 3 Spin 
    Droncos. The Gebotz contains a health shard. Take out all enemies and move 
    south until you find some Droncos and Gulpoos. They contain Eau, so fight 
    them. Should you have missed some Eau on the platform with the blue plant, 
    so move west to collect them now. Go back to the place where you fought the 
    Gebotz. Change into Mist Dewy, and notice 3 big tongues. Use them to reach 
    the top of a tree, where you will find the last cage. You should now have 
    100 Eau. If that's not the case, chances are high some Droncos or Gulpoos 
    are sill around, south of the place where you fought the Gebotz. 
    If you have all 100 Eau, return to the place were you fought the Gebotz, 
    and move northeast. Use the ornamented platform to jump to a huge 
    tree trunk, were a mid-boss awaits.
    Dronco Rider
    The Dronco Rider has two attacks.
    > Tongue Swing: The lizard will swing his tongue around. Move away and 
    jump over it. 
    > Tongue Strike: An aimed attack with the tongue. The tongue sticks 
    to the ground after this attack for a while.
    Order: Random
    Constantly keep attacking the Dronco Rider, as this mid-boss has no 
    invulnerable phase. Ice Dewy’s triple combo is the best choices against him.
    All attacks will do more damage when his tongue sticks to the ground. 
    You can immobilize the Dronco rider by constantly causing earthquakes.
    After defeating the mid-boss, a gate opens to the east. Operate the 
    elemental switches on your path, and rainbow bridges will appear. 
    Cross them all to reach the Exit Book. 
    Act 4
    A cut-scene shows you some huge wood cylinders; passing them by jumping 
    works best. Defeat both Dronco Leaders and their helpers along your way. 
    This will free some Eau and activate a wooden hammer. Slide past the hammer 
    and open the cage you find. Then slide down, where you'll find another cage 
    and more Eau. You should now have 29 Eau. Listen for a little jingle that's 
    playing, and cloverleaves flying southeast of your current position. It’s a 
    statue that can transport Mist Dewy. We’ll call it a Wind Statue for the 
    sake of simplicity from now on. Slide in front of it and transform. It will 
    take Dewy to a park of Wind Statues. Let them transport Dewy around, 
    whenever he floats above an Eau or a cage transform into Water Dewy, then 
    resume your journey by changing into Mist Dewy again. You will arrive on a 
    platform and to your north a Gebotz and two Gulpoos await. Defeat them to 
    receive another health shard and to lower the pillars east of Dewy's 
    position. Do not go there just yet, instead slide west and jump on two tree
    trunks, where you’ll find a single Eau and a cage. You should now have 
    59 Eau. Use the wind stream to float back as Mist Dewy. To the east of the 
    place where you fought the Gebotz there is an elevator. Use it to get to 
    the top, and push the water switch there to stop the wooden hammer. 
    It can be activated and deactivated by pushing the switch again, should it 
    have stopped at the wrong position. Move to the right, open another cage 
    for a total of 76 saved Eau. Follow the arrows and glide down the wooden 
    pinball-machine. Then find and activate a lightning switch. This will 
    activate some wooden blocks, so use them to reach a group of Droncos. 
    Notice an inactive switch while you're moving towards there. Defeating the 
    Droncos  activates the switch and frees some Eau. Now push the switch. More 
    blocks will appear, forming a road to a far off block with 8 Eau and a box 
    (which contains a picture frame). After saving the Eau there, move back 
    where we fought the Droncos and follow the regular path.
    You will run into a Dronco Leader and his minions guarding the gate to 
    the boss. Defeat them to rescue the final 4 Eau and enter the gate.
    This is a two phase fight
    Phase one:
    Geldron only has one direct attack
    > Gel Tentacle: Geldron will stick to the ceiling and wave around a 
    tentacle to grab Dewy. Should Dewy get caught, shake the remote to 
    free Dewy. Losing this tug-of-war event makes Geldron suck Dewy in, 
    and chomp on him (thanks, Bat178!)
    The 4 switches on the floor will show elemental symbols 
    > first time: 4 x water, 
    > second time: 2 x ice, 1 x lightning, 1 x water
    > third time: 2 x lightning, 1 x water, 1 x ice 
    > then the pattern resets
    Use the according Dewy form to activate the switches. After all switches 
    have been activated, slide to the center and wait. A short cut-scene will 
    play. Geldron will grab Dewy. Shake the remote vertically to pull him down, 
    (fail and Dewy will have to go back to pushing buttons, thanks Bat178!)
    then change into Ice Dewy and attack with two triple combos (the best 
    I managed to do was two full triple combos and one hit of a third triple 
    combo). After some hits, Geldron will recover and create a puddle of green 
    goo. Stop attacking, slide away to avoid the puddle and Geldron's spinning 
    legs. After Geldron returns to the ceiling, he will use the Gel Tentacle 
    again, and the switches on the floor change.
    Phase two:
    After taking half of Geldron's health bar, this phase starts. Geldron uses 
    no direct attacks during this phase.
    > Circular walk: Geldron will stay on the floor and spin in a circle, 
    with short pauses in between. 
    Watch the symbols on the floor and activate them whenever you get 
    the chance to do so. 
    > first time: 1 x ice, 1 x lightning, 2 x water, 
    > second time: 2 x water, 2 x lightning, 
    > third time: 1 x ice, 1 x lightning, 2 x water 
    > then the pattern resets
    After activating all switches, Geldron will get flipped over. Quickly 
    change to Ice Dewy and attack with the triple combo. After this, Geldron 
    will stand up again. Repeat until you have defeated him.
    S-Rank notes:
    Don't waste any time when changing forms and attacking him. Try moving with 
    his legs as you activate the switches during the second phase. Mist Dewy can
    activate Lightning switches by shooting through Geldron's legs. Simply 
    tilt the shadow to cover the switch, and use the Lightning Attack. 
    You may also be able to do this from the side of the stage, as the lightning 
    goes through Geldron’s legs as if they were thin air.
    10.4) Icy Island
    Mist Dewy transformations are disabled in this world.
    Act 1
    Move to the right and defeat the first Dronco, it contains an Eau. A 
    cut-scene will show you a broken bridge. You can build your own by moving 
    near the broken bridge and changing into Ice Dewy. Ice blocks will appear 
    and stay there as long as you don't raise the temperature to the maximum. 
    Change into Water Dewy and move across the bridge. A cage of Eau is on the 
    other side. Move ahead and defeat a Gebotz and two Chompies, then save two 
    trapped Eau. The Gebotz leaves a health shard behind. Defeating all enemies 
    will also activate a switch near Dewy’s starting position. Go to the switch 
    and operate it via an earthquake (shake the remote horizontally). Now open 
    the box that was previously blocked and get the key. Three Droncos will 
    appear, defeating them leads to a total of 15 Eau rescued. Now a platform 
    will rise out of the water. Jump onto the platform, it brings Dewy to an 
    otherwise unreachable place with lots of Eau. Rescue all of them, you now 
    should have 33, and use the blue plant to get back. Now lower the 
    temperature to freeze the lake. There are 3 Eau to be rescued. To keep 
    the lake frozen when the temperature is about to return to normal, perform 
    a small jump, and quickly push up and down. This will reset the 
    temperature to the lowest level. After collecting all Eau, use the green 
    and red flower shaped-platform to return to the normal ground by sliding 
    on it and raising the temperature to the maximum. (or let Dewy drown 
    on purpose, he will be brought back to the last solid ground he 
    was standing on, remember this trick for the other stages when aiming 
    for an S-Rank).Now rebuild the bridge (lowest temperature, then change 
    to normal temperature) and open the gate with the key. Ice blocks will 
    block the way, raising the temperature to the highest level makes them 
    melt away. Move along the thin icy road, rescue the Eau and defeat the 
    Droncos. As you arrive by a big grey arrow, the Eau counter should be at 41.
    Now freeze the lake and jump down. A total of 8 can be found to the north. 
    None can be found to the south, so don't waste time by going there. 
    Return to the big grey arrow with a total of 49 Eau and raise the 
    temperature to the maximum. Jump to the platform east of the arrow and open 
    a cage, then continue moving east. You will run into a Chompy. Defeating him
    summons two Spin Droncos, which you must defeat (use Ice Dewy) to make 
    another platform appear. Now continue following the grey arrows. Make the 
    next platform, (the one with the green wind emblem), float by causing some 
    wind. For the sake of simplicity, those platforms will be referred to as 
    Wind Platforms from now on. Continue on your path. You will find circularly 
    arranged Eau, a cage, and an earthquake switch. Activate it and check 
    the Eau count, it should be at 83. The earthquake switch makes an 
    additional platform appear, follow the path until you reach it and ignore 
    the ice blocks leading to the Exit Book. Activate the wind platform and jump 
    on it, Dewy will be taken to a cage on 4 ice blocks. 
