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"Guitar Hero III a Fine Addition to the Series"

Guitar Hero III for the Wii is another incredibly entertaining offering in the Guitar Hero series. At first, I was a little worried about how well the Wiimote would act as the wireless interface, but I've yet to have any major flaws. Onto the nitty-gritty.

Graphics: These are fairly standard considering it's the Wii. They aren't bad, mind you, but clearly won't be on the level of many other games. Luckily, graphics aren't the real driving force behind this game. I'd put them on par with the PS2 version.

Gameplay: This is almost identical to the former versions, with some tweaks. As many know, a new 2-player option is the Battle mode, in which you can attack your opponent with powers that mess up their screen/guitar/playing for a short time. I had a little issue with lag on my HD TV, but that could probably be cleared up in the Calibration option. The TV is new, so I'm still getting used to things on it, so it may not be all the game. Aside from the battles, this is almost the exact same gameplay as Guitar Hero II. The songs, more or less, progress in difficulty as you go along, a little more coherently than in previous games.

Wiimote-Guitar: Something feels just a tad off with the guitar. Not in a bad way, just doesn't feel the same as my PS2 guitars do with the frets. Hard to explain. Aside from that, the guitar has performed wonderfully thus far. The first time I played, the Whammy Bar was unresponsive, but after restarting the game, it's worked perfectly since. I have not had any disconnects of the Wiimote, nor have I had any problem in button response.

Sound: The song selection here is fantastic, including some songs that many have been calling for since Guitar Hero I. I don't mind the missed note sound coming from the Wiimote, it's distracting at first, but a tad more realistic I guess. There are some covers here that aren't fantastic, but on a whole, they're not bad and much better than in Encore. It is nice having more originals though.

My overall was only an 8 for this because, while it is an amazingly addictive game, it's so similar to the others, that my interest will ebb and flow. This game is on level with (superior in terms of multi-player) the first 2 Guitar Heroes. Its similarity to the others is the only thing bringing its score down. If you're a fan of the series, buy this game. If this is your first chance to play the game, still pick it up. The songs here are fantastic and work well for beginners and for the veterans. Plus, with such classic songs, not many will be stuck trying to learn the rhythems and such before becoming good.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/30/07

Game Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (w/Guitar) (US, 10/28/07)

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