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"Lets Get Ready to ROCK!"

Guitar Hero III is game four, and the latest installment in the Guitar Hero franchise. You may hear mixed reviews about it saying its perfect, its terrible, or its just average. Well, heres a review to help give you a clear image.

Game play:

The game play in this game hasn't changed that much from the last one. The object of the game is still pretty basic, hit the notes as they fly down at you from the top of the screen and you are hitting them with your guitar shaped controller. You still have your basic modes of: career, multiplayer, quick play, and training. But there are a few new mode additions this time around. There is co-op career which allows you to play through career mode with both of you playing between lead guitar, rythmn guitar, and bass. Another new mode in the game is online, which will allow you to go online and battle friends and random people all around the world, but I will cover this later on.

As well as the new game modes there is a new type of two person game. It is called battle mode. You can mainly play this with a friend under the multiplayer section, or you can enjoy it during story mode when you have three battles. Battle mode is basically a normal guitar face off as seen in the past, but instead of gaining star power, you can gain battle attacks. You can gain a multitude of attacks such as broken string, whammy break down, double notes, etc. etc. But with this mode comes its issues. This mode makes battles end quickly because it would be very hard to recover afterwards and would make a short lived battle end quickly.

Overall. Game play is great.

Overall score:9.8


Those who are familiar to the Guitar Hero Franchise are no strangers to how the game is played, but for those new to the series, let me fill you in. The Guitar Hero games are played with guitar shaped controllers which have five different colors on the neck of the guitar's neck, these repersent your frets. On the bass of the guitar you will find your strum function. This will allow you to play the notes when you hold down the fret buttons. This is basically how the Guitar Hero game is played.

The Wii version of the game features a original function which allows you to place the Wiimote into the back of the Guitar and clamp it in. The Wiimote serves as the power source for the guitar, so you do not need to buy extra batteries. The Wiimote will also use its speaker to indicate when you have made a mistake while playing. A "bleep" sound will play each time you make a mistake.

Overall score: 9.4


Ah! This is where the Guitar Hero game truly shines. Packing arguably the best Guitar Hero soundtrack to date, the music featured in the game will not disappoint. The soundtrack contains many artists and songs, many you have may or may not of heard of. Some of the included artists which you will be able to play guitar, bass, or rythmn guitar for are: Slipknot, Muse, Dragonforce, Dope, Alice Cooper, Disturbed, Gun's and Roses, Metallica, Slayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, AFI, Gallows, The Dead Kennedys, and many more.

You may not know a lot of the artists in the game, but you will after you play, you may even find some new bands you really like. You will be able to rock out to songs like: Suck my kiss, Stricken, Knights of Cyndonia, She Bangs the Drums, Im in the Band, Schools out forever, paranoid, Anarchy in the UK, Cult of Personality, Raining Blood, The Devil Went Down to Gerogia, Welcome to the Jungle, Bulls on Parade, One, and many more!

Overall Score: 10


This is the section I am sure everyone reading this review has been waiting for, The Multiplayer section. Well for those of you new to the Guitar Hero Saga, you will be happy to know that this is the first branch of the franchise to go online, and let me assure everyone that online does not fail. Online allows you to use your friend codes to play your friends, or you can just use search to face a random person. Also if you have a friend to play with you, you can do Co-Op career overonline so as to help you unlock those songs you really want, but just cant get.

Overall Score: 9.1


Well. Were at the last section of the review, but we're going to finish it off with story mode. Story mode basically depicts you and your fellow band mates as you try to rise your way from nobodies to the top. You play all together at Eight Teirs to show that your the best. along the way you will get sponsorship deals, cause riots, and have some showdowns with some of the greatest guitar players ever. During story mode after each level is beaten, you will see a mini cut-scene about where your going next in the story mode.

Although there is not much substance in the story mode, you will find countless hours of entertainment form it. After you beat the final Guitar showdown, you will have to face the greatest challenge in the Guitar Hero series to date.

Overall: 7.9

Overall. Guitar Hero three is a terrific addition to the franchise and you will be sure to find hours of entertainment out of the single player alone. Even though it has its flaws, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, is a must buy for any music fan!

Overall Score: 9.6

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/06/07

Game Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (w/Guitar) (US, 10/28/07)

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