    Now you got all 100 Eau. Return to the floating platform, and jump 
    straight to the Exit Book.
    Act 2
    Move north first, and defeat 2 Droncos on a stone bridge. This makes a wind 
    platform appear.Jump on it and activate it, it will take you to a tower with
    3 Droncos and a box containing an Extra Life. Defeat the Droncos to sink the
     pillars that prevent Dewy from reaching the box.You should now have 5 Eau. 
    Return to the starting position and head east. Notice an arrangement of ice 
    crystals and jump into the center. Ice Dewy's spin attack will launch them 
    into the appearing Droncos. Now follow the grey arrows until you see 2 Snow 
    Droncos (best take them out as Ice Dewy) and a Gebotz containing a health 
    shard. Defeating the Gebotz activates 5 wind platforms around a tower. 
    Move to the tower, rescuing all Eau on your way. As you arrive by the 
    platform, you should have 21 Eau. Jump into the circularly arrange ice 
    crystals and turn into ice Dewy. Use a spin attack to launch all crystals 
    towards the appearing Droncos. Now rescue a single Eau northeast of the 
    tower, located on a very thin grey stick. Return to the center of the tower 
    and slide south, then jump onto some ice blocks. A Spin Dronco awaits, knock
    him out to free an additional Eau. Follow the ice blocks (do not melt the 
    purple ones) until you reach another tower with a cage. Open it and prepare 
    of a Chompy ambush. Defeating them all leads to a total of 41 saved Eau and 
    activates a wind platform. Use it to reach the next tower, were another cage
    full of Eau is located. Use the ice crystals to defeat the Droncos and look 
    at the Eau counter. It should be at 59. A box containing a bomb will appear 
    after all Droncos have been beaten, ignore it.  Now you have to get all Eau 
    on the water. Change into Ice Dewy and start collecting them. All Eau are 
    located around the two towers where Dewy opened the cages and fought the 
    ambushing enemies. You need to find 8 Eau. As the Eau counter reaches 67, 
    we can use a green and red flower platform to return to the regular path 
    (or drown on purpose). Move to the tower where we decided to go south. In 
    the south, southeast and southwest to this tower we will find 4 more Eau on 
    the lake for a total of 71 Eau. Now get back on top of the tower and head 
    east.Then follow the grey arrows and defeat all enemies on our way till you 
    reach a Gebotz. Defeating it reveals a box with a key. Now continue 
    following the arrows, you will see a cage and another set of circularly 
    arranged ice crystals in front of a gate. Another few Droncos appear, Ice 
    Dewy can take them out all at once utilizing the ice crystals. Now open the 
    gate and check the Eau counter. We should have 89. Go through the gate, but 
    do not follow the regular path. Instead, freeze the lake and collect 5 Eau, 
    then return to the gate, restore the Ice Block bridge by lowering the 
    temperature to the minimum and use the Wind platform to reach the Exit Book. 
    Collect the last 6 Eau there, two are hidden behind an ice wall, northwest 
    of the book. Then exit the stage.
    Act 3
    Move south to find a cage. Open it, and 2 Droncos will attack, knocking them
    out will free 2 Eau and activate a water switch. The switch will activate 5 
    wind platforms around an island. Before moving to the small island, freeze 
    the lake and collect all Eau. 14 Eau will be located all around the small 
    Island. After collecting all of them you should have a total of 24 Eau 
    rescued. Now let’s jump on the island, open the cage there and rescue all 
    Eau there for 40 Eau in total. Thereafter follow the arrow, it leads 
    southeast to a Spin Dronco and two cages: one behind a low ice wall, another
    one on top of ice blocks. Defeat the Spin Dronco and more ice blocks will 
    appear, allowing you to each the ice blocks. Open both cages and count your 
    Eau, you should have rescued 59 of them. Now move northwest, were you will 
    find a Dronco Leader and his troops, a Gebotz containing a health shard and 
    some trapped Eau. Take care of the enemies and a bridge of ice blocks will 
    appear. A Spin Dronco guards it, so knock him out first. Move across the ice
    block bridge, rescuing all Eau on your way for a total of 68 Eau. Now return
    to the Ice blocks where a cage was, then head east, where you will see more 
    wind platforms, and some Eau on the water. Freeze the lake and collect all 
    Eau. You will know you got them all once the Eau counter reaches 84. Now go 
    back to the Ice blocks where the cage was located, and follow the path of 
    wind platforms. They will fly around as you activate them, so wait a bit
    before jumping to the next. From the third wind platform, a ledge with a 
    box can be seen. It contains a rainbow health drop, it might be useful for 
    the next mid-boss. East of the third wind platform is another small island, 
    were we will fight the mid-boss.
    Chilldron uses two attacks
    > Ice Crystal Spit: Chilldron will spit out three ice crystals, try to 
    reflect them all by using Ice Dewy's spin attack for maximum damage. You're 
    almost guaranteed to reflect them all by sliding straight in front of his 
    mouth and activating the spin attack as you hear a chomping noise. After 
    getting hit, he will always perform an Icy Breath attack.
    > Icy Breath: Chilldron will turn in a circle and use his Ice Breath. Evade 
    it by circling around him.
    Order: (Ice Crystal Spit, Ice Crystal Spit, Icy Breath) x n
    Keep reflecting the ice crystals until he is defeated.
    A previously inactive wind platform will activate, Use it to slide to the 
    Exit Book, but don't enter it right away. 2 Eau can be found west of it, 
    you should have 86 Eau by now. Now head to the east and you will hear more 
    Eau screaming. Slide to the edge, and jump around the corner. The cage you 
    will find there contains the last 14 Eau. With 100 Eau rescued, head back to
    the Exit Book.
    Act 4
    The first thing you need to do is freeze the lake. Then collect all 6 Eau 
    there. After getting them, return to the starting position and move past 
    the Lemming Droncos. You will reach a Gebotz and 2 Droncos. Beating all 
    enemies reveals a health shard and removes the pillars blocking the way to 
    a wind switch. Activate the switch and follow the now active wind platforms. 
    As you reach the third platform, look for a blue arrow. Remember it's 
    position, but don't use it right away. Instead, let the wind platform take 
    you to a medium sized island with a few Droncos and a Ponco. Defeat them 
    all and prepare for a wave of Snow Droncos, then for a wave of Chompies. 
    After defeating them all, you should have 20 Eau. A wind platform will 
    activate. Do not use it now, but remember it's position. Instead, melt the 
    purple ice around the cage, open it, change the temperature to the lowest 
    level, then back to the normal level, and follow the path of Ice Blocks. 
    It leads you to a box with a key. Now return to the arrow that was mentioned
    before. Move behind it and slide into it as Water Dewy. It will catapult 
    you onto a ledge. A gate is nearby, use the key to open it and rescue the 
    caged Eau for a total of 42 Eau. Now go to the wind platform you previously 
    ignored on purpose. It takes you to an inactive switch, a slope and some Ice
    blocks. Slide down the slope and defeat the 2 Chompies that will chase after
    Dewy to activate a blue plant and a switch. Collect the Eau around the blue 
    plant (remember: it can't suck Ice Dewy in) and then use it to return to the
    Ice blocks. Activate the earthquake switch there. This will turn the blue 
    Ice blocks into purple ones: Those can be melted by raising the temperature 
    to the maximum. An arrow will be revealed after melting them. Use it to 
    travel to another slope. At the bottom, you find a cage, circularly arranged
    Ice Crystals, and some Eau. Use Ice Dewy to shoot the Crystals towards the 
    ambushing Snow Droncos. Defeating them activates a far off wind platform, 
    which you will use later. Open the cage for a total of 69 saved Eau. Now 
    look for another slope and use it, it will bring you back to the blue plant.
    East of it is a wind platform, which you can use to travel on. You will end 
    up in front of an ice wall. Additionally, you will see a number of huge 
    stone wheels, rolling down the hill. Defeat the Spin Dronco in front of the 
    ice blocks. The back row of the Ice blocks will turn purple. Melt those and 
    cause some wind, which activates a wind platform. Now wait for the stone 
    wheels to smash the remaining ice blocks. Now use the wind platform to reach
    the hill and begin jumping up. Open a cage on your way up. On the top, you'll
    find 3 more Eau, you should now have 81 of them. Do not enter the boss gate 
    right in front of you, there are still 19 Eau to be rescued (the hardest 
    batch of Eau to collect in the game.). Right were you found the three Eau, 
    cause some wind, the wind platform you activated so long ago will fly up. 
