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"I used to freak out when my amp caught on fire. Now I kind of dig the tone"

Guitar Hero III, the anticipated rythym game, even more-so because of new developer Neversoft, the men behind the Tony Hawk series. The developer that has been stuck to Tony Hawk for so long has made THE BEST Guitar Hero game to grace this earth. It's just that awesome. Really.

The Controller - 8/10

The new Les Paul guitar is a great piece of hardware. The guitar is sleek and sexy, and feels good when you play it. Many of my friends have asked me if it's heavy. I don't know why they want to know, but the guitar is light and feels good. You won't have a hard time doing that jump off the coffee table, because of the new wireless guitar. The one problem in the guitar has to do with how the wireless guitar is powered. The guitar is essentially a shell. The Wii Remote fits into the guitar to give it the ability to, well, rock. One main problem that lies with this is the faceplates. Wii gamers get them, but they will look incredibly dumb with the remote. Plus, none are even for sale yet. That awesome Alice Cooper one you saw in the Best Buy catalog will not be made for your Wii guitar. Though, it will probably work (Don't hold me on this!), it will cover the remote. The worst of what this will do is make it so that when the screen appears when you first turn on your Wii, the one that says press A, you won't be able to pass it manually. If you're patient, the screen will pass by. Then, you can play. You want to know how? A analog stick on the guitar allows you to move through the Wii menu easily. Other than that, it does nothing. That's right, nothing. You can't move through other channels with it, and that's where the other Wii remote problem lies. You need another remote to do anything else on your Wii. The guitar also has another cool feature. You can remove the neck of the guitar. Perfect for storing and traveling. Plus, you can fool your uninformed friends into believing you smashed it, like Pete Townshend.

Gameplay - 10/10

If you don't know how you play Guitar Hero, you better move out of that rock. Anyways, in a guitar shell, You hold down the 5 colored fret buttons and strum when the note passes by. If you have natural rythym, this should come easy. But, here's a hint, strum. From personal experience, many people don't realize you have to strum. The difficulties itself are fitting. Easy is almost too easy though, which will make the jump to medium WAY too hard. Expert is most definetely expert. Possibly the hardest game yet, even veterans that have been rocking since the beginning will have a challenge. If you haven't heard of the game's new song hell, aka the equivalent of Guitar Hero II's Jordan, then meet Through the Fire and Flames. You might feel like the difficulty is all hype, but chances are you aren't getting more that 3% the first time you try. Your mom may be cheering you on, but that isn't going to help you pass this song from the land down under...No...Not Australia. Co-Op is more of a way to unlock more songs then anything. Online is where it's at it terms of multiplayer. It is insanely fun to battle people, which brings me to describe battle mode. In battle mode you collect battle gems, special power-ups that affect your opponets playing. For example, flipping the fret board so you have to play lefty, or whammy, which makes you have to whammy the bar as fast as possible so you can continue shredding. If you thought this would be horrible, it's not. It actually breathes new life into Guitar Hero.

Story - 6/10

What?! A story?! In a music game?! Neversoft has a knack for adding stories into games that don't need them. Tony Hawk's Underground, case in point. The story element in Guitar Hero III is loosely represented. Cut scenes with Gorillaz like animations come between each menu. Only the singer, bassist and drummer are represented. Your guitar player obviously is different every time, so he is not represented. The scenes are entertaining, with things like your band being called sell-outs (Hey, it's part of being in a rock band.). No voices are featured, nothing to stretch a plot into some big long tale of a rockstar coming from unknown-rocker-land them falling into a drug addiction which turns him into some peace hippie, he eventually sells a sextillion records and becomes a worldwide phenomenon when he decides to invent a new kind of music, heavy retal, heavy metal and rock and roll combined, yada yada yada. Yes, I spent too much time on that. Anyways, this score was going to be lower, except for the fact that they are mere entertaining devirsions, nothing more. Yes, there could of been a great story out of those clips, but there wasn't.

Sound - 9/10

Honestly, you all should know that if this was lower, this game wouldn't be worth it. Guitar Hero isn't about the story and how well you look. It's about the tunes your rocking. Honestly, music isn't about how you look, it's about the music that is coming from your guitar. If it was about looks, how would anybody listen to hair metal? Anyhow, the soundtrack is fantabulous. I originally read the list dissapointed, but this is probably the best soundtrack yet. And when they say Legends of Rock, they MEAN Legends of Rock. KISS, Cream, Black Sabbath, The Who, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Smashing Pumpkins, Rolling Stones and Iron Maiden. Of course, the songs can't be completely perfect, since Neversoft had to put in songs that would SELL the game to the 'punk' and 'metal' lovers of today. So, on that front you have AFI, Slipknot, The Killers and Disturbed. Honestly, this is a small dent in Guitar Hero III's armor. And even then, the songs aren't that boring to play, just not the ones you rush to buy on iTunes (Or Limewire, you theives!).

Graphics - 8/10

When your rocking out, you couldn't possibly care about what is going on on the stage. Your just trying to beat that incredibly hard solo. For people who don't have the talent to fire up the guitar, you're stuck to the confides of your friend's couch, watching him play. Which is in your mind boring. And at first, it honestly won't be that. The antics of a guitar player is always interesting, whether they are dropping to their knees for a solo, or hopping into the crowd, it's fun to watch. Guitar Hero replicates that perfectly. The animations themselves are fantastic. Slash and Tom Morello really look like Slash and Tom Morello. It's kind of crazy how they are a perfect replica. The singer and the drummer are the problem when it comes to graphics. The singer looks like a drunk gorilla. His redeeming point is dancing like Axl Rose during Evenflow. The drummer looks like an animatronic robot. He is easily the worst thing when it comes to graphics. His animations are horrible, and he looks like he was ripped out of the Playstation 1 Guitar Hero Beta game (If such a thing existed, you gullibel people!)

Replayability - 9/10

There is no end to the tale of a rockstar. They may OD or get shot, but they live on in spirit, and in the music they have recorded. Guitar Hero has no end. You will not ever get bored of this game. Enter the online world. Gaming against other Jimmy Page wannabes is half the fun of this game (unless they decide to cheat). And, there may eventually be downloadable content (Don't hold my word on this) with even more songs. If you must get one game this year, and you really want to rock like EVH, then get Guitar Hero III. I promise you it is worth it.

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Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/03/07

Game Release: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (w/Guitar) (US, 10/28/07)

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