    Jump on it, and wait for it to descend. It will take you to some ice blocks.
    Jump on the first 4 ice blocks and defeat the Spin Dronco. Lower the 
    temperature to create a purple ice block, then set it back to the normal 
    level and move to the next 2 blue ice blocks. A Spin Dronco appears. 
    Defeat him (timing is really difficult, and there's little room to navigate,
    I got the best results by doing a small jump towards the Spin Dronco and 
    changing into Ice Dewy in mid-air) to turn one of the ice blocks purple. 
    Then melt it and let Dewy fall down. More purple ice blocks will appear and 
    melt away very fast, restore them by lowering the temperature to the minimum
    and carefully slide on them until 2 Spin Droncos appear. You have to defeat 
    them, as they contain Eau. Now jump into the water, you will be brought 
    back to the 4 ice blocks. Now go to the place were you fought the Spin 
    Dronco (1 blue ice block, 1 purple ice block). Jump to the west as water 
    Dewy, and change the temperature to the maximum while in mid air. A purple 
    ice block previously blocking your way will melt away. You should land 
    safely on the biggest set of ice blocks so far, right next to a cage. Open 
    it and defeat the last Spin Dronco, for the 100th Eau. Now two more ice 
    blocks can be melted. Use them to reach the blue plant bellow, and take the 
    picture frame in the box with you. Use the blue plant to return to the 
    Exit Gate. 
    This fight has two phases.
    Phase one:
    Freezedron has a huge array of attacks.
    > Ice cubes from one side: They will push Dewy of the platform, to avoid 
    this reflect them with the spinning attack.
    > Icicles from the ground: Dewy can't reflect those, either avoid by using 
    the invincibility that comes with Ice Dewy's spinning attack or jump over 
    them as Water Dewy.
    > Crescent:  Freezedron fires a slow projectile that resembles a crescent. 
    It's best avoided by moving out of it's path.
    >Body Ram: Freezdron will fly towards Dewy, knocking him off if he hits. 
    Quickly slide to the side.
    > Reinforcements: Freezedron summons a few Snow Droncos. They self destruct 
    after a few seconds.
    > Ice Crystals: Freezedron will hold his hand up, forming some Ice Crystals.
    Use the spinning attack to reflect them. This will make him dizzy.
    Order: random
    After reflecting an Ice-Crystal, Freezedron will become dizzy. Raise the 
    temperature to maximum and move to the spot where to two rainbow rays meet. 
    Now shake the remote horizontally to damage Freezedron (doing this 
    one-handed worked better for me).You can also attack Freezedron by making 
    your own ice cubes: Water drops from the ceiling, lower the temperature to 
    turn the water drops into ice cubes and shoot them towards Freezedron using 
    the spinning attack or the triple combo. Hitting him with an ice cube 
    cancels the attack he his currently preparing or executing. Do not hit him 
    with an ice cube while he is dizzy, because it would help him him recover.
    Phase Two:
    After Freezedron takes 50% damage, the second phase starts. It's practically
    identical to the first phase. Freezedron's attacks gain in strength, e.g. 
    the crescent shaped shot becomes bigger. You also can't make your own ice 
    cubes anymore, as the water stops dropping from the ceiling. 
    Order: random
    Keep using the same tactics until he is defeated.
    S-Rank notes:  
    It's important to not knock Freezedron out of his dizzy state. Replaying 
    the fight a couple of times can be very exhausting, be sure to get some 
    rest before retrying.
    10.5) Clammy Caves
    Act 1
    Get the first 3 Eau, then slide down the spine. At the bottom, freeze the 
    water to avoid drowning. Head southeast first, were you’ll find some trapped
    Eau and a cage. Move west, where you'll see a rope. South of the rope is an 
    earthquake switch. It activates a floating platform that leads to more Eau 
    and a cage. Use the blue plant to return to the rope, with 27 Eau rescued. 
    At the end, a single Eau waits to be rescued. Follow the path until you 
    reach an earthquake switch. It will raise 4 platforms out of the water. 
    After this short cut-scene, get the Eau in front of Dewy. You should have 40
    by now. Jump from platform to platform to reach a  big spinning rock 
    cylinder. Keep jumping until you reach a small rock with a Gebotz and 
    Droncos on top. Beat them and get the health shard. Two more platforms will 
    appear. The second one takes Dewy higher up, to even more platforms. The 
    last one transports Dewy to more Eau and a cage (the counter should be at 
    52). Now on to the east, utilizing the next floating platform. There you 
    find a box with a health drop, 3 Eau and some ropes. Use the ropes to move 
    east, to 4 more Eau. South of them are 3 more Eau and another rope. A box 
    with a health drop and 3 Eau can be found at the rope’s end. Then hang on 
    to the next rope. It brings Dewy to 4 Eau (this leads to a total of 69 Eau).
    Follow the path to a group of Droncocs and a Gebotz. Defeating them 
    activates a spring, which shoots Dewy to a rope. Grabbing it might require 
    some practice. Keep jumping up the ropes, then head west for more Eau and 
    a cage. You should have 94 Eau at his point. A second rope leads down, but 
    don't use it, as it would lead straight to the Exit Book. Instead, jump 
    down, back to the spring, and use the slope east of it. Watch out not to 
    miss one of the 6 remaining Eau and exit the stage.
    Act 2
    Start by extinguishing both fires. A box with an Eau will appear. Get the 
    single purple Eau in front of the spine, but do not slide down. Instead, 
    jump up and grab the rope there. Head east and keep jumping up the ropes. 
    To reach the highest rope, accelerate for about one screen length and jump 
    up, you should now be able to reach the highest rope. Keep moving to the 
    east until you reach a place with multiple single Eau. Collecting them all 
    raises the Eau counter to 15. Now us the rope marked with a red spot to go 
    down, where we will find 10 more Eau and a blue plant. Don't use the blue 
    plant, it will take you to the starting position (you can actually use it to
    get back to the multiple ropes by maneuvering in mid-air, but it’s hard to 
    do). Instead, use the rope to get back up and wait for a floating platform 
    to appear. It will take you to another one. This one goes  to a ledge with 
    a cage and multiple Eau. Your counter will reach 42 Eau, now return to the 
    starting position by jumping down the ledge. Slide down the spine and defeat
    all Droncos, for a total of 51 Eau. Extinguish all 4 fires to activate the 
    spring. It takes Dewy to two more Eau and another spring. This one shoots 
    Dewy further up. A cut-scene shows some bricks, which can be shattered by 
    an earthquake. Take the Extra Life to the west, then destroythe bricks, and 
    move west while in mid-air. From there, save more Eau and ignore the box 
    (as it contains a bomb). Thereafter slide down the spine to the east. 
    Now watch out for the Lemming Droncos. Evade them and get the Eau you see. 
    After that use the rope to move ahead. Drop down near the next red spot to 
    get an Eau (for a total of 65 Eau), then take the other rope and move west. 
    Use the multiple ropes to move further up (by jumping and changing into 
    Mist Dewy, then charging a lightning attack and then transforming into 
    Water Dewy. You can speed things up a bit, this works in every stage by the 
    way). Jump down as you reach a spine, then slide down the slope. There open 
    a cage and get more Eau, raising the counter to 75. Slide down the spines 
    and take out the Gebotz, Gumpoos and various Droncos. The Gebotz leaves a 
    life shard behind and a gate to the east will open. Before going there 
    rescue the Eau to the west, for a total of 86 saved Eau. Then destroy the 
    blocks with an earthquake and move ahead. Slide down the spine, 
    extinguishing all flames while doing so. Finally open the cage and defeat 
    all Chompies for 100 Eau. Then you can enter the Exit Book.
    Act 3
    Move east and avoid the stone hammers. Take out all Droncos (they contain 
    Eau) or let them get hit the stone hammers. As you pass the last hammer, you
    should have 17 Eau. Notice a big stone ring in front of you, with some huge 
    chompies on it. Move to the north of it, defeat the Ponco and break the 
    brick wall with an earthquake. Then rescue the trapped Eau for a total of 32
    Eau. Now move east, defeat 3 more Poncos containing Eau and break the next 
    brick wall north of the ring. You can ignore the two Droncos. Save the Eau 
    for a total of 43. Move to the east and defeat two more Poncos, then pick 
    the northern path. Defeat two more Poncos and break another wall, ignore 
    the flames for now. Behind the wall, a Dronco Leader, his minions and two 
    Gulpoos await. Defeat them all, then open the cage and rescue the 3 Eau 
    behind it for 61 Eau. Now return to the regular path and defeat one more 
    Ponco. Next it's time to extinguish all 4 flames. Take care of the three 
    flames lying on your road fist, then jump to the second road and extinguish 
    the flame there. A floating platform will appear. Jump onto it and cause 
    an earthquake, a box containing a single Eau will appear. Now go south of 
    your current position, until you see another flame and a spine. Extinguish 
    the flame and slide down the spine. Next extinguish the flame at the spin's 
    end to make a box with an Extra Life appear. Now free all the Eau around 
    you and beat a single Dronco. Afterwards use the rope to move further up. 
    To the west, you'll find 4 more Eau and a blue plant. Collect the Eau as Ice
    Dewy to avoid getting sucked in, then use the blue plant to return to the 
    regular path. You now have 83 Eau. Head east and stay on the northern path 
    until you reach a final wall of bricks. Defeat the Ponco guarding it, then 
    break the wall. Fight the Dronco Leader, his troops, two Gulpoos and Gebotz.
    Get the health shard, open the cage and count the Eau one more time. You 
    should have 94 by now. Head south, to a big platform. As Dewy jumps on it, 
    it will start floating, and a mid-boss will attack.
    Aquadron has three attacks.
    >Slide: Aquadron slides around, revealing only his spiked head. You can't 
    attack him, so evade as Water Dewy or Cloud Dewy. He won't go to the next 
    attack phase if you stay in Ice form (thanks, superstarultra!)
    >Stomp: After sliding around a few times, Aquadron will jump out. Lower the 
    temperature while he is in mid air, then attack the frozen enemy with Ice 
    Dewy's triple combo. He will dissolve and sink into the ground after a 
    full combo.
    >Taunt: Aquadron will stick his upper body out of the ground to taunt Dewy. 
    You can freeze him by lowering the temperature, but only do a single attack 
    against him. However, it'll save you some time when playing for an S rank, 
    as the taunt sequence is rather long.
    Order: Aquadron always starts with the slide, then chooses the 
    other attacks randomly.
    After landing three triple combos, he will be defeated.
    A gate opens to the east, Freeze the water and slide down. Take out all 
    Droncos on your way. Should the temperature return to normal while you're 
    still sliding down, make a short jump, then raise and sink the temperature 
    again while still in mid air. This will reset the temperature to the lowest
    level. As you arrive at the bottom, you should have 96 Eau. 2 of the 
    remaning 4 will be right at the end of this water/ice slide, the other two 
    are trapped inside Droncos guarding the Exit Book. Get the remaining Eau 
    and exit the stage.
    Act 4
    The stage starts with a fight. A Dronco Leader and his troops, two Gumpoos 
    and a Gebotz will stand in Dewy's way. Defeating them all gives Dewy a 
    health shard, and 3 Eau. Additionally, a spring is activated. The spring 
    will shoot Dewy to a pond, east of it is a single Eau and a box with a 
    picture frame inside. Get them and use the spring there to return. Keep 
    using the springs until you find a cage. At this point, you should have 12 
    Eau. Slide down the spine and head east. You will see some half pipes and a 
    box to the north. Jump there and open the box, freeing the Eau inside. Then 
    jump to the first half pipe. To accelerate in the half pipe use water Dewy 
    and tilt the remote in the direction you want to slide to. Jump to the next 
    one. Follow the grey arrow until you see some water. Freeze it and move west, 
    where you'll find a key. Then return and use the spring. In the next half 
    pipe, head east as well. Jump to the next half pipe, the arrow points the 
    west now. To the east is a locked gate, go there first. Unlock the gate and 
    slide down the spines, they lead to a cage. You will have 21 Eau now. Keep 
    sliding down the spines until you reach a spring, it will take you to a 
    very narrow road with plenty of Eau waiting to be rescued. Carefully slide 
    along, and defeat all Smash Droncos and Gumpoos. Ice Dewy works best for 
    this. As you reach the next spring, you should have 61 Eau. Then open the 
    cage above Dewy, using the spring to get there. Keep jumping from spring to 
    spring until you reach a spine. It leads back to the gate you opened 
    with the key. Continue following the regular path through this stage. Keep 
    using the springs and freezing water to cross it until you reach a flame. 
    Extinguish it, lower the temperature, freeze the water and keep going. Two 
    springs will take you to the remaining 3 flames. Extinguishing them 
    rearranges some floating platforms, forming a way to a far off cage. Open 
    the cage and use the blue plant next to it to return with 77 Eau rescued. 
    Follow the path until you see a huge wheel with a cross shaped bridge inside.
    Slide around the wheel and extinguish the 4 fires. A half pipe will 
    materialize. Return to the center of the wheel and use the half pipe. 
    Change to Ice Dewy and slide east, until you reach a few Droncos and their 
    Leader. Defeat them, then freeze the water and head southeast, ignore the 
    road to the north for now. Collect all Eau on the thin stone ring, then use 
    the floating platform to head down, or just jump there. With 95 Eau rescued,
    use the blue plant to return. Now move north, along the road you previously 
    ignored. There you find a Dronco Leader, Gulpoos and regular Chompies. Knock 
    them all out to free the remaining 5 Eau, then use the gate to the boss.
    This is a three phase fight. Caterpidron only uses one attack during each 
    Phase one:
    > Poison Shots: Four Gebotz are located around the area. Caterpidron will 
    fly around, shooting out some poison while doing so. Thereafter he will 
    hide in a random Gebotz for a short time. As soon as he starts hiding inside
    a Gebotz, the Gebotz becomes completely invincible until Caterpidron flies 
    out again. Keep that in mind while taking out all the Gebotz one by one, or
    you’ll waste precious time.
    Defeat all Gebotz using the triple combo to start the second phase starts.
    Phase Two:
    > Swallow: Caterpidron will fly very close to the floor, while shooting out 
    poison and trying to swallow Dewy. 
    Use Ice Dewy and attack any tail section with the triple attack. It will 
    fall off. Perform triple attacks until  the detached tail segments start 
    spinning, and thus turn invincible. Keep fighting until only Caterpidron's 
    head is left. This will start the final phase of this battle.
    Phase three:
    > Air Bourn Attack : Caterpidron will fly to the ceiling and attack with 
    multiple poison drops that turn into puddles. Avoid sliding into them, but 
    keep moving (this works best with Water Dewy). Caterpidron's shadow will 
    show you were he will come down. If he misses, he will be immobilized for 
    a while. 
    Use Ice Dewy and attack with the triple combo (you can't land more than one 
    full combo). Or stun him with a lightning attack, then got for the triple 
    combo, which does slightly more damage (thanks, superstarultra!)
    Caterpidron will recover and fly back to the ceiling. Keep evading and
    attacking until this fight is over.
    S-Rank notes:
    Don't attack the Gebotz Caterpidron is currently entering, leaving or flying
    towards, take out the others first. During the second phase, try to attack 
    the middle part of his tail. This way, the triple combo can damage more than
    one tail section. Avoid attacking the tail sections when they are hovering over 
    the water surrounding the arena. Dropping them into the water does no damage
    to them. While a tail section is spinning and moving back to Caterpidron, 
    attack the tail parts that are still attached to his head. Not only will 
    this save you time, it will also stop the spinning tail parts.
    10.6) Restless Ruins
    Move up the stairs, then evade the stone wheels and collect the Eau. 
    Continue sliding northeast to open a cage. You now have 18 Eau. Return to 
    the wind statues and jump into the wind stream. Then transform into Mist 
    Dewy and drop down onto the cage. Jump to the next platform, collect the Eau
    there, and follow the arrow. This will lead you a Dronco Leader and his 
    troops. After beating them all, you should have 37 Eau. Then create a set 
    of stairs by raising the temperature to the maximum. Some stone blocks will 
    move next to arrow sign. Change back to Water Dewy and use the stairs you 
    just built. It leads to another Dronco Leader and normal Droncos. As usual, 
    defeat them. Now slide to the east-most edge of the platform and raise the 
    temperature. A floating block will move next to the platform. Slide onto it, 
    and lower the temperature, it will start moving again. By constantly 
    changing from the lowest to the highest temperature and careful sliding, 
    move Dewy from block to block. You can make the blocks move really fast by 
    rapidly changing the temperatures, remember this when going for an S-Rank. 
    The blocks will eventually lead to a platform with the next Dronco Leader 
    and his troops. Check the Eau counter after defeating them all, it should be
    at 44. Now use the springs, they take you to more stone wheels and Eau. 
    Make sure to also take care of both Gulpoos. At the end of the road, use the
    spring. It shoots Dewy right into a battle with all kinds of Droncos, 
    Gulpoos and a Gebotz. First attack them with Mist Dewy, the use Ice Dewy to
    defeat the remaining enemies. The Gebotz drops a health shard, and defeating
    all enemies raises the Eau counter to 60. A box with a key inside will 
    appear. Go get it, and ignore the lightning switch (it leads to the Exit 
    Book, but you don't have all Eau yet) Return to the stone wheels, and look 
    at for the third greyish track on the floor, counting from the direction 
    we are coming. Notice the absence of stone wheels. To the southeast of this 
    track, we'll find a cage, a spring and two wind statues, which take Dewy to 
    another cage. After rescuing all Eau the counter will have reached 79. 
    Return to the track, now slide to the northwest. This is a secret passage 
    through the wall. On the other side of the wall you’ll see a locked gate, 
    more Droncos and Gumpoos. Take them out and unlock the gate, thereafter move
    up the stairs. Be sure to defeat all enemies while going up, as the Gulpoos 
    are easy to miss. As Dewy reaches the top, you should have a total of 87 
    rescued Eau. Head southeast to free the final remaining Eau. A few blocks 
    will appear, leading straight to the Exit Book.
    Act 2
    Head southeast, and enter a maze with plenty of stone wheels. The small 
    stone wheels can be shattered using Ice Dewy's triple combo, and the big 
    stone wheels can be moved by attacking them with Dewy's triple combo from 
    the side. To rescue all Eau in this part of the stage, destroy all small 
    stone wheels, as some Eau are hidden behind them. Two cages need to be 
    opened as well. Do not exit the maze to the east or the south east before 
    your Eau counter reaches 41. After getting all 41 Eau in this part, use the 
    exit to the southeast. Get all three Eau on the path were the Lemming 
    Droncos walk and open the cage you see on a small platform. Check the 
    counter again, it should show 52 rescued Eau. Now follow the regular path to
    the east. You will arrive at a wall with stone pistons that can push Dewy 
    off. Carefully slide to the east till you reach a spring, then turn into 
    Mist Dewy to ride the wind stream until you reach another spring. 
    Alternatively, use the blocks to jump directly to the second spring. This 
    one will bring you to another wind stream, so change into Mist Dewy. Do the 
    same at the next spring. Now we can see three pillars and a box to the 
    northwest (you can actually jump around them, but the box only contains is 
    a rainbow drop) Remember this position and head east, following the arrows. 
    A cut-scene will show you a whole lot of huge stone towers. Go there. 
    Platforms will appear as you slide towards the edges of each tower. 
    Systematically combo through the towers, go to the northwest first, where a 
    set of platforms lead to a cage. Slide down the slope to the west. It 
    brings us to the box with the rainbow drop. Return to the towers, comb 
    through them and defeat every Gumpoo to reveal a box next to a locked gate. 
    Check the Eau count again, we should have 74. Now head to the southwest of 
    the tower field. You'll discover a tower that has a smaller tower next to it,
    with a spring on it. Jump down, then jump down again to another smaller 
    tower. You can now see the box, containing the key to the gate right next to
    it. 3 Dronocs await. They contain health drops, which might be useful for 
    the series of springs that comes next. Use the springs and carefully watch 
    Dewy's shadow and push 1 at the right time to drop down, right on the next 
    spring. You will eventually reach a wider ground with a box, containing an 
    Extra Life. A bunch of Droncos will appear, two lightning attacks from Mist 
    Dewy can take them out. Now move east, more springs are located there. 
    They bring Dewy to a huge wheel with a face on it. Cause some wind and 
    freeze the water around the wheel just as it’s "mouth" is out of the water. 
    Ice Dewy can now get past the wheel. Now move up the stairs behind the wheel
    and rescue 4 Eau (we should now have 82), then use the teleporter you will 
    also find there. It brings Dewy to more Eau. A slope leads to a cage, and 
    south of the cage you will find Droncos and a Gebotz, containing this 
    stage's health shard. Now move up the stairs to the final 4 Eau and the
    Exit Book. Slide carefully, or you could end up missing an Eau and sliding 
    straight into the Exit Book.
    Act 3
    Start by collecting 2 Eau and following the floating blocks to a big room 
    with a cage. Open the cage to trigger a Dronco Leader attack. Defeating all 
    Droncos activates a switch to the northwest, but Dewy can't reach it right 
    now. You will also see 8 blocks in the water. Those are actually switches. 
    Jumping on them as Water Dewy and staying there for a while activates them.
    From the left to the right:
    1st switch: Please see * below.
    2nd switch: 3 boxes appear (containing a bomb, and Eau and a health drop)
    3rd switch: builds a path to the northwest water switch
    4th switch: Please see * below.
    5th switch: builds a path to the northeast water switch
    6th switch: Please see * below.
    7th switch: Please see * below.
    8th switch: 3 boxes appear (containing an Eau, a health drop and a bomb)
    *The 1st, 4th, 6th and 7th switches actually remove the path to the water 
    switches. Therefore avoid pushing them.
    The water switch to the northwest activates the second water switch. This 
    one opens the gate that leads to the east. We can now move on, but check 
    the Eau counter first, we should have 14. Watch out for the stone wheels 
    coming from the east. On a bridge, we will rescue 4 Eau. You can ignore the 
    Gumpoo. Next we will see two wind statues. Jump high, and at the apex of the
    jump, transform into Mist Dewy and charge a lightning attack. This will 
    take Dewy over the pillars to the south. Now keep following the slopes, 
    rescuing a total of 9 Eau and reaching a teleporter, which teleports Dewy 
    back the wind statues. Open the cage and count the Eau, you should have 
    rescued 35 of them by now. Ignore the Gumpoo and approach the pillars, they 
    will lower once Dewy gets near them. Let's continue following the regular 
    path to the east. Two Eau are on the next bridge. You will encounter a room 
    that is virtually identical to the previous one. Use Mist Dewy again to get
    past the pillars to the south and slide down four slopes. Then, instead of 
    using the bridge made of floating blocks, deliberately drop down and use a 
    bridge of blue-grey blocks that leads to a cage. Then slide back to the 
    east and look for stone pistons, like the ones we also saw in Act 2. They 
    will activate as Dewy moves close, so be careful to not get knocked of. 
    Use them to return to the bridge of floating blocks you ignored before and 
    cross it. After, you will find 3 more Eau and a teleporter.  It brings Dewy
    to a cage and a Gumpoo (can be ignored). You should now have 68 Eau. 
    Head on to the east, where a mid-boss awaits in a large room.
    Elecdron has three attacks
    > Spin Attack: He slides towards Dewy and spins his arms. Slide away to 
    evade it. Elecdron is invincible during this attack.
    > Lightning Attack: Elecdron rubs his hands, then pink sparks will fly 
    around. Change into Mist Dewy and deliberately take Elecdron’s lightning 
    attack. It will be reflected, causing damage to Elecdron.
    > Fist Attack: Elecdron fires energy from fists at Dewy. This happens if 
    Dewy is standing far away. If Dewy is in cloud form, he will do continuous
    Fist Attacks, so it's best to not change in Cloud Dewy until you see him
    charing up a Lightning Attack (thanks, superstarultra!)
    Order: random
    Three reflected Lightning Attacks will take him out.
    The gate to the east will open after your victory. It leads to a Gebotz 
    containing a health shard and many Droncos. Defeat them all and open the 
    cage southeast of the Exit Book to get the last remaining Eau. Be careful 
    after using the teleporter, it sends you to a slope leading you right into 
    the Exit Book. If you missed any Eau and want to return, be sure to jump off 
    before Dewy slides into the Book.
    Act 4
    To the east you will discover a single Eau and blocks with a cat face on 
    them. All those blocks can be moved by tilting the remote. A reliable way 
    to operate them is jumping, turning into Mist Dewy and then moving them 
    underneath Dewy before transforming back into Water Dewy. Use the block to 
    get to the next section, with a single Eau, two Smash Droncos and two water 
    switches. Push the left switch once, this will open the gate blocking your 
    way. Use the cat faced blocks to bring Dewy to the next section. Defeat the 
    Spin Dronco there to activate the earthquake switches. Use the left one 
    twice and the right one three times to open the next gate. There grab 
    another Eau, raising the Eau counter to 8. The next section is guarded by 
    3 Smash Droncos. As usual, defeating them activates two switches, which 
    happen to be Wind Switches this time. Use the left one, the right one, and 
    the left one again. A gate will open. Then use the left one twice and the 
    right one twice to activate a blue plant. Use the blue plant and don’t go 
    through the gate. It brings Dewy to an isolated place, where you get 2 more 
    Eau. Then use the blue plant there. Now head east, until you find a 
    lightning switch. Operate it, and a blue plant is activated, but you can't 
    reach it yet. Now open the cage to the east, you should have 24 Eau by now, 
    then change into Ice Dewy and move west. Two more Eau are behind a blue 
    plant. Rescue them, change into Water Dewy and use the plant. You will get 
    shot to the place where you activated a blue plant by operating a lightning 
    switch. Now use it to reach a platform with a cage, 4 boxes and a blue plant. 
    The Eau counter should be at 38 now. The boxes contain a rainbow drop, 
    a picture frame, an Extra Life and a bomb. Return via the blue plant, then 
    operate the lightning switch two times, a second blue plant will activate. 
    Ignore it for now but remember it's location. Now move southwest, down a 
    few stairs and enter a maze. Head further down. The golden  walls with 
    green ornaments can be moved by tilting the remote. Move the first wall out 
    of Dewy's way and open the cage, then move the wall to the place where the 
    cage previously  was to get 2 more Eau. You should now have 48 Eau. Return 
    to the stairs, you can jump on the golden wall to get there more easily.
    Now head east and open another cage, then go down a level using the hole in 
    to floor left of the position where the cage previously was. Get 2 Eau to 
    the left and go down another level. There you can open a cage (you should 
    have 68 Eau by now) and go down a level again. Take out all Droncos on your 
    way to rescue more Eau. Mist Dewy's Lightning attack can pass through floors
    and walls, should a Dronco get out of Ice Dewy’s reach. On the bottom 
    level, you will find 2 more Eau. Then return to the top level. Then head 
    east until you hit a wall (some Chompies can bee seen above Dewy) and go 
    down the hole in the floor. Defeat the two Droncos there for more Eau. 
    Don't go down any further; there are no more Eau to be found. 
    Instead, look at the Eau counter one more time, it should have reached 75. 
    Return to the blue plant you ignore before. It shoots Dewy to a few Chompies,
    a Ponco and a Gebotz containing this world’s final health shard. Do not 
    forget to defeat the Poncho, it contains an Eau. Let's head down, where you 
    will find 2 Eau near a wall to the west, and 2 more on the bottom level, 
    in front of the left-most wall. You can now exit the maze to the east 
    with a total of 80 Eau rescued. Use the slope there. Three Chompies 
    containing Eau will follow Dewy. Defeating them activates two ice switches. 
    Push the right one twice, and the left one three times. Now cross a long 
    bridge with Eau and spinners. The spinners will knock Dewy off, so either 
    jump over them or slide in a zig-zag pattern. After the bridge, you'll 
    discover the final 6 Eau and the gate to the boss.
    This fight has two phases.
    Phase one:
    > Ghosts Summon: Ghosts appear at random positions, keep moving to avoid 
    them, or jump and change into Mist Dewy.
    > Ghost Wave: A wave of ghosts will appear. Look for a hole in their lines 
    or jump over them. 
    > Blocks: 4 blocks will appear, each block will shoot 4 laser beams 
    (horizontally and vertically). 
    Mummydron is vulnerable while he lowers himself to the ground. He always 
    performs this attack two times in succession.
    Order: (Either Ghost Attack, Blocks) x n
    As long as the purple glow surrounds Mummydron, he is invincible. Keep 
    evading and attacking until Mummydron gets out of his coffin.
    Phase two: 
    After you’ve depleted his first health bar, Mummydron’s coffin will open. 
    Mummydron will then grab two staffs and use the following attacks.
    >Stomp: Mummydron jumps, trying to hit Dewy on his way down. Keep moving 
    around to avoid this attack.
    >Staff Swing: Mummydron will flail his staffs around and chase Dewy. Slide 
    away, use Ice Dewy if he gets too close. During this attack, you can stun 
    him with Mist Dewy's lightning ttack and inflict some damage with the 
    triple combo afterwards.
    >Cloth Grab: Mummydron will throw away the staffs and reach for Dewy. 
    Slide to the side and jump, this way the cloth will miss Dewy, and leaves 
    Mummydron vulnerable. Use Ice Dewy and the triple combo to inflict damage. 
    Should Dewy get caught, shake the remote horizontally to free Dewy.
    Order: random
    Mummydron is mostly vulnerable this time. Keep attacking as Ice Dewy 
    or Mist Dewy until he is defeated.
    S-Rank notes:
    Generally stay far away from Mummydron. The fight is a bit random in nature,
    therefore it’s nature was seemingly taken into account by the developers. 
    This results in time requirements for a S-Rank being less strict. 
    You can push Mummydron into the water, but it has no effect on his health, 
    and he will teleport back to the center of the stage. Avoid this, as it 
    only wastes time.
    10.7) Volatile Volcano
    Act 1
    Extinguishing the first 4 flames only reveals a health drop, so you can 
    ignore them. You now need to get past the lava. Changing into Ice Dewy 
    doesn't work, but will harden the lava. Do so, and move ahead. Take out the 
    Hot Chompy (they can only take one single hit) and use the floating device 
    by hip attacking it. It will fly to the next part of the stage. There open 
    the cage and rescue more Eau for a total of 15 Eau. Then extinguish the 
    flames and use the next floating device. Prepare to fight some regular 
    Chompies (remember that you can put them to sleep by causing some wind), 
    open a cage and collect all Eau. Don’t bother extinguishing the flames right
    now. A single Eau is hidden behind the mini volcano, more Eau and a rope 
    are west of the mini volcano. The rope leads to a cage and even more Eau. 
    With 41 Eau rescued, go back and extinguish the flames, then use the 
    floating device. It brings you to some regular Chompies and a Gebotz. You 
    can’t triple combo the Gebotz, so stun him with a Lightning Attack and 
    either hip attack him until he goes down or use his own lava rocks against 
    him by attacking them with a hip attack. Don't forget to get the health 
    shard and the two single Eau before operating the device stuck in the wall. 
    It's a drill. Slide near it to get sucked in, then shake the remote 
    vertically to drill. Get the single Eau after Dewy finishes drilling through
    the wall for a total of 44 Eau. Afterwards harden the lava and slide down 
    the slope. Ignore the other slope for now. At the end, open the cage and 
    rescue more Eau for a total of 60 Eau. Use the next drill. Plenty of Droncos
    await. After knocking them out, Hot Chompies appear. Defeating them all 
    reveals a box with a key. Use it to clear the way to the volcano. Free the 
    Eau next to the broken pillars (counter should be at 75), then jump onto 
    the volcano and turn into Mist Dewy. Smoke will carry Dewy upwards. You 
    can already see the Exit Book there. Ignore it for now and use the wind 
    statue as Mist Dewy. It will take you to another one. Grab the 2 Eau there 
    and continue riding the wind stream. Drop down on the cage it carries you 
    to, harden the lava and slide down, collecting all Eau while doing so. 
    You should arrive at the bottom with 98 Eau rescued. Keep heading east, 
    back to the volcano. Float up again, get the last two Eau in front of the 
    Exit Book and enter it.
    Act 2
    Jump down to the mini Volcano, harden the lava and collect the 5 Eau around 
    it. Then change into Mist Dewy and ride up the smoke stream to a cage and 
    Flame Droncos. Defeat them with hip attacks (we should have 17 Eau after 
    that) and use the next Volcano. It brings you to some rock pistons. Move 
    past them, and harden the lava. Get the 3 Eau, then move west, to a small 
    ledge with a single Eau. Fall down, to another single Eau and a blue plant. 
    It shoots Dewy right into a cage. Another plant will suck him in right away,
    shooting him to a platform with circularly arranged Eau. Get them all for a 
    total of 45 rescued Eau. Now use the Volcano under Dewy's current position 
    to get back to the rock pistons. Follow the regular path. You will discover 
    4 flames. The topmost reveals a box with a health drop, the bottommost a box
    with an Extra Life. Extinguish all 4 flames to remove the pillars blocking 
    Dewy's way. The floating device you can now access will take Dewy to the 
    next section. Harden the lava, and prepare for some Chompies. You can defeat
    them by jumping or getting away from the lava and then raising the 
    temperature. They will drown in the lava. Move ahead and open a cage for a 
    total of 59 Eau. Activate the lightning switch and use the next floating 
    device. Some Hot Chompies and a Gebotz await. For winning this battle, you 
    get a health shard, and the rock pistons start moving. Harden the lava and 
    follow the trail of Eau. You will soon find a cage and some Chompies. Before
    operating the drill, make sure you have 79 Eau. After drilling, move east. 
    There two springs take Dewy to 2 Eau and a blue plant. The plant shoots 
    Dewy to a rope. Drop off of it, and get the Eau for a total of 85. Then 
    slide down, opening a cage while doing so. Ignore the Chompies on your way 
    and keep sliding down the rope, to the remaining Eau and the Exit Book.
    Act 3
    Defeat two Hot Chompies, then harden the lava and slide down the slope. At 
    the bottom of this slope, don't use the blue plant right away, get the 
    other Eau you see first. Jump against the slope if you have to, to ensure 
    you get them all. With 10 Eau collected use the blue plant. It brings Dewy 
    to a cage and a second blue plant. The second one shoots Dewy to another 
    cage. Now ignore the slope to the west and slide down the slope to the south.
    Open the cage for 47 Eau. Now don’t, by any means, use the blue plant you 
    see. Instead, move to the grey tree and deliberately fall of the edge to 
    it's left. Another blue plant is there. It will shoot Dewy to various 
    Droncos and a Gebotz (contains a health shard). Defeat them all, then go 
    slide to the west and open a cage. With the Eau counter at 58, slide down 
    the next slope. Many Chompies and a Gebotz await. Use the lava rocks to 
    speed up the battle. Then open the cage for 93 Eau. Pistons to the east 
    will activate after defeating the enemies. Keep fighting the Droncos you 
    discover after each set of pistons to activate the next one. With 96 Eau 
    rescued, operate the drill after the bridge with the pistons. Two more 
    Droncos will stand in Dewy’s way, take care of them to rescue two more Eau. 
    Now use the volcano’s smoke stream as Mist Dewy to travel up. There you'll 
    find the last 2 Eau, 4 flames and an inactive blue plant. Extinguishing 
    the flames makes the pillars blocking the way to the mid-boss disappear. 
    He will fight you on a big platform.
    This battle is very similar to the Chilldron battle. Heatdron has the 
    following attacks.
    >Lava Rock Spit: He will spit out three lava rocks. Send them flying 
    towards him with Dewy's hip attack.
    >Flame Breath: He will turn in a circle and spit out flames. Change 
    into Mist Dewy to avoid, or slide out of the way.
    Order: (Lava Rock Spit, Lava Rock Spit, Flame Breath) x n
    It takes 5 reflected Lava Rocks to defeat him.
    After your victory, the blue plant will activate and take Dewy to the 
    Exit Book.
    Act 4
    Take out the first two Hot Chompies. Then follow the lava to a cage and 
    two more Eau for a total of 10 Eau. Then use the floating device. 
    Defeat the 3 Flame Droncos and use the next floating device. Prepare to 
    fight a Chompy, a group of Hot Droncos and a Gebotz. Winning this fight 
    will activate some pistons. Don’t forget to rescue the Eau behind a rock 
    spike. With 21 Eau rescued, move through the pistons. As you reach the end 
    of the stone bridge, jump to the east and try to land right on the Eau in 
    front of the blue plant, using a hip attack. Dewy will get sucked in and 
    will be taken to a wind statue. (Should you have missed the Eau, slide down 
    to the north, Dewy will lose some health, but he will be brought back to 
    the bridge, giving you another attempt to get the Eau in front of the blue 
    plant. The jump can be very tricky).Keep following the wind stream and 
    then a smoke stream out of a volcano. Now open a cage to rescue more Eau, 
    you should have 32 of them by now. Harden the lava and slide down the slope 
    for 9 more Eau. Head east again, pass the pistons and drop down to the cage,
    for a total of 49 Eau. Now slide south, avoiding the stone wheels, and jump 
    as you reach the end of the road. Turn into Mist Dewy, and a stream of smoke
    will bring Dewy further up. Get the 2 Eau there and harden the lava. 
    Chompies will attack, use the same trick as in Act 3 to easily defeat them. 
    You will soon run into a Gebotz and some Chompies. Defeat them for the final
    health shard. Next open the cage and rescue all Eau, the Eau counter should 
    reach 79. Then head east. Get the single Eau, slide down the rope and open 
    the cage, then jump straight up to enter the drill. Use it to get to the 
    top. After drilling, extinguish all fires and get all the Eau. Some floating
    platforms will appear. With 96 Eau rescued, jump up the platforms. Once 
    there, grab the remaining 4 Eau and enter the gate to the boss.
    This fight has Two Phases.
    Phase One: 
    > Flamethrower: Mothdron attacks with a fiery breath, moving from right to 
    left, and back to the right. You can harden it by jumping on it as 
    Water Dewy.
    > Chompy Spit: Mothdron spits out three to six Chompies . They will 
    selfdestruct after a few seconds.
    Order: (Flamethrower, Chompy spit) x n
    Keep hardening his fiery breath using a hip attack on it. The slide up to 
    the candle and do another hip attack. After the hip attack he always spits 
    out Chompies, then the pattern resets.
    Phase Two:
    Phase Two starts after landing three hip attacks. Mothdron's appearance 
    will change and he will gain all new attacks.
    > Flaming Tornado: Mothdron laughs and summons 4 tornados. Stay in motion 
    or they'll hit Dewy. He will do the summon two times instead of only once 
    after you took half of his second form's life.
    > Lava Wave: Mothdron will mumble some strange words and summon a huge lave 
    wave. Jump and turn into Mist Dewy at the apex of the jump (alternatively 
    turn into Mist Dewy and charge a lightning attack). This moves Dewy high 
    enough to evade the wave. You can also jump, but the timing is rather 
    strict. The wave will leave 5 lava rocks behind, they will explode 
    in a predefined order: From left to right: 3-2-4-1-5, after taking half 
    his remaining life, the order changes to:  2-1-3-5-4. 
    3 and 5 explode simultaneously this time.
    Order: (Flaming Tornado, Lava Wave) x n
    Send the lava rocks flying to Mothdron by using a hip attack on them. It 
    takes three lava rocks to trigger Mothdron’s special attack: 
    He will grab Dewy with his tail. Shake the remote vertically (If you lose 
    this tug-of-war event, Mothdron will drop Dewy into the lava!(thanks, 
    Bat178!))to pull him down. Then attack with continuous hip attacks until 
    he recovers.
    S-Rank notes: 
    Take out all Chompies as fast as possible and keep the explosion 
    order of the lava rocks in mind.
    10.8) Don Hedron's Space
    Act 1
    In this act, Dewy will face all mid-bosses again.
    Pick any of the three teleporters after the stage starts.
    > Left teleporter: two Dodrons
    > Central teleporter: two Dronco Riders
    > Right teleporter: two Chilldrons
    Defeat the bosses to reveal a teleporter that brings Dewy back.
    After defeating them all, you can go east. Move the first floating 
    platform up by raising the temperature, then transform into Water Dewy. 
    Get the rainbow drop in the box, three more mid-boss fights await.
    > Left teleporter: one Elecdron
    > Central teleporter: two Aquadrons
    > Right teleporter: two Heatdrons
    Defeat them and head east. Move the floating platforms by raising the 
    temperature. Jump along the platforms, open the box for an Extra life, and 
    keep jumping until you reach a gate. Then change into Mist Dewy and cause 
    some wind, this will unlock the gate. Enter it to complete the stage.
    S-Rank hints: 
    Start by fighting both Chilldorns, this is the fight where mistakes cost 
    the most time. Restart when you feel you wasted too much time.
    Act 2
    In this act, Dewy will face randomly chosen bosses and groups of normal 
    enemies and/or mid-bosses.
    Push the button with a hip attack, a machine will chose a random battle 
    for you. You need to win 6 battles to complete this stage.
    Colored orbs take you to the boss of the according color (e.g. 
    green: Gasdron, blue: Freezedron, yellow: Mummydron, orange: Geldron)
    White orbs will take you to areas containing normal enemies and/or midbosses
    Those can be:
    > 1 Dronco Rider, 4 blue helmet Droncos and a Dronco Rider,4 Poponcos and 
    a Dronco Rider
    > 4  Chompies, 6 Hot Chompies, 8 Chompies, 6 Hot Chompies and 6 Chompies
    > 4 blue helmet Droncos, 6 violet helmet Droncos, 6 violet helmet Droncos, 
    10 violet helmet Droncos
    After each battle, 4 health drops will appear.
    The gate will open after you won 6 fights
    Don Hedron
    You reached the final boss. Having an extra life makes your life easier
    (get one in Jolty Jungle) After a dialogue, the two phase fight starts.
    Phase One:
    Don Hedron has many attacks.
    > Dark Wave: A dark circular wave that will push Dewy off the platform. 
    Move towards the center and Dewy will be safe.
    > Lava Rocks: Don Hedron's staff will fire 4 lava rocks. Use a hip attack 
    to send them flying towards Don Hedron. The explosion order seems random, 
    therefore use whatever rock is closest to Dewy.
    > Ice Crystals: Don Hedron's staff will fire ice crystals, use Ice Dewy's 
    spinning attack to reflect as many as you can.
    > Lightning Attack: Don Hedron charges electricity in his staff. Quickly 
    transform into Mist Dewy to reflect the lightning. Do not push any buttons, 
    the lightning is reflected automatically. Then change into Ice Dewy and 
    attack with the triple combo.
    > Dark Light: Don Hedron summons a small device with a demons face on it 
    that sends out two purple beams. Don Hedron can’t be hurt during this 
    attack. Move to the edge of the platform and stay there (hold A), this way 
    the beams won't hit Dewy.
    > Spin Evade: Not an attack. Don Hedron uses this to move away from Dewy.
    > Giant Chompy Wave: Don Hedron summons 4 giant Chompies that will move 
    towards Dewy. Jump over them.
    Order: random, but always starts with Dark Wave.
    Don Hedron has no invulnerable phase, triple combos always do a bit of 
    damage. Utilize his projectiles against him to win this fight quickly.
    Phase Two:
    After losing half his health, Don Hedron uses new attacks:
    > Giant Hammer: Don Hedron uses a huge hammer to attack. Stay in motion to 
    evade this attack. This attack also randomly calls some water drops 
    (to heal Dewy), various Droncos and Chompies,
    > Black Hole: Don Hedron moves to the center and smashes his hammer on the 
    ground, causing a black hole. Keep moving to the right as Water Dewy and 
    wait for Don Hedron to shoot out lava rocks from his staff. These lava rocks
    will not hurt Dewy on contact. Use a hip attack to shoot them towards 
    Don Hedron. Keep the jumps short, or Dewy will lose too much ground.
    After hitting Don Hedron three times with the lava rocks, he will grab Dewy.
    Shake the remote to free Dewy. If you fail, or drop into the bacl hole, Dewy
    will reappear above Deon Hedron, who will then enjoy slamming Dewy into 
    the ground. The most sadistic scene in this game! (thanks, Bat178!)
    If you win, Don Hedron will get sucked into the black  hole and reappaear 
    unconscious. Attack his belly with Ice Dewy's triple attack.
    Order: (3 giant hammer attacks, black hole) x n
    Don Hedron will skip the giant hammer attacks if he is very low on health.
    Just as before, Don Hedron has no invulnerable phase, triple combos always 
    damage him. This time, they cause a bit more damage, especially after Don 
    Hedron attacked with his hammer. However, you can’t knock him out just 
    like that. It has to be done after Don Hedron got sucked into the black hole.
    S-Rank notes:
    Reflect as many of his attacks and avoid falling of the platform too often, 
    there are no secret tricks that speed up the battle.
    Don Hedron's True Form
    Don Hedron still has some power left and challenges you to a final battle.
    As usual, this is a two phase battle.
    Phase One:
    True Don Hedron can chose from many attacks.
    > Poison Breath: Don Hedron hides half his body behind the platform and 
    opens his mouth to spit small poisonous balls. Transform into Mist Dewy to 
    avoid the attack, or move to the side. 
    > Homing Tentacles: Don Hedron sticks his tentacles into the floor before 
    this attack starts. Slide around in an huge O-figure to avoid the 
    tentacles. Alternatively use Ice Dewy’s spinning attack; it’s invincible 
    to this attack.
    > Tentacle Clap: Don Hedron moves forward, his tentacles are stretched out. 
    Jump straight up to avoid this attack. Alternatively start a spinning 
    attack as Ice Dewy or transform into Mist Dewy in mid-air.
    > Tentacle Smash: Don Hedron will raise one tentacle, as if he wants to 
    hit Dewy with it. Right after that, he’ll start moving forward. Slide 
    towards the side with the raised tentacle, as he’ll use the other one to 
    attack. Or change into Ice Dewy and use the spinning attack’s invincibility.
    >Flail Attack: DOn Hedron flails his tentacles around. The attack does 
    huge damage and is likely to know Dewy off the platform.
    Order: (random attack, defenseless phase, flail attack (if Dewy is 
    close)) x n
    Once his health runs low, the second phase starts.
    Use Ice Dewy’s triple combo after any of Don Hedron's attacks. Avoid using 
    more than two series of triple attacks if you’re low on health. Don Hedron 
    will flail his arms around, which will not only causes heavy damage, but 
    also might knock Dewy of the platform for more damage. After one or two 
    successful triple attacks, move back to the center of the platform and 
    wait for Don Hedron’s next move.
    A lot of his attacks can be completely avoided by using the spinning 
    attack's invincibility. It draws out the fight though, as Dewy always has 
    to cancel the spinning attack before approaching Don Hedron and attacking 
    him. This is not an issue unless you go for an S-Rank though.
    Phase two:
    Don Hedron only uses one attack
    > Sudden Death: Don Hedron will spit out huge purple, gooey balls, causing 
    death as you touch them. When you got an extra life, Dewy will be revived. 
    Don Hedron is completely invincible during this phase, to all the Dewy 
    forms, to earthquakes and wind.
    After the battle, swing the remote according to the instructions on 
    the screen. 
    Congratulations for clearing the game! Do not turn the game off before you 
    have been brought back to Hotori Village. From there, you can now select 
    any stage you want to replay. 
    Check your Wii's inbox after clearing the game!
    S-Rank notes:
    When you fight this battle with full health or near full health and with an 
    extra life, you can simply stay in front of Don Hedron and keep attacking 
    him with triple combos. You will often get hit though, and the third part 
    of the combo will often miss when attacking him, keep that in mind. It’s a 
    lot faster than always waiting for his very vulnerable phases though. 
    Time the third hit of the triple combo so that it will execute when 
    Don Hedron is about to flail his tentacles around to knock Dewy back. 
    You can evade the attack this way, but it might take some practice.
    11) S - Rank times list & 100% S-Rank bonus
    Here are the minimal S-Rank times I discovered. They are only 
    approximations though. Sadly the game doesn’t tell you the minimal times 
    for an S-Rank. If you got 'worse' times, that still allowed you to get an 
    S-Rank, please submit them.
    Posting Format:
    World Name
    Stage 1
    Stage 2
    Stage 3
    Stage 4
    Groovy Grassland
    Jolty Jungle
    Icy Island
    Clammy Caves
    Restless Ruins
    Volatile Volcano
    Don Hedron's Space
    100% S-Rank bonus:
    For clearing every stage with an S-Rank, the game sends you a 
    congratulations message and the same picture you get for clearing the 
    game. It can be accessed from the Wii’s main menu. 
    12) Credits
    Credits from the European PAL version of this game.
    Shingo Mukaitoge
    Masaki Yoneyama
    Lead Game Designer
    Kazuyuki Kaiho
    Game Designer
    Eisuke Matsuda
    Kensaku Jogo
    Lead Programmer
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    Tool Programmer
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    Edit Mode Programmer
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    (IST CO., LTD.)
    Theme Song
    “Rainbow Smile”
    Lyrics by
    Wonder Fruit
    Composed by
    Maki Kirioka
    Arranged by
    Maki Kirioka
    Hiroshi Tanabe
    Vocal by
    Carole BlacKschleger
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    Booking Coordinator
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    Special Thanks
    Toru Hagihara
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    Senior Producer
    Hirotaka Ishikawa
    Executive Producer
    Katsunori Okita
    (c) 2007 Konami Digital Entertainment  Co., Ltd.
    13) Version differences
    > Dewy can be heard saying “Konami” while the Konami logo is 
    shown in the NTSC-J version.
    > In the NTSC-J version, the Eau are called “Oh“.
    > The NTSC-U version contains some advertisements.
    > Cutscenes in the NTSC-J version are in Japanese (sort of obvious, but 
    there's quite a few games that only have English voice acting, even in the 
    Japanese version)
    > The game's full Japanese title is „Dewy's Adventure: water droplet Dewy's 
    Big Adventure!“ 
    > The PAL and NTSC-J version share the same drawn, artwork. For the NTSC-U 
    version a CGI artwork was used
    14) Stuff to be added
    > Full parts list (anybody willing to do this please contact me, 
    I’m more than willing to contribute all I know to an independent 
    Goody Mode FAQ)
    15) Special Thanks & Closing Words
    Many thanks go to all these people
    > Team Elebits for creating this game
    > Konami for funding and publishing this game in NTSC and PAL regions
    > Blue_Collar_Man for boss strategies, corrections and proof reading 
    this FAQ
    > Jinto Lin for boss strategies
    > Bat178 and superstarultra for their hints and tips
    > All other GameFAQs members that posted on the Dewy’s Adventure board 
    to help fellow gamers. 
    Did I forget to include your name? E-mail me and I’ll correct it.
    I hope we see each other again in a Dewy’s Adventure 2: Return of Don Hedron